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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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What’s going on everybody? Welcome to my live does he’s off what’s going on everybody? Renegade Maga the Forte What are you looking? What’s up, dude?

What’s up, Jimmy? What’s going on? I’ll see. Trevor. Thank you, brother. Appreciate you. So man, what’s going on? Generic? Generic, bald white guy. What’s up, dude? touch point. Must be Mike 73. How many? What’s going on? I gotta keep it kind of quiet. What y’all doing? Thank you for your service. My pops was a Marine. Super Fidelis. Everybody always says Dad, what’s up, dude? That’s so funny, man. Every time. Lion’s Mane. What’s up? You know, I’ve been working on this piece for a while. So I’m an astronaut. Really? You’re an astronaut,

man. Wow. That’s pretty cool. You, you, you’re in the moon right now. You on the top of the moon right now.

Wait, your parents know me. You know I did that once, man. One time I went left and my brother went right. He went to the right room. And I went into their bedroom. Accidentally drunk. I thought it was my bedroom. We snuck in. You know, we snuck in my parents house. You know, we snuck out. We were like teenagers do okay was a couple years ago, whatever. But we snuck into the house. You know, Mom and Dad is sleeping in the bedroom. I’m like, Dan, my brother. He’s passed away. But I’m like, damn, make sure whatever you do, do not be loud. He’s like, okay, okay. I’m like, jeez, man. And so we creep in. We creep in. He goes in his room. I take a left down the hallway to my room. I end up crawling in the bed with my parents. My dad wakes up and says, What are you doing in my bed? And I was like, I’m dead. It was pretty serious. Yo, Jimmy, what’s up? What’s going on everybody? How’s everybody doing, Nick? Great. See, brother? Super good to see you, man. What is Fall Fest? Do you get Does everyone see that? On my screen? I didn’t put that up there. Come on, man. I’ve done some wacky things but not Fall Fest. Yo, what’s up? Keep it safe, brother. touchpoint. What’s going on? Good to see you live. Hey, man. Great to see you too, Ryan. Hi. I’m glad I caught you. I’ve been thinking about one of your videos. I’m assessing. I’m assessing my symptoms. Hey, it’s no joke, man. If you got some symptoms, we all got symptoms. We know what your symptoms you know, and you could be guided to the right place. If you’re calling. If you’re calling upon God, you know. Hey, from Panama City. Come home. The kids miss you. What’s up?

Who said that? What the heck? Come home. That’s funny. That’s really funny. Come home. The kids miss you. I miss him too. Thank you so much for saying that. I miss our kids.

Tell him Daddy will be home soon. appreciate you saying that to our children. Hi. Can you make some Spaghettios and macaroni cheese please? I’ve been on that low carb thing is killing me. Hidden that top secret workout son looking good. What’s up? You’ve been doing it. Hey, what’s up Tori, how you doing? I’m doing great. Hey, I’m doing good. In fact, I took a nap today. All right, I’m gonna meet it. Lions take naps on house arrest. And I woke up feeling like a million bucks. And I’m not lying to you. Because like, you know me, I would tell you straight up if I felt terrible, terrible. Straight up like man. I felt horrible. What’s up?

Hello. What’s going on? Hi, Jimmy. Benson hurts. What’s up, brother? What’s going on? What kind of crazy questions we got tonight. What kind of things we got going on in your head right

now. Hello from Austin. Well, you do be on House risk. I was charged with the same crimes alleged crimes that Mr. John McAfee the antivirus guy on your computer was charged with I was the CEO of his company. At the height of the crypto currency boom. It was pretty large company. And I got tagged with all those things. Love your hair. Thank you. I just did it. Just I was like, You know what? I’m just gonna stick my head out in the breeze real quick. On my bedroom as my mom says, whatever, you know, you know what I mean? Who? Hey, from Canada, Ontario. Hey, is everybody liking these videos? What? Is everybody get something? You know? What’s up? What’s this one? Okay, possum soup? What? pots of soup? What’s going on here? What are you talking about possum soup. We’re going down the intellectual philosophical road. And you went down the smoking crayons. Possum soup road. Come on. Let’s get warmed up. At least. Come on man. Reverse majors from Arizona. I like that. What’s up Fort Worth? Wow. Okay, let’s see what you say. Let’s let’s go on. There’s Here’s a great question. Jay Moon 57. My girl broke up with me. What do I do? I’ll tell you what you are, you start to celebrate. And I’m not saying like, rebound or anything. But what I’m saying is celebrate, and then reevaluate in that order. Okay, because the last thing that you want to do Tories miss you too. The last thing that you want to do is be with the wrong person. You don’t want to be with the wrong person. And your girlfriend broke up with you. What do I do? You know, here’s the deal. Now you be you and be content with being you. Because once you become content with being you, you’re going to, you’re going to naturally attract the right person you don’t say and you need to chase those things that God put in your heart. Possibly your destiny. Okay, you need to chase what’s really going on your heart, because you’ll look back and you’ll be thankful that you ran into this crazy guy on this live session, say yellow touchpoint with the lion’s mane reverse matrix that, you know I’m saying? I take a two day vacation somebody is like where you been dead? I take two day vacation. I’m going this piece. What’s the on house arrest? Yo J My God. How are you bro? How’s the Gremlin is the dog. He looks scary, my man. He’s absolutely terrifying. He’s absolutely terrifying. Were you ever in? I can’t answer that, didn’t you? Didn’t you and McAfee Live in Lexington? See? Yeah, we did. We lived. We lived we lived there for a while. And going back to the girlfriend. That was the first house we lived in. We baggy? It was crazy. There was hot there was bullet holes in the wall. So going back to the girlfriend. Okay, thing is when when? Look, when we get over. It’s all about validation. We’re always seeking validation from people. Okay, we didn’t have a dad. Right. So we seek validation from some kind of fatherly figure. If they’re not there. Sometimes we go to prison. Okay, that’s why the prisons are full of men that don’t have dads. And so now masculinity bestows masculinity, okay, we need that male figure. Okay, so when we don’t get this validation from everybody, we start seeking it from all other places, titles, like I did, women or men, depending on who you are. Okay, so so when you’re seeking validation from that woman, now, when you give her the right, which, by the way, she can never validate you, you might think she can. But when you give her the right to validate you, she now has the right to invalidate you. And that goes for everything. When you give people the the right, you give them your right to validate you, now they have the power to invalidate you and that’s why things hurt so bad from certain people, because we have subconsciously naturally, whatever the case, given them the ability to validate us. So stop giving your rights over. You do not have to give your rights over anymore to a girl to a man to a title. Same thing with a job. You know, some people put stock market when it crashed. Okay, you know, everybody put a lot of validation things and sometimes I mean, I guess there was a wild time, but some dudes were just jumping out the window. You ever stopped in Rota, Spain back in the day? I was stationed there in 2001 can’t answer that.

