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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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Whatever What’s up everybody touchpoint Billy Rogers, Inigo Mary OpenLab Bubba 2331 D fits What’s up Morgan Russell what’s your favorite sport bro? Are you know I don’t watch much you know I like to I like watching the Tennessee Titans football bubble my favorite sport is touch point judge point you know I’m saying cuz that’s all I got sometimes on house arrest you don’t mean come on let me justice What’s everybody doing How’s everybody doing tonight? Everybody doing okay tonight is crazy night oh my god touchpoint what’s going on? How to make sure the hairs right got to make sure that lion’s mane is is on point you know me is crazy tonight. What the heck is going on? Anyways? Moral AK What’s going on everybody? Any news on your case? Oh, yeah, you know, um, we’re gonna be seeing what happens you know? I got about probably pride man, I you know, nine times 330 270 Some days on answer is I don’t know. Have you heard of the Tennessee dragons? No. What is that? What this this hairdo is absolutely ridiculous. Hold on. Let me get this molars made up and squeezed up in here. You can’t go anywhere these days without a lot of proper lion’s mane. You know what I mean? Anyways, I did my very best on that one. How long Okay, post a workout routine, bro. Whiskey, whiskey. Whiskey. You know, I got Thank you for saying that. Murphy. Appreciate you. Listen, I got 20 mighty warrior workouts. Okay. 2020 money we’re workouts all you got to do is wash repeat. Reverse matrix. When you get done with a reverse Mesa trash. Okay, what’s a straight up opinion about is Marcus the trail of fraud in your opinion? Listen, man, listen, listen, listen. Listen, I respect the hell out of all seals, man, you know, because, because if you’re a seal your seal you’ve been through a lot, right? But but my thing is this man is. It’s how it’s how you handle yourself after the fact. Like, no doubt, he is the lone survivor. But once again, where is the team? You know, the book, these books and movies, okay, which he has a lot of control of, should be all about it. What should it be about? It should be about the team and what the team did. And in the SEAL teams it’s really looked down upon to highlight yourself as the as the as the hero of the day and or to glorify yourself as being the lone survivor. Do you understand? Do you understand the antithesis of the team? Is lone survivor do you get that Do you understand were like the antithesis of of team and to survive as a team is lone survivor there is no lone anything. So in the team’s it’s all in the team comes first always in so there’s if there was more of an emphasis on the team, he would look a lot better. Now. I don’t know if Hollywood I don’t know if Hollywood his has taken him and exploited him. And he doesn’t really mean to do it. You know? I know him personally. And I know some things about himself in a you know, he obviously went through a tremendous thing there but but uh, obviously, if there was more emphasis on the team, he would look a lot better. I’ll just say yeah. What’s up with that leg 11 Mags what’s up? How long were you on the team brother? Eight years? Probably Oh LeSean How long until you’re back? What you mean I’m back right now. What’s up? Jimmy? The jeweler. I like that. That’s pretty cool. I can use some blatantly you know, I can sports some bling bling. And it’d be all you know, you know you’d like it. You know, you’d love to see that rock. Hey, everyone that’s coming aboard. I appreciate you. You know, a lot of you may not know me or nor the page and that’s cool. But I want you to get to know each other as the mighty warrior tribe in check it

