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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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All right. All right, you’re on air. I am okay

busy. Thank you. I love you, man. I mean, I’m in real estate for 30 seconds about to go live right now Hey everyone, welcome to my life. I’m actually finally after years of hard work okay. Six months of difficulties on streaming on YouTube. We got enough subscribers on YouTube, which I’m so grateful for UK to imagine. Right now we’re live streaming on YouTube Spotify pod bean and live streaming right now

on Tik Tok. And so, I might sound crazy to some people or some crazy anyways. But really in effect. I’m going to be reading people reading people’s comments as I live stream. That’s just what I do live streaming, right? Hey, God told me to be you, Jimmy, be you. Okay, this person said I need a boyfriend. Girls 69696 times six times, sister. I need a boyfriend. Listen, we all need a boyfriend or girlfriend. You know what I’m saying? Some of us don’t need that if we’re married and stuff but but we all do. But but but but we all think we do. But what you really, really need, what you really, really want. And what you really desire right now is validation. In the only validation that you’re ever going to get that it’s really going to be fulfilling. is in a Ferrari? Just kidding. You know, that’s not true. It’s in your shoe. No person, place or thing in this world will ever be able to validate you. Except for your shoe. Jesus. We call it America. God knows the heart and hey, I got a story for y’all tonight. Y’all better stand by because here it goes. Let me tell you some. I’m live streaming on YouTube. I always give some shout outs. So bear with me as I shout out to Tom. Ah, Mom, my awesome, awesome peeps, my family. I feel like you’re my family. We got hundreds of people coming in. And thank you so much. Thank you so much. I love all y’all. I see y’all y’all. Y’all Sphera be blessed, bro. Thank you for that. I appreciate you, brother. History guy. Hey, what is Steel’s? Think of the NSF a team’s it’s a different mission. Okay, and now there’s politics involved in so what was once the green rays. And were some were some pretty incredible fellas, you know, three or you know, 100 will test today and only three three when the Greenbrae that Barry Sadler song book is basically what the SEAL teams turn came out of right? The same idea from from Kennedy. Right, presidente, but really I’m gonna I’m gonna just be straight up with you. The the Special Forces is not what they used to be. Because they have lower their standards to raise their average. Something that I used to do on a personal note. The dead man, the old man that I sometimes bring out and talk about, just for laughs and giggles and tickles and pickles. But in reality, the SF you’re not late at all. So we don’t see you. You’re not like nobody’s late right now. Max, Phil frogman combat veterans Motorcycle Association. I’m streaming to five different platforms right now. I thank you so much. Yes, my mic is turning Dawn this time, can you believe it? But I have an epic story for everyone tonight. And I just thank you and love you all for coming aboard. I appreciate you. Cool fact my buddy graduated buds with you. Well, thank you for verifying me yet again. Thank you so much for that. I want to hear your buddy is can you say his name? Maybe say his, his his first name. That’s it. I probably know that my class was fairly small, fairly. Hey, check it out. So the Special Forces now are not what they used to be, besides a lot of them were killed or injured doing a job they should have never been doing in Afghanistan in Iraq. And that’s training the Iraqi and Afghanistan forces police forces at regular shooting ranges and they would train them and train them. I mean, the SF are awesome guys. Awesome, awesome, unconventional of forces to be dealt with. But in the wrong job in Afghanistan, Iraq, training guys to shoot that just turned around and shot them. I did it some time, so to speak. Um, as most of you know, I’ve done some time in the federal penitentiary. But when I got out by the grace of God, you know, I also spent time at James saline Veterans Hospital in the Pali traumatic word after multiple multiple multiple combat

tours and who I shared it with that Polly trap. Traumatic Ward was not other seals. Not that seals have been egregiously injured over there in many, many died. Just go to Danny’s in Coronado and you’ll see how many seals have died. You can’t even imagine how many frogmen have died in the past 20 years. It is it is shocking. How many seals have died in training. And you look the walls the walls are filled with seals that have died. A lot of my friends and buddies. It is shocking to go into Danny’s and Coronado and drink beer with the same guys that are now hanging on the walls. You were partying and Danny’s having a great time when Tom like Todd good and Charlie Sheen mixed together in a big cocktail. And now you go to Danny’s I don’t go there anymore. I can’t It’s haunting to me. However, I spent three days in knots in there one time. I want to tell you a Navy SEAL story tonight. Everybody I see your comments. Thank you so much. kit if this person says can I join not knowing math if I could be a Navy SEAL? Having to drop out of school because I didn’t know anything at 14 years old. Going to Texas Bible Institute. Yes, the acronym is TBI. I got a TBI also in the seals, I had to go to post traumatic quarter to say the veterans hospital before to trust the net three times. That traumatic brain injury almost into my life. But I also had to go to Texas Bible Institute out of high school where I clean 400 toilets a day. That’s 100 Here’s the math for you, brother. This is how good at math you’ll become if you go the hard route a school of narcs than the the you get an honors degree from the from the school of hard knocks like me, that’s do the math on this. I did 400 toilets a day. That’s 100 toilets, four times a day at around 40 to 45 seconds apiece, with an hour lunch break. What does that equal? That equals staph infection boils like job when I was 14 years old. I’m not saying that I had a heart. I’m just saying that I had heart. And I’m also saying that if I could do it with no math skills. I think one of the greatest days of our life was when I got my GED. I think God just allowed me to pass my GED because he knew how hard my life would be. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to take some serious math skills and physics skills in a serious brain up here. But you have what it takes, who keeps on telling you that you’re stupid? Who keeps on telling me that you can not do math. My friend. Do not be intimidated any longer conquer this subject. I mean, utterly concrete like I did. And I’m not talking about conquer like John McAfee who I worked for earlier on. He was a mathematician. You ain’t conquered math like John McAfee. He he programmed computers the size of your house pop up you now here’s the deal. Sorry for not looking at the camera more with with YouTube streaming right now live. Check it out. I love everybody and I got a big story for you. When I was Nick, Max, I see you mama bear. I see Red Calvary I See you. John Furrier I see you let your latest video is fired I thought all my videos were fire come on man I love you for saying that thank you so much if everyone knew that now we would be big time tick tock famous all of us together. Now check it out yeah, thank you for Mitch and my touchpoint virtually if you haven’t got any touch point gear or touch point coffee you can go right to my link on tick tock. It you know, these other platforms if you’re not on tick tock yet. Did on that piece of join this touchpoint family. Okay, ready?

In the Navy SEALs? Here we go. Here’s a big story. We do some seriously hardcore training. I was on a live earlier today. And I talked about how you can never take back that

noise you just made? Well, I’ve made some noises in the SEAL teams, that that that that noise that I made is still traveling around the world Lightspeed in hitting people’s ears. If you ever walk outside and you hear this, that’s the noise that I made. Okay, when my groin was hitting my buddy’s shoulder over and over, okay? And trust me, it was hurting his shoulder more than it was me. That was a joke. But what I’m trying to say is seals like to joke but we also like to be real serious at times. And this is a serious note. My my other my other. My other story was was funny today, somebody said rumors to croute recruits died in training lately, these candidates that died, listen, so I do some mentorship at a seal a candidate called me the other day said, I don’t think I want to do this program anymore. Jimmy. And I said, What? What has happened, my son from the last time we talked? I thought you’re all in? I thought you were ready to pull the trigger. I thought you were all in and willing to die before you quit. Right? Because everyone is until they go there. And they quit before they die. But sometimes they die before they quit. So so what happens? What happened? What happened in this situation? Let me tell you something. Here’s my answer to the skin. He’s terrified to go to SEAL training. Because two candidates died or I believe one died. One was in ICU. Either way, it’s tough, right? 80 guys quit in one day. 80 guys quit in one day. He said 80 guys quit one guy time. Once a nice you to me. My buddy was there. He said, It’s hell on earth. I said, I thought you kind of got that for me, though to like, I thought I told you the truth, though. For disclosure. He said, Well, I don’t think I can do it. I said why? He said because it’s scary. It’s terrifying. I said, but what does that have to do with you? What does that situation have to do with you? Absolutely nothing. If that scares you, that you should absolutely withdraw your contract right now to go as a seal candidate. Because with that attitude, we want to be speaking English right now. And I say that in the most respectful way, but it’s true. Let me tell you something. Somebody said no nuts, no guts. Okay, that kind of summarize everything I was trying to say in four words minus a million. Here’s the deal. What makes the best team guy in the world? What makes the best navy seal in the world? It’s all about team. Then I tell you about the time I killed Osama bin Laden by myself on a bike. I rented it from Pakistan and I flew it by myself. And they dropped me off 3000 miles away and I walked in and and I listened to that song on the radio. I will walk 5000 miles and I will walk 5000 more. No, it’s a team effort. No one killed Osama bin Laden by themselves. Besides you should never ever ever brag about killing a 90 year old on dialysis. No, I’m don’t have no tear either. This is improv. You can tell this bothered me sometimes. I love each one of you. Texas is dry. That’s why I got this chapstick going on. Cherry. My last one so I’m not wearing lipstick. But I’ll tell you what. There is a seal that does. And let me tell you something, though. This this chapstick bus. My little dog ate half of it the other day. Here we go. Are you ready? If somebody just interrupted I benchpress 330 Squat 455 deadlift 475 Will this matter in bootcamp at 18 years old? Okay, so translation you benchpress about 130 you squat 400 minus 300, you deadlift 420 Five minus 455. And will this matter bootcamp? No, it won’t matter. Okay, next question. You Hey, listen. There’s something that’s that’s called bragging. It asked you a question. Okay. rephrase your question because everybody knows you don’t do all that. Okay.

