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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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What’s up everyone? Check it. Check check chat. Hi. Hello. How are you doing? It’s great. See you how’s it going? Sorry about that I got cut off earlier. It’s my own mistake. I let it go and charge my phone died. Sanjay with that happens. Hi, buddy. How you doing? How long were you in the seals for our eight years in the SEAL teams? Hey, what happened? I’m sorry. Look Look. Look my phone died you don’t saying? What’s up all my energy was coming out of me. You don’t say? What’s up somebody said man. I got so much energy. My you can plug your iPhone into my belly button. I have no idea what that means. But you got the touch point. Yeah, been there? Pin sensor. Yep, pin there. You guys are funny. There’s so many people on this mighty warrior. Tribe. Look, if you want to be part of this body, will your tribe just follow? That’s all you got to do. Just follow. Hey, from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Wow. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I told you I’ll be back on. What’s up everybody? Hello from campus. What’s going on? Everybody’s joining right now. I get kind of carried away tu tu tu tu carried away here. Hey, everybody. What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? I see you. I see you. I see you. I see you. Wichita Falls. touchpoint. Texas. Hello from Texas. Jesus is Lord from Michigan. Sub from Ireland. Tommy, man. touchpoint. Up in here. Hello from California. Much love from Cali. Look, I live most of my life in California. Can’t you tell North New York tennis See, Melanie? So nice to see you. I see you. Okay. I mean your hands right now. I mean, your hands right now. Indiana, Tennessee. I love Tennessee. What about the entire Tennessee Titans. I’m trying to be the King Henry of TiC tock. You know, I’m saying what’s up? Missouri, Georgia. What’s up from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’ll tell you people from Louisiana have the most incredible accents I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s a lot of people from Tennessee here. Touch point let’s go. Kansas strong. Hey, Kansas. It wasn’t that strong the other night? You don’t say? You don’t I mean? That’s all I gotta say. What’s up still much love here. I don’t follow along football that much anyways. Fayetteville, North Carolina. I don’t identify with all that. You don’t say? Redding, California yet? Kansas City. Yep. Cut your nose if Matt fee is still alive. Now. What class were you in? Thanks for service I was in I started in two a two and a graduated. So qualification training with 283. Approximately two years later, that’s about average, believe it or not. Hey, bro, Florida again. What’s up Florida? Bensonhurst touch point. I love your content. Brother. Thank you so much for saying that. Who else loves this show? What’s up? Love Tennessee. Thank you for sharing your story. That’s how it is. When do you graduate high school. I didn’t graduate high school. I dropped out when I was 14 years old. My mom sent me to Texas Bible Institute. Basically were you slave away. I cleaned 400 toilets a day. That’s 100 toilets four times a day. Do not doubt me again.

Until I got staph infection of course, and boils over my body. I was like, Joe from the Bible. What’s up my man? Story of guns. Well, my guns were taken from me by the FBI. But they shall to return

my son. Indeed. Can we get a Texas tornado story? Once everybody want to hear about Texas tornado? I mean, look, I could do Edward 40 hands that’s what you take 240 Stew your hands in drinking in less than 17 minutes. I’m not proud of that. I walked around with a set of blackouts like a raccoon for two years and my hands were broken. I mean, that’s basically the story. You’re out there. You want a summarization of my times text when ADAL that’s what happened. Free Jimmy and touchpoint I hate when they take away your guns. Me too. No, don’t do that story. I know. That’s why I didn’t do it. I just want to summarize for all you peeps who don’t know. Speaking of guns, please pay. What’s that Argonaut me anymore? What? Sorry, I had to crap that I don’t know why don’t just live my phone. Oh, man. See it? Look, you don’t have to do things the hard way all the time. You know what I mean? smarter, not harder. smarter, not harder. I’m over here. My back hurts. I’m like, why is my battery’s on this? Is because you’re bending over. Trying to talk to everybody stop bending over and talking to people. There’s a message within that message. You don’t saying? You can’t get anywhere in life doing that. Jimmy, you’re not boy for real? What’s up? Thanks, brother so much. I tried for would you say hold on? Thanks, brother. For