out if, if you have. And that’s cool. If you know Martin Shaw, I know Marcus Luttrell and Morisot boring Lotro personally, and I love the guys, but but I think you’re missing my point. There needs to be a little more focus on and I think that he would agree with this too. And he’s actually said that is there needs to be more focus on the team and not the aloneness. Hey, thank you so much for seeing that. Where are the touch points, shirts? Hey, whiskey, thank you for thank you for asking it. Please go to my merchandise link on the front page of my Tik Tok channel. It’s just right here on my Tik Tok channel. If you click on my profile, you will see mighty warrior dot shop. And I ask everybody if you’ve gotten some from this page, if this has touched your heart in any ways, if you just want to support the mighty warrior tribe, a touch point nation, I ask you to just support us by by picking up a shirt. I appreciate you for picking up a shirt. Thank you so much. I think there’s like 60 left right now and then we’ll order a whole nother group and we’ll put something else on them it redo it again. But But I appreciate you doing that. Appreciate your support. I know a few of you have gotten shirts already. And you can’t you don’t know how much I appreciate you all my love either way. But yeah, appreciate all y’all. If you’ve gotten anything from these lives and in appreciate you for for going to that link on my page and grabbing your touch points shirt. Okay. Our drugs prevalent in the teams, you know, we do your analysis. But in reality, when you know in Afghanistan, and when we’re patrolling and doing stuff out there, I’m not gonna lie. It’s kind of like Apocalypse Now. Okay, I’m not gonna lie. There could be a little sucking on some fitting all lollipops there could be a little smoke in that squeeze you know? And I mean you might too you know if you had to go into a village with a mountain Tigers of Afghanistan there and fight your way out and you don’t know if you’re going to come out in fact, you there’s there’s a high chance you’re not you’re not coming back from Michigan, because they are pretty daring and in pretty hot. You know and brutal. And don’t ever tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about about Marcus to trail again. Thank you very much. That was solely from one guy. Jimmy what your favorite one your one your favorite. One your fellow seals. Wait, Jimmy Won’t your fellow seals will make fun of people wearing your T shirts. Not a night. Hold on. Sorry, guys. I think my muscles just move this thing Hold on. Excuse me. Sorry. Oh, what are you trying to say? Hold on. It says here. I bought your shirt five days ago should get it soon. Yeah, you should. Absolutely they just got shipped out so now because he just got them cuz you know you pre ordered it. You said you pre ordered it. So you’re going to get them real quick. Just go to the merch link. And there they are. Appreciate you. So So while my seal buddy fun of people wearing your T shirts. Let me tell you something. Mice, my fellow seal buddies, which are actually the cool seals, let me tell you so they’re wearing the T shirts. Their kids are wearing the T shirts. You know, I’m saying too much boy. And they laugh their butts off of this. They think it’s hilarious. The only guys that might get offended by it. Like you might be getting offended at this. The only person that the only seal that gets offended about this is when they were either kicked out the teams for being a will for being weak. A weak link a weak link, or or they just don’t know what they’re talking about. Okay, because remember my role? You can’t be making up rules always be cool. And not just it not mean always be cool. You know what I mean? You get what I’m saying? Come on. Yo, what’s up? Nick bait, Nick. Nick just said My muscles are airbrushed on now. I told you that in confidential. I that was confidential when I told you Yes. My muscles are airbrushed on you know that. Okay, yes, I’m okay. I’m posing a little bit here in there. Now. Come on, man. Give me a break. They’ll come now. I am. I’m drinking a pink mug. Disneyland and it’s tea. Because I’m trying to get all these followers from the from Britain British. Americans don’t even know how to say it right from the British places. From London. I don’t know uk uk is what it is.

Do you guys really wear a cat eye contacts instead? regular things overseas to scare dudes. No, no we have some nicknames though. Like oh like green eyes okay no not your weed smoking Snoop Dogg nude but I’m talking about greenhouses and that’s all you see coming it’s real ghostly, you know to see green eyes at night coming down to heal at you. Hey, let me ask you something. What’s more terrifying? Okay 1000 men coming down marching drum fiddle and strike. Okay, like the Revolutionary War dust is picking up in the enemy’s watching over here from like a mile away, but there are bad AISs enemy right? So what’s more scary is that the 1000 men marching down this thing like you know like last mohicans or are or is four guys with Lion’s Mane Mohawks without any kid on maybe smoking cigarettes I don’t know. Slick Rick kid you know coming down with some more pain on coming down the mountain just four guys in a stick like this A lightstick spread apart you know 50 yards each coming down the mountain at you now that’s scary to me. I’ll take on the 1000 Any day rather than those four guys spread out coming down to get your you know what? It’s all about, you know, it’s all about a lot of that is is a lot of its presence. You know? Thank you, missy. Appreciate you. You can’t buy these glasses. Okay, you can’t Okay you can these are called a snake cool modern day snake oil. I already told you all that though. What’s up nice mug a you saw this oh man sorry. Nick sent me this mug What’s up Bob brother? Are the SEAL Team movies accurate? No of course not. Come on man. Even the SEAL Team movie that they did with the guys they’re all shaved face. What are you talking about? They got like these perfectly ironed kameez in their shade and face it’s like what? Like that’s just not realistic. I mean, if you go to my merch link we put some pictures up up there with my with with me and my gear and stuff in my in some I got mismatched kameez there there we cut off the sleeves right here there’s threads hanging out there old battered kameez you know we look like half homeless guys you know what it’s not like the movies where they’re clean shaven. Now Charlie Sheen however now boom Son What’s up my friends what’s going on? link in the bio? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah good. You can see a mighty warrior guy I don’t even know my auntie mighty warrior dot shop. So they this mighty warrior some it’s the link on my front page. You just click it you can see my so pictures. Maybe my bios in there too. You can also go to tell my story.io If you want to see my bio and and some other stuff. My DD 214 online. Do you think the seals left John Chapman? On 10 core car? I you know, I don’t know. I don’t know about that. Hey, what’s up my brother Aaron. Good to see you. What’s going to Act of Valor? What’s your take? Act of Valor. That that’s kind of what I was saying. Night night as writer. That’s kind of what I was saying. You know, you got the you know, I mean, now now the handsome brothers are legit. Those cats are legit. You know so awesome. Awesome. dudes that that played in those those movies Real News. Hey, what’s up TPC MD to four. suit in May news. Told you don’t sleep on me. What? Sir, sudden, Sudan. made news told you don’t sleep on me. Hey, man, what’s up? Explain what you’re saying. I want to know I love hearing about this stuff. Hello from Seattle. What is going on Seattle. Where’s everybody from? Deny, hey, if you if you ever want to just a talk on these things, I get it. My mom she’ll just watch lives and stuff. If she doesn’t say anything, you know. But if you want to join I appreciate you joining. I appreciate you liking me because I love you. Jesus loves you too. If you just want to tap on that flip screen.