That is ridiculous. 300 Pip. Oh my Lord. So you, you are Superman. Why are you going to bootcamp you need to go get the gold of for

America’s Oh, my goodness, brother. Anyways, so the SEAL teams are like this. It’s very, very difficult training, right? Well as with everything in life, you get very good look, if you can do all that. That’s great. I’m not down to you. Okay. I’m just jealous because I never was able to do that at 18. Okay, that’s all put. I can do that right now standing on my head, without hands without my arms. With my toes. I don’t have toenails either. That’s how you tell this a real seals that real seal. Anyways, check it out. That’s a joke. But anyways, SEAL training is very, very hard. Okay. Everyone knows that no big deal. Everyone gets complacent, though. Because you’re going through 26 weeks of data did this how many weeks of this and you start from scratch every time it’s not like you go in there blazing hot yo tingles and pickles. Watch out, homie. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, squeeze, squeeze. No, you start day one. Oh my gosh, kill the touch point. touch point. touch point for a week, okay? Because it’s all about fundamentals and the basics. So if you’re thinking real advanced in shooting and everything else, you better take it back a notch. You there’s an eagle on. Okay, that’s that’s me. And then and then you better take that back a notch and start practicing more if the fundamental fundamentals. I hope people are following right now. Here’s the deal. So we get complacent, right. During the SEAL training, we get complacent. No doubt we get thank you for the gifts, everybody. Thank you. It kind of amps me up, you know, I’m saying but it’s not required. Okay, here’s the deal. We all get complacent in this life. And his skills are included. Right? So we’re start we start to joke around in this training evolution one day, I can’t remember what we were doing. It wasn’t anything that serious. But isn’t it all serious? And if you have a joking demeanor about shooting the airplane before you’re jumping out, how are you going to pop toys and squeeze when it really really matters? When you only have about two seconds to look pull, grab pull in your emergency shoots coming out or it’s not because you didn’t look pool grab pool. Okay, now, here’s the deal. Okay. In this situation, we’re joking around, we’re slapping each other tacos and pickles. Right? Well, a Senior Chief sees all this joking around in this guy is dead to the right serious. He’s been all over the place. He’s watching us like this. And I see more they’re, you know, they call me observing Jimmy Of course. I’m like, Oh, stop. Stop messing around. Stop messing around. Here it goes. This senior ship comes over. This dude has a physics degree and he’s a he’s a senior chief is not an officer this out. The seals are they’re smart, dude, someone but a lot of them. He comes over he goes, Hey, this is pretty funny, huh? You know, you’re in trouble when your mom or dad comes up and says this pretty funny. Hi. This is pretty funny, isn’t it? And we say yeah, yeah, yeah, it nobody says anything. We’re just like, you know, there you go slip. Let me tell you some people’s could circle around real quick. He will circle around. He was I won’t tell you something. And I thought we were gonna get our butts shoot out and that’s nothing like you’ll get get your butt chewed out. If you’ve been in the rooms of sales for so long. You care about that. That’s not effective whatsoever. In fact, the more you chew my butt, the more I turn turn my ears off.

But he does something unexpected. This whole bullfrog. His theater LED. His eyes are black. They lost the color like mine. Okay, mine came back. Just paint just make sure you’re painting. He says Circle round.

He goes check it out. He was let’s say you are on a bad drop in everybody’s years ago. A bad drop. A bad drop is very possible in the seals. That means you’re jumping over the Hindu Kush mountains or the Kindle with the kitchen sink underneath your your your legs and Southwest Airlines fires over and you’re like, Why is he in a no fly zone? First of all, he needs to call that in that pilot. Either way, we’re 30,000 feet right now. And we’re above the Hindu Kush mountain. And you’re hyperventilating now Well, he said, let’s say you you you jump out, and you get on a bad drop. Well, bad drop me and you just got lost. He says you get separated from your boys. And we’re all like me. Why is he doing this on a Friday afternoon? I thought this was from Friday, Friday from myth from Friday. He said, listen up real careful. He said, You want to know if you’re a real good team guy. If you’re the real deal. He goes, you want to know how to judge if you’re the real deal. Or if your buddies the real deal right now. And we’re like, yeah, actually, I kind of do. I kind of want to measure myself. I’m tired of giving myself a pluses all the time. You know, saying cuz I got Osama bin Laden by myself. You know me. That’s what I do. That’s what we do. That’s what I did. That’s a joke, everybody cuz I have to say that sometimes. I don’t want. Here’s the deal. He says you want to know how good you are as a teen guy. You want to know who you really are in life. where you’re at? It’s all my Fila frogmen there Listen, man. I’d love for y’all today. Max. I see you. Max is 30 year retire. I told I said 50 year the other day. He’s a dude, he was 30 I said 30 to check it out. He said you will know if you’re good enough. He said listen up. You’re on a bad drop in Afghanistan. You get separated from your boys, the seals. He says you land miles over this way. Your boys land miles over this way. You’re not going to be moving around. Somebody said well that’s what a rendezvous a spot. No, this is called a reality view right now. This is reality Vu. It’s half English and half French. Okay, and let me tell you something. This is Reality Check. This ain’t no Rhonda boo. Pop twist and twist called duty Me me me me. I’m nerding out right now. My mom’s basement. Meet me over here at rendezvous. Six Alpha Bravo, Alpha Bravo. Zulu out No. I’m talking about reality man. I’m talking about you get some wild twist. You fall 2000 feet extra you hyperventilate. Now you’re in the in the weeds over here, miles away from buddies. You’re discombobulated. You’re nervous. You hear some voices over here. In wheat, you’re like, oh, here we go. Operation Red, rainy again. He said, he said what you’re going to do? He said, You’re going to get up at night and go see find your voice. No, he just you could hunker down and pee your pants probably. And you’re just gonna sit there. Okay, we’re not peeing your pants. You’d get real cold. And his seal knows better than that. to ever do that because you get too cold. It’s all involves like don’t getting wet at all costs. So you’re gonna hunker down in the weeds. He said the next day. He said, There’s a hill in front of you. You’re about to make a move and try to link up with your boys at daybreak. You will dare move that night? Because you just landed in enemy territory alone. Your boys are nowhere to be seen. And you hear some stuff over here and you ain’t move and trust me you ain’t moving. You’re like this frozen he said he said and somebody walks over that hill he said it’s one of your boys. He said you look in you see your boy come across the hill. You don’t know which one it is though you to me. He said your first reaction. When you see that seal? Whoever it is your first reaction. Is it going to be? Oh, thank god. It’s my boy. Whew. Thank you, Lord. He’s a medic. He’s a sniper. He’s a he’s at Delta basically. That’s it that’s a bad HSS medic he didn’t do anything for you. He could hook up an oxygen taken in a pump in a garage and breathe for you for a while. I mean, this is serious stuff. He could stitch you a gunshot wounds he’s gotta have

you got some land navigability now you’re gonna be okay. It’s your boy you he just came across your reaction is oh thing God it’s my boy Whew. Because I know that dude. And me combined. We can do anything we can get out of here. We can fight we can do the stitch each other up. Or is it that oh guy, because every single team, no matter how high or low, you go,

trust me has a that guy. That person in the team that when you see the bullfrogs explaining to us on this frogmen, Friday, he said, what if that guy comes over to heal?

And your reaction is, oh, man, we are screwed now.

He said, that is how you judge. We’re where you are, where you sit in this life, amongst others, and your teammates and your peers is, where do you stand? And how would that other person’s reaction

be if they actually saw you? What is your wife’s reaction? When you go through the door? What is your child’s reaction? What is your reaction when you see your your spouse? What about your teammates? What about your work your employees? This goes for every single person? Are they looking at you and saying, oh, man, I’ve got to pull this dude out of the dirt again. Now there’s time for that. And sometimes you got to pull your homeboys out of the dirt, because you are in a dark spot this life, and a lot of people listening are and because I was for so long. I’m about to tell you solution for all this. Because I never provide a problem without a solution. By the way, that is the worst thing you could ever do in the teams is provide is say, I don’t think that’ll work. Because every single guy in the SEAL team can make a remark. The new guy can literally say, that won’t work. But boy, you better it. Oh my gosh, especially a new guy. You better have a room, you better have the solution. In the seals. You don’t ever hear all this stuff like that will never work. You should he’s a bad guy. Well, then, are you ready to step up and be the leader? Are you ready to do it, then shut your mouth? Because you do not have a clue what it takes to run this operation? That’s what that’s what the reaction would be in the seals. That’s why if you say, I don’t I don’t think that’ll work. Oh my gosh. Will Jimmy Master P. What is up, Jimmy? Let wanna come on into the platoon here and tell us a solution. What is the solution engine? And so here’s the deal in the the seals and everywhere else in this life? It’s not it’s, it’s the same thing is What is your reaction to the first person that’s going to come with that heel? Is it going to be oh my gosh, we’re safe. Praise God. We’re good. We’re good? Or is it like all man Debbie Downer? I’m going to have to pull this guy out of the butt. Well, this ain’t the SEAL teams obviously. And let me tell you something, my friend, all you I love you. I love you to death. Let me tell you, so I care about you so much. And I was thinking about this today, this whole story. And and I thought, man, you know who you know who I want to see come over that heel. Because let me tell you, everyone in here, you’re going to have that bad jump in your life. We are all going to have bad jumps in our life to where we jumped out of the airplane, proverbially speaking, we jumped out in life. And we got separated from our peeps, our people. And we we landed in the wrong place at the wrong time live in now. We are in enemy territory. You are an enemy country. And you desperately need that that that person to come over that heel. And who is it going to be? And not to keep on thinking today? Well, my best friend died. So it’s not going to be Brett merrithew It’s not going to be my swim buddy. But you know who that I want to come over that heel in what everybody in here what you really really need in who you really need to come over that heel, when it when you’re really really needed. And when you’re in a desperate desperate time and a lot of you in here may be thinking on YouTube on here. Wherever you are right now, a lot of you may be thinking I am in that spot right now. I got separated from my family. I got separated from my boys. I got separated from my team, my spouse, whatever. I am proverbially I am psychologically separated from everybody. I’m around everybody, but I’m psychologically separated right now. And if you’re that person, the one person that must come over he’ll when you desperately need it. And the only person that really matters is your shoe is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the only person in this absolutely world. This this person, place or thing that can come over that heal when you got a bad drop, when you’re in the worst place in your life, my friend, I’m telling you, I’ve been in a Texas Federal Penitentiary it’s not fun it bidding that over and over and over. But the word testimony in Hebrew and Greek, Hebrew or Greek doesn’t really matter. This point means to repeat,

