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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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You know, I get arrested. I’m you know, I go with a peon I get out on house arrest. I’m on on 10 million pretrial here at the house. And

I bet I bet the end of my rope, I want to die. Because my life just did not

pan out to what I thought it would.

You know, everything was a it was a combination of everything. Well,

I see on TV, I never watch TV much I but I turned on TBN. And I saw this.

This, Mike Lyndale testimony, the my pillow guy, he said he had gone to Operation restored warrior.

I’m at the end of my rope, okay, I see this. I’m like I could get out of the house. See this operation restore warrior generally does it for veterans, but they do it for celebrity sometimes, too. And so I applied, they accepted me.

I get to go to this place. I just want to get off house arrest. For a couple days, I have to go through the judge the Texas judge to get cleared through my lawyer to my probation officer, all this stuff. I get to go.

Yeah, I like bank, I get to go to Operation restored warrior in Baltimore. of Taylor’s Island has anyone heard of Taylor’s Island, I go to Taylor’s Island, Baltimore, a really relaxing place. I just want to get out. They said Jimmy, all you all we want you to do is crack your heart open a little bit. And trust us just a little bit.

And so I had no option. But they said Jesus was gonna 100%

Turn, turn my life around. Jesus was going to 100% Talk to me. This thing is only three or four days.

And I’m like, No, not possible. And they say, Jimmy, we understand we have people talk like you. And in everyday for three times a day for three or four days, you sit around a table with three or four other guys, and you speak and you talk three times a day. You know, the table side dinner is so important for your families. If you have a family to sit down, if it’s just you and a little one, maybe a mom or dad, whoever it’s so important to commute every day at a table with somebody if you can, if you can.

And so we’re in operation restore. We’re in Baltimore Taylor’s Island, they say Jimmy, just crack your heart open this month I’m getting to this is my testimony of how I got on tick tock is crazy. Okay, I’m at the end of my rope, I want to kill myself basically, it’s over. Okay, I’m at Operation restore, where they say Gregory hold our heart open. For the first three days. It was terrible.

They had been I didn’t know they I didn’t know this. But they had been praying for me for a couple of weeks before. And I’m not really supposed to tell you that because you’re not supposed to really this type of confidential place. They like to keep it secret, but but they had been praying for me.

Okay, if they had asked the Holy Spirit to intervene in my life as I got there. Okay, so I’m at Operation restore warrior. Um, um,

I walked down this little creek bed next to this beautiful ocean sound.


unlike, I’m desperate for help. I’m absolutely desperate. In my life for for help.

And so I’m walking down the sound sound and I’ll never forget. I told Jesus while I was there, I said, Jesus, if you’re still in my life

if you’re still in my life

will you

if you saved me?

I’ll testify to the world. Whether it be one person or a million for the rest of my life. I will I swear, Lord, I swear to God, I said, Jesus, I will testify to what you did for me if you can save me from this hell

if you can save me from this hell, I mean, I will testify for the rest of my life.

And so I’m walking down this sound and I’ll never forget it.


there’s these ducks and stuff there. It was real peaceful

and that

The next day they they said, Jimmy, are you ready to be changed forever?

And I said, I said, That’s not consider.

I said, that’s not possible, man.

You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve done. You don’t know who I am.

These other kids, these other cats here, these other two or three guys here with me. They done Shi T compared to me.

And that’s a good thing for them. Cuz I’m going to hell, man

I’m going to hell.

Because I never, I never doubted Jesus or God, I doubted myself. And I knew that, hey, I had eff up my life bad. Because I hung out with all the wrong people. I hung out with the worst of the worst people in this world. And I say that cautiously because they were actually they’re just like me and you. But they’re just caught up in a hill. They’re just caught up in the wrong place. Wrong times. They’re caught up in a nightmare.

And they said, Jimmy,

Jesus don’t care what you done.

Jesus don’t care. He wants to save you here today today.

I said, I said, Man, I said, and I’m gonna say this very carefully. But I said, Don’t give me that shit, man.

I said, because that’s not how it is in this life

because all I know is pain, suffering,

heartache, grief, wash in repeat, reverse matrix that the all day long. And that’s what I know. And I don’t know any love. I don’t know any love from nobody.

I’ve been to the darkest places in the abyss of hell. Damn near literally.

And they said, Just bear with us, man.

And I said, I don’t know, man. I said you talk a big game. And where I come from people that talk like that are full of shit. Shi T.

Not much of a preacher. I am right now. But at least I’m telling you the truth.

