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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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is live. Check it out. It’s time to show everybody how found an Ewok have found a real live

Ewok think about it.

That’s right. Tell everybody Hi. Look at this little guy. He’s a little he walk. Yeah, that’s what he is. Tell everybody hi, hey. Hey, what’s going on? He little buzz is telling everybody hi.

So Q What’s up? He Davidson. Yo, what’s up? touchpoint

my bro. Welcome to my life. Hello, everybody. Hey, thanks for double tapping that screen as you’re joining. If you’re just watching from the outside, I understand. You know, you don’t want to let me in right now. I’m on house arrest. I got I got you. Okay, but I’m going to super nice guy. Come on. What’s up? Hey. I’ll see you. What’s up frogman. I see you Birdman. 507 Check it out. Tokyo. Oh, he was this little buzz. He don’t like being here. He don’t like being here cuz he likes mess around. He’s got the whole house to himself. Hey, Sam. Hi, everybody. How much you pay for that dog broke? I think I think my mom is my mom’s dog. Well, hey, this is an easy walk by the way. You can’t there ain’t enough money to purchase one of these. He walks. Okay, he and he walk costs about $5 million. Okay. You have to go through Elon Musk. You have to buy it. You have to buy an Ewok through Elon Musk with Dogecoin. So I was able to get him and be like, what’s up? You’re an inspiration. I enjoy your thank you so much for saying that. Starfish. I brought a little Ewok on for you today. If y’all don’t know what this is, this is an easy walk. Make no mistake about it. And I think he’s about why he dually why he Dewey. This is a full brand. He walk. I think my mom paid 400 for this. This little Yorkie I got to put him down. He’s making he’s making snort noises somebody asked are you in Okay, hold on, baby. Hold on. What a turd. Somebody asks, Are you into crypto? I’m on house arrest for crypto what’s up? Susan you love you love enotes you. You love him? You love Susan you love him more than me. And that’s messed up. Yoda showed and talked to Yoda the great wise one. That’s where I get all my wisdom. People asked me Jimmy man, where are you getting your all your thoughts from dog? I said man, what’s up? Ah, I get it from Yoda. Who else? What’s up my man? Hi from the toilet. Thank you so much for your intellectual response. Your photo I’ve had that dream. Yeah, yes. What’s going on real estate gov. touch point. I can’t see anything. Oh my gosh. He looks so snuggly. He really is. He really is. I’m a man dude. Everybody always asked me what’s some of your nose bro? Dude I got a small nose leave it alone. Hey check this out though when I put these glasses on it barely stays on my nose you know I’m saying who knows? Who knows? What’s up everybody? GBU it’s been a while I’m sorry the family the family obligations miss you now I understand Susan I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sorry for all that as it’s just terrible. Really, really? appreciate everybody coming aboard. Sorry, your picture not photo. US Air Force ammo rot on on the road. What’s going on everybody? Check me squeeze me. Checking in touch point nation checking in.

We love your dog. Man. Thank you so much.

Yo Mama, my mom. She interrupted my quiet time today. She’s like I need you to put on Christmas lights. I need you to put Oh Is Carl Rittenhouse innocent or guilty in your opinion? Here, here’s the deal. I’m about to tell you without even having to tell you. Okay? In the seals in the Navy SEALs, it’s all about the hands. That’s from years of fighting broken hands, but it’s all about the hands. I don’t care how old you are black, white, I neither black or white. So it doesn’t matter. It’s all about your hands. Whatever your hands are doing is what matters. Young, old person, you know, whatever the case, I don’t care about anything else. If I was to able, yeah, innocent. Okay, that’s a short summary of this. But if I was to be let out of my house, which I can’t go out of my house because I’m on house arrest. But if I was I watched the hands. Now luckily, I don’t have to wash my mom’s hands and my dad’s hands are sisters hands. Okay. I mean, hopefully good. Gosh, I don’t know America is getting kind of crazy. But all you have to do is is look at the hands. So it appears based off of the witnesses, that their hands were partaking of something dangerous. And therefore, the other person that was the recipient of that deadly force, or attempt to to get deadly force is absolutely justified in their their follow up their follow on actions if they came out of it unscathed. Or relatively unscathed. So in this case, innocent. But it’s so important. What’s up my brother? I see you. Navy steel on no navy seal on house arrest? Not maybe si LL. But yeah, Navy SEAL steel on house arrest. You could say that steel on house arrest. You need to learn to speak English.

I’m trying man. You know, I’m trying. Innocent Yeah, innocent. Somebody. Somebody just said, I need to learn how to speak English. Brother. I barely know how to speak English. What? Why you got to bully people all the time in your life? What are you doing? Not why would you be going you’ve been? You’ve been going around your whole life just bullying everybody. And it’s just, it’s it makes me want to cry right now. It makes me so sad. It hurts my feelings. To think that you. But you did tell the truth. Yeah, I will say you told the truth. But there’s a way to articulate that there’s a way to come across to people. And and not just, you know, blare out the obvious, like, you need to learn English. Or you need to speak English. I don’t know if that’s correct. But whatever. Okay, I know what you meant by that. Okay, wrong. And right. I know what you meant by that. Somebody say keyboard banded? Yeah, I guess so. Hi, kiss. Oh. Oh, man. I love Jimmy. And your English. I bet you you’re not white either. Have you done 23andme lately? I’m 4% Sub Sub Saharan African. And believe it or not, I’m I’m 4% Neandertal.

So maybe I do need to learn how to speak English.

I mean, straight up. Neandertal. I mean, that’s that’s no joke, man. That’s no joke. So what’s up? Well, Jimmy, I thought you stood for values. cowl not guilty. What are you going through? Go? What are you going through brother? Amo 34345. I still want to know. Listen, amo, you never answered my question yesterday. If you want to answer my question, I would start answer yours. But but it’s not fair. I have to answer all the questions and you don’t ever have to answer any for me. We email 34354443333445 off. I said, explain your your name and I’ll start answering your questions. What does emo 34345 mean? That’s all I want to know. You could throw out any answer and I’ll start answering your questions. By the way, it doesn’t have to be a smart answer. You know what I mean? Got a lot of tattoos, basically just one tattoo. Then you aren’t military. Black Widow four to one. S T. If you explain what your Black Widow means, I’ll once again and you don’t have to give me a smart intellectual answer. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not suggesting you would give an intellectual answer. I’m just saying, if you give me one, I’ll try my best to give you one. Okay. Party English. Like, oh, like Oklahoma is made. Oklahoma is amazing guardian. 36 You got me? Oklahoma is amazing. It’s incredible. Jimmy my counts. 1500 What should I do, man? Well, whatever you do, don’t put it in anything. Don’t invest it. You don’t matter. You know, John McAfee is number one rule was, um, John McAfee is number one rule was don’t invest. Whatever you do. Investing can to get you can get you in trouble. You know, 1500 in your account well, I would start to diligently pray about that. Hey, hope you’re doing well. Where are you from? I’m from DFW Joe. Thanks for dropping in. What’s going on?

By Gods by Gods ain’t a damn one of us on this old rock. Speak English. We speak what part of the country you’re in. I know. That’s for sure. Seriously? Negative 1500 Oh, negative 1500 My bad. I thought you said 1500 This is a serious situation. Are you able to work? In that? That’s a serious question as well. What’s going on? Are you are you able to work? Much love bro. Deema I saw your text I meant to respond to big crazy day. You never seen somebody so busy on houses. I love you. Peace. Man. Love you, brother. Can’t wait to leave New York. Moving to Texas. All right. Hi, I’m from DFW. Well, I’m from DFW. Very nice to meet you. Thank you for joining this live session. I really really appreciate everybody coming on right now. Appreciate you following me if you just want to talk trash to me, I love you steel you know to me because because I’ve noticed the further along I go in my life Wall Street that I don’t know if I know in this law. If the further along in life I go the further along I realized that people need help in generally, if they’re screaming out blasphemies and all kinds of crazy stuff. Then you need help you need hope you need hope. And I don’t mean you need help, like in a negative thing. I mean that we all need hope. We all need help. And that help comes from the only one the only one God your way Your shoe. Jesus. I’m telling you, you know what I mean? This person says this grope says where is your trident? We’ll let you know I I kind of want to show you because because I want to show you something else I did today. Let’s take a tour in my house. Okay, talk point. Check it out. All right. Look, first of all, I you know, some people were ragging on me, because I had the same painting up for 3000 years. Hey, Mona Lisa was painted in the same way, by the way. Well, look, I’m doing some work on the painting. Now my mom era, I’m going to show you my trading right now. Okay, calm down. I want you to relax. The camera adds about 100 pounds of dense muscle. Okay, cuz, you know, I don’t look like this. And so, because everything’s got to be faked. You don’t nobody believes anything these days. And that’s why they asked for the trident. That’s why but check this out on my my mom’s house. So I’m not bragging here. You know, it’s all like check out my crib dog and was YouTube’s like, How to Be a Millionaire. Check it out. So I my mom interrupts my quiet time today with the Lord and no big deal. And and she asked me to put some lights up. This is what I did now this is some touch point Christmas.

Look at this. Look at this.