to repeat. In my testimony will not get old, when it is combined with the power the blood of Jesus, in my testimony is this is that I am a walking talking testimony. Because I was that last man, I had I gone on a bad drop. I was on a bed drop in this life, separated from society, separated out from the herd, left to die, basically, a lot of in my own bad decisions. You ain’t got to go down that road. If you have gone down that road, my friend and you’re in the dark right now. Wherever you are in this world, wherever you are, if you’re in the dark right now, if you call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua, he will walk over that hill and save your life right now. I cannot tell you a better feeling than that right now. I always wondered who I always wanted to be that person that saved people. But I couldn’t even say it myself. And you can’t either. Thank you so much for that gift. I appreciate that. But we can’t even save ourselves. And before we save a nation, and before we turn our heart in towards this nation and save a nation, we have to turn our heart to Jesus. This is the cold hard facts of life. And I have learned from the school of hard knocks, and through the worst of the worst of ways that this is the only way I was rescued. And Operation restore warrior I, I was in a text Federal Penitentiary when on house arrest, found out about Operation restore. We by the grace of God, I went to Operation restore where Jesus literally met me. He said you will be a lighthouse and to my people. If this is hitting home right now, if this message is going towards you, and hit your heart right now, that’s Jesus Calling you right now as saying to you, I want to be the man who comes over that heel and saves you when you are at your least when you are at your worst. This is the message that I have for you tonight. Some people want to hear about war, I can talk about World Day. Some people want to talk about the Federal Penitentiary I can talk about that all day, I can talk about how to make Laffy Taffy, out of creamer, and a little star kiss powder, eliminate powder in prison. But that’s not what I’ve come here to talk about tonight. I’ve come here to talk about eternity, and your life being saved by Yu Shu, the only one that can ever do that. And so I pray right now in the name of Jesus. You don’t one of my videos got removed for authenticity or integrity or something. It was my story about Joseph in the dungeon. In the Bible, it was a Bible story. And that’s where we are at in our world right now. That’s where we’re at in our nation right now. Is a Bible story being taken down for authenticity and all that to see in integrity. Everyone in here. This is my words. I love you. And I want you to experience freedom. And I want you to experience true freedom from the enemy’s hands. I love each and every one of you. I thank you for all the lies. I thank you for the gifts. And so I’m gonna pray right now for everybody after the story, and I hope that you receive something from it through the Holy Spirit. Jesus, I asked you to move upon this live right now. I’m live streaming on five different platform or four different platforms.

I ask the Holy Spirit to move in this life. I asked you to move into your people’s hearts in restore each of your people’s hearts in you. I’m asking you to move in such a mighty way right now. That it would restore the hearts and minds and souls of each and every person listening. If you have anxiety or if you like Peace. I’m telling you right now Jesus is walking over that heel right now. And he is that person that you’re seeing right now. Have you noticed that in this proverbial situation in your life, that bad drop zone, that wherever you’ve landed, you’ve landed in enemy territory, you’re all alone. And have you noticed that nobody has come around that corner, and that nobody has come over that heel for you. Because Take it from me, when all is said and done, nobody can come through for you. Back the power in name of Jesus. You know, family can come through sometimes, but only to a certain extent. And then they don’t know what to do. Their hands are up in the air because they’re so confused on how to handle your situation. Because you’re him, your situation is absolutely so complex. So mind blowing, and so mind boggling to you alone, that no one else can possibly understand a situation that you can’t understand yourself. And so the Holy Spirit wants to move in right now, just like this story to that. Jesus wants to walk all that heal and be the first person that you see from now. And I’m telling you, he is the wisest counselor, he is the CEO of the world. He can provide you with the wisdom that you need the structure, and the perspective that you desperately need right now. If you’ve lost a child, if you’ve been abused, if you’ve been abandoned your whole life, hey, let me tell you something. Jesus can rescue you from the situation. And the Heavenly Father is not your earthly dad. The earthly dad is not your heavenly Father. And too often the only example that we have of a father is the one of our earthly dad on this earth. Is that you right now say yes, in your head. Thank you. If that’s you right now, and you’ve said yes, and your heart, then I’m telling you right now, you need to open your eyes, because the Heavenly Father, Yahweh is not your dad. In fact, he is saying I love you. Because exactly what he told me is exactly what he’s telling you right now. I love you before you, I loved you before you meaning I stitched you a knitted you in your mother’s womb, you’re not a mistake. I don’t care what anybody says. You’re not a mistake. You have a purpose in this life. You have a part of the two Ps, you have a powerful purpose in this life and the Holy Spirit is moving through my voice in into your home right now. Wherever you are. So I ask that you stop scrolling right now and listen to my words. Listen to this prayer that I have for you. Jesus, I asked you to restore whoever his heart has been scrolling through right now hopelessly. Whoever is lonely right now, I asked you to just put in a little word putting your initials, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is open your heart right now. Crack your heart open to the mighty Holy Spirit of Jesus name. And he will move into your life and do for you what he did for me. He did for me, when no person place title money could ever or will ever do. He restored my heart knew that old man the Texas tornado in the SEAL teams that that ran around chaotically for most of his life, lingering on the edge of death, playing Russia, Russia roulette with life over and over and over. He is dead. And the Holy Spirit

wants to feel your cup right now. He wants to feel you all you have to do is admit that you really know nothing in this earth.

And that you’re that you’re empty vessel clay vessel willing to be filled by him right now. You can’t imagine what he wants to do in your life right now. You can’t imagine it. Everybody, I hope that your heart is being restored right now in Jesus name. All it takes is his touch. Does this take some long drawn out prayer. All it takes is his touch with one command. Awake my friend awaken right now. In the mighty name of the Holy Spirit. You need not further go any further than right here. You need not give any gifts. You need not purchase anything. His wisdom and the Holy Spirit in the Word of God is not for sale. Jesus told me that I would be a lighthouse to his people. The lighthouse is not for sale. You know how I know that? Is because when I was the chief executive officer of the largest cryptocurrency in 2018, versus an exchange minus an exchange, those are bigger. But in 2018 and 2018. John McAfee the late John McAfee tasked me with purchasing See a lighthouse? It was the strangest task I asked John McAfee Weiss it’s the safest place in the world. Jimmy. He was a very very paranoid man. I look to and fro I searched to and fro the Earth. It never could find a lighthouse. Because they were almost what I found was were impossible to purchase. You cannot purchase a lighthouse. A lighthouse does this. Every time it gets smashed by waver a storm, it gets cleaner and cleaner. Did you know salt water out of my talk a lot of trash about salt water in water alone. But let me tell you something. Salt water is a natural detergent. It cleans your beedi use. It cleans it all that snot and tear, tear it tear gas and everything else that we could spray with. It’s a natural detergent in your life. A wave waves of salt water hit those lighthouse and they only become cleaner. They’re built to last. I’ll tell you I’ve been built to last year a few storms. Lighthouses are not for sale. So what else is there? Two things a lighthouse guides people to safe harbors in a lighthouse warns of impending doom. But you don’t have to be warned of impending doom. If you’re sinking

already. The hope the light is shining through me to you right now.

And I just invoked the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. Whoever you are right now. Whatever you need, I’m praying over you right now. Doesn’t matter where you are. Doesn’t matter how high you are this or that or this that. Jesus wants to give you a new perspective and show you the way out. So you can look at what you’re doing and say, Man, I don’t need this.

What the heck have I been doing? What the heck have I been doing? Jesus is ready to move in your life right now. The power of God is real. The power of God is real. In Jesus, my thank you brothers lights. Thank you. I think that boosts the awkward. But we don’t need the algorithm here.

We don’t need anything. You don’t need anything. All you need is Jesus. If you’re scrolling through right now, all you need is Jesus. Somebody said Man, I got my willpower broke. I said Talk is cheap only talk is cheaper. I’ve heard that all my whole life willpower. From the top of the top of the dude’s from the manliness a manly dudes from the Federal Penitentiary to the seal locker room. And I haven’t met anyone yet. Including myself. Yeah, that’s that tough. Where we are, no matter how low your vote voices no matter how many

miles you can run. No matter if you killed Osama bin Laden by yourself.

No one is that tough. It’s all smoke and mirrors. To make you think something different, but the truth is, is we are desperate for God’s love. We are desperate for Jesus to move in and restore our lives.

Thank you Nick. I see you thank you so much for everything. All my love Nick. All my love everybody. I appreciate everybody tonight. Be a part of this live and just appreciate all my YouTube two subscribers. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. If you have not gone to tell my story.io all my workouts are for free.

On there. All my workouts you can actually scroll through my tic tock page and get them to they’re all for free on there.

I don’t want to pay for my own workouts. You shouldn’t either. All my stuffs are free. Thank you Nick for that. I

appreciate that. Give it so all my my my YouTube mighty warriors out there. Hope that you’re doing okay go to tell my story.io you can get all my podcasts on there. I’ve done a lot of podcasts a lot of hours. Tons and tons of tons of hours. I love each and every one of you, Jack OB if you can do 330 Press and 450 pound deadlift. Okay, that’s amazing. What can I say? Yes. God bless Chris cow.

