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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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was call Bobby was going on jelly what’s the less interesting name foreign princess? Derek Captain Jack. down for one web Brian Chet. Callie. Tyler will saw X time. Hell some frozen moments. Haley will stop everybody Colton. The patch 19 What’s up everybody? Hi. How you doing? What’s going on everybody? touchpoint and touch point and squeeze. How’s everybody going today? What’s up my brother? What’s up one leg that got you brother. I’m here, man. I’m in your corner. Brother. How are you doing? How are you doing? What’s up, brother? It’s nice to see everybody today. This Sunday. I decided to label my last session Sunday service. Hey, this is churching my man God bless you. You made me laugh all the time. I loved it. Thank you. Yeah, you know what? It’s true. I like to laugh too. And you know, it can get you some through some of the most incredibly down hard times is when we laugh. Hey, one of my favorite take tacos right here. Thank you for saying that. Man. I appreciate you saying that. Where’s all my first responders? My military, my law enforcement. Anyone who’s served the community is serving their country. Because if you serve in the community, you’re serving your, your your country, you know, I’m saying Happy Sunday to you. Love you, brother. Love you all. I’m gonna try my very best to do a cool video today about tactics. Maybe about you know, I just let the Spirit move on me. You know, maybe you know it’s gonna be about chasing the war carry. You don’t want to know what the war carrot is. This may be applicable today. This is a great service. Hey, brother. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us. Thank you so much. Greetings. From Germany. Wow, Germany. Hey, go. Triple 1000 GreenHeart GreenHeart GreenHeart GreenHeart GreenHeart GreenHeart GreenHeart GreenHeart former Marine here love your stuff. Super fi you are so interesting and fun to listen to. Thank you for saying that. I would love to see that new video today. You want to you want to see a new video today just for me. Jimmy that Julia. Julia. What’s up as Jimmy the Julia?

Did you ever meet Mike Thornton? No. He does like to drink. Okay. I know a lot of gentlemen. And hey, I don’t blame me if you get the medal of honor. You could drink as much as you want. He’s been to a lot of Davies Hillary unions, of course. And he likes to throw him back. You don’t I’m saying I mean, I’m talking thrown back. But so to the Texas tornado back in the day, and that doesn’t mean I don’t you know like to have a little party here and there either. Good morning, my brother. Glad to see you. Love you, bro. Thanks for your service. Thank you for everybody joining. I want to talk about the war care today. I don’t know toy deal. No, I don’t know him. But uh, maybe he’s a great guy. Love to meet. I don’t know. Love you, bro. Thank you for your service. You’re a real hero. Thank you so much. Love your content. hos. Hey, Daniels Love you too. I see. You know my old nickname cos ha us But same thing. You are definitely making a difference. You’re a veteran who never saw combat. You’re a veteran who never saw combat? No, that’s not very that’s not very correct. I’ve seen a lot of combat, unfortunately. And I don’t wish anybody to ever see combat. That’s why we should never go to war. Unless we’re absolutely for sure for sure. Because I was actually put in the hospital due to combat related injuries. And so I have been hospitalized before from from that too. And that’s why we should never go to we should never go to war unless we’re absolutely prepared to pay the cost and we’re not prepared to pay the cost. You know, let’s go Somebody to attack our shores. Or you know American made a military vessel or your your country whoever’s listings of property or lives, then we shouldn’t be going to war peanut butter and pickle sandwich. interesting you say that? F J D? Is that a city a town or something? Just kidding. I know what that means. This man who is who He says He is. We’re past the time of accusing. Thank you so much. You know, it’s funny you say that. You know, the other day. I get it. I get a lot of tomato. I get some tomatoes from here on there. And sometimes they come from unlikely places. This is a new window some of the other day called me Satan. They actually called me Satan. They actually get the they get the demons and actually just straight up with to Satan. You know what, you know what that comment came after what I said? I say God’s word is not for sale. You want to piss some people off? You start touching their tongue under their pocketbooks. You know, Jesus. He he he sent an offering plate around. It was the offering baskets. He offered you fish and bread out of the basket. Yeah, he put a basket around. And it wasn’t to collect money. No, no, no, no, no. Jesus said an offering basket around to offer you something. And that’s what I’m doing today is trying to offer the people something for a change and not taking something from them. I don’t need money from you. You don’t need you know, God doesn’t need your money. TK came to offer you fish and bread. He offers you life. He’s not trying to take something from you. You see, Jesus, he offered the people fish and bread. But you know, when I said that the other day when I said God was God’s word is not for sale. Boom, I got attacked from all sides. It’s like you’re Satan. Whoa.

