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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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Welcome, welcome. Welcome. Welcome, everyone. Welcome to tell my story. I got a very interesting, incredible story for you tonight on my little podcast here. I really appreciate everybody for joining especially on YouTube and Tik Tok here. We are going to be streaming this to about five different platforms. But I really appreciate y’all joining firing glory. Great to see you. Raven to six in the house.

I’ve got a great story then tonight. You’re going to love this Raven, two, six, you’re going to actually really like this because this is about

Iraq and Baghdad and everything else. That’s pretty cool, man. That’s awesome. It’s really good to see you. Don’t know who you are. But I love you, man. I’m glad you’re here. Much respect to you. What’s up everybody? What’s going on? Gabriel? I got a great story for you all tonight. It’s about Iraq is for real dude is for real firing glory.

So everybody on YouTube right now, and everybody watching on the different platforms, Spotify, all that stuff? I don’t understand all that. But you’re gonna hear me repeating some things because

I’m actually answering questions that are live streaming on the tick tock are coming up. Jimmy, what’s up? Hey, Brother, what’s going on? touchpoint. Sell big dawg. Great seeing you, man. I’ve been looking forward to your lives, man. I’ve been looking forward to my own loss. And I say that in a humble way. But I just like doing them. I like the feeling I get when they go good. And when people get help and bless bond and get touched, man, hey, what’s up, God bless you, brother. God bless you, Jersey boy, what’s going on love you, too. Hey, I’m just, I’m going to do some greetings. We’re going to do some shout outs. We’re going to do some touch points, shout outs. And then we’re going to get straight into a story I have for you a real story of foreign one. And I think that by the end of it, you may very well have an answer to some of your most difficult problems in life. Because I’m not only going to tell you a story that I’m sure that you will at least find interesting, at minimum find very interesting. I think at the end, you might find some solutions, and then I’ll provide you a cup of war. And if you put them into practice, like everything else touchpoint Lion’s Mane, if you put them into practice, they will not fail you because I don’t do things anymore, that are going to end up failing me because it is a huge waste of time. Sniper 12345679. What’s up my brother? Great to see you. You know Jimmy, Joan, Joan, Jimmy J. Oh, no, I don’t I don’t know that. I don’t think the commander and leader of touch point is here. What’s up? That’s right. Focus. What’s going on everybody? Great to see we’re up to about 100 100 viewers. I guess. I want to start here in a second. Where’s everybody from? I’m about to start a big story. Where’s everybody from Jimmy to Judah. Thank you for that. Did Max find his toenails? I don’t think I don’t think Max. I don’t think I don’t think his toenails are ever coming back. If that’s if that’s what you mean. If they haven’t gone back if they haven’t came back from his entire seal career. If his toenails have not grown back yet, and he’s retired and he’s been retired for quite some time. It’s over man. You could forget you could say goodbye. All the way go to your toes. Okay. Talk about framing. Clifton, New Jersey. Dirty hands and pool man. Love you bro. Big shout out to all the fire department and Clifton Fire Department. You sent me an awesome shirt man. Thank you very much. What are you talking about? I’m telling you right now a thank you for that I did a little bit of groom into my lion’s mane. You know, I’m saying do most seals know each other? While you’re about a phone call away from knowing a seal. Let’s say I don’t know a seal. But you give me his name. And you give me his team he’s claiming to be on or he’s on or maybe he’s on. You give me those two things. Then I can find somebody that I used to know at a team or that I know now at that team, and then they’ll know that person or know somebody so you get a phone call away from actually verifying stuff. Where did you get that shirt? Man? I can’t remember where I got this pretty cool, right? I get a lot of my shirts from thrift store. But the best shirt you could possibly get is right here through my merch store. A touch point nation shirt, pop twisted squeeze touch point, it had a stain on it. Got the flag on the back, check it and then it’s got the flag on the on the side. Hey, if you want to be part of the touchpoint nation, or if you want to support the touchpoint nation, hey, all you got to do is grab your shirt on the touch point link. Okay. I’m about to start this show. Okay, now that shirt adds about 100 pounds of dense muscle. A lot of you may not want that kind of muscle. So don’t buy the shirt. If you don’t want 100 pounds of Allah. What is it alloy? Titanium is what happens. Just get the shirt and you’ll see serious muscles start popping out. It’s strange. It’s the weirdest theatres in my life. I was like a buck 20 The soaking wet. Okay, and I say that very lightly because I was a seal. I hate water. Always look cool, though. When I put this shirt on. We’re talking about 240 now to I’m not 240 I’m like to 20 Whatever you give me I’m joking around.

