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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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Welcome, welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Fox I see you, agent. What’s going on? User 672. Bob, Greg. Some of these names are to our boy. Oh boy boy, coach. Lance Marine. Did you got to see that Baylor game?

Wow. Did anyone see that Baylor game against Oklahoma? That was crazy. I knew Texas is gonna win. Texas always wins, right? Not always. What’s up user 75667678555 analysis? Six, seven. Donald what’s going on Collins Lin. Where’s everybody from? Todd Coyne. What’s up everybody? Scott Trent. John Hogan? What is going on everybody? Thank you for joining everybody. Appreciate you. What are y’all doing on Saturday night? What’s everybody doing? What’s up, baby? Tuck point. How’re you doing today, buddy? I’m doing very, very well. This mic is not on by the way. You know, it’s not on come on now. Retired Gunny. Ooh, rah, Gunny. What’s going on gunnery sergeant? Taking care of kids. What does touchpoint mean? Hey, coming up in this touchpoint nation, this would have means It means you’re basically what touchpoint is, is we’re making it a big thing. Okay. I went to the airport. The judge let me out for two days, like a lion came out of house arrest. I like to consider myself a lion rather than a monkey. Which I’m not resemble monkey a little better. He let me out on house arrest for two days. I thought this touchpoint thing was like famous. So I started yelling touchpoint touch point. And people started looking at me like I was crazy. One person who said Man, if your your touch point of the airport, I would slam on the deck. I would jump on the deck. Hey, check out my videos, you’ll find out what touch point is. Basically touch point is something. It’s something interesting in huge in your life for each individual, but it’s different for every person. Now in the seals, your touch point was your secondary. I’m telling you your primary goes down. Swag Swag, swag, trap music, trap music trap music thud you drop land hang immediately you go to your touch point. It’s your emergency in life. Now my touch point is Jesus. But you got to find your touch point in this life. But a lot of times your touch point can be Hey, I can’t get out of bed. I can’t get I can’t get out of bed this morning. You got to jump out. Hey, horse, what’s going on? How’s it going, brother? It’s the power to keep moving forward. That’s it. Thank you for summarizing that. Thank you. That’s the That’s our new mission statement. I’m writing that down. Is the power to keep moving forward. You got to keep moving forward. Thank you for those likes. Us. I really appreciate you. The other night. I was like, Man, I’m getting all kinds of likes. I got off this thing. I got off this life. I go upstairs. I’m at my mom’s house on house arrest. I’m 40 years old. Okay, just one little piece of quiet. Just kidding. Well, I walk upstairs. My mom goes I was watching your life and I was doing the like button the whole time. I said mom I said you can’t be doing that. Because then I’m gonna feel fake. That’s a fake stuff like there. That was funny. Shit. My mom was pushing the like button the whole time. Thanks, Mom. I appreciate that big daddy. What’s up? Touch point? Find an excuse to win a I’ll tell you what. That’s what it is. When I got this ankle brace it. It was like life was over it. My dad always used to tell me Hey, son, God works everything out for the good for those who love the Lord. And I was like, Yeah, but this time, it’s different. I got our two d two. Bear hugging my right ankle right now has like 27 commands. Take a urinalysis. You’re 40 years old. You don’t know what your future is. You’re at your mom’s house. Why do you keep Get in and out of that kiddie pool. You can’t wrap $100 Bill around a bunch of ones anymore. Come on, man. What’s up? You’re facing serious prison time. Jimmy, and then finally one day. And this is what touchpoint really means. This pin one day. Finally, one day I looked down at my ankle braces this thing over here or two D Do you know like see three view. And I looked down and I said

you better shut your mouth when you’re talking to me. And by the way, I’m going to touch point you out of your son. Touch one. And that’s what touch point is. From that day for Mr. Art to teach you behaves because he knows if he gets out of line, I am going to dunk him in the water. That’s right. I will take a bath in the name of ruin him. If he keeps on back talking me and that’s what you got to do in life. And by the way, if you don’t know me It seals hate the water. Okay, we really do now for round people a dog and pony show. It was like yay, so cool. They’re so amazing. It will get out of the water. We’re like, what’s up, man? What’s up? That was great. Okay, okay. When everybody turns her back, we’re like, that was terrible, man. How many times I gotta get this water man. What the heck happened on my toenails? Where are my toenails? Cuz your toenails are going to fall off? If you’re a Navy SEAL. They might come back. Thank God there was a seal. Thank God there was a seal on here the other day who sweets inheritance but what’s up dog? So there was a seal on here when I was talking about the toenails coming out. And his name is Max. I love Max. I hope he’s on right now. I didn’t see you Sorry. And Max was like, Yo, bro. My todo stilling come back. I was like I know. Thank you. Thank you for backing me up. Big Daddy. Where’s my toenails? Jimmy? Did you get vaccinated? Look, the last thing that I really care about is getting vaccinated. Whether I did or I did not. After you’ve been in the Federal Penitentiary in solitary, those little bitty issues in life.