Millions of people are watching millions. This is probably a fire hazard. I mean, a nuclear reactor just went off in Moscow right now, man Bam, bam, bam, you’re gonna see my try to calm down.

Calm down.

Let me go get the crackerjack box real quick. Look at this. That’s a lot, man. That’s a lot. That’s why this man you’ve ever seen your life. Noah, Moses and Elijah combined. Here we go. Check it out. I want to show you something right now. Check. Look, please. This

unit. You

know, I’m on house arrest. Nobody has this much time. Nope. Nobody has that much time. That’s pretty cool, huh? But look at this. I’m gonna show you some.

And I’m gonna get back to your quick question. They said 50 That’s pretty cool, huh? But look at this. I’m gonna show you some. And I’m going to get back to your quick question. They

said 15.

a juggler. That’s what’s on my neck. Okay. All right. That’s not true either. This is where I do my podcast. Ah, this is not my house. It’s not my not my office like a millionaire. This is my dad’s office. And he wasn’t very pleased with his whole flag setup. But I got I got this Mike Lewis. I’m cool. This is real. Oh, it’s honor now. You better watch your boy. Now watch this though. Check me squeeze me. Look, look, look. Look,

look. Look.

Where’s that person who said I want to see your trading. Where are you? You better show up right now. Yo, what’s up brother? glasses make you look smart. I know. That’s why we’re on. Somebody just said I need to learn English. I was like, I know. I’ve been trying my whole life. Please don’t. Please don’t. Please don’t point out my deficiencies. Look, where’s that dude? Who’s your dad? He’s a cross between Moses Elijah Noah. Possibly Abraham? I don’t know. A descendant of Jesus. Look. That is that is that gonna? Look. But of course, of course the person who says the person who says that? That Let me see your tried in all misspelled in all. Okay, it wasn’t misspelled but it was kind of weird. So go on is the same person that said that’s gonna say this is fake. Now they’re gonna say who? You you? You You even don’t get out of the garage. But you basically could go by this anywhere you want though? I mean, do you think they really manufacture a trident just personally for me? And have some kind of serial number stamp on it? Stop it. Something 1960s stuff the bomb bomb. 90s I wish it was can we move on? It’s laying home. It’s laying in a pile of junk over here. I don’t put much worth into these type of things. You shouldn’t either. What’s going on everybody? Who is it? And why he do it? Do your research. You rent the office on Mondays starfish. Don’t give my dad any ideas. Thank you for your service. Thank you very much. Did he ever tell his house or his story? Yes, I did. I’ve done it a couple times. But hey, hang in here with the mighty warrior tribe. All you got to do. All you got to do is follow me now. You don’t got to follow me. Just look at my page. Go through some of those. I love y’all. Okay, let me see. And evil rich one pays 15% of their net worth. Dead what huh? ChargePoint. Big Jimmy. What’s up man? Fat. Love you. Jimmy, where did you have the most fun serving ice cream? Ah, the problem. The problem with that is is it’s really fun to survive an episode of serving ice cream. But it’s not fun serving ice cream. I mean, I mean, it has its adrenaline rushes and it can be pretty amazing to make it out there with your whole team alive and stuff. I just stumbled across your videos of you almost dying and it touched me.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you saying that.

Really appreciate you saying that you’re covering the lion’s mane and with the lines check it out. I need to check up on my squeeze. You know,

I mean, I need to check up on my squeeze. That’s all I gotta say. Sometimes you just feel like I had a top. Have you ever had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? Man, I’ve had every kind of child I’ve had every kind of attribute could have imagined so and I and I’ve dealt out it is but as much as ice cream is a man can dish out in this world. Not very proud of proud of I mean, I’m proud of a lot of things but I’m not proud of some things. What because it’s it’s not it’s not shouldn’t should ever be glorified. I just found out my I just found out my girlfriend is pregnant. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving her good idea. Let me tell you something, brother. Let me let me let me hit she hit you with some cheese here. Squeeze. Oh, I love that. That savage. What’s touchpoint savage. You have the picture, you have the most ultimate picture in the world. And, and you don’t know what touch point is, man, you’re you got to get part of this, this this crowd right here. Because those that that profile picture is epic. Hey, I want to get to I’ll get to touch point. Okay, I’ll get to that man. Because I but I want to dress something real quick. Let me tell you something. The problem is not that you got your girlfriend pregnant. The problem is that you want to leave your girlfriend or you’re considering it because you got her pregnant. Basically, there’s there is you inside of her right now. You there is a special baby that’s going to be born with your sing your DNA on it, your your fingerprints are all over that arm

to leave her

would be such a regret. In such a a dishonest gain, you’ll never be able you can never expect things to happen in your life. A properly orderly and good if you’re not willing to take responsibility and accountability to those actions. I only can tell you this right now. Because of my because of my own experiences, of either taking full blown responsibility as a leader, or as a man,

or as a human being,

and not taking responsibility. And I’m just telling you right now, man, a man brother, is if you don’t, if you don’t own up to this one, you have major regrets. Plus where we’re, why we can’t we can’t abandon people. We can’t abandon people in life, when we start abandoning things in life is, um, if you if you’re able to pull the trigger on this, if you’re able to what we call the skills of pulling the trigger on something, it’s like you you pull the trigger on this. Yeah, I’m gonna do it. You know, if you’re willing to pull the trigger on this man, dude, it’s a slippery slope. And you’re going to pull the trigger on everything else in your life. That’s very similar. And it’s going to catch up to you. And it’s not never going to work out for you. It’s never going to work out for you. So what I would say is you’re going to have to deal with this situation. And you will never ever, ever regret sticking by her side in dealing with this situation. But you will want her percent. My dad used to say Hear me now or believe me later. You will regret walking out on your child.

You will regret that

and the repercussions. The repercussions are are extremely heavy. The federal penitentiaries are full of men without dads This person, I’ve had a pregnancy situation before, sit tight and let the universe guide you. You know, you don’t know the outcome, this person is saying you don’t know the outcome, and you don’t know what’s going to happen. So you need to sit tight on it. That’s, that’s what you need to do, you need to sit tight on it because you don’t know. You don’t know the outcome anything you need to deal with it, you need to stick by her. And I would have to follow the same advice. You know, I’m very hard on myself. And I hold myself

to a very, very, very crucial um


Talk is cheap.

Not many people are in your situation right now. However, many people have been in your situation.

Let me put it like this.

I have a very, very close relative that did a DNA test. She found out who her dad was. Okay. She was already 20 years old. She wrote a letter to him though, saying hey, I don’t want nothing from you. I don’t want nothing from you. But I just want to let you know that you’re my dad. And if you want to talk or whatever, this dude gets the letter. He’s got five kids on his own five children. Some grown up some real small wife everything he takes in my relative like his own daughter. Now what kind of this guy coincidentally became extremely blessed afterwards. I was amazed at this guy.

What’s better to do? What he did

is astronomically amazing in very very rare today’s today’s society. You want to be blessed you know you can man God God can turn around your situation in about two seconds. If you start to do the right stuff if you start to do the right things

No, I didn’t know Jocko. Yeah, Guardian three, six. Best thing ever a father of four sons. Best thing ever so Forth Worth.

What’s going on Tracy Hussey you? Where’s everybody from? Tell us a Goggins story. I’m telling you a Goggins story. You want to know a David Goggins story

can’t tell them he,

he was in the I went to a special missions unit with with SD VT one seal delivery vehicle team one. He went in the class right ahead of me, like two weeks ahead of me. I’m not going to talk about how long the courses or anything like that. I won’t get into details. But oh, you want to hear David Gomez. He’s in this class ahead of me. My good friend. Something something.