Whoa, the testimonies don’t lie. And if I’ve been exposed to you for by God, please tell me in detail. Anyways, is that crazy? What’s up? I’m a flight. I’m a flying crew chief member Cheeseman. How do you keep your head clear? I’ll tell you what. Perfect love casts out all fear. touch point. touch point. Big Daddy, thank you so much Sunday. Yes, thank you. You’re exactly right, brother. This person says thank you for saying that. I agree to with myself. Because I believe it’s the word of God. I think it’s just biblical. It’s Biblically sound. And I’ll tell you somebody wants your money, then they’re just not speaking the truth. It’s just not true. It’s not true. Now, if you want to get your money is something Yeah, you know, you know, given to the nonprofit organization that I’m not affiliated with, but that I attended to Operation restored. We’re now that now that I’ll tell you right now, that was a super natural restoration from Jesus that I got at this place that this nonprofit, and it was all paid for. It was part of the compassion that I saw. And those 100% of those the funding, from what I know, goes to paying for, you know, you fly yourself down there. I think you have to fly yourself down there. But other than that, you stay at this like resort place. You get great fruit food three times a day. And you you, man, it’s crazy. What’s up, I’m not religious, we’re not either. In fact, I hate religion. Religion tries to make you pay your way out of hell. Think about that. Religion is trying to make you pay your way out of hell. There’s nothing you can do to get yourself into heaven or self out of hell, except for believing in Jesus with the bottom of your heart. Relying on Jesus totally. Okay, as your complete source of income as your complete source of health as your complete source, just like a child with the most masculine Oh, come on, man. Let’s go Brandon, the real man. Geez Here. What’s that, bro? Look, the most masculine thing that you could do in this life for a man is to totally submit, not to men. Forget that I can pray to nobody. I’m talking about submit to God. Submit to your way and then watch your life unfold in the most masculine way possible, right? Did they touch your private? Where is that coming from? And how did you get that question? How did you postulate that question from what I’m just saying? touch point What’s up everybody submit to buds? Yeah, you better you know, you’re gonna have to submit to hey, you know, Bob Dylan, my favorite one of my best friends, Bob Dylan. All right, this job, but he said, You gotta serve somebody. You gotta serve somebody. You serve and somebody. If you if you ain’t, if you ain’t serving God, guess who you serve? You own space. If you serve in the devil, guess who you’re not serving? And yes, you gotta serve somebody that’s for sure, peacock. You serve as a peacock. What the heck does that mean? You’re an absolute point. That’s what the word says. That’s right. Jesus came to serve. That’s right. He did will be hoodies. Listen to me. Yeah, we’re coming out with the will be hoobie. I’m calling it the wubi hoobie. You know that Oh, Poncho liner. The softest thing in the world is the poncho liner. You know, in the Marine Corps, it’s like an old Vietnam poncho liner. Now they’re making sweaters out of these, they’re making hoodies out of these. We’re going to start selling these hoodies. And they’re going to stretch them say touch point. Can you imagine something better than that? I mean, on this earth? No, not really. I mean, maybe a Niagara Falls? Maybe that’s maybe better, maybe. But the wubi hoobie. I’m talking bhuvi. Who the is the touch point. That’s the touch book. Now. You can show your support. Okay, by getting the touch point, sure. Pop twist as we with this American flag on the side and American flag on the back. Now when you walk into Walmart and see me, which you never will, because I’m on house arrest at my mom’s house. I’m 40 years old. I don’t know what my future is. But if you do, but you won’t. I want you to get in touch point.

