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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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What’s up? Yo, Mara Kryptos awake?

Yeah, crypto is awake. What’s going on brother?

What’s going on everybody?

Hello? Fixer Fisher.

Have a blessed day. Jesus Christ loves you, Chris. Thank you so much for saying that. Appreciate you.

How are you doing? And

I bubbly? Hello. How are you doing, sweetheart? Nice to see you, Rocco. Great name. Nice to see you, buddy. Nice to see everyone. What’s up Daisy? I see you bubbly. Yeah, you tired? Uh huh. I’m kind of getting on this late tonight. I was I was kind of, you know. Hey, what’s going on? My dad was a seal class one to five right on Kryptos. Awake. I was a two a two and ended with a two a three. Graduated with a three. Hey, what’s up? Oh, 311 mo so 311

I know what that is. infantry Marine Corps. A yo. Favorite pocketknife? Oh, we’ll fix later or close.

I used to like Striders I used to like Striders. Hey, thank you for saying you love your videos. Thank you my videos. Hey, did you work with any air rescue? Pair rescue? Definitely. But But onesies and twosies you know what I mean? Let’s see. Thank you for that. How was an army wife for 11 years? I wasn’t an army wife. 11 years, but um, I read other people’s comments here. So I read them out loud, you know, so sometimes it sounds like maybe I was an army wife for 11 years, but I wasn’t a property. Alright. Blow in trees is is combat scary. You know, you know that? That’s a good question. A combat doesn’t have to be scary. Sometimes it’s a it can pick him. It can be really terrifying if you allow it to, like for instance, like a firefight was scary. But getting ready for the firefight. And then hearing explosions. Rah rah rah devil dolphin. Roger that. Roger. I got you man. Don’t worry. I got you. Hey, man, what’s up? Work with any sweat guys? Of course. Yeah, Swick is our boat guys that cares in and out they have a heroic duty. And may you talk about working ham? H A M That’s That’s capital H A M M M M M for working super hard. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, touchpoint touchpoint. Touch me. I like to Strider Knives stands your earlier question about 20 minutes ago. Just kidding. My five minutes ago. Thank you so much for saying that saw that. What do you do for PTSD? Hey, I look to God for everything. Now. I used to look at alcohol, drugs, women. And eventually I was looking through a prison sale. Because literally, and then I wasn’t even looking at a prison cell. Because if you don’t do nice things in federal penitentiary, you go to solitary confinement. And then I wasn’t even looking through anything. And so you go from you go from if you look into the glass, right? If you’re if you’re looking to the liquor, then you start looking to drugs. And in between there you’re looking for women or men depend on who you are. And then all the sudden you’re looking at doing time. And then you’re looking at everything through an hourglass because all that matters is time now. Because you’re living in a damn nightmare. A hellish nightmare. Sorry, I sometimes have my sailor mouth steel when I talk about bad things, because that’s sometimes the only words to describe it. And then it then you go from looking through an hourglass because you’re looking at time all the time. And now you’re looking at you’re looking at to a prison, maybe prison glands that your mom or dad or family member. And then and then you start to look through solitary confinement because you go into solitary confinement. If you’re in prison, and you’re sticking up for yourself or you you you get wrapped up in bad things.

toj total toe toe toe toe boy.

Sorry, I have to do I have to say exactly what he said. Are you a Pokemon? Well, yeah, that’s what I was just talking about being Pokemon up in the federal penitentiary is on the SRV. Big Dawg, let’s get it. What’s up touch point, touch point, touch point. Hey, I’m so glad everybody’s showing up. Darryl. What’s up man? mighty warrior. That’s right brother. Right. Mighty Moyer’s mentioned and all y’all right now. That’s what’s up. Any vos, rah, reverse may drag, I need to do a reverse matrix video really soon. Seriously? Seriously, but that’s, that’s what’s scary about life man is, is if you’re looking at a glass of liquor, right you start looking at other things because it’s never enough and then you go from there to, to prison. I mean, that may be extreme but it’s not that far of a stretch. You know? I mean, like you start out, you know stealing a pack of cigarettes when you’re a kid right? Oh 311 Just watch lone survivor right on. Sorry to hear that. Hey, man, do you have any girl advice? My confidence if sh t? Well, I mean, your confidence is Shi T. Because you just said it’s Shi T. Man. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful people with the most not so beautiful people. And it just goes to show you it’s not about looks. It’s not about how many 1000s of ABS you have like myself. Okay, those are disappearing by the day. Promise you with my own discipline body eating Lucky Charms at night. It’s just a happening. Use your froglogic son. Yeah, you pick up how you feel brother. Does Association recognize you? What’s up, man? What does that mean? Association recognize me? The NRA. No, probably not. Some others. Yeah. Oh, yes. Abs. Yeah. The camera adds 100 pounds of dense lean titanium alloy. I don’t know what that means but muscle. But let me tell you something. Sugar Smith sugar smacks are great. Also. Brown. What does that mean? What what what’s going on here? With sugar smacks me. I was talking about something but totally got sidetracked by that. I usually can come back to you. Ric Flair. Whoo hoo. Don’t make me put on my shade son. Sir. Sons of force recon Marine proud of you guys. Thank you so much. That’s, that’s hardcore. It’s awesome. How many consecutive pushups can you do before you went to buds? Will if I took one break? Like I would got water? 2000 million. I mean, that’s because that’s what I do. You know what I’m saying? Because I’m that’s who I am. I’m a hero. Like that dog. Just kidding. You know, that’s, that’s crazy talk. Let me tell you something. You push ups with or without the sunglasses. I mean, without the sunglasses, tan with the sunglasses. 100 perfect push ups. Before I went to buds, you see, when you go to Navy SEAL training. You suddenly talk about smoking crayons again. Come on, man. I’m trying to get to one point here. Come on. Our explosive clapping, push ups. Squats, part of the buds curriculum? No, not not explosive squats like jumping squats. But you’re going to do a ton of these right here. You’re gonna be doing a

ton of these wall toe three. Whoa, whoa, two,

three hours later, seriously? 123 you’re going? Why am I here doing this? This is a freaking nightmare. A real nightmare. So how many pushups could I do before buds? You know, I was doing probably one or 20. But really, when they’re counting them? Right? When they’re counting and patrol is doing them before the running swim. I mean, on the PST on the on the on the test? Okay, I would say them counting them. You’re gonna be doing like 90 or 190 or 100. And that’s on a good day. If they’re counting them, you know, probably, but but like, you know, I was doing like 30 Pull Ups before I went, but really in reality it butts more like 15 to 18 pull ups because they’re counting like this down. Up you know the bars coming here. Pause. Dan, you don’t I’m saying what’s up touch point. Y’all know I want to talk about these pull ups and push ups on my on my lives. Come on man. Cuz I if I had to pull a bar right here and be showing you what’s up. You don’t say pom pom pom? Just kidding. No but explosive clapping squats are explosive clamping squats. Part of the buds curriculum. I just read that whole thing. Nobody explosive clapping squats are explosive clapping squats, part of the buzz curriculum. I just read that whole thing Homer clap But how do you do an explosive clappy squat? Man? You want me to squat? And then clap? Well, you want me to squat and clap? My butt cheeks? Because that’s what you’re trying to imply your son. And nobody wants to be smoking crayons right now. You know, I love you. You know, you know, that’s a joke, but it’s really not a joke. I mean, it’s kind of strange, actually. Freemason. You know, I know Freemason son, this is free, Jimmy. This is free Jimmy up in here. This is not Freemason. This is free. Jimmy. up out of house arrest immediately. Bam. My mom had to remind me. My mom had to remind me. Smoking buds. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’ve never actually heard that. I’ve heard a lot of stuff. I’ve had many, many lives with 1000s and 1000s of people. No one has ever said smoking buds. I know what you’re doing right now. Yeah, I know what you’ll be doing. You’re my parole officer. Instead of that a trick question. Then what do you want to talk about? Dude, it’s your life. No, it’s your life. I get on here to talk to you. Don’t be angry. Don’t be sad. Don’t be sad that I said jumping, clapping squatting push ups. Which make no sense whatsoever. Love you, too. Brother. was a heck yeah, free Jimmy. See what’s up free. Jimmy?

