#024 Audio: Another Amazing Podcast! (10/26/21)

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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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What’s up everyone? Man stains like bro, what’s up magnet? What’s up? What’s so called? Magnificent Picasa I need to move this back now. This is crazy right here. What’s everybody doing? Harley Davidson? Nah, you know? Not a long time you know my brother you know I’m saying

I don’t I don’t I don’t ride no more bro you know what I mean? Hey, what’s going on brother? What’s up master? Yo yo, are you just an NPC or what? What does the MPC mean? What’s up, man? What’s that mean? Bro? What’s up? You like my sunglasses? Man. Hold on. I take my nicotine gum out, man. It’s kind of a bad deal. You know

what’s everybody doing a day? What’s everybody doing? What’s touchpoint What’s up my brother? What’s going on? Dude? What y’all doing? What y’all doing player? Nah, in a I’m scamming what’s up. What do you mean? I don’t understand, man. Sometimes I’m stupid, bro. And I just don’t understand. Okay. Oh, okay, man. That’s cool. You’re playing? That’s cool, man. Thanks a lot, bro. Appreciate that. Sometimes, man, sometimes I’m kind of like slow, bro. So, you know you got to like, tell me stuff. You don’t say you got to feed me a little more information. Do you own any Sheba? No way. I don’t own it. I would never own Shiva. You know, you know, man, never. I don’t play that game, bro. My house arrest you. I’m saying that’s what that’s why I’m on house arrest, bro. Can you mess around, son? Why is it up? Or what? What’s going on? Wow, what happened? Let’s go Brandon just came in. How do you stay so positive? My dude. Hey, man, let me tell you something player. Oh. I’ll tell you the only way. I mean, I’m talking. I’ve done all the Adderall. You could do. Like all of it at one time. I’m done coke. Everything you can imagine ever drink. And it was only until Jesus literally restored my life. It was so my brother. Jimmy is the best. Thank you so much. Hey, I’m skin. Love your name. And man. I love you for saying you love my videos. But I love you anyways, man. I appreciate you saying that though. I don’t know. I don’t know how long I’m on house arrest. A whole flown flee. Not forever. You know? Things are going good. I can just say that. I can’t talk about my case. But things are going good. You know? But how do I stay? Hey, thank you so much. Love you brother. Appreciate you. Touch point. touch point. touch point. Lions pain lions Emma lions, man. What’s up? You know, I had to give up. One of my one of my lady friends to do these lines. You don’t saying? Alright. Alright. My mom did it. Alright. I don’t care anymore. It’s time to tell the truth about everything. Wait, that’s not the truth. My mom didn’t do this. Even if I did it. My mom want to do this. You’re practicing your touch point where you better practice some more. You know I’m saying because the day ain’t over yet, son. I’m glad you’re doing that. I really am. What’s up fear of the beam? What’s fear of the beam? That’s scary. Like don’t go to the light. You know I’m saying Chuck Brock. You amazing I like your name anyway, son. What’s up? You’re amazing. Jimmy was oh, Mofo what does that mean? You are allowed to have lady friends in the house man. I was awestruck. It’d be hard to pin here bro. You know I just live with my mom dude. You know, my my. My future is uncertain son. However, People send me cool hats in apparel to where people just send me stuff and I’m like, Look, I wear it. Oh, that’s cool, man. You just cracked fresh beer, bro. You know you cracked like five before that. Let me guess you’ve had that. Well, you said fresh beer. So you’ve had four, four and some change. You left one over to your right side. And it’s got like a quarter of it still. There’s kind of warm. You know what I mean? I just know things, man. I don’t know how I know things. What do you do with your time at home? Well, this right here, Sir William. I do a lot. I do a lot. I do this I do my tic tock videos. I’ll say super busy man. I learned in the seals I learned in the military and learned throughout my life that Jimmy Watson has got to have a plan. So do you. I got to be disciplined. So I try to stay disciplined you don’t say, bro that art though. Awesome. You should not do live painting sessions really? Cool. You know? I should get some box one. And just have you come over you don’t saying we do this? So paint together? You don’t mean? Alright, maybe not. Are you from America? Well, yes. Where are you from to ask me there? What’s going on here? What happened?

Don’t you see that? The American flag up here. Don’t you know what touchpoint means? Yes, I’m from America. You know I am. Will there be a book in the future? Yeah, of course. I’m a seal you know seals got to have a book about their dog how to how to make your dog a seal. I see. I literally saw that once. How to make your dog a Navy SEAL. I said, Man, this is got this is out of control. Hey, what’s up, man? I’ve seen a big long message. You ain’t Mike? What’s up is this is girlfriend. Hey, bud. Thank you for calling me weeks ago. Sorry to answer my PTSD put me in the hospital. I’m so sorry, man. I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I’m sorry about that. And when I say sweetheart, if you’re a dude, that’s why I called you sweetheart. And that’s what I do in the most masculine way possible. And I’m but I’m very sorry to hear that. You know, I was in and out of mental hospitals and Polly traumatic or death or TBI. I’ve been there I’ve done it. A hung myself in a mental hospital. And that’s hard to do. That takes a lot of planning and a lot of procedural things. But man, I’m telling you all jokes aside, Jesus saved me from from all of it. And what a nightmare it was. You know what I mean? What a nightmare was he was really hard. How’s my day going? Brother infantry army about to go Ranger School man. That’s, that’s great. You know, Rangers are like the humble Marines. I was a Marine. So I can say that. Rangers are like the humble Marines. You know, the Ranger bat test. They got a tradition. I think they may have did away with it recently. But it’s where you used to open pickle jars. You know, saying What’s up my brother. You had to open some jars and they were like on on a certain amount of pee. I was at PTSD. But psi, same stuff. It’s same thing. PTSD, psi is the same thing. You’re under a bunch of pressure by to explode. That doesn’t necessarily mean PSR. But whatever. You got me. You look tough, dude. Well, books are very deceiving. I’m so glad you’re still here. Jimmy. Got so good. Pa. Hello, long time ago. I said how do you say peel knee? And she said it’s Mia with a P? And I’ll never forget that. I don’t forget your name. When you say can’t? Can’t? Can’t corn donor says Stolen Valor. Listen, do you know that you can steal someone’s valor? You probably didn’t realize that you can actually steal someone’s valor. But it would you say Stolen Valor. And you can actually steal my valor if you’re wrong. So man, I encourage you to do some research buddy do it. It’ll be good for you. And everyone else, you know that’s dangerous business making claims like that. If you haven’t researched you know, all my loves you though it’s okay. It’s all good. I get it a lot in it. Let me tell you something. Just because you didn’t do your dream where you couldn’t accomplish your dream. I say this in the most respectful way possible. Does it mean someone else didn’t do their dream and wasn’t able to do their dream? Praise the Lord keep up the hard work, sir. Thank you. sweepy was up sweet baby pea. Hey, how you doing? What is the decompression chamber? Well, it’s what I did 13 times in a row in Table nines extensions. It’s terrible. table down extension is the long I don’t know if you know that. Are you testing me whatever but the longest you can do pure Oh at a certain time is a table nine, which is nine hours but you can’t be on pure oxygen for for that longer you’ll get some Oh to toxicity. And that’s like season out and stuff that’s just part of diving in, in a highly dive intensive unit. And sometimes that happens. I wish you were closer to any Apalis Indiana laws lol Janus. I wish I wasn’t. No, I wish I was anywhere but house arrest. Okay, can I do SEAL training without having to get shipped off or without getting a contract? Hey, hypnotized. You just want to stay at home and then the seal instructors will just come to your house and just do it there. And so if you if you don’t make it a winner, you can go a frigerator whatever you want. You can sleep whatever you want to me. You got to do a contract. Yes, sir. Yes, you have to do hypnotize