If y’all seen my videos, you

I’ve mentioned him before I actually say his name and save some some, some some. His his workout buddy. He said bro. David Goggins is absolutely like crazy about working out. I mean, obviously, a freak of nature. A lot of people don’t realize but he walks around like 240 pounds of muscle. You know, he said he seems to be a lot thinner these days. But when I was going it wasn’t when I was in the seals. He was Jack like big like, it’s just not it’s not normal. For for somebody. It’s ultra superhuman to be running ultra marathons past 100 miles on you know, Badlands marathon, her 100 You know, four times around a 20 mile loop. Five times around excuse my math in a in Hawaii crazy, okay, I paced another guy was brutal my I couldn’t feel my legs for days. Well, David Goggins. He said he could, like benchpress more than anybody had ever seen. And then he would do these crazy marathons in the morning that he would run to the ultra marathon, do the ultra marathon, run back or bike back. Crazy stuff? Well, one day, they were doing a memorial service for some of our fallen brothers. And he was standing at attention. And my buddy said he was standing right next to him in attention. And, you know, would you stand attention you you kind of lock your legs, you locked your body, your, you know, tight, and he stayed in attention. And my buddy, some some said that David Goggins just locked up and just fell over. Boom. They said, the corpsman went over there, they said, his pulse was like 25 or 30, you know, 25. And just bike, boom, boom, boom, boom. laid out. But he’s conscious. They don’t call the hospital he just, he’s like in this state this comatose state for a long time. Crazy. That’s my story. He was okay. But I guess his resting heart rate is so low that he sometimes passes out. Man, there is too much. There is a point where we can go a little too far. Right? What’s up? Wife spotlight? My screen says live spotlight. I like that. Scary. But Will. Here’s the funny spelling. I bet it doesn’t have to mean you have to be with someone that does not love you. And raise your child. A baby doesn’t have to mean to be with somebody that does not love you and raise your child. Did you check out Chad right? Three of seven podcast? No, I haven’t been ultra ultra busy. My CEO said nobody gods from class 262263. No. But you you kind of know a god, you know how a seal is. We say this. Your classes are so small. And the community is so small. You can actually tell kind of about the guy. How hard his class was? Like, I don’t know about two six. You said three I think now I know guys in 265 and 268. In their classes were brutally hard. I don’t know about 262263. It comes in like the classes will come in threes and fours and they’ll be really hard. And then there’ll be kind of like softer and be like, like in the two sevens. I’m not saying do they’re still seals. But they get a lot of trash because there’ll be known for like, I don’t know, if they let up the standards, not not standards, but they just kind of, it’s just easier. For some reason. They they they push more guys who I don’t know, but it kind of it ebbs and flows. Odd, still same standards really hard. But that depending on who the instructors are, I mean, my instructors came in and literally said for the rest of the seal history in the history books. There everyone’s got to always remember your class. They’re going to know about your class and and I’d say 283282 my class 281 A two a zero. were brutal. Brutal What about class one to five? Man I that’s way far back for me. That’s way far back for me.

There’s a book you

can look online to see the team members pretty sure, Gu Goggins will probably battle you. Goggins would probably battle me. What does battle mean? What does battle mean? What does battle mean? What’s up Max, my fellow frog man. And I’ll tell you what, every class is brutal. And just because I made it through 282 or 283. And it was super hard. Doesn’t mean I could reverse matrix that and go to two sevens. And make it all these cats are like I’d go through seals again, shut your mouth. No, you wouldn’t. You know, you want to go through sales again. Because it would crush you because you’re barely made it through the first time. And trust me, I’m speaking on my own behalf and on behalf of me Everybody that’s at least living in reality, somewhat. What’s up? I don’t know Shawn Ron No. Dance Off. Okay, I’ll do a dance a political look me and Goggins in a movie tie clench. I doubt he’d be okay. I highly doubt he’d be okay. Me and Goggins in everything else. Physically. Pull Ups, or running, swimming. I would say I would quit before I was embarrassed by him. How about that? Battle is with an axe? Jeez, no one no one want to do that? No, no, no. What do we what have we lost their mind in here lately? I mean, I’m on house arrest and thinking that’s crazy talk Hamo house rest for a couple days here and there. You know no big deal. Somebody just asked me. frogman. What’s up, dude, what’s up one two knots on? Where’s everybody from? I want to do a big shout out. I love doing shout outs on these lives. It gets the energy going. It just gets the blood pumping. You know what I’m saying? What got you into Muay Thai. Oh. Trying to prove myself probably trying to find validation. Trying to get an attaboy where there are no validation where there are no animals. 404 words that are shout out swiftly. What the heck? Virginia? Lake Superior. It does in the right. Connecticut, Boston, Louisiana, Michigan, Georgia. We love it. appreciate our seals. Thank you so much. That’s better than let me see your Trident up, sir. Let me get my cracker drugs box real quick, dawg. What’s up? Greenville? Boston, Massachusetts, Ohio. Oklahoma is amazing. No, it’s not. Four or five North Carolina from California. Nothing’s that amazing. Eric, you see us, US Marine Corps veteran Semper Fidelis brother, Rhode Island New Jersey. Dang girl. What’s up from from the shore Jersey Shore. What’s up? Anyways, Jersey Shore. Texas, Greenville, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas in the house. Georgia looks like Oklahoma is is is getting battled out of here. Looks like there’s nobody from Oklahoma. Just one person. Just kidding. Just you know, I’m playing Alabama, and had a turn around my my Oklahoma comments, because I noticed a big part of the following is from Oklahoma. And I was like, Wait a second. I need to change my eyes real quick up in here. Superior. Okay, Florida. You jumped around a lot on this live? i You ain’t you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’ll be jumping like this. Hello. Tell her what do you do? There was a class speaking to jump around. There was a class when you first start buds Navy SEAL training. Well, our selection buds basic underwater demolition school, which doesn’t really have a lot to do with demolition underwater, maybe towards the end. But for the most part, you’re getting your brains beat in getting skinny skinny graph on your legs. But check it out. So the very first day, we you line up on these yellow footprints. Right? And like a buck crack early in the morning. 330 in the morning, you’re like, ooh, so Surena sideways. Have you ever been to Coronado in the wintertime? Oh, my gosh, little kids will be frolicking in the water. And you’ll be like, get me out of here. The Pacific Ocean is friggin cold. Max back me up here. Don’t weigh us on just kidding.

You line up the very first day, you’ve heard all these horror stories, you have finally made it to Budds it’s probably taking you a year, maybe a year and some change to get to buds. You line up on the on the grinder. They call it the grinder the same place you’re going to graduate.


by a miracle from God, maybe you might graduate. But there’s gonna be maybe just a few you. Maybe like 20 or 30 of you out of this class of 250. And it ain’t going to be of that original class because only about seven make it from the original class. But you sit there you’re standing there on the grinder. And there’s rainbow wins. I laugh you know, instructors come out and just beat you. But they generally they always do like a special PT that day to start off. And they they’ll do your class number or something. One, one still shorter, got up there. And just started doing side straddle hops, and it’s count like this one. 1231 Right, okay, they did this 1000 times in a row. Then they did Situps 1000. That’s, that’s just crazy. And that’s like the first like 20 minutes of buts. The first 20 minutes of eight months, it’s really just non stop. Of heinousness. So yeah, jump around sometimes. Do the sidesaddle shows do the size. Try to hop? Queens, New York. Thank you so much. I was making fun of the dudes that don’t believe you have it out hit mean, for you to actually show it. Are you serious? You made me go get them. It was you. It’s okay. That’s funny. I like going and grabbing it sometimes. It’s a second time army recon in the house saying what’s up? What’s up army recon. Thank you for joining. Uh, much appreciate your service, my fellow brother. Appreciate you. Appreciate everybody part of this mighty warrior tribe. I appreciate you. Grab yourself a touch points shirt through my merch link. You can also find yourself all kinds of sunglasses and crazy stuff. And then we’re coming out with the movie hoodies. Hey, by the way, Army recon reminds me we’re we’re getting the same touch point shirts we got. They’re in now. You can order a Middle East. And the green OD green. OD green. Just like those with the black negative flag. What’s up union field? Missouri. Red River. Is that Red River in Texas? Nebraska West Virginia touch point. Where’s the training? Where’s the training? I can’t I’m not. I’m not going back down there. So my dad’s office. Make some pink shirts for us girls gals. Listen to me. Do you know how amazing the gray one is? Or the green one is on a on a female? What’s up? Hey there. Thanks for your service. My dad did two tours of Vietnam was in the Navy. Wow. Wow. Big respect. Trigger. Double Oh 7009. How he broke. How did you you my friend. OD green. Got him in black are great. Yeah, I do. We have just a few left in the black. But we just got the greens. Hey, man. Those greens are sick. For real? The green with the black touch point and the black negative flag button in there. Cool. Is a hard being so short. Well, it is hard B and six one yes. In buds. Yeah. Now that’s not considered real short. But since you say that short, I wonder who you’re used to dating? Oh, my goodness. Probably looks like Nick. You know, Nick is like six, four. He is six four. Awesome, man. That’s so great. Nick just said Jesus is working. Brother a complete stranger just opened up to me in the gym. That’s awesome. Man. You a G solderable sub GT G dog. Here’s the deal. People aren’t used to seeing of someone. Maybe with my dimensions. Maybe it’s a camera as 100 pounds dense muscle? I don’t know. Opinion on SEAL Team Six versus delta dev group versus CAG. All I mean, no, nobody. Oh, my shadow just scared me. Whoa, whoa, my lord was covering up the entire ones. Now the What the heck was that? That scared me had my face and everything. So ah. Look, the seals are really hard in and, and we, we sharpen our sword a certain way. And we have a certain mission.