They go away real quick. I think Americans have too much free time on their hands.

It’s your constitutional right to not get it. And it’s your choice or decision to get it. Once you go to solitary confinement in a text Federal Prison surgery, you don’t really think about those little bitty things in life. You enjoy the sun, for instance. What’s good big time what’s going on brother? All my love to you today. So what’s up with prison? What do you mean? What’s up with prison? It’s terrible. At x, what causes you to lose your toenails? If you it’s basically if you’re if your feet stay wet all the time. You know they’re they’re wrinkly all the time. Imagine putting your your feet in a bathtub for like a week straight, your toenails would fall off eventually. I think it’s the combination of running in operating in, in jungle boots. And in being wet all the time. It’s not jungle rot. It’s not all these other things swapped the it is some of that but basically, your toes go numb for years. Mine eventually came back to feeling but man you’re you’re it’s difficult. You know what I mean? It’s really miserable. Yeah, Angela said, Oh my God, that would be miserable. It it really is, you know, um, don’t you know some some? Some guys they reach out to me and they say Jimmy i i dropped out of buds I dropped out of basic underwater demolition school. I feel like a loser. A couple of them say that. It’s probably the best thing they ever did. But there’s a lot of regrets. You know. Thank you very much for that. I appreciate that magnanimous frog, man. Wow. And a lot of them have regrets and stuff for quitting buds. But I often say hey, man, first of all, I I respect someone who goes to that training and and then fails or quits way more than someone who talks about going on their life but doesn’t go. I still don’t disrespect him for that. I just think that’s quite a hero in my book just to go for it. And there should never be any regrets. Because once you realize that the reason why you’re going through Navy SEAL training, the reason why you’re going through the hardest training in the world is not so your mommy and daddy hug you and say good job, not so that you can walk around and say you’re a seal all this stuff, you will not so you’ll not all these different things. Why? Let’s face it, you’re why? I was thinking what was my why it was because, you know, I wanted to help people I want to sit No, really. It was insecurity. Why else would you go to the world’s hardest? Training the world’s absolutely hardest vetting process selection course. It lasts for two years. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says or you can do six months a year, right? You don’t even get your boots issued to you. By the end. It’s just a long process. They call it the finishing school. You know, and a lot of guys quit because they realize that this is what it’s going to be like in the SEAL teams. It is going to be absolutely miserable. And that’s why you’re going through it is to see if you can survive on the regular SEAL teams. And that’s the whole reason for the vetting and training and it really never ends

you have house resume gap. No, I’m not off house Rez yet. Someday, you know, I’m going to be off how to read someday. Somebody says Delta Force in all caps. Okay. Good. That’s a good group of operators right there. It’s called. It’s not called Delta Force anymore. I think Chuck Norris called it that once. Back in the 1980s. It’s called CAG. Glock or SIG. Oh, man that I think they’re both really really really good weapons. Glock. It’s a little clunky. And they’ve got the bigger ones. You know, you don’t want to go with a big ol monster sized Glock you know, but I would say actually Glock for accuracy. Safer dependability, but glogg man that thing’s gonna fire no matter what really to there. It’s it’s all you know, it’s all in you really? On that one.