Do you mind sharing the backstory of your tattoos? I got one tattoo. Right. I mean, if you think about it, this guy right here. This dude right here. He he, he he’s he’s the boxer dude. He’s gonna tattoos inside him. I mean, we could spend a whole night right there. You know, our explosive diarrhea farts, part of the butts. Curriculum. You dang right. Now, that is a logical question. In our head, that’s a question that I can intellectually articulate to you as an absolute fact. That explosive, those are going to happen. I’ve seen entire class get something called V edge. It’s called it’s called the beach. I don’t know the long term, but they just call it the beach. And it’s a freaking nightmare. It’s a real nightmare. Because it’s so contagious. That when you catch the beach, you are literally going to go out all your orifices, and there’s no stopping it. And it’s a miserable. Let’s go Brandon. I don’t know what that means. But I’m going to repeat it out loud. Okay, every time you do that, every time you do that, I’m going to yell it out loud. I don’t know what it means though. Okay. Just know that. Yeah, what’s up? nine millimeter 40 Cal, or 45? Let’s go right in between 40 cow on that one. Hey, man, what’s up the real pee man? It’s viral. gastrin. Oh, ta gastro in

Terry test. Man.

Oblivion. You spot on a night. That’s for real. Thank you. I hope you’re following me. You can make me smarter every day by making comments like that. I’m seriously. I’m seriously saying that. I’m seriously. Well, that’s great. 22 long. Yeah, a 22 long. I hit a blade of grass off of a crow’s head. You don’t say? Not that a blade of grass would be hanging out on crows head. But if it was I could do it. You know that’s true. Alright, airborne all the way. It means f Joe body. Thank Thank you for clarifying that. For me. I didn’t know that. But like I said, if you say let’s go Brandon, I have to repeat it out loud. Okay. You got me FM. Yeah. 506 or 762762? Of course. I mean, we live in in the Big Boy age. You know, I’m saying you know, did you ever hitch a ride on an aircraft carrier? I was on to La che ones which are which are held basically a helicopter carriers. Yeah, la che a tar what uses tarwin uses Pella? jetboat bhoga went to Hey, drop for Atlanta. Just went through a rasp it was dropped for land nav. Do you know how that compares to buds? You know, I don’t I actually don’t know. But I do know buds is is hell on earth. Good evening. What’s up my brother? It’s good. Good to see you man senior and while used to ask me questions, and and I don’t know if I ever got to a lot of them. But I appreciate that. Snap into a Slim job. Let’s go Brandon once again. I don’t know what that means. But I’m gonna repeat it out loud. If you say it Okay, that’s all I’m saying to you. Let’s go Brandon. Once again. Somebody else I don’t know what’s going on here. 762 all day every day. Did you ever meet and so God name you’ll Nobody sounds tough as nails. Anybody with Yosef? It sounds tough to me. Love you, Jimmy going to Ben homie are a big daddy. It’s great seeing you. Let’s go, Brandon. I have to keep saying. I’m going to make magnanimous peacock. I know what that is for sure. Let’s go Jimmy. Yeah, let’s go Jimmy free. Jimmy. What’s up? Do you ever regret being a seal? Um, well? Absolutely not. Never No way. I’ll die with that. I’ll die without a doubt with that honor. I No way. No way. USS Wasp in USS Kearsarge 26 view. Wow. That’s awesome, man. That’s awesome. That’s That’s awesome. I’ve heard of both. I was on the USS Tarawa and uses petaloo Thanks for that. Appreciate you appreciate you saying it. Appreciate your service. And I appreciate everyone. TOMMY I see that thank you for your service. My friend. Thank you so much. Was saw the Nietzsche vid Vinny vici. Veni? Vidi Vici I came I saw I called her free Jimmy would happen to your nose. Everybody always says that. I don’t know. Okay. Maybe got smashed into many times. Next. Combat controllers right on. Hey, if you served out there, I’ll give you a shout out I love service members. Listen, firefighters, first responders. Okay, let me know I’m gonna shout you outside. Reverse matrix on that piece. USS George Washington Operation Iraqi Freedom. What’s the US Air Force retired? Thank you my cameras following reverse matrix on this piece? What’s the shirt? You get new sponsor? No, no, no, this is my own shirt. You know, I don’t make money off nothing. Take it out. Generation Kryptos. This is this is a shirt ours you not cut the sleeves off. I don’t know where I got this. I think I got this at a thrift store. Some of the best shirts that you could ever get, by the way, are at three shorts. Go to the thrift store, find yourself a really soft shirt, and then get a big black magic marker and say hashtag free Jimmy. And then that other thing everybody keeps saying let’s go something. I don’t know. Let’s go Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, something like that. I don’t just put that on there to Baraka, Barak, what? Next stage in life? Well, who want to get off this house arrest for sure. Jimmy when’s the last time you went to the sauna?

To the sauna? To the sauna? I don’t know. I don’t want how’s the rest? It’s been a while.

Vinny Viki Vici why you want to give me a full round? What’s up? Let me know. Let me know. Seriously. Law enforcement here again, thank you for your service from all thank God. 100 Because I’m almost raising my hand when you said that. When you said because I said hunter. I said law enforcement here. I almost was like this turn around. Like when the FBI gone, you know, I’m saying but yeah, I appreciate you saying 100 Thank you very much for your service. Tak P all DAG. Okay, I like you. I love tak P. That’s awesome. Good for you. Marine Corps motor t rolawn, bro. Well check this out, son. Was this mean? What’s up? What up play? Huh? Now this was sent to me to just read. If you got a shirt or a hat you want to send to me? I’ll wrap it, you know, but it’s got to look cool. It’s got to look cool. You know? It’s got to look really cool, actually. Because it’s for the people by the people. And I’m trying to be cool. I’m trying to make other people look cool. You want to be cool. Let’s be cool together.

Yes, right. Blind order. Blind order obeying thugs. Was it got to be like Dad? Why?

You should sell merch? I got a merch link but it’s it’s TechPoint shirts. Hey, you can pre order and right now just go to my merch link on my page if you want to. If you want to support this crazy, cause let’s do this together. You got pics of the urethra situation yet? Yeah, actually, I don’t have a picture anymore because I sent a picture to my whole SEAL team and said Slurpee because I had a catheter sticking out long story. You just think about it you you got me you got me I know you do. Thank you for Air Force vet here looking for shout out want to go live? We’ll stop Air Force vet. All my love to you. Jimbo, God loves you. Thank you for saying that, sir. I see all your support Dodger fan. Thanks for your service. Leesy money, ie. The Z. Money. I like your name. That’s cool. You cut your own hair. What’s the style info? I cut my own hair son. You like this lens man. It takes a while to get used to cutting your hair like this. You You’re gonna miss the info. I cut my own hair son. You like this lion’s mane? It takes a while to get used to cutting your hair like this. You’re gonna mess up. You’re gonna mess up in life. But that’s okay. Life’s all about messing up. Bro. What did you do to get the bracelet? Hey, watch my videos you know I’m saying this is not a trick or a ploy to try to get you to follow me. But But I do ask that you watch my videos in you’ll see there you know mean? Love. Love hearing your smack talk. I love hearing you talk smack broke. I love talking smack I have to I have to watch myself. I actually tried to tone it down because I could talk smack all day long. In my poor family members. My mother, my dad, poor guy. Can you imagine being him today? I was talking smack because that’s what I do. I’m an expert at Talking Smack. That’s why I keep it down and just try sometimes I let tomatoes hit me just because I I don’t want to be like that all the time. It’s not nice to other people. It’s not nice to do that to people. Because I mean, this one person the other day said they wanted to they would beat me up in a movie top five. And I said listen to me.

I’m, I’m I’m trying to

help people. I have a reach out ministry here. I’m trying to help people here. So I’m on house arrest. So let me tell you the selfishness of saying that to me. How am I going to visit you in the hospital? Okay. And beyond house pronouns were the other day. Please, please don’t be like that, man. What’s up? Your dad? He is proud of his son. No matter what he holds his chin high. That’s right. You’re so right about thank you so much for saying that. Thank you so much your day. Thank you for saying that. What’s up, Jimbo, you help all of us keep sharing. Thank you. And I appreciate you saying it because it’s all about people helping each other you know, I’m saying you miss the grinder? No, I don’t miss that grinder. There’s except I don’t there’s a couple of different grinders in my life. And I don’t miss. I don’t miss the big grinder buds. No way. That’ll shrink you down and nothing. It says I was mentioned here. You just were mentioned here. I just mentioned to you. If I send you a Ric Flair coat, will you do a skit? Please? Please, that would make my day. When I get something from you like that. I will make my day I love to do videos. You know? Like I said, if it makes me look cool. I know it’s gonna look cool on you. So I’m gonna do it. Love the tattoos from Ireland. Right on man. Right on James. Good man right there. You’re a nut and I love it. Thank you. But check it out. I’m in your hands right now. I mean, your hands at your house. And I’m a nerd. But you love it. And I love you now for saying that. Think about it. Who would win the fight Chuck Norris. Versus Steve Seagal thought you were gonna say me? Well, okay, Steven Seagal Seagal, well, you know Dang, now look Chuck Norris. I mean, are we serious here? Are you seeing him in all those Delta Force movies? Come

on, man. Come on. Like anyone who wears

all black? Unless you’re Johnny Cash. You can’t pull that off. Okay. It’s not happening. So you know my answer on this one. You know my answer on this one.