Come on. Come on out. Man. I wish I could come over and have a Bible study with you. What’s up, brother? Love you. While this person say HC, HC possibly have been called a lot of things. Pine rose to a Whoever said that. Check it out. You you stick to the end of my story. And you’re probably still gonna stay here. You’re probably still gonna say that. And you might even hate me more. But man, I’m telling you, you’re gonna love this story coming out. It’s about the real honey badger. I’m not talking about some little weak Honey Badger thing you see on TV all this green screen Commando. I’m talking about the real honey badger. And I’m talking about in Iraq. This dude, I knew he was an operator. Okay. It’s when I was in Iraq. We’re gonna get into the story your second What’s up my brother? Big fan. Holmes, thank you so much. Tough point. Thank you for saying you love my stories. Appreciate you. You know, I didn’t do well in school. Okay, I dropped out when I was 14. I’m Bible College and I had to clean about 400 toilets a day. That’s 100 toilets. Four times a day. Okay. Ain’t no joke in here. rough times, but it worked out. Everything’s okay. Now. Got some boys and staff things like joke from it. But everything’s okay. Do you regret any of it? I have a lot of regrets. You haven’t lived wife until you have some serious regrets. You know, I’m saying that’s the truth. Here is looking good. Thank you so much for saying that. Okay, let’s see here. What’s up? Here we go. The Argosy you’re gonna get the story tonight, man. I’m telling you, I was taking a shower. And I start busting out laughing No, not at myself. Okay, maybe a little bit. Maybe. But I’m telling you, this is funny. Hairs looking good. Thank you so much. I’m gonna start trying to do more. You know, like stories after my big shout outs. Where’s everybody from? Jimmy? Tell them, not tell them not name their dog touchpoint. Yet, if you check it out. Here’s my worry. If you start naming your dog’s touch point, okay, then, then your dog will get stolen. Because there’s so many people in the universe now that are catching on to this touch point nation thing. People are going to be yelling touch point. And your dog’s gonna run from you. Because that’s his name, right touch point. And then this person’s gonna see your dog and see that your dog answer to touch point, he’s going to think it’s divine, inspired by God Himself. And that God brought him this cute little dog named Tookie aka touch point. And now your dog just got stolen somebody else. God bless, though, I guess. You don’t I’m saying but that’s how it happens. And you know, that’s how it happens. So don’t be named your dog or your child touch point. I’ve had a lot of other people send me videos of their kids and pictures of them going to school with Mohawks lions, mains lines in my mind, all that stuff. Yellow touch point, touch coin. It’s crazy. All right. Okay, are you ready? I think there’s enough people here congregate, congregated to tell this amazing story. Okay, in the SEAL teams in Blackwater in the Marines. Not so much the Marines but in the military. A lot of you know a lot of your awesome veterans, which I thank you for being part of this tonight. But let me tell you something, and I want to give a big shout out to all first responders. Okay. Now, in the seals in the Marines in Blackwater, we have called Signs Okay. Some places are more heavy on them than others. Okay. I was Paul hos I was calling Mr. 12,000, pack abs once. That’s not true, okay, that’s not true. That’s not true. And when I said I was navy seal the year, eight times in a row, unanimously voted that was a lie, because that was my mom who said that, and very far from the real truth. Okay, but that my mom said that though my mom thought I was and that’s really all that matters in life really, is what your mom thinks of you. Anyways. So, Texas tornado, my nickname was in the seals. You know, I’ve heard of hurricane Kate, there’s face. There’s all you know, who told me I smell like french fries one time who says who says I smell like french fries? That’s messed up after you see the gap for two years. You ain’t see somebody for two years. And they say May you smell that

french fries. This is the kind of intellectual conversations we’re having here. So anyways, there’s all kinds of nicknames. hos what else we are. One guy said my name is gonna be chainsaw from now on. It’s like, no, now your name is going to be Twinkletoes. Okay, you can’t really be naming yourself. Okay. It’s like kind of a an urn thing. Well, there was a guy, an operator in Iraq that I knew. And his name was not Jesus. But we called him Jesus. His callsign was Jesus because He had long black kind of straight hair. And would you put up in a ponytail most of time? And then he had a black beard. He had like these crystal clear eyes, okay. He just peered at you. And the reason why we called him Jesus is he looked like the pictures. You see a Jesus in the churches. Okay. So when I say Jesus, I’m actually talking about a guy, an operator whose name was Jesus. Okay. Whose callsign was that? Anyways, he didn’t seem to mind he was really funny. Anyways, so this is the true story about the real honeybadger. Jesus, okay. Probably had the worst luck that you could ever imagine anybody having in Iraq, he was hit multiple times. He wanted to fight so bad. He wanted to be part of the battle. He wanted to be part of the firefight. He wanted to be part of the TIC. He wanted to be part of the war. Okay. But the war did not want to be part of him. But it wanted to leave pieces with him. Because every single time that he went out, he got hit. Okay. I’m talking little shrapnel, bullets, everything okay? When I met Jesus, and when I say Jesus, you know what I’m talking about the operator Jesus. Okay. The call scientists. When I met Jesus, he can you imagine jumping in on this story? When I met Jesus, he had shrapnel over his buddy with a Swiss cheese. It was like what the heck happened? magnanimous peacock. Anyways, when I met Jesus, he had shrapnel over legs. Like he had gauze on his neck. And I think he had gauze on his arm with little blood patches, you know, just just enough mix to wake you up in the morning. Not enough to send you to Germany, and not enough to send you home or anything. But he had shrapnel wounds when I met him. And everybody said, Yo, man, Jesus is one unlucky do every time he goes out, he gets hit by shrapnel or something bad happens a bad injury. I said, dang, man. So I was gonna so I became a team leader of this team, right? Which is anyways, so I decided you know what, this is kind of a dangerous situation because I just heard that Jesus owners got blasted by a rocket Okay, the other day, so I was like, okay, so Jesus in my team now, so I say we’re gonna put Jesus Okay, we’re gonna put him in the in the as a trunk monkey now a trunk monkey. And he wanted to be the target or so bad. But But he had been wounded on another team and it was just a liability. I didn’t want to I didn’t want the my conscious to be guilty of like, this dude named Jesus dying on my on my watch, right? So anyways, he’s begging to go to the tournament said, Geez, man, I’m sorry, brother. You got to be in the trunk monkey position. Okay, you got to be the back of the truck. And that’s just how it is. Well, he’s like, okay, we’re like, okay, still, it’s a very, very dangerous place. We’re still getting into firefights all the time. A lot of time. You still could get blown to smithereens in your truck. Okay, vaporized you get vaporized your body’s made up of water. Yes, you can get vaporized superheat now, we put Jesus back there. You know what could possibly go wrong? A lot of things but not but that’s the least dangerous spot of the team. So Jesus man he just wants to get song you like Myra warrior that just wants to get some in life. Well, he’s got a little bitty porthole, I’m thinking, Okay, well, maybe he gets shot in that porthole if you open it up, but it’s like this little thing. And then there’s that thick Plexiglas window, you know, like windows in his truck that he’s in, and he’s watching eagerly, like, he’s gonna do something. You know what’s going on here? Anyways, we’re going down the road. We get radioed up to me past that Jesus is hit. I said, I know Jesus has been hit a lot of the times. I know that. Why don’t Why don’t wanna hear that right now. They said, No, you’re not saying he’s been hit. I said it’s not possible. Because Jesus was in the back as a trunk monkey, and we haven’t been in a firefight. We just ate Chow. We’re driving through the red zone. And Jesus got hit.