You know what I’m saying? You ain’t live in right. And so it’s so and I don’t I can’t comment on CAG very well, because I just don’t haven’t worked with a much. They’re they’re great shots. They don’t go through the water stuff though. They’re great shots. You ain’t live in right? Somebody said you ain’t living right. What’s up, dude? You don’t like my white t shirt? What’s up? Are you sick? You sound sick. I got a small nose. And so it causes nasal look. I had sinus itis for eight years in the SEAL teams that serious pressure in the canals of Burma they do X rail Your face is all jacked up. And so I think I think the seals mess me up in every way possible. Let’s just put it that way. Did you know that you’re you don’t have any toenails. At least Delta Force and CAG has toenails. But in it when I say no toenails I mean Take all your toenails out. And that’s a seal. If you want to ask somebody a real seal, just tell them to take their shoe off. If they don’t beat you down for it, then then they show you they don’t have any toenails. Well, you know their seal because if you stuck your foot in a in a bathtub of water for two years straight, you’ll lose your toenails. And then you continue to soak your feet like that in a cold bathtub. Well, your toenails would fall out too. Okay, that’s just the truth. If walked in Llandaff till my toenails fall off. Oh, Hateley. Have you ever do you ever? You ever done coke? Look, I baptize myself. In a hot tub in Medellin, Colombia after a three day coke binge. Yes, I’m doing cocaine, and a metric ton of it in all other kinds of things. But that was the old knee. He’s dead. Because Jesus restored my heart. Like you’ve never seen before. Step chief. Jesus is the only way and the only way to rescue probably a majority of people in this room have done Coke or not admit to it or something. And I if you haven’t, that’s great. I hope you don’t hate me and Jimmy. I don’t see the big deal anyways. I mean, it’s terrible. And it’s a big deal. It’s illegal. It’s terrible. But the thing is, is it’s not that grade of a of a drug and, but it’s something about it that goes along with high, high volume partying, and it’s just not okay. Haven’t had to toenails for 25 years. See what’s up. That’s almost ran into my old painting back here. You guys made me start paying again. I don’t know I want to let me tell you some C max, max, but to a to my buds class two or three. I finished? Let me say so. Max is a frogman. He’s a fellow frogman on here, there are seals that are watching. Let me tell you, there’s a lot of seals that don’t tackle that glass so you don’t see him come in. What’s up. So here’s the deal. Max is a fellow frogman. He just said, his toenails never came back. My God so we need to go on Dr. Phil about this highly, highly unfortunate. I mean, I don’t know why you need your like somebody said, I said, Why do you need your toenails anyways? And I think it was my dad or somebody said, Well, they protect your feet. What the last time I got hit by a hammer on my toe. They didn’t protect me from nothing. They don’t protect your toes from nothing. What’s up? I bought six shirts and a hat and glasses just saying. Guardian say three six. I love Okhla Houma. I can’t even tell you how much I care about Oklahoma. In fact, I’m going to be moving there soon. Thank you so much. After house arrest. I’m moving okay. Hey, if anybody from Oklahoma is cool in my book, what’s up? What’s up, Bob? Why don’t you say some dude, I’ve been ragging on Oklahoma this whole time. You just say you bought six shirts. I’m like,

Hey, man. It’s all good. Now. You know, I’m saying on now.

Now, now if you could just move from Oklahoma. Okay. I’ll send you those shirts. Because you know, I can’t send those shirts to somebody live in Oklahoma da. I just can’t do it. It’s is ethically it’s ethically not responsible for me to do that. You know, I’m playing dog. What’s up West Texas. I’m from West Texas. Dr. Mack. Daddy. I’m from Muleshoe, Texas, from loving to you know, Texas Tech son. How about that. So on holiday meals, you you know, Muleshoe Muleshoe Ranch was up. What’s up with the case? Case is still ongoing. I owe 50 grand in lawyer fees. And if I stole all that money, I want to know 50 grand in lawyer fees. Okay, Jimmy? What’s up, Jay? Carlos. No news on the case yet. You know, I’ve prayed about it. Hey, it’s like Paul in the Bible. He had a thorn in his side. He prays three times. Hey, that’s all we can do. Pray, pray about it. And then believe what you prayed. Ask for wisdom. Believe that you receive it and move on. You don’t I mean, mill shoe stinks like crazy. Hey, now. It’s true. I lived in between a dairy and a feedlot for most of my life. And that’s why I don’t mind when people talk trash to me because I’m used to it. You want to say now? Yes, I can mentor you.

Reach out to me, brother. I’ll need to you.

How do we buy your merch? Hey, Just go through my link right below my picture profile on Tik Tok. At mighty warrior I publish the I’m gonna start posting these on YouTube as well. So if you’re listening from YouTube at mighty warrior 2021 my merch saying thank you smells like money to me. A Jason Lopez very smart man. My dad tried to tell my mom dad, which was a former Coca Cola model. He brought her my mom’s a former Coca Cola model, Braniff airline flight attendant, all these different models and stuff. He brings her to MyLSU Texas, West Texas, buys us of farm ranch right in between a dairy in a feedlot. You people ask what’s wrong with my nose? What’s up? Jimmy the jeweler in that he would try to he would try to keep her there. He would say listen, maybe that’s money touch point. Tell a steel story. Well, I told a steel story and epic steel story the other day. Where were you? When I look like a monkey in I need to need peanuts around here. Yes, it’s true. I danced around for peanuts from time to time. And I will tell a story from time to time. Okay, let just relax. It just let it flow. Relax and let it flow. Touch boy. touch point. touch point. Lion’s Mane. I’m telling you the shirts are badass. Hey, thank you so much for saying that. I love hearing testimonies about the shirts. They come in pretty quick. They’re amazing. And it’s like the most masculine blankie that you’ve ever had in your life. You don’t have to tell people you have Blinky you’re wearing it. touchpoint flags on there. People from Canada are buying the shirt that has American flag on it because it’s so amazing. And it smells good. I’m not gonna lie. I’m not far from LSU Texas right on. J W Texan. My initials are JW Jimmy Watson Wow. Man, we got a lot coming. That cord on a bridge is crazy. Glad that steel was able to hang on to that ladder. Colton. That bridge is crazy. And I am glad that seal was able to hang on to that ladder is well Praise God. They think thank the Lord he did. That’s scary. What’s up, shipmate? Do you have to call me shipmate? That’s a derogatory term son. Just good. How you doing sailor?

Please, please

tell a seal story. Conor Conor Conor McGregor. Gonna make it ag let me tell you something. Don’t you worry. Okay, don’t you worry. Sometimes, steel swords just come out. Okay. Show us your toenails. show his toenails show us your toenail. So is your toenail. Mark, calm down. This is not your regular live session where? You know you can creep on me man. And get me to show you my feed dog. Alright, I know where you’re going with this thing, man. Kind of play. Table what man these lads get interesting sometimes. Dr. Mack Daddy says Cheers mate. Cheers to you, brother. Look, I can’t show you all my secrets. I can’t be showing you my toenails. Why you want to see my toenails?

What what why you want to see my toenails? Max. Max was is a fellow from me. He said his never came back. Okay, maybe maybe you want to see Max’s because it’s an anomaly. What the heck is going on in here? I was crystallin says I want to see to Oh my gosh. Pass on the feet, man. I know right? I’d be sad if I had no toenails. Yeah, I know. I know. I just want to see if you’re there. If they’re there that my toenails are here right now. Macho, no screw back. But if you want to, if you want to know if a seal is current in the current business of being a seal as him to show you his toes, he’s not going to have toenails. He won’t. They’ll be they will be gone. Like Wizard of Oz tornado came in Kansas City gone. Okay. When is too late to join the seals probably. Probably 27 years old. Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t do your research on that. They may have a waiver for 30 years old. I was considered very old. At 26 years old. No toaster knows what the heck why it’s not I’m just kidding, brother. It’s not Oh, the toes, the toes. why don’t why toe? Why did the toes fall out? Well, if you stuck your foot, if you if you’re wearing jungle boots for two years straight, which it shouldn’t be a lot longer, eight years or so, but just two years straight, you know what, you know, your toes are soaking wet all the time. Your toenails are coming out of there. You know, whether you want them to or not, they’re going to fall off. You can prompt them hurt. You can pull them out if you want, a little sooner, or you can just let him fall out. Reverse matrix touch point. I said reverse majors. Hey, hey, everybody. I appreciate you. We got the green OD green touch point nation shirts in there. OD green. They got the black maggot negative flag. They got the black touch point. And the black negative flag on the back. There pretty cool. We got to be in we got our first 100 in so appreciate you get them jungle wrong. Wow. Never heard of such that. Yeah, yeah, it’s not jungle rot. It’s that you’re just imagine just imagine putting your body man go soak in the Okay. Imagine putting your sorry, I’m very adamant about this because people just don’t realize how wet you are cold and miserable. You are all the time. And so I don’t answer damnit questions. I don’t answer anything like that. So here’s the deal. You if you soak your feet in, no offense, brother. If you soak your feet in a bath of water.

Just look do you know what happens to your feet? in a bath of water? It used you seal your hands good.