you, you’re gonna have to get shipped off. You’re gonna have to go to the Navy to do the Navy SEALs. It’s a part of the Navy touchpoint drink. Oh, Drake. I love Drake. Drake be like, Drake be like back in Gibeah. somebody the other day said something rude or something. I know. Is that weird? Like to me? I mean, I’m a likable guy. And lo and behold, Jay Drake, the snake comes in and just I pounces. magnanimous, you can’t be Les Brown. No, you didn’t. I just started. Hey, that’s a good idea. Andrew, that’s a really good idea to do a live workout. That means I just turn on my video at any time during the day, because I’m always working out. I’m always working out this vein right here. That’s what’s up. Because you know, I don’t work out all day, you know, I don’t even work out to a 10th of a percent of the day, whatever that means. So you were low. Let me see. Let me see what you say, man. I want to hear this. So you were low on Oh, two. So you had to go in pure oxygen? I’m not testing you actually don’t know. Oh, I like that. Then that takes me off my guard. So then I can just start to just infiltrate your system like that. Oh, to do that one day. It just blasted me with ototoxicity. Or sorry about that PTSD moment. Everybody. I love you. Sup Jimmy? What’s going on? Where are you located? I am located in your house right now. Or wherever you are. I mean, your hands actually. somebody the other day was like, bro, you’re nuts, man. You’re nuts. I’m like, I’m nuts. But I mean your hands right now. I want you to philosophically think about that. Because I’m not even prophesying to you because that would be a future sale. But this is present tense right now. I’m in your hands. You’re calling me nuts. Listen, think about that. Okay, think about that when you go to sleep tonight, not too long. Anyways, no, I had an arterial gas embolism and I went to the die chamber and Mutsu one over in Hawaii pro Peninsula when I had a diving accident as a seal during the visit board search and seizures. Okay, visit board search and seizure visit board search and seizure. I held my breath I went down I became a hypoxic seas the out was going towards the bottom of the ocean because we were doing a deep dive and we weren’t tandem in and I hit my buddy he thought I was a shark EP cracked by set you more bottles of pop up, twist and squeeze. You know the deal rocketed like Superman to the top. Because the greatest change in pressure is zero to 33 at a feat. Believe it or not the greatest change of the greatest change of pressure. Before you blast me look it up on Jeopardy. The greatest change of pressure is zero to 833 at a fee. That’s why you have shallow water blackout and all kinds of problems. Shallow shallow water, that’s why you never want to hold your breath in shallow water. Anyways, that arterial gas symbolism created a problem had to go the dive chamber for two weeks straight one day break. Seven days on one day off six days. I think it was something like that. And also ICU for two days dying. But I made it okay, I’m okay. All right. nusil program work from home. Isn’t that what it’s getting to? I think it’s getting to that. Some people be asking me Hey, man, can I become a Navy SEAL from home? Can I become a Navy SEAL from my room? And I’m like, Cool. Of course you can. It’s easy play Call of Duty, and then say Stolen Valor. Every time you see somebody that has tattoos in a beard claiming to be a seal. Anyways, I’m in DFW Hart after he slept with hundreds of women. What Chuck Brock what? You had a heart attack. Tech are who had a heart attack after he slept with hundreds of women? Well, yeah, I mean, I would too if it was at the same time, brother, man till that dude, whoever that is to chill out on that stuff seriously, that’s no way to be man. That’s no way to go. Especially if they bring box wine over. I mean, can you imagine that? I don’t know why you would want to bring box wine over to that event. Did you ever work with the SBS? Absolutely, I did. I’m British. SCS has their seal side. The Navy SEALs side of the counterpart of seal of the of the bridge SS or SBS. And I was a roommate with one SBS. Hey, they all have abs. They’re much more skinny than us. I’m not saying anything. I’m not saying they don’t work out because they’re their beast. But hey, man, you ain’t you ain’t. You ain’t doing bicep curls like seals. We chug beers and do bicep curls. That’s our workout.