There is a point where I will get out of this house. And I will see you in the shirt. And if you want to T shirts, we got probably 30 left. I don’t know I didn’t see it from yesterday, but we probably are 30 of these left. And then we’re going to switch the color. Okay, because that’s how we roll. You don’t say that we’re always forever changing. You don’t say? Somebody said man, what’s up, dawg? I said what’s up? It’s so you can grab a shirt on my merch link as on the on the front page. Okay. And that’s the only offering we’re doing today. God’s words not for sale. You don’t have my size. Listen, we have extra small that we can order you Okay, I’m sorry about that. touch point. If you want to for extra large, buy three of these or four of these. Cut them down that cut them in half shown together. Get grandma’s sewn together for you. And then you have a shirt a test pusher. I just improvise. This person says X X L. That used to be my my nickname. Okay, what’s up? Do you have a five XL or once a year? If you need to find out okay, you’ve obviously been doing my workouts too much. I need you to calm down on my mighty warrior workout. Stop doing handstands okay? Because that’s the secret to boulders for shoulders, shoulders for boaters. If you want your significant what loved one to say, Wow, you have shoulders for boulders. Then start doing my workouts now if you need a phi x L. Okay. You’ve obviously been doing my workouts too long. Because your muscles are popping out everywhere. Now this screen has about what 50 To 100 pounds dense muscle. What you see right now is not what who I really am okay. I mean this screen adds about 100 pounds a dense titanium alloy muscle, sharper the granite okay. But I’ll tell you, you stop doing those handstand push ups. And you’re going to start getting shoulders for boaters. If you don’t want muscles, to just don’t do my workout. That simple as that. If you don’t want my money if you don’t want my if you don’t want muscles, like five Triple X muscles, do not do my workouts and my workouts are free by the way. Okay, three, I will never stop doing the handstand push ups. Good for you. I’m about to release. Five. I know call my probation officer because here comes reverse reverse mix. Reverse reverse matrix touchpoints. I’m about to release five or six of our five of my workouts. All you have to do is find the week They’re like 20 minutes long. They’re their body workouts push ups, handstands, blah, blah, blah, who cares? It’s two leg workouts a week. But it’s all bodyweight. It’s like this, and one and two, and touch point and touch point. And does, we’re not taking it off. If you do this, I’m going to release five workouts. If you wash, repeat and reverse matrixes, four times a month. So you’re just gonna repeat the same five exercises for towns over the period of 30 days. And you will never see bigger and greater results than this. And it’s free. Because Jesus doesn’t charge money for the Word of God. Now the thing to where to go and start shooting charges for but I’m not, because I’m a nice guy, as are your workouts going to be on tick tock? Yes, they are. Yes, they are. I’m going to release him. They’re going to be on they’re going to be the mighty work and they’re going to be the final workouts I ever do. Probably, literally the final workouts that I ever do. I’m going to release five of them. You take these workouts super easy. Well, nothing’s in my world. But you do these workouts, you ain’t even got to have one of these Lion’s Mane to be cool. Afterwards, you’re gonna walk in and your loved ones, your significant other, your significant. Your significant other is going to look at you and be like, Grace, just in delicious. I mean, those two words, if they say delicious and scrumptious, then you failed. You didn’t do my workout, right? But when they say scrumptious and delicious. I’m telling you, that’s what happens when you do my workout. You ain’t got to do steroids. Okay?