Now try doing that for two years and being wet the majority of the time? Because there are no drying off by a fire. How else are you going to dry off in the seals? Naturally? Well, how do you dry off in the rain? It doesn’t happen. So your feet stay wet all the time. There’s difference between jungle rot and your toenails just falling out and never coming back. Now they’ll come back eventually. Unfortunately for Max God rest his toenail situation. They never came back. And I’m very sorry to hear that Max. I’m very sorry to hear that. Yo yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, go through my merch link and get yourself a touch point shirt was a favorite tattoo. Oh, I have the Spartan shield. And this part shield is placed on my elbow. And it says either with it or upon it. And if you don’t know what that is, look it up. It’s pretty cool. The Spartans were basically saying, you either die with it, you either die in battle, you know with your short with your shield, or you get carried back on it. Meaning don’t come back without your shield. Don’t be a coward in battle. You go all the way out and you get carried. So it was a major honor back in the sparring days to be carried on the shield. It means you were very heroic at battle. It means you it means you were you were a G G to G. Jimmy the jeweler. I see you I saw you. I saw that like 50 comments ago and I still got your dog, don’t worry. But the highest goal in battle is to be carried back on your shield. Your proverbial shield, whatever that is to be carried back. I mean to be carried back around a shield was it was a huge, huge, so So I got that to make sure that I was being Oh punk. ChargePoint Yeah, thank you, Nick. Thank you, Mama Bear. I see that Mama Bear said God rest Max’s toenails. You know, I could do a whole video on this toenail. So I’m doing a video on this because I just feel it. I just feel that that’s something that people just don’t really that people don’t realize. Sparta, I see you brother. Oh, starfish. I think you’re talking to somebody else was up. Just kidding. I would have thought winning the war would be why the heroes came back. It’s either fighting valiantly, or winning the war, but probably this both were the same because really they probably all died together. If they didn’t win. Just like that movie. Remember, what’s up? BRB. How you doing Jimmy? farm life? I’m doing real well. Thank you so much what is live spotlight? I have no idea. Can you all see that? Do you see that craziest John McAfee story is when he died for three about I mean he, he basically died, they revived him. Then they put him on life support. Okay. He’s on life support John McAfee is on life support for three days and nights and then comes to demands that the tubes be taken out of his mouth and how you do that his hands were tied down, but with six inch strings, and he was able to scribble it down after about 24 hours of scribbling around it was a nightmare. He came back alive. I’ve never seen anything like that. And then against all odds against against the recommendations of three doctors he demanded or he would steamroll the hospital his own words that they take that they take out the two and they were saying his laws would collapse

it was crazy

you’re gonna take me noodle in in Oklahoma. What does that mean? The heck? You mean cafe’s. Newland? Is that what that means? That’d be pretty fun. Actually. I wish someone would pay this man’s legal fees. He deserves it. If I was rich, I would map I appreciate you saying that. You know, I’ve got to bear my own burdens. I got to bear my own burdens. It is what it is. appreciate you saying that though. That’s really kind of you. If you want to show support, appreciate you grabbing a shirt, you know, but either way, everyone I love you and I appreciate all your support. Yeah, Catholics, I think is catfish. Ah, yeah, I found out a little bit. I’m gonna I’m gonna Raven. I’m gonna email you bought it. I’m gonna write you about it. Click on the last spotlight. I just clicked on. I just clicked on the last spotlight and it took me down this night matrix porthole. I was lost in like a black hole. It was scary. I don’t know what happened. That was scary. That was dangerous. I don’t know what it is. I clicked on it. And I think it’s for other people or so. I don’t know. What’s in the Marine Corps? Navy. What’s cracking my brother? I see you brother lion’s mane. No, that’s not true. We can come alongside you. Thank you so much for saying that. Appreciate you, sir. Say that, you know, these these cases, man, like written helps in a lot of other things. I’ve seen this time and time again. And it’s monumental. And the task is monumental hit. Hey, but Jesus got me. You know, I’m saying Hazzard country hot rods present. Man. I need to check you out. Man. That is cool. Scarlett says Hey, baby. That’s so sweet of you. Hey, baby. Hey, baby. I tell Nick that every day. Nick, Nick. Nick is like hey man. I say hey baby. What’s up dude? He’s like what’s going on with Jia Squeezy? Am I is what what did you say? Juice Squeezy? is L is m an extra coming out juice Squeezy. Red House what’s up with red house? Red House showed some solid target transition skills with an elevated heart rate and respirations Hey, he had to do what he had to do. Lead that rest poppet squeeze dog. Sir, first off, I want to thank you for your service. Second, I want to thank you for spreading the gospel. Thank you so much. That Matt Mack said, I’m going to start a GoFundMe for his toenails. You know, if there ever was a cause to donate to. It’s Max’s toenails. I don’t know if there’s enough money in the world that will ever bring back his toenails. But maybe it will help with the reconciliation of how things that sort of the traumatic event of losing your toenails before your very eyes and then just simply never get through. You know, literally, it’s it’s hard to explain but if you look down one day, you don’t have no toenails or they’re laying next to your bed next to Nick. You know what I mean, that’s a scary notion. Because you may not realize it. Veneers for that you’re not getting any even you know they’re not putting you know how expensive one little veneer is that your toenails right this big. your toenails is big you know that’s on

you don’t know what you just don’t know what you got until it’s gone. Try to imagine not having any toenails try to imagine waking up next to Nick. Oh I don’t know. Okay, you got it. You got to lose all your toenails Jimmy or wake up next day I

I don’t know.

Oh, sorry. So to change somebody says somebody says I noticed all the viewing viewers went down to almost zero after that conversation. So you can feel comfortable wearing mandals Alright, last four. Ah, it’s terrible. Man. I will show you some JSON. I’m getting crazy up here. I’ve lost my big toe demos to toughens this is obviously an important topic. Okay, a lot of people are coming in here saying they lost their toenails look when I get when I got my mate Squeezy caught the breezy meaning when I got my mouse caught in the trap meaning when I got my opinion stuck in the Squeezy meaning when I got my you know what caught in the belt sander, accident situation. Some of you know and some of you don’t. Okay, you know, after that a lot of jokes were coming around. A lot of jokes were happening okay. And it wasn’t much appreciated by Yeah, somebody said toe point. That’s what it is like choke point. You look down right now don’t let me tell you something. You go to the psychiatrist you’re like I don’t have any toes left. I don’t have any toenails left a because it came to a decision whether or not I had to wake up next to nick or or lose my toenails and I chose I chose to miss my toenails forever that’s what happens. Anyways, I got my impended stuck in the build center. Nick the other day he goes dude, how did you get your you know what cotton the build center I said brother. You’ll never know. You’ll never know. You know what I’m trying to say? I’m trying to say Nick. You’ll never know like you it would never happen to you You know to me. Got me got got me dude. Anyways, anyways, I walk into a Denny’s I want to spooky since she got her stuff. Once in the trap. Man I love spooky. I walk into deenis There’s a couple more. There’s a couple other seals there and set up a booth eating pancakes and syrup and stuff. And they’re like, oh, what’s up, Jimmy? Man, you’ve been hanging out at Home Depot dog and I’m like shut up. Don’t frown This slap all y’all man. And this dude. Literally, it’s not it’s hard to get me in a fight an altercation. I mean, back then. Back then in the day, it was way easier. Real easy, but but not real. It just had to be some like, like you were just slowing the progression of the party. That was fighting words. That was for me too. That’s me. I go I go What’s up and fly across the room? Do a do a naked kickstand. If you don’t know what that is. Hang with me later. But here it is. I run into these three seals. Hey, what’s going on? I see. I walk out of these three guys and like making little jokes. Then one of them though. This is when we almost came to blows right here. I mean pretty much what they had to break yourself like like, you’re not the father on Murray. You know that Murray show. That’s exactly what it was. The guy happens they’re all making jokes about whatever dog who gets get my pancakes dog. But then one of them said some crazy. He said Yo man, he said I got my thigh caught the Bell Center to I said I put down my pancakes and syrup. I said so what what did you just say to me? What did you just say? He said I got my thigh. I got my sock caught in a Bell Center. I said


Did you just did you just tell me that you got your dye? Your thigh caught your belt center I got my penis called the bill center and you got your fine Cotton Belt center with a pair of jeans on who cares I’m gonna do that right now. Oh my gosh oh that that’ll make me go crazy. You can say Home Depot all day long. Hey, does this turn you on a hammers and pickles and Nicolas picket chew high fives all day. But not don’t tell me don’t try to compare you get your thigh caught a Bell Center with me. Get my penis gone Bell Center big mistake

big mistake spooky what’s up man?

You know what I’m trying to say right now. Everybody got me you got me this hitting the like over and over make our man rank higher. Yeah, I don’t know does it? Can everybody just start blasting the light right now? It’s a blast your phones your glasses, glasses and glasses. I wish Nick hit that like button on my videos as much as he texts me. pictures of him in southern my dog get out of here man. I want to see that

dang man. I wish everybody push the like button as much as Nick text me every day hobby of photon quadrille Julian arrow up in here

you know what I’m saying? Who is Nick?