all you do. Jimmy, you’re my boy. For real? You’re my boy to man. I love you, brother. Seriously? How do you aim with both eyes open? is easy. You just aim with both eyes open? Who said you had the aim with one eye open. It’s like somebody the other day said, man. I’m an alcoholic brother. I can never change. I said who said you’re an alcoholic? Well, my, my mom did. I said, okay, and who else told you that? My sister did. I said, but are you an alcoholic? Who told you that? Look, if you go to the doctor, they’re gonna call you bipolar or something. If you go over, if you go to 711, they’re gonna say stop enormous Slurpees. You know, I’m saying you didn’t hear what I’m trying to say. Who told you can’t aim with two hours, you absolutely can’t open your eyes, it’s going to open your field of vision. Your your, your your left eye or our right eye dominant. If you put your hand up like this right now and make an isosceles triangle like that. And then stare at it and move it to move it towards your eyes like this like this. I’m staring I’m staring at you. In whichever eye it switches to your eyes are automatically going to switch in whichever I switch to means your right eye dominant or left eye dominant. Now that does not mean you have to close your left eye If your right eye dominate. Open your eyes. Look down your barrel, your 90210 piece. Focus on your fries, your front sight tip. Your front sight post is all that matters. I don’t care what my readers are doing. I don’t care less. If I’m straight behind that sucker. And I don’t have the weapon canted. And I don’t have too much finger in the trigger rail. Well, we’re pulling to the right and I don’t have not enough index fear where it’s pulling to the left and my grip is loose. If it’s too tight. If your grip is too tight on this life, you’re going to be all over the place. Okay, but if your trigger squeezes straight back, straight back, straight back, straight back, straight back, click your rounds gonna go straight down that barreled straight to the ice cream serving target. Okay. And my eyes are going to be open to it. You can’t do anything with it. It’s like cutting 50% of your field of vision off. You’re just trying the wrong way. That’s all. Aim small. Miss small. We all need this brother. It’s all about the squeeze. That’s right, Nick. Jimbo pro tips. That’s what’s up. That’s what we’re doing right now. Have you heard of the three C’s? Um, yeah. I’ll tell you the three C’s in life. It’s conflict that comes. It’s conflict that goes and then it’s conflict that stays those are the three C’s. Okay, my friend. Those are the three C’s of life. conflict that goes conflict that stays

you got me? Do we need to discuss this any further? You’re a true patriot. Wish I could meet you in person. I wish I could to brother. You know, soon I’ll be off this piece. Surely I’ll be off. You know, I mean, how many years did you serve? 16 and a half total combined service. That’s Marine Corps and seals or navy. But most of the seals takes two years to become a seal. So I don’t count that. So wasn’t be a huge cokehead. No, he wasn’t even a cokehead. A lot of people just assumed he was a cokehead and of course, probably by his own admissions on Twitter, but just because you admit to something doesn’t mean you’ve done it. You see, he knew the geniusness of he knew the genius of marketing. And that’s why he would say he would have sex with a well, doesn’t mean he actually went and did it. But he knew that bad news was better than no news at all. And that’s why he didn’t kill himself. Because if you were in a Spaniard dungeon, and you were told you were about to be extradited, although you lost your case to be to have a stay there stay or be released in Spain, although you lost that means you’re about to be removed from the Spanish prison in taken and flown overseas, make huge headline news again, then go to trial in America. Why would you kill yourself he was a sensationalist. He loved the headlines. His idol was T PT Barnum PT Barnum, who said, you know, bad news is good news. paraphrased. Okay. So he knew that he was about to be extradited out of a terrible prison. You’re not going to hang yourself. I’ve been to prison. It’s an ugly place. And that is not the time to hang yourself. Do not criticize condemn or complain. Alright, that’s that’s good, too. That’s good, too. That’s like my three C’s my by conflict, three C’s? He got that tattoo. I know he did. You’re gonna stay on giving content after Hausser is absolutely. somebody the other day said something very. Somewhere. Somebody said something the other day that was very sad. They say I love you, man. But what are you going to do? You’re going to leave us, you’re going to leave us when you get off house arrest. I said who said Who said I’m leaving