God bless over form brothers. Texas Panhandle. I’m from Muleshoe Texas. Raven says Jimmy please get your sleep. You don’t mind me doing two lives a day did that’s crazy.

Right? Come on. He loved me you love me. How do you meet Jesus? I met Jesus at Operation restore warrior. I have never seen anything like this in my life. You I love Use Eddie. I love you too. Okay. I love you too. I don’t care what he called me. It’s fine. Okay. You said is going. I can do five push ups. Somebody said, Well, that’s more realistic than 3000 pound benchpress My goodness. I walked in the door of Operation restored warrior. And Jesus met me there. I could feel it. Look, I was on house arrest. I was at the Texas federal penitentiary. I was just feel all these things. I never feel anything like this. I’ve been in mega churches, people flying all over the place. Like straight up. Like Like, I’m sure God was moving in there. I didn’t feel it. As I’m saying. I just didn’t feel it. Somebody said Lubbock, Texas. I’m from Milton, Texas. Play with the Texas Tech for a little bit got kicked out for tourney for doing a fight naked cakes do. Who can make this up improv? Think about that. Just think about that. My buddy brought a newsie I mean, I guess mine was worse. I don’t know which one’s worse. He got kicked out of frat too. He had five Volusion I don’t blame you.

He had some problems going on. He had an Uzi he brought it to the party yet

not inside I mean, but he but it was a doozy and I did do a decade flying KCM and that did happen. See I’m kind of cool now but let me tell you something none of that garbage matters all that matters is really made That’s right. Open chamber fire though you know it’s not a great weapon system has a potential blow up in your face, which I’ve seen not blow up in your face. Everybody I’ve I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with all the support. I was confined in prison because of my skills. That’s what somebody said What’s up because of my skill so somebody said Jimmy, you need to think outside the box. I said isn’t thinking outside the box

will get me arrested by 15 FBI agents. Can I pray anything for you? Vigilance. I just thank you for continuing to pray for me in general in just

you know, I believe they’re I don’t I don’t do the whole I don’t I don’t like the whole preacher thing. The ministry thing but but there is a ministry here there is helping people what I experienced. Oh Slinker Prov says she’s gonna grab a shirt in a band. Thank you so much. And if Yang grandma touchpoint coffee yet. I hope that you get it through my merch link. If you’re on YouTube, you can go to the rebel roaster.com such a blessed man and nice guy to call me up. He’s a famous coffee guy, the rebel roaster.com calls me up and tells me he’s going to make a signature touchpoint coffee 100% of proceeds are going towards my legal fees minus the cost to make it for him of course at $1 a credit card fee. So you can go through my merch link and push purchase in coffee beans will rain down on your house. Amazing coffee beans and not one of them. And I mean not one of them. And you can’t say this about other coffees it will be burned. And that’s the reason why you get a bitter taste in your mouth is because the beans are burnt because it’s commercialized. I don’t care where you get it from you feel me? I’m not going to bad mouth anybody. point is this is the touch point coffee is custom made and roasted by Ed himself. The guy that called me and and he dates it. The date it’s roasted. And it’s called touch point coffee. All my love. You love coffee. Thank you learn thoughts. I hope you get some hope everybody in here get some coffee. It’s really good. I thought about bringing it on here to talk about, but it’s such an awesome guy, the rebel roaster.com in and hey, if you don’t want to get touched one coffee, you want to just go to his website. And I want to also say this. Max is a fellow frogman. He’s listening right now. He’s such a humble guy. He’s such a beautiful, nice, man frogman. He did double the time as me in the seals he did 30 years. almost double the time of me. He’s a hardcore guy, but it’s got a huge heart for helping veterans. And I just want to tell y’all everyone listening right now. You know, I asked you to support combat veterans Motorcycle Association, if you have the heart to they’re doing great things. If you’re a veteran and you need help. You can absolutely 100% Contact Max he’s on here right now. People are all saying we love max right now. I appreciate you for following him on his page for forgiving me any kind of support and I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you he caught me with excellent news from combat veterans Motorcycle Association. They fun right? They’re fundraising for me right now. And I can’t tell you that the help that that’s that’s going to help me out. It’s interesting a blessing that makes me cry. Do you know what that’s like to have blessings that make you cry? I never knew what that was like until until Jesus restored my heart and I was able to transfer that love to other people. If you need some straight up love and affection right now from Jesus reached out to him draw nigh into me and I will draw nigh on to you. He says the story of seals in core respect in your tattoo is great. All thank you so much for saying I see you. Max. I love you too. I love you too. And like I said, if I haven’t said this before, I love combat veterans Motorcycle Association. And that’s coming from one hardcore Texas tornado navy seal right now. Our vouch I vouch and I stand behind 103,000% That’s that’s seal math for you. Stand behind combat veterans Motorcycle Association. They’re doing a fundraising for me raising money that they they’re just the heart of these these guys and gals is just incredible. A legitimate organization 250 chapters across the world. Across the world by the way. They’ve got a couple chapters in some some way, way. Way. Crazy places like bobsled in places. Love everybody in here. Snapper whip or coach. Love you. Ramin says You deserve it all Jimmy RIGHT, man, I really appreciate you saying that. Appreciate all your encouragement support in here. In every single person on this live and who’s watching right now through the YouTube Liga I see grid talk. I see you.

You’re awesome. Face it with faith. I see you. That’s right. Love you, man. If you’re a Marine in here, simplified delis simplified fi all of you. Thank you for the likes. Thank you for the gifts. Everybody. Let me tell you something. What is it take to be the best leader. My I always like to give a little leadership advice. If you’re in your everybody could use some leadership advice. Let me tell you so out of all my experiences leading I’ve led extremely small teams of Marines like a fire team, a squad, you know, and I’ve led a very, very unique special missions, quick reaction force in the teams in the double digits. And I’ve led a chief executive officer of a major, major company for John McAfee. He trusted me in actually two companies, McAfee crypto team and team McAfee it switch. But it’s kind of two different things. My internet open three IO, which was a successful company until I just bounced because I was tired of crypto bounce. I just walked out. I was like drop but my son will slow anyways. And that was decently big. My point is theas tech in a technology company. My point is is is the one thing that defines the greatest leader is this very thing right here. Angry poodle i See you not that but but I see you I see I’ve seen all this. Somebody said XRP commandment. My deal is this. Here’s the one defining thing. The leader who walks in and thinks he can figure it all out on his own is doomed to fail. And that is pure either foolishness. By the way, shame is the highest rank of the fool. Shame is the highest rate of fall in Proverbs. Or he’s arrogant. It’s foolishness or arrogance. And every single leader has probably experienced this. Have you been promoted? And you walk in? And you go, I don’t know what the heck’s really going on, but I am going to just act like it is that I’m going to go in there. Have you ever had a leader that goes in and just changes everything? It’s a freaking nightmare. They you know, or a leader that gets into office swears in and then he signs everything that the last leader did have this kind of a running joke, but it’s no joke true. It’s probably the worst thing that you could ever do. Because a lot of awesome things that that leader did, you can keep even if you hate him But to go in there and belligerently belligerently sign these things blindly, is absolutely you hate, you hate your team. You hate your people, you hate your your comrade. You can’t possibly love your comrade and do that. Because any, even your enemy does things which you must keep. You can learn everything from your enemy. You can learn everything from your enemy. So the true mark of a leader would be to keep your enemies doings until you find a better solution. And you better have a real good solution. If that last leader was an expert in business, in running major corporations in America is a corporation in a business that has to be ran by extremely smart business men and women, not politicians. Thank you for that gift. Let me tell you something. The greatest leader wakes up every single day, looks in the mirror and says, You do not know anything. But you are willing to find out who does it to be humble today. under the mighty hand of God first and then man, walk in there humbly ready to learn, ready to listen, but also ready to use your authority in a righteous way and make the wise decision not based off the betterment of you and your family. But the betterment of your family the country and community in den yourself.

In the seals we say team team gear sorry, firstly, Team gear, your gear, or sorry team team gear, your buddies gear, my gear, Team gear buddies here, my gear meaning the last thing that you do is your gear. The first is your team, your country the second is the man or woman to your left and right the very very very last thing

is yourself. But when we start saying me my buddy and then maybe if there’s anything left over the team you’re doomed to fail from beginning when I found out I led 30 men on a counter assault team I forgot about this team in Iraq it was the most steepest learning curve you could probably imagine.

Jimmy your team leader the other guy’s dead What are your new beans bullets being a beautiful Hispanic Beach Boys minutes oh my gosh oh my gosh hyperventilate in my room. But all of a sudden it dawned on me I’ll never forget the most defining leadership moment in my life.

Hey, Jordan, hit me up. I’ll speak at your church but wherever you will hit me up. You never know send me your number we can communicate okay.

I spoke to coaches school coaches on here. What’s up his kids love he talked about me for days about how I talked about Shawshank Redemption in Nemo at the same time.

I kept it simple. I kept the PG I didn’t say anything crazy the greatest leadership defining moment of my life was when I was sitting there and I was about to walk out and talk to 30 hardened warriors who are looking at me like the new

leader like you got what it takes, bro. Let’s see that I want to see this and they were a ragtag bunch of dudes. I went sit down with him up my trailer that’s covered in sandbags. Bullets raining down all the place rockets coming in blast and everybody I took a big breath. And I was literally like, oh my gosh, how am I going to do this? And then it was like so clear. It came to me. It said, Wait a second. I don’t know how to do this. But what I do know is how to use the talent around me. And if a leader can get that through his or her thick skull, that they don’t know anything, but if you know how to use the talent around you, the person that is so desperate to be heard because they got the talent because they’re special. And you’ll be you’ll be really special if you learn that they’re special. But if you can’t learn that he’s special or she’s special, and you remain the Mr. Special

in desire, all the accolades and the door to be open. doomed to fail. Dude What about 31st experiences a team here? I walk out from all these guys. Warriors looking at me. Suddenly were slapping their AISs I mean, they were joking around, had no respect.