You’re the best take talker. I read that one. Glock 19. What’s the first thing? Okay. Hey, man, I’m so glad you’re on live. I’ve been waiting. Yeah, man. You know, I’ve been doing them every once in a while. Sometimes I ain’t though. I’ve been trying to set it up on my computer here. You know? So I don’t have to read these. There’ll be things Iowa or Michigan neither. My gosh. Help me lord. Touch pony. Who? Who said that? Touch pointing towards pony. Come on. You’re gonna be in the movies. Jimmy. You know what I think I already am. Didn’t you put on? That’s a touch point. Can you become a seal with bad eyesight like very bad? Man. Let me tell you some. There. There are very, there are going to be a tremendous amount of obstacles in your life when it comes to following your dream. And I know that sounds a little motivator talk is I hate doing that stuff. I hate being like that. You can’t do it. Because sometimes you can’t. Like I went to pre med school and failed miserably. Because and I tried hard. I studied like 12 hours a day, got tutors and everything and it was terror. And so you really just can’t do anything in the world. That’s ridiculous. If you want to be an astronaut bad enough, you can do it. No, not really. Not necessarily. You might could it that’s it. But if that’s what God put your heart if it’s burning in your heart to do it, I promise you if there’s something burning in your heart, don’t question it. You can do it. God put it in there for you. Who else? Did it you guys have h&k Heckler cog on the on the teams very, very dependable. MP 40s very dependable. We just don’t use them anymore. Because we do visit board search and seizure Gasol platforms, all that stuff. But um, there’s nothing that the infor can’t do anymore. The 416 all these things. It’s just something that we phased out doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome weapon. It actually is really expensive too. But let’s have a mean. So there’s all kinds of obstacles One of them being eyesight. Going back to your question, dude, listen up, man, check it out, bro. I had I had 2400 vision 2400 Vision that’s really, really bad. And really, really sad. If you’re a guy little bitty guy like me back in the day want to be a seal so bad because I just inherently knew even as a real small kid when my parents found that I was blind as bad that that was that that was a deal killer. Keep in mind this was early 80s when there wasn’t really that kind of surgery going on. I should have said didn’t know about that my parents didn’t know about that. And it was kind of archaic at the time. Like are they’re like using a chainsaw or whatever, you know, so I can remember crying in the in the in the in the taking a shot while I was taking a shower as a little kid. I still cry when I have to take a shower. Y’all know that I hate water. But I was crying as a little kid and I remember you know going to my knees in the bathtub and just crying in pray and like God, because I knew about God or something and asking him to maybe heal my site, heal my eyes. But I felt like it was impossible but I heard Bible stories. I heard a Bible story about Bartimaeus who who yelled out to Jesus and said you know Jesus as he’s walking by everybody says shut your mouth bro this is some Jimmy is a paraphrase paraphrasing This is shut up. And it says he yelled all the more louder is sometimes you gotta yell all the more louder to get God’s attention

to get his attention and you got to ask boldly. So I wore these big old These are modern day snake oh, by the way. Our big old glasses a school I take all my, my glasses. I just went blind. It was like fuzziness.

But one day I would do the Marines first and everything because I didn’t have what it took to be a seal. I had to mature physically, mentally, everything spiritually. One day I go. And I hear about this new surgery they have this this guy in Dallas that can fix your eyesight. Oh man, that was a good day went from seeing 20 402 to 2015. And then eventually was 2020 again. They said mate, you see like an eagle now? So to answer your question, you can absolutely get a waiver. You need to go get the surgery for your eyesight. And then you need to get a waiver. And that’s just another obstacle that you’re going to have to clear. Another problem that I had when I was a kid, I couldn’t hear very well on my left ear. Of my left, my left you station tube was narrowed and closed off. And I remember the local doctor in Mill in the mill shoe town that I was in said, Son, you got to the narrowing of the Eustachian tube, it’s almost closed and I couldn’t clear my nose. Something that you’re going to have to do 1000s of times and the seals, guys get so good at clearing their their ears. They just go like that. You won’t see again, how about again. And so I looked at the doctor I was little little kid. And I said Doctor. I said I want to be a Navy SEAL. He said, Son, you better strap that out of your head because you can’t even clear your ear that’s not

possible Do you know how many times I’ve been told it’s not possible. Do you know how many times that I have been told that it’s not possible?

A kid reached out to me a while back a couple years ago this guy was in bad shape and he said You wanted to be a seal so you want to be a seal and from the looks that even if you saw him, you say no way in your head. But instead of turning my back on him and saying No way. My only reaction was when do you want to meet me at the gym so I can see where you’re at. So I can see where your times are to go to SEAL training. He said, You’re you’re gonna help me I said you dang right? If somebody asked me man, were you helping him? You know he ain’t gonna go you know he’s not going to be SEO you do. You’re wasting your time. He didn’t even do one pull up. I said shut your mouth, bro. For a smack it off your face. I’m sorry. This was the old me this man is dead. The Texas tornado is gone. But I said shut up before I smack your mouth off your face. I said that was me. If I can do it this kid has every chance to Yes, it’s gonna be hard. But the ones who really don’t make it through SEAL training are the ones that had everything given to them in life in their the All Stars the All Stars cry in quit. I’ve heard I’ve heard really, really in shape. Good athletes say, Man, I worried about quitting. Now I think in my head, you’re done. You’re gonna quit the first day or so. Time in buds time in Navy SEAL training is calculated by evolutions and minutes on the clock. So let’s say for instance, I quit Budds okay. And then another guy has quit. And he goes Yo, bro, why did you quit? I’d say like, day three. Day three, evolution two or day three hour to that. That’s how you that’s how you count time there. And that’s pretty good. Actually. Making it a couple of days of buds is not bad. That’s not bad, actually. So don’t tell me if you’ve lost something in your heart that you can’t do it. I had another kid the other day while back months ago on house arrest it doesn’t matter days years, whatever. Get Christmas is this month, give or take a couple months, whatever. He said, Man, I don’t have a GED, Jimmy. I said why not? He said you don’t understand. So I said hold on before we continue on. Don’t ever tell me that again? That I don’t understand. Do not ever make the mistake of a miscalculated statement like that again, because you have no idea what I’ve been through or what I know or what I don’t know. Maybe I dropped out of school when I was 14 and struggled to get a GED in all kinds of stuff. So tell me one more time. Why don’t you have a GED? Because I don’t have a driver’s license a state driver’s license to take it