I got you. What’s up, brother?

I’m gonna have to check out need Lucky Charms. Hey, love you, Kevin. Thanks for saying that brother. is don’t be checking out in life. Okay, Jimmy, when is Jesus coming back? What’s up? You know, nobody knows. But I’m gonna ask you for you. Okay. We’re gonna ask him together. We’ll say what’s up? What’s going on? What is this happen? Hey, you know, you know the thing is, is it’s going to be probably soon. I mean, think about it. It’s crazy out there right now. It’s like the birthing pains. You can see it all over peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Oh, yeah. I met John McAfee used to say I don’t know. Yeah. Whoo. Oh. Have you ever trained BJJ let me tell you something. I did for five years. It’s great. It’s great. You need a juicy shoe for for your ground game, but I don’t plan on going down to the ground. Okay, if I do I wake up in the hospital be like Wow, good on you, brother. Good on you. Good job. Billy Jack. Chuck Norris is Jimmy son, don’t ask me about Hey. That’s funny. That’s real funny, Nick. It’s real funny, man. That’s real funny. Real good. I like that. I’m gonna thank you. So I’m here. So, my Ranger brother got killed 11 years today in Afghanistan. Appreciate you, bro. You know, you know, war is no match for her aftermath. I’ve said it so many times the aftermath arrange the aftermath of war is is the totality of it in how it affects so many people. I mean me and Nick seen it the other day. You know, this this this weekend. It was tragic to see another veteran that would be on some of these lives. I know some of you probably know him, tragically took his own life. You know, and I was thinking about this. Let’s go Brandon, again. I was thinking about this. Why does this happen? Because I know that Jesus has called me to be a hoot we who would win in a fight, say seal or Swick? Listen, this week takes the steel to the fight. So they want to be fighting each other. That is a horrendous dichotomous hippopotamus situation. Okay. It’s actually a sticker Parliament situation like a sticky situation. Okay, it’s just not going to happen. We have so much respect for each other. You’re carrying me in a battle. I’m going to fight the last thing I want to do is get in a fight with you on the way there because I don’t want to show the black guy or something. You know, I’ll try to snipe trying to try to serve ask you excuse me. Whoops. And then and then. And then on your way back. You’re too tired to fight this week is they basically got our seasick all the time. And then you become seasick. Do you like Rambo? Better than Chuck Norris? Absolutely. But let me tell you something. Listen, listen, getting back to a serious note. I don’t like to go too much into this because I don’t want to drag people down but here’s the deal. Here’s what happens. And I was telling Nick this the other day I was thinking about because Jesus call me in many of you. Okay, we all have different jobs in the world but to be a lighthouse. Now Lighthouse isn’t a glamorous thing you know, it doesn’t necessarily close the deal with the the whole Jesus God thing but what Lighthouse does is guide people into safe harbors. You know, a lighthouse can stand in the storm you know back in the day they call me Texas tornado. I thought that was pretty cool. Because I would touch down in an area it caused some havoc and then dissipate leave well that’s just not that’s terrible. Because that leads nothing but destruction in its path. Okay, it but but but now I’m a lighthouse. Okay, that’s the old dead me. Now I’m risen with Jesus now in a new light of this lights coming off me right now speaking to you. I hope that you’re seeing that and let me tell you something more. You know what’s greater than a Texas tornado. You know, a wind tunnel coming down and just wreaking havoc and destroying now Lighthouse can take on a tornado in the tornado doesn’t do any can do anything to a lighthouse. The highest winds can’t do anything to lighthouse. The biggest waves mad respect for you as an electrician seriously.

And a welder Nice to meet you. Thank you so much. And yes, we all need lighthouses I desperately needed one when I was safe in it, check it out. So waves can hit the lighthouse when can wraps itself around. But a lighthouse is cylindrical eight foot concrete walls, these things like this. And in a lot of times, it’s operated alone. And so it’s a lonely road. Sometimes, you know, it can be a lonely post. You know, marines know all about not leaving your post. You know, I saw us think about the other day. Why do we lose men though? Why do we lose men and women servicemembers in war, you know? I mean, it would I mean, the worst war is no match for aftermath. So the aftermath is much worse than war. And you see that with all these people committing suicide, right? And so why are we losing men and women Okay, in even after we reach out to him as a lighthouse? Well, the thing is, Is this alright? What happened to this gentleman the other night, he’s on a live right. He’s hurting. Nick takes it on. Nick takes on this. This gracious burden. It’s a great thing, but it’s also can be a burden for others. But he takes on this gentleman and he ministered to me. He reaches out to him. prays with him all kinds of stuff. He seems like he’s doing great And then all sudden, he disappears. They were notified of something very bad that happened, right? Well, I was thinking about this what why is this? What happened? What happened because a lot of people get help right? In, there’s help for you. But what happens what happens is, is when you’re a lost ship in the night, you’re sinking away, you see a lighthouse, and you might be seeing a lighthouse right now. So you turn your bow into this lighthouse. But I’ll tell you what, every once in a while, a ship is lost at sea, in the reason why ship is lost at sea, even after seeing the lighthouse is because the end is so near. But the ship simply takes on too much water in every single situation that I’ve seen when my own friends killed themselves, where I’ve seen it all over the place. Okay, they took on too much water. What do I mean by that? Thank you for asking. The reason why I say this is this is because if you’re taking on too much water, that means you’re taking on the burden and the guilt of everything else around you. You’re blaming yourself. Every single incidence I’ve seen was taking on too much water. If you find yourself right now. Heading towards that light that beacon of hope that lighthouse could be me could be somebody else in your life. Head towards a keep your bow towards it. Keep your baddest bow here to this light. But when you take on too much water and you’re taking on wave after wave, and you’re actually taking on water and you’re not dumping it out, don’t be enough. Yeah, I’m not I’m not gonna lie. It’s it’s it’s a it’s a fight for your life. It’s a it’s a fight for your life. It so you got to Amelie take those thoughts, the depression, the guilt, the shame of your life, those thoughts of war in this gentleman’s life, I’m not going to go into detail too much. But he simply blamed yourself. Check this out. This this guy, this awesome cat that had a whole future to family have in front of him. He was blaming himself for his two buddies dying in combat, that the enemy the insurgents killed. But then he wasn’t able to take out the insurgent soon enough.