Bro, you can’t be cool without a lion’s mane. Well, you can, but it’s just gonna, your life’s gonna be way harder on you. But you can’t do it seriously. You could I could shave my head into a reverse Bozo matrix. And it’d be look cool, okay? Because that’s all about if you’re doing what I’m telling you to do. To be cool. You don’t say? That’s all you got to know. Like, dude, like Nick Bates. One. Listen, I can’t help you. Because every time he’s like, Jimmy, I’m at the gym. I went to the gym. And I’m like, bro, now you got to go inside the gym. You see you’re not listening to me, son. You start going inside the gym. Now we’re gonna now get somewhere. What’s a 300 Win Mag? That’s right. Don’t be telling people that’s inside your arms. Come on, man. He mode was subdued. You’re on pure 10 pounds. In we’re a large T shirt. Man, you probably wear an extra tiny t shirt. This has to talk on it. That’s what you were a son. So we come at me like Yes. You know, I’m playing with you, man. Hey, listen. Just do my mighty boy your workout. Okay, I did like 20 of them already. But I’m about to really adapt. That was me just going 50% I want you to have the real deal. I’m willing to release the Kraken out of the volcano so to speak. Okay, now nobody would nobody in their right mind will do this on YouTube or anything else? Because they want you to pay for it. But I’m going to go ahead and just do it. Because I want to piss everybody off is trying to make money. You know me. What’s up? What’s up, Jimmy? Baby Gap. What’s up, bro? Baby Gap. Ooh. touch point. And touch point. How’s everybody go? Where’s everybody from today? Can everybody just double click on their squeeze on the screen? That means double click on your screen. Snake pages. Laughter what’s up brother? LRP. Brother. Wow, man respect to long range of conscious patrols. Man back in the day. Man in Vietnam. You guys were incredible. East Tennessee, Cincinnati, Georgia. I’ll give you a shout out. Somebody just said they live on Epstein Island. I’m sorry to hear that. 99 Keep your unit what? Hi, Texas, New York. What’s up my man big black guy. Glad to see you. Thanks, Virginia. Hello from dirty jersey, that’s for sure. I lived in Rahway, New Jersey is like a prison there. I didn’t go to prison there. It’s one of the prisons I haven’t been to. But you go through Rahway, New Jersey. is one road down the street? Ohio, Phoenix, South Carolina touchpoint one time Let’s shop. I see all y’all snapper finger. I see you with Tennessee. Bull Djoser Iowa. Hey, let me yell out your name. Come on. Let me yell at your state. I’m trying to get everybody raised 66 What’s up? Hi Jamie hi how you doing sweetheart? Mashu Texas voice make you better watch Yeltsin. You’re treading on thin ice if I just finished your arms. Okay, that’s what you’re treading on right now son. Don’t make me don’t make Papa knock down son, South Florida. Knoxville Tennessee. Can you do reviews on your favorite prisons? Come on, man. I’m trying to get past that. Okay, there ain’t no favorite prison out there, man. Okay, especially when you spend most your time in solitary. What’s up? Can you do this funny though? Great question. East Tennessee. Daniel. Cincinnati, Ohio. Great, man. Nice to see you, man. That’s cool, man. You’re if you’re 210 pounds. You got a large shirt. You tie so you based on Oklahoma again? I know you love Oklahoma. What? Why are you living in Oklahoma? No, no joke. real question. I mean, what’s going on? What happened to something happened? Like, like, like I get it. Okay, the end of the world here. You want to move to Oklahoma to survive some kind of nuclear blast? That that’s almost almost understandable. Gotcha, though. D for VA. Tell me you have never been locked up without telling me.

You ever been locked up? Where you can’t tell nobody about it because you want solitary confinement? You can’t speak about it. Because nobody will listen to you because you’re alone. All day. All night. Every day, every night.

And all you hear is keys coming going around

in jail.