I said I guess we’re gonna have to break this down elementary start here. Why don’t you have a driver’s license? Because they require me to be a resident in the state. Where is your proof of income some kind of statement from your house? Go down the DMV. Start getting as vague as bad books for dummies and GED books for dummies. You start studying for the GED now you’re doing a double whammy now you’re studying for the advantage you don’t even know it. Walk your SS in the office that recruiters office. It’s a tough one

there’s not many excuses in this life. I know some people got the shaft. Some people get the shaft in life but there’s nothing God can can handle nothing. Nothing where’s everybody? First, I want to give a shout out to my first responders. I want to give a shout out to anyone that served in the military right now or has served we got a lot of veterans. A lot of patriots on this touchpoint um, this mighty warrior tribe. And you guys and girls are really the ones making this happen. And I appreciate everybody. You’re awesome. But there’s very few excuses. Yeah.

Mama bears says I shoot a rubber band gun. What is up? I love you. sleep deprived still love. I’m glad to see you on Yeah, me too. I am too great to see you.

Georgia choke? I didn’t see the Georgia game. I saw Baylor. I love your lives. Thank you so much. North Georgia, Mississippi strong. Did you know DJ Shipley? I know of him. I’m not friends with him that’s all say mash shoe catches. What’s up Nick? Massachusetts, Florida. Big Daddy. Sup brother. What’s up man? Hey, is add on here is add on here. Ad sent me this coffee is the man I’d say he sent me this coffee. And it is good. It smells good. It’s called Rebel roaster. It’s not bitter. Rebel Yell dark roast. I mean, it’s even got the date stamped on it. What a what a great guy for doing that. Merry Christmas to you, too. What’s uh, who am I avoiding? I saw you. I saw you brother. But oh, no. You’re avoiding me. Big Daddy. What’s up? I see you man. I see everybody. I go to basic January 11. Jesse says, Hey, by the way, big daddy. I love you. Thank you so much for joining. I always man faithful brother, fellow warrior. I go to basic January 11. I want to cross rate to EOD. And your videos motivate me to work hard for it. Jesse man, you can do it. You can do it. My girlfriend used to say you can’t really say very similar to that. You got me? You got me. I love your stories, dude. Thank you. And finally Jesus heard part of me is you thought I was not done yet. You thought I forgot. And he called Bart may sub. He said Bring him here because he yelled out he kept pushing forward. He kept yelling at Jesus. He kept yelling at Jesus he kept yelling to God is sometimes that’s what you got to do. Navy vet what’s up brother? I see you dude, boy, I want to be a Marine. What is stopping him Don’t let anything stop you. By the way, that guy that could only do one pull up I came back in a few months. He was training so hard. He could do like 10 Pull Ups he could swim do the site the combat side stroke Navy SEAL side stroke with perfect form. I was so that’s probably one of the most proudest moments I’ve ever had. He did not go on to be a seal that’s not the point. The whole The point is not who cares about the seals it’s about your dream. And at first he wanted to do sales but he realized going through that process with me that he could do so much more than he actually thought what’s your plans for work after house rest? I think I’m going to take a sailboat if all goes well. I’m gonna still around the world or not sail around the world to do some Coastal Sailing and maybe some some deep water it’s kind of scary at night out there. You’re by yourself. Let me tell you the story. Olive oil are you on TRT testosterone? No, I’m not actually I’m not on testosterone. No steroids I have in the past of course, but I’m just not doing it anymore. anymore. But not against it not against a blood work and test therapy and all that with doctors. Let me tell you something. Have you ever been out on the ocean? Deep Abyss at night, I’m talking. This is a scary story. So you better left it up. I went to get my arm level certification level two, three and 423 and four AASA, two, three and four in Spain, my Orca, okay. It’s where I met my girlfriend at the time in Spain there. It’s near Ibiza. And I was all over the place. I was wild, but I went there to get my level for certification. You can take a sailboat and you don’t even have to have a level of level four certification. But being from the SEAL teams, I knew how important it was to learn all that you can before you go out on your own.