Matt Daniel, thank you. That’s so humbling for you to say that. That’s so humbling. Tennessee, Iowa. Thank you for double tapping on your screen everybody. Everybody can just double tap the screen to join this live with me. And I’m telling you we’re going to share some love here amongst everybody central count would you say Central? Okay, Kentucky starfish, man. You’re beautiful. You got all those hearts. So much love Central California, Northeast Florida, New York here. Love these live sessions. Thank you Charleston, South Carolina. What the heck is touchpoint? Well, let me tell you something, hang on for the ride and you’re going to find out. That’s all I’m asking you visit my page, follow me and you’re going to see what touchpoint is. And you’re going to find your touch point. I’m telling you, a lot of people in here have incredible testimonies that you don’t touch point testimonies. I heard somebody big Raleigh, New Jersey, I lived in Rockaway I traveled about I swear, it was a two hour commute. Correct me if I’m wrong to New York and acting class. It’s about a fight with the actor, the acting coach, teacher, it just didn’t go well. It wasn’t a physical problem. It almost was and, and, and I got kicked out. And that was that. That was my that was my acting career. No plans. Were you. Were you ever a dancer? See, I’ll read anything. I don’t avoid cutting. You know, every live people avoid questions that they avoid questions, but I’ll tell you, I don’t avoid nothing. Were you ever a dancer? Your movement is extremely fluid check it out. Check it out. Look, I’m not allowed to have weapons anymore. I’m not allowed to have weapons anymore. Okay. No plan survives first contact with the enemy. Well, you obviously have been part of my plan. Okay, serving ice cream. You see that finger straight off the trigger. It’s not just straighten off the trigger. This is not just straight off to you want to kind of cannon up and down like that. You don’t mean it’s just a it’s just a habit. And now when you press out like this, you’re not just coming down like that. Okay? Because it can get caught up right? But you’re but when you come out you want to push out like this in here like this out like this in like this. I like this in like this. I like this. And like this. You see what I’m saying? So my sent this to me. An awesome friend of mine sent this to me. Can you believe it? Jimmy I am rich because of a theory of Thank you, brother. All my love for you. I’m jealous of you professional jealousy. So my sense is to me, I put this on it. This is my silencer. You know, I can’t have I can’t have guns anymore. The government took away. I can’t have guns anymore. So this is what I do. No, ppppp I’m gonna do it a class. I’m gonna spray paint class on this. I’m gonna show you what’s up. Hey, Chris Ardene, you’re rich, how many theorem you got? Look, just because you have Aetherium doesn’t mean you’re rich. Because you have to cash your Aetherium out first. Okay, a lot of people have a bunch of Aetherium. Right? And then they get their calculator. There’s a I’m read smell foul. You know, I’m rich. Well, just because you have a bunch of Aetherium at a certain price, doesn’t mean you’re rich. Now, what would make you rich, is if you were able to sell that Aetherium at that price in which you’re saying that you’re rich at and place it in a bank? Because I’ll tell you what. You know, I used to make a deal for John McAfee. I was a CEO of T McAfee. This isn’t a real person. Yeah, you’re right. I’m not real. I’m an artificial intelligence right now. I’m an AI. I’m not real. What’s up? Can ai do this? That’s pretty good. Right? We’ll check it out. Well, John McAfee said, listen, he said, How’d you do today, son? And I’d say sir, I think we did. Well, I, I got us a deal and for this much money. And he’d say, well, awesome. And I said, Yeah, we need to celebrate. He said, Yeah, go grab that bank slip and let me see how much money and I’d say, we’ll we’ll look. I mean, we we shook on the deal, though. He said where’s the mind? It’s in the bank. Right? Because you shook on a deal you’re celebrating right? And I’d say Well, no, sir. No, it’s um I did the deal though. It’s for sure. Let me tell you something. Nothing is for sure. Nothing is for sure you have nothing unless it’s in the bank. Unless it’s in the bank, you have nothing. I’ve been offered 3% of an oil company equity. There’s no such thing. How are you going to get the 3% equity out? How are you going to get your equity? John used to laugh Mr. McAfee used to laugh over and over and over these crazy things. When somebody offers you equity don’t take it like how are you going to get that equity? No cash now is everything.