They introduced me they said, Hey, this is a the tornado. He’s about to leave you. Be careful. He’s pretty wild. And he doesn’t give it you know what? And I said, listen up. I said, uh, I said, I know y’all like those last team here. And I’m not him. I’m somebody different. Y’all don’t know me. You’re laughing over here. You’re playing grab AISs over here. So that’s okay. I said but but, but uh, I just come to tell you three things. Said I’m gonna promise you three things if you shut up right now if you listen if you pay real close attention, which is another level past listening, just listening. And these dudes are like this. Okay, what was this clown clown. I said I’m gonna promise you three things I’m going to promise you that you will see battle you will see war because I know punt team leader that’s going to stay behind when others are desperate in dying. We will go out into the red zone if we have to. And we will engage That’s the promise number one. Everybody goes like this. This dude what did this do? Did he just say that? And I said number two

I said if you don’t sleep for one day, then I haven’t slept for two days. So I’m going to promise you sleep. And if I don’t fulfill that promise that means that I never got any

sleep the unknown point 62 God bless you for buying coffee thank you for getting that touch point coffee 100% of proceeds go to my legal fees. Thank you so much. God

bless you for that thank you for big day said nice cut Jimmy this is this was my last May so number number three I said if you haven’t eaten then I haven’t eaten two days I promise you you’re going to eat and I fell in that promise then I’ll starve to death because you will eat under my watch you will sleep but you are going to war doodle ideas now

I never really liked this do what and I fulfilled my duties as a team leader there because we did those three things couple bumps and scratches along the way that’s neither here nor there

am I not talking real talk right now to you let me know let me know if you disagree with my leadership style. But this is what has to happen man what’s up Adam boy Jimmy sleeping prices Real Talk Thank you sleeping prophecy that I see. It means a lot to for snapper Weaver it means a lot to

me to receive a comment like real facts real facts from from coach because he’s the man of God. He’s been around a long time and he’s been a leader, substantial leader. And so I appreciate you say that.

Trophy five. Tuffy 576 has made a very good choice. He says I do not disagree. I love you can’t that’s great. Great, great response. absolutely real. Are you selling the same style shirt you have on?

No I’m not big daddy made this exclusively for me like Britney Spears when she shaved her head. Let me tell you So my shirts are very, very nice though. They’re not like this. I could send you this one. Somebody said, Hey, man, you gotta sell some underwear. I’ll say yeah, bro, I’ll send you mine right now that I’m wearing homie. Don’t ask that when again ever again. Real recognizes real dude. James Murphy. You Brother Do you man you a G? I can tell you a G. Sometimes I can just tell with somebody that G straight up. Somebody said you’re selling coffee is what I heard. Is that what? Oh, is that whatever? Yeah, I am selling coffee, my friend. Well, actually, the rebel roaster is selling coffee. And but he made a touch point coffee and let me tell you something, it’s air roasted, meaning that not one of the beans is burnt in. That’s very, very important. If you do not want to brush your tongue and your teeth in that bitter taste out. Maybe it’s me because I’m getting older. But the older I get, the more I can taste the bitterness and coffee. And the one thing that I’ll stand behind with my name is that this is not bitter coffee. This is not it can’t be bitter, because the beans cannot be burned in I would say that’s the biggest selling factor other than he custom roast these beans. And you just do not get the custom roast. You’re going to pay the same money for black rifle matters coffee. But for me, let me tell you something. Tomorrow point is not in competition with them. Give them saying straight up. But that was funny to me. I don’t know why. But but the but ad from the rebel roaster.com Or you can go straight through my merch and grab yourself some coffee beans. And he dates it when it was roasted hand dates it this guy owns a company he hand roasted hand dates it right you know, it’s got this awesome touch point logo that we created. And let me tell you so it’s it’s really really good. I picked it out of several of his best dark roast. And he I called him today. He’s like, Hey, man, he’s just like sweating all the time working hard. I said What’s up dude, he goes, Man is bagging some more touch points roasted in bagging. And so he’s roasted this in these big air air roasters. And he said Jimmy, the importance of the air roaster. He’s like, he’s like, go man, every being gets roasted differently. It’s crazy how serious detail to you? But But he said the Jimmy the main thing is is these other companies and everybody else no big no no problem with them. But here’s the deal is that they’re roasting these beans in these big convention ovens. And and in what they don’t understand is they take them out of these massive batches and they can’t cool them off in time. And so generally they just let them sit there and cool. Well, they cook longer. Like everything else, you know, like a steak still cooks. You take it off at medium minutes well done. You know, you take it off rare and maybe you’ll get a me Well, right. Well, same with the beam. Now he takes them out and cools them real fast. Therefore he has a precise cook on the beans. Therefore you don’t I never thought I’d get this nerded out about coffee. I’m sorry. But therefore you don’t get the bird taste in your mouth. Therefore you have a delicious scrub shoeless, I said scrumptious. That’s three words scrumptious. And it’s amazing. No bitterness. You still want to brush your teeth. But you know you don’t have to wish you were dying every time you did it. But you can get all that through my mursaleen so thank you so much. And you can get yourself a black T shirt along see black and the winner body warrior Scott the flag and by the way, I wrote a personal note to go with every single touch point order today. If you bought touchpoint gear to Jordan, my merch lead from now on it you got a you got an awesome letter that I that I straight up wrote out. I was like this is good stuff. This is good. I wish I could get a personal letter like this. A personal note, not a letter a note. Okay, I’m not Harry Potter over here. Now, here’s the deal. Here’s this one not cut the sleeves off. These are just flex one time and the sleeves blow off. But this is the negative the negative flag on these. It’s like a blankie It’s so soft. I found myself sleeping when I find myself using them as pillow cases. You know, I’m saying this is what I do. That’s just something I do. That’s because that’s how I wrote. Okay, but you could use this as a pillowcase. Check it out. touch point, touch point and touch point, pop

twist and squeeze. Who ever wants to get one of these? I really appreciate it. I appreciate your watching Man. This is this is great. I’m so honored to have you all It’s so easy I’ve made purchasing easy because I have severe ADHD it only exists and it works on tick tock because I can read all these things and do all this. It’s harder in life but it works on tick tock. Which TT tick tock Texas tornado. You feel me? Here’s the deal. I made it very simple my website, just punch on that merch link. And you can get the coffee right there. You can get the wristbands rise up whole fast. You would you rather memorize something or just look down and be like, well, so sorry. So excited about this. My own merch. Maddie, you are not betrayed. I’ve seen every single one of your of your post. Now you’re saying I’m dead? I guess it took that for me to notice, right? No, I noticed all your posts, bro. I noticed all your responses. I’m sorry. How much per bag? 1 billion rubles in Russia. That’s the cheapest coffee you’ve ever had in your life. 1 billion rubles. It’s raw. It’s made in Russia, dude. And I’m just kidding. It’s, it’s all made from Russia. I’m joking. It’s made right here homegrown. What’s up? And it’s a? I believe it’s $14 a bag? In that it? Look, it said that coffee prices are high right now. Just like everything else for some crazy reason. But Danny is good. And maybe that’s not too bad. Who wins gorilla versus bear? That’s me. For sure. Again, this question says a lot about the person depending on how it’s answered.

Well, let me tell you something tough dog. Let me tell you something. The guy that’s about to answer this is gonna say a lot about

your question about the who they who they ask this question. Whoever asked this question, really, really is asking me to tell him who I think that he is. And who I think he represents the gorilla or the bear? This is reverse matrix on you psychology. And the fact is, is I don’t know, because I don’t know you. So I can’t really answer that question. But we all know the gorilla would when? Next question. mentioned me, of course, I mentioned you. I love you. Jimmy, I sent you an email. I don’t know how long it takes you to sift through those. I know I actually saw your email. And I can’t remember when I seen it. But I was like, gonna respond. And then I checked through I got I got 1000s of messages in my direct message. And that I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. But I do I do contact I tried to contact everybody that I can trust me. I have to set up hours of the day. You know how like you set out an hour today to read. I set out an hour a day. You know, like you said an hour a day to crochet girl. I’ll be setting out an hour, two hours, three hours a day to respond to serve. What what what, what what? You do a great job. Thank you so much for saying that. Everybody, I love you. And remember the last and final things that you’re kind of popular. Hey, let me tell you something. All I care about is is is being a direct reflection of what Jesus wants me to be. Okay. I can’t even get him to answer the front door. Yeah, Max came up to my front door. I generally answered the door, but not when someone has a ski mask on. And it has webbed toes in Max has straight up webbed toes. Yeah, the whole toenail thing that’s just the sidebar and that’s a distraction from the real problem. And that he has webbed toes with the swim so fast. Hey, somebody said Wilson console funny. That’s good. Everybody thank you. John would work love you. John. It’s crazy to hear Brody great I see you brother main man. You do an amazing Jimmy you’re doing amazing to never in the fight. Midlife crisis love the handle name but that’s right. Never done

any stories about Oh. Any story Tampa Bay mortgage. I love you man. Love Love Your love your stuff, too.

Thank you so much. Boss. What’s up? You too boss man. You’re the boss man. Thank you for your service. Never in the fight brother. Any stories about

ID TNT. You do realize I’m like a monkey brother. 4% Neanderthal according to 23andme Alright, it’s true. I’m wrong a lot. You need to fight the girls off. I will protect you. John Ferreira says when you are free and you need to fight the girls off, I will protect you. Yeah, but how are you Are you going to protect me from Max? Because that’s how will I ever be fighting the girls off? I can get through my front door because Max’s camped out there in a ski mask with his webbed toes. I want you to think about that real heart. Change two to six. Cheech two to six sounds like a cool pistol or something SEIP sidearm look if you’re willing to own a handgun. Will you not get my hand made?