Jail doors slamming all day. Any tips for a swollen knee? Yeah. Oh, stop working out your arms because you’re so big gun. Do you knock in? Bro. You knocking on Oklahoma? No, I never. I didn’t say anything about Oklahoma. I simply said if you want to survive at the end of the world nuclear blast. I mean, maybe go to Oklahoma. I’m saying I would rather just eat it. Just eat it and go to Oklahoma. But I’m not talking trash about Oklahoma. Stop scaring the guest, Jimmy. I know. I know. I know. Sorry. Please. I’m sorry about that. Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? No, I haven’t. But I went to a Turkish bath house or my honeymoon. Now this is kind of scummy. Okay, but there’s a message in everything. I went to a Turkish bath house on my honeymoon. I thought you know, it might be some pretty ladies there. I was. I was just coming back, man. I know. This is crazy. This is wrong. But I but I went with my wife, you know, as far as fetal. It happened to be the biggest Harriet’s men. You have ever seen your life slapping me with a towel? That really happened. What’s up? That’s really that’s a real story. That’s true. Where are you from? I’m from DFW San. Where you from? Mr. 200 pounds his muscles. What’s built from West Virginia. What’s up? Semper Fi Gumby straight from Missouri. I love you. I’ll be the dude who have a pet mouse or some shit. What the heck are you talking about? Huh? All right. That’s cool, Jim. Haha, where are the pineapple? Do you get tired of all these questions? I love all your questions. I love your question even even though your question is about getting tired of questions. I love your question. You know I’m saying, bro, you’re probably no he said, bro. You’re crazy. Oh, don’t drop the soap. What the heck? What the heck? I know what that means. courses don’t matter when you’re in solitary. Warsaw. Do you miss it? No, I don’t miss the solitary compartment. Just kidding. He kind of knows what the heck he he kind of missed the context but it’s all good. Why you spelling but Bu t t t? Come on, man. Don’t be nasty up in here, man. How’s your day going? I’m doing great. Thank you so much. How many pushups in a day well, The day ain’t over yet. Alright, the days not over yet. Probably millions. I don’t know. Maybe a billion Do you like the scar? 17 It’s all right it has some problems. If you in solitary don’t lie you have a pet mouse Toubro.

Okay, do you miss being in the service? I love being in the teams. Okay, North Carolina see that lion’s mane and a half? Lion’s Mane and a half. I love you. God loves you stay motivated. Why would those be your last five workouts? Well, A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do your own saying. I can’t tell you everything. That all you need to do, is I’m leaving you with five workouts. And that’s all you’re ever going to need to know after that. As far as workouts go, that don’t mean I’m going somewhere. It just means that this is what I have to offer you. I miss being in the search attitude you miss being the service fan base for asking that. Solitude solitary for checkout dudes. Yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Shawn. What’s up? Just kidding, man. I’m playing with you. I love you too. Thank you. You ain’t on my line. That’s for sure. Did you ever meet Marcus intro? I’ve met him. Yeah. We had a couple of words back and forth. You know? Whatever. It’s no big deal. Do you do I order sorry. I just remembered that. I I ordered what? Our your mug? And you didn’t send me your peel box. Hey, Texas, check. I appreciate you. I need to get back. I’m sorry. I remember seeing your email. Let me just tell you my address real quick. By law. Just kidding. I’ll, I’ll email you my peel box. Okay. I will thank you for that. That’s very nice of you. I’m currently in the sort of judo lot have ever sent me anything. Because all I want from you is your love. Okay, and it’d be nice if you bought one of these touch points, shirts. That’d be cool. But that’s not a requirement. I love you. You’re fat. You’re funny, man. Love your energy. What about Goggins? What about him? Having come up on our back and I’ll show him how to do pull ups? What’s up? Okay, once again,

that’s not true. That’s kind of posing, but, but he’s a good guy. God is good.