Well, he’s here somewhere. Trust me. He’s here somewhere. I blocked him the other day. He didn’t know I blocked him. And I felt bad. I felt like you know, I’m gonna give him another another Yes. I’m gonna give him a shot. Cuz he he he he got you get three strikes with me. Nick was at three strikes before I even met he said don’t even ask me what the second strike was about. That’s what the second strike is about is you’re going to ask me about what the second strike is and that’s why I gave you a second strike just for thinking about it because you’re going to ask me what the second strike is not the I’m just doing a little Dibble dabble you know I’m saying do Jimmy you don’t love me anymore? Missy we talk every night on the cell phone. Pillow Talk unbelievable unfreaking believable. What do we need to talk two times a day now? What’s up I feel like Big Daddies up in here still. How many people dropped from buds with cellulitis each cycle? A lot. A lot a lot. A lot of staph infection and nasty stuff. A Missy you don’t want I love you. I gave you so much love girl. This is the man me stealing kisses up in here. You see that island boy video?

what’s up

what’s up y’all? You want the shades back on? Okay, Tom, what’s up? Yes, please. And thank you. Basically, you’re cool, man. I like Missy. Missy is cool. She’s cool as cucumbers she’s cool is a polar bears toenails. Oh no. There’s a polar bear toenails. Because Max doesn’t Max could beat up a polar bear very easily. Very easily. I don’t think I could but Max could you if you don’t got toenails you could beat up anybody. Reverse matrix. You got to do it island boy video. I bought them. I did one and then I raised I was like, What am I doing, man? I saw as you don’t know if you’re on House Restaurant long enough. Be aware Missy who? I’m scared to see I’m real scared. Listen, the only person I’m scared of in here is Nick. I’m gonna have to put a restraining order on him. He’s on responding more. And oh, and Max. Missy. I know security. High Security. Maybe a little bit. Maybe a little bit. Okay, what you want? Yeah. Is it Yeah, boy. Yeah, boy, 14 ounces. Advice for me joining seals. What do you got to be a little clearer with Let me know. I will do everything in this world to help you out become a seal. But I got to know, I got to know. Like where you’re coming from? I got to know like, how all you are? Like, where you’re at the process? Or is that something in the future? Is that something you’ve always wanted to do? Man, I just reach out to me direct message me, or email me at Jimmy Watson [email protected] and I will help you. In the teams, how many miles did you run per day? In the SEAL teams, uh, you generally work out on your own. But I would say you need to be running you need to put some miles on them feet. Because it couldn’t come time when you leave the team and go on a trading trip. You know, and you’re slacking behind this the Big Boy games now. It’s like the NFL. But you’re in the SEAL team so so it’s like, it’s like when you’re on the road doing games? You better have been training hard. So you know, I used to run maybe two miles to four miles a day. Maybe do some like 400 meter sprints over and over and over so like that. Jimmy knows that Texas is better than Oklahoma. I would have to agree with you brother. I don’t know. If they ask for help to be a seal they would make they won’t make it. Hey, hey, hold on hold on. Since when is it wrong to ask for help? Since when is it wrong to ask for help oh my god we we got to ask for help sometimes type ask how many pull ups can you do? Do probably so many that the bar will finally break at some point with my body way behind it all this muscle. That’s what happened. But truthfully, probably 1000 in a row with the sunglass on 2 million because that’s just how I do things. This sound fun. I was just spoken What’s up this sounds fun. I was logging 120 a week. What? God good I hate running. Hebron. Hate the water hate running. Alright, Rudolph, keep scratching that nose. Josh. Are you jealous? Josh? Josh? Anytime someone makes a remark like that, they either want to have pillow talk with me. One. Okay, you want to know too.

And the only other thing that it can be is they want to have pillow talk with me. There’s only two things here. I’ve done this a while my brother and I don’t I don’t want to offend you. It sounds like you have a life partner. It looks like you have a life partner there with you and your picture. And I don’t want to make her jealous. I just say a lot of times when people make remarks like that, they want to have pillowtop or or they’re hurt individual, perhaps hurt as a child. I don’t know her and you need help. And when I say help, I mean hope and I am here to give you hope and help. All my love brother. I love you. Okay. What’s your favorite pistol? I like the m&p 40 You need something you could be Slick Rick in your pants pocket your jeans pocket and be like what’s up? Did you ever pass a room inspection? Very rarely. One time I cleaned and I clean and thank you for that hard. Thank you sweeter at cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and buds trying to pass these inspections. This sealed trigger walked in and he knew was clean. He knew was perfect my room. He walks in the middle of my room. And he just he goes oh pretty nice room broke. He goes You got sand on your floor. I said I got I got a little AccessID negative. I said negative instructor. I don’t have sand on my floor. He said no check it out look and I said I’m looking very no sand on my floor. He pulls out a handful of sand like a handful from the beach sand and just dumps it on my floor. And he goes yes right there. And I said what they said don’t be talking back get your answer. Get your access to the water. I ran to the water you know sucks man. Never Never nothing’s okay. You st right bro? Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you very much. Were you bigger or smaller when you’re at war? I was about the same size. Sometimes bigger. Because you just you’re jackin steel all the time in between runs and stuff. Dad Gee didn’t Jimmy Mm hmm. Is your is your running? If you’re running you’re trying. That’s right. How many pushups can you currently do without stopping with a touch point vest on? Whoo. Man, I don’t know man event a touch point vest. Probably play ad man. You know, I don’t know, man. Probably a I’m not sure. I like to think I could do 100 in a row. You know, I’m saying. But that’s just ain’t being truthful. What was your nickname in the team’s Texas tornado? Patrick Ford 7816. Thank you. How heavy was your pack? If you can’t get it less than 50 pounds, you can’t get a pack less than 50 pounds because because you got to carry at least six. Six liters of water in and that’s minimal. So so probably 100 pounds, you know, and then you’re looking at some guys were carrying 140 150 pound packs, because of the comms gear and in extra stuff. Nick says I love it. The trigger on it is much better than the first version. Nick. I love Nick. You know, I was just joking everybody about Nick. He’s, he’s an amazing guy. He’s He’s a true lighthouse to the people and has had unbelievable testimonies come through his page. And he’s helped a lot of people. How much How heavy was your gear? And how much ground would you cover on foot? Ah, I would say 17 clicks with I’d say 17 clicks with a with 100 pound pack is pretty freakin legit.

You’re pretty much booking it. What kind of cereal? Do you eat Lucky Charms reverse matrix. What’s up?

What’s up my brother? We all know you’re a model. Matty is what’s up dude. Check me squeeze me. Missy. Jimmy. I need the glasses. This you know where to get them. What’s up? Can I sign up for the pillow talks with Jimmy? What I hate garden. I can’t believe this group tonight. This is the strangest slob I’ve had I think real strange. Your friends substance. Your friend’s substance to abuse besides crayons. What the heck are you Tara? Your favorite substance to abuse besides crayons? I don’t know how you would know son right? We smoked in crowns together play what’s up? I love seals two guys, but ask Jimmy. I love seals. Two guys. But ask Jimmy. Joshua Barber. Oh my love brother to you. You’re awesome. You know I love you Nick. Is civilian torque. How far is the click? Is 3000 Miles is what it is. That’s how far it is. Do the math 3000 times 17 That’s a long ways Lucky Charms what is it? How far is 70 clicks? Hold on. I’ll figure it out for you. I’m gonna order to pair because I’m Superfly Missy you’re more than Superfly baby

what’s up?

Thank you, missy. You’re so sweet. Missy. I guess we did have different some different shirts. I know. But we got the black we got the gray and we got the the OD green with with the with the black flag on it pillow talks 10.5 Miles 2.62 Miles one click 17 click thank God I didn’t say 15 miles. I thought I was going to do so. I was gonna try to wrap me up and say what’s up? But yeah, so So 10 miles with 100 pound pack 17 clicks It’s no joke. Guardian six. Yes, that’s fine. As long as you move from Oklahoma, we can pillow talk. You ain’t got no touch point. silkies How do you know that Benjamin? How do you know that? I’m wearing touchpoints silkies right now, son. We’re going to have some Mangum is peacock shorts coming out. Don’t you worry. They’re called ut teas are undeniably touch points. I’m the only person in the world that can take three letters and make it a two letter acronym. UD T’s undeniably touch point. Jimmy Hear me out. touch point joggers. That’s awesome. Guardian three six so 10.608 Miles is 17 clicks. Yeah that that’s legit. That’s no joke and that’s what we used to do. Let me tell you something. When you get to the SEAL teams, you pack your own stuff. You pack your own chute you build your own Drager dude it’s no joke. It’s no joke, you know, um, you go debt you go through, you go to it, you go you start a three day insert. You start that you do a three day exercise you do probably a 15 to 17 click Insert so eight to 10 miles and that would be great. No that would be hard on flat ground. But it’s never flat. We’re talking about going up a fire breakers Super dude you know going up a fire breaker where you could touch you can touch the the incline you can literally touch the wall in front of you and you’re like I can’t make it up this I’m dying I’m dying and so you’re doing big big inserts in very very bad bad environment I need to do a video on that hold on Max’s


man and don’t ever do another live and not know what clicks are when you convert them to miles and pillow talk with click Ma. Missy. And not in Block. Block Nick. Sorry about that. Did I had this on mute right. Okay, got them stun the shades on some what’s up? That’s how we wrote that’s how we roll up in here. belt sander t shirt. Come on. Come on. Do we have to rehash the past clickety clack. Don’t talk back. I might have to miss that one. I know. You’re handsome. Thank you for your service. Thank you so much for saying this. Really? Sweetie? If Nick’s creating fake accounts again and doing that it’s really messed up Nick. Take notes. That’s what’s up sleep deprived mom. Love you. Thank you for the touch point. What sleep deprived what what’s going on here? What? What the heck is John touchpoint jockeys. Did you say touch point joggers. Jimmy my man what I want Pillow Talk proud three dogs. We’ve gone through this What’s up where’s the box one? Why you got to cover the spiffy hair chef’s let me tell you something. Gone are the days where anyone’s going to tell me what to do. Okay, however I’m going to go ahead and pull out the Johnny Bravo right now because you said that Jimmy for clicks is one inch. What glass Shaw using man do


Nami trying to get up in here and talk sniper Squeezy on me. You don’t want this

you don’t want this you know?

