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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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Hey what’s up everybody? What’s going on? Hey, what’s so bold at Angel Brown? Alice Garner easel cool stuff user A 721773 Johnny cable. Hey everybody. Welcome to my live session on house arrest one wellgo is it Halloween? I don’t even know if it’s Halloween anymore. What’s up my brother Alex Garn tattooed guy? The guy Jean, what’s going on? What do you think about my Lion’s Mane with lions in my Lion’s Mane song? What’s up? With so my brother? It’s good seeing ya. Alex, I think it is Halloween, isn’t it? Hmm. Well, what am I going is a dude on house arrest. Well, maybe not. No is what’s up clean sun. What’s up? The blinds are big. Bizon I like it. Thank you so much, man. It’s like a lion came up and scratch me on my head. You know what I’m saying though? You know what I’m saying sign. Randy. What’s up? My brother would choke on for Halloween mad respect you my brother. I see you. I see you. I’m in your hands. What’s up? How’s everybody doing? What’s good, my man. Just kidding. What’s going on Bronson. What you kidding about? was good. Brosky I’m here. I’m here for you. I’m in your corner. My workout in earlier? Sometimes I don’t get one in and I feel like crap. You know? Jessie, I see what’s up my brother. Pumpkin times three. What the heck. Hello? Pap haul. Nick Bates thinks I’m his daddy. I’m tired of Dick Bates. That’s basically what you’re calling me. Brother. When you say papel you call me your daddy, son. Think about that real quick. I bet you don’t ever say that again. Hey, Anna. Nice to see you. Are you from the south? Of course I am. We don’t play that game on the south of bass Dixie. That’s what a Texas judge said before he led me out of the federal tax penitentiary because they wanted to transfer transfer me have to. I like you Birdman. I see that hey, battle. The Texas the DOJ wanted to transfer me from Texas Federal Penitentiary up to upstate New York. And in Texas judge was like We don’t play that the sound of the south of Mesa Dixie son. And when he said that, I was like who? Who give me all these chains. Do my mom’s house. Robert in the house, Georgia. Keep spreading the gospel. Thank you. Deema Deema if you ever see deemas tattoos, man, just check them out. It’s on another level. Name is on another level. You’re a legend. Much respect to you, man. Thank you so much for that. Hey, if you want to show your support to the touch point nation, we got our first 100 shirts in. I think we’re down to about 40. Now we have 40. And so hey, if you want to jump on that and grab a touch point shirt to show your support love, you can just go to my merchandise link. When I say merch, Vaseline you could just give touchpoints shirts there and show your support. Thanks for picking one up if you’ve gotten anything out of these lives and all this stuff. That’s a great way to support I appreciate you. I’m a combat wounded veteran you say Well, thank you so much. Can we have a McAfee story? Possibly possibly. Big bait says you can be off that house read so you can be my daddy. The heck did you just say oh sorry I read that wrong. Soon my brother Oh, you’re gonna be off that house arrest soon my brother. This I know I got a shirt. Okay, thanks, man. I take back what I said there. Do you paint? Yes, I do. Heck yeah. We’ll do that now. Nathan, thank you Nathan. Thank you Nathan for showing your support my brother. You don’t know how much I appreciate that. Basically what I’d like to do is just go right into just you know, I get my pension check for the military retired. But I’d like to go into just doing this full time. Especially hopefully keep my fingers crossed. We’ll keep my eyes on Jesus. That’s what I want to do is keep keep this my full time job. You know, he rose and hybrids of matters view right. Oh, brother. I’m not even charged and they got me on full house arrest. Yeah, um, I have I’m indicted time seven in a but I’m not found guilty at all. But I’m on house arrest as if I was guilty. You know, it’s kind of crazy how they can do that. Of course, of course to be fair as a Navy SEAL they they felt like I was