You know, I hope that you do really well. And I hope that you cash your Aetherium out at a decent price. It’s a good price right now at a decent price. But you’re not rich because the price of Aetherium is up. You’re rich if you catch the theory amount at that price. But then are you really rich? Because material a material richness is I promise you is not being rich. You can be absolutely miserable with all the money in the world. But then you can be free as an eagle over the Grand Canyon on house arrest like me observing from the windy city Chicago, pitch Merce, I asked you one thing. It looks like you just you just got on Tik Tok, you have seven followers, which is great. I started out I have seven followers, right? And so it doesn’t look like maybe you have a real account. But for the benefit of the doubt, I’m gonna say that you’re not a troll. And I want you to tell me, why am I not a real person? I mean, it’s kind of a compliment. Do I look like a muscle up AI bot? It’s quite possibly this screen adds 50 pounds of muscle. It could be but what’s the real deal? What’s going on? Really inside your heart pitch? Pitch Merce to say that this isn’t a real person. I love you, man. But But why do you say that? I just want to know what I’m interested in the psychology behind it. Like why do you get on here and say, wondering, you know, maybe it’s my movement. Not real. Somebody asked me was I a dancer

no plan

survives first contact with the enemy. You know, dude, you know, another way you can transcribe that or translate that? Or describe what you just said? You said no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Tyson said everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth. That’s exactly what you said. But in a different way. I love it. Great job. Awesome, man. Shout out big Rahway. No, Timmy. I’m rich because of a theory of I love it though. I’m glad you are man. I hope you’re doing great with that. Aetherium I really do. Do you know the shirt shields? Schwinns. I think both are now seals. No, but it’s highly likely twins are seals. I tell you there’s a lot Morgan and Marcus a trail are twins. Handsome brothers. They’re not twins, but they got a bunch of this guy. Everybody said, everybody. This guy says Dad. Dad. It’s really funny. I love it. Any advice for dealing with a toxic family? Yeah, first of all, man is obviously you know, I always say bring it to God. Bring it to Jesus, man. Right. Right. Right. But we all kind of hear that, you know. And so thank you for saying that free Jimmy. Free Jimmy. I love you free Jimmy What’s up till it’s backwards? What? Wait free Jimmy Tillis back. That’s like reverse matrix. Like put me back in jail. Hey, man, you got to turn your heart to golfers, then then then start. Start to pray for your family. Like, I bet you’ve tried everything you’re not laid out promising to Prof you are not laid? But let me tell

you something, why he do he? But here’s what you need to do. Basically. Have you tried this? Have you tried to start? Now? I can’t divulge all my secrets. But I will say