Sorry. Bill. Has a couple of questions I could answer that. You can answer on how have you been? I am doing good Erica. I’m doing amazing. How are you doing tonight? Isn’t it a wonderful night everyone come on it is now if I can say that on house arrest. Surely there’s some people out there they can say whatever situation you’re in right now. You need moderators brother. Any I know you know that one dude. I need moderators big time. I need to I need it. I need a moderator just for that one comment that possum soup thing. What is up with that possum soup? What’s up? Anyways? We don’t need a moderator in here. Okay. Everything’s gonna be okay. Some people like to smoke crowns. So people making pots of soup. Some people think I’m their dad. A lot of people think I’m they’re dead. I walked by this lady one time in the grocery store. She had a cart full of kids. I’m talking about a car full of kids. And they look like a bunch of the lines. Just kidding. But there was a car full of kids. And I was thank you for all the lights appreciate it. You know, if people right now just like do a little Baba Baba Baba Baba on your screen that will push the algorithms of I don’t know, whatever you don’t, I’m saying thank you so much. I love you. So I won’t buy this car to kids in this females there. And I might excuse me, you know? And these kids just start yelling daddy, daddy. And I’m like, what? Who? Who did? Who? Who is he? My girl would say who is it? And who did it and why he

do it. You know, I’m saying you ever stopped. Okay. What’s the number one rule a lot is filled in. That’s not the number one rule right there.

The number one rule in the SEAL teams is always I mean, always above anything else in the world is always look cool. If you can look cool, doing what you’re doing. That is like 99% of the battle. That’s a little exaggeration. There. There’s a little bit of training. A lot of training that goes on there, but you got to look cool. We have cool gear guy days. If you don’t look cool in your gear. It’s like we pull lever a lever. Oh, dang, it’s straight up oil paint. Paint. We pull a lever and you fall down this chute into a dumpster. That’s what happens. How’re you been? Eric? I’m doing great. How are you doing? It’s been a great time. You know? You ain’t never met somebody so free. Like an eagle over the Grand Canyon than me on house arrest. You don’t say? Paint. I’m sorry. I got oil paint. I tell you you get oil paint on mama peacocks carpet. And mom because you can come up here to ATM and make me scrub it out. You don’t say him? And why do I need a moderator? I don’t even monitors Come on. What’s up everybody? I want that shirt brother. Where do I get it? Jerry Jacob, you can get it through my merch link. In fact, I got a lot of merch there you know the sunglasses and everything. You can go right to that merch they gonna need my profile picture. And we got the OD green shirts in. So that’s awesome. Thank you so much. Did you like the 234 documentary? I like the 234 documentary, because that was about the most accurate hardcore documentary I’ve ever seen about anything. It’s pretty accurate. You know, for you know, unless you’re like sitting there. Going more really could be as if you went and sold yourself an ice cold water and watch the documentary. That’s all I gotta say. I’m out of stand on one leg. This ain’t no joke. This is the this is a touch point situation. Alright, crisis over. I like to did you like the 234 documentary? I thought it was cool. What’s up? I tagged a class and had Cadet screaming touchpoint that was the time the smoke was coming. I love it man. Sounds good, bro. touch point on that. Fax, touch point, touch point and touch point. If you don’t know what touch point is, thank you for going my page and check out what’s up. They own you. Who owns who? And what did he do it? And who did it? My mom owns me. They I would say so. You think you’re free? You know that Bob Dylan song that says everybody’s got to serve somebody. You’re gonna serve somebody. Just face it. You’re gonna serve somebody. And I don’t know who that is. But you’re gonna serve somebody. Bob Dylan said it best. You got to serve somebody. Would you ever go through buds again? Heck no Joe. Joe. Let me tell you some I was in the team room the SEAL team room once we were all just chit chatting everything. And a guy was like dude, I do seals again. And I was like, bro, what did you just say? He was like, you know when you have like a coffee Hi like an epiphany, not Tiffany. But epiphany. He’s like, you think it’s an epiphany but it’s not pivotal. for Tiffany, it’s like literally like a crazy moment. And it’s like a good idea and then it turns really bad after the coffee wears off. He was like, Yeah, bro. Dude, I saw you bawling like a baby crying under a log. Pretty much everybody was for three hours straight. You’re under a huge tuna 30 Prime more than 30 pounds, but just crying shaking shaking. Its hell. You’re doing that multiple times a week. And it’s possible. It is possible. And I was like Don’t ever say that again. You barely made it. Barely. What makes you think you would make it again if you win? Sometimes as a nominee, sometimes you’re standing on the shoulders you’re all the time you’re standing on the shoulders of giants. So no any any seal that claims that they would do buds again. You didn’t call Don Shipley a meatery I’m stealing that epiphany Tiffany thing. I know Nick thought that was funny when I used it to what’s your favorite book? Hmm, Moby Dick. Big deal. I’m dead serious. I did six or seven a booger ports on it before I dropped out of school at first grade.