What the Hey, a bullet, man. Yeah, right. Well, come to find out we pull over all the stuff. He’s bleeding through his nose real bad. A sniper round an armor piercing one. A random one that we never saw where came from nothing. pierced through the ceiling of the truck. The skin of the armored skin of the ceiling, ricocheted off a wall and is smack Jesus right in the nose. In bus’s nose up. I was like how does that happen? But Jesus was he done? Was this guy. Was this operator done? No, he’s not done. Neither was the honeybadger on that documentary that kept coming back after that line. You know, that line. He was going after his private parts was terrible. What a demonic little being anyways. So So Jesus is always getting injured. And he knows that man. This is a bad situation because he’s been injured. You know? It’s so he gets back in the vehicles. He’s okay, this time he’s been hit by shrapnel this and this. But this time, I’m like, geez, man, I really don’t want you to go well, because this is really, really a dangerous place in maybe God. It or something is telling you destiny is telling you that, that you need to leave this place. Because every time you go out every time you’re part of this place, something bad happens now get hit by shrapnel. Wasn’t that abnormal? Very, very possible, but multiple times in very strange situations. I don’t know. So there was a very, very, very famous firefight that we that we were all in. Shortly after this event with Jesus getting smashed in the nose by this ricochet very shortly after we get this big firefight. I’m not really thinking about Jesus in the motorcade at the time. I’m up in the turret blasting away. We’re taking heavies. It’s a massive firefight. And when I say massive, I’m talking Star Wars stuff. Like it looked like Star Wars because it was all smoke and fog everywhere. And there was just nothing but tracers going about waist level and you’re sticking your whole almost your whole body out these TR guns, okay, it was the ones with the armor on the side and stuff. And you’re just you’re just duking it out, you’re playing your name tennis, you’re going back and forth. You’re exchanging volleys around every time you reload or your 240 machine gun goes down. Once again, you’re getting shot at real close you can hear the rounds snap at you. Okay, they’re smart and services smart. We’re going back and forth for a long time. I don’t know this happens, but when we get back, okay. And this does not glorify war or anything but this is what happened. Jesus is in the the undercarriage of the truck. The turret gunner gets shot in the head he was okay. But he got shot in the head it like wrapped around his Kebler and but it dropped him like a sack of rocks with Jesus goes to fulfill the duty of a real warrior and fill this guy’s spot that just got dropped got hit in the head. Okay by the AK 47 RPKM RAM. Well, people see him some of the other operators inside see Jesus scramble and try to take the guy’s position. Now anyone else’s would be okay. It very admirable. But Jesus is going to get smoked. I mean, he’s going to get smoked, because I don’t know he’s like blood minute. Well, the guys fighting because these rounds there’s rounds hitting these metal trucks like baby they mean all over the place. It’s crazy. You know, it’s like the Alamo there. Well, Jesus doesn’t prevail, because everybody’s holding back. So he decides instead he’s so tenacious. He’s he wants to get some so bad he wants to get he wants

to be part of the fight for God’s sake. He wants to be part of it. So what does he do?

He opens the side The War of the armored truck, puts his leg out and get stitched up by a PKM. He puts his one leg out of the vehicle and get stitched up. You gotta love the guy for Tryin. You got to love him for going all out. But let me tell you something. Sometimes you want to go all out in life, and you feel like you’re destined. By the way, Jesus was okay, but he had to go off to Germany or to the States. I can’t remember exactly. And I can’t remember how extensive his wounds are. But it’s pretty bad. He just goes off, he has to heal for a long time I seen him actually come back. This dude had tenacity and and much respect and honor to him. What a warrior. What a great, just like the honey badger goes back and attacks the lion after he’s been put in a coma with a slap, you know, after his private parts, by the way, it’s crazy. But what I’m trying to say is, sometimes you’re in a job, you’re in a position in life. I don’t know what’s going on in your life right now. But are you? Are you taking heavies? Like every time you walk out the door? Like, are you in a relationship, or a job, or, or somewhere in life right now, it could be a million different scenarios, and you are just taking heavies. Now, there’s always casualties of war, there’s always things that we cannot prevent. There’s things that we never saw coming. We didn’t have anything to do with it, just blind side of this. I’m not talking about that. But I’m talking Are you intentionally going out in your life into certain scenarios, in taking Headies. But you just keep on coming back like the honey badger. You just keep on coming back. When you know that you shouldn’t have I think I’m talking to so many of you out there right now. You know that you shouldn’t be doing something. I don’t know what that is. I’m not judging you.

I just nobody. I’m not to judge. But you’re doing something right now, or, or every day or every other day, or you’re doing something and you’re taking a hit.

And you keep on taking hits. And eventually, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But the story never ends well. Because if you continue to get hit, something needs to change. Sometimes a complete 180 needs to happen. Sometimes you need to flee in Run for your life, from that situation that you keep on taking shrapnel from you keep on taking bullet

wounds from now on no. You can’t go into a battle. You cannot go into a firefight continuously. And just hope for the best. It’s a numbers game.