What’s up? Chuck Brock, what do you mean by that? Being with a bunch of girls and then he had a heart attack in the same bed. What? Who? I hope it wasn’t a family reunion. That’s all I don’t care. I’m no judge. Did you ever worry. Okay, I got that. Yeah, I got you. When you get off house arrest. You should come both not with me in Washington State Hall. Thank God you didn’t say Washington DC. So oh my god, I can’t I can’t do it. Although I love the the monuments and stuff. But I love I love Boland, man. I love it. No, I don’t have a bone frog tab. That’s the one tattoo I don’t have. No, I don’t but that’s a great question. What’s up brother touchpoint. Stash operator man you mom, you my man. Do you look like my brother, son, brother from another mother? Dude, I’ll join. It’s awesome. But it’s awesome. What’s everybody? Where’s everybody from? I’ll do is I’ll do a shout out. I’ll do more than a shout out for you. You don’t say like, you’re never going to come to a live where the person answers every single person’s amazing question no matter how heinous it is. No matter. Look, let’s just get this one thing out of the way. The camera ants about 20 or 30. dents, lean titanium alloy muscle pounds. Okay. Don’t think I work out all the time. All right. They should ask silly questions if they don’t want silly answers. That’s right, PA. If they don’t want silly answers, then don’t ask silly questions. Because that’s what happens. Like this app, somebody said this to me. Hey, for sale, I just was up. That’s what I do. If you got some merchandise you want me to represent on these things. I will wrap it as long as it looks cool. I’ve gotten Stolen Valor a few times after retiring this year, since I’m long hair hippie dude now, yet, you know, you it’s a really, really, really lousy and sad thing to do to not do your research. Because, you know, I’ve seen it. And I’d also been on the other end of it. And I don’t really care. Because it’s kind of a compliment. If somebody says Stolen Valor, that means that they’re saying that you can’t obtain what you obtained. And they can’t obtain it. So now because they can’t obtain it, there’s no way that you could obtain it. But you did obtain it. Because they couldn’t obtain it perhaps even though I’ve said obtain it like a bunch of times. You know what I’m saying? That’s what I have to say about that. That’s all I got to say about that. Check it in from Miami. What’s up Miami? I love Miami. I love the shoulders for boaters. I know the camera. Okay, the camera adds about six, seven inches on each side of my shoulders a muscle and that’s just a fact. You know, I’m saying I still need info for your watch. Bro. Did you ever message me? I messaged you 20 times I want a big ol bling bling Lambo. mazaraki wants from you. And I never got it from you, brother. Please send me an SME an email to Jimmy Watson. [email protected] The more flashy the better. Seriously, because I got to see if it’s here. Check it out. Just look at this. Whew, I need that custom watch man and I will sport your stuff. I will I will wear it. I’ll be like what’s not believe me? But I needed to match my green eyes. Okay. All right, or I needed to match these all American touchpoint mandates. These are the new met this is the only mandate that you ever need if you were these you don’t have to be mandated by anybody more you don’t have to go on a mandate. You don’t have to get mandated. This is the mandate you know, that’s funny. Oh, man, you’re pushing boots up at RTC Dang. Then they’re never never pushed the boots, but I know what you’re saying. Touch your nose and mouth.

Till nice, drip. Nice drip? Is that some kind of cocaine term? Because I remember that. That’s the old Jimmy and now that’s not me. Now, a lot of people they don’t want you want some FBI? Listen. Custom watch Jimmy Watson at Jimmy Watson [email protected] If you want one of my top picks of the sunglasses, the FBIs Yes, there are a pair FBIs freedom glasses me a PA just said freedom glasses if you want one of these pair just go to the link my merch link on my page. That’s all you got to do. And you can pre order a bunch of touch point shirts so we can get this army started. What’s up? How’s that drip? That was funny. Somebody said some band aids. Jimmy stay on by cash mandate is okay. I can’t read everything and allow bro I’m sorry. Jimmy stay on point. We’re fighting style. The SEALs do sauna. They do the Jimmy is what they do ever since I joined and went through. They’re like no, we’re we’re adopted the Texas tornado. And that’s just basically you take a 40 Teach hand, slowing it down and then just start swinging. You don’t I mean, when you go out you get 86 from everyday bar in San Diego, that’s for sure. But but for real. I would start out with jujitsu as your base for five years. And then I would do stand up and I would do stand up with Muay Thai. Thai is such an excellent base. Because it’s like one kick hospital to kids. You’re going to the funeral home you know, whatever. Yeah. Man day thing was funny. I have all day brother. You were on House rescue would think of very funny things like this too. You know? He needs to what the? What he needs that one from the bizarre outside outside. What’s up? That’s where I live homie. You can come hot down here with my husband. We will love that. I would love that too. Thank you. That would be great. I would love to get all house arrest. This person says wear a mask bro. Why? So my say my somebody said My nose is cute. I know it is. Is that why you want me wear a mask? You don’t want to see my pretty little nose against you, man. I my nose been smashed so many times against my face. Hey, whatever. What about the FBI glasses? Hey, I got some. I got some. I got you, bro. Cuz someone told me. I need it. Anyway, sorry. Sorry. You’re one. Head into work. touch point. That’s all you have to say. Head into work. touch point. Head into work. touch point. Head into work. Totally hidden that work to the point up in my studio to teach you here. What’s up. All right. Where’s my fire? Where’s all my fire men and women? Where’s my fire department? Where’s my touch point department? Who’s part of the touchstone touchpoint department who wants to be part of the touch point department. That’s what I’m part of the Tatanka touchpoint department. You know you like this Remember to Tonka. What’s up? Fear of the beam? I like that. B Dubs. 187. P tuffs. 187. No, she said she just said no. No to my drip. No. Oh, that’s a drain Jimmy. Oh, my bad homie. Nick. I was. That’s what I that’s what I meant. Okay. I didn’t mean cocaine’s old school. Me. That ain’t me anymore, man. I don’t know what’s going on. What happened? How’s Tookie haven’t seen him in a while. Don’t appear don’t imply that I did something to Turkey. He’s here. Just because you ain’t seen him in 24 hours. Don’t mean he’s not perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean he’s not been waterboarded just means he’s okay. You know what I’m saying? Potty Training Part is potty training. Drip means you got a fire outfit on. Oops. Yeah, yeah, I knew that. Oh man I in where I come from drip means that you’re doing cocaine. Oh man, I’m sorry. My bad, my bad that then just hurt that just hurt us How am I ever going to get a step in life? I mean, what happens when I go to 711?