Herman Miller Squeezy. Sorry. Legend of the dogwood brother. I did Google it. Okay, we’re getting somewhere. We’re getting somewhere. I googled it. I went to the page. And then I had emergency situation. Reversed matrix not emergency situation. But it was a serious situation. Sometimes I got to take calls brother, you don’t say him? The Legend of dogwood. I have a feeling. If it’s a legend, then it’s been around a long time. It’s not going anywhere.

Okay. I’m not frozen to do that. I don’t know why. What’s your favorite memory and experience? I will have to say me, I was pretty proud to get my GED. You know, out of all the crazy things, you know, the SEAL training was

I would have to say, because of the circumstances in my life, I was really I was really that was like the first step of about a million steps of Mount Everest, with Santa without sandals, without issues on, you know, was getting a GED because I knew if I get a GED I could do this, I could do this, I could do this, I could do this. And finally get to my dream to be a seal. I know that sounds crazy. My fondest memory and probably God allowed this and, and to me to have such a good little memory there is because I was going to have a pretty hard life, unbeknownst to me, but was just getting woken up at like I like four or five in the morning. And my parents picking me up and and carry me to the car. And then lay me down in this really soft blankets they had made in the back of this old 1986 suburban and then driving to Disney Disney Land. to California. It was incredible. And that was my that’s my most fondest play earliest memory. And I use that analogy all the time, because it’s exactly what you need to do. Jesus said, childlike faith is what it requires. And I’ll tell you you start having childlike faith and what is childlike faith. Notice I didn’t do anything but wake up. Well, they propped me up to take a pee but I was always like four years old with these tattoos and Lion’s Mane earthing What’s up touchpoint reverse matrix that piece with these lines. Look there’s one line it’s crazy but whatever I don’t care Charlie faith is the only thing that is required to you in Jesus God to launch you to Jupiter. Oh so how long is shipping into the UK? touchpoint wait for my T shirt dude. A gas of it which one did you order brother. The od greens are shipping out on December 1. But once they ship out that gets your door like really super quick. But everything else is shipping out where it shipping all Within two weeks UK prize the same thing man, points price similar. You were missed. Thank you so much. If there’s one thing that I could change in my life it would be my lack of patience and thinking that I had to do something when nothing was happening, if you find yourself doing something, when nothing needs to happen, you’re going to come into problems. You’re going to you’re going to run into many flaws in life. Because that’s just not how it goes. And I I wish I would have more patience and and not rush things you you can’t imagine how many things that I’ve done or tried. With Jaws, I I’ve tattooed makeup on people. Um, my mom talked me into trying out for a world Omni Omni, a world airline thing. And I actually made it through like 1000 people because, and there was only like, 10 of us. But I didn’t go I felt bad. I turned it down. Because the girl the head recruiter was flirting with me like me, okay, who cares? It was for all the wrong reasons. I didn’t go. Okay. Not not a bad job, I’m sure but I didn’t go you know, of course the Marines in seals and then I had my old house house flipping business. I hydro did for a while. Didn’t want to things. Worked in a leather shop as a boot apprentice leather Leatherman. I’ve done a lot of things, and some more great experiences. But other other ones were rushing stuff. And it was not good. My son is 17 He needs to go be a seal. No, he doesn’t. Because he’s not going to make it. Because he’s not going to get in at 17.

Don’t be don’t be in such a rush to push him there to the seals. I would suggest anyone. The smartest thing I ever did with the military is going

Marines verse. You got to kill some time off in your 20s. And it’s very rare for a seal to be young. You know, very rare, very rare. I mean, the youngest seals are probably 24 years old. And that’s the very youngest, and there’s very few of them. Most are are quite a bit older. box wine hotline. Wow. Now I have no doubt that your son has a good chance as anyone else. But definitely he needs to be very realistic on what he’s doing. And I would start out somewhere else. I would start out somewhere else and shave off some time. If your mom is pushing up his seal, you’re not going to be a seal somebody said, Well, that’s that’s probably true too. Because all that stuff goes out the window. You know, you know, a lot of guys are they’re unbelievably because their parents have pushed them there. Ah, it’s so it’s so devastating when they fail. Because that’s not going to get you through. There has to be some kind of deep, burning desire to actually be a seal to make it through. Because Because trust me all day long, like a nightmare. Like waterboarding nightmare, like, thoughts are going through your head all day long about quitting about why I’m here. How can I do this again? How can I do another two mile repeat run? If I’ve already done five two mile repeat runs in a row in the sand with your skin falling off between your legs? How can I do this again? Because dad wants me to get down over here and do it. Make him do it now. You know that’s the kind of reasoning that happens in your head and in your heart and so you have to have something or maybe you have to have nothing like I did to go to dying in buds which can happen by the way dying was the only option. And I say that very cautiously carefully. Because most candidates that say they’re going to, they’ll die before they quit. I’ve heard that so many times, no, you won’t, you’ll quit. But there are circumstances where you have nothing to go to. So maybe I’d go unconscious and go to the hospital before I quit. You know?