there’s two things they decide when they allow you to go on house arrest or keep your prison and two things that they were trying to get me on work well he’s a danger to society or he could be because he’s a seal. Isn’t that sad? Isn’t it sad how nowadays your your, your honorable service and your honorable career? It is looked at as a possible danger to society. And then they said that I was a flight risk, which I guess I was because I sell around the world and stuff. So anyways, being there, huh? What’s up go into BUDS training and a couple months been training with Spec Ops recruiter, any tips? Yeah, just don’t overtrain yourself. Now, I don’t want I say that cautiously because I don’t want you to now you don’t you don’t train. Now you’d like lay off your training. But there is such a thing as is coming in at your apex. And then all of a sudden you come into buds or you come into great lengths. If they’re still doing pre buds. You come in and and now you’re over trained and now you get to buds in your peak and out. Well if you get to buds and you’re peeking out. Then you don’t have any room to grow in a room to to progress without getting injured, then that’s when you stress fractures come in. That’s when bad injuries come in. What’s up my big homie, I see you What’s up big homie. I see a 619 carpenter. Radical Honesty. US military is a joke. You say? Well, it’s not that it’s a joke. I’ll disagree with you. It’s, it’s it’s a joke. Um, I agree with you. And I’ll disagree. It’s a joke under the wrong leadership. It’s a powerful mighty warrior weapon, under the right leadership. But under the wrong leadership, just like our police officers in fire departments and stuff. It can be a disaster, you know, and then it can look like a joke. You’re absolutely right. Only law I’ve ever turned into Jennings. You don’t know how much I appreciate you say that man. I didn’t get charged with anything. Well, I got charged but I’m not found guilty of it. But I got I got indicted and arrested by 15 FBI agents. For the same for the same crimes as John McAfee said alleged Trump’s the new woke military is the problem. You know, you know, I experienced this. I actually experienced a lot of what’s going on now years ago about about that, say 1015 years ago, I was experiencing it because I had the off chance terrible coincidental run in with the DOJ FBI stuff with it being investigated in the military and in in Blackwater and stuff for for for defending the country. And it was scary. Because I saw it a long time. I saw the the genesis of it. And I and my family’s been the full brunt of it. And it’s terrifying. Ah, then you said Dad, man, yeah, it’s all fed charges. Yes, sir. It’s all federal, federal scary, you know, federal scary because you, you could be walking up to, let’s say, a drug house. You know how kids will go buy weed from drug dealers. And at their house. A lot of kids do believe it or not, and in college and stuff. Well, they could be doing a big D a federal raid there. And let’s say they find all kinds of meth and coke and all kinds of crazy stuff, right? Well, we’ll if the fence fine if the DEA and Feds find all this crack and meth and submit a big drug lab right. And your child doesn’t do drugs, but happens to be a block away a block away walking up to the area to maybe buy some marijuana because somebody lured him there because a lot of kids do that. He’s going to do seven years now. On gosto charges. Go stoke charges a lot of geyser and Federal Penitentiary from gosto charges. He said she said he had 100 pounds or so and so when he really didn’t he was a low level person or he was just getting some marijuana. I’m not advocating drugs at all, but I’m telling you, it is a no joke situation with federal stuff. And yes, those attorneys are heavy hitters, especially the attorneys that got me the same ones that put Wolf of Wall Street down. It’s no joke. It’s no joke. It’s no joke. It’s touchpoint stuff. And Ray J just said lies lies, right J Do you just get on it and start saying lies lies what’s up? Maybe you’re supporting me saying lies loss. Sometimes I mess up because I have to read these real quick in and sometimes I get it wrong and and think that somebody says something else so I’m careful what I where I come back. People you know, to me or my loved brother to you, if you want to reiterate what you’re saying, Hey, man, can you tell us more about the organization restored? Warrior? Yeah, absolutely.

Jimmy, you forgot about Uncle squiddy. What the heck, Uncle squinty was up my brother squinty. What’s up? A touch point? touch point? Listen, this question just came out. I hope that you know, you, you know, you’re not just joining this live by coincidence, maybe it’s possible. You could I agree. Okay. But But what I’m saying is there’s some of you out there, that these lives are going to just just grab a hold of you and go like a drill instructor? No, I wasn’t. I thank God I was you. Can you imagine me as a drilling surgeon just crazy. Crazy. I didn’t want to go to journalism school, you know. But anyways, here’s the deal. Operation restored warrior is a is is for veterans. But it’s not only for veterans, it’s for pretty much anybody, if you qualify. So I think operation restored warrior is a great name, but it actually encompasses in blankets, a lot of different groups of people. And you’d be surprised, and now they’re coming out with one for females. Let me tell you something. If it wasn’t for Operation restored warrior, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to to experience Jesus come down in rescue, my lifeless, soulless, broken body and heart. My heart was so broken it Jesus came and restored me there. If you haven’t seen, if you don’t know what operation restored warrior does, it’s the most incredible nonprofit I’ve ever been to. I have no affiliation with them, as far as money or anything. But I’ll tell you what I experienced there. I thought my whole life I was like, I’ve given the churches and stuff here and there. And this if you want to give to somebody, get good operation restored warrior nonprofit, who research and do your research. But man, I mean, we’re talking about 100% turnaround. Now, that’s laughable anywhere on this world when somebody says 100% You’re just like, Bs man, where I come from 100% turnaround change life is that’s like, what would you maybe get 5% in the VA psychiatric place? Right? I’m talking to operation where they pay Shannon, how you doing? Great to see you Skittles. What did I get arrested for? It’s on the public domain. It’s multiple charges, conspiracy money laundering stuff. It’s the same crimes as John McAfee. I got wrapped in enrolled in with the conspiracy. his alleged crimes. You can google my name Jimmy Watson, you can you can check me out. I love your answer free Jimmy. We got to get some shirts called free, Jimmy. But we can’t be charging for those. Yeah, restored lawyer is the real deal. It’s, I’m telling you I don’t do it any justice. Okay? It’s ineffable. You can’t describe the restoration that goes on in operation restored warrior. You know, I’m saying and yes, marines make some of the best navy seals out there. Okay, about four or five Marines trout a year about to make it in Navy SEAL training. Out of that four or five. In those two, become an awesome team leaders and stuff. I was almost I was almost a team leader when I got there. I mean, it was crazy. I was new guy. Hey, but check it out. Free Jimmy free Jimmy free Jimmy touchpoint everybody, thank you so much. Thank you so much for for, for I saw that. Just now people are saying they’re they’re going to purchase a shirt. You know what you can do? If these lives grab ahold you if these lads have touched you in any way, if you’ve got something out of my free workouts and mighty warrior workouts, everything’s free. All I asked you to do is go to my merch store and just buy a shirt. Just buy a shirt in actually today. And I know this sounds salesy, but it’s true. Today for Halloween, I guess the owner of Where’s Zeus, the sunglass company that I’m with he he wants to give a 40% off. So you can get 40% off of these all American touch points. But you just got to put in the code candy. Just put in the code candy, and you can get 40% off of your sunglasses. They’re crazy. Just go to my merch link you’ll see. But anyways, grab yourself a shirt in support of the touchpoint nation. It says touch point, pop, twist and squeeze. I think we got 40 left and then we’re gonna come out with maybe a new design and do another 100. So we’ve got about 40 left I think of right now. I haven’t checked today though, with my buddy. But he ships him from his house and everything and he hasn’t been. That’s pretty cool. Why aren’t you in school? I’m on house arrest. It’s something you’ll learn about when you turn 16 Wesley Okay. Be careful when t Seeing a baby cub Tiger a Mongol proverb once said be careful for he or she may become a tiger one day.