And they’re like, Well how much? This is gonna be $20 for the slurpy slurpy drip and I’m like who you saying slept on? Who you say insulin drip? What’s up? And they’re like Sir that means you got a great outfit on slurp slurp driven you slip means you got a great outfit on. And I’m going yeah, I’m my bad my bad I wouldn’t I wouldn’t house rested. 1980s Okay, I’ve been on house arrest since 1980. My bad. Oh, man, I’m so sorry. What else we got? Can you explain touch point? Listen to me. Listen, listen, listen, listen, touch point. Okay? Is when your secondary becomes your primary. Your 90210 becomes a new zip code in your life. You got to transition from your primary peace to your secondary okay in life. Because in the seals in the seals, you know, you shoot pop up, trap, trap, trap music trap music trapping tatata tatata. And then you let it hang you drop it. Okay. Listen, a lot of people tell me, man, you don’t make any sense whatsoever. But I just love you. And now everything makes sense in my life. And I’m like, I told you, I told you, I told you that would happen. So touch point in the seals is when you it’s your secondary backup when you go to emergency. And that means your your fingers right here. A touch. They touch the point, you know, I mean, I don’t know. Forget that. But they touch your the handle of your sight piece. I call it my 90210 PS. Because somebody rag on me one day, they’re like, that’s not the proper nomenclature. Like they were in the seals for 30 years. You know me. I’m like, Yo, dawg. I know now it’s gonna be not Oh, 210 peace, because that’s what we just did. I just named it the 90210 Pete, because of you. Now everyone’s gonna know what your side pieces your side pistol as a 90210 peace. So anyways, what I’ve learned in life is that you’re not you’re your secondary, you know, you’re that touch point. All my life, it was my secondary. If your primary goes down, pop, pop, pop pop up. Third, you drop lead hang and you’re like this at the same time. And then you’re drawn up slick rink, right? Sleep, right? Sleep, right? And then you’re like, roll out, roll the trigger, squeeze, well, in. That’s it the seals that’s in the military. That’s PTSD. So now my touch point, thank you for asking, Is my Bible. Because my touch point now is my primary, my primary go to in emergencies, which is which can be every day, my you, you don’t come in, if you out there right now are going through a big thing in your life, a really big thing. And you got to be able to go to your primary and your primary, your touch point. You know, in the seals, It’s life and death. If you miss your touch point, meaning if your fingers miss your side piece right here, and you let go past it, or you fumble around or you fumble and do this man, it’s over. The enemy will overtake you, especially in close quarter battle. 10 feet away. If I go in a room, and he takes three round bursts of me pop up in stitches, the dirt wall beside me. Okay, and I don’t get killed. And I go good. And I’m like, oh, no, if I check it or do anything weird, you’re dead because he takes another burst at you. But when I dropped secondary, in, roll, roll out, that was my emergency that saved my life. Well, your emergency in life has to be something substantial. What is substantial, it can’t be alcohol, that doesn’t work. You can’t be drugs, the drip, drip, Slurpees color. It can’t be women or money or titles or men, whatever porn, pornography all these things. It has got to be the word of God. It’s got to be Jesus. So Jesus is my touch point now. Jesus is the only way and the only hope and in the only future for anyone out there. Trust me. If you think I’m full of it, let me tell you something. Okay. I’ve tried everything. And I’ve been around men, all my life warriors, mighty boys that have tried everything. And it all comes to the same thing. Either suicide, depression, horrible things, and nothing goes right or or you turn to Jesus and the Texas tornado turns into a light House.

One was wind coming to and fro, dispersing, causing terror causing chaos. The other allied house now for Jesus can take 20,000 tornadoes over and over and over and nothing fazes it. It’s cylindrical, it’s a foot wide and concrete. But it’s on the fringes of society and maybe right now it’s reaching out to you. And if you need help, if you need me, you reach out to me and I can help you. Because if you’re looking at me and you feel lost in your heart, this is no coincidence. There’s no coincidences in Jimmy Watson his life after Jesus came in and restored me the only reason other than just just pure mercy loving kindness he saved me is is to save you through me through a lighthouse. If you’re seeing this beam, it means you are a lost ship in the night and trust me, I know a lot shipping the night when I see one and I see one right now. Okay, if you’re that last tip of the night, reach out to me DM me direct message or email me and Jimmy Watson [email protected] And I very well may can help you beyond your imagination. Because it’s not going to be for me, because anything from me any video from me is a disaster. When Jesus is working through with the Holy Spirit is working through me into a video, then now you have something very substantial and a life saving thing. I really believe that. I really believe that today. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for saying that. I appreciate you that dollar store gear bro. User. Why Why? Why? What is dollars? What is dollar store gear mean? I like dollar store gear. But I can’t go to the dollar store. I wish I could who’s cute? Who is Q? Who’s Q? I’ll touch my nose. If I know who Q is what was took his class number. His number was one cuz he’s number one in my life. Okay, you’re number one tune off. That’s your class number one. And little turkeys number is one as well. Because if you told him to, or my classes or anything else, he would be so hurt by that. And he turns into a wild animal. He there’s no telling what he can do to you. There’s no telling what Tookie will do. Okay, at a certain hour just like Halloween comes around and midnight happens. Every time he has sundowners in sundowners is when the sun goes down. And then you go crazy. And that’s all I can tell you as Tookie goes absolutely crazy. Took is my little dog. Mom’s dog, I claim is my dog. But he he’ll go crazy. He really will. And He’ll bite your hand off. Drip is like jewelry. Ooh, or close. I thought that was like, she’s dripping with all kinds of diamonds. You know that that’s different. But when we say drip on this piece, and I’ve been on house arrest is 1982 when froms Just kidding. Thank you for the call. Brother. You boosted my day for sure. Hey, thanks for recognizing that man. I really appreciate any kind of help. In any kind of encouragement that I get I just all my love. Hey, if you want to arm if you want to check out some pictures of me in the seals are blah, blah, blah, or pre order some touchpoint shirts, or pick out one of my magnanimous peacock sunglasses or the green machines or the FBI or they’re all American mandates. I mean, not mandates. touch points. Then please go to my merch site. Check it out. Look around and be like this guy’s crazy. What’s out? Anyways, thank you for your service. Thank you Johnny for saying that. I appreciate you. Thank you for that deer hunt invitation. Hey, no problem, man. Oh my love I didn’t mind at all calling you mighty got the drip. Don’t even trip for real. What’s up? Another rapper up in here.