Were you a sleep deprived? Mom, it’s great seeing you. Would you do it again today, if they asked you to? What the go through the buds? I think I don’t know. Sorry. Sometimes I don’t understand the question. But, but I would not go through buds again ever. And don’t let anybody tell you they would again, because that’s insane. That’s not That’s not normal. That’s not normal reasoning. That’s not coherent reasoning. But I would go back to the SEAL teams, which would require a little bit of trade up, like a workup for me to get back in, you know, fluidly. Maybe not, though, I got my touch point, I got my pop twist and squeeze reverse matrix lion’s mane. Probably because afraid to fail, or insecurity got you through. You must be watching my videos. Because that’s exactly right. My fear of failure and insecurities burned inside me so much. Because I had so little to, to, to operate with physicality, aptitude. Some guys go, they’re super, super sharp. And they are phenomenal. I love sci fi nominal, because that’s what we see in Colombia. But phenomenal. But some guys are coming out of like silver medalist, Olympic. You know, these guys, and they kind of come in kind of cocky, because they’re used to win. But what they don’t realize is they’re going into a place where, where it’s designed to, for you to fail. You’re it’s designed for you to fail. There’s no winning, you think there’s winning and war. There’s, there’s battles that are won, you know. But missions are filled with hundreds of micro failures. And that’s why Budds is designed to do that. So you continuously overcome. So if you fail over and over and over in life, get used to it. It’s how you, it’s not just how you get back up. But it’s how you attack the problem again. These motivational speakers are wrong when they say just get back up, just get back up when that when they may not even have gone up. And they go through buds that you know, the world’s hardest. I don’t even say arguably because it’s not there’s nothing to argue. People don’t deep down inside. I don’t care who they are. It’s designed to be like that. But why do you think guys go there to prove themselves from deep seated insecurity, and all kinds of different stuff. Not saying they didn’t want to do the job. But that’s pretty far fetched thinking. When you really don’t know what a seal does. There’s probably a lot of people that think they know what seals do, but they really don’t. Because it’s like, you know what a heart surgeon does. You know what a doctor does. But unless you’re a doctor, you don’t know what they do. And that’s how being a seal is. And I don’t know how to be a doctor. I don’t know what it’s like, you know, you know, how would you say something to a doctor, they looked at you like you googled and now you think that you have thrombocytosis and what’s going on now, you know, and you’re like, oh, sorry. So I forget what I said forget, you know what I mean? So it’s not just getting back up. It’s it’s failing. And if you’re gonna fail, you might as well fail real big. Because now you get back up of course. What are you not going to get back up? You get back up. And then you go drink some little thing of water. Okay, maybe get some chocolate milk like I’ve been drinking and you v you attack it again. If it takes you a while to learn like me. Sometimes I used to attack problems. Head on boom. Boom, boom, like a boom, boom, boom. And then I finally after three or four times, fill in it, come back come come in a different angle.

iron sharpens iron. No it doesn’t. But at the right angle, iron sharpens iron What do I think about David Goggins? I think David Goggins has a very unique way about him doing things. I think his record speaks for itself, on who he is in his ability, and he can be very, very motivating for someone who needs some motivation. Thank you so much sleep deprived. I cannot believe how far you have come. Well, I can that’s Jesus the as Jesus can do in a couple days would not hold to doctors or pills, or anything else in this world could do for you. I found success when I started thinking in terms of preparedness for overcoming.

Sorry, I’m reading this scroll overcoming expected challenges. I found success when I started thinking in terms of preparedness for overcoming expected challenges. Preparedness for expected charges should be a 100% win at all times. Because it was expected and you were able to prepare for so there’s no excuse.

But what about the unexpected? Jimmy, where did you go? I miss you. First of all, thank you so much for that. You know your love when you’re gone for two days or maybe three days? And people say stuff like that. I really appreciate you and I think in fact, I missed y’all too. I missed you too. I miss you too. Thank you. Starfish. Thank you so much. Aries hardship sharpens your sword. Never give a

as rod Did you ever get into it? In the big house I was in solitary confinement. I was in the shoe. If that’s what you want to know.

There’s only one reason why people go to the shoe. I felt like forever. It felt like forever. It did feel like forever. Hmm. I gotta step up my game. My hair stepping up the game. I need to step up my game with my hair. Obviously. Cheese. Pop twists. We serve ice cream. What’s up? I didn’t know if I was gonna make it another day without his teaching. Trout. Trout do I know you’d be talking about Jesus up in here? I know you’d be talking about him. It’s great seeing you try dude. Great seeing you. You’re always here. That’s great. Thank you so much.

Sir war story. Texas. What’s up? I’ll see you today I commented to you. I respond to you Texas militia.

I see your comment. I see you. I’ll put my skinny jeans on what the heck? Alright, now we’re best friends that kind of comment.