Be careful. You know there’s only three options and I’m going to tell you all for when this freight train comes when the Jimmy Frey train stop spying on live with your house. Okay, you can either get on no harm no foul. You’re not too late. You can simply just see it and go Lou. Ah, but don’t talk trash and then walk away.

Or you can stand in front of it. Just don’t be that one. Stand in front the train.

Don’t be that one standing in front of the train. He I like what starfish said starfish. He’s been homeschooled with box one. Yes. Starfish has been over here teaching me she’d been homeschooling me. You know, I’m saying. That’s what’s up. She’s awesome, man. Thank you so much starfish. You know, I’m joking. He isn’t in school. We all are. Thank you, Nick. See Nick is smart. Nick is funny and smart. And Nick isn’t? Nick is is helping all kinds of people. He’s like a lighthouse. He’s awesome. Free, Jimmy. I love you guys. I love y’all people. Man. You are awesome. The mighty warrior tribe is always saying Free. Jimmy. I love you. Thank you so much. Yes, man. Hue. Hue. 5326. Hue 5326 and 5323. Well, I don’t have 5323 but this is actually 5326. And that’s huge. I know the camera messes it up distorts it. But that’s a that’s basically our NEC or our MLS would be in the Marines. Oh 311 was mine in the Marines and 5323 and 5326 I was two in the seals. What’s up my brother? Check it out. It’s okay, he I got you man. It’s my bad cuz? Because it’s crazy. It’s homemade tattoo. And it’s in a screen that adds about 100 pounds of dense titanium alloy muscle on me. I got I got you ain’t gonna lie. You the dope. I love you hold on Hoda. You know is is humble as I try to be when I hear ain’t gonna lie you the dopest guy my TED Talk. It makes me swell with with with just a happiness because I came from such a dark place in my life. And in in you really are making it special for me. Is the storm coming Jimmy? Yeah, inside my good friend said in the in the movie doom. In the movie doom in that book. It’s she said more deep, more deep. Is there ever going to be peace? And more deep aka free Jimmy aka Texas tornado, aka Magnus dead magnanimous Peacock, aka Lion’s Mane lions with lion’s mane. said Peace. Peace. There shall only be war. You got me. You know what I’m saying right now. The storm is already here. The storm is already here. The storm is already here. And the most scariest storm of all, like listen. Just because, okay, there’s not a battle outside doesn’t mean there’s not a war going on. Just because there’s not a battle right now. To fight doesn’t mean there’s not a war. You know, I’m saying battles switch and go. It’s interesting. You said that. Yes, I cut my own hair. And no, I didn’t pay for that. But I’m on house arrest. You want to come over and cut my hair. Come on. That was very rude of you. In these were done on purpose. Okay. Either a magnanimous peacock scratch me or a lion. Check it. Valerie. Valerie, thank you so much for your support. I’ve been wanting to to email you and thank you give you a thank you letter. for everything you’ve done for me. I haven’t forgotten. I just appreciate you. But sometimes my ears my nose get bright red on these lives. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Touch your nose. If there’s a spiritual battle going on, there’s you dang right. It was a white seal. It was an eye bout of our binal Alpha Male seal that torpedo and across the harbor and attacked us. Excuse me I’m so sad you made front of me here. Let me let me tell you something. I’ve seen I’ve seen these. Some take talkers. I’m not gonna name names. Okay? But I’m telling you they got 2 billion followers and all they do is sit there eating a piece of fruit, or combing their hair like this. And they don’t even say anything. And they have hundreds of years. Hundreds of years just sitting there going, well, I will pay to come over to your house. That is the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s insane. But yeah, look, check it out. Check it out. That’s the love coming out of me haters will hate. I know. Just because you won’t my hair do don’t mean you can’t do my hair so on.

You know, that will make sense. But that’s what makes sense to me right now. Just like the sin going back up the dollar. No more good versus evil. touchpoint Jodi Jackson. Thank you, man. Thank you. Listen, listen, I’m not gonna be talking about buying touchpoint shirts all the time. Okay, because I don’t like lions when you come there either. And they’re trying to sell some the entire time. It’s like, Dude, I don’t know. I don’t want you Tobler dog. I don’t know what a tumbler is. But it’s cool. You got a cool beard. But But let’s get real. So check it out. Listen to me. If you want to show your support to the touchpoint nation, we got touchpoint shirts, you can go right to my link on my front page, my tic toc. Thank you for picking up one today. I really appreciate you doing that. You’re you know, if you get if you’re getting something from these lines and everything else we’re doing that’s that’s a way you could you could show your support. But the primary thing is just your love. That’s all I want is your love. You got me? What else? I’m going as ask what’s everybody going in as a Halloween character? I’m not saying I support Halloween. I’m just asking, What do you dress up as because if you’re dressing up as a you’re not going to care if I support it or not. Thank you for your service, bro. I’m retired Navy. Thank you so much for yours, Jessica Haven, I see you and love you. Just remember that, bro, I want to hang out with you for a day. I will respect your touch point. Hey, you know what? You can come on over? Because I like you just saying that the way you put that was listen, listen me. There was a homeless man. He asked Alexander the Great for a great sum of money. Alexander great stop and say give him what he asked for. And the homeless man was like a touch point. And all of his people around him all these all these corruption, corrupt people around Alexander said, why don’t you just do that? Why

you do it? Why you got a main signal? You knew why you do it?

