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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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Then they almost crashed on me. You broke tic tock again we we? We broke tic tock with all of our touch points. I’m telling you. It was crazy. You You don’t even know what happened just now.

Just kidding. I don’t know what happened. Dang, welcome back. Welcome back. Hey, let’s um, the legend is back Listen,

listen, listen, listen. Listen, Jesus is the only legend around here. Okay, now we you pray for me to come back. Listen I don’t know what happened, but I do know. Hey, thanks for that appreciate that.

Thanks for that I got I got a lot of different shades Joe want to see my FBI these are the FBI Fridays man looks like somebody from from the KFC chicken chicken was a handle nice, man y’all get that point y’all get the point, whatever. Alright, hey everybody, let’s let’s get everybody joined up okay. A senior drill instructor Sergeant hunt? Platoon? 2072. Huh? Hunt. What’s up, hon? Senior drill instructor Sergeant hunt. Oh, I think mine was Hall. McNulty and Hall. 1027. mad respect for you. I hope you’ve seen some of my videos, man. I mean, seriously, cleaning a toilet with half a grapefruit and then having to eat is no joke. But I don’t think it’s like that anymore. You know what I mean? So big dawg. Hope all is will Fox Company. Right on. Right on. They make eyeglass cleaner. You get your pay. I know that. I know that. All right, come down. You Tyler says I quit buds. Hey, you’re you’re pretty honest guy. You don’t like to do a lot with you. Well, I can do a lot with a man like you who comes on here and says I quit. But I’ll tell you. Life is just not over. If you quit, but who cares? You know, I got more respect for you for going and quitting than I do for somebody who just talks about it all the time.

And never goes. You know, I’m saying it’s all good. Not Ricky Hall. Ricky Hall. Yeah, I think it was Ricky Hall. He got to Ranger School.

super hardcore dude. On hardcore. He was recon man. He was recon. I believe. How’re you doing? I hope you’re not mad at me. How can I? I will never be bad at you. I love you, man. You know, I don’t get angry anyways. I can’t get angry anymore. You know? sobro I’m, I’m here drinking in a bar. Hey, hook. That’s okay. That’s okay. That’s awesome, man. I hope that you don’t get to Squeezy. All right. Ricky Hall is a drill. shirred my buddy. Ron was he recon? Jo? Jo Han. Oh, them snakes. touchpoint Hey, everybody. Why? I just want to tell you right now all my love tonight. Listen, who out there needs prayer. Don’t leave. Don’t leave just yet. Just if you don’t even believe in Jesus right now. If you don’t even believe in the Holy Spirit. Okay. Let me tell you something. Look, look. There is absolute full restoration of your heart on its way right now. Let me say so that my heart was completely restored. I think it’s everybody in here. And if you’re just joining I just asked you just to hang out long enough for me to pray for you. You ain’t even got to believe in Jesus. And I promise you if you don’t feel it, if you don’t feel the power of the Holy Spirit, come into your life linebacker tackle your heart. Then you can leave this crazy business for it not follow me nothing. Okay? But if you feel the power of the Holy Spirit, man, that’s all that’s all that matters. Nothing else matters in this world. Because you’re gonna feel it right now as I pray because I know God always answers my prayer. And I know that God is going to linebacker tackle your heart with whatever you need right now. In what you need. I know what your Y is. I know what you need. I know exactly what you need right now. You don’t believe or not, I actually know what you need. Whoever’s out there right now you’re just tuning in, I asked you to double check this right? You don’t have to double click the screen. That’s just me talking.