Taught point coffee was alright, enough of that. Everybody’s like dying. I know, man. You’re touching on coffee is amazing. Dude, I

got your note. It was incredible. It unlocked the key to my life. Success. That little note you put in each bag. Wow. That’s amazing. I may be there too. I heard there’s big deer in Texas. Make. You need to chill out on that, homie, you? You’ve been taking out a little cup too many beers. You know, I’m saying. I try to ask Nick how many deer he’s taking this year. It’s unbelievable. Because he don’t answer you. That’s how you know it’s suspicious. He’s like, man. Well, I mean, what? You? What? What? Well, depends. I mean, my dad in him he his friends combined. Or just me what I said, Dude.

Never forget it, man. Forget it. Forget the question. Golly. He said, it just depends on how you row. You know what I mean? Jimmy?

I mean, I don’t want to mention nothing. that’s permanent. You know, I’m saying it’s just permanent. You know? I’m like, What do you mean the text message? You don’t want anybody read? It’s permanent? Yeah, well, I mean, you know, you know, you know how it is. I mean, you talked about the last 10 years and are talking about the last few days what was up man? I can’t I don’t know these things. I said, Dude, what? What are you doing right now fumble around your belt, your your your hammer belt thing? You said? No, ma’am. get my calculator out. Yes, we have any gear Akeel today I said, Oh my God. Help me lord. Nick is one funny dude. Nick has been here since the beginning got a guy’s girls. Nick has been here since the beginning. Because the funniest dude I’ve ever seen. He’s the original Torkel beater got, I asked everybody what the heck that was in my hand. It was a hair blower. I call it a hair blower? And what that button was it said ionizer. Nick is the most educated answer somebody was talking about. The ionizer is the oxidation of your your shaftless hair. Two would you call me? Nick says no no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. That is the Torkel meter so he said you put it up to your rear in a you turn it on. And however hot it gets is how hot you are. You don’t say? And then you flip that on announcer and start twerking. And it’ll measure to the heat of the Torkel meter. How good you’re doing shaking your booty. I said dude. I said Nick. Well, we’re gonna collaborate. So where have you been off? I’d say you can’t answer me the deer question but you just gave me the most scientifically proven answer that I have ever seen in my life. About what a real hair blower does it is the torque O Meter. I even did the torque Omiya challenge. Me and Nick were the only ones that did I was very disappointed in the crew about that. I just let it go though I forgave everybody I’m forgive everybody about that stuff. I don’t care anymore. Face it with faith. said man you call me a freaking nerd again bro. See what happened Sunday. See the text tornado come out real quick. I said he’s dead. But Jesus said Lazarus come out of tune. That’ll mean text to text tornado will come out of the Texas tombstone. Smoke Utah for comments like that. So are you in Florida? Tampa Bay I wish I was. I was in the Tampa. I was at JB Sandy Veterans Hospital for a while in Tampa Florida. Man I love for it. I’m in Texas. Texas all you’re missing is the touch point coffee land shark says I’m gonna tell you right now. You taste it to this point. And you see all that matters in this life. That’s the thing about that. There’s a question. Doc is with the Marines fighting just as hard. Don’t make With our dog do what in the heck? I said drink my coffee beans not smoking in a pipe or glass pipes on. You feel me? You feel me on that I’m quick tonight. Be careful don’t become an enemy with stuff like that man. I told you to brew my coffee beans and not smoke them through a glass pipe. Oh my lord

what’s up? My favorite flavor is blue crayons. Simplify a new marine would chime in here saying that kind of stuff. Dude, we got to get past his brother I’m trying to boost the Marines up in my videos. And then we get comments like that we go back two more centuries doc Come on. touch point coffee is right. Who said touch one coffee would you better recognize somebody said was that really touch one coffee? I said no. I wrote on it with a golden marker. A back from from black rifle coffee matters? No, this is my touch point signature man. Recognized son. Roasted. I didn’t write this. This is this is my bag that I gotta fight for everything. I gotta I gotta convince everybody that’s my coffee. I like do this in my coffee, bro. It’s tough. Oh my god. Nah, man. You put you put that you put your name in on another bag or some dog. I’m like, Dude, no, get it through my marshaling man stop accusing me. So I said Russia is going into Ukraine. I started freaking out. Because I’m afraid they’re gonna give me another year on house arrest for that because I get blamed for everything. You know it’s true. When shark mela Gator? I love it. Did you retire on active duty? Yes, I did. I retired on active duty brother. I talk about nothing but acting son. Chief squizzy Was there box one? Change to juicing someone gets concerned about anyone who continues to bring up the box one episode. Angela Watson I love you. Got same last name as me. Good to see you on here. Good to see you last night to God bless you for that. I mean that. Somebody said both the glass pipes are free now. Oh, man. I’m sorry for mentioning glass pipes. They said the White House. Somebody said is the President given the glass pipe? Oh, my gosh. I was not talking about the president. Man. I wonder why everybody goes in that realm. Everybody listen. They said they had 300 Kids in the White House crack pipe cakes. Kip said they were given out and two of them are missing right now. In the inventory. Check me squeeze me pop me. I love the box. One story was the best. That happens every day, man. Somebody always asked you to come over to my mom’s house bring box on all night with me. Right Raymond asked me the other day said write read what? I said I’m sorry. Nick is in line first and then Max. Max been at the door for a while. Come on, right you know I’m playing. I played about Hillary though. Hillary What the heck? ain’t playing about Nick though. 40 and slip I saw somebody say, Hillary. You read about bloomer explorer deepwater drilling vessel. Is this some kind of joke? Is this like your nickname back in the Marines or something? Dude, I’m tired of this man. I’ve heard all every joke you could imagine.

Everybody laughing what’s up? What’s up Nathan McLaren what’s up? I see you. stepbrothers bops just because you want to come sleep with me in a bunk bed doesn’t mean you can make statements like

that all bunk beds are cool but not that cool. I want to see a stranger popping in on your lap saying stuff like that

What is up everybody big Squeezy. I record my tax bill paid for about 600 of those pops. Oh, sorry. Sorry. You’re right. No, you’re right. You’re right about that. 100% if you if you’re not following, no joke, Hey, see, Brahma see you subdue. If you ain’t fallen I’m joking with you right now. That really happened. The bottom is stration approved of a $30 million spending bill for crack pipes to be disbursed. Like, do I need to go on? I don’t have the energy to make it through that article give. I seen it. I said, I said the biggest the biggest thing I’m pissed off about is that you can’t disturb paraphernalia. And then here’s the hypocrisy unless the government approves it. Now you can disperse paraphernalia, but that’s not what bothered me. What bothered me is they’re keeping the crack pipes in the White House. And now fifth is not okay. That is not okay. Because we know when they do inventory Trust me, I was in the seals, and not about crackpots. But about everything else in life. When you do an inventory, couple of them we’re going to be missing up. If they were just sitting in the team room. You hear me? You feel me? You guys are awesome. Everybody love you. And tell you. Hey, everybody, Happy Valentine’s Day. That’s for Big Daddy first going down the list. Have you ever worked with the British rule Marines? No, but I’m drink with some. That’s all the better. They could drink bit more. They could drink more. More pots than anybody ever. I’ve seen them a lot ever. And that’s what they talk about. The British. The British Royal Marines. The Bulldogs are so it’s crazy. I can leave the house. Yes. But it’s it’s a big process. Chris, look, we were talking about crack pipes. All right. I know you talked about burning spoons. Yeah. All right. We’re trying to keep a civil in here. Facts. The government has done the service dirty. Yeah, that’s the truth. If those pipes are military grade, they won’t be worth it. It’s so funny. You’re funny. People are funny in a year. Like you’re the funniest people in the world. I laugh all day. I’m serious. I read the FOC a page of nonsense. He’s armed so many countries for war. Second a body and created war. Man. Why wouldn’t they take that money to fund rehabs? Yeah, I know. It’s unbelievable. We love you,

bro. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, bro. Nick. What’s your angle, homie? What does that mean, bro? What’s your angle? If we’re in prison right now you said that? I just be like, well, you

know? What do you want? Like? Wait, what? Why wish me happy Valentine’s Day Tell me straight up.

You know I’m playing do 30 million only buys 300 backpacks No, but they said Hunter is actually painting the the crack pipes and selling them for much, much more. They were supposed to be given out for free. But now they’re selling the crack pops. They’re painted. He’s painting them he’s painting them unfreaking believable. Choose age two to six. Thank you for the gifts. Oh, everybody. Oh man. Thank you for that. Big Heart for everybody on Valentine’s Day. I love everybody. I noticed that we don’t have any more haters in that’s bothering me really bad because I need some good material for my next top five. And it’s just hard to combine anymore. Because people are like me. I don’t want to make the top five man they got they got straight up don’t care. Like he don’t care. 100 doesn’t own clothes. See, that’s what I’m talking about. You’re funny, man. That’s funny stuff. in it. That’s how I laugh by the way. You notice I don’t laugh like, like read like real people. But when I say that’s funny, that’s me laughing like I really think that’s funny. But I have to say that to you. I have say, Man, that’s really funny, bro. That is funny, bro. Are you saying? That is really really funny. You notice I don’t laugh though. Not much. But that’s me laugh that’s just me.

What kind of hate me you won’t. Chris cloud. Let’s not get crazy here. Okay. I taught myself weird expos. They serve I’m just talking. I was talking like love so don’t talk about I know what you’re talking about right now. Man.