He’s just a little too strict for me. He’s a little too discipline, you don’t say, you know, he go, he goes to bed at eight o’clock at night. I mean, his wife divorced him because of this kind of stuff. He takes a handful of pills, not like bad pills, but like, you know, like all kinds of vitamins and all kinds of crazy good stuff, you know, and he takes it exactly at like 758 and then goes to bed and said at 8pm I go like a vampire and then sleep. And then wake up super early. It does like a an ultra marathon. That’s to discipline for me. For lack. You can do that. Or you could do my five minute workouts. Okay, whichever one you choose. Do you guys ever get recruited to the CIA? No. And yeah, he looks very disciplined. He is serious discipline. He’s got a rescue heartbeat of like 3030 beats per minute. That’s crazy. Natural respiratory, cause I don’t have time to to, to do a respiratory pause for you. I got the word here. I got energy to give out to you. I don’t have time for all there. If you want. If you want a natural respiratory pause, go to the bank in wait for three hours and then you realize why Kryptos coming up. What’s that? Next question? So would you say hey, what’s up my God? What’s going on cyber 123456 79? So would you say you’re like a toned down version of Goggins? I’m gonna listen me. You think I fall for anything around here these days? I ain’t black and I ain’t white. So I can’t speak on the matter. Next question. You ever do that drill, where you sink yourself in a pool to hold your breath? I don’t have to do that drill. I don’t have to do I’m so dense to my muscles so dense that I just jumped in the water in sync. And that’s one of the bad things about having Muslim is you’re just gonna sink to the bottom and you’re most people requires a lot of oxygen by the way, so it’s not good to have muscle. You’re on fire bro. I know it looks like I’m a little red but what’s up is dangerous as f It is dangerous. You should never Hold your breath. Unless you have somebody experience watching you, not your kid as your safety, buddy. What was your favorite knife is the seal. I like to pick blade Strider Knives. They’re just they’re pretty good all round because they’re made out of a file. You know if anything that’s made out of the end of the metal file, because the metal file breaks down other metal dose other metal, it doesn’t get dull. That’s pretty genius to me. But that’s kind of old school too. There’s better stuff out there, obviously. And then when you’re done if you’re me, you could just eat it as part of your food intake. Because that’s what I do. I eat mental files. You know, I’m saying that’s part of my energy where I get my energy. That’s right. What’s your What was your in your pack on that you had to have? Their wood? What was your? I’m not trying to be facetious. I don’t just don’t i What was your? What was what was in your pack? Your first line, your second line, your third line, son. I need clarification. Top three Kryptos you know, I’m on house arrest because of that because of crypto and stuff and in saying things about crypto. Listen, all you need to know is touch points. Talk twist and squeeze. Those are the three Kryptos you need top. Twist and squeeze. Everybody keeps mentioning Shiva. Alright. I don’t know. I say advise people just said Shiva. Alright, coin check, bro. Coin check, bro. Why are you on house? Rith I’m in it’s all my risk by the FBI and not conviction because I’m a pending trial but my arrest is is in connection with a John McAfee crimes. Modern day macho man here what’s up? That’s right. So yeah, um, I love being with Maxi. Maxi was like a father to me. Hey, so here it is man headed into church. God always wins. So I named this today.

I named this today live session in churches. So what did I say man, whatever. Service, something’s gone. So my point is this is basically this is my mom Macho Man. Sometimes you like, Okay, I’ll put them on not taken out. So here’s the deal. So. So here’s, here’s the deal. Um, when I when I was done with a SEAL training, alright, I want to tell you, I want to share something with you. This is called this is my like three or four minute service, my church service, okay, today is three minute long, okay. Now when I was done with skill training, okay, you you can kind of like a dream sheet. Just like you would want to go to the NFL, you pick your, I don’t even know if they pick their feet, you know, like a draft. But you actually get to like put on your dream sheet, your top three or four or five teams that you want to go to doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to go down. But there’s a high chance and probability if there’s open opening slots on that team. And you’re a good dude, that you’re going to get to go that team. And so when our dream she came along, and SQ t, when we’re when we’re just finishing up, I was in class to a three and see a class to a three seal qualification training. Well, they they came along and asked us what SEAL teams that we are we wanted was that we want to be on. And me. I didn’t know, I didn’t really want to be on the East Coast. And it’s important for you to understand that whatever coast that you choose on is where you’re going to go out of for that particular war or region. You know what I mean? I can’t get too much into it. But like if you’re on the West Coast, you’re always going to do a certain type of job in a certain region and more region, you know, and in on the East Coast is another region. Well, I asked the seasoned seal. I mean, this guy was seasoned, and just an awesome stellar guys done. He said, and I said, Man, I said, can I talk to you instructor whatever. And, and he said, Yeah, what’s up, dude? And I was like, check it out, man. I said, what? I said, I need to pick what team I want to go to. And I don’t want to pick the wrong one. You know what I mean? I don’t want to pick the wrong one. Because I was still at the stage in my life where I’m worrying about everything. Are you in the stage where you’re trying to manipulate everything and worry about things and try to pre position yourself into certain opportunities. Three, no manipulating life. There’s no pre positioning yourself into certain situations and things. Well, so I asked him and I say, Listen, I said, what team would you go to what SEAL team would you choose? And I said, and I said, Well, there’s no such thing as pronouns. Now, I just thought that they here’s the deal as to what he what you go through, he said, Man, listen to me. He said, Don’t ever, ever change the word carry. I just said, W AR, or carrot, CA, rr, O T, like. He said, Don’t ever chase the word carrot. And I said, I said, Man, what’s the word carrot. He said, listen, he said, guys, operators, they’ll go to the East Coast team, to chase certain different aspects of war battle, in a certain region, region, I can’t go into what region it is. But then they’ll get there. And the war area, the war region has changed. And all the guys would go into another region. Well, now you’re not going to be able to go there, because you’re on the East Coast. So guys move to the West Coast team. After their time, after several years, they go to the West Coast, team for sales. And all the sudden the war changes where we’re going to operational status operations and stuff. And it changes to these coasts. He says, so so you get to where you’re chasing it all the time.