you when I get off house arrest. I like your optimism that I’m getting off houses. That’d be nice. But but but more importantly, is I’m not going to leave you this is my life. Is because this is what I told Jesus I was going to do. Thank you for saying that. Your without your love to me. And without your support to me. I wouldn’t have the fuel. I wouldn’t have this energy to give off to you. If I wasn’t getting that same kind of love and energy back. You know, seriously. Seriously. Somebody said I was a, an AI robot the other day I said thanks for the compliment. Okay, just because my muscles look titanium alloy and they’re shiny. Like, that doesn’t mean that I’m that I’m a robot. Okay. But I appreciate you. Our canines and advantage or liability in the teams, I could tell some stories about some canines, but they’re just not appropriate here. That’s how crazy they are. But um, I they are absolutely an asset to the team. They can be they can be a liability. Like for instance, when we first started jumping dogs, which I’ve never jumped a dog, but but when when we that SEAL team started jumping canine dogs. They were biting guys in the face. So they so they realized that they had to put you know muzzles on him and stuff like that during jumps. And so they they can, they can absolutely whoop your buddy you know, You are Jack bro. Thank you, Jacob, you know, I’m going to be releasing. I’m going to be releasing five workouts. The only five workouts that you’ll ever need to know. You can wash repeat them, reverse matrix them, do whatever you want with them. Do that for 30 days. And I’m telling you your your significant other one your spouse, whoever that is, is going to be like, Wow, you have shoulders for boulders. They may even say scrunchie delicious and delicious. In that order. I’m not even joking. That’s how powerful my workouts are. Their all bodyweight their prison workouts. You ain’t got no steroids in prison.

You ain’t got this screen in prison sound. When’s your next court date? Can we do anything or support help? This is what you can do to support help decide your love and your prayers. You can buy a touch point t shirt. That’s all I’m asking the touch point t shirt. You can get it on my merch link right at the front of my page. And that way you can have a touch point nation t shirt, pop, twist and squeeze. I think we got maybe 30 more of these and then we’re going to switch into black ones. So whatever you prefer, maybe you want both. I don’t know somebody bought four or five the other day. That’s amazing. Amazing. Hey, Jimmy. Jimmy James fire fighter from Canada. James, can you send me a fire department t shirt I will represent in a video. Check this out somebody, somebody said this fire department shirt. Well, his name is uh, his dirty handsome fool. That’s his name. Okay. That’s his handle name will tick tock, Billy. Look, city of Clifton Fire Department almost be representing this, but he just sent this in the mail. I get these all the time and I’m gonna start represent them on my labs and stuff. That’s how much I love y’all. Don’t forget to wubi hoobie I’m not trust me. That’s going to be the most popular sale we do is especially when we get these wubi who BS in? I call wubi hoobie. They know wubi hoodie. I create my own name. Who will be who be there the softest camouflage wacky look and they were my tattoos wrapped around your body. Think about that. Nick, I know you’ve already thought about that. And we’re gonna get those we’re gonna put touch point on him. And we’re gonna sell those. I lost the game. What’s up? What do you mean by that? You like this shirt? Thank you so much. And it’s thin. It’s my favorite shirt of all times, not because I’m, I’m selling them whatever on my thing. But because first they say touchpoint pops with a squeeze. Second of all, they have an American flag. Okay. No offense, if you’re from Canada or Oklahoma, and then they got this. They got this awesome negative flag on the back. Um, you don’t get any better than this on? Yes. Will you have one for the winner? Fear of thank you for coming on board. Man. I see you brother. Yeah, I love the thin t shirt too. Because it just wraps around your bulging biceps and muscles. If you’re a female, it wrapped around your bulging biceps in muscles. What is backfeed debt is Why is McAfee Did you know why? I can’t say too much. Maybe I might get cut off on your I don’t know, weird things happen. How long do you work out per day? Hey, listen, I’m going to release my top secret workouts. Okay, and they’re going to be coming out soon. I got a little business to take care of today and tomorrow. Alright. Don’t ask me what kind of business I got to take care of. All right. I try to be forthright and forthcoming with all y’all. But let me tell you something, these workouts, I’m going to release five of them in a row. Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. And you’re going to see amazing things when you wash repeat them when you reverse matrix them for 30 days. So all you got to do they’re gonna be for free. These workouts are for free. Biz NAS, that’s right. What business do you have to take care of this to me? Business? Okay, business. Keep coming at Oklahoma and I’m going to pop in twist. I’m sorry about that. You know what I mean? I’m just joking around about Canada. Not about Oklahoma, but about Canada. Alright, you know, I was joking around. Do you still keep up with a lot of buddies that you serve with? Nah, not a lot, but a lot. You know, I mean, I can I keep up with my most important homeboys, you know? I mean, like my homeboy G pain. My homeboy, Wally, what’s up, Willie? What’s up G pain. I got a lot up. I got a lot of homeboys, you don’t say end up in that piece? Hopefully home. That’s funny, huh? Upgrade down. Upside down, handstand push ups and stuff. Listen, that’s all you need to know. I’m going to release my first workout right now. Upside down. handstand push ups. But you ain’t got to do the push up. All you got to do is hold. But it’s easy. Just go like this. Pop, twist and squeeze. Throw your legs over your head onto a wall just on a wall. You’ll see how easy is it easiest.

You will shoulders for boaters. Okay? And listen, this time it ain’t the screen making me look so big. Generally it is. But this time I put that magnifier I took it off. I got this app. This new app is showing you exactly how I look. Okay. Only 50 pounds of muscle heavier than I used to be crazy. That’s right. Have You Ever Have you ever come across spiritually evil? Have you ever come across spiritually evil? What do you mean? I know a lot of people who say that, you know they’re thinking about commit suicide and all that and that’s this That’s the spirit of death. And you need to rebuke that in the name of Jesus. You don’t have it you can be free. You don’t I mean, you can be free from all from all the demonic spirits that are that that oppose you, you know in this world. Oh my love. I think they meant evil spirits have they come across any evil? What’s your height and weight brother just curious. Thompson My height is six foot one. And I weigh about 228 to 25. About About About 225 I like to be about 220 I’m way too heavy right now. But I’m about I’m almost six one and I in a way almost to 28 to 30 Wishing you all the best rebuke at all, amen. So check it out. All we have to do in life is have childlike faith in Jesus. We don’t have to chase the war carrot anymore. You don’t have to chase the woman or man carrot anymore. You don’t have to chase things down in manipulate your way. When you try to manipulate your way through life. When you try to take it in your own hands, man, all the sudden, you are absolutely. Taking it out of God’s hands. He wants to help you. What an amazing thing, huh? Yes, Nick. I’m Jack bro. It’s true. All right. Jack on the Spirit of God, what’s up? Yeah. But you know, I’m saying What do you miss most about the teams, the teams. I missed the team. You know, we weren’t meant to be alone in isolated in this world. That’s why I’m not not really for Uber Eats. I was thinking the other day man I don’t know about Uber Eats and stuff. Because it just fosters an environment for you to be completely isolated. When I lived over on Park Row, okay, in California, San Diego. It’s beautiful condominium. Check it out. Not Skid Row. However, it was kind of on like Skid Row the city to Skid Row It was so sad. So sad. But I lived in this beautiful condominium and and you never saw anybody. all you saw was there like it’s like the people under the stairs like that. Like the door would open their hand would come out and they would get all these groceries in and like groceries were delivered to them. Everything was delivered to him now Uber Eats in it fosters environment of you being isolated. What better tool for the enemy to have things isolate you from society? Because what does that do? It isolates you from further expanding the kingdom of God but what what God Jesus is trying to do for you in your life and what Nick Bates is doing? I encourage you to visit his page I encourage you to visit Nick and show your love and support to him is he’s encouraging you to be a lighthouse today and yes the Internet okay somebody said the internet is the devil the internet can absolutely and is being used for evil propagation okay propagated okay out to the world an evil propagation a dad but check it out. We can also like God works everything to for the good for those who love the Lord. You start loving Jesus put your heart in his hands and he’ll start taking everything that was meant for bad for you.