He took this on

this entire way to the world on himself in couldn’t let it go. Until, until guess what he took on too much water. He saw the light house, that same white house you’re seeing right now. He had incredible, amazing opportunity to get help. But it was too much water in the boat. In the hope that I’m telling you today is that you can start bailing water out of your own boat until you get to the safe harbor. And the entire reason to get to the safe harbor to the lighthouse is to experience the world beyond the lighthouse experience. The world the world that’s beyond the the lighthouse. You hear me? You hear me everyone? It’s it’s it’s in. I know how hard it is. Because when you’re trudging through the waters, of time, of despair, of suffering of loss in your life, like I was of facing a tremendous amount of hardship and in the future, the past and everywhere around you. It’s hard to remember that this water that you’re taking on. Yes, a lot of it was your own doing. But a lot of it you had nothing to do with it. And it’s really tragic to see people focus on the guilt and shame of things that they can’t change. And even if it was their fault, they can’t change it now. But they can let Jesus and God come in and change their loss. beyond anything of the wildest dreams. Thank you for double tapping that screen right now to just enter into this conversation. Okay, I thank you for that appreciate you coming in right now. And if you’re lost and you’re hopeless, right now, if you’re lost and you’re hopeless, I just want you to know that there is absolute hope here. This is not just another live to appease you to get you to follow to all these different crazy vain vain days. Vain Vanity, vanity vanity, right crystallin too much on the mind. Why you What do you have on your mind, sweetheart? I’m doing well today. Thank you so much. Let’s see your Mohawk it’s a it’s a lion’s mane actually. Okay, It’s actually a lion’s mane but I appreciate you saying that Elizabeth thank you for getting so much out of this mama bear. I love you. I appreciate you Magnum cuts I think I need to go to you to cut my hair you Magnum cuts because I’m I like to be magnanimous, you know magnanimous is not necessarily a cocky term. Do you know magnanimous means something something? Something saw something. And it but it sounds cool, but it don’t mean you know that one thing Hey flash what’s going on? Jerry? There’s a book by Napoleon Hill called Outwitting the Devil. You know what we you know, we don’t need to read a book on Outwitting the Devil You can outwit the devil right now by just simply saying, Jesus will you come right down in my life and take care of this dude? Because you have absolute authority and power to you know when you don’t when we give the devil I hear people all the time say I’m just I got these demons well now you you do you do now you your ad because you’re giving them authority. I give no demon authority. Therefore I have no fear of anything. Nothing. And so some when you have no fear of anything, which by the way perfect love casts out all fear. Not how much cheese more you are. Or how bad as you think you are. It’s about love it but it’s about pure love, in love can be brutal in aggressive and crazy. So so don’t get me wrong, generous and forgiving. magnanimous. Yes, exactly. It’s generous and forgiving. The the greatest powers you can have or show of force that you can have is to be able to annihilate someone. That means it might turn serve ice cream to them is the greatest power that I can show someone is if I have the power to do that to them, but I forgive them instead, with absolute mercy. You have the power to do something, but you don’t do it. Now that’s magnanimous, okay. Evil can only win by fooling humanity be true, and you can lose. That’s right. Jerry says Correct. Amen. Jimmy, preach it. Thank you so much. Bible says we have the power to pull down every stronghold and cast down everything that it’s exalted of. Yes. Instead of saying satan get behind me. Now we can just say it’s written. It is written as it Jesus said, Jesus said, See, it’s done. You see, it’s it’s already written. It’s written. It’s over. demons came for me in my weakest moment. Well, you didn’t write they did. They do do that. And what is your weakest moment? It’s it’s a, it’s oftentimes the positions we put in our lives of which make which we open doors to these things, because I’ve done it a lot. Not a spirit of fear, but of love. Power sound mind in self control. You have to rebuke. You have to rebuke those thoughts in Jesus name. I like that. That’s good. That’s right. Demon. Yeah, that’s right. I’m scared of spiders. Jimmy, Nick. You’re you’re scared. Yeah. For some reason, I don’t have anything on this one, Nick. I could say a couple things. I’m not gonna be mean though. You don’t mean? I’m just kidding. That’s what that’s what people say when they don’t have anything. What’s up? You scare you ain’t scared of spiders. Nick. Hey, hey, Nick. Don’t be scared of your own arms brother. Work those bad boys. l work them out. Don’t be scared of your own arms. Right? Don’t be caught. Don’t be calling your arm spiders and stuff man. Don’t be thinking as a spider next to you son. Just take responsibility. You know Jocko like it’s Extreme Ownership. You know what I mean? Is some take Extreme

Ownership for your arm, son. Just kidding, Nick. Come on, man. What’s up?

I fight and have the power to push negative stuff away from you. Amen. Be honest. Don’t have to remember what you said. That’s right. You don’t have to anymore. Just just pull Jimmy. I’m trying to put that back in style. Just be like, Yo, you know what I gotta

say son. Oh, something something guaranteed son

and he just walk away you gotta say guaranteed son you know yeah say something about Ceylon something in there. Voters for shoulders Yeah, that’s right. You know you know all you need hate for all you I don’t want to get all my secrets out but all you really need his boaters for shoulders. You know, I’m saying I mean, just work out your shoulders all the time. Who cares about everything else? Seriously. I mean, what’s up? That’s all you need. Do some of my free workouts. go back on my page, go through some videos be like what the heck is transport What the heck is magnanimous peacock. What the heck is lions? Maybe lions and as long as man, you don’t have lions and Lions Mane anymore, but he’s gonna have lions as long as men tomorrow, probably. But go to that page, you’ll see those mighty warrior workouts, it all you get. You can all even save you from doing that all you need to do to start doing is doing handstand push ups. Okay. And all you got to do is just Nick, Nick is the only one in this whole room that can do them. But everybody else all you got to do is do a handstand. It flip your feet up to the wall and just hold it. Just hold it. Okay. Nick, Nick can’t hold his arms up. He can’t hold his body up because of the spider arms is. You know, I’m playing Nick, come on. Jimmy, I absolutely need a lot of prayers brother, I need to stop this nonsense need to detox now. Cancer Thank you for saying that. And I feel you and your honesty man and your your your humbleness to come on here and say that. I just want to pray for you right now. Jesus, I thank you for coming in right now. And helping this man wherever he is right now. Just we know that we cannot do anything on your own. But you Lord you can come into our lives and radically changes is that you would radically change every single person’s that every single person that’s listening to this right now. Lord, I asked you that you would radically change their life so much as to where they would see it significantly in their life right now, this moment, the warmth and a linebacker tackle their heart, with the Holy Spirit with your love, that they would see this. And it would be so undeniable that it wasn’t on their own accord, that they would start to turn their hearts in their eyes and their minds and their body, their soul to you and your name alone. The same God that saved me out of the horrible, treacherous pit, I thank you that you would save these people out of a terrible pit. Thank you for saying that. Would you please pray for me to overcome this severe anxiety. I’m going to pray a couple times during this. Okay. I really appreciate you saying that. But I just prayed I’m telling you right now, receive the Word of God receive the prayer that I just gave you receive it. Because I’m telling you it will radically change your life. No man, person, place or thing can can touch your heart. No one No drug, nothing. You can detox 1000 times over. You know. But until that Jesus comes in and restores your heart. Chase, you’re in tears. Thank you so much. You’re going to see I’m telling you right now, this is no joke. This is not some live where somebody seen a piece of fruit and got two or 3 million finance Life ain’t that easy. But I’m showing you a way the touch point way where Jesus can radically show you who to be how to be a guest what he wants you to be you. He wants you to overcome. He wants you to overcome the thoughts. This is all you have to overcome is to overcome the thoughts that he is not going to answer you. Or that he’s not there with you right now. You understand? What the heck does touchpoint mean? Go to my page? Listen to me. I promise you you’ll become part of the touch point nation if you just go through that page and start looking at stuff. Just look at look at my look at these videos. You’ve never seen someone with so much time on their hands as a man on house arrest. How was calculated they my mom happened to remind me you know gotta love moms. She was human announcer as for almost a year as a mom and I’m a mama’s boy I’ve been house raised my whole life. You know, I’m saying somebody the other day said Man, I’m married. I’ve been on House risk for a long time to homie. I’ll say I don’t know. Don’t comment on that dog. Well, let’s pray though. Let’s pray real quick. Your blessing of people Jimmy Thank you Lion’s Mane Lion’s Mane sir. Why you beyond house arrest? Hey, check out my page. Jesse. Jesse. Will you follow me? Just you I mean seriously, like, I want you to follow me. Sorry. It looks like I’ve been eating KFC chicken with these sunglasses on. What’s up? Talk about repeat it’s absolutely limit. Listen to me. Repentance is key. You got to turn your heart to Jesus to return your heart to Jesus doesn’t necessarily mean You got to put down the alcohol, it means your heart has to change. Because you can sit there not be drinking any alcohol right now going well, I have nothing to worry about. But your heart’s not right with Jesus who? See, we come we become judges and critics. If you find yourself judging someone or saying, Well, I’m not saying I’m perfect, or this and that, I pray I ask you to look into your own heart and look to your own life. And you know, in check it out, box wide, Jimmy, come on, bro, did you really mention me? Or would just No, I didn’t. But I’m mentioning you now. Okay, and I get you. I got you. I got you right now I mentioned you because I want to do a shout out of you. And it’s really it’s really to bring you in to

the love of Jesus. That’s why I did it. And yes,

I mentioned you one like that. Let me know how you do it, man. Reach out to me. I want to talk to you. Actually. I do want to talk to you. He will take all bad desires away from us. That’s right. When are we going to take out a box of one? Let me tell you something. Listen, right. We’re gonna have a box wine party when I get off a house arrest. Semper Fi brother, Smokey. Love you. My heart is for Jesus. That’s great. Would you go back and become a seal again? No, I mean, no, I, you know, if you’re breaking case of war, you know what I mean? Thank you for that. Thank you for that. I appreciate that. Sweetheart. Thank you for that. I, I would absolutely if I if I had to if I needed to. Like I said, break the case. If you want this monkey to come out and go to war for you. You don’t say until then I’ll just be on house arrest sit here. If you want to come over with MOX wine. Let me know. I’ve had that request before. This is no joke. This is no joke I’ve had I had a girl the other day. Thank you for saying that. Thank you for saying thank you for your service. I had a roll. Y’all know this story. A girl asked me. She wanted to sit on my mattress bed down here in drink box one on. And I said what? That sounds boring. Whoa. What will we do with box wine on a face one les Batman. Love you, brother. Thank you for your service, man. Seriously, man. Can you tell your testimony? I can’t. And I have many times. Let’s see if it sounds right. Let’s see if it comes out right tonight. Okay, maybe so I’m Canadian. Thank you for your service. Thank you so much. I don’t blame Jim. You’re fine. Hey, check it out. You know, I mean, you You ain’t got to be finding to be getting Botswana requests. Okay. That’s just a matter of fact, you know, Botswana saved my buddy’s life and he was a seal. This is no joke. His name was panda Squeezy. We call him panda a panda bear. You but you will go up at a zoo. And listen, I heard of this person in China that went over in a hut. Thank you so much for saying that. Your son and daughter in the Navy. I got you. Listen, I heard about this person. In China in a Chinese Zoo. Go up in hug a panda bear. This is not living in reality. You don’t go up and hug a panda bear without getting scratched up and mauled. Okay. You’ve all been in one of those relationships. I’m an inspiring CEO. Can you show me some good workouts and possibly us work out together? Listen, are you the FBI?