Sorry. That’s all disappeared. Sorry. Listen, I know what you need. And what you need is

absolute, a restored heart. You need your heart restored. There are people out there dying, they want to die. They don’t even want to wake up, they got to put a smile on their face. Are you tired? Are you Are you tired of living this life of hopelessness? Well, I have a I have a, an answer for you that nobody has ever been able to give you. Until now. Nobody has ever been able to give it to you until now. And I’m going to give you the answer that you desperately need in your life. And that’s the Holy Spirit. There’s never been nothing more neglected than the Holy Spirit. Okay, in Jesus left the earth died and rose again. And his same spirit that rose him off, and that rose him from the grave is living inside me. and all others who accept his powerful, powerful, powerful, powerful spirit. Okay, and I’ll tell you what, you can do all things after after this prayer. If you want to ask Jesus into your heart right now with me. I’m telling you right now, you want to read dedicate your life to Jesus. If you’re sitting out there, hear me now hear my voice. There is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to Jimmy Watson’s world, okay. Jesus told me I was going to be a lighthouse to his people. So if this is tugging at your heart right now, I am ready to pray with you in all you have to do with me right now is ask Jesus to come inside of your heart right now. And if you believe it with all your heart, that he died, Jesus your shoe on the ship if if you believe that He died and rose again, on the third day, if you believe that He’s the Son of God, I’m telling you right now, he’s going to align back your tackle your heart right now, I have never been more free on house arrest. And I’m not doing this for any money. Nothing. God’s word is not for sale. Okay, so the reason why this is so different, is because God’s word is not for sale, and I’m not selling anything other than my touch point shirts, but that’s for holding. That’s where the touch point nation I’m talking about this is for your soul. This is for your life. And I’m ready to pray with you right now. And if you’re just repeat after me right now, I’m telling you, your life is going to change. That brokenness is going to be minted together. I am 100% Sure, and convicted right now in my heart convinced without a shadow of dark that that the same restoration that I received can be imparted upon you. Right now. This is not emotional, crazy talk. This is the real talk. I’m in a Texas federal penitentiary. I’ve been a Navy SEAL but all these different things and found emptiness and hopeless and brokenness until Jesus came into my life and restored me with awesome completeness. completeness. Now pray with me right now if you’re ready. Are you ready with me right now? Are you ready? Put your hands in mind. You’re already holding me. You’re already holding me in a hopeless space. Maybe your house, on your couch. Maybe you don’t want to go in your home right now. Maybe you’re sitting out in the truck somewhere. Let me tell you something, he can restore your brokenness. Maybe you’re sitting on a boat right now. Maybe it’s your you’re at your mother’s house. And you’re you got broken dreams, man. Maybe maybe your whole life has been crushed before your eyes. In every morning you wake up wishing it was night. And in the nighttime you wish it was in the morning? Because of the misery Why tell you what Jesus did not call you into the service and create you. Jesus did not create you to live this life anymore that you’re living. He created you to be free, and whom the sun sets free is free indeed. So I’m going to pray with you right now. Just say this. Just pray this prayer with me. Say Jesus, I need you to come into my heart right now. Jesus, I believe that you’re the Son of God. And I believe that you died and rose again on the third day. And I’m asking you, Jesus, to come into my life