this about my case. And so have you tried to to start praying for your enemy. I mean, really sit down tonight. Say a prayer for your enemy. Like really like like Jesus. I hope and pray that. That non sorry, Donna sarcastic way, but a real prayer of forgiveness. Test me, test me. Test me if it doesn’t work tonight. If things don’t start changing for you in a week. Forgive Forgive your enemy, like a real forgiveness, like suck all that you have in you and go, I forgive them. In fact, I don’t want to be charged with this crime. In which now I sorted the sins. I don’t want them to be charged. I forgive them for hurting me. If you do this, and your life doesn’t start to change significantly in a week. Then come back to me say Jimmy you’re full of you know what, in not following don’t follow me anymore. Because then I will be full of you know what, but what I speak is the truth. This person says Biden is my daddy. Sure. Well, what’s going on with you tonight? piden is your daddy. Oh my gosh, you’re funny. I mean, how did you know that? I swear I only told Nick that Biden was my daddy. And now you’re saying you know Nick I’m really disappointed because a lot of people are starting to say things that I told Nick and secret. Biden’s my daddy. I’m artificial intelligence. I’m not real. I used to be a dancer. I wasn’t a dancer. Okay. I also friends that said they were and made some good money, but I just, it’s just not my cup of tea. Did you ever talk to John McAfee, Matthew Campbell, I was like his son. I talked to him every single day for a year straight. And that’s a long time when you lives for somebody 24 hours a day. I live with him. I just love this person says Jay Thompson says I don’t mean to say just person, bro. You demand I just love watching you, especially when you talk to this stuff man is pure. I’m trying to be as real as it is real as it takes it. You know? It’s it’s basically altruism man. It’s like I’m willing to expose myself okay in all my discrepancies and make myself extremely vulnerable for you. In hopes that you see that Jesus has changed my life and restored my life. And he’s allowed me to become a Marine Blackwater. teamleader seal all this stuff. It co T McAfee only to only to show you that one you can, you can follow and ignite your dream right now he can he can do it through through you. He could do it for you, too, is that you could accomplish anything. If this guy can, then you could do anything. You could be an astronaut. You mean anything if this guy could do it, okay, with God, only with Jesus, he can make it possible. In three, I want you to know that anybody and everybody out there, no matter how far you’re gone, you think that you’re gone. You can be rescued and saved. Right here right now. Today. Right now. That’s why I love doing these talks. That’s why I love doing tic tock. That’s why I love tic toc. And that’s why I love being able to give back to you. In do touch point. And in all these funny videos, this person says get bit son, you know, I was bent. You know, I was being in the seals, my brother, and I had to go the DoD chamber because of it. So I know what getting bent is. And I’ve been being before. And you probably have no idea what you’re even talking about.

You know what I mean? And it’s okay. It’s okay. Jimmy, write a book. You know, the books being written. But praise God,

I don’t have to write the book. I got an international of best selling author that’s writing it for me in all I have to do is tell my stories like I do to you. And it’s such a blessing. That’s how God works. You know, because I always thought, Okay, I want to put it down at least for my son one day, I want to I want to, I want to write a book for my son and pass along. But really, God made it possible to where I hooked up with an international bestseller. And now I just do these zoom calls and we do this. And I just tell my stories like I’m telling you right now and talk to him. And he writes away and it works out great. I’m just really blessed to have him on my side is so there is a book about redemption coming out about the truth about John McAfee the secrets and all that stuff that I promise you you have not heard yet you just hey Jim what’s going on? Great to see you just haven’t heard it. You haven’t heard it 22 A day. Praise God he’s writing the book I know right in and I’m telling you it’s a story of redemption and hope and I pray to God that you you can you get to read that but you’re getting a lot of the here but but not near what I can tell you. It’s going to be in the book is going to be pretty cool stuff. The first chapter is going to blow you away so much. It’s probably going to change the way you think about certain things. You must try a peanut butter and pickle sandwich I’m down would be would would be six four, make it harder. Harder for getting through buds. Let me tell you something. I knew a guy who is a linebacker with T bow on Florida Gators who was a seal. He was our new guy. He was giant. He was every bit as tall as six, four. There’s been many seals that were six four and there’s been many seals that were like little leprechauns. Let me tell you something. When you start searching for an excuse to not go to the seals You’re gonna find one. Oh, I can’t I can’t decompressed Kip Val solvate my left you station two because there’s narrowing in my left you station tube. And now I can’t bounce hours the quiet. Stop finding excuses in this life not that you are sir. But I’m telling you, you can talk yourself out of any dream so fast. All I’m six foot four most the average still is this so don’t ever look at statistics. You know, they have all these statistics, this certain amount of sales from Texas makes it this certain amount sales. Nobody no sales from this state ever makes it Oklahoma. Believe it or not. Just kidding. Just kidding. That was a joke. That was a joke. You know what I mean? hard hitting question. Your task was to protect McAfee. Did you fail your mission? Absolutely not. I never lost a principal. I never lost any principal. And I have gotten some seriously high people with officials and scientists. And then John McAfee, of course. But you see, I became his right hand man. But I was always like his like personal bodyguard, you know, sleeping by a sign and everything, just an arm’s distance away. But I took great pride in my job and professionalism, and making sure that John McAfee was safe. never hurt. He did fall down a hill. Once in break, he broke his rib. Because he was wearing two different shoes. Try being in my shoe. Like my girl would say. Let me tell you something. If you were a left shoe, and in total different brand, by the way, two left shoes, totally different shoes. You’re gonna fall down a hill and break your leg. I mean, break your rip. He didn’t go to the hospital because he’s one tough Irish man. I’m going through some Shi T storm right now. You’re making me feel like I can weather it. USA friggin man. I let me tell you something. Or whoever you are. Let me tell you some. You can do all things. all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. Find your touch point. Find your touch point. And go into this life with all you have. I saw an interview the other day with Matthew McConaughey.