How did how to deal with how to deal with why not? Instagram? You’re good, man. Jimmy. I always read those comments. Thank you so much for saying that. Why didn’t God Why did God have angels? Angels of war? Angels of war maybe? A right? Am I reading that wrong? Of War before he make him miss. Randy, do you want to tell us it sounds like you know that answer and you just want to tell us I believe that you already have the answer and you just want me to say wow, Randy. Go ahead and tell us I’m I want to hear I want to know

the G Big Daddy was so big daddy. Thank you brother touchpoint the GTA This is GDG stuff right here. Thank you so much. No, I don’t know. I want to know bro. Well, what exactly are you asking? Me again? Sometimes I need to read it $20,000 asked me again. It I will try my very best. Like nose Hospital. Damas because hos was my other name and array. So what would you say nos hostel Donna’s and try to try to figure this one out to get we’re going to try to figure this one out together. My goodness. Hey, thank you for that. I see the lights. I see all your support. I really appreciate everybody get your touch points shirts. It’s been it’s been awesome. I hope everybody’s got a lot, a lot of feedback on that saying they they love their shirts. You’re going to get your shirt if you’ve ordered if there’s any question about that. But there hasn’t really been any more because everybody’s getting their shirts. Any tips or tricks for someone about to go into phase? Oh, um there’s no, there’s no secret. In fact, there’s a rock at Budds basic. I don’t want to diligence school seal train. There’s a rock there a massive rock. In it says the secret to buds is under this rock. This rock is huge. Not as big as my head. But it’s big. Just kidding. It’s massive. I mean, I don’t know they must had a crane come in and put this rock down. In the in the plaque there says the secret to buds. It’s like a huge joke, because everybody wants to know. And I know you asked for tip. You didn’t ask for secrets. But I know the secret. But you didn’t ask me. So I can’t tell you now. Because that’s what I how I roll. Just playing. But I’m about to tell you something. And oh, this sounds crazy. But when you get to second phase because I got all my hopes and pray for you, brother and love. When you get to die face. You got to really, really bear down you’re not getting you have to bear down and really focus on procedural stuff, procedure, procedure procedure procedure, or you’ll get rolled for that you’ll you’ll fail for there. It happened so quickly. And you’re running off nothing. You’re just glad you made it through first face. You know, the only easy day was yesterday. It’s so true with seals. That’s another thing. And my main thing is man is pay attention. Pay attention all the time. It’s like the lethargic gas. You know, get people um, but students don’t quit during exercises. But thank you for following me. I appreciate that. I saw that thank you so much. I’ll see you said no to JT blitz candidates, they don’t they they don’t quit during an evolution. No one quits. Is this this is crazy. This is great. If I step in that oil one more time, I’m gonna go nuts. Absolutely. I’m a loser. Everybody’s gonna say Dang, dude, he just pulled a squeezing. Anyways.

Believe it or not. Everyone quits when they sit down to eat or on a break. They don’t quit during the evolution. They’re dying. Who? Thank you for my next video. But they’re dying shaking. But they don’t quit. They quit when they sit down and start to think there’s got to be a message in here for you. They say quit. I have seen guys. collegiate athletes, wrestlers. Olympic water polo champions. stood when you get to buds, there’s a sea of men on the RIT and you’re going ah

I don’t know if I belong here. By the time you’re done with hell week, there’s literally no one compared to that. See, guys. My point is, is that men quit while you’re eating. Because now you sit down to think about it. Oh, that always blew my mind. So I was kind of geared when we took a break to maximize the potential of that break. Eat as much food as I could, you know, maybe lay down for two seconds as your back froze up, but but I have literally seen a guy sitting across from be eating. And it’s important to eat a lot and not look at each other talk or anything, because you’ll get a lot of trouble. But I’ve literally seen a guy eating and then literally slow down as eating, and then literally put down his fork and just kind of drop it on the table. And then just start crying to surprise, and I saw that multiple times. And it’s when a human being has reached their max output in their head. Believe it or not, they can get up not easily, but they can get up from there and go to the next evolution and go through the next evolution and keep doing it unless they got horrifically injured. But thank you keep going, or walking pneumonia, you know, pneumonia stuff, water in the lungs, you know, there’s stuff you can’t prevent. But they defeat themselves in their head. They put down the fork stop eating, start crying because they know they cannot possibly go one more step. And technically, they can’t. Because they have told themselves and convinced themselves. They can’t. And it is very easy to convince yourself under those circumstances. And I’m talking rock solid, top athletes from the top colleges, that’s where they recruit doubts for highly competitive. But they defeat themselves. They do it to themselves. As the instructors would say it seals, you’re doing it to yourself, they would say, and you really are because you could quit anytime. That’s what so Tormey about it. In the Marines, you could quit. I know, Quinton, you’re like, what? Where’s the hoodie? I hope the hoodies are going to come out they’re not going to come out before Christmas. Because because we we were like, Okay, if we put the logo on it, it’ll take another week. By the time they they shipped to the Evan who sends them out. I think a lot of people would be disappointed because they were ordered and expected by Christmas and they would get there like a couple days after Christmas. And then it would be a nightmare. So I decided a and plus we got a roll of funds from each sale, I sell 100 shirts, I take that money, buy another, you know batch enroll it. And so we just need a little bit more fun to do the to the we got 50,000 in lawyers fees. You got to do stuff like that. Nick says, Nick, man, one of my number one stoners here says, If you quit do you have to stay in the Navy? Yes. This is Nick. This is how they get so many studs in the Navy. It’s not about the seals, the Admiralty and all that

the Navy doesn’t care about the teams, the seals. The SEALs is the thing that attracts all them, man, the whale able guys. And now you’re swapping a deck on a ship. It’s a lot better now. They have options. They’ve had some suicides and stuff from guys that quit. Because it’s so devastating to be as our parents were too hard on.