What’s up?

This is a suspiciousness right here. What’s your angle? What’s your angle? Check out my page brother. touchpoint touchpoint. Boom, check out my page. You can find out 19 or 20 of my What will your if you do model my mighty warrior workouts. I promise you, you are going to be in very good shape. You still need to watch David Goggins on running and look up in learn learn learn the the Navy SEAL style of the sidestroke the combat swimmer sidestroke okay. I only have one tattoo. It’s it’s called pluralism. No, wait. It’s called singular ism. It’s when you have so many tattoos. You have one tattoo. You don’t I’m saying how much longer own

house rose bro.

Aye. Aye. Aye. I have great faith. Okay. I have great faith. Okay. What are your pronouns? My pronouns are our Jimmy isms. Stuff like that, you know? You know your regular English stuff. No big deal. Jimmy has some incoming. I know, don’t get me fired up. I’ll start blasting away. You know what I mean? You don’t want this. So another person asked me if they could if they could have my goggles, and drink box wine with them on, you know, I’m saying and I told I basically told Nick, he’s on here right now. So don’t ever ask me that again, homie. You know, I mean, you know me in the most masculine way possible. Don’t ask me that again. Doc. Come on, man. Seriously, Nick. Unbelievable. Your pronouns should be Chad Waterhead. I have goggles. Oh, you have goggles. Thank you, sweetheart for saying that. Since we haven’t heard in a while. Let’s go brand him. I don’t know what let’s go. Brandon means okay. But when you say it on here, I have to repeat it. It’s so I just had to repeat it over and over and over. When you say that, okay, now. I don’t know exactly what it means, but I have to yell it out. If you said fill in Froggy. Why Pat Morales you fill in Froggy? What’s up? Come on. What is this a UFC showdown? Hey, bud.

What’s up? Oh, I

got to keep it down. My mom’s sleeping. I’m like yelling in here yelling like literally yelling. I’m like blah blah. Because that’s the only way I can be heard You don’t say. Let’s go branded capitalized. For three distinguishing exclamation marks. F j.

B do FJP do.

Let’s go Brandon again. What’s that mark on your neck? Oh, it’s RPG hit me. An RPG hit me right here and went through my entire neck. It was like this big. I wrote 10 books about how I did it by myself. I went in there you know bin Laden was that I took them out by myself. I everyone knows it. I had an RPG sticking out my neck. I had to unscrew it and took it apart. Thank God for my Navy SEAL training. And then I could some wires and actually took the wires and then and then cauterized my own neck right here corners. But luckily I’m a plastic surgeon too. And was able to just you know put it together real quick. With a little skin grafts from a belt in an accident. What’s up? Okay, that’s all true. All right.

This is not true.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you anymore. Jimmy. How many ice creams have you served? The days not over yet? It’s not midnight here yet. Asked me in one hour. I don’t know why I’m I don’t wear a watch on the wall. I’m looking there.

touchpoint touch point and touch

point. You guys love me simplify brother. Hey, what’s up? Simplify? Good answer. Valerie. Thank you. What’s that a wise answer? You love my my Jimmy isms. My Jimmy wisdoms. That’s Jimmy wisdom right there is when he asked me how he asked me when I say so. They don’t worry. Yeah. How many pushups you do? Day over? Yeah. How many boss ones you’re gonna drink with with, with people to ask Dan. The night ain’t over yet. Yes, I love that answer. Thank you. Got love it to love you, man. You’re great. Elizabeth. I hope that you’re doing good. Heart attack. Hey, now your legendary touch point. touch point. Who? Who’s uh, who’s seen these who’s who’s seen these tic TOCs where somebody is taking a shower with their clothes on. That I think that’s the first sign that you’re running out of content. I need to do a video about it. You know, I’m saying if you take a shower with your clothes on, you’re running out of content song that says What’s up that you’d run out of content? I love you, brother. Thank you so much.

Nick Bates. You just got that you just laughing now. This just made my day he was me. I hear you. You know I’ve had those phone calls too. You know? I got it. I got your dog. Appreciate your videos, brother. Simplify. He anybody else. Is anybody else on a Sunday? Be like this.

Ha ha ha hee hee. I’m gonna be doing great.

I’m gonna hit this week. This week. I got this week. I’m gonna make this week my whole squeeze all this crazy stuff, right? Don’t ask for that. means that you should do. Let me tell you something on Sunday.

Oh my god bah bah bah bah draw snap and squeeze draw snap and squeeze Ross you know

slick Nick slick Nick slick Nick with a spider arms. But but but Monday night comes along and you’re in the shower with your clothes on. Like that tick talker that’s running out of content. And he’s just sitting there like this


that was me tonight. Not not the running out of stuff, but but I’m telling you, because

cuz, Sunday,

yesterday, that was just yesterday, and I was like, I’m gonna take this week on, I’m getting up early. I’m gonna pray more. I’m gonna go to war, so I’m gonna go to war. I’m crazy.

I’m crazy. I’m crazy.

This is my ex girlfriend slips. By the way. I burn off with a cart riser. I had it burn off. And let me tell you some 24 hours later. 24 hours later. I go from I’m gonna take this week on Sunday. This week is mine. This week is mine.

24 hours later tonight I’m going like this and then right before this light comes on right before it goes on.

Hey, everybody, everything’s okay. You have mag dumped? Yeah, way more Thompson. You guarantee you. Mark Diaz navy seal ring a bell. Mark D is no sir. Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva. I don’t ever advertise but Chiba Chiba Chiba Chiba. Chiba.

Yelling Oh, sorry. Yeah, I’m yelling again in the house. Of JB what is FJB? Me? Oh, oh, that’s a friends with Joe Biden. Some people love Joe Biden. You know, friends with Joe Biden. I guess that’s what that means. Your mom put in earplugs in as you speak. C suite B. Hey. Yes, you’re right. Chick. Cheech is dad thoughts on Aetherium? You know, that’s why I’m on house arrest pretty much is thinking about crypto, and then expressing my thoughts about crypto. So I have to kind of keep it low, you know, on the load. I have to be like, interesting. You know, but, uh, the automaker a crypto called box one, then reverse matrix. Let’s go Brandon. I don’t know what that means. Let’s go Brandon. I have to repeat it though. What do you say it? What are your views on British SCS? Listen, I’m gonna lie. They got all the abdominals in the world. They can run faster than the seals. And they’re stopping every two minutes on the run for tea. How is that possible? Have I missed much? Yes. If you just joined in two minutes after my live starts, you’ve missed a lot, but it’s okay. Never too much for you. Mad Dog 2020 What exact moment do you remember being the most focused in your career? Oh

probably team leader in the seals, you have to be extremely of your cuz your Asus is on the line. Good. I mean, it’s like having Trump his boss. You’re about to get fired at any moment. So yeah, absolutely. Because we’re the best Sergeant Cal.

Okay. Right. Um,

I just said you’re the best if you’re talking about so as I said, I’ll say I didn’t say you’re the best. I just said you had all the abs in the world. And I would consider myself the best if I had all the abs in the world. So was How about steroid use for a 30 year old? Not steroid use, but men’s testosterone replacement therapy. It’s all about the wording okay. You know this okay, you know this that’s what I have to say about them. 30 years old. That’s kind of young. Okay. Now 30 In a month that’s not too young. ever work with CCTS? Absolutely. Was there a particular weapon of choice with attachments you loved overall? No, I mean, and we we shoot all kinds of different stuff, man. But civilians civilian I like to POS if I got a POS like I had a PA with no, I can’t have one.