When I see you, I think of David in the Bible. Chuck Brock, thank you so much for saying that. You know, I’m humbled because when I see you, okay, I see a mighty warrior. That’s why my tic tock game is mighty warrior. I’m not calling myself a mighty warrior, but I’m calling everybody Here’s the call a mighty warrior spirit. You understand, Todd Paul. I said that because somebody said touch point anytime I see touch point I’m obligated to say touch point. If you don’t know what touch point is go to my site. Hey, follow me. Go to my son folder check out check out the videos. I promise you. If you hate me you’ll um you’ll start to love me. Maybe because it took you my dog but whatever you know he loves you. But thank you for that compadre. Me hermano. What’s up my brother? Keep us all right. Touch your nose. If Squeezy is breezy, I can’t touch my nose. If I don’t know who Q is. Let me know who Q is. I may touch my nose. I mean, I can find it. My nose is small. So Johnny says I read up on you. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m really sorry. Because I always tell people do that at your own peril. It’s not I have a disclaimer. They should put a Google Disclaimer, disclaimer on my name saying, warning. Be careful. So I read upon you and you’ve got a crazy story. Man, I got a couple crazy stories. My life has been crazy. I’ve been a part of a couple big political events that were not related. Mm, yeah. And it’s a story of redemption, a story of tragedy to triumph. And I’m telling you, other than the grace of God, Mercy of God, I’m telling you, the only reason is to do this right now for you to you know, and it was all worth it. If I can help people out in which we do do that a lot. Judo is pretty good for fighting, the untrained Judo is great. But you have to understand something about these different things. That’s great. But that’s assuming you get close to a guy that that is willing to go to bang out and stand up and a lot of street fights unfortunately, a lot of them today and stuff. You can close in and grab somebody, but a lot of altercations and stuff, they they’re not a violent flurry. You know, they’re they start off as kind of a talking trash or they’re borderline just like in prison. They’re borderline they’re already borderline that somebody said something somebody somebody said something to somebody and then it’s and then it’s a bad bad situation. It’s never fist it’s something else is really worse. But But Judo is great. I agree with you in some context, but but man stand up is is key. You don’t want to go to the ground. That’s why I suggested jujitsu in the movie Thai. Muay Thai is hard. I didn’t really tie in and I actually was living in Thailand doing Movie Talk in costume we can’t beat a haymaker yeah yes that’s what I’m trying to say you know stand up in you know there’s guys that just throw haymakers out there and if they lay and it can be devastating, especially with are lining up on you to cakes to the coffin Yeah, that was a Mirko chrome coughs policy. And but but he comes from that that he comes from Muay Thai background or kickboxing and stuff like that. It’s it’s a very brutal, brutal sport. And that’s why you want to you want to be good at your ground game and if you’re not comfortable with your ground game you want to rush I’m not I’m not promoting body but but that’s what you want to do close close the gap real quick. Close the Gap. He gots the milk. What? Todd What’s up, man? How you doing brother love tie tie? Sounds from one of my number one supporter. She’s amazing. It’s like he’s doing house shows with me. It’s crazy. When you think you’ll be off house arrest Mantar? I don’t know, brother. I don’t know, man. I’m looking at good things. So get a good future brother. Things are good for me. Things could not be any better right now. I can say that. Can’t say much about the, the the case and stuff. You know, I got some people that hate me and want to do things to me, but it’s okay. I can handle it. I’m a big boy. Hey, oh, how long were you a seal eight years, my friend eight years. But I love to see I love the seals. I love the teams. Man, it was devastating to leave it leave the teams. It’s hard when your dream gets cut off and a lot of warriors get cut off by bad accidents and stuff. I was kind of naive to think I can make it through the SEAL teams without an accident or something like that. Hey, brother, what do you think about the force jab mandates?

Well, let me just put it like this. I didn’t join the military, to debate of vaccines. I joined to serve my country and go to war and possibly die. And I actually had no problem with that. You go to and when I speak for seals, here’s the problem. Let’s I’m in a SEAL team, right? And we’re on a workup, workup, sort of brutal hard. Millions of dollars poured into one operator. Okay, now, let’s say the SEAL team is this body one seal to seal to tune his body. Okay? You got the lieutenant, you got the chief. Okay? You got Jimmy down here, whatever you don’t say, but you got everybody’s like an arm or leg, you know. And you got these two left and right flank guys that are carrying him 60s and stuff. And they’re the right arm in the right in the in the left arm, right? Well, well, let’s say one guy just don’t sell. It doesn’t take the vaccine. Well, now, he’s literally, it’s the most selfish thing that you could possibly do in the seals, because you literally just screwed your entire team over it because it’d be like cutting this arm off. So you’re just gonna cut this arm off and leave on your boys. Now I speak from a sales standpoint because it’s so team and it’s the self most selfish thing you could do is do something on your own. I got 12 anthrax shots, okay, because I didn’t join to like to debate things I joined to possibly go to war and die. I all I want to do is go to go to war. Now. That’s the truth. Now, now, I believe that it is absolutely your prerogative your your right to absolutely not take it. You know what I mean? And so that I only speak as if I was an enlisted warrior seal. That’s all I can speak on. Because that’s all I really know. Other than that, that I don’t think that you should have to take it unless you shouldn’t have to take it. But when you sign up for the military, you, you know, you’re going to have to take all kinds of vaccines. I know I’m not agreeing to what’s going on though at all. I’m serious. And if you’re out of that, no way. No way. No way. That’s what I think about that he’d been a seal off his life player. What’s up for life? It makes me happy. I don’t know when I’m gonna get off Hauser is. I don’t know. When I’m I don’t know. I need to call my probation. No, I don’t ever forget that. Man. It’s all kinds of crazy rules and stuff, you know, but I got to do what I got to do you know? Oh, Nick, you still got a seat in your stand in Alabama. You got a seat in your driver’s seat. Don’t don’t even mess around with that, honey. Dear brother. I know what you’re talking about. Son. You know, Stan is in from your truck is what it is. That’s what’s up. Just kidding, Nick. You know, I’m playing with you, man. I love that story. Yeah, that was so funny.

Can we see what? North Carolina? I’m on house arrest too. I’m married. Mary. Row, bro. I thought you were serious. And then and then I realized how serious you were. You’re more on house arrest than

you’re more on it. You are. You’re more on house arrest than I ever will be. You’re doing hard time brother. In fact, being married is harder. Then solitary confinement in the Texas federal penitentiary. Okay, no, it’s not but but it’s dang close. I’ve been in both. They’re both is hard to get out of for sure. You know what I’m saying? I’m not saying anything that you don’t want to me. But I hear you, player. I know what you’re saying. When do you think you’ll be mag tight? Already to answer that? Sorry. Do you got to get out of there? I don’t people say that sometimes they’re like, bro, you gotta get out of house arrest, man. But what they don’t realize is I’m the same way. I’m the same way. What You See Is What You Get wear masks to protect your fellow Americans. Dude. What? on house arrest? I don’t understand you user 077372649 I don’t understand it. Can you? Can you tell me like, can you? Can you tell me like why you want me to wear a mask on house arrest while we’re talking like this? I I didn’t know I could go through the phone like this, man. I didn’t know it could make you update me on that. You’re smart. You’re smart. Maybe you’re way smarter than me. Telling me I gotta wear a mask on on. on house arrest. That is serious. Man. You’re right. You are absolutely right. I need to wear a mask. Because who knows what will happen? There’s a highway like two miles from here. Maybe somebody could drive by the car. unloader window. And, and I mean that’s it. That’s it. It’s a ramp. It’s a ramp. They’re gonna get COVID Because I’m sitting here on house arrest, and they’re two miles away in a car. It’s around. I mean, I would definitely sanitize your phone after this. Definitely sanitize your phone after I speak through here who knows will happen, man. I see some super intelligent people on here. It’s amazing. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. What’s up brother man? You’re the best. What’s up? You’d like to early live Lucky Charm song you know it’s Alliance made up in this piece man. What’s up? Hey, Kimmy. 77777777 Hey, girl. Amazing Grace. That’s right. God bless. You’re an inspiration. B Dubs have in the Squeezy driven a drip drip slippery. Definitely sanitize your phone. Mama Bear. Please. Come on, man. Yeah, sometimes I mean up. I’ve been known to kiss my phone once or twice. And man, it’s the same right? Just you know. Just get through it. Get through it. I think you gave me COVID through the phone. Oh, come on, man. That’s Are you still mad about my beard? Call me man. Sorry, bro. I’m sorry. You know, it’s jokin triangular frequency modulation transfer through electronic frequency waves. Yep. Yep. See, we have some super smart people on here. You can actually get COVID through the phone. This is what’s going on now. touch point. So funny, man. You guys are funny. Ready for that book? It’s just you know what the books name is going to be called. Don’t kiss him through the phone Jimmy Nick asked where? Sometimes I like just reverse your sentence and it says I want to kiss you through the phone. Jimmy. That’s what you’re saying, Nick. I mean, that’s true. You know it’s true son. Jimmy super spreader through the phone. You we need to get Maury on here and tell me if I’m the father or not. You know, I’m saying Jeremy. We have the COVID test in who? Who actually birth the COVID. Jimmy. You are not the father. It was awesome. It was a box one that gave you the COVID Listen, Molly. I’m gonna bring some bonds swap over to your husband and me. You’re gonna drink that box wine in his hunting saying you don’t say it’s better than than using a Nick’s truck is a hunting stand. Because that’s where he hunts from since unbelievable, Nick. Unbelievable. I can’t work out with you coming through my headphones. Please don’t.