and be with me and keep me I’m asking you to completely restore my life. I forgive every person that has wronged me. And I refuse to drink the poison anymore. I thank You, Father, for coming into my heart in restoring my life. I give my life to you. I completely surrender my life to You, Jesus. And I give you my all. Because I know that in exchange you gave me your life so that I may be free on this earth. And I asked you this in Jesus name. And now I pray for you right now with my own voice. If you’re listening this I just asked you to crack your heart open this much. Just crack your heart open this much. You wouldn’t believe the testimonies that we’re getting every day. And I say we, there’s people who have had literal breakthroughs. There’s one person that said Jesus walked through the his screen into his room with him. When we were when we were praying. And I’m sad. I’m telling you right now, the same thing that Jesus did for me, and that has done for so many other people. He is He is going to do for you. And if you’ve already asked Jesus in your heart, I’m telling you, if you want to rededicate, you just did and I’m telling you, Jesus is standing there with you in the room right now. And he’s going to begin to show you where he’s been this entire time. Now, I’m telling you right now, let’s pray together. In through the power of unity and prayer on this tick tock, God bless tick tock for created a platform we could do this in such a time as this. So I asked everybody come back together right now. And pray with me. Pray with me right now. Lord, God, I think you right now that you would come into every single life on this life channel right now. I every single ear that is watching this, every single eye that is watching this, I asked you, Jesus that you would personally come into their life. And bless every single person on this live right now. Thank you that you would completely restore the broken dreams in their lives. I asked you that you would completely restore their spirit in you, Father their hopelessness. I thank you that you would mean their hopelessness together. Right now. I thank you right now that at the sound of my voice, every aching me, every aching shoulder, every aching back. Every headache, every anxiety, every piece of doubt left in their body, everything that is aching, everything that is hurt. I asked you right now to completely establish the flames of the enemy. I asked you to completely take away every single pain in these people’s bodies. I thank You, Lord God, that you’re healing blindness, that you’re here healing, hearing, that your healing, hearing problems right now that you’re healing aches and pains that people have dealt with for years. Right now you’re taking away from them by the sound of my voice and the power of the Holy Spirit. I’m asking the Holy Spirit to come down in set these people free. If you’re in need for something right now, I asked you to receive in your house right now. I asked you to receive full restoration. I asked you to receive the Holy Spirit and just accept what he’s doing in your life right now. I asked you to accept the power of God in your life right now. The power of full restoration. Thank you, Lord Jesus, I asked you, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to do this, to do this for God because you can and let it never be because we did not ask you tonight. I asked him on behalf of all these people that are in need tonight. I thank you for restoring relationships that people thought never could be restored. I’m asking you to do the impossible for the people out there. Lord, I ask you in Jesus right now, to come down with the Holy Spirit in heal. In these the children of these people, right now, there’s people right there’s someone listening right now with a child, with children in a hospital with with a child that has terrible ear aches and all kinds of problems. I am asking you to completely heal them.

There’s people right now that that have never felt more alone than what they feel like right now. And I’m asking you, Lord God to comfort them with the warmth and peace that only you can provide. Father, there’s people right now that have contemplated suicide, and I bind the spirit of death on them. And I take that away from him. And I asked you to give them a revelation tonight in a new perspective of their life of who they really are and what you want them to become. In Jesus mighty name. I asked for every single person that’s been part of this life tonight. To have a beautiful night of sleep If peace, in the mighty name of Jesus, all my love for you tonight, amen. Amen. Matthew flowers. I love you, man. You take it easy. I’m at home, drinking was this person say, Lord, thank you for all of our blessings. You have given us a man, peace and love the gospel of truth. All humans, God and all of us equally. The wicked will realize their evil deeds stay true to Jesus, they will vanish. Thank you, brother. Amen. How is how is everybody doing now? Great things are happening your life I asked you to break some old habits. I’m not asking you to go dump things in the toilet and change your life. No, I’m asking you to just see God in a relationship way. Just like you know how to do it. You’re natural at it. You saw it every guy or girl or everything else in your life for relationship. I’m asking you just to reach out to Jesus from your heart in love, and just see what he does test me up. If I’m wrong. Stop following me because I’m a nutjob. But I tell you the truth today, and I confess with my mouth My testimony is true. And this truth is true for you because what he does for me, he could do for you. Thank you for your love. Thank you for that heart. I accept that heart. Thank you so much. The vibes are even better than they are.

They were 20 minutes ago. no victory without sacrificing dope. I like that too. Dope. Not the not the old of the old Jimmy like the dodo. Now you more