It’s no joke. Coronado Bridge Yeah, yeah, you have to finish your listening. They have options now. Where they take guys that that quit or, Hey, a lot of guests could have made it but they got seriously injured, or just got shafted. Listen, I can be standing in line like this. About to do a brutal run. Okay, and not feeling up to par. But then it got butts in front of me. I’m like, yo, what’s up, dude? But I let it go. We start running. He trips up in a hole and breaks his ankle. He’s out. I stay in. But that would have been me. If he would have to cut in front of me.

There’s about a billion different scenarios otherwise I wouldn’t be hunks in the Navy. Yes, that’s true.

Why does everybody avoid the SD VT SD v’s are totally volunteer. And I can’t talk much about I can’t say I can’t say a lot about it or much at all. But I will say that um it’s absolutely miserable because you’re cold wet and Sandy. 100% of time compared to 50% of time. And that’s a big difference.

Is it cold in Texas? Or if it’s cold in Texas? I don’t know. Would you recommend contract work? I would never recommend contract work. Unless you were a, a very, very trained up, operator, or you knew what the heck you’re doing, or you got some, some good skills, considering if you’re going to go to

static, I guess I would suggest static to some people with you have a little background, but but not mobile and other stuff because it’s dangerous, as soon as dangerous. Can I help you with a VA mortgage? Tampa Bay mortgage, Tampa Bay mortgage? I swear I went to your page. And it was very relaxing. I think that’s you. Let me see Hold on. type of a mortgage. I don’t think there was you. But anyways, thank you for that. You never know what I’m going to need one. Maybe I’ll get off house rest.

Maybe I’ll be able to come over to Florida. I love Florida. I went to Bay I went to I went to Jamesy. The Veterans Hospital in Tampa, Florida. That’s where I was at the hospital to paly traumatic work when I was

in the seals. But yeah. Reach out to me, Jimmy Watson [email protected] You fade your you fade your hair. I’m learning how to listen. I do all my work myself.

I just use a little bit of guard and just say that like me, but I have years of practice. Okay, I literally stand there and go and and you know, but if you ain’t if you want to practice bad things can

happen. Energize. Eat, sleep touchpoint repeat. It’s called wash. Repeat. Son Wash, rinse and repeat. What’s up? Have you heard from him? Got you glasses. much. Appreciate it, bro. Jimmy boy, thank you for getting some sunglasses. Awesome. I appreciate you. They’re significantly discounted. I hope you enjoy them. I’ve partnered up with Evan from from Where’s zoos? And he’s got some cool stuff. Great. Really cool ideas. And, and that’s what I’ve been working with with the shirts and stuff. He’s a good guy. Nice guy. Real nice guy. I have the tiger. What’s up?

What’s going on? Thank you to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for giving your truth. I’m in Australia. Brother, is it? Is this really true? I’m sorry, Samantha? Is this really true about what’s going on in Australia right now? I mean, because you don’t you just don’t know anymore. And you know, especially after what I’ve gone through in my life personally, two big times. And throughout my life. I just don’t believe anything anymore. Really. I don’t watch the news. You know, I keep myself censored. I keep myself not censored. I keep myself away from a lot of things on purpose. Because the influence it has on me. And that I admit that can have on me. Um, so is it really true.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, brother. Is it really true about Australia? What’s going on? Is it really crazy? Are they really doing crazy stuff? They’re really crazy restrictions. And my next question is why? If it is true, why? I think Australia started out with some convicts. I think him was pretty free place and pretty awesome place. I’ve been to Sydney, Perth and Darwin multiple times.

You prepare for pool bar by doing exactly what they say. And I was fortunate because my buddy had a pair of twin 80 tanks. I don’t know where he got them. And then he had the exact like, hoses and everything. And so we just practice till 4am in the morning. And then when they’re like an hour later, and I was like the first one in the pool, it was terrible, whatever. It was pretty bad. Yeah, that’s what I was talking about, though. Procedure, procedure, procedure procedure. You just can’t do enough of it. And you have to do so much of it. You know, I’m saying what would John say about Australia? I don’t know what he would say because actually, I do know what John would say about Australia. He would say once walked out of a bar, a pub. And he was about to go home back to the States America true story. And he said he was on some sometime psychedelic drugs of course, but he said that there was a there was a guy and he was playing the digital through Digi digital. You know what I’m saying? I’m from Texas, you know I’m saying, anyways touch point. The Digi does require this. That’s another word of trying to bring back some words going stains. So I’m trying to bring back quietness suddenly. I put the cue in quietness. Um, so he walked by this aborigine, and he was Aboriginal. What are those are some cool people? Aboriginals with like bright crystal blue eyes and blonde hair. Crazy, crazy. Island boy hair. Anyways, they’re playing the Digi Drew. He this guy’s playing the desert and he starts to talk through the desert. John McAfee swears he could talk. I would say he’s on psychedelics. John McAfee swears he’s on swears. The guy could talk through the Drew. So you don’t argue with John McAfee. So we kept that and then John McAfee decides to live with this aborigine for months, in learn how to play the desert, pays him a bunch of money. John Mackey was a multi multi multi multimillionaire and did all kinds of things. That’s how he could play the classical piano. That’s how he knew all these languages Mandarin Chinese, Russian, German, all kinds of stuff, you know, poetry 18th century poetry and in Mandarin Chinese.