AKA ankle brace in our two d two three Cp over here.

Okay, it he’ll turn it for the good aka exploit the ankle bracelet into touch point into your 90210 sidepiece touch point why is made you understand so he’ll start turning everything for the good for those who love the Lord even if you’re from Oklahoma straight up. Love you Oklahoma you know I love you. But he will turn everything that was meant for evil. Trust me, I’ve proven that time and time again. God has proven that through my life when I got this art to teacher thing this is so cumbersome and so crappy to have that on your leg all the time. It’s a modern days. It’s a modern day iron, a modern day fetters. Okay, by the grace of God I got out of Texas Federal Penitentiary, but now my house wrist. When I got this thing on. I was like, Dude, my life is over. Like I can’t even do nothing man. But then Jesus gave me this idea, all these different things, and it’s to spread His word his love in To show you that no matter how bad yeah, thank God for house arrest is the best thing that ever happened to me. It really is bad. So if I can be free on house arrest, how much more can you be free? Thank you for double tapping that screen. And thank you for following me. But check it out. So I’ve used this. Jesus has been able to use me for the greater good for His Kingdom and use the worst things that ever thought could happen to me. The worst things that ever thought could happen to me have been the biggest blessings. And the best things that I thought were happening to me often ended up being the most evil and atrocious things, because they felt good at the time. I used to carry around $10,000 in each pocket that’s really hard to do, especially when you’re wearing skinny jeans. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. What’s going on? Jesus is King. Good morning from Utah. It is afternoon. But okay, I got you. Alright, maybe in Utah. All right. I’ll give you that. All right. Now, I’m just kidding. All my love for you today. God will put you through the fart tip of your spirit. Look. Whether he puts us through it or not, there’s a lot of debate. Okay, I know that, that he will allow you because of your freewill to to literally make decisions that put you in the dumb, but then we turn our hearts to Him in the fire. Just like she had shad, write me check in Bendigo. He’s standing with us. Jesus is standing with you right now in that fire. And he’s going to walk you out and you’re not even going to smell like smoke. I am here to testify. For his kingdom, I am here to testify. And to show you that there’s a better way and to give you my testimony to show you that you can you can testify to Jesus’s love in look dang cool doing it. You ever have a misfire? I’ve had a bunch of misfires, and that’s kind of hard to do. But I’ve shot so many rounds, hundreds of 1000s if not millions of rounds. Literally, it’s possible to do when you shoot all day, every single day. for weeks on end. I’m talking on the military’s expense. Like people think they’ve shot a lot of rounds. They haven’t. I’ve shot so many rounds day after day after day black lines and smoke on your face you’d like permitting mark in your on house arrest for fraud, huh? We’ll see shit chef. What does it say, Chef? Chef? You said I’m on house arrest for fraud question mark. Now, you may not have a response after this. But I once walked past a TV and there was a gentleman who was found guilty. Found guilty. Okay, I want you to think about that. I haven’t been found guilty. So you’re you’re agreeing with the government’s waste. When you say that like you’re agreeing to the world though the way our government is in saying that I’m that I’m guilty just by surely be on house arrest. pre trial. Now to not to shame you further. But I’m going to tell you the story. I walked by this TD this man’s found guilty. So lions may not here. He’s found guilty. Okay, he’s sentenced to death. I’d say I yell at the TV back in the day. I’m in Texas, of course.