You cannot go throughout your whole life. risking everything, or putting yourself in bad situations and expect to be saved out of all of them. You know what I mean? Praise, thank God, I was saved out of a lot of things. But man, it’s a dangerous world out there. And sometimes when we take, if you’re taking enough hits in this life, it’s time to bounce out of there. You feel me. And so a lot of people, a lot of people don’t know how to leave though. A lot of people a lot of this mighty warrior tribe, this touchpoint nation. A lot of people I meet, including myself for many, many years, didn’t know how to leave it. Didn’t know how to turn around, walk away. Because we can’t do it on our own. You see, so it’s very, very difficult. To come out of a situation when you have no idea what to do. It reminds me look throughout the Bible, mighty warriors and men of God and women of God had to go into some kind of retreat or reprieve or actually retreat in their life. David had to hide in a cave. And that’s where he met his mighty warrior man. Did you know that? So that cave actually was a congregating point for the mighty warriors to come together. and make a battle plan and then go off into war after that. They were disgruntled men that came to that cave because they heard David was was held up in there. There’s another place where a cave Samson was hiding. Samson was distressed in his own country, and having to hide in a cave. In his own country men came and betrayed him. But the Spirit of the Lord came upon him like a mighty warrior. And he defeated the Philistines shortly after that. And then there was Elijah, he was in a cave. And he was so distressed he wanted basically God to hid his life and take him out of this world. He was tired of everything. And and God told him to go outside the cave and stand by and watch what happened. And so Elijah walked out in front of the cage, in front of the cave. In a big tornado came by a massive mighty when all this ruckus bear with me, I’m going somewhere with all this chaos in his life, this huge war. And God said, Was I in there? Was I in that went, Elijah was saying, No, you weren’t. And then a big earthquake happened. The whole place was shaking rocks before now. God said, Was I in that? Was I speaking to you through that? Elijah said, No. And then a massive fire rolled through in burned everything up a scary fire. God said, Was I in that? Did I speak to you through that? No. You see, then us tiny, little quiet voice came to Elijah in the cave, in his most darkest moment of his life, where he’s basically wanting to die. God tells him the next step in his life, what he has to do. Would that be wonderful to get the orders from the great commander in your life right now on what to do next in this life? But how in the world are you going to get those orders? If If, like me so many times before I have rely on everything else in my life of chaos, other people telling me their dreams. Not that that’s bad. Not that that can’t happen. And not that that hasn’t happened in the Bible. But other people suggesting things other people telling me things, other people saying I should go do this in my life, this dream or this, but in your heart, you know what to do. It’s that small, quiet, still voice. The commander’s voice that is going to tell you in you alone,

what to do, and when to do it. So if you find yourself in the same place as that operator, that awesome mighty warrior operator, in this in the place that he was in, always going out, wanting to fight, but always getting wounded. All you want to do is go fight the battle with your comrades, whatever that is in your life, the proverbial battles. But every time you go out, you get straight up blasted, you get injured, you get shrapnel, bullets and stuff. Maybe it’s time. And maybe it’s the best thing that ever happened to you. Your life right now is to be inside a cave. You know, this whole house arrest thing has been the best thing that ever could happen to me. Because it’s been one of the only times in my life where I finally was able to get quiet, isolated in here the Lord and requires some discipline. Nothing’s easy in this life, you know that. But in that cave, in that cave that we have in our life, that place that you’re in right now, of isolation, not knowing unknown, not knowing the future, all these different things could be the very best thing in your life that’s ever happened. Because God will in his time, speak to you He will give you the orders. He will give you the next step in your life. He will never leave you or forsake you if you’ve called upon him. If you’ve called upon His Son, Jesus, if you do this, He will not leave you or forsake you. He will not leave you or forsake you, He will give you the command, he’ll give you the orders direct to your dome, this big old DOMA man. That’s exactly what he’s gonna do for you. And it’s not, but it’s not going to be. In the chaos, God is not the author of chaos. So what God was telling Elijah in the cave is he said, I made this tornado. Yes, everything passes through his hands, that chaos in your life, whatever that tornado is, in your life that’s so loud and chaotic. That is not God speaking to you. That is not God pushing you in a direction that is not there. When you see chaos, when you see anxiety, when you see something that just looks great, it smells great. But it gives you anxiety. Something’s not right. That is not God, he is not the author of confusion. So he’s not in the tornado. He’s not in the earthquake. These big loud signs in your face, I just saw this, like, I got to do this, because it’s a sign. No, it’ll be very, very careful. God showed Elijah exactly what he was to do next. In a small, quiet, steel voice in a cave. In probably the most loneliest place you could ever imagine your life, a cave, where it doesn’t seem like anything will ever work out when you’re in a cave. Trust me, I know. That’s what’s up. So keep pushing on, keep moving forward. Keep pressing forward in life. But take a seat. in that cave, that proverbial cave, take time out, to hear his voice to hear that small still voice in your heart. And He will show you what to do sometimes we know what to do. But we just don’t want to do it yet. But we want to complain about what we would have to do. Because we know we have to do it.

You know what I’m saying? What’s up everybody? I cannot tell you how much you have inspired me drug addiction for over four years. And you show me the light. Just a minute.

I can’t tell you how humbling it is. And I appreciate you man. I believe with all my heart that is the reason why. The number one reason why you have been saved is Jesus has had mercy on you. The second reason is for you to use your testimony just by you saying that on this live right now shows other people that there is absolute hope with some random random dude pops up on a live and then some people start coming in with testimonies about how how Jesus has saved them in this big group. That’s powerful. That’s powerful. Keep keep spreading your testimony to people.