And I rag on green screen commandos and stuff sometimes but but it was like, so many people were digging this he was like, he was like, just just suck it up. Life’s tough. And you know, I’m paraphrasing here, but he was saying life is tough. And, and you just got to get over it. But you know, just do this? Well, it’s really easy to say that when you have millions of dollars, and you’re going from movie to movie getting pampered. But what if, what if, what if? Well, what about when you have nothing when you’re abandoned on the street you know, all these different things. It’s just not reality. And that’s why I take good I take pride that I’m not a motivational speaker. I don’t consider myself a motivational speaker. I don’t consider myself another Goggins which that’s great. What he does, he’s got his niche, whatever. I consider myself a lighthouse. If you’re a loss right now, if you you don’t need a lighthouse, you know, you know it. And if you’re just joining to be entertaining, and we’re just having a great Monday, warrior tribe fun time, or to actually bless others and to be a lighthouse on here. That is amazing. And I appreciate you love you for that. But you know if you’re lost, and trust me, when a ship is lost at night. It’s instantaneous. When you know that you need when you when you see a lighthouse, you know it because go go go up in the stars. Find the moon, okay? When there’s not much ambient light out but the moon and imagine that as a lighthouse. You know, when you see that light, you lock into it. I’m telling you right now and I pray right now every day every night. I pray that Jesus would come into these lives when I do these and that you would be greatly blessed by these laws. Okay. Appreciate your support. You know, we got that limited number of T shirts coming in. We had 100 T shirts, touch point T shirts. If you’ve been touched by these touch, touch point, if you’ve been helped by these laughs there’s no obligation whatsoever. But if you’ve been helped by these last touch by these last, if you love the mighty warrior workouts, they’re all free. I ask that you just show support for the touchpoint nation for this touch. Money will your tribe and go to the link on on my on my front page of the TIC tock the merchandise link. Click that mighty warrior dot shop it’s right there it’s easy in order your shirt tonight appreciate you supporting that and that’s how you can support this mighty warrior tribe is by just buying a t shirt because then you get to wrap it outside touch point touch point touch point. Maybe one day when I get off house arrest I’ll be able to to wear that beautiful shirt outside to you know him brother up praying for you man. You say fridge I pray for everybody that’s going through a hard time. Thanks, man. I’m 16 and plan on going into buds at 19 Good for you don’t let anybody don’t let any statistic tell you that you can’t do it because you’re young and not a lot of young guys make it but you can do it he can’t measure heart Jim says That’s right. Man honestly, too. They haven’t good case against you. Metal beater. You know, anytime the DOJ the the the same guys and gals that put the Wolf of Wall Street away that whenever they bring a case against you, they feel like they have a pretty dang good case against you. And that’s not necessarily agreed by me or the person that’s being prosecuted all the time. But that’s about all I could say about that. You know, I’m saying but uh we’re gonna see what happens. But I ask that you stay tuned and you just watch it unfold before your very eyes everything. Okay? Okay. Love my short kings. What’s up what you mean? And this person said what happened to your nose? Hey, I would love for you get out. Thank you so much for saying that. I really want to I really want to focus in on my nose right now. I really appreciate you saying that because I want you don’t go away. I want you to say what’s wrong with my nose? I want you to tell me why you say what happened your nose because I would love to fix it for you. Go get plastic surgery for you. Or whatever it takes for you just for you. So for you to be happy okay by my nose let me know Alright, thank you so much yep, yep yep boys check prove it that’s funny check point oh oh, I think you’re angry at me because you say yappy yappy yep boy.