Well, I’m out on there. I’m out on the open water these big day open water Storytime with Jimmy what’s up? Doug coin I’m out on the open water. It’s at nighttime. We’re just kind of drifting out in the middle of nowhere. If you have ever been out in the middle of nowhere on the ocean, it’s different than the desert. It’s different than the mountains mountains kind of scary. Desert can feel kind of like you know, but but the ocean the dark of bitch. The dark of bismol abyss this mic is not on. But it doesn’t matter. The dark abysmal bit and you’re floating out there by yourself and the moon’s out. You realize how small you thank you for all those hearts. Thank you for the gifts and all that stuff. Thank you very much. touchpoint you realize how small you are? Spooky. You know, I was not no cruise liner. This ain’t no crusade. This ain’t no Disney Cruise dog. Spooky. I love you spooky. You realize how small you are? Out on the dark, abysmal night on the ocean. And then a rogue wave hits you. And you’re like, what was that? What the heck was that? And you’re like, Whoa, what? Let’s go back to Texas. Let’s go to Texas. Now. Let’s go back to Texas. Okay, too late. Too late. You already made a stupid decision to be out here by yourself. Starfish. I love you. Hey, happy Saturday. So roadway just goes boom. I mean, any out of nowhere, and it’s real calm. I mean, this is like the best sea conditions. But here’s the scary thing. The instructor is she’s she’s a captain, the captain, the instructor. She was cool. She Was Bad to the Bone like she she had done like, like, across the Atlantic transits and like little bitty 32 foot boats like crazy stuff. Like it’s just nuts. She said that their bodies would just float by in the ocean from like, disasters or shipwrecks or something like she had crazy stories. But we’re out there in the middle of the dark night. It’s like 3am Big, big row wave knocks me off the I’m laying outside because it’s so hot inside the cabin. Sailing is miserable. Anyways, it’s so hot inside the cabin. I’m laying out under the stars. You know, like Ishmael on Moby Dick. You know, that whole story? I’ve read it. And I’m looking up gazing at the stars at night in this big ocean. And then all of a sudden, boom. And I’m like, what’s up? I’m like, tossing a coin. That’s something else you yell you know if you want to get some quick courage real quick. Some real super quick adrenaline. Say what’s up Doug going. Captain comes out. Oh, Captain comes out. And she goes, You want me to tell you a story? She’s hard as nails you know? I mean, in a can of Socrates. I’m like, I guess I guess I’m not going to sleep now. It’s today. I feel like Jim Carrey coming out the rhinos as s on pet detective to that’s how hard it was. You know what I’m talking about when he tries to come out of that big rhinos. But you know what I mean? If you don’t know what I mean, just watching before you you you knock me. She’s like, let me tell you a story. And I’m like, okay, Captain Jack. Get to jail. I’m Mike whatever. And she says you ever heard about the the famous, you know cross Ocean Voyager who was by himself. He was sleeping at night by himself in the middle of the ocean. And then,

oh I might have what we mean, boom, boom, boom. She’s like, Ah, you don’t want to be heard out here. And I’m like Captain jet. She’s like it’s Captain Jill. I said, I don’t care. Listen to me. I will go home. I’m ready to go home now. She’s like, Texas tornado. You’re far out here alone with me and how?

I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. What do I have to do to get out of this thing? And this she says, boom. And I’m like, what happened? Where I come from in the SEAL teams. Boom is your entire ship blowing sky high like Noriega is a vessel. When we raided that piece, all they found was a steering wheel. And they hung it up in the team room. So a whole nother story, whatever. You got what I’m saying? She’s like, the vessel just exploded. And if it wasn’t for his survival pack, that’s right, Nick. Boom. He would have died. And he had to stay out in the water for 40 days and 40 nights and I’m like, full man, we’ve only been out here for like, four days and I want to die right now. She’s like, shut up and listen. What happened? I’m like, okay, she says his vessel just blew up into pieces. Like boom can you imagine you’re sleeping out in the middle everybody just starts saying I’m boom

Oh, I feel another touch point moment touch point vids coming out can you imagine being out in the ocean in your entire vessel see vessel blows up in your sleeping and now you’re in the water just Oh I thought I was a bad assets and now I’m just a nobody drowning