Thank you, brother. All my love to you, man. I hope that you’re doing well tonight. I hope that you’re doing good, Justin. I really appreciate your testimony. Thank you. Starfish It’s great seeing you. Jimmy Do you know Sean Ryan from seals and CIA? No, I don’t know Shawn Ryan I actually have a loose Shawn write up a month ago when I first heard about he

looks like a cool dude. Looks like a cool dude. Navy vet stitch Hey, Brother, what’s going on? Just stopped by to tell you to stay free. Jimmy. God bless you, man staying free is the key. Getting freedom is one staying free is another. I was in Blackwater, going through the vetting process in 2004. Yes. What sort of wild stuff was McAfee into May I’m gonna tell you straight up about McAfee. He wants told me

that he did ecstasy with Janice McAfee in Transylvania, Dracula’s castle. All night long. True story. And then he did one of the most epic speeches that he’s ever done. On

the very next day, completely wasted. I’m not glorifying that, but that’s what happened is pretty funny.

I mean, isn’t that crazy? Shooter reverse asthma. Jimmy, what’s up? You bring all the peace my day. Thank you. Read my last comment. I didn’t see your last comment brother asked me again. I see most things though.

Hey, Jimmy, what’s up my man? Hope all is well. Thank you so much. sleep deprived. Still alive. Mom, thank you so much for coming on. Isn’t it be great. You since you got your profile picture. I think you just had a Blank Profile for a long time there. It was going on. He was strawberry. You gotta have you a coffee drinker. Man, I love coffee. I still wanted to bitter stuff. You don’t mean? Thank you for your service. appreciate you saying that. You close your eyes in the shower. No, I stare at the shower. With my eyes just wide open. Just stare at them. Just stare at the showers pounding my eyeballs in. Good to see you brother. Thank you so much. Thank you for your service. God bless you brother. Thank you. Thank you for all those likes every one thing thanks for get yourself a touch point. Sure. Got now got these blacks in steel. Got another 100 Black in and we got the OD green ones. We got the OD green ones. We got the OD green touchpoint shirts. It’s crazy. Sick, right? Navy SEALs do not love water. Who told you that? Who lied to you? Somebody just said Navy SEALs love water. Are you are you safe? Oh my gosh. I love bright my face turns when I when I get crazy like this? I’m guessing nah, I love you, man. I want a green one. Very nice. Yeah, the green ones are nice. The green ones are awesome. Sherry berry what’s up? User 02903334446490210 P says I’m joining the army much respect to you for joining the army. Much respect everybody in here. Where is everybody from? Ask me anything. What’s up? How tough was buds for you? And how tough was buds for you? Face rose hearts. Everybody. Thank you for capital. Just getting back. How tough was buds for you? And what helped you get through?

Um, it was easy, man. It was a joke. It was so easy. I can tell you man. Nothing. I do it again.

Puff, puff, give man it was terrible brother. It’s terrible. You know, first of all, you’re seeing classmates that you thought for sure would be there at the end of this thing. You’re seeing them quit. And and it’s scary. Because you’re holding on. You’re not quitting. But then you’ll go through a big slump and something will happen. And your little mind will start playing tricks on you saying, Jimmy, just get a cup of coffee. Just go to sleep. Go to sleep for a long time forever into a coma. And you’re like, Man, that sounds pretty good. Oh, snap out of it. You know, you’re running miles and miles and he can’t you cannot stop.

You run the entire time. You’re at Budds it’s about eight months. Just that part. Okay, don’t be fooled. Don’t be fooled.

Don’t be read the Internet thing in six months. Like you’re gonna Yeah, right. You don’t even get your little skivvies when your stamp on it in six months. You’re running miles and miles. You can’t stop ever. You have severe chafing, the pull up bars have blood all over him. And medical tape. He had to put Vaseline petroleum jelly all over your legs all the time. It’s very, very hard. But there was only two times where I really really thought about quitting. And then I broke through that. Other times I just was like, Man, why am I doing this? You’re always questioning why are you doing something you know what I mean? That’s why you have to have a real resolve when you go in and what helped you get through well you know the night before Hell Week, the night before Hell Week of buds you know we make our last call to our family like I hope by, I hope I can call you in hope I call you in five days or six days or seven days with good news and not in two days and that I quit. Because Hell Week is atrocious. The classes dwindled down to about 100 guys at that point from 250. And then by the end of the week, you may have 20 days out of that 100. So when the night before, I called my dad and I said, Dad, I said, I’m going down to the river and pick it out three smooth stones. And he said, Son, did you quit? Are you drunk? Like what? Like, what the heck are you talking about? And I was referencing David and Goliath story. I was referencing I always love that story. You’ve all heard it, probably. I was referencing the part where David, a nobody that had nothing that didn’t have the physical ability that didn’t have the mental aptitude has the only kohona has the only real heart. God’s looking for heart. He’s looking for a mighty warrior heart. He’s the only one that would fight that giant. And so it said he went down. It said that King Saul tried to give David his armor, his own armor. And David put his armor on and it just didn’t fit him. That wasn’t David. That wouldn’t be David. David couldn’t be him. They they couldn’t be himself anymore. Is somebody out there trying to make you be somebody that you’re really not? Who are you really? Who are you really? Well, David knew that although the armor appeared to be great in look in pride play look like it would help him out and keep him safe. It actually was going to be his crutch, it actually was going to be his Achilles heel. It actually was going to kill him. Somebody else’s armor was going to kill David. So David said, Matt, I’m sorry, man. He had the courage that took courage. It takes courage before it takes courage to go kill a giant. But it’s just courage in the small little things. And so David he moseys on down to the, to the, to the riverbed, and he picks out three smooth stones. Because he knows if he can get a smooth, aerodynamic stone, whatever that means. One that’ll cut through the air real fast through a slingshot, then he may very well have a chance in taking out this giant. And one of the last things he said he said, I killed it.