But but that’s not

perfect. What’s the one thing you hate about the Navy? The Admiralty, the the Admiralty, the high ranking officers that that just I mean, it’s like, no joke like King Henry King George just walked in the door. Like, with the atom with like these guys like, like holding coffee like horrible. It’s great. It’s crazy. It’s really crazy. You want to believe we had one Navy SEAL Admiral that came in. And he later got fired partly because of me. I know that’s crazy. It’s in the book. Don’t worry. You’ll see. You’ll see. You’ll see. And unlawful command influence you’ll see, that’s what you’ll see. Oh, although I forgive, I forgive. But anyways, he’s the guy that came in. He he it takes an act of Congress, by the way. But he’s the guy that came in and said I want all seals that have tattoos out of out of here now, you know, he’s one of these great guys. And they said, Sir Admiral, Admiral Squeezy that’s, that’s 75% of your entire force. More, I will scratch that I want new uniforms. They always they always go for New York uniforms. And then the next Admiral after he gets booted is like seals can have tattoos on their face now. And I’m like, and every all the seals are like, yeah, they, they. They already do, sir. They already do. Tell them disrespect that chain of command that I know you didn’t serve. A What are your thoughts on the M 249. Saw? Hey, that’s a great weapon. Um, you know, the Parasol is the best because it’s shortened version. And then you have a nut sack on it. That’s what it’s called. A nut sack. And then you can lay down some squeeze and serve some ice cream at the same time. It’s great in 249 is junk. It’s a rust bucket. Oh my gosh. Well, it’s a rust bucket when you don’t clean it. Come on.

Come on. Cook. Come on.

It’s a rush buggy. Listen, it’s a boy. It’s like a barnacle Bill was SpongeBob shooting it if you don’t clean it with some CLP and some love the same type of mold I’m trying to give you right now. Fluffy says my dude said I know you didn’t serve to don’t disrespect the chain of command. Hey, I’m just being real with you. And I speak on behalf of all the cool seals. And that means all the seals that were actually seals and you can be a seal without being a seal. But I was with the seal I trust me. I’ve hung out with all the cool ones, you know that? I mean? Come on, man. And it’s just true. I’m just telling you the truth. You know, you don’t ever need to respect the chain of command if they’re sending you to the brig for serving your country. You still want to respect them for that. Wake up what is a seal that is not a seal he well it’s a seal that’s not a seal carbon base rounds CLP draws the carbon it just put some oil on I don’t care if you use olive oil, anoint your head and then anoint the pistol and then go to go to ice cream servant you know saying what was your workout regimen before buzz? beaten my own? AISs that was my workout regimen. You got to go hard you know I’m saying you got you got to go hard. But I I took it like I tell people now be smart. Google research there’s so much information out there now in wonderful running programs and swimming programs. Look, I was just beating my butt and that’s very very bad. Because you can overtrain to hurt yourself really bad. Honey Badger that was funny, huh? Thank you so much. Have you ever fired a rocket launcher? Oh, yes. I’ve have you listened. Listen, listen. Listen, not many people can say they’ve served a scream through a Gustaf if you don’t know what a goose thaw is a goosed off. Check YouTube a Gustaf tonight. It remember what Jimmy said about serving ice cream with a Gustaf okay. If your buddy standing next to you, he’s gonna have a TBI. Possibly the you basically got to cover your you know what? And somehow cover your ears too. It’s like that jumping to squat clap i was talking about earlier that guy was talking about cuz that’s what’s happening that’s what’s happening. Gustaf check it out it’s so heinous and loud and brutal I mean it’s like you know you don’t say clear if you’re holding a gustar off like a country next you knows you’re about to shoot it the radio into Russian go Oh, who’s about to shoot the Gustav clear? It’s crazy. You’re a cleaner I think I know what that means in the mafia. Hey Peace, man. Have a good one. Thank you so much. Thanks for joining appreciate you. I saw another Vet T talker that was asked how you receive multiple hearts said after you get hit the first or multiple Purple Hearts said after you get hit the first alright? is German, Carl Gustaf the Carl Gustaf round, it’s heinous. There’s several different ones timestamp right back up as fast as possible. That’s right. What do you think about the n 27? All I know is you better be cleaning your stuff with some oil. It don’t worry about this. The carbon monoxide of the round takes the you better throw some wool in there. Like pour some on your beards you know and then put in your machine gun and then you better shoulder fire that and just be like ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream, but about a jam but I’m gonna jam reverse matrix reverse matrix trap music trap music trap music trap music do you like to ah and more wrong? Absolutely. That thing is awesome. But nothing. Nothing is more scary to the Taliban into the enemy as the the the Halo, the halo platform. Ice Cream new phase brother. That’s right. My dog is named after Carl Gustaf. See, now we have a straight up real marine showing up in this piece right now.

What’s up touch point, bro? Do you know anything more about John’s death? I think he was murdered. I mean that that’s what I know right now. Okay, I know some other stuff but there’s gonna be a book about it. You know what I mean? What was your primary weapon? Well, you know, for basically an aim for but then, but then as a sniper 300 Win Mag, you know, we also have the M 2014. All these other different things to Gustaf was named after Jimmy. You’re right. You’re right. I was a container Nick was the rounds. Pump the trigger pop twisted squeeze, Blackout. blackouts. Good. Okay, blackouts, good. subsonic munitions are great. You put a can on there. And all you can hear is the action click, click, click, click click. However, you walk outside the dirt hut in Afghanistan, and now and now. You’re facing an enemy 200 yards and beyond. We’re not using meters here. I love you British SS. But we aren’t using meters and we’re taking no more tea times. Okay. My goodness. If I drank that much green tea, I’d have abs to lie to you. But check it out. So you walk out of the mud hut right. In your rounds. You’re gonna be basically falling out your barrel and Moshe DS laughing at you don’t have a party like beyond 200 You know what I mean? yards. You got to have something serious out there. You know what I mean? Serious. That the SCS would be highly effective if they didn’t drink tea all the time. It’s just a fact. I mean, it’s like well, they would be doing great but they’re they’re having tea down here. While I’m over here, playing grenade tennis. My goodness. The the 416 What what do you think about the M 110? sacer. I think they’re all good man. You know you got the 6.5 Squeezy the breeze of the cheesy. Just grab one. You know get some good glass. Let’s let’s try to exit. Let’s have a better exit strategy than last time. Oh, man. I have incredible testimony you wouldn’t believe.

Well, email me. Message me. You know a lot of people have incredible ones. Jimmy, can

we see your pig you painted? Yes sir. Pon rose. Great seeing you tonight. Where’s all my firefighters? Where’s all my military out there? I want to see some first responders up in here I want to give you a shout out yes the scar 17 The Heavy is my choice really but they’ve had some issues with it you know what I mean? The scar heavy is great if you if you if you screw down the the the the floating barrel in the in the scar heavy the sniper version then it’s a great weapon if you don’t then you’ll think it’s a piece of crap but you can you can NAT tack with that thing you like this it’s a it’s a man on a horse that he’s releasing the reins in life you know you bought one Hey Jake read that manual you probably know a lot more than me about him but read that manual because we had snipers fell now the course until they figured out that that they needed to screw those those those screws onto the barrel to to Easy Company right on US Air Force heavies let go and let God that’s what this painting is about value they go and they got you have any old lighthouse laying around? Yeah Do I know a lot of lighthouse is solid. But I got to sit in this one off I’m still working on this one. I’ll still be working on this one. Somebody said I was paying doughnuts just because I’m on ketose don’t mean I’m paying doughnuts. Thank you, Pam rose. Appreciate that. If you want to purchase a painting reach out to me somebody whoever Have you ever considered painting the four horsemen? This isn’t me. I don’t want to paint my my three other friends. You

know I’m saying my name is peacock. Lion’s Mane

it makes Squeezy. I still work for the DoD firefighter right on firefighters. Right on. Nick. You like your hot Thanks, brother. Appreciate it. Those short shorts are mad cute. They issued Come on, you know they? These are my udts They’re not issued. Okay. But they have issues. You know? So, the recall the undeniably touchpoints that’s what UDT really means. Good. Good Shi T respect. Awesome. Bond in paints, too. I know. I you know, I know. That’s why That’s why I’ve been considering retiring. When did Adidas start making silkies Hey, hey, just because my legs are big. Okay, just because my legs are big. This is the only these are an extra large shorts. It’s just my legs are so big and muscled up like frog legs. That it just makes every shorts that I wear. look like little bitty tiny silkies Okay. All right. That’s that’s what happened here. You know, that’s true. Come on. Come on you with me? Tell them bro. Oh, three marine here right on Semper Fidelis. Jimmy, thoughts on Trump and B for real? Oh, you think I’m gonna joke around all the time? Huh? Well, listen, I don’t like to get too crazy up in here. You know, I’m saying. But, uh, Jimmy, thoughts on Trump and BMP for real? What do you mama, is this my mom on here?

Let me see. This is? Who is it?