Well luckily had a survival little thing. And he made this like little drip system where the sun would come out in the morning condensation drip into his mouth and ah tickles and pickles no I don’t think so reverse matrix that one real quick. And so I said what happened to his boat? Just telling me Captain Jack she’s like it’s Jill she said a massive well had been following them for days decided to deep six died himself. That means go all the way to the bottom of the ocean. How we know that I don’t know who cares my story we’re talking the bottom of the Mariana Trench this will goes down to and then decides to read out Tober like a Russian

rocket right underneath his boat on purpose boom and I said I said why you would this big whale decide to deep six himself in the Mariana Trench and then

Pogo bounce off the bottom of the ocean floor which by the way is a survival technique if you ever squeezing the breezy

in explode this boat the ship in Jack or Jill cap Jill says because they forgot to turn off the radar. And they think the sooner was agitating. The little baby will and so the mama bear. The Mama will decide

destroy them poor Oklahoma yeah right i gotta told you to Oklahoma is gonna lose anyways. Guardian 36

That’s a true story they think his sonar was system was on and it was pissing the wills baby off or the well the mom well who cares but that’s pretty malicious for uh well just to do that in a well could do that if he wants or she wants infidel soldier I’m sorry Rob I swore not to talk bad about Oklahoma. What’s up brother? What’s everybody doing? I hope you like my C story. That’s great. I forgot about that. See story. Man, that was fun. In a terrible way. You caught that Nick. sipper that Nick you caught that huh? Nick is funny man. Nick is awesome. That future Devil Dog super far texts volition what’s up? You doing all right, I’m doing great. Spooky It was epic. Mamas are pretty cutthroat. I agree with you, brother. Big day loved it. Captain chill with with with touch point. Love that story. Big day. Thank you so much. Starfish. Captain Jill with the sardines. I know it was terrible. It’s like Jim Carrey that Rhino you know, I’m saying it was so hot. What is a scar on your neck from? It’s my girlfriend’s lips. It looked really cool doing Muay Thai in Thailand. Not so cool. When you come back to reality. Had it burned off by a scientist that was working on the COVID Cure? He obviously didn’t find the cure. Okay. But he was instrumental in finding hepatitis C solutions. Thanks. Thanks. Appreciate it. Great story. Did he end up dead? No, he’s he’s the longest surviving. I think he’s the longest surviving a solo sailor whatever. Voyager two ever to ever. man to ever float out of ocean. It was crazy. Like 40 Something days. Maybe longer. That is a long freakin time. And if it wasn’t for his survival pack floating by him after his boat exploded, then he would have died for sure.

Spooky. Spooky dog have I ever lost a fight? Yeah, I’ve lost every fight that I thought I won. If you think that you’re winning in life, physical fights, or anything else. Without the juice, the Power Juice of God behind you. You are

failing and you’re losing and you don’t even realize it. So yes, thank you for that question. I’ve lost a lot of fights. Lost lost a lot of fights. In that sense. box wine, please. Sugar D what’s up? Thank you for I’ve seen all your comments. I see all your comments. I appreciate you to talk a nick cope. What’s up? Who’s all here? Your hair looks good today. Oh, thank you. I’ve been I’ve been kind of working on it. You know, I’m saying Neandertal Yeah, I took all those 23andme test. It was embarrassing. Really embarrassing. Monster like 4% Neandertal. I said, that’s not even human man. What’s up? Touch point. Favorite side arm, my right. Straight, what’s up, and right hook. What’s up? Right elbow? What’s up, you know, I’m saying if you want to know what kind of elbow damage you’re going to do in a fight, speaking of fights, which I don’t talk about much. But if you want to know what kind of damage or or what kind of elbow that you need to throw, does everyone want to know just what kind of elbow you need to throw. Based on the individual out there. Each one of you has a certain type of elbow. Okay, in depending on the type of elbow that you have. The bone is is the type of strike that you need to throw. Either you’re coming in like that, or you’re coming across like that, like that. So you come in down like that and you’re skimming their nose, and that’s called a cutting elbow. Okay, or you’re you’re you’re doing a smashing like that in you know, in elbows are really bad and they’re, they’re illegal in a lot of ways in in some stuff. And the reason why you don’t see elbow is just because there’s so damaging in those of you the hospital. But how you tell how you tell, you know, somebody gave a donation for the lighthouse art and so I sent that off yesterday I sent it. And so if anybody wants to purchase my art, um, that that fund that money is going straight to my my lawyer fees. So I figured that’s a great way to, to stack away some money. If you want to purchase my art, just let me know. Email me Jimmy Watson [email protected] Anyways, if you want to know what kind of elbow to throw, you want to look at your elbow right now. You will look at it right. And you see, you see how mine I wish I had a talent. Some people have like a talent they call it. Some really great fighters have these, these elbows that come out. It’s like a pointy elbow. It almost comes out like a Talon. And that’s a great cutting elbow. You know, smashes okay, but that one is a cutting elbow. Okay, you know when that’s that’s the one you come up over and down like that across the face. A smashing elbow. You can do on pickup, you know, but, uh, for this purpose. A smashing elbow is something like mine and it’s very, it’s very just rounded and flat. In that those are good for smashing on a wide side. I won’t tell you that. Lyons mane pose. What’s up? I got to redo my lines. You know, I’m saying lines in my lines, man.