They said Jimmy just

just cracked your heart open.

That’s all we’re asking is for you to crack your heart open.

And I said,

I said you really tell people this shit.

I said, You guys really tell people this. I submit I’m not trying to come up here to disrespect you. But where I come from?

Where I can touch point where I come from in this world. You tell somebody 100% change that Jesus can talk to him and their life is going to be 100% changed in the next day? You got balls been talking like that to me? You got balls, but I’m on house arrest. What the heck am I got to do what do I got to lose? I bought a huge

I bought a huge monitor here.

I got our two d two strapped to my ankle.

And I’m facing 15 years in prison.

And that’s on good time. That’s good service. And it’s not looking too good. Like I’m gonna be doing good type.

Because I’m wild at heart. And that’s just not how I roll. That’s just not how it is. And that’s not how it is a prison either. That she wouldn’t be locked down 24 hours a day.

They said Jimmy, just just bear with us here. I love you too, man. Bear with us. Crack your heart open just a little bit. And let’s just see what happens. I said I’m at your mercy.

They told us to go go out in the woods.

In speak to Jesus and just be quiet for an hour. I go out there.

I don’t feel nothing. I don’t hear nothing. It just it only serves to collaborate. What I’ve been saying all along but

Jesus Don’t speak to me. He’s left the building God has left me, and I am dead. I am the Walking Dead, you know that show.

What I meant was the great model.


we do some exercises and stuff, I will get too much into it.

But all the sudden, they show up the last night, I

were on the third day, we wake up, we go to the table, I’m exhausted from thinking about the past, for thinking about how sorry I am for myself, all these things. They say, Jimmy, are you ready today?

Are you ready? Today? This is your day. And I said, Man, you guys are crazy. They said, listen, dude. They said Jesus died in rose on the third day. Why can’t you believe that this same spirit that raised Him from the dead is about to raise you from the dead.

And I said, Man, I said that would be great. But inside I’m just going Nope. Well, I get with these two guys, these count these two counselors. They’ve been praying for me.

They say a little prayer. They say they say,

Jimmy, tell us about your your past. And I said, Man, you remind me of two FBI agents. I was like, I was like, I don’t even want to tell you anything. I don’t want to talk about my past to you. You wouldn’t understand it. It probably would sound ridiculously crazy anyways, and you wouldn’t believe it. I don’t care anymore. They say do Jimmy we’re not those people.

Were not too spooky. I see. It’s okay.

We’re not those people. Tell us what happened. So I told my pastor. So I’ve told parts of my past to so many psychiatrist and in mental places and hospitals and doctors.

all this different stuff. I told my story over and over and over and over to psychiatrist to to every doctor I was prescribed 30 different 33 different pills. It looked like a McDonald’s paper bag full of beds. As I live to my sorry, as s out of James Haley veterans Polly traumatic word.

I felt like I died overseas after T 11 deployments, depending on how you count them.

So here we are the third day or fourth day they said Jimmy, you ready? I said I’m ready. I do the air I do the interview. I’m going to do I’m so bored and tired of of talking about my test, talking about my past to people that I’m skipping through it real fast, and they don’t seem to mind. Some of my good let me go cuz I don’t want to talk about this anyways. And they’re like, hold on, hold on. fotomoto I stopped right there. Tell us tell us about this McAfee thing. And I said it’s nothing. That’s what that’s why I got the that’s why I got the R two d two on my ankle over here Dental. I don’t even go into it. And they said Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola.

And this is where my life changed.

They said they said Did Did that happen? Did that happen? At the such and such house?

The something boathouse I’m not gonna say that name.

And I said,

I said what do you say? They said, did that traumatic event happen at the such and such house? And you see, nobody else knew that name. Because it was a nickname that we named a mansion in the mansion was in the shape of a boat, a ship.

In every room had a grid coordinates a Latin long on it. It was named a certain name Tahiti, Thailand. It was a mansion shaped like a ship. It was on the Ocracoke sound.

That’s where my office was all kinds of.

And I looked at him and I said, bro, I’m a fragile man. And fragile dudes are dangerous. I said Do not mess with me. I started thinking this has got to be a reality show. This has got to be some type of a joke on Jimmy. I’m in the Twilight Zone. Rob Sterling, you’re smoking a cigarette over the corner. I’m like, and so I stand up and I say I’m out of here. I’m out here, man. They said whoa, hold on, hold on, hold on.

I said how do you know about this?