Oh, dog. Fan, bro. This how this audience this audience. Hey, what do you do when you get bored while on vacation? Well, I go on vacation. While my house rest y’all know I disappeared for two days. Everybody was like, bro, what happened? You dog what’s up? What happened? I sent him at Nick’s house in his truck. And uh, but no, what I do is I just go to another room. Hey, follow a toddler. What’s up? I see you man. Shout out. Stacy’s shout out. Listen me. I take a vacation on house arrest. All you got to do it’s wonderful. house arrest is not bad at all. All I do is go to another room. Okay. And as long as it’s not two keys are my mom’s I go to another room in the house. She got a big house. Alright that I paid for it. I was good. I did. If you’re listening. You you who you are. I go down the hallway. Stay in another room. It’s like it’s like you’re staying in a hotel room. It’s amazing. Another hotel spooky. Where you been? I’ve been worried about you. Spooky. will be worried about us. I’m just kidding. B Dubs. Can we see your painting? Yes that’s me riding rookie. But thank God Nick’s not driving around his truck. You know I’m saying and during the hunting season, because who knows what happened? Just kidding me any of your artwork for sale? You know, man, if you email me at Jimmy Watson [email protected] I’m so terrible at this. Sorry. Email me and shoot. Be a prize man. I’ll probably just throw your way you don’t say I need a good price for a domain that’s my only income right now. I gotta pay my lawyer fees. Don’t you hit it with your side hurts like somebody stabbed you run the side it’s like strange. Nick point. That’s right. Majestic as EFF sometimes I can’t be reading these allows weepy. You know that. I don’t take you seriously, unless we talk to Jesus. All right, bro. I see. I wasn’t joking around man. Alright, Spooky $100 Spooky. I can’t

whether there’s like $100 in in brush hair on here. You didn’t get stabbed in the side, bro. Oh, what’s up a Smith? How you know, son? How you know? How do you know that? Can you have visitors on House raise you? Yes. Other Nick? No. No. Bitter 300 I can’t do for 300 I really can’t do it for 300 I wish I could mean I’ve given a lot of my paints away. I sold 30 paintings once at our church. And I was like, Okay, this is a good cause I guess man, give me my five. Give me $5 I guess I was cleaning. I painted Clint Eastwood. And my wife was like, do it. It’s for a good cause I said five bucks for Clint Eastwood. Oh my gosh. Spooky. Spooky how much you want this painting bro? Spooky you want this painting? Do you really? Spooky starfish. I love you. I’ll take a stick figure drawing. I’ll send you more than that. So I’ll send you a t shirt. Well, I would rather you go on the merch link that I created. I think we’ve sold six shirts. Six shirts. The touch point army is bigger than this. Everyone please it was so depressing. I said you said 6600 He said six man six bro. You better touch with your touch point a game son. I say nobody talks to me like that. So I said okay, what do I need to do? The Done and done spooky spooky email me man. I don’t know spooky let me think about it. Bro. This is sentimental. I want to give to you. You’re a great guy. I really want to give it I rather give it to you. But I think I could do this movie. I think I can. Star Fish you know you I pay a 777 for this. I mean, I want you to pay 1000 billion million for it. And then my coverage is 25% My lawyer maybe paid that painting is solid Thank you man. Appreciate it. Glock are sick. That’s a loaded question. That was funny on loaded let you get loaded. Man, you know. It depends what kind of sick dipinto kind blog Glocks rattle around feel like there’s a screw loose but they shoot really good once you get the front sight post down. I like Glocks. I like the Glock 19 You know? Molly, what? Are you serious about? The painting? What do you often read red Butte bull on Red Bull yarn. Dad jokes. Whoo. Starfish. Man. What’s going on? Your mind reminds me of Braveheart when he’s on the horse arms open. Yeah, you know what? It’s actually very close. It’s like dance was was with wolves. But I love that Braveheart part too. Yeah, that’s a horse in that you can’t tell that’s a horse. But probation officer said what is that? Also? What’s it look like? Man? An ankle bracelet? He said No, Jimmy. Jimmy. You’re painting I said. Oh, that’s tricky. It’s a dog. Why? You think it looks like a horse? Oh, my gosh. Dancing with wolves. Yeah. Sweet Pea. What do you give up on? Do not give up? There’s no such thing as giving up in this. Um, what is this? A chatroom? I don’t know what this is live. Oh, shoot. That’s what I meant. Well, man, you know, I told you for beers. insaan I know I know what you mean. Dan, you said it broke. I said what Nick. What did I say? Tell me what you want. Also, that’s so awesome. Spooky. What are you willing to pay me dog just hey, email me spooky I don’t think we’ve talked on the email or direct message me broke in and I will work something out man. I don’t want to sell this to you for something stupid. It’s oil paint and I’m not done yet. Okay, they got to dry and cure. I got to Put a nice little twist on it for you. Your Glock is not a 40 Okay, I’m just kidding Raymond that’s a joke sir. That is a joke. I like your 40 Glock that’s cool man. The Glock 40 is legit Glock 40 suggests yeah Nick that stance we wolves brother Chris Christy it’s done well know what Christie your pains back here sweetheart