Why are you giving that big sum of money? And Alexander the Great said, because he asked man, I don’t know what that has to do with what I’m just saying. But isn’t that credible? Because he asked. And that’s what Jesus is telling you right now. He said as big or go home? Don’t be asking me for little be finite little things that I can’t even answer because you’re going to blame it on the cost of medicine when you get healed. I want something big. Because when you ask for something big, you can’t be you can’t be blaming it all the terms. Well I took to him so my heartburn went away. Now I want you to have something big. I hope that you’ve seen my video about getting my knife back. Maybe still lost and found. Check it out. I’m telling you right now. I’ll do more Khan tactical content will will. Hey, listen. I appreciate day. Can you do more tactical content, I will do more tactical content when you learn my tactical content. And when you have learned it, we can proceed on but I I’ve been doing this for so long. I’ll tell you I know tactics. I may not know much about this life. But I know tactics. I know certain things Okay, and let me tell you something. When it’s time to move on to the next tactical video, we’re gonna move on together. But I know that you’re not ready yet. I just know you’re not okay, because it takes a long time. But I’m instilling certain things in you This is like total immersion French school without having to go to French school. Okay, it’s just basically like, we’re this is total immersion. touchpoint Okay, right now, if you’ve been following me correctly, you’ve been doing my technical videos if you’ve been thank you for laughing at that least least buddy. Thank you. Appreciate you. I got your dog Okay, okay willing for it. I’m gonna I’m gonna do another tactical video. But check it out. When you get down touch point. You see we do touch point so much now is that I promise you if you’re in a TIFF, you’re just gonna be like this. Judge boy. See what you see me slow motion. Do you notice how you do you know why my shirt lifted up like this? Because I’ve done it so much that I know that I don’t want to get my shirt. Okay, I don’t want to tag my shirt and get it all messed up in my pistol right? So I naturally lifted my shirt to watch like that. You don’t say what’s up

John can you do a handstand? Can I do a handstand? Come on? I’m 280 pounds of dense muscle. Could you lift that much weight? Could you put a bar of 3000 pounds above your head? Right now in your house? No, I can’t either. I just got hit in the face by white. What the heck? By duck while I was driving a UTV on a security patrol. You see in that’s what I’m saying. I got hit in the face with the Wuhan back when I was in Thailand. You don’t mean there’s only the quick and the dead? That’s right, brother. You smart you smart guy. Starfish. Starfish. She comes over every day. And we do homeschooling. She teaches me math. She tried to bring some Botswana I said no. I said Mick is already trying to bring Botswana over every day to he is a dead. He is on an island. Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. Don’t worry about all those things. When Maggie’s ready to come back, he’s gonna come back. And how dare you call me a juice head? Of course I’ve done steroids. But I’m on steroids right now.

How dare you?

How dare you say that? Because I got a big head. That’s just wrong. Okay, I know. I know that I look like T rex with with big arms. You I’m saying what’s up? I’m not gonna block you for that. I love you, man. I hope you come out with something better though. Come on, you know how many people say juice. Hey, come on. Come on. Check it out, man. You know just because you don’t work out doesn’t give you the right to say juicehead to me. Okay. Everybody’s bodies different okay, but they’re not really that different. If you’re not going to the gym. You got to go to the gym at least once a month brother. And then you’ll have the right to say these kind of things to me

by the way, we you buy a t shirt. Hey, what’s up? Live dye respond. What’s up? What does that mean? Wuhan bat. Yeah, the Wuhan that hit me right in the face on.

I swear. It was like a big water bottle hit me in the face with wings. And my girlfriend’s behind me. Okay, she didn’t get hit by this thing. I did. Okay, my face hit the Wuhan bath and Wuhan by Jeff hit my face. And she says all

you why he he must say why you did it. The warm bad did it that’s who do it.