Let me tell you something. Um you know, I’m for the Constitution. I’m for the constitution. So whoever aligns with the Constitution, that is exactly who I’m for. And therefore, man, I really really love Trump. I love the guy. And it’s really sad. It’s extremely sad to see. I’m not but but I but see, here’s the difference in me and some other fans is that I don’t put him on the white horse pedestal. I don’t put him up there as a savior. He’s not my savior. He’s not the hero and he’s not America’s savior. If you start thinking like that you’ve already lost when you put a man as a savior. Now, I think he was getting it done. Because he was closest to the constitution. We the People, right? But when the church starts to put him as the Savior, he’s coming back in a week. A week rolls around. Well, the prophets are saying he’s gonna be back in two weeks. Two weeks comes around. Come on. What’s up? Amen. What’s up? May God continue to bless our work. Bless you. We’re thank you so much. With you, buddy. Wouldn’t want to be on another team any other team. Thank you. Let me tell you something I want to pray right now for everybody. Everybody that’s joining if you join in your loss right now, if you if you ever get the real P man just said this, even though you’re from Oklahoma, I still love you, brother. Okay, I’m not gonna hold anyone. I’m not gonna hold anything against anyone. Okay, from Oklahoma, I’m just gonna say right now, but let me tell you something. My dad was extremely he is extremely wise man in, in businessman and, and a Texas judge Texas preacher. Okay. Petroleum technology degree theology, all these things? Right? Will will, you know, he said, Our country needs to be ran by a businessman because it’s all about money in business. And that’s why within just a few short weeks of him becoming office, we had the greatest nation ever we have the greatest nation ever. But my goodness, you know, coming from a leader platform, you know, I tried to give it leader advice and stuff. No good. You know, if the leader is not cutting it, that’s me. By Biden, you whoever it is. You’re out the door in the seals you think this would fly? If there’s a wrong if there’s a bad leader on the on the unit level platoon level you but is out of there. Listen, would they do it in football? We, you know, listen, listen, whether you hate him or not, you know, love him or not Tom Brady, that his coach, he’s finally got grasp the idea of leadership, find your talent, which in this case is Tom Brady and let him run, let the sled dogs out and let them win. It’s all about winning. Football is all about winning. Football is about winning, and it’s just a game. That then America surely needs to take this as serious as it gets. And that’s why I’m afraid. The tishie Of Doom is coming. And that’s me being serious right now. And don’t ask what the Tisha Doom is. My ex wife was. Well, I just got fireworks up here. Thank you. My ex wife was I’m not gonna say that word. Now she’s a pilot.

Does God give you visions

or dreams? Hey, John Carter, thank you for joining brother. God bless you, too, man. It’s great seeing you, thank you for your service to the community. And when you serve the community like you have, it is a direct relation to the service you have done for our country. Thank you so much. You just asked if I get visions and stuff. I actually do see in the spirit in here spiritually. Okay. That’s all I’ll say about that. It but in that’s the dead truth. And I was actually afraid of it for years. But just since operation restore warrior in my heart was restored by Jesus. They directly said, Don’t be afraid of that. And so but I use it very cautiously. And it’s not all the time. And I have to be very careful with it. But I’ve actually Yeah, it’s weird. It’s crazy. Trump is a powerful man. And God blessed him with his talent. Yeah, he has an incredible terror. I heard a speech the other day, it was incredible. Really, we really need that right now. A unity we need unity is what we need. Hey, thank you sit hanging lights. Love you for that. I love everybody. Listen, just because you’re from Oklahoma. Doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. And even forgive you for saying that. You’re from Oklahoma. You know, I’m just kidding. I don’t have anything problem. A problem with Oklahoma. I like to joke around. But I’m from Texas. It’s just one of those things you know, mean? An honest public servant can become rich and rich, rich and politics. He can only attain greatness and satisfaction. You’re so right. Thomas Porter. Really smart. Rare, man. Smart move. Smart move. You have this. You have the Holy Spirit in you. Thank you for saying that. I appreciate you. I just want to be aligned to the people. I have. I have Whoa, what is that? What was that? Do you see that? I think I just had a vision. Okay, that was probably somebody put a jar they live by a marshmallow flew out at first, but there was a bunch of lights. That was the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. Listen, if you don’t a lot of people say man How could you be so happy? I’m gonna be so carefree or energized. Listen to me. It’s it’s a special gift that Jesus gives me to do this. But let me tell you it doesn’t mean that I don’t have hard days in in roller coaster type days where where it’s it can be tough. But I’ve learned to put my entire trust in Jesus. In especially if you’re for Oklahoma, you need to put your trust in Jesus too.

What’s up? What’s up, man? What’s going on? Thank you so much for saying that. Fireflies

filled with the Holy Spirit. I like that. I like that kind of talk. How do I find Jesus Irish shots? Let me tell you something. You can fight you have found Jesus here. You have found Jesus amongst these. These people that love you, everyone on here that loves you, I promise you. There might be people that even hate me that sit here what I have people that literally hate me, I think, but they watch me they go, Jimmy, I don’t agree with you in. But there’s just something about you. I’ll tell you. In fact, I’ve hated you. And I like some of your things. But you’re funny. And I, there’s something about you. And I tell him I’m like, It’s not me. It’s Jesus operating through my eyes and through my body for you. By no means am I claiming to be some kind of a special person. We all are in the same body, same exact boat. It’s just that we’re are we, my eyes have been open to truth. And once your eyes are open to the truth, you’re never going to be the same and you never can come back in. That’s why I offer you the same thing in an instantaneous flash. If your heart if you can find it in your heart right now. Crack your heart open this much and listen to me that you can, can you you don’t have to find Jesus. Jesus just found you, my friend. If you’re turning into this channel right now, you no longer have to suffer. You no longer have to wait. I don’t care what you’ve done. I don’t care what kind of drug you’re on. Jesus said nothing about these things. In fact, he got pretty angry though at the money changers in the temple. I heard somebody the other day actually a preacher actually say no, it was the money they were changing underneath the table. No, my friend. Wrong answer. It’s the money changing in the temple, making my father’s house a marketplace, selling my Word, His Word, God’s Word, the Holy Spirit. That word is not for sale. And the every single problem that you will see. Okay? A lot of people say Jimmy, I hate religion. I say Man, we have a lot in common brother, because I hate religion too. I love Jesus and I hate religion. And guess what? He was not a big fan. Who was the Samaritan who interested in the kingdom of Kevin, he said when he asked somebody as Jesus said, they said who introduced the kingdom of heaven. And it was a lawyer that was asking somebody that was real skilled in the law and verse Pharisees attaches on this. And he says there was a man who was injured on the side of the road in a Pharisee and said, You see, which would be modern days like you’re you’re you’re really a steward, abiding citizens of law. He knew all the religion go to church every day, in this person passes, but he passed on the other side of the man that was beaten and left for dead on the road. That’s religion. Because it’s too dirty. I don’t like it. He’s got tattoos of Mohawk and whines means crazy Magneto speaker. He said another person did the same thing. Past on the other side of the road, he said Buddha Samaritan, which by the way, we think is good now but back in the day, they were considered unclean, unworthy. The Samaritan stops, stops, it helps the person helps him, cleanses his wounds, carries him to an end like a hospital, leaves money for him at the hospital. Not that doesn’t leave the church. The big the big cash thing. Not that that’s bad. I’m just saying. No, leaves the poor man on the solid Road, darling. money to help him recover. It Jesus said who? Who was the Who was the man that’s going to enter the kingdom of heaven? Basically, who was the person to help and they said the Samaritan. And so so but religion says all these kind of things. So instead of thinking, How do I find Jesus, Jesus found Jesus, you come to this place, Jesus has found you and it led you. Jesus has led you here tonight. Jesus has led you here tonight. And that goes for everybody here, including myself. You can’t you can’t imagine how much help that I receive from you people every day. It’s like when the wind beneath my wings, I tell you. Hi, starfish. Thank you so much.

I’m digging that brother the generation crypto shirt. A you know what it really is? Is the touch point nation up here? Just lost my stepmom three hours ago. Man, I’m so sorry to hear that brother. I’m so sorry to hear that.