that’s back here the lighthouse thank you so much I take it 1000 Or better bins in the soul Benson spooky I’m sorry man you’re gonna get a touch point sticker what’s up? Just kidding man just hey, but on I would sell for 1000 Yeah, because that’s what you know we’ll pay is and all this stuff is crazy. I want you to I don’t want to move the thing here. But it’s crazy this chat is always great Hmm If anyone wants to buy a painting or commission when I don’t care about commission just offer me something and I’ll do it. But it needs to be like it takes time is expensive because oil painting you got to curate and it just takes time you know it takes time and I put a lot into him. No spooky. We’re gonna make a deal on something though. Man. I really want to give you that man. You know I don’t think somebody zoomed by for 1000 Buddy, but I want to I want to help y’all spooky. We’re going to try to give you this little guy I’m gonna try and give you this one he forced my hands on he forced my hand Nick into the highlight of my evening to Oh what’s up love like a woman should touch point just showed up be easy. touch point be easy. I’ll even give you a hug pitcher to throw in on top if you’re willing to go 1000 for him. Spooky don’t worry about it. We’re gonna work this out. Okay you know I’m not real big on selling things I’m not real be I would rather give stuff away. You know? I’ve gotten in trouble for that too. Believe it or not? You should do a showing on live Oh, that would be good paint paints and pictures. You know I just haven’t been into it much lately. I much love for you spooky you know haven’t been ancient to it for a while. Vanilla what’s up? You should do is showing why that’s a great idea. That’s a really good idea. Yeah, maybe I’ll do that maybe I’ll paint a few paints that they take a long time in plus I’m I’m not as talented as I want to be so I have to work at it just like the whole life. I may not have the talent but I just bullhead into a you know and do my best I can. Hey, Cody. Great seeing you had an out touch point. God bless you. Should we give you a truck Jimmy that was good, bro. That was good man. Listen, man. I want somebody to try to give me a truck on tick tock and you’re gonna see some strange funny stuff. Because there is no way out. Listen, you know you just there’s certain things you don’t accept as a seal for you don’t ever accept money for something you did in the seals it’s a huge no no. Don’t get me started man. I you know it’s it’s a sore subject. It’s a sore subject in the teams I when I speak like that. It’s not like I’m speaking for myself. It’s like trust me I was around seals for years and years I know them and I and they know me and we know how each other think. And we don’t we don’t agree on many things many many things. But there’s certain things that they’re like going please say something because a lot of them can’t because they’re in steel. Or they don’t have a platform to think if you burn in marshmallows. I wish I was burning marshmallows there with you. You know what wish I was burning marshmallows with you? You know I’m saying there is another TT creator that is doing stuff for a book he is writing. What a Texas tornado.

Oh tic tock gotcha man I don’t agree with a lot of stuff you know

I don’t Thank you Christy. Thank you for saying that. It ain’t about you know, I you know, you get on a lot of these lives and like by me then by this by this crazy little gadget and you’re doing what is it? What do you sell in sun? Or they’re just laying there eating a piece of fruit? I don’t know which one’s worse. One. One choice going into battle shotgun with 12 rounds. or a bow with 20 arrows she’s a shotgun with 12 rounds for sure for sure I love the bow and I can shoot bow actually oh but but the but the thing is is we’re talking about full blown war zone here the same customers now stands on oh you know what I’m joking? snake oil snake a snake this my snake oil these are the 100% All American mandates these are the only things you should ever be mandated to wear because when you wear these they like they tranquilize everything in your life they’re like Botox in your whole life you just Botox everything you know how it gets rid of stuff let me tell you some these all American chargepoints You know COVID sia you know you got to wear a mask or you do this put it down like this when you go to the store it’d be like touch point it stops everything it’s a visor it stops everything they’re bulletproof do he is a truck big body hecka smart Whoa What’s up I like you favorite site for all around him for well he I don’t think you can go wrong with ACOG but you better you better remember to turn that squeeze piece or you be shoot with your front sight post you know I mean it’s the Nana tree 3000 grows in five years what the Nana tree Hey what’s up man what’s going on? How you doing sir? How you doing guys? Girls? What’s up what’s everybody doing right now sweet be sweet be that’s funny sweet be gotta have those backups irons. Yeah, you got to have backup irons man, you just hit it right? You get you you need um, the best thing to do is get you the best thing to do is is have a backup rear you know I mean, but have a have a fixed have a you know how you have the flip down fronts and rears but you need to have a fixed front because you don’t always remember or the battery can go out to is one one is done. Remember if that if that site goes out goes out or you didn’t turn that site on which I’ve done before you have to use your front sight so if your front sight isn’t if your front sight post isn’t fixed mama peacock infantry leads the way may often infantry does lead the way. Thank you. Hey, when do you expect shirts to ship? Spicy will i i think a one week well, they’re first they have to come in the guy is actually going to be boxing him is shipping him from his house. So when they come in, I think they come into his house and five days to a week. From that point, you get him for a week. So you can pre order now. And you’re looking at probably two or three weeks. Okay, so if you want to wait until all the touch points shirts come in from the from the place to my friend’s house, then then you can wait. You can wait another week to see when they’re actually in or you can preorder and right now. Okay. Where do I send your shirt? Oh, sit. If you can email me my brother. Please email me at Jimmy Watson podcast. Wait, what is it? Jimmy Watson [email protected] And I’ll send you the peel box to send him to I really appreciate that. Man. I would love to represent fire departments or police departments wherever you got shirt. Just just I went online represent a shout out. Michigan what’s up? Thank you for freedoms. Thank you so much. Five, six or 762762 I would have to say you know, I mean you can go in with a 460 you can go with a blackout all this stuff. Well, you won’t. What you’re going to do when you come out of that house.

Afghanistan you’re looking at you know, 200 yards of the blackout. Your round just falls out a barrel. Yeah, it was great inside but now what? Now you’re gonna get ham chicken smoke when you walk out when you walk out the house. Mama peacocks doing real well, Christy. Thank you. Yeah, thanks Red Bull yarn. I appreciate you saying that. Thank you for saying that. Oh, what are you dressing up as for Halloween? Let me tell you something me up here. This is what I’m dressing up. says this is how I do things if I was able to go to Walmart but I’m not because I’m at my mom’s house when I’m 40 Without my future knowing it even though that doesn’t make sense this is what I where you want to go to Sam’s your little target CB but you won’t because someone else was in my mom’s house. This is what I wear. Today was rough so many police and fire workers fire today in Washington state for not being Vax. Are you serious? Is that true? Is that true? Pa I can pass out candy right now if I want to Turkey if I want to. I call to get up here and give him candy. Yeah, piano I can pass Okay, I can’t believe that really? You’re not joking. Yeah. You’re serious home brother. Is that true brother? Man that that’s sad, man. Is that true? Guys Raven?