I say Yeah. Put them in and let your chair kill him. Show him what’s up. He deserves it. Okay. Five years later, I see this same man on TV. He’s exonerated from all wrongdoing based on DNA. Uh, surely you can’t deny DNA, DNA evidence, because the government came up with DNA. So it’s either you’re with the government or you’re not now. Okay. So so so he’s exonerated? Do you know that shame that I feel from that? Not to shame you even further? Do you know the shame that I feel from that? So be careful to judge people, lest you be judged yourself and with the same measure, pressed down and shaken of the judgment that you give others and condemnation? This goes for me for you who said that and for everybody else. The same shall be given to you. I hope you never make a comment or mistake like that again, my friend because I’m saving you from a world of shame inside and hurt from making the wrong accusations and coming to the end your life just to realize that you had the wrong dude the whole time. Because that dude is you When you condemn others, that person is me. When I say good, they deserve the literature. No, I’m saying I deserve the literature. Because who is innocent? Was the murder? Who was found innocent? Guilty? Or was the man who is charging that man guilty for his crime that he did not do? Was he the one that was the murderer and guilty? Think about it, my brother, this is the truth. I can do, unknowing. And I show you pure love, if you even are on here. So right now. And yes, it is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and sensitive to God. So you’re right. Yes. So big and so sensitive. And I know that even though you’re putting that right now, you might be sniffling and crying right now. Anyways, oh, my love. What’s up? It’s great to have a second chance in life, isn’t it? How beautiful it is. It’s incredible. It’s incredible. Semper Fi. Open your eyes when you read a comment. It was a question. Now, I don’t know about that. I don’t know. But it’s a great opportunity for me to open your eyes when you’re not reading the comment rot properly. But now you’re saying it as it was a question and not a statement? Please. It said fraud question mark. And then it said, Hmm, you know what that means? You know what that means? In my friend, I am stuck in my mom’s house. But I promise you, I am more free today. I’ve been on mega yachts all around the world in Ibiza, Spain, everywhere with five star chefs like your name. And let me tell you something. I was in prison. And I’m not judging you. But I bet you you’re in prison right now in your own heart. Because when people make the remarks that you are there, they’re in prison themselves. You know, it I’m not judging. I’m just saying that’s generally what’s going on. They were hurt from childhood. They have all kinds of pain and hate in often we have people come on here and say stuff like that what you’re saying, and then they turn their heart towards Jesus. They’re like, dude, I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re right. I have a lot of pain. And so they can sit there all they want and say these these remarks and stuff. It’s not a question. You know, it’s not a question. Don’t lie to God. Don’t lie to yourself. That’s all you’re doing is lie to yourself. You don’t mean? So? Yes, you’re indicted. I wasn’t on it. That’s right. You’re absolutely right. I was indicted. But whatever happened innocent until proven guilty. What do you think happens when you’re arrested? You’re indicted in by you saying that I’m indicted. And implying guilt means that you’ve never done anything. I mean, you’ve never done anything. You’ve never stolen anything. You’ve never done anything. To deserve any kind of judgment. You see how it judges yourself when you say that, but all my love to you. Okay. I’m not mad at you. And I hope that you do real well today. Hope you find what you’re looking for. How do they stay? How do you stay collected? Is McAfee still alive? I think he is.