Why he do it? Because we’re going 50 miles an hour, you know on a moped without a mask on. I have zero balance. What’s up? This dude wants to say juicehead what’s up? What’s really happening? Not funny. Not funny. Listen, may man. Not funny. Well, you’re You’re not funny. When did you get out? What’s up? I got out in 2017. Sir August 17 2017. What’s it August 17 2017? No. I think I made that up August 21 2016. Can you train me? Absolutely. Listen, I don’t have to train you because I’ve already done the hard work. And it’s for free. All you got to do is to get my money will your workouts and start banging it out? You know? start banging it out like all of Robert O’Neal’s buddies in the hallway while he’s over there, playing tennis. Forget the haters. What do animals think about you? Listen, the only thing that matters is what I think about animals. Okay. All right. Animals love me. Sometimes. I’ve been beat a couple times. I was naturally cut like that. Two hours a day in the gym has lots of egg whites. Not a jute. Not a juicer. I know. Why was it Why do we always got to do juice and I don’t think I’m that cut up. You don’t I’m saying? I mean, I mean, you know. This is how it is. Get two birds one stone lunch. Smokey just took the words out of my mouth. Tactical trading tactical. You have to learn my tactics before I can technically train you. Okay, I promise you, even in my videos that are not about tactical training, you’re gonna learn about tactical training in there. It’s artificial and simulation. It’s called artificial stimulation. Alright. You trust me? And I know about that on House minutes. I promise you I know about about about that. You don’t say. Somebody said, Man this content is not for kids. I said, I don’t think it’s for adults either. What’s up? Who does your tattoos? I wish Deema did them those workout videos work? I watched him while I was on house arrest. See what’s up my fellow brother. Your Videos hurt anything? Yeah, they do. They do. If you can do you can. You can it’s just all about a little bit of wheel you don’t have to have all kinds of you don’t have to have knee che on your shoulder speaking to you all day. You don’t say him? Can you shoot accurate accurately left handle left handed? Yes, I can and I’ll tell you how to do that. No, I’m not left handed. Okay. But, but if I if I if I want to shoot. If I if I want to shoot left handed, okay? What you want to do it if you’re not left handed, okay? Then then you want to put your hand your right hand on your chest. Okay, so I got my right hand on my chest right? I’m gonna do Angular here. And then you want to you want to do a kind of a ghetto style of shooting like this like get a What’s up, sign what’s up. Because if you don’t catch your gun, for some reason, your pistol, you’re not going to want peace. You’re going to be all over the place. But all you got to do is put your hand on your chest. And then cancer pistol like this cannon like this. And just pop, it doesn’t matter that it’s canted. That’s not going to be the problem of your accuracy. Because as long as your front sight tip, your front sight post is straight up and down in a line. You know and you’re straight behind that.

That piece then, then and I pull it look look look I don’t know what you’re looking at. But watch this watch. Watch my fear

Did you see me blink? And no, I can’t have weapons anymore. What’s up? Yes, trap music. Simplified brother. I hope you get to have fun this Halloween. Hey, handing out candy to little goblins. Hey, man, what’s up dog? What’s up? All right. Okay. All right. You need to speak more. You need to speak more to your time in the military and the combat you’ve seen for people who don’t know why. Why? Listen to me. There’s a time for that. I have endless amount of stories for you. But I’m very, very careful how I glamorize okay. Not glamorize pictures at the mall. Here. I’m talking about real stuff. I’m talking about. I’m very careful about how I speak about war. Because when you really been to war, you don’t speak about it as some kind of glamorized thing. And then I went in, and then I shot him. And then I get this in Volvo Volvo Volvo, and it was all me I’m a hero. No, you ain’t been a war. You You ain’t the real thing if you talk like that. No way. No way.

I don’t even talk about hunting anymore. Like animals. You don’t even want to fish really no more. What’s up?

What the heck does that mean? Because they your true value? Yes. Right. Thank you. What do you think about dynamic entries? On SWAT warrants? It’s too complex to go into. This is too complex. I heard about a seal. Possibly a politician now who voted for like the red flag thing. Listen. Let’s not even listen. Why are they dynamic entry in anyways, I’m all about the Constitution. I’m saying. It better be for a dang good reason. But what is a good reason now? You know, it’s scary. That’s why you got to stick to the Constitution. That’s why it’s too much too complex. A fissions gray Braun? fishings awesome. I just have a weird story about it’s my what’s the real colorful one. I went to Mexico fish and I was on leave from Iraq and I went to Mexico to fish. And there was this beautiful nine Molly or Molly, what is it when they’re like yellow, and they’re a strange look of fish, but beautiful. But then when I when they put him in the boat, they hit him over the head. And all this blood whenever it filled in the vote, and then the fish just turned gray in watts. It’s beautiful color. And I’ve actually seen that in combat, very similar. And there’s nothing worse than seeing the beautiful color of something alive. turned into a death gray. Now, I didn’t mean to ruin fishing for everybody. But that’s just that’s just me now. And I’m not some kind of activist something like this. I love honey. I love fish. But let me tell you some after you don’t want I’ve done you just don’t you don’t think of things like that anymore. Oh, grouper, a starfish, a grouper, a group a group or starfish. Or we say it’s a grouper. I’m not even a fisherman. I know that’s not a grouper. Man. I love you start finishing. I’m just joking around. You so funny girl. That was really funny. Somebody else said it’s a fish. But you’re really funny. I love y’all. Point four or five. But in all honesty, it’s all personal preference for the shooter. Point four five is a big caliber. You know, I like that scorpion. I love it. But it’s all for show. You know it’s for show you know I mean? Tuna. And a no tuna man. Mr. Potato Head was subdued. I thought we were friends. Just kidding. I understand. But something has to die to feed something else. Hey, Brian. If it’s about feeding people, man, I’ll be out there with a bill fed machine gun dog. You know what I mean? What’s up? I know about that. Hey, brother at work, but jumped on here, Dre. Thank you. Hungry but when it’s time for food, I’m gonna make a PBJ I ain’t nothing wrong with PB J two. And I burnt those out. Well, everyone, what else we got going on. Like check it out. Check it out. Check it out. If you’ve got something from our lives and you’ve been having a good time with me on this house arrest. I really appreciate you going to my merch link on the on the front page of my tic toc. And you’ll find money warrior dot shop. You’ll find a touch point t shirt. If you want to support the touch point nation in this great movement in the mighty warrior cause that I appreciate you buying a t shirt. Just buy one t shirt and then you can rip it out. Rip it out on town and justify touchpoint budget of the dog would bro look it up. Seriously. Legend of the dog would what is that? You’re the most handsome seal on Tik Tok Josey. Wales. That’s the coolest name I’ve seen on tick tock. Other than spooky rush. Thank you for saying that sweetheart. Well, what you know I’m saying you got me rifles, pistols or shotguns for home defense. Well, you know, you can’t go wrong with a shotgun. But the problem is, is this my frame? is