Is that true? Sir? Is that true? I’m not joking. You’re serious? Aren’t you? Big caps. So what is going on? What happened i i internalize this stuff so much it’s true everyone it’s everyone is this true? What are we gonna do

I know some things you know there’s a there’s a time there there’s a time everyone just relax I promise you the time is not now the time is on no but there’s a time you know you don’t I mean there’s a time you learn SF units spray paint their weapons for different missions hey I’ll I should do a video on spray paint your weapon I can’t have weapons of course the government took away however I can do it I probably can do a You won’t believe the weapons I used to spray paint man. You’d be like what I can spray paint and all kinds of crazy you know I use if you take a laundry bag with holes in it and you cut strips a laundry bag out you could put it over your rifle. You need a great like coyote on there. But then you can go in with Browns go shot lightly over over that laundry bag and create the little dots but then you go over the hat with lights and grass outside and then you can put like a like a tree leaf kind of like this and like this like this with a with some other colors a little bit of black some white some more white little dots and man your your weapon piece your primary will be squeezy, cheesy, breezy. And there’ll be like man, the only other person in the world that could have painted that custom paint job was Texas tornado. Which unfortunately he is not witness anymore cardboard Yeah. What’s up hos? How you doing my name, son? Yeah, hos was my own name. One of them. That’s right. How you doing man? The cut off was the day for them. Governor Inslee is a complete whack job. It’s so sad. Wow. Sad, man. Sad. How do I like my steak? Bruce. I like your medium. Medium. Starfish. What do you say? Don’t say this sweetheart. Don’t pass candy out. I try. I try. I want to pass candy outside. I’ll be passing ice cream out my whole life. Like now I can’t even be on house arrest and pass candy out to the kids. Man. Texas tornado, he’s gone. Now maybe, you know, you know the Texas tornado can come out. I’m going to tell y’all secret then I got to go get a snack and peanut butter jelly and then I’ll come back up. But the Texas tornado I’m gonna tell you secret. If all this mess continues, thank you for saying you’re my hero. If all this mess continues, there’s a point where there’s a big red lever. Okay, and you’ve seen them. You have you ever seen the red lever in all these schools and all these things? And they’re covered by glass and you got to break them. But man if you break that day, do you know what happens if you break that red lever? Do you know what happens? Not familiar. Let me tell you what happens. If you’ve ever want to know what happens to Texas tornado, we’ll come out of there. In case of big war, you know if something crazy happens one day, and then they the sirens go off and they have to they have to break those things. You ever notice what happens to Texas tornado come alive again you have to come out and you just don’t want that to happen. Okay? You just don’t want to happen. No more problems no more problems after that. Did and done Hey Oh my love starfish I don’t know why you were hating on me today. I thought we were best friends

I’m just kidding. We’d be dependent on you. Thank you so much. Boom

what’s the percentage of walls that wash out? It varies from class to class. There’s a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot there’s not many many guys that make it from the out of the original class of buds seven guys will make it out of literally like 250 the second class so it’s like 2022 guys that was me second class and from the original class from all that stuff. I misunderstood it still beastie still bestie white starfish ya misunderstand me now. You will see serve much love. I could shoot okay, just okay though, Nick. A trust me. You’d be doing like $4,000 of damage everywhere you go. So we’d be dancing with a hard hairdryer. Spooky. Spooky 80% washed out Raymond. That’s about Rob. That’s right. Yes, pretty bad. It’s hard to tell because they try to push a lot of guys through to get better numbers but the statistics are always the same. It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. favorite topic gun? I have I have several counts. I mean, when I was a sniper 300 windbag three three at the pool when I was well the scar heavy is pretty good that we use as a sniper to ease that urban environments or we’ll go too much in detail but uh but there’s there’s different kinds of weapons for everything you know, it’s a horrible with me because that was my profession for a long time. For for just personal defense that MP 40 shield is great because you can just slot it right you’ll Squeezy if you slot it right? You’ll Squeezy and you have to pull a slick race. Man, people better watch out if you got your touch point on game. You didn’t have your touch point on game though. You know, I had a 300 win. Win Mac on a Macmillan platform. It was really good, but it’s just too heavy. It’s just too heavy. It’s unrealistic. fenfast sweet. Yeah. It’s good to me from Oceanside. Now love Oceanside. Hey, everybody. Thank you for following me. I love you. I know I’m hoping I pray I actually pray every day intensely for for the right videos to put out. I’m not talking about the crazy ones. But you know what I mean? And I hope to God that your heart is lined linebacker tackled by the Holy Spirit and by Jesus by looking at these videos. I hope that you follow me if you’re not following me, and that you go to my merch link. The God’s word is never for sale. But touchpoint search shirts are definitely for sale. You can pre order in there or get you some all American mandates. These are the only thing you should ever be mandated to wear because they actually block everything. Every bad thing in your life. Even emotions. Even when I cry I put these on. You can’t see that I’m crying. You know that I’m crying. You know that a cry especially. Especially when starfish says something so emotionally hurtful to me. Just kidding. You know that’s a joke. I see you in D J A N word. Can we send you a gift? Email the Jimmy Watson [email protected] And we’ll see okay. Got a little peel box there. I appreciate you doing that. I love everyone, everybody. Darrell. I’m about to get on tonight. Okay, just gonna get water can get a little peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That’s a lie. I’m going to not eat carbs tonight. Hey, yeah, I did a touch. I’ve done a couple of touch points but I’m going to do it. Have a very nice smooth touch. I think there’s a lot of people don’t know and that’s that’s totally understandable when it comes to me when it comes to Jimmy isms. Hey, did everybody like this? Fit? Check? Hefty herb? That’s what I do. But I love you. But I love you. Tap rag Bay every day. care products. This is the next merch line. You like to the tour comida the Herblore thing. I love that thing. Everybody loves You sweetbay Thank you. I hope you’ll join me again tonight. Everybody except for Nick. He’s he’s not allowed to come in this one. Because some of the remarks he made tonight, but everybody else is cool. Okay. But I’ll be definitely blocking Nick. Just kidding me. You know I love you, man. I go home with you in your truck any day my brother. Yes, you are an angel that God sent to all these people to open their eyes. Thank you so much. You know, I’m only a human trying to help other human beings. And when we realize that oh my goodness, my ears are getting brought read again. It’s weird. When I do some of these laws. My my my ears started getting bright red. Every time Valerie starts talking to me. My ears get bright red

is weird. Alright, all my love. I’ll see y’all soon. Hey, what’s up Devil Dog? I see you Semper Fi brother.

Darrell simplify, ma’am. You got a pair of those. I love all the little hearts, the rainbow hearts. You know, what a way for society to take one of God’s covenantal amazing, most amazing things like the rainbow and turn it backwards. All my love. See y’all later. Okay. Talk very, very soon. Come aboard.


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