They say oh, he said

Sit down, Jimmy, I sit down, he says Jimmy, oh, you walk in, and there’s a Jacuzzi on the right side. And then there’s a screen door double screen door, you go in. And then there’s an armory, a gray door for weapons. And then he walked through the entire house.

And I’m sitting there just in shock, because he’s describing John McAfee’s house,

where I was, where this traumatic episode have all where it was a very, very terrible, confusing time.

And I’m just wide eyed like this. Because my life is changing before my eyes. You see, a psychic is the perversion of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the real deal, a psyche. Baby can tell your future from a fortune cookie, or maybe your last four of your social security number. But the Holy Spirit

might be speaking to you right now.

Because by the word of their testimony, the blood of the Lamb, they overcame all evil, and revelations 12 legged.

He continues to describe this home, this mansion.

And he walks through each level each floor. He talks about each room how it’s labeled, as if he’s walking through it downloading this telling me at Operation restore warrior, I started to cry, I start to ball.

I said this can’t be

I don’t tell you why it can’t be.

Look, there’s no way he couldn’t know this, however.

And I said, Okay, all right. So I get cocky, I say tell me more than I say I don’t believe you tell me more. You can look that up somehow. You can look it up. Tell me more. And this is the part where it’s hard for me to get through.

Because it’s proof by way of evidence, that that Jesus once you have accepted Him is with you always until the very end, no matter how much of a heated you are or how dark you are, or have become.

Jesus is with you until the end.

And how I can say that, for sure is what he said next to me. And what he said next to me, was this. He said, I said tell me more. And he looked at me cold dead eyes. He said

there was a path you used to walk behind the house


I’m sorry, but nobody knew about this path. Or the people knew about but

but the significance of the path was that I walked the path alone. And I and I got some type of resemblance and peace on this path as I would cry out to God.

So don’t ever ever, ever make the mistake again, of thinking that God is thought with you, or Jesus’s thought there with you right now in your darkest time

and then, sorry, I’m a mess right now.

So I’m in shock and I burst out crying

because the whole life my whole life. I thought that Jesus had left me

to die

it now these tears are tears of joy, joy.

Gears a ribbits

when I remember these things, I have to testify to it. The reason why I’ve testified to you right now is I promise God that I would get a bed of our word I or I try to be

so so the next time you think that Jesus is not with you,

he’s there with you. And

the other guy that was part of the meeting reached over and said of your left shoulder is hurt real bad, like a sword is coming out. And I looked at him and I broke down crying again because my arm was hurt over years of judgment and all kinds of stupid stuff. And my fingers were done and he reached over and prayed and it Jesus

Hilda, my left arm. Right, right did it there?

Another thing is psychic Kay do

so. So those two things, this is my testimony.

So they also said some other things that I won’t disclose here right now about my future.


that’s why I sometimes joke around and wear the shades and say, My future’s so bright. I gotta wear the shades. But I get home to answer your question.

I got home.


they told us to ask Jesus what he would have us do Dell, and I got a, I see things I know that sounds crazy. I’m careful with what I say here. Because it may sound too crazy. But I see certain things

in the Spirit, and I saw tic tock, I saw a clock. And I knew that was tic tock.

I wasn’t allowed to have social media in the seals, but but I knew what that meant. And so the first question is okay, what would you have me do it? When would you have me do it? I asked when, and I just felt like it wasn’t time. So I waited about a week. And then I started tic toc. It it blew up real fast.


the other revelation that I got it, because when I started Tic Toc, I tried to write down like this little cervid I tried to write down some things I was gonna say. And it sounded so crazy, and so outrageous, and I was like, it was like a teleprompter going by it was the worst pathetic thing you’ve ever seen. And I say, Jesus, I can’t do this. I’m not gonna be able to do this. And I’ll never forget, I looked up. I said, what I said, How do you want me to do this? I know it’s tick tock, but how I just asked him about everything. And I looked up and I saw

a flag that we have the house here to says, Be you.