I’m throwing freedom seeds. I’m trying to hit my funny bone. I hear you. I hear that nigga. I understand what you just said totally.

Bro, for real. Oklahoma wants his swag from you. I need my touch point gear. You’re gonna get your gear, I promise you, Guardian. No one has never got their gear. Evan sends everything out. And he sends it lightning fast. In fact, he sends it right away. Just uh, in fact, please email me bro at Jimmy Watson [email protected] And get with your order number. And I’ll and I’ll check it tonight. And send it over to me tomorrow morning. And so we’ll know exactly where your shirts are. But they ship out right away when we get them in. Everything has come in now. So if you want to order a shirt, thanks for reminding me. Glasses are 50% off the sunglasses and all the touch points shirts. We got the OD green ones in we got about 80 of those left. And five black shirts left five black shirts. And I think seven Gray. I hope I get that mixed up. Get the point. Yeah, teas are awesome. Thank you for saying that. Ever. I love it. I love to hear the testimonies. Speaking of testimonies, we’ve had some phenomenal testimonies. Some somebody the other day, I can’t say too much. But about four days ago we I prayed with a someone. And I’m telling you, they were bad off. I’m talking at the end of their rope. And a simple, heartfelt prayer together, which I always do on here. He has found so much freedom, his family’s back together which looked impossible. A lot of things happen there and I just give the I just give all the glory to Jesus for doing that. And that’s how powerful this is. He Jesus is the true mighty warrior. And he can instantaneously be in your life when you call upon Him. touch point a man thank you for all those likes. Appreciate you. Thank you so much. My what is that? Sorry, there’s a little bit of glare. I love your videos brother meaningful, interesting and genuine. Michael, thank you so much. You know our nation needs hope in change. And I think I would venture to say that’s every nation right now. We have viewers from Australia and Canada. All over the place mas Irati Lamborghini one place is called Lamborghini I looked around for I wonder what the heck, Italy is that Italy. One person said they were in my wall. I said I just asked where you’re from. He said, he’s in my wall. There’s some strange casts. But we’ve had some supernatural testimonies. And it’s all to the glory of God, I’m telling you. And I’m telling you, what’s crazy, is that no matter how devastating the situation is, and sometimes I don’t think that I can hear something worse than what I heard last time. And I think a lot of you can, can relate to this. You hear things sometimes in the day, or maybe it’s in your own personal life right now that you don’t know how to. You don’t have the keys anymore. To this. These fetters these chains that around your ankles, these chains that around your hands. They’re invisible chains, but their chains make no mistake, and it’s hard to to even even fathom getting those off. But it’s just incredible. never ceases to amaze me. How Jesus can step in and meet you where you are and save you save your life. From a world of pain. Somebody has something interesting appear. Has William Clinton been in prison? Sir? I do not know. Max. What is up my brother? He’s a fellow collaborator in all kinds of ways. Fellow frog man.

Love you brother. Thank you very much for your support brother. Never mind. Michael. What’s up? Never mind lol. I thought you said something really nice earlier. And then you say never mind. I hope it stopped for me. Come

on, man. You know I you know I love you, brother. You never know though. You know, it could be it could be something really great. I just I just faked myself out and tell myself that family get comfortable being uncomfortable. There are tad slower from the cell, but all good. I have the green shirt and the red frame shades on the way big daddy, did you want thank you very much for buying a shirt. Thank you so much, everybody for showing your support. I appreciate you. Do you? Do you do? Brazilian jujitsu I did for five years. I think it’s a great foundation. And then I just went on to stand up and then some golden globe boxing training trading. And then I went to Muay Thai in trained in Koh Samui and CO pangong. And in some other places, pretty hardcore

stuff. What disciple do you relate to? The most Jimmy? You know, I never had thought about that. You know, you know, what’s interesting about that is is, is Paul the Apostle. This is really this is really interesting.

And just shows you how humble that we have to be in life is Paul the Apostle,

at the beginning of His ministry said, I am least of these 12 disciples, meaning these 12 disciples are greater than me, but I am greater than everyone else, basically, in a spiritual sense.