I killed a lion. And I killed a bear. This will be no different. Sometimes Jimmy has to paraphrase things. But this will be no different.

So that’s what I told my dad the night before Hell Week, right when they were about to do hell we break out.

This was going to be the most significant moment in my life. That either would make me fulfill a destiny feel fulfilled. Something that I had worked so hard just to get to Hell Week, just to get the hell

week was a freaking nightmare. So just to get there. I had to go down to the stream and pick out those stones. And that’s what it’s going to take for you. To make it through this is the courage that the Almighty God puts in your spirit, the mighty warrior spirit, courage of courage. It’s going to take a combination of that and then you realize that you have that and then you realize that you are not going to be able to do this. You are not going to be able to take out this giant, you are not going to be able to do this obstacle course with a torn bicep like me, you’re not going to be able to do this run 14 miles with a broken ankle with gear on or with a fractured one healing. You’re not going to do it unless you have the mighty warrior spirit

of God behind you the courage to do it. Even when it looks impossible. And the third thing that’s going to take is is going to

take being you. You will not get it through it with somebody else’s armor on. In fact, somebody else’s armor, the way they do things might be the very thing that destroys you in this life.

Taking on somebody else’s body armor, it may look good, it may feel good, it may smell good,

but didn’t you one of the biggest words of encouragement and knowledge that I got when I got back from Operation restored lawyer was to be you. Be you. God can do a lot with with you if you if you decide to

to be you. That’s what got me through. And yes, Hell Week was hell. But at the end of the day, when the sun finally came out, which it will for you too, if you’re going through something terrible.

And I can’t imagine what some of you are going through. I’ve been through some bad stuff, but But I hear things sometimes. And I I literally cannot imagine what you’re going through. I can’t But God’s grace will get you through. Me and my dad were talking the other night. How when my little brother died, when we found out he died. He had died in my mom’s bed underneath her comforter. He had been decaying for six or seven days a week or so. Died on Easter. The last thing that I ever heard from him his last words were Jimmy. He was my little brother. The last words he ever said to me.

Were Jimmy. I’m just trying life. Happy Easter the lesson I learned from this I had to clean up my mom’s house in her bedroom in that smell. And it was God’s grace that gave me supercharged energy to it really didn’t faze me. But But I look back and I don’t know how I did it. I don’t know how I got through that.

But I’m telling you right now, if you got anything out of this whole thing right here is you better never catch yourself saying these last these words right here. You better never catch yourself saying, I’m just trying life. Because this life will eat you alive. This life will chew you up and spit you out to the wolves. If you start to say, in your heart, in your mind. I’m just trying life out. Like I’m just trying life out like a like a shirt, like a T shirt. I’m gonna try it on. I’m gonna see how it fits. Don’t be deceived. There ain’t no trying. If you just go into this life with that kind of attitude, and not the mighty warrior spirit attitude. You can get knocked down in steamrolled 1000 times like I have it but if you just get up. Just get up, just stand up. And just be like, what? touchpoint touch point. That’s why I love seeing the touch point. I don’t care what my lawyer says I don’t care what these people say. I don’t care what this person is a yo touch point. Because that’s all we got some times it’s touch point. Some people say what does that mean? I don’t know. What does it mean to you? What it means to me is ChargePoint it means reset

stand back up, get back up, beat your chest and go at it again. This life, I promise you that this life will get sick and tired of you.

Getting back up. I’m telling you, for every single major successful person in this world that persevere through everything. It’s Teddy Roosevelt said, it’s not the man. It’s the man who gets up time and time and time again, I’m talking about women and men, whoever you are. It’s people who get up every single time, it doesn’t matter what happens next. Don’t be full, it doesn’t matter what happens next. All the matters is that you stand back up this is coming from someone. If I ever said anything true, if I ever said anything that would that that I want you to take part of it this is I know what I’m talking about when I mean don’t give up. I know what I’m talking about what I mean stand back up.

But don’t ever say that you’re going to just try this life

because that’s weeks off. Because this world is too hard. This world will eat you up. You can’t just be trying life. That’s That’s God’s job. That’s Jesus’s job anyways. Give it over to him. All that’s required of you is to get back up. Have your pity party, you know, slap, you know, do the funky chicken on the ground for a little bit between the toilet, dry heave a couple terms. Stand up, laugh at yourself, let the tears fall out everywhere. Slap yourself around a little bit. Wipe yourself off. Take a big deep breath. And then walk out of that bathroom. That could G and say Judge boy because that’s all you got eventually, life is gonna get sick and tired of you in laughs gonna put you in the Hall of Fame. Life we’ll put you in the hallway life is gonna get sick and tired of you. And it’s going to leave you alone. Life don’t want no part of somebody who continues to mock them, who continues to stand back up. It spit in the face of life and say, Man, do your words for I’m going to do mine. I’m going to do my words to you. I’m going to impose my will upon you now and see what happens. And you’re going to blast through you blast through any obstacles. I found an email the other day where I had email my sister and it said I have a torn bicep I don’t know how I’m gonna pass this mile long course or course obstacle course. I don’t know how considering the entire obstacle course is timed and I’m talking the biggest obstacle course on steroids that you’ve ever seen in your life that you could literally break your neck and become a sandbar they call it guys hold down and break their neck paralyzed. I’m telling you which requires all your floor grip all your grip and your hands your arms I’m not bragging about myself I’m just telling you that that day I chose not to try it life out because I had every excuse in this world to say it trust me guys do this. Oh tore bicep gotta quit sorry I gotta go guys no more wet and Sandy no more misery and I figured I would just look like a fool in fall off at our school rather than go ring the bell

God’s grace got me through. I somehow made it through. I saw that email the other day I forgot about it.