it’s all about accessibility. Okay. And then, you know, if you have anything longer than this, like this, you can get set on doors, you know, the hole. And that’s the reason why seals go high port. Now it’s dangerous to go high port though, you know, unless you’re trained, highly, highly trained. You want to burn your biceps out every day. Which wouldn’t be so bad for Nick. But the thing is, is when you’re going around corners with your weapon system, okay, it can get caught up on some stuff. Somebody can grab it, you know, around a hallway. So that’s what’s really sexy about a pistol. Okay, somebody said a bow and arrow for home defense. It’s a Rambo. I guess if you have exploding tips. Yeah, that’s cool. But yeah, you want to narrow to one side piece or that little bitty piece. So you can be like, pop twist and squeeze. Shotgun will tear up your house too. Well, that’s a great, you know, you know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard somebody say that. That’s a great. You’re right. Starfish says a poison dart gun. That is one house. I’m not going up here right here. Man, you hit me with a poisoned Darga and I’m gonna be pissed. I mean, real peers. I mean, I mean really angry. And then you just pass out all hurt and flopping around like that fish fan. Every time. Legend of the dogwood talks about the dogwood tree is correlation with Jesus. Okay. I love to read. I love to do stuff like that. You know, pop tweets and squeeze can be when you pull your emergencies issued. Look, pop, twist and squeeze. It can go with all kinds of stuff serving ice cream, okay? All kinds of stuff. Just Just bear with me. All right, and you’re going to know what this means you watch the videos, and you’re going to start to realize that touchpoint just isn’t a Navy SEAL term. Pop twisted squeeze isn’t just a Jimmy ism. It’s life saving material for you to say no was snake oil Oh no, these glasses are your intelligence sarcasm is brilliant. Thanks for the entailment Scott platoon Danny thank you so much for saying now. You’re amazing. Thank you everybody for joining my live today. I put a lot of energy in this a course. In thank you for going to my link on my front tic toc page in buying the shirt and getting the touch points shirt to show your support to the touch point nation pop. Twist and squeeze. Look up the legend of yes claymores are cool. Yes, they take the air out of your chest when you clap them off. clack clack, clack, clack, clack pow. How much longer till you’re free. I hope I hope I hope every day I hope every day. I hope every day you got to hope what shirt in your merch? Would you good? Good on me, bro. I think I think I think there’s only one right now. Okay, we don’t have this crazy one with me anymore on it. That was too crazy for people. You know, I get it. But check it out. The the one that you see in there. Now there’s the American flag on the back. There’s this cool American flag on the on the, on the sleeve. Which, which that’s a must nowadays, you got to have American flag on the sleeve. Right. And then there’s a flag on the back. And then there’s touch point. And then there’s pot twits and squeeze up in here. Now the next batch will be different. But this sheet Don’t worry about the Cedar Hill shirt. I got this at a you know. You know, a thrift store. My shirts made in the USA, I’m pretty sure they are. Okay. Do not quote me on that. But I’m, of course they are they have to be. They have to be. Or they have to be. That’s all I got to say. But listen, if you’re going to be picky about that, I want you to go through your home and throw away everything. Because everything in your house is made from China. Everything. And don’t you dare take another shower. Don’t take another shower either. Because the faucets in all that is China made. So your American Water is actually flowing through the China hands onto your body. That bar soap says China on it. You walk around your house and you’re gonna see literally, you’re gonna see everything’s from China, in my shirts are probably not made in China. But what’s funny is if you’re going to be picky about that, you need to move out of your house. You need to move out of your house because your house was shipped in from China.

Maybe it was a symbol here by China tools. But if you’re going to stop because my shirt you might as well just move right now out of your house. Because it was all made in China it’s a bit late. It’s a bit late to be concerned if something’s made from China. It’s a bit late. However, my shirts are not made from China. Just saying the water for America I don’t even know of waters that are waters from America. I mean, what are you going to do? Let’s say you get an American made shirt. What are you going to do and you have to wash it in your in your china machine your china washing machine. Now what? Now your shirts tainted? It’s just like religion. It’s just like religion. Religion is never good enough. You see, you can you can do real good one day and then real bad the next No, my shirts are not made from China. Holy mackerel. But that’d be funny. Even if they were that’s funny. Because everything your house is made from China. You’ve probably literally Yeah, Washington Creek you’re gonna wash it Creek and you’re gonna see one of the stones are made from China. You’re gonna be like, Wow,

I can’t watch now.