Like bon allomi Oh, I mean, that’s how he sounded and then because he was doing the actual arm accent which was fascinating didgeridoo didgeridoo I can you know what I’m saying? That should be a rap song. What’s up?

Hey, Jimmy cattery here. I pronounced a pronounced cat cattery. Awesome. Thank you. Great seeing you. Awesome. See you, Baba bear. What’s up? Great seeing you. Thank you so much. Great seeing you. This person says What’s up Dave best. Dude. You just said touchpoint in Mandarin. Woohoo. I swear I did I think you’re right. I think I’m picking up that language. There’s a touch point language going on. We’re sending messages our quietus reverse majors magnanimous peacock toughly lions in your lion’s mane. It’s all over the place. Epstein and Maxwell you know what happened?

Rap Song Omar. What’s up gang? Did you say? Did you see she answered Jimmy? who’s leaving Brad still alive? Mom. What’s going on? What do you say? Did I see who answer cat

Oh no, this is gonna be hard. This may we may be your own cat to read cat Oh cat Terry. Category category category category. Kevin cattery hey I got like a GED I got a I got a university degree later on. But it was way later on. And it took like 20 years

okay it’s not impressive. You know I’m saying touch point matrix matrix stopped into say touch point off to bed see a deadlift daddy How much can you deadlift man before you go to bed? No. How much can you deadlift before you go to bed? I know it’s crazy. I have a lion’s mane on my alliance mains, and just iron my skinny jeans. Brother, I need you to help me come on. You’re in Texas right I need you to come over help me put on my skinny jeans now. It’s gonna be awkward. You face one way I face the other. I don’t know if that’s possible. But I bet you anything we can get this skinny jeans over over my ankle bracelet. Aren’t you do over here on scene three. Bill. This is no joke. It’s crazy. This thing’s huge. Can you imagine? When I first got that I was complaining. I was a mom. I wear this thing. How big it is. So got clients around it. There’s clients around it clients and clients and clients. And my mom was like, Listen you were destined for this. Jimmy? This is your time to shine. I’m like one. What are you talking about? Mom? This is my time to shine. The most masculine way possible. Thank you. cuttery Nick, Nick’s from Alabama. Don’t even try to get him to say cats. Korea category. I’m sorry, if we’re, if we’re not doing your name right? It’s not. That’s what’s frustrated by that. Sometimes people probably be like yelling in their phone. But it’s probably good for me because some people want to throw some tomatoes sometimes. Just keep it away from the belts in all nice. Well, I didn’t think we’re gonna bring that up anymore except for Nick and Nick’s Nick text me a picture of a of a power tool the other day and said, Does this turn you on us? It? did. I give you the content. You don’t give me content. I give you the content.

Okay, that’s what happens right here. Shad bear what’s going on Big Daddy. The most absolute Bailey way. Hey, we got to love each other up in here, but in the most masculine way possible. And sometimes the most feminine.

But never in between. Your peacock got to fly. Do this. Peacocks got to fly eventually. You know that? Note yourself Jimmy likes the belt. Come on. Come on the real pee man.

You don’t mean that dude. I thought we were friends. I thought we made a truce even though you’re from Oklahoma.

Nf T those paintings? If I if I even knew how to NFT I don’t know if I would know how to do it. That’s how complicated is. Everybody goes bro. You would make billions of dollars like Hunter Biden if you just NFT your painting. I said what a second of paint NFT on my painting. What the heck? Like it just put it put a November Foxtrot tangle. I’m in a sell for millions. Man, I’ve been on House Rez way too long. There’s like Back to the Future stuff up in here. If t what is it in it? Somebody tried to explain to me a while back. And I said man I started laughing What did you just say? Yeah, man sees just pause. Twist is please dog. You don’t mean people. I taught you that binge drink a little bit. Yo, pop was always tough one. I’m like brother. Thank you for saying that. But But please don’t say that in the middle of our prayer. I think it’s a little it’s confused and things up a little bit. Let’s Can we start over? We’re trying to pray here. Okay, I I’m just saying let’s. We got to get a little serious here.

I think considering the situation. Okay. What branch were you in Marines and Navy? Waiting on the ODB the OD green shirt. Can’t wait to rock it. Awesome. Those Those od greens are our money. They’re awesome. There. Somebody suggested those. I really appreciate whoever did that. It might have been dirty handsome fool. That that’s his handle name. I

have to say these handle names. Do you know how embarrassing it is to it’s like, it’s like ordering Moons Over My Hammy at Denny’s. Has anyone else? Just ashamed to go to Denny’s and order? Moons Over My Hammy?

Have you ever told that to a waitress? Oh my gosh, she she comes up to the to the to the table and you’re like you’re like, Um, can I get this please? Right here. And then she’s like,

which one baby doll and you’re like this one right here. And she’s like, Baby doll. And you know which one you want. Okay, and you’re like, cool, man. I’m the head of the hammy thing, whatever. The hams, the Hamlin, but the ham and eggs. She’s like, Babe, we got so many hands and eggs up in here. You don’t even know it. Which one you want. You’re like this one right here. It’s just like, I need to hear what it says. And you’re just like, Moons Over My Hammy. And she’s like, sir, I know you’re from Miami. What is the name of the breakfast you want? Okay,

we’re down south here in Alabama right in a mix backyard literally in his backyard. I mean, literally in his backyard. And your like moons, Moons Over My Hammy. My Hammy My Hammy Moons Over My Hammy, because that’s what I want. Okay.