What kind of hate hate you won’t do because I give you so good. I’m like, Okay, calm down. My goodness. Geez. Place painting him in flame. Did you do any tours? Nah, man. Went through the SEAL teams and the Marine Corps sitting on my butt.

Never did a deployment net ever shot a gun really? I mean you know shot a couple pellet guns when I was a kid I thought I was gonna get to jump on a grenade or so

that ever happened to us the real you’re like do those what do you do?

Okay I do laugh sometimes. Nah man Oh I’ll tell you man how you are how you earn this right here son his first first you got to rent a bicycle in Pakistan after they drop you off by yourself 1000 clicks inside then you you got to order this from Amazon and he lives in a little mud hut I put it all had to go up in there and I wrote a couple books about it see I mean trying to get the copyrights so this dude right here they that’s me. guarantee that that’s that was my inside piece right there that’s my that’s my sidearm. This thing right here crap. You can’t imagine how accurate I am with this. I can shoot this at at least 100 yards pinpoint dichotomous trichotomy situation so they pay me for this yet they will they will that’s me my sister got me this you know this my sister got me this magazine. I joke you I said This ain’t no seal guys girls. I’m sorry I don’t care what anybody says. This ain’t a seal I know that sounds crazy we don’t do this we don’t do this. We do do this we do do this but we don’t do this we don’t there’s just certain parts of this guy that I’m calling now. I’m calling Don Shipley on this dude. I’m saying I will No no, no, no, he’s a model they put this gear Trust me. Trust me I know. Because I carry that 90210 peter out there and I could shoot it one handed. Now you know my my right bicep is so big because I always carry that thing in holster in it so this is how I roll what’s up? Starfish that’s funny. Hello my friend Hello. You caused me heartburn last year but I’m over now this this is the same dude this is your the same cat that I talked about the box one and you know very well that I got heartburn when I drink that box wine all night with people in my box pre mattress.

Two boxes in one night. Don’t make it right so it don’t make it right two boxes in one night. Don’t make it right.

You know that? True trying to join the seals. You can do it. You can do it. I promise you. You could do it. Don’t there ain’t no tribe out it. Just do it. And you’re gonna you’re gonna hit obstacle after obstacle after obstacle after obstacle. But just keep plugging away every day. You can do it

how did you roll in the barrack on the 40s Hey, man, they don’t they used to call me Hey, we’re 40 hands back in the SEAL teams 17 minutes and 15 seconds flat. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe you shouldn’t be asking.

I see that comment. I read that. Disgusting. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I’m friggin real. I still don’t understand your question. Can you repeat your question? Brock? I mean, I still don’t understand it. Just just I’m not being derogatory or rude. Sorry. I don’t know your question. Let me know what’s up dude. Hit me. Hit me with it all. Shaw Shay 351 says what was question mark? That’s what everyone’s saying about your your handle name right now. What? What, what? What’s up from Southwest? Missouri. What’s up? Sorry, say Leroy Jones. Yes, right. Teach two to six as we saw y’all solid man your podcast is great. Chris I love you thank you so much sweet be I’m just on here Hey, I’m on here everybody I’m just interacting okay, I’m just having a great time right now. Okay Don’t put me on another your house or as I didn’t do anything wrong little bossy bus commit more crimes in one day than I did for this house risk was some I’m not saying I’m not having done a lot of heinous things but but look at is he a bus my mom’s dog in retaliation for other crops and things that I’ve done he ate this much cherry lab chapstick this much it was fine. He looked at me was like what? It’s not lipstick Nick there’s seals that were that okay lipstick? I’m what this is cherry. I’m gonna make it very clear to you. Poor little he walk. I know. John, what was that? Dude? He came off of it yet? Nah, he didn’t come off of that yet. Look. Only person higher than that right now. Is is that one dude up in the White House. Paint all those pictures? Trust point. Lip Balm. Yes, hi, I see you in VR 514. Some people want to be incognito in disguise. Sometimes I read off there they there. I’m like user 22678999654321. And they’re like, hey, please keep it confidential. I’m like, I’m trying I can’t remember. I can’t remember to keep it confidential though. Let’s go rams. How about let’s go nothing. You know, a bag said I had to give up lipstick. Until yesterday. What? I’m just kidding. That somebody said, I love Miss reading people’s comments that really bothers people that that are haters, you know? They’ll be like, You’re stupid. I’ll be like, thank you so much for your support, man. I had no idea. You love my videos so much. I really, really, really appreciate you Heart, heart heart. Because other people they don’t see what he read. They don’t read that. They just read. Hey, I really appreciate your support big big kisses. And the other person is going no, no. I said I hate Joe. You’re like, dude, thank you bought a bunch of my touch point coffee. What when? Well, let me know, man. Yeah, yeah, we talked yesterday on the phone. Thanks a lot, pal. And they’re like, No, you better block me. And I’m like, Dude, how many times do I have to say thank you.

Thank you so much. Somebody said my girlfriend told me that today. Oh, man. Sorry. Look at this Hauser you better put the foil on What? What? Look at this Hoser you better put the foil on.

Oh, man. Jeez. Catch you tomorrow. Angela. Thank you. Thank you so much. Catch you tomorrow to God bless you. God bless you. Hope you got hope you

got some good stuff out his thoughts on Ukraine versus Russia. I think it’s a lot of show. But never underestimate your enemy. Never underestimate your enemy. I mean, I wouldn’t be taking it dead serious about Ukraine. You sure don’t want to be like i He’s bluffing. And then boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Your country’s gone. I’d be taking it dead serious right now. Hey, we would love to know more about your situation. Just tell us a little about the house arrest. Jay Conrad 181 You know all about my situation because you’re the FBR straight up and I love you okay. But you know all about I don’t know why I have to repeat it over and over in a mic that’s not really hooked up by the way

you can. I’m just joking. But you can you can google. Not really, but you can Google all my information online. You get to see how the media portrays me as a scumbag and and 15 felonies. That’s neither here nor there, and everything else in the world. And you could just go John McAfee the late John McAfee is charged with the same exact alleged crimes as him it’s it’s actually pre trial so nothing’s been to court so if you’re a true patriot or you just like to just you know do your own research and stuff or are you like the Constitution a 10th of the Constitution then you’ll you’ll understand that that was not a did not go to trial yet yeah, I know I still don’t see i You got P and it’s pretty easy and federal federal conspiracy to say no UFO conspiracy. This is like real life stuff. Right. This ain’t tick tock conspiracies This is federal felony conspiracies in under conspiracy charge. You you basically hold a leadership position in the company. I was like the right hand man to John McAfee and that’s about all I could

you know, that’s about it What’s up John McAfee in somebody says, Oh, so you don’t know why No, I know very well.

But I would have to read you. Where’s that indictment? You don’t want I would lose half of you in here if I read the indictment. It’s so freakin boring. USC 123 X Y Z conspiracy. The USC 27866 nerd. Omega nerd. Two zero Bravo three. Conspiracy. Just Google it you’ll see crypto cryptocurrency it all deals with cryptocurrency

just get that was to the point. Yeah, when 1000s were doing with when Malians were doing it you got to have a victim I thought but I guess not. That’s neither here nor there. I’m glad my mom my pass done.

My passes, is dying away. And the old man is dead. I look good. You opened the wrong doors in his life. And you ain’t got to be part of the scheme or the main thing to be implicated in other things. Because you were hanging out with the wrong people too. You know what I mean? And so unfortunately, in this life um, if you’re not following the will of God, there’s a really enemy out there that wants to kill, steal and destroy. When God closes in, open in the door, he opens a window my friend. Wait, When God closes in door he opens a window my friend. That’s right. That’s exactly right. John McAfee was good man to me. Was a fair and honest man to me. We really was. And what I saw was he was a fair and asked man a lot of people hate his guts. And and I can see why. I can see why in a lot of ways. I will know everything. I’ve been in the court system since I’ve been 14. Because and now an on po now brought on Conrad. That’s good for you. I’m sure you know how to Google him. For sure. And you can definitely Google me Jimmy Gill Watson Jr. and find out one of the reasons why I don’t say everything to man is because everybody’s heard it 1000 times it’s part of the touchpoint family here and they probably get tired of hearing it too man. It’s it’s not that sexy by the way. It’s not like I was our component run around you know, I mean, it’s not that sexy. And when I look at the hard times is training from Jesus it is absolutely How long are you on how service question mark question mark question mark question mark question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark. That was very accurate by the way what I just said, um, I’ve been on how service for a year. Can you tap the mic and make mouth noises

in shaving cream? What is going on with his world? No, I can’t No, I’m not going to do it. I refuse to but I will do this what Watch, watch the gifts just start flowing in right now. This world is crazy. How is that comrade? Is that okay for you? Is that enough information

is that good? No No How come I don’t get any gifts? Look I go to these channels I don’t get I don’t frequent these channels okay whatever I got I’ve gotten a couple of these channels I see these people like this they got like 250 million people on there and Peter put pusher first of all that’s a disgusting name and second of all that’s disgusting comment you’re lucky or I would do this to your face look at this and this is not this is not a IMSR or whatever it is. This I’m I’m not joking around I’m not joking around with anybody. I’m actually

cleaning this mice This is not some kind of calming thing or anything for your brain it’s my mom’s brochettes don’t tell mama piccola goddess. Oh, what’s up? I know is this easy? You’re gonna see me from now on I’m not gonna be talking at all no more and I’m gonna be with me like this

so much thank you very much. It’s usually somebody from Russia. Thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate your now snapper Weber Weber I thank you so much

John Perry thank you so much for not being Nick is does really crazy John, thank you for the job story my lab right here. John. I need you to buddy rescue me right now. John.