Oh my Lord. Don’t ever say that again. Are they? Are they made? Like, literally your whole house isn’t made in it? It’s crazy. Jesus was preaching love not religion. Joke’s on you. I showered upon you said no no joke’s on you now cuz you showered upon because really, that’s just stagnated water and you’re not percolating yourself. And now you’re percolation is not cleaning yourself you got what I’m saying dog what’s up? Are they made him Wuhan? Yeah, they’re they’re made in Wuhan. And you’re no longer have to get vaccinated because if you’re wearing one of my shirts, you’re gonna be vaccinated. You don’t have to be vaccinated no more. What’s up? What actor do you like? The actor that I probably have played me is Morgan Freeman. What else? I have boot. shoe laces. percolation son. That’s right. Whiskey, please. Your pond was made in China with your pod was made in China. Hey, thank you for saying that. Blaine. Thank you for buying a shirt. Man. I really appreciate you saying that, man. What’s up? Thank you, everybody. Not if you don’t cut the sleeves off, yet. You better cut the sleeves off. That’s how you know it’s all made in China. Because China people they be showing off the squeeze. You know, I’m saying on the sleeves. Let’s see. Simplify My brother Morgan Freeman. I don’t know why people are laughing in there. He said who would play me in a movie? I said Morgan Freeman.

What’s your favorite car? Um, definitely. Well, I can’t name one because they’re all made in China. I literally was gonna try to name something. The most American one that I that I that I couldn’t. But they’re all made in China.

So if I say one, people are gonna say, Oh, gee, we really made my girlfriend.

Have a blessed day. Jesus Christ. Let him see you. Thank you so much. It’s a wrap. I just ordered a shirt. Hey, it is written. You’re awesome. Thank you for that. Appreciate you. Thank you for supporting the mighty warrior. Almost said National Lampoon’s mighty warrior Christmas or some? Geez, I thank you for print for for supporting the touchpoint nation, my friend. Why he do it? No worries. Spooky rush. What’s up brother? A 1984 Monte Carlo SS. Brian. I like you. That’s awesome. Honda is more American than most. You know, you’re probably right. Flash. I love you terms to you’re buying two shirts. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for doing that. Appreciate you, everybody supporting this touchpoint nation. And we’re gonna be coming out with a bunch of like, cool stuff. You know, I mean, I’m tired of people walk around and they just don’t look cool. The number one rule in the Navy SEALs is to look cool. We even have a cool guy. Gear day. Did you know that you have to go stand on a trap door with all your gear on and you better look cool. You got to be like, what’s up with your kid on your kid better? Don’t be large flanking over your belly. No, you’re gonna have a six as it okay. You don’t have to have a six pack. But but you’re playing better on your plate hangers better look cool. They better be no bigger than this big. It better just be covered your heart. Or you like weak sauce. You got to stand on this trapdoor and then it was my job to you to push red or green. If I push the red button that trap doors open up and you disappear for life. That’s a joke. You know that? But hey, you gotta be you gotta be cool. And that’s why I’m trying to be cool. Those

shirts are cool. Right, Barney, you’re awesome. Barney dog guff. You’re looking cool. I like you. Thank you. What’s up everybody? How’s everybody doing? About wore myself out on this line.

What’s up? We need to touch point tank top. Those are coming. Okay. Just order a dang touch point shirt and cut the sleeves off.


need a hoodie. We’re doing a hoodie. Actually, we’re doing a hoodie with the same liner as your old poncho. Remember that old poncho? The old poncho liner? The same camouflage with touch point nation upon that piece. Them shirts are awesome. Thank you. Thank you so much. Appreciate your bandwidth. appreciate you supporting the touchpoint nation. Hey man, that’s the best way that’s the best way to support thank you. They fit awesome in Yes sir. Take my money. Take my money. Spooky. Spooky. I don’t want to take all your money. I just want you to buy a shirt soon. wubi hoodie Yeah, that’s right. That’s what it is. wubi hoodie wubi I’m calling my next dog will be. That’s a funny name. You support that haircut? Check it out. Check it out. Listen me. You get a haircut like this. You got to start getting respect. Start going out of town. Not that I can go out on town because I’m gonna house rest. But one day when I go out on town, I’m gonna get my respect. I’ve been wanting all my life. What’s up? How about a free Jimmy shirt? Yeah, we need them. Yeah, we need a free Jimmy. Sure. Free Jimmy. Free Jimmy. You will be good with that one free Jimmy. What’s up, everybody? Thank you so much. What’s up big homie, Shreveport. What’s up, brother? Thanks for showing up. Hey, man. Thanks for being on my law brother. Bet on that we’ll be Herbie I’m gonna get one. Hey, would y’all get the wubi movies? I can’t even say it right. How am I ever going to sell these things? Movies movie? Would you get a movie movie? Well, some will be movie get one get one I’ll put hashtag free Jimmy on it. And we’ll put but not too big. Okay, cuz I don’t want the FBI to come slamming on the ground to me. But with the muscles in your face, but How about how about touchpoint nation? Oh, man, we got to get some there. Let’s get them movie homies up in the air. Because it’s winter time we need it. Nikki Wait listen. Sand is she rock? Be careful. I hope you a sand and she rock it a little bitty shorts. Like I was at one day got caught my squeezing the breezy. What’s up? What’s up my frog? I see you brother. Bro. I got a bunch of ideas for shirts. We’ll send them my way. Hit me up player. Winds main on my on the arms. Yeah, we need to get a lion’s mane up in here. Lines. Oh, my lines, man. What’s up? Hey, my parole officer came by big mistake. And um she was like, Jimmy, what is this?

And I’d say what’s what?