You’re chasing it all the time. He said, Don’t do that. He said, Pick whatever heart, whatever team is on your heart to pick, go there and stay there. Don’t ever chase the war, the war will find you. And I know like if you’re not geared towards war and stuff, then did your then you might think, Well, why I want to run from the war. Well, that’s why you’re you’re not as feel, that’s why you didn’t go there. That’s okay. I don’t blame you. Wars, hell, wars, no match for her aftermath, the aftermath of war is even worse. So what I’m trying to say though, is the only reason to go to the SEAL teams is to go to war, in a high capacity aspect, is to go to war, our highest poachy level, at the very tip of the spear, so to speak, as cliche as that may sound but really at the very tip of the spear, and be punching out banging out, trigger, pull the trigger, squeezing serving ice cream all day, mostly at night. But you get what I’m saying. So. So don’t chase the worker. What how does that imply today, in today’s little mini service that I’ve got for you, we’ll check it out Sunday service, because it’s the first one I’ve done. Check it out. You can apply this to everything if you try to manipulate your way into someone else’s life. Ask yourself right now, what relationship has that ever worked in? If you try to pre position and manipulate your way into someone’s life to be in a relationship with them, if you try to manipulate and try to chase the relationship, the girl or the guy, whoever that is, you’re trying to chase them down. And it’s like every time you get close to them, they do the opposite of you. They go over to the West Coast, they go to the East Coast. Okay, the SEAL teams, the proverbial SEAL teams choice, okay? It’s because you’re chasing the wrong carrot. You’re chasing the work here. You’re chasing the crypto carrot. You know, they say that in investing in crypto stuff. You see by the time you hear about a great thing and crypto and you invested so has everybody else is so the smart dogs that preemptively stroke and that events that are pulling out by the time you’re putting in so they’re taking all your money as you’re putting it in because you’re chasing you’re chasing the candlesticks, they call it in marketing and in in in Wall Street and everything you’re chasing the market now. You’re chasing the market while everybody’s chasing it with you. But the people making all the money are the ones who preemptively get in touch as I got into flipping houses back in 2006 with a little bit investment money. Well, I was I started investing in doing the flipping houses when it was real big. But I caught it the very end of it ended up just washing even after three or four houses. You don’t need I mean, it I actually held on to true for a long time. It was hard to get rid of them and it ended up being a wash. But time is the most valuable thing in your life. Stop wasting time. Stop wasting your time chasing the work here chasing that girl chasing that guy chasing business business opportunities and you’re saying what give me what else you’re supposed to do in life. Well, I’m about to tell you, you need to start chasing Jesus, when you start to chase Jesus, when you start chasing what God’s plan is for you, and that’s what is that chase a relationship with Jesus, when you start chasing a relationship with Jesus, everything else in this world will start to chase you. And that’s exactly the same principle that the old crusty seal was telling me. Which by the way, he was just a cool cat. He had to use a calculator to see how many ABS he had. Okay, I’m still, you know, just using basic algebra to calculate mine. This cat was using a Texas Instrument calculator to calculate how many amps he had, you know, I’m saying, that’s serious, man. That’s why you got to know math and the seals. That’s basically the only reason. Okay, some physics too, are part of that when you get more advanced. But here’s what I’m saying. So, yeah, this person said it’s time to criminalize Christianity. Let me tell you something. Yeah. When when you’re passing around an offering plate.