Because your your nickname is checkpoint. But this is the touch point group so I’m what’s up? How about Alabama? Hey, I love Alabama brother. Keep it going much love infantry brother. You’re a stud brother. Pay, sir. You’re amazing. I love that. This check. Checkpoint. You got to get another name checkpoint is like dude. checkpoint is like you’re the police or something. Well, the Fun Police at least it in. Come on, cuz this is touch point. Anytime says checkpoint is just like the phone, please. You know, nobody says yay. When a checkpoint comes up. When a checkpoint comes up. Everybody goes no, because you got to answer all these questions by the Border Patrol agent. And it’s like the big government coming down on you. I know. You don’t want to be that. So can you change your checkpoint handle? Maybe you might have to lose your your follower. But but maybe you could come back on and be a little nicer you know, and then he says is easy on the blow bro. You know, most people that say that are doing blow you know what I mean? I mean, seriously, I’ve had that happen actually here. They’re like you You look like you’re on blow and I’m like, Listen, do you have a drug problem? No. I’m like, I’m gonna ask you that. Do you have a drug problem? Seriously, it’s okay. I was I did a lot of blows back in the day. Yes. Is that why you said that is why? It’s okay to cry. It’s okay. I get it. I understand. Don’t be upset was what else is going on? You’ve lost CrossFit. You’ve lost 176 pounds. Nick, Wow, that’s incredible. Nick said his parole officer just called him so he had to leave the room. And then he says his wife come on. I know. I know. Where’s your wife, bro? I know that brother is hard man. That’s straight up like being on house arrest. Sometimes. Do you know Clint Emerson? No, I don’t. Tick tock says you mentioned me. What’s that about? Well, I met you right now, sir. And I hope that you stay. I hope that you stay because I want to talk to you tonight. And I want to instill hope it to you. What’s up my brothers? I’m so glad that you just joined. Do you have a punching bag? Yes, I do. My whole life. I use myself as a punching bag. I punch myself my whole life. Nick, I love you too. Brother. Nick’s a great guy. He’s a lot house. Visit his page. And if you’re going through some stuff, Nick can help you out. I can help y’all. You know Valerie just said where two or more gather there. We’ll be there. Jesus will be That’s right. What is up? Please give this man his guns back. I know Jason. I know. Right? Sometimes people be like, Yo, man, when they gonna let you out of that thing. Man. This is dangerous man. Keep this guy locked up like that. I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump in lines touch point. But listen, that’s the old me this the only lines I have now. This is it. What’s up? Cheech to juicing says by Shiva. I’m not I’m not advertising any crypto. You don’t saying he but he said it by Shiva. Bought she bought. It’s okay, strawberry blonde. I see you. I see a touch point. Hey, let’s get a big shit. Let’s just start blowing this up. Okay, speaking of blow, I don’t do blow no more Hobi. But let’s blow this up by saying touchpoint tap on the screen a bunch of times get crazy. Sorry, yellow touch point your house. Because this is the real deal. Jesus is here, man. I’m telling you, and we’re gonna get crazy up in here. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. Touch point, touch point, touch point and I’m gonna just start shouting out from wherever, where everybody’s from. Okay. Thank you so much for saying the good Lord has blessed you. Listen, I’ve been getting so many testimonies. We have been getting the testimonies. We you’re making this possible? I couldn’t do this. Without you there. Louisiana. touchpoint, Tennessee. ChargePoint touch point. I’m gonna say just like you say it. Okay, so if it’s capitalized and spread, I’m gonna