We use meals and not minutes. And meals is different but meals is good because it just makes sense. minutes don’t make sense. On the glass we use NightForce NightForce is a great glass. joggers like the sweats. Oh I need some in some leggings. Y’all man we’re a little low. You know the next thing that’s going to happen here is we’re gonna be doing touch point pantyhose and stuff. I can’t be doing that man. I got a brand to keep you know I’m saying who’s stuck.

Let’s see here.

Who stuck with you with things got bad in your life? Ryan Patrick, thank you for that. You know, you know I always thought no matter how bad it got, no matter how bad it got that My My ex spouse will be there for me because I thought we had been through so much I have Weicker character upstairs for 10 months when she has final rods, you know, super diehard about that, you know, and I used to think Man, if everything else falls down around us, I got my, my girl, well that fell through. And that was probably one of the most shocking experiences of my life. Just one of those things you just don’t you just would never expect and so and so that that was to, to lose that, you know, what it really came down to was my family. You know, when it all came when it all the dust settled. All we got is our family. And I hope everybody has something, some kind of resemblance of family out there. I hope so. But you know what, you know, David said in the Bible, if I go up to heaven, there you will be God. But if I make my bed in, she’ll get Hina hell, there you shall be two with me. So whether or not our family falls off, okay, a wife or a husband, whether or not they all fall away. Starfish, I see you. On David also said, my father, my mother have forsaken me. David said in the Bible. He said, But then my god will adopt me like adoptive as a child. So no matter what happens in life, maybe you don’t have a family anymore, or anyone around you. I hope and pray that you do. I hope that you have somebody around you. But I like to joke around on these laws a lot. I was joking around last night, but sometimes it’s time to get serious. And right now it’s time to get serious. You know, when you know, no matter where you are in life, you can always fall back. Whether it be the ground or your bed at night, wherever that is, and in, in imagine that if you place your trust on God, if you place your trust in Jesus, the Holy Spirit, that he’ll never leave you nor forsake you. And that he’ll catch you in his palm of his hand. And many, many bad times in my life. You know, when I was sleeping overseas, on the ground on a rock, you don’t want to on Lou using a rock Have you ever used a rock as a pillow I used to use I used to go around looking for a pillow. You know looking for the smoothest rock I could find to lay my head on it in whether or not you’re laying your head down on a rock tonight. Or you’re sleeping in your car or your or you’re stretching out on your your your twin mattress at your mom’s house, you’re 40 years old on house arrest, like me, or whether you’re in the king’s palace and you’ve got the biggest bed in the world. You can lay down at night and truly say that you’re sleeping in God’s hand because He will never leave you or forsake you. And this is the truth. And so for anybody out there Herten desperate, you know Tuesdays are hard. Tuesdays are can be difficult. Because you got a whole week ahead you you got you got maybe an unknown future ahead of you. You have

possibly legal things possibly a job that you’re miserable and you don’t know how you’re going to continue doing that job. You have the holidays coming up. Maybe you are stressing about how you’re going to afford gifts for the kiddos or or or maybe the holidays are just depressing. And you’re starting to drink a little more heavily. And you thought that you were going to wait to start drinking this heavy around Christmas time but you find yourself in the middle of November. In the middle of November, drinking more and more female or male or like one person a while back said Jimmy, I’m the pillar of the community. I am, I am the pillar of the community. I, my family doesn’t know who I really am. I’m the head of the golf course. But when they leave, I go to my stash and I take my pills. And I drink, you know, he goes not not a lot, Jimmy just, you know, just like two or three beers. But I’m just enhancing the high of the bills. He goes, What do I do? He said, Man, I’m, I’m the pillar of my community. And I am doing all this stuff behind their back. And he said, I’m not a bad guy, Jimmy.

And I’m going, I know you’re not.

I’m not a bad guy, Jimmy. But I’m doing this stuff on the side man. And I’m living. I’m living a lie. I’m living a lie. And I don’t know how long I can live this lie.

I don’t know how longer that I can continue down this road of deception. Because it’s gotten to the point where I’m lying to myself. It’s gotten to the point where I’m living in deception so much is I don’t even know who I am anymore. I don’t know where I lost it. As one other gentleman said, once to his kid when he came up and said, Where did it all go wrong Dad, where did it all in the dad was a homicide detective for 30 years. And he said son with a total emotionless effect. With a total emotionless a fact he said, I guess I just lost it somewhere on the night shift. And just walked away from the sun. So perhaps you’ve lost yourself tonight. Perhaps you you no longer are functioning on a real level with yourself. And you’re living a lie, essentially. And you don’t even know how or where to even remotely begin to get your life back together again, because it’s so chaotic. It’s full of confusion. Well, God said that He’s not the author of confusion. Let me say that again. This may be the most important thing you hear on this live tonight. But God is not the author of confusion. Think about what I just said. So anything that’s chaos in your life right now. I’m talking anything, any bit of chaos in your life right now. God is not the author of confusion God is not the author of confusion. So what we have to do is, is self examine ourselves, we have to internally examine ourselves and say, Where did I go wrong? But maybe you’re so far gone and so far lost that you don’t know where to begin? And that possibly that quiet part, that part when you’re that far down? When you’re that far gone. And at the bottom of the barrel, that statement where they say, you know, the you know, well, there’s no further you can go well, no, there is actually but when we you feel like you can’t go any further down. That’s actually probably the best place that you can ever be in your life. Considering the circumstances to where God can swoop in and pluck you out. Psalms 40 says, I cried out to God he inclined his ear. He heard my cry and He delivered me out of a horrible pit are you crying out tonight? If you’re crying out tonight, to God, or if you’re just crying out right now and you don’t know what to do, I ask you this one thing that you turn your heart towards Jesus, you cry out to God. You crack your heart open this much, and allow God to come in and restore your life. He’s the only thing. Jesus is the only thing in this world that’s ever going to be able to put the pieces back together. John McAfee said he was on a permanent high from drugs. And he said, Jimmy, he goes when I was looking in this mirror, and I think a lot of you’re going to relate to this right now. Not the fact that a permanent higher trip, but a lot of us feel like we’re out of our body. We’re not We’re not living in reality anymore. Because we’re so dang confused like that one guy was, he was so confused because he was living a lie. He didn’t the frustration was that he was living a lie. And he just didn’t know how to get out of it anymore. And he was the pillar of his community, taking these pills on the site. His daughter’s thought he was the best out of the world. But she probably wasn’t the best dad. But But the promise is he was living a lie.

And so the only way to get yourself out of this confusion is actually not to stop doing what you’re doing bad. Because you’re too lost to do that. You’re too confused to do that by now. That’s great if you can, but let’s face it, if this is hitting your heart right now.

You’ve tried all that.

And so God is not the author of confusion. And so you can turn to Jesus right now, right here and say, God, I’m tired of being confused, and I can’t do it anymore. And so if that’s you right now, I’m just gonna pray. I’m gonna pray for you right now. So if you would like to pray with me, I will appreciate you doing that with me right now. And all it takes is for you to crack your heart open a little bit. You may not know Jesus, but he knows you. You may not know God, but He knows you. He knows you better than you. And that’s why you’re so confused. Is because you’re not you. The reason why you’re so dang confused is because you lost is somewhere on the night shift. You lost it somewhere on the night shift. But I’m telling you, you do not have to remain like them. A really good friend of mine call me today and said uh he answered a call and the young man hit, hugged himself. Earlier this morning. A young veteran had hung himself. He said Jimmy, if he could have saw your, your one of your lives if he if he could have watched some of your videos man I wish he could have could have could have could have seen some of your videos. He would have been saved. I said listen. And I was thinking I’d say this I was thinking as I was thinking no The truth is if he would have realized how easy it could be to just turn his heart

towards Jesus and let go of the reins

you’re on a wild horse ride this world if you don’t let go and let God you’re going to use Bernie and crashing like that young young veteran did who probably saw the holidays coming up in just couldn’t take another day day. You know, you show me a guy or girl that kills themselves or, or that is in severe depression. And I’ll show you a life of chaos. Thank you for that ice cream. Thank you, missy. Thank you Kami. Thank you so much for that. I’ll show you.

chaos, confusion.

You show me someone that has issues in this life and I’ll show you a life of chaos. loss, a life of confusion because I lived it. And if you’re tired with me today, if you’re tired of this chaos, in confusion, your life, remember this one thing. God said that He’s not the author of confusion. That means that God has nothing to do with your confusion. He doesn’t want anything to do with it. And he’s telling you right now, I am not doing this to you. But you got to turn your life to me. You got to turn your heart to me right now, right here. You got to turn your life to me. And I promise you that Jesus always answers or he would not be who he says he is. Some people get major help and restoration and the chaos dissipates.