And then at the end of his ministry, towards his death in Rome, in towards him being executed, after writing, you know,

two thirds of the New Testament in a dungeon probably at the end, you know what he says? He is, he says, I am the least of you all. So, he goes from elevating himself right under the apostle of the disciples to at the very end of his life

saying, I am the chief dis sinners I think whoa is the man who says that, there without seeing or without guilt of you know, but only Jesus can can clear you. Only Jesus can pardon you. A lot of people say man free Jimmy, when they can free us. Amen. You know, I know this may sound crazy book but I am free. I may be on lockdown, house incarceration, whatever you want to call it are to detail over here. Kissing on my ankle every day. But in truth and reality, I am free No, this is not pre recorded brother, Michael It says, Is this pre recorded now? Now you know it’s not unless I have impeccable timing. And coincidentally, is there an Alex in here right now?

Okay, thank you for that rose. Brother. Appreciate. Thank you for all that stuff, man. negotiator, Nick. Hold hoarder, Nick, whatever. When did you decide to become a seal? When did you decide to leave the military. All the while while I’ve gone into the tournament in the seals. I had a traumatic brain injury. I could have stayed in and been an instructor. But it was time for me to depart. It ended a beautiful career. And what I really desire to do for a full 20 Made it 16 and a half years, almost 17 And that was that however, I had the desire implanted in my heart. From the time I was little, I was talking to this international bestseller author ghostwriter that’s doing my book. You know, it’s a story of redemption. It’s not like who you know, in man’s arrogance. A book is born. Okay, I get it. This is not about that. It’s about a story of redemption. It has a lot of redeeming qualities about but anyways, he goes, No, no, Jimmy, somebody had to put that in your head. I said. I said, sure. Sure, sure. But But I just knew in my heart from the time I was little, and some, somebody out there, a lot of you may feel the same way about certain things. If God’s put something in your heart, I don’t care how old you are young you’re, you know, it may be just day to day, something new every day. You know, search that out, go for it with all your heart. You know, ask Jesus about it. Ask God about everything. And he’ll make a way. Hey, everybody, I’m gonna pray out. I love everybody. Appreciate everybody tonight. It was fun. I just It’s therapeutic for me. You know, I went do exposure therapy in the hospital, James at the Veterans hospitals there for a while at the polychromatic Board of Veterans Hospital. And telling stories is a way for me to to vent. It’s a way for me to have therapy. I hope it’s therapy for you. I hope that that Jesus is doing some big things in your life and restoring some hearts and healing the brokenhearted. All my love tonight to you. Jesus, thank you right now, I thank you for for just giving us this moment right now to pause. And take a stop in our life with all the racing thoughts in all the anxiety placing aside all the pain, all the anguish, all the frustration. There may be somebody out there thinking about committing suicide right now. But I thank you Father that you’re stepping in and in filling their heart with love. Like you have so many times before on these lives. I thank you Jesus, for stepping in, in filling that void in each and every person’s life on here. With that void seems to have gotten larger and larger through the years. I asked you to go ahead and close that up and show everyone in here. Your power and your strength and your mind your special anointing. Only you Jesus can make a way where there is no way. And I ask you Jesus to call upon each and every person’s soul tonight their heart and guide them in and heal him and make her way where there’s no other way. I thank you for blessing each and every person tonight. If Alex is out there right now, your child is well. I believe that Jesus is saying I am the way for your life. And look to me for your answers. Look to me, Alex for your answers. And if Dalton’s out there no need to fear. I believe Jesus is saying in my prayer day your insomnia is cured. If anyone has insomnia out there right now, I pray that the Holy Spirit would heal you would give you peace at night would find he’ll your brain. In all the nerve endings and all the anxiety we just wash away into the night. This very night with peace. I pray each and every one of you have a peaceful night asleep. If there’s a Christie out there, Christine, Christina, I don’t know I don’t know the name exactly. But I’ve been. I have been with you. I believe Jesus is saying I have been with you

by the fountain. I have been with you by the fountain. I don’t know if that means something to you. But all my love tonight for everybody. I pray for each and every one of you tonight In Jesus mighty name. Thank you, Father. Amen. Everybody, I love you. Appreciate you. I’m hoping you’re getting something out of this. I think I get just as much you know, sometimes I put out a video and I’m like that that was for me. I need to I need to. I need to reflect upon my own video and be at peace and relax and know that everything’s gonna be okay childlike faith in Jesus. In your destiny. Your life is going to be okay. In his hands. I love you. Peace be with you. God bless all y’all. Thank you very much. See you


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