Okay, in saying, Let me face him, Jesus passed around a basket of fish and bread to 5000 people. He wasn’t asking you to drop all your money in there. He was asking you to take from the basket. God’s word is not for sale. Now when I start saying that, though, man, I’ve people have called me Satan for saying that. And I’m telling you to put your money away. God don’t need your money. So check it out. So stop chasing the word carrot in chase after Jesus, and you’ll see that everything else in life will chase fpu he was telling me that Phil was saying, if you choose the team that you want to go to from your heart, everything else will fall into place. And it’s true. You know, pick something from your heart because most likely that’s what Jesus placed in your heart. As long as it lines up with the word of God will will try to find joy in your life today. Try as hard as you can to find joy. But religion will say no that’s from that’s from the devil. No, it’s not be free in Jesus name. Be free because whom the sun set free is free. Indeed. The religion wants to oppress you originally originally religion wants to take from you. But what I’m talking about is your relationship with Jesus because He wants you to spread unconditional non transactional love to his people in in return what you get. You fly like an eagle above the Grand Canyon. You know I’m saying and you can be filled with the same spirit of joy that Jesus was filled with His Spirit. And you can do great mighty works in wonders in this world. You can be restored and you can help to restore others perfect love casts out all fear. Okay, stop Chase, the work carried in everything else will start to chase you. You said army that says so? Why are Christians such such hypocrites? Well, because they they’re claiming to be Christians. But really, they’re living in a religion world. My dad said religion was the worst thing that ever happened to Christianity. You see, you’re mixing the two but Jesus is not mixing them. Jesus is saying I want a relationship with you. I am not religion. I am the real deal. I am the Way the Truth and the Life. There is no hypocrisy and Jesus. Okay. That’s why I will tell you you’re going to hell. That’s why I can’t tell if I’m going to I’m telling you. Follow Jesus. Follow the love of Christ and He will work everything else out in your life. Stop believing what other men do and saying all this stuff but follow your heart. Including myself. Follow your heart with Jesus and He will show you the way no man person place or thing just show you the way but Jesus can do it. That’s why no sidecar. No Stop, no psychiatrist, no counseling. All that stuff will will will. It’s like putting a bandaid on it may stop the bleeding for a little bit. But he wants to heal the sickness within you. He wants to heal you inside with His perfect love. Yeah, what When did Jesus get the most angry? Okay, when he went into the temple and they were changing money, they made a marketplace out of his house. Okay, I’ve heard even preachers spin it like no, it’s when they were changing money underneath the table. No. Jesus undid all the tables because he was so angry. What religion was doing for people, to to people? Jesus had all these arguments with the the law buyers, the religious folk. He came to tear down the temple with his own body dying and resurrecting again, so that you may live. I hope that you find freedom and joy today. And that’s exactly right. Cami Jesus opposed the religious leaders,

served from the great state of Texas is a pleasure to finally meet you. Thank you so much. It’s great meeting you today. Thank you, everybody. That’s right. He went, he hated religious hypocrites. And that’s why every morning I have to say, God,

let me not be self deceived. Jesus helped me not to be a hypocrite. In my own walk with God. You You want to try to say defy yourself like setting yourself aside. But you can only do that, through his strength in his spirit alone. It is not by might is not by power, but by His Spirit. saith the Lord. Much love from been testis. Much love from you. First and foremost, thank you for your service. Jesus saw that they were defiling his father’s house by making it a den of thieves. That’s right. And what do we see now? a den of thieves everywhere? Well, no wonder people come on here and say, Man, I hate religion. You’re kind of funny. You’re kind of cool, Jimmy. But I hate religion. So sorry. And I’m going, wait, wait. We have the most economists. In fact, me and you are very in common. Because we both agree that we hate religion. I hate religion too. But I love Jesus, in the power of his restoration, in the glory of the Holy Spirit. And your ability when you ask the Father for the Holy Spirit, don’t be afraid. Ask God he says will a father give a son a stone or a scorpion Fe


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