For Baylor University, Texas, a relative goes there to college. But it said, be you and that’s what Jesus wants you to be right now. He doesn’t want you to be somebody else. He doesn’t want you to be me. He does want me to be you. He wants you to be you, who he really created to be. And I’ll tell you what, the same Jesus that rescued me and saved me from a life a hell is the same Jesus that can rescue you right now. And so I’m just gonna pray right now. Okay for everybody. Jesus, thank You, Father, for for coming down into this life. I thank you right now that you always answer my prayer. Father, I thank you, Jesus, that you hear my cry, and hereby apply for these people. These these men and women, these fine men and women of this tick tock of this life whoever is joined right now, I asked you to completely move to the power of my voice of the Holy Spirit on each and every individual that is heard my testimony today. That is hearing my words right now. I asked you for a complete restoration of the heart I asked you to linebacker tackle each and every person’s heart with the Holy Spirit. Father, I thank you for all this. I thank you for healing and restoration in peace right now. Peace, Lord, I asked you for the same restoration and freedom that you gave me that day. Out out in operation restore warrior

in the body, David G’s Abia.

I pray that everybody received something for this.

I pray that everybody is receiving

the Holy Spirit right now.

You know what Father will turn away a son or a daughter

with a stone or a snake or a scorpion.

If that child comes up and asks for a drink of water, or a piece of bread,

what Father will turn away their child think about that.

All you have to do is ask and receive it today. Jim, I love you. I see you Nick Abian Nick says

Amen. I love you. He can’t possibly know what you just did. Brother. I really love you, man. I don’t know. But I do know that Jesus.

Jesus his movie in your life, Nick and everybody in here

now back to the original question. Someone says Jacob, do you really like the four non blondes? Let me ask you a question Jacob.

I know that you got something from this.

But what are you really, really, really here for? What are you really asking right now?

I think that you’re asking for a piece of bread and a cup of water. And that’s what Jesus is willing to give to you right now.

Yes, far glory says. He says come to me all who are heavy burden, and I will give you rest.

Who wants rest right now? All my love for everybody guardian 36 I love Oklahoma, you know that.

Even though you don’t live in Oklahoma, you changed my life.

Thank you. Very, very humbling.

You are awesome. But now you’re really awesome brother. Love that you’re not ashamed of the Lord. I’ll tell you what if you’ve been down to the depths of despair that I have been in, and then you’re rescued by Jesus, not Buddha. Anybody else if it was booed, I’d be screaming his name.

But when you call upon the name Jesus, Yeshua, Yahweh, from your heart, when he saves you from the life of a life of hell

and impending do

that then that’s when did that’s when this is the most middle minimal thing that I can do for God is what I’m doing right now.

I see you perfect patriot, in fact that I’ve seen you this whole life.

I’ve seen all your called it’s

sometimes with a when I testified and tell the story. It’s hard to get to everybody but I love all y’all

Thank you for saying that. No Shi t here. I was four to three ratar O brother. Thank you for saying that. You know, David.


Ohio loves you. Thank you for saying that. Thank you so much. Guardian. 36 man love you, brother. Deck. Love you. You’ve given hope. Whether it wasn’t easy at all. I was so hopeless, Nick. And makes me want to cry. But I appreciate you say that. Because I get it. I know what it’s like to be hopeless in this world.

So glad I found your page when I did. But uh, thank you for saying that. Jesus worked through my girlfriend today. That thought that brought to tears. Love you brother Toady. All my love for you today. My brother. I really be there. We love you too. Jimmy.

Brady, Kid gamer love you to tie. I see you. I see you tie.

Ties. A good friend of mine. ties a special man. And he’s been through a lot in this life. And he’s a he’s a true G GTG bow tie. I love you.

I see you I see all your stuff Ty’s been an instrument of, of humor

in these lives, and it’s been so great.

Hey, if if you haven’t gotten yourself a touch point t shirt yet. You can get them through my merch link.

I just want to be your friend. Doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters in this world.

We’re getting the we’re going to begin the wubi hoodies. sweaters for Christmas. We’re good. We just got the

green OD green. Somebody suggested OD green shirts touchpoint shirts. And so we got the OD green now. This guy’s cool, man. Evan, he’s on top of it. He’s like OD green. Okay, so we got these OD green shirts. Like the military shirt. I can’t wait to get mine. It’s the green one. With touch point on it.

I love all y’all hazard cut hazard county hot rods. Ooh. You know it’s my dad’s birthday today I gotta get going. I love all y’all Okay, he’s probably so tired of me yelling in his house. But they get it they support me they understand it.

Jimmy I don’t talk as much as I maybe should but your story broke me in tears reminds me in my past. James doesn’t it though. This this this.

This testimony is for you. This testimony when it linebacker tackles your heart. It’s for you. You know, it’s for you. In Jesus is speaking to all of us. When we believe can’t presume sin and love brother, everybody that didn’t decide to say something that’s on here.

I love you. I love you and I appreciate all the ones who did decide to say


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