Crazy and it’s true just before victory is the most hardest times often. So if you’re going through a hard time right now, maybe you’re just joining this live. I don’t know you I don’t know your situation. Maybe you don’t know me. Maybe you haven’t seen my page. Listen to me. I know what I’m talking about. Keep going, keep moving forward. Keep going no matter what. Look at this lighthouse. Jesus told me I was gonna be a lighthouse to his people. That’s what I tried to do to the best that I can. Even when I feel like I can’t go on anymore. Because I get real. You know, you get tired. You get you get you you gotta keep going. You cannot just try life. Kimmy. Thank you so much, Kimmy for all that. Thank you so much. I see all your gifts in your hearts. And

I really appreciate you that was one question. Sorry. It took about 30 minutes. What was your SAPIS? hard drugs to Jesus is real. Jimmy. You dang right. It is as awesome Max. I love you. Mama Bear. Great to see you. Thank you so much. Big finished. Big fish. I see no big fish.

A pair of free sunglasses. Because I like him. He says so meth heads must have stolen. I said man. Are you implying that I didn’t send you big fish? I mean, I wouldn’t blame him for stealing them because they’re cool with a cave. But he finally go. And he likes it. That was funny. That was funny. New Brunswick, Canada. What’s up? Sniper 123469 said you scared? What am I scared of man? What’s going on? Why are you throwing tomatoes? By coming out? You always real nice to me. Come on. Do you have cash yet? No, I don’t have cash app. But I have a I think it’s at free. Jimmy actually, um, if you want to donate to my lawyer filmin my lawyer fees. I owe 50 gram. I have a Venmo and I really appreciate everybody that’s been donating. I really appreciate that. You don’t you don’t realize how much I appreciate you. I do have a demo through my merch link. You can go through my merch link underneath my profile pics. And I have a demo there. I think it’s free Jimmy at free. Jimmy YEAH, it’s right there on my mercy. Or you can buy yourself some T shirts, sunglasses or 50% off touchpoint hey, if anybody has tactical questions or a question you think I’d be fun with you know how I do these these videos. I got the q&a back up. I don’t know things happen on my tick tock weird I just wake up one day the q&a. The q&a is gone. The net you know, a month goes by and the q&a pops up again. I’m like what the heck. So that’s back up if you want to ask a crazy question. You’d be surprised the questions I answer. But thank you for asking if I have a Cash App, I have a Venmo I appreciate you. appreciate all your support. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for grabbing yourself up we got the OD green shirts in those things are cool. I appreciate your support the touch point nation. A lot more videos gonna be coming out. West Virginia Betty what’s up? I’m gonna start putting this on my computer. Georgia Go Braves Go Dogs Arizona touch point. Everybody, I love you tonight. I appreciate you. We love your 30 Minute answers. Thank you sometimes I go on a tangent you know? Yeah, you could just go to my bio, you can just go to that merch link. And all my stuff is there all the merchandise there. All the OD green shirts there. Everything’s there. I appreciate everybody getting to share it. I really appreciate everybody user. appreciate any any donation, any gives anything. Your love is all that’s required. Love your words of encouragement. Thank you. Big Daddy. Thank you big day. Appreciate you Hey, cost of everything 50% off the sunglasses, the cost of everything just just go to my merch link, and you can see pictures there all kinds of pictures touchpoint shirts. These shirts are like having the most masculine blankie that you’ve ever had in your life. You no longer have to search for that. Oh, Binky. Okay, you can wear a touch point shirt now. It has like 100 pounds of dense muscle. I don’t know. You know, you got me right. And pretty nice. They really are. There’s something about the mix. I’ve watched them like 20,000 times and they still remain the same size. They’re good. We got 2x Now I think we have black left. We have the very first OD green one somebody told me Do you get some od Greenlands and that’s chargepoints stuff and I’m like what’s up? If it looks cool. These had to pass a rigorous test. If they don’t look cool on you. I doing it this one had a little spot on it shining where it’s not or I want to work

for you. Jimbo Balboa what’s up? Greg foster It’s great seeing you yes see Big Daddy said yes added 25 pounds of spare

tire to me users experience may vary. You know, you know, man, I hear you man. I hear you. It’s during the holiday seasons. Mama Bear Don’t you think you’re signing out without our closing prayer? Don’t you worry about that. We’re gonna do a closing prayer. The shirts had your neck muscles is Whoa, man they used to call me no neck Jimmy THAT’S TRUE. Jimmy any be any more videos of you coming out a little pool? You know what I’ll do? I’ll try to do a little pool one really soon. You know, just as long as I don’t have to put water in it. I mean, I felt like I was going way out on a limb just putting the water in that in a kiddie pool. The one time I did it. Make it Monday. Those are funny how those pull videos I got to do more or less. I got to do the I got to bring back the old school mask. Super far brother. What’s up? Hope everybody had a good week and decent week. I hope the rest of your week goes peaceful. I’ll be doing more lives as you know.