Thank you for the gift. Thank you for thank you for the million dollars. Thank you thank you so much everything you do? You’re gone. I’m gone. Listen, that’s it. That’s what sick. That’s what sick about a world

is. Think about this. Think about this. Somebody just told me right now. Dude, you’re gone. You’re a sicko. I look good. You go to bed go to these channels. And the end. There’s people putting whipped cream on this thing. And people are going thank you so much. Thank you so much. Oh, my

Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And I’m sick. You’re sick? You’re sick. You’re sick for saying I’m sick. Especially when I’m choking. And these people are serious and you’re calling them sick. I want you to compensate. But Colleen what?

Who just made me a Russian soldier. Come on, man. What’s up? The vaccines are kicking in. That’s right. Jimmy, I’m your new lawyer. Dude. Is this your way of scheming me of all the rest of my money? I have like 10 bucks. Till my coffee money comes in.

Get out of here this is a this is what you all have I? Have I ever been seasick? Yes. I’ve been seasick, my son. I was in the Navy. Is that even a question? What happened? touch point fan club in my phone is about to die. Hey, everybody, I had a great time to not you know, it was a great time. I’m putting everybody to somebody said to aggressive daddy prompts off. I love you for that. I can’t tell you how. How much it makes me want to be your friend. Thank you so much for saying that perfect timing. Everybody. What was the best thing about being in the seals? Hey, being in the seals is one of the most rewarding things that you could ever do in your life, but you will have the worst hangovers you’ve had in your life as well. Hey, I love y’all. The most rewarding thing about the seals is actually doing something that you can actually She say that man, it was Mission Impossible. But Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who I know now is the one that allowed me to accomplish that dream. And you can do anything in your life that you put your mind to. You can do anything in your life. Remember, I said that tonight, you can do anything. The biggest, most amazing revelation that I’ve ever received. Thank you for that gift. Thank you so much. The biggest revelation that I ever got growing up as a kid, is that I actually could do it out of all, thank you so much for all the gifts. Okay, for me, I get all the gifts when I stopped brushing the mic, with a with a crazy thing. For me, for me, everyone. For me, the greatest, most amazing, Nick, thank you for that. The most amazing truth I ever experienced in my life was the moment and this is for all you young men, young women out there, whoever’s watching, I Oh, it doesn’t matter. You think your story is over. But when Jesus is involved, involved when Jesus is involved, your story just begins. You think that your story is over? You think the movie has ended in your life? I don’t care how old you are right now listen to me. Jesus can pick up the pieces make you entirely new in start a new chapter, a new movie in your life. Is that insane? To think that you could start a movie right now your actual movie, no matter how old you are. And if you’re young, then your movie action can start in Jesus name. I love every single person here. If you knew how hard it was for me, to become a seal, if you knew how hard along my journey was, you would respect the fact not me. But the fact right now what I’m going to tell you this fact, is that if I can do it, you can do it. But it’s going to nothing ventured, nothing gained, He Who Dares Wins, let me tell you something, you are going to have to take a big step forward in your life to achieve anything great. But you can’t do it. Especially if you put your trust in God. If you don’t, and you’d happen to make it. Failure is always waiting for you with open arms. And it’s just a fact. I love you. I don’t like doom and gloom stuff,

but it’s true. Would I do it all again? Not in the same body? You could not with the same mind. You couldn’t you couldn’t. Could? It’s been a long hard road. Love you though. And what I do it all again?

No. No, that would be very foolish of me to say yes. And that’s a fact. Anyone who says I would do it all again, maybe they haven’t done haven’t haven’t have gone the hard road that I have at least I won’t speak of any else. Everybody else. I’m not worried about Russia, you shouldn’t be either. Because we’re not going in. That’s why Biden has told everybody in you regret Ukraine to retreat and leave. Because it is his disclaimer. So if Putin goes in and hurts a lot of people, Biden can say, well, we told everybody to leave. Biden will not be providing help, he will not be helping those poor people and oppress people in Ukraine. Which by the way, there are many many many oppressed and poor people in Russia that need desperate help right now to Max. Max says I wouldn’t do it again. It because Max you speak the truth. In men and women who speak the truth in this life, make statements like you just did. If you hear somebody saying, Man, I don’t have any regrets. And I would do it over right now. Behold a fool Behold, someone that you need to run away from in you need to stop listening to them immediately. Whoever says that how much you pay for that microphone? 2 billion rubles, Russian rubles, which is 150 bucks they’re lying. Straight up their line. I hate calling people I don’t want to call people out but but yeah, there’s a lot. I would do it again. Man. I would do buds again. I’ve heard guys say I would do basically underwater demolition school again, Navy SEAL training. I say bro, you wouldn’t make it again. You barely made it the first time you’re crying Everybody was What’s up, everybody? Thank you, AR AARP SEAL team. What’s up? That’s right. Let me tell you something, everybody. I want to, I want to tell you this right now, is that, you know, many, many, many of you, if not all of you have bought a shirt, have bought coffee, have supported this thing I’m not. And so I want to tell you something right now, I so appreciate every single one of you, for what you’ve done for me. For what you’ve done for me, in the support you’ve shown with the touch point, nation, so many of you, I know John, your shirt show the way I feel you, I really, really appreciate it. And I just want to thank every one of you for doing that. Because a lot of times I’ll talk about hey, get this merch or, or get my coffee, my touch point coffee right here. But let me tell you something. Um, there’s nothing worse than an unfaithful person who, who’s not who’s not doing an equal amount of saying, Hey, thank you, for all of which I’ve done. Look at everybody say and tell us point love my shirts. And so I really appreciate it. And I’m telling you right now, I’m acknowledging and recognizing all of your support, and I just can’t even tell you how much I appreciate you. In your help, man, don’t let me show that tattoo man. What’s up? I’m the only reason why I don’t want to show you my back tattoo is because my hair may be uneven back here.

You can see it from the side. It goes from Dell to Dell, you know me Rinku? Am I able to transfer branches to try out for buds? If I’m a Marine? No, sir, you’re not in and let me tell you something. I’m just I don’t like ever telling somebody? No, for sure. But you’re but you’re so much better off staying in the Marine Corps. And going MARSOC. Please, please, please don’t think that because I did it, you should do it or that it’s cool, or that it’s easy. In fact, there’s about four Marines that get out and do what I did a year in two of them make it about 50% of the Marines that go try out a year. So about four out of the four. So four Marines, maybe there’s more but about to make it only to me, and let me tell you something. It’s a long hard road, just to be called a seal. When, when MARSOC is stepping up their game, they may not be the masters in the water. I don’t mind calling you by Master you’re not supposed to be but but you know, they’re not the they’re not the big dogs in the water. But you don’t necessarily need to be to be a top tier operator today with barstock there is nothing wrong with MARSOC. Besides, I think they made their their gold emblem. They’re new and bigger than the tried and on purpose because the Trident is the largest inland in all the military forces. You know, so I’m just showing you that because I had to take it off my wall and put this American flag that’s made in China. Everybody, I love you. Thank you for those gifts. Thank you for your help. The Raiders. That’s right. That’s right. And I came from the first Marines, which they turned into MARSOC when I left. Hey, all my loved everybody. Yeah, go mark. Go. MARSOC. Don’t don’t transfer. Not such Thomas dance. stay where you’re at. Go Rangers Go Special Forces go Delta Force CAG they come cadmium. All right. Everybody love you. And I’ll talk to you real soon. And let me just pray real quick. I prayed earlier. But Jesus, I just asked you to come right now. And whoever’s part of this live, I just thank you for blessing them. I thank you for giving them joy and laughter through our jokes. I thank you for giving them humor and joy today. And I asked you Father that she would unleash your heavenly blessings in anything that has not that anything in your heavenly realm that has been withheld from your good people hear from sleep deprived from Mama bear from John from Max, from facing with faith in from everybody else in your big daddy, everybody, Nick, Nick and so many others Red Calvary, seen all your support over and over Raman seen all your support? I see Shawshank 351 June Mrs. June I see you prayer. Yes. Basically with faith. Let me tell you something. Hmm. wanted everyone to you are so special in God’s eyes. 300 We met in God’s eyes that that you you, my friend have a special purpose. Have you ever noticed that every single person you probably ever meet in this life has a special skill that there’s nothing that you can do There is so many things that a CEO can do but that he cannot do that other people can do. So let me tell you something you’re very special and it’s just honing in on being a you be You be you is the coffee fair trade? What does that mean? I love you but every single person here in Jesus name I asked for the heavenly realm of blessings to be unleashed on your life. John face it with bade Chris scenario. John Faisal with faith Shawshank Marina rare coverage spooky rush in Jesus name. Bless these people. If you see in h e r e i m you too starfish crystallin love you read Calvary sleep deprived really shaded David Long as is good man. He’s our core a little too hardcore for me. Everybody I love you big bass. In Jesus name. I asked you to unleash the heavenly realm of blessings on these people and your good people’s lives. I asked you to grab hold of their heart with the Holy Spirit right now. I ask you to especially I lift up max right now

in his home and I asked you to continue to flow your peace upon his life like never before seen as you to pour out your favorite in peace upon Max’s life in his in his beautiful sleep tonight. I ask you to feel his dreams with goodness

as you start the movie in his life the real movie the real show and I thank you for blessing everybody in here and let it never be let it never be because I did not ask

right now. In Jesus mighty name Amen. I love everybody spooky. I’m in your corner. eaves double oh four. sent out by the touch point horseshoes when you make them.

You know how hard it will be to make a holster for my pistol? That’s a pistol so that big thing that looks like a bomb. That’s the size of my pistol dog. My handgun so that’s just fact.

I’ll see you all later. Okay, have a great nap. touch point out. In sorry, YouTube. I was shaking all over the place because I had to plug in my phone at the last minute if anybody’s want. Everybody. Love you so much. Take care. Two hours long as long love


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