forgiveness is the hardest thing for me. You don’t have somebody. I had somebody yesterday, I’m gonna I’m gonna end on this. I had somebody the other day. Last night they said, Jimmy, I just want you to know this. That, that after watching your loss, I was a hardened man. But after watching a bunch of your loss, I’ve decided I decided to go forgive the man who killed my wife and child. I decided to go forgive that man. He’s in prison. And he killed my wife and child in a drunk driving accident. And I decided to go forgiving. He went to the Federal Penitentiary with this man state maybe was stupid. I don’t I don’t know. Sorry. But he went to the prison where this man stays. He’s never talked to him. Since then. He’s never talked to him. He had PURE HATE in his heart. He goes to the prison. He forgives the man. This man is doing hard time. This man breaks down a shambles. He cries and cries and cries in the man asked, Can I have a picture of your family to remind me of your love? And to remind me of the compassion that you’ve had on me today? Do you not know how special areas today? You have to forgive? There is nothing in this world that you cannot forgive today. There’s absolutely nothing in this world that you cannot forgive. I’ve had millions of dollars stolen from me. I’ve had all kinds of stuff happen to me that you probably that you probably can’t imagine. But but it but a lot of you can. It’s the same stuff around. There’s a lot of bad people in this world. You got to forgive him for real forgiveness is not just like, okay, I forgive him, Lord, no, it’s actually saying, Lord, I asked you not to charge them for this. I asked you not to charge them for this crime what they did to me. If you can forgive like this, then you will have a breakthrough that you’ve been longing for. Stop trying to drink the poison that you’re trying to get others to drink. Forgiveness is key in this life. You need more positivity in life? Well, you can’t do it on your own. There’s nothing you can do on your own. But you can start having that childlike faith of Jesus in watch the energy that he gives you. Nick says, You’re such a blessing, no matter how frustrating the complications. You’re changing the world. You know, Nick, one day at a time, where we changed it to get all of us together. With the power of Jesus unstoppable. You want to change this nation? Change your heart. You know, spend more time in that prayer room in the morning. Just sit there. Stop trying so hard. Stop trying to conjure up something. Stop trying to pray your way like okay, I’ve had people say Jimmy, I pray 20 times a day. I say that’s your problem. You’re talking too much. And you’re not listening You’ve got the greatest CEO talking to you right now in the world. That’s Jesus, not me. I’m talking about the greatest CEO, the greatest philosopher, the greatest everything who created the world. And in who in the right mind, if you went to talk to this person would talk the whole time? No, you would sit there and maybe ask one question and sit there and go, Okay, I’m taking notes, take notes, bring a pen, bring a pencil, bring a pad of paper, it, start taking notes, sit there, listen to what Jesus has to tell you. Listen to what the Spirit has to tell you.

And see what happens in your life. Forgiveness. The kind of forgiveness that I tell you about is radical. But to do something special in this life, you’re going to have to do something special. To do something respectable in this life, you’re going to have to do something respectable. To have great victory, you’re going to have to do something worthy of victory. To achieve that, impossible. It’s not what the other motivators are telling you, the other motivators are telling you to get harder, get stronger, run longer. Wake up earlier, train harder. That’s foolishness. That’s insane. That’s insane. Because that’s repeating the same problem. But just piling on top of yourself more, weigh in more, weigh it till you bury yourself to the ground, trying to be somebody that you can’t be. No, it’s surrendering to God. It’s hard work, yes. But surrendering to Jesus. And let’s see what he does in your life. He can do with one word. What a million doctors couldn’t do in a lifetime in a science lab. He can do in one moment in your life, which you couldn’t conjure up with every bit of training and every drug and everything in the world. He can do for you in one second. In one day, possibly tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow is your day. Let me know when it happens. I want to hear your good testimonies. All my love for you tonight. This ain’t no fake energy. This is real talk. I love all y’all and I’ll talk to you real soon. Okay. All my love. I hope everybody’s sleeps. Really good. Stacy. Love Your Praise God. Thank you for joining. Praying for all y’all. Elizabeth. I’m praying you’re getting a special touch point. Out of all these messages. I have a feeling a lot of them are for you. Mama Bear. Thank you for joining love your your messages always. Okay, Nick. He has one prayer at a time. How about go from 20 Crazy radical prayers to one simple prayer in the morning, from the heart. D from the heart yearn for him for the heart. Jesus, I need you so bad. And I’m willing to submit to you under your hand. I’m willing to submit completely to you. And I’m willing to follow you in my heart and not from my outside. I’m willing to start taking direction from you and not my phone. I’m willing Jesus, I’m here right now. And then just sit there. Love all y’all. Okay. Love y’all. Talk real soon. See you


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