say Oh, boy. By cat girl. What the heck by cat girl. touch point. Bowling Green, Kentucky. touch point, touch point. And Ohio. God has been so good to me. Praise God. Bama sledge hammer, New Mexico. New York. Awesome. Moonchild vibes I get your New Mexico has a beautiful, beautiful desert. How about Santa Fe home without people? South Carolina touchpoint. Pensacola All right. Touch pointed. The neighbor’s What the heck. Chicago lions Kentucky, Missouri. Mill shoe Texas. Nick bait you ain’t in Muleshoe Texas. That’s where I’m from song. I know you ain’t there. That kick you right out there. Tennessee. Bow. Tennessee Titans. What about King Henry? What’s up? Do you know Clint Emerson, Emerson? Is he here to Dallas or is that a seal touch point I don’t if it’s true touch point Cali Amarillo Tennessee. Retire Georgia State Trooper Trooper touch point. Dang, that’s hardcore. I love you. Ohio. Utah. Screaming touch by God by touch point Kelly. John’s point North Carolina was a Toronto was someone Canadian squeeze that in Toronto, Texas. And I should have said no, that ain’t Toronto, Oklahoma. How about a prayer bro? Max. We’re gonna get there. We’re going to get there man. I’m just rollin all the troops up. We got to we got to you know frog man. We got to rob the troops up and get everybody crazy up in here. Gear by real crazy up in here. Hey, thank you. Thanks, everybody. Kansas. touchpoint Louisiana. Tokaj aunt, Kissimmee, Kissimmee, Florida kiss you on your What the heck is going on here, Nick? Is that a fake account? Just kidding. I know where that is. Louisiana, Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Some good vibes going on. Yes, there’s a great vibes up in here tonight. What’s up? Josh point, touch point and pop a twist pop into his pop into his modes of awareness. Everybody Texas, Texas west to the sea. Hey, every soldier whisper whisper touchpoint my mom’s gonna be happy about that. Valerie touchpoint trap trap trap trap trap trap trap. touchpoint touchpoint. This is the Never back up at a taxable situation. You don’t ever want to back up unless you have to. Your buddy wants to grab your movie, but if you have to back up you have to but you kind of want to slide your feet. You’re the last thing you want to do just like I did. I almost tripped over this and blew out my you know what? Oklahoma? Oklahoma, Wyoming. touchpoint go forward. That’s right. Whisper touchpoint Papa twist. Starfish. What’s going on? Papa Danny to is Hey, dude, you’re you’re pretty entertaining. Thank you, brother. Appreciate you. Baltimore. intercourse, Pennsylvania. Thank God you said that because Thank God you said Pennsylvania afterwards. How much for your note how much for your nose, bro. Check it out, son. This thing has been smashed so many times. It just goes in and out. It’s like in and out like nothing you don’t say in Louisiana. I’m not from Arizona. Sadly, Oklahoma. I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m sorry, man. I can’t believe John I see you. I see you John. I see. I saw I saw you. My nose smashes if you got a backup. Make sure you back them back up with some touch point. Dang. This fall this this group of mighty warriors. The mighty warrior spirit in here is like no joke. I see you Parachute Rigger? I see you my boy. touchpoint random venture I know you’re kidding. Not about Oklahoma. Jimmy. What’s up Vermont and Florida? Vermont in Florida. How does that work? Who cares? I threw a ball once from Vermont to Florida. It Easy, easy. One time I bounced the ball and never came back one time I dribbled a bowling ball and they shot it for an hour you still hasn’t hit the net yet. Anyways. Where’s let’s go Brandon. I don’t know what I don’t know what state that is. Todd. Listen, the warriors are coming out to pray. Let’s all pray together. I’m telling you do this. Bob is great. Really? Jake Thomas Thompson. Who’s feeling good at night? What does the Texas door tornado do when there is a tornado in Texas? Let me tell you something. He goes outside he slaps him around that’s what happens. And then he

he does something else I don’t know what he’s gonna do with it. What’s up Jimmy Chesapeake Virginia. Ali Baba Baghdad right what the heck? I’m just kidding. I’ll Assad to my FOB Ramadi right on. He got shot the neck with a missile and took it apart. That’s right. I flexed it took it apart by the way. Are you Miss ampar a judo chop? I got you. You don’t think I know reverse matrix? I don’t even we don’t even need look. When you practice a reverse matrix so much. You don’t even need anymore. You don’t need you don’t need your mask anymore. Here in Bama buds give a shout out to Wisconsin. Hi. Yup. Wisconsin. Fix being litter Skinner. The end of the world is near Absolutely. Especially with them a nasty Nardo what’s up? Squid you see me who calls me a squid and gets away with it. You just want to answer myself. You know me? What’s up? Who do eat and why he do he? God is that funny? I think that’s so funny. I used to yell that all the time who he is. I mean, are you serious? Who is it and why you do it? My girlfriend would say that all the time. It’s just funny. The first time she saw popcorn, she’s from a communist in socialism and communism. Same thing from Russia. She said don’t try to explain him apart. Cool. Socialism is when there’s a ceiling and then the ceiling in the basement come together and the communist is all around. Are you kidding me? They don’t know what popcorn is. We need to wake up America or we’re not gonna know what popcorn is. You got me? It’s called proverbial popcorn you got me? You sound like that dude from Goonies what’s up? Maybe I am purple worked at peace. Cause touch point sorry bro my PO called again son asked me for a picture of me holding my finger on my touch point. How do you know that? How do you know I always get hit up for pictures from my PO you know I’m saying now you know me. law of war manual. 11.3 I wrote the manual war. facts. Facts. Hey, check it out. I’m gonna say this one time before we do over so we’re gonna get crazy in here tonight. But before I do, thank you if you’ve been touched by these touch point lives, if you’ve been touched if your heart has been touched, you don’t if you if you feel like it, I appreciate all your support by going to my mighty warrior dot shop and grabbing you a touch point shirt. Okay? If you want to show support love for the mighty warrior nation, your touchpoint nation, grab yourself a shirt. I appreciate you doing that. I really do. You can go right to my link on the front page. Hey, I’ve been pushing


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