I think he is how long are you on House rest? I don’t know. But I’m actually things are looking really, really, really good. And I can’t go into the specifics about the case. You were in the fence. Hey, much love to you. I support law enforcement at all first responders and fire departments and stuff. But but um, I think where people get angry at police departments are getting angry at the wrong people that they need to be getting mad at the politics behind it. And the leaders of it, and not necessarily the law enforcement because they’re out there serving our community. They’re out there serving the people, you know, I’m saying that’s awesome, brother. Thank you. Yeah, John was a great guy. I hope he’s alive too. I hope he’s a lot too. He was a great guy. McAfee is everywhere. Make no mistake. I believe that What’s up my brother. I was a prisoner. I tell you most people are a lot of people are prisoners. And they don’t know. You know, and it’s hard to understand how I could be so free on house arrest. And some people understand it. Some people don’t. If he is I know when he shows up. It’ll be a gift to humanity. Quite possibly. A super smart guy. Yep, I call bad leaders leader shit. Roger that. understandable. Yep, yep, it was up doing a good thing. Jimbo, don’t listen those blue Falcons blue Falcons. Yeah, that was funny. Thank you so much. Just as Mac be how you did it. Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins is total freedom it is total freedom when you realize that you can be forgiven of all your sins and you don’t have to dredge up the past anymore. And you don’t you stop judging people and all this. Okay, man, there’s a lot of freedom in that. Let’s see here. Hollywood says I was on pre trial house was It was horrible. Yeah, it’s pretty horrible. Because you haven’t been found guilty yet? Yeah, I’m going to trial pre trial Hinze pre trial, and there could be a lot of anxiousness with it. Unless you’ve been totally set free like me in my heart. It’s kind of crazy. Bloody free cruise. touchpoint. Jimmy, thank you for your prayers. Could we have one? Before I have to go? Yes, yes, I’m

baptized. You know, I baptized myself in a medi in Colombia for three day code bench. That’s how terrible I was. That’s how my mind was messed up. And that’s how bad things were in my life. And I only tell you that just because it only takes once I was baptized when I was younger. Okay. And that’s when Jesus came into my heart. But see, I thought that Jesus had left me. I thought that Jesus had actually left me and that’s why I continue to go down the altar. That’s why I continue to be screaming out in pain. And that’s why I kept that’s why I baptized myself in a hot tub in Colombia, Medellin, Colombia, doing contracting work after a three day COVID is because I thought he left me. But the truth of the matter is, the Bible says, I will never leave you forsake you or forsake you. Okay? And that’s what he’s telling you today. I know that, because that’s what he was telling me. And after all the things that I had done, okay, I love you all today. Let’s pray real quick. Jesus, I thank you for coming down right now, in our presence, in making yourself known through the Holy Spirit. I thank you that every person listening to the sounds of my words, and they hear this message today, it brings hope in peace, in love into their heart, I thank you for those who know your name Jesus, those who have asked you in your in their heart, in believe on you, as the rector X is as a resurrected Son of God, I thank you for those people that you make yourself known, and you show them where you’ve been all their lives. And you show them that you truly have not let them or forsaken them. But I pray also, for those who do not believe in you and have not asked you into the heart, I asked you to show them your ultimate mighty and powerful love in their life right now. I asked you to come into their heart, as they ask you from their heart right now. For for you to come into their heart and for you to make. Make it known to them who you are, and how you are the only way out of this mess in life. I thank you for for resurrecting the dead. I thank you for healing the sick right now. I thank you for coming into each and every person’s life on this live as we move into a next week. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. But we know the promise that in the only promise in this world is that you will be there and you will never leave us or forsake you. And so I thank you for the total free freedom from bondage and sickness that you offer today. In Jesus mighty name, a myth. Hey, all my love to everyone today. I appreciate everybody. Thank you so much for being there. Thank you, this person says being a seal is respectable. no denying that. But your courage to stand up for Jesus. Thank you so much. Hey, that’s all that matters. In the very end. If I had to be a seal, just to kind of garnering some attention just to talk about Jesus it was all worth it. You know, all that matters is Jesus in what he could do for your life. Because everything else will fail you. Man will failure the titles will fail you the money will fail you. Women man drugs, person place thing all this will fail you. But Jesus’s love and His power in your life will not fail you all my love today. Go and speed be a mighty warrior spirit because that’s who God wants you to be. That’s who God wants you to be. Oh my love today. magnanimous peacock. Lions with the lion’s mane out Talk soon okay thank you for saying that I see all your responses Nick thank you so much for being a lighthouse all of y’all Thank you very much


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