Jimmy did you have to decompress? Yeah, sometimes, you know, I put a lot of energy in this stuff. I have a lot of energy. I’m also doing a book with an international bestseller. It takes a lot out of me. You know, you know when you’re rehashing memories, when you’re rehashing stuff like this. I do it not to rehash the past and feel bad about myself. But I really feel that there’s major lessons I would be a fool I would be an idiot not to share with you my experiences and hopefully prevent you just on a logic level to prevent you from from going through some of it on a spiritual level. That testimony with the Word of God with the bloody lamb Jesus that died on the cross he that testimony itself, how he saved me how he restored me how he made my ears bright red now for some reason since then, how he did that, okay. Is epic, and that’s why I share that stuff. But that stuff can take take a toll on you sometimes, okay, sometimes you just got to go around the hill or up on the mountain just to relax. But I still put out videos you know, and I still put out a lot of input. Still doing a lot of calls and stuff like that. Still doing the call is you know Jimmy pray for my father in law. He’s about to pass beyond the veil into glory. Wow. Real quick if anybody has one or two words, a prayer request, I’ll write them down real quick. I’m going to pray for your father in law. Who’s in this transition to the glory man into heaven? You you well said my friend, well said. We’re going to pray for that. Anybody needs some prayer? I know I always need prayer. Thank you for praying for me appreciate you praying for me. strawberry blonde says my son, your son’s allergies must be pretty bad. Pray for our country. You know, my dad always said that war two of these wars were not necessarily won by the Warriors over there. But by the little grandmas in the prayer clauses the war the War Room, you know the prayer rooms I really believe that you know, our nation has been saved along with Canada and England everything else

with a lot of prayer through a lot of prayer he said seven model we’re gonna pray for you too, brother. I will pray for everybody here.

Church is real confusing. Religion makes everything confusing. Man, I have new twins. I have new twin babies in the in the was at the NICU. Just going day by day. Please pray. Father, wait. We’re gonna pray tonight. Big time. We’re going to pray for your twins, my friend. The prayers for everyone prayers for you touch point. Do just pray for a difference for me. Please, I will. I’m going to pray for strength and endurance for you, my friend. Big Daddy, appreciate you saying that. I really do coming from you. I really respect you, man. You’re awesome. Nick, what’s up? Brother? Max? How are you doing? Brother Jimmy, you’re always in our prayers, Nick. Nick is a lighthouse to his people, God’s people, Hey, we don’t need to write them all down. But I just want to let you know if you’re just joining us right now. Or whoever you are out there that we’re going to pray right now. We’re going to ask the Holy Spirit to come in and do something for those twin babies. For everybody in here that I cannot do that no doctor can do not do that no pill can do that no surgery can do. It’s Jesus’s name. In his name alone, that can come in and restore your heart. He makes a way where there’s no way he heals the brokenhearted. He heals the children of this world. And he can do it tonight. 508 No problem. 508 Tagi. Let’s pray right now, everybody. Jesus, I thank you right now I come before you

and asked you to come into this live session. I thank You, Father for making a way where there’s no way. I thank you for your full restoration. In your mighty warrior spirit, the Holy Spirit to come into this live right now.

And feel each and every person up with the courage that they need today. With the lifeblood that they need today. With the energy that they need today, I asked you, Father, to blanket each and every person on this live right now with your peace. A blanket of anxiety free peace. I pray for peace. Just like you steal the waters just like you calm the storm with one word Jesus. I declare peace tonight. For every single person in this live, I asked you to come down and restore each and every person’s heart tonight. I asked you to give them the endurance and the strength that only you can provide. I asked you to speak to each and every person tonight as they lay down right now where they are. I asked you Jesus to meet each in every person right where they are. Right where they stand right where they sit right here. Tonight. I asked you father to perform a miracle in this person’s life that has the two twin babies in the ICU. Father you brought them into this world and now I asked you to make them whole and healthy and cured. I ask you, Lord, to do this miracle. I asked you to heal these children. I asked you to heal each and every person’s heart. I asked you to heal strawberry blondes. Child, her son of his allergies, all of his allergies mosquito. We know that your perfect will is for us to be healthy. And so I asked for your perfect wheel to be done. And strawberry blondes life in her life in her son’s life. In every single person’s life in here. I pray for a special piece to come over Big Daddy right now. I pray for a special piece to come into his house and into his life into his heart, Lord, and show him where you have been all along. I ask you to bless Nick and his family right now. I thank you, that you bless Max. Thank You that You give Mama Bear peace. The peace that surpasses all understanding tonight, Holy Spirit. I thank you for linebacker tackling each and every person’s heart right now. With your spirit in making every single person whole right now. Father, we praise You. we humble ourselves before you. We ask you to come into this situation and do what no one else could have ever done. I ask you to step into the homes of each person right now wherever they are, step into their workplace, step into their life, step into their life like you have never been before. I asked you to rescue to absolutely rescue each person that is crying out to you right now. From the bottom of their heart. I asked you to rescue them father, I asked you to step in and heal the brokenhearted and make a way where there is no way someone tonight said that I didn’t have to write it down to his prayer request. And he is absolutely right, that I do not have to write it down because you have already written down every single need and purpose in destiny of each and every person in this place. I thank you that you cut through any confusion. And I bind it all in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And I proclaim healing and I declare a special anointing of peace. In an anxiety free night for the rest of this night and the rest of these people’s lives. I thank you for destinies to make to reveal themselves. I pray that you would place special words in each person’s mind, body and spirit tonight healing and peace. And I pray all this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen. Amen. Amen. And I pray for our country. I pray for our country right now is desperate time of need Lord, to please turn around this situation for the good. Only you can turn a situation like this around and the name of Jesus. I

thank you, Father. Thank you, everybody. Hey, keep on trusting on God. No matter what the circumstances no matter what happens. There are times in my life where I have wanted to fall flat down on my face. And there has been many times where I actually did. He sees each and every one of you exactly where you are. Jesus will meet you where you are. I’ve seen it with my own eyes

I love each and every one of you. Thank you touchpoint nation. All you mighty warriors out there. Love all y’all and I’ll talk to you real soon. See you. See you tomorrow.


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