On the Catholic thing I’m Catholic born raised and confirmed is when I agree with you on a multitude of things. It you agree because our spirits are aligning and agreeing right now. You agree with me because it’s the truth. Thank you so much. And we’re all sorry to hear about your loss. And Amen to you. Thank you. Amen. For your giving back. Thanks. So you have a peel box, Texas chick, if you want to direct message me, I can give you the mighty warrior mailing address. If you want to mail like like something for me to represent like a T shirt, like fire department and stuff like that. I like doing them. Thank you so much. And here’s the wonderful thing about this mighty warrior tribe. If you’re joining if you’re watching, and you’re not falling, I appreciate you for foreign because it’s a help. Net. It’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a network of hope and help. You would imagine the people that reach out to each other. It help each other on here, okay. I don’t know how but your service and your blessings has already blessed me. Truly. Thank you. I know how brother because the unconditional love the non transactional love that I that I’m giving you here? Okay? It’s for one purpose. It’s to it’s to show you the world behind the lighthouse is to show you a way out of misery and a life of suffering. Brother I love you man. I John McAfee may be may be alive. He very well may be he always wins. He always wins. Jesus has led us here all together because we all have something. Something other another needs. It’s so true. You know, somebody said the other day tonight when I first joined they said, Hey, what Happy birthday by the way. heading to bed. Thanks for joining brother. I really appreciate you saying that Ted dad. But somebody when we first got on here on this line tonight, they said, Well, what are we talking about? It’s your life. I said, No. See, you’re mistaken, my friend. It’s your life. It’s our life together. It’s Jesus’s time in his life, in the Holy Spirit to work through me and you together to provide people with a way out of this nightmare. And this is the way how’s the trial? Hey, there’s no more trial with me. There is no more trial. I’m a free man. You ain’t ever seen somebody more free on house arrest. I’ll tell you I’ve been on a boats of mega yachts in Ibiza, Spain. And everywhere else in this world. Russian helicopters Lear jets that look like they had gold plating on women fast cars bunny you ever tried to carry them? $20,000 in your pocket? It’s hard. 10,000 each. It’s real hard. It’s an art. I’ve been there and I was never more miserable in my life. But now I’m more free on house arrest. With very little

with very little.

That’s why I even turned down the box wine by that girl. I don’t know why she wanted to come over and read that barbed wire. You know, I’m saying do you recommend if you’re still watching, and I rarely do this, but if you’re still watching right now, and you don’t know Jesus, I’m telling you, he knows you. And if you’re hearing me say this right now, there is no such thing as coincidence. I appreciate you saying that. I read your comments. I see it. Let’s build Jimmy church after house arrest. I tell you, you know it’s right here. Our churches right here. I look at the analytics after these things and and sometimes the other day 12 times And people were on at what, you know, throughout the two hours. You know, I don’t know, why does it show up here it says 200 viewers and stuff 120 Right now, but it’s but but you have to double tap the screen to come in and all kinds of different stuff. My point is, is there’s a lot of people, and then the messages are overwhelming. somebody the other day yet last night said that they wanted me to share their testimony. He builds bridges. He’s obviously a very successful wealthy man, and builds bridges now but was last last for many years. You know, and I won’t go into too much detail. But he said, looking through the videos, can’t paraphrasing, but looking through my videos in I say my very carefully and cautiously because I give all the credit to Jesus. And he’s been watching those for a while and said he is absolutely had a complete change of heart in life. And things are going pretty dang well. Do you think Jesus might have been a Tibetan lama? No. I only believe what the Bible says about things. Okay. And I try to stick to what Jesus said. Jesus said alone. I can’t even carry $1,000 Yeah. And I was only saying that because because just to show you I kind of know what I’m talking about that around. And I was miserable. I was miserable. Is there anybody here who wants to know, Jesus? In you know, in you, you don’t? And you don’t even need to follow? Is there anyone else? Is there anyone who wants to know, the real Jesus had never done an altar call here, I’ve never done any there, you ain’t got a minute, you ain’t got to raise your hand, you ain’t got to come down to the front. Nothing like that. You can say it from your heart, though. If you want to right now. I’m about to do it. And this is a wonderful opportunity for you. To take the most amazing happy pill that you’ve ever had in your life, without having to do drugs, or anything else in this world. You can receive the light of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

in your life right now. And I’m going to say right now. You can pray with me right now, Jesus, I ask you to come into my life. Did you repeat that with me? Jesus. It’s as simple as that.

I asked you to come into this hopeless heart. And I asked you, Jesus, to restore a hopeless, man or woman right now. Whoever’s asking this. Jesus, I’m asking you to come into their heart. And I’m asking you to show them who you really are. And if you confess with your mouth, wherever you are in that truck you’re in right now in the bed in the dark. Maybe you’re on a couch, because you can’t even sleep in the bed that you want slip in with your ex spouse. I know how that is. If you’re laying there, all you have to do is say, Jesus, allow me to worship you allow me to come to I’m allowing you to come into my life right now. And I worship you and I believe with all my heart, that you are the Son of God. Saying in your heart, and you’ll see your life change around. He’s brought you here to hear this truth. He’s brought you here to hear this word. And yes, the Bible is the only truth. Smith with Smith Wigglesworth, the famous evangelists extremely amount, an incredible amount of documented miracles wouldn’t even allow a newspaper in his house. Think about that as I close right now. I’m going to close out. Okay. But before I leave, I want you to know that that Smith Wigglesworth in some of the greatest evangelists didn’t even read the newspaper because they didn’t want to be tainted. I love all y’all. I love y’all. Thompson. I see you. Straight up. Keep up the soldier work. Hey, we’re on a warpath together. His arms are open to you. You’re feeling love right now? You’re feeling You’re feeling all kinds of different stuff. Somebody said toilet bowl haha. Well, hey, you know if you’re on the toilet listen this I’d rather you be on a toilet LISTEN to Jesus than in a Learjet on a nice leather seat worshiping someone else which is the evil one hazing stories, you know all my hazing stories, you know the great fruit the half pray for cleaning the toilet bowl and then eating it afterwards having to Yes, it’s happened, whatever. Now I got a lot of hazing stories. Hey, I’m gonna have to get off. But I’m gonna pray real quick. One last time, okay. And I want you to feel the power of the Holy Spirit come into your room, wherever you are. I had somebody the other day said, Jimmy. When we when I saw your life, Jesus stepped into my room. It settled the anxiety and hell in my life. He goes, I just want to let you know that. So I’m going to tell you right now we’re going to pray that Jesus walks into your room, wherever you are in your most darkest place in saves your life. So Jesus on simple as this, Jesus, I ask you to come into these people’s life. These men and women who watch this live channel, whoever’s just remotely even getting on right now, whoever is not on drag, I pray that you would guide them here in this live and I pray that your light would shine through the screen into their living rooms into the rooms wherever they are in their bed right now. And I pray right now that the Holy Spirit of God would linebacker tackle their hearts, wherever they are, would linebacker tackle whoever’s listening to this, in the name of Jesus, I thank You, Lord, for coming into this person’s life. whoever’s watching this, taking away their anxiety. Right now. I asked you to take away every piece of anger, every piece of guilt, every piece of shame in their life, every traumatic thing in their childhood, I asked you to cover it with your powerful anointing and blessing in miraculous love. That covers all things. I thank you for taking away every iniquity in their life, in holding their body in your hands right now, I pray that when they lay their head down right now, as they lay their head down, they actually feel that they’re laying

in the mighty palms of God Himself. And that you would show them that where you’ve been all along, that you show them that you will show them right now that the rest of their week doesn’t have to be hell, that the rest of their life doesn’t have to be hell. That yes, the Holy Spirit can come in right now. It be with every single person that’s listening to the sound of my voice be healed, be whole, and be at peace. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who lives yesterday, today, in forever more. In his name. I pray all this in Jesus name. Amen. Hallelujah. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, everybody. Thank you so much. I know Thompson, you’re here. I love you, man. You’re a good dude. You don’t even know. I know you’re here.

I know you’re here.

I know you’re here. And I know all you warriors are watching and listening to Chris Lin. I’m praying for you a prayer for every single person here, Reese. I love you, man. I see you on here. I didn’t know you’re on here. Man. I love your brother. Been doing these laughs hard if it wasn’t for Reese, a lot of this wouldn’t be happening. He’s a great guy. Thank you so much for all your help. Valerie. Thank you. I love you. Thompson. Thank you so much for saying that. Nick, Amy and my brother. Amen. You good dude. Keep up the lighthouse work. Nick. If you haven’t visited Nick’s channel, I asked you to go there and check him out. He’s doing good work. He does live sessions. And man, he has beautiful eyes. And I say that in the most masculine way possible. And I only say that because I see so many other people saying his eyes. Oh, he’s his eyes are so amazing. Well, you don’t you know, I wish I

got some like that sometimes.

You know? Anyways, you know, I love y’all.

Beautiful highs. Alright,

I’ll see you all later. I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay, I’m trying to do two sessions one during the day, and one in the evening and remember If you don’t have Lion’s Mane they don’t meet you ain’t no big old scary lion. And remember if you’re below scary line, you know who the smartest lions are the lion This is

okay. You just know that okay? All right.

You’re my favorite touch point, touch point. Don’t worry. I’m gonna be doing a video. Don’t worry. You think touch points gone. It ain’t even begun. Alright, tomorrow it is Irish tomorrow. It is. I know Jesus in your heart right now. And that pieces are going to be overwhelming you brother harmala car. Take care. Oliver. I see you. I see you don’t think I don’t know. Reverse matrix up in this piece. See a Josh See ya.


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