When we pray, when we speak. But others

they turned, but then they decide I gotta do meth again. I gotta do this guy. Listen, don’t throw yourself off a cliff. And ask for God to send His angels to bear you up, lest you dash your foot against the stone. That’s not how it works. God has bountiful mercy in loving kindness. But you cannot put a rope around your head. And hope for the best. So if you’re climbing up on that stool right now

you can be saved.

But it’s going to take you turning your heart towards Jesus right now. And so I just pray right now. Through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Enter the mighty name and the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in his power alone. In only in his name is the power. You’re sure your way to grasp hold of each and every person’s heart in this life. And I asked you to begin to restore instantaneously, right now. People’s lives. By your power, and your power and authority alone, Jesus, Yeshua, in your name alone, Father, I call upon you right now. To do something. In each and every person’s life that’s listening to this live right now. To do something unexpected in their life. Miraculous. To show them father, the power in the grace and mercy is strategic love and compassion that only you can have God. So I ask you to heal each and every person on this slide tonight. Heal their heart, heal their memories. Memories don’t leave. But I’m asking you, Jesus to give every single person that’s live tonight. A new


perspective a new perspective on life. The memories may still be there. But a new perspective of the new life that you want them to live right now. Right here to the power of the Holy Spirit. It only through your spirit alone in Jesus, mighty name you’re sure Yahweh Thank you, father. Thank you, Father. For blessing every single person on this live right now. Everybody You make money on house arrest? Do you need anything, all I need is for you to continually love. Because I love you, right? I appreciate everybody. I love everybody in here. And I really mean that. I don’t think I can always say that in my life, I always had a big heart. And I bet you anything that people on this live, those of you who are hurting the worst in here. Those of you that are hurting the worst in here, have the biggest hearts. I guarantee you there’s people that are going through trials in this life, that are watching that have huge hearts of compassion, and they have dished out tons and tons of love and help. But God nothing in return from this from this world. But I’m telling you right now, tonight’s different tonight is different. Because this prayer works. This prayer has power because of the name of Jesus, Yeshua. And it is fine. It’s it’s final. It’s absolute. Right here right now with you. I love you too.

I was just sitting today to three years probation is a hard not to valley, brother, you start seeking God or sister, you start seeking Jesus. And he is going to show you what to do during this time. You can make them you can make this time this three years of probation, the most advantageous period of growth in your life. Or you could choose that other row man and I pray you don’t. Because it’s hard

because it’s a real heart

I like that. Voltaire says you can’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm. Yeah, but you can come in with the fire of the Holy Spirit. And then ignite the fire that changes this world. And it’s coming through me to you you to me. It it can go through everybody. We could spread this like wildfire. I love you. Everyone says Dad. Love you big. Thanks, missy. You’re so sweet. Starfish. So many hearts. Always love frog.

Mama Bear. Love your frog, man. Your journey has been life changing. Thank you so much Mama Bear. You know, I love you and care about you and I understand your situation. And I understand. I don’t understand a lot of things. But I understand that you’re doing the right thing. Right here right now you’re doing the right thing in your life for your son. And it’s not going unnoticed by the Almighty.

Because he

sees everything. He sees everything. Don’t ever think for one instant that what you’re doing is going unnoticed. There’s something called patience and long suffering. There’s something called being vexed and I’ve been vexed and I’m learning to be patient and long suffered. And it’s a perhaps is a lifelong journey. Though we got each other we can all shine in a dark world. Jimmy I have love for you Cigar Aficionado, says Cigar Aficionado have a special connection with you too. I’ve seen you get in touch to these laws. I’ve seen you man. And I see and I and I pray and I’m hoping for the power of the Holy Ghost on you to change your situation. Sometimes we have situations in our life so painful. It’s so hard that we can tell anybody about it that we can’t talk about it.

It’s too deep. It’s too painful.

Nobody would understand anyways. Maybe you say, Weinstein and

there’s a lot of things that will never understand

or be able to change but Jesus can. Jesus can, in one freaking word. Change your life. He can give you one word in change your life. He can give you one dream tonight, tonight, and change your life. He can give somebody else a dream, and change your life. Tonight This is the truth. We put limitations on God constantly. And we constantly have to break those limitations. And remember that he is I am He said when they came to get Jesus out of the garden to get somebody to crucify him to betray him, they asked, Are you Jesus of Nazareth? He said I am. And they fell back with his power. That is scary. This is the God I know. The Lion of Judah. Do you ever know why my my handle name is mighty warrior? I’m not calling myself but I’m calling you. You have the mighty warrior spirit. And I don’t care what you’re saying right now. You can try to deny it all you won’t. But I’m telling you right now. You have the mighty warrior spirit in you. Now it’s time to wake it up.

It’s time to wake up. Not woke up.

Past Present. Past tense that woke up is past

woke. I’m talking about wake up

in the present. Because this is now the past. Who cares about the past? I lost a lot of money made some gloss again. All kinds of crazy stuff. Hurt been hurt. been betrayed.

Before you know

Satan wants to make you look the exact opposite of who you really are. Saying tries to make you look the enemy makes you look exactly the opposite of who you really are. Perfect patriot. I see you. Perfect. Perfect Patriot says I’m trying. But it’s always the same. Stop trying. Stop trying. Stop trying. Stop trying. If you only stop trying. Stop trying. So hard. I talk to people constantly. That say, Man, you don’t understand bras and don’t ever say it

again. Okay? But seriously,

you don’t understand. You know? I? I scream out every night. You don’t think Jesus God has heard you the very very first time? You called out sincerely. Stop trying. Somebody said start praying. That’s right. But but you have to understand something. If something’s not happening your life the way you want it. That doesn’t mean Jesus is moving in your life. Big time. John Carter, I see you thank you so much. For all those kisses and flowers and hearts and I see those things i i Can’t catch you there from sometimes I know that all y’all are awesome and doing great things. I see it though. I do. Taryn James, God bless you. God doesn’t need elaborate words and rituals. He just wants us to talk to him. You know, it’s very interesting. You said that terror and James. But it’s hard for us to understand this because we cannot seem foolish when we go into a room and but if you could just act like Jesus was in there in the room with you? Because he is when you call Jesus If when you invite Jesus in, it’s like the CEO of the world of the galaxy of the universe walks in the door. Are you going to talk the whole time? Are you going to say Jesus? Thank you for coming here. Thank you for coming here right now. Jesus, do you love me? Would Jesus What would you have to do my life? And then just sit there. Sit there. Stop trying. Stop talking so much coming from a guy that talks probably incessantly all day to himself most of the time. You see that lawyer flag. Every everyone in the courtroom in Rittenhouse case, figure on trigger.

Yeah, Jesus.

Thank you so much. I see there appreciate you. And yeah, you just got to open up your heart and just sit there something we did in operation restore where we they told us to just say Jesus do ask Jesus if he loved you. I’m gonna tell you something that I’m clear had real quick before I leave to they asked us to go out there for one hour. And sit there. We do stuff for all we probably spend hours on tick tock alone. But one hour just sit there out in a in a walled off or your room just in a quiet place. And ask Jesus Jesus, do you love me? So you some of you may that may be offensive like me, because? Because I’m like, why? No, Jesus loves me. But no, really do you?

Have you heard until you ask Jesus, do you love me and then just sit there in silence?

That two to one ratio. You know, you sit there for two minutes there you ask a question. And sit there for two, four minutes, eight minutes. Wait. But a lot of people have all kinds of voices in their head and all kinds of you don’t know if it’s your own voice. That’s when you say Jesus. I asked you to cancel. Always use the name Jesus or Yeshua, Jesus, I asked you to cancel every voice in my head, except for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And sit there. You may have to say it 10 times. But I promise you your hand will become completely clear. And you will hear from God. Hi. Hey, everyone, all my love everybody. I love you. Okay. I appreciate you okay. I’m watching my baby, build his faith, even with his dad tried to take it. I hope it saves his. Listen to me. Remember, plead the blood of Jesus over your life. plead the blood of Jesus over your baby. I promise you ain’t nothing gonna happen after that. This is the truth. Everybody, I love you. Eight. I said a million times. But it’s true. There’s a lot of people. Um, thank you for supporting the touchpoint nation. See, okay. Thank you for that. I see that. I appreciate you. I saw that face. Thank you, everybody. All right. I’ll see you Nick. Big dawg. Mama Bear. Benjamin it’s hard to get off here sometimes man. Read Calvary. Unique. I see you God is great. Always. That’s right. Strong Island. Appreciate you brother. I see Jason. Thank you. Hey, bro. Was that Hey, bro from a pony hut Central New Zealand. Wow, Tony. That’s amazing. Thank you for showing thank you for showing support. Thank you for showing your love here. Thank you for coming aboard. I appreciate all y’all talk soon. Okay. Take care of John Carter. Hope daddy see you cigar Fortunato peace, Jimmy.

I’ll see you green machine. strawberry blonde.

Missy. Thank you perfect patriot love you too. Taryn. James rest easy, bro. Blessings on you spooky. Love you all much respect to you, brother. Spooky thank you for always showing your support man. Hunter see? See all y’all dirty, handsome fool.


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