In the most masculine way possible. Moons M O in s over my ma i EMI She’s like, sir we’re out of there. And you’re like, Please God no. Because you know what the next one is? You know what I’m saying? Were you a Navy SEAL? Yes. And then somebody else says what are you okay twice? Okay. Was SEAL team were you on STV team one for the most part, hardest evolution and first phase that’s hard to say because they’re all hard. They’re all that they’re all terrible. wouldn’t pick your poison. You want to kick your your legs off you know for two hours trying to make some brutal time for two miles swim with fins and ice cold water. That’s your hands out like this

because you’re so cool. Or you want to do hundreds of lunges with a log and then start doing lunges altogether brutal it’s all brutal. Hell Week is like basically one evolution

Nate said I don’t have much of a yard his woods. I know Nick That’s why I said that.

That’s why I said the Nirvana is am going to read that Nick. Come on, man. We’re trying to keep you like real up in your dog.

That’s funny. Yeah. Dude, you’re swole more now. Listen, if you were on House Rez doing my workouts which you can be very easily just don’t commit some crimes. Or don’t try to go do something live and then be accused of committing drought. You know what I’m talking about? Anyways, don’t get me started down the road. But I did release my top so your workouts man, and I hope that you’re doing now I didn’t know Goggins my buddy was was workout partner. Proud of you, Jimmy. Cya. Happy Thanksgiving. What? A jokes over when you got to explain it. Man. You can’t be explained your jokes. Why are you on house arrest? Hey, check out my videos. But also you can google my name. It’s in association with John McAfee’s alleged crimes. Thank you so much. What year did you enlist in the Navy? I’m not gonna answer that man. What’s up? I’m scared. In 2000 Well, 99 nine or 98 Barely was the Marines and then 2008 was the Navy. I love the flag on the shirt sleeve. Yeah, that’s cool. Right? The all the shirts, the OD green, the gray the black all have the flags on them. I appreciate everybody. Man. I’m gonna hang it up for the night started petering out of energy. You know. I noticed I just go 90,000 miles an hour and then I take a nap. And then I repeat wash repeat reverse matrix. Hey, I plan on doing some serious I’m I’m planning on doing some serious awesomeness with videos and all kinds of crazy stuff. Going to do some lives this week for sure. I’m going to try to do my live earlier I got on late tonight. I had some family over. And it was really good time. Okay, I hope that you’re enjoying your family. Or enjoying friends around you hope you’re not isolate yourself too much. I love to end on prayer. I know I know. We need we need hats. I know. But I would love to help everybody out. And I can’t talk too much about buds I can only say certain things. Sorry, man some some of these questions sorry. Our Israel female or Israeli females very attractive. I think there’s a lot of attractive females in every single country. We’ll go to my friend. He has pray please this let’s pray real quick. Jesus, I thank you for coming into this law. I thank you for meeting everyone’s needs. Just where they are right now. Right here. I thank You Father for the Holy Spirit to touch and restore in love each person on this live. Father, I thank you that you’re so compassionate, and so loving, that you’re able to meet us where we are right here. However we are right here right now. Father, I pray that you would be able to display your love and your compassion. There are no words to describe the love that you have for us. But this world has made stood all up. And I thank you for making everything clear right now. To everybody watching this. I thank you for touching people’s lives like you’d never have before healing people’s hearts restoring them to you. In Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Mighty Name, Yeshua, amen. Amen. If you need somewhere to go as funny Chateau 26910. That was really funny. If you need somewhere to go for Thanksgiving, go online. That’s probably a really actually good idea. Maybe there’s still gonna be some lonely people out there. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. I’ll be online before that. But all my loves y’all Erica, thank you so much. I appreciate you joining this live, and I appreciate everybody. This mighty warrior tribe, just simply wouldn’t be what it is. It wouldn’t be possible without you. And so I got a lot of love. And a lot of love for y’all. This person says, Jeremy says I was arranger and I’m spinning this holiday alone. Brother, one of my most lonely times of my life was when my was when my ex spouse left me. And it was on it was it was basically on Thanksgiving. And I spent this Thanksgiving in a hotel room. And

I had been through lonely times my whole life, but, but it was so lonely. And I’m not saying that to make you more lonely, but I am telling you right now.

There’s hope. And there is absolutely 100% of hope in Jesus and God. And sometimes sometimes we’re placing in in spots that God God allows I don’t like saying God does God allow us or that we purse other and he’s gonna allow for a time to bring us to him. bring us to a moment to cry out to Him, talk to him, and hear from him. Thank you so much for saying that. Appreciate everybody. 100% simplify, and I appreciate your service man. And if you’re going through something right now, I don’t know if you are or not, but it sounds like you are where you want to set that. I pray that you would feel the love that I got for you as a fellow servicemen and a warrior and I appreciate you service. But just remember your love. And you ain’t going to be alone. You’re not going to be alone. Because Jesus can be in that room with you. I promise you Jesus can absolutely 100% Be with you in that room. All you have to do is call upon the name of the Lord. Do you know King David said? He said If I ascend to heaven, God will be there. And if I make my bed and shield Gahanna hill there he will be also. Both love everybody. Good night. Thank you everybody.


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