Thank you for saying that. I say what’s what I don’t want to say and what happened? She said Jimmy, what what is that on this thing? Battery on your on your GPS? What what is their? I said what? What what what happened? What is your Don’t play games with me, Jimmy? What is it? Then I say who is it and why he do it? She was Jimmy. They say your tinfoil channel. This ain’t your tick tock channel. This is real life. What is it? And I said I see why he do it. Jimmy why he’ll do it. I’m not to make you take your analysis because you said that. Okay. Well, this is called zoos. It’s just you know, you can get some sunglasses. It’s cool. You want a pair of sunglasses. You know I got some extra sunglasses up in here. What’s up? Check me. Check me. Check mate. These are called I know I named them something every day check may mandate the mandate Mondays. All kinds of different things right? They’re all American touchpoints magnanimous peacocks FBI Fridays. Lion’s Mane says zebra print with that lion’s mane. You know what I’m saying? We got to get some motivation have been here. This this is snake oil right here but I’m not trying to sell that I just want you to buy a t shirt. I just want you to buy touchpoint t shirt on my on my squeeze. Valerie commando what’s up? FBI Friday is pretty compressed. Thank you. Super fire my brother a purse. It’s your shirt. Lambo. NEC is your thing. Let is your name Lambo, New York City and Lambo NYC. I love you, man. If I had some shirts in my house, I would have seen you one for free for that name. Hey, listen, Pat Paul Saturdays, son. If you keep on calling me daddy. You know what? That’s you know what they you know what that’s called in the seals when you call somebody pap up means you’re calling him daddy, son. Get your butt out of here. Boy. What’s up? Um, I need I need some zebra. Accent shades. Blue Fouche Hey, big fish. All you got to do I owe you a pair of shades. So just tell me which ones you want. I can let go of the green machines for you and I’ll send it to you, brother. I’ll send him to you, man. Like I always said, I don’t forget Pia. Mia with a P with two hearts. You don’t start please don’t even give me hearts anymore. She might give me some purple hearts. But what if she tried to tell me you just you’re trying to injure me. I want them read hearts. I want to steal some kisses. was a big fish you know you want to kiss me to the most masculine way possible big fish. Are you losing your mind Jimmy? Absolutely. And you went to Michigan welder? You would too. Do you know what it’s like to drive a tractor for nine hours a day? I do. Well now try beyond house rest driving a tractor because I’ve seen your profile has as a John Deere tractor. You as your mind too, if you aren’t house rest as long as me. Okay. You think driving tractors big what’s up? Somebody just squirt it out a bunch of ones me a farm for a living Chad Wallace. Much respect for you. And mechanic. Wow. You’d be your diesel mechanic. Ah, that’s pretty cool. Why is it called reverse matrix? It’s like reverse osmosis. It makes no sense whatsoever. Because Osmosis is reverse osmosis reverses the sucking up a water through something something? Rivers matrix, right? Well, well, then why is it called reverse osmosis? No, Osmosis is osmosis. Now reverse matrix on the other hand, is like basically wash, repeat and rinse. It’s like when you have to wash to repeat. Like do one of my workouts. Don’t ask me for more workouts after 20 workouts. I did just wash and repeat reverse matrix. That’s all you got to do. Bro, your messages are strong. Keep doing your Shi T thank you so much. Thank you. That was a very strong comment. What glasses are those? You look all professional? I need that Shi T in my life. What’s up, man? I know it’s amazing. What a pair of glasses. These are called a modern day snakeoil glasses. They they they’re supposed to block the blu rays and stuff. What are you talking about? You know, but man I tell you they make they make you like they make you look a little smarter. And that’s why I put them on here. This is Jimmy isms. It’s hard to duplicate. You can’t duplicate me we’re gonna get some sunglasses and make a call. We’re gonna call them the duplicates. The duplicates? I love it.

The duplicates? What crypto do you recommend? I don’t ever recommend anything like Shiva. I don’t recommend Shiva. I don’t recommend any kind of crypto. Okay. I don’t. I don’t like I said once again, I’ll say to you. I don’t recommend Shiva. Shiva is one that I don’t recommend. I just don’t recommend crypto anymore. Sorry. You gotta be buying them ASAP. Hey, just just get a shirt. I know you already did. You probably got like 50 of Now that said, Hey, thank you. We got we got 40 shirts left. That was before I go on this live so I don’t know how much now but then we’re gonna change the change it up and everything but I appreciate you showing your support and getting the touch point shirt on my mighty warrior dot shop link on my page is you know, we’re trying to get these out there to show support and love for the touchpoint nation. Man, you really took a dump on Porsche Sheba? That Listen to me. Josie wells I wasn’t suggesting buying Sheba. I wasn’t saying not to buy Sheba Do you get me? I’m on house arrest for mentioning certain trip to cryptocurrencies. Please help me out here. Read between the lines. Read between the Shiva lines. Agreed Nick, what’s up? How else can I support you in your cause? Chad wallets? You what you could do really to support this cause it just buy a t t shirt by touchpoint shirts. If you want to buy a pair of sunglasses, that’s awesome. All American mandates all American mandate touchpoints Believe it or not, you can get these off for 40% Today Halloween. Homeboy made a special discount code just putting candy. It was one of my nicknames candy. And that’s that’s what’s up. What’s up, don’t be talking crypto. Jimmy. I’m not talking crypto. I didn’t say Sheba. I didn’t say crypto. Somebody else got me talking about it. And I just was repeating what they said. Man this is how you get in trouble. I definitely will not be trying to figure out where to buy Shiva what’s after home College. How hope I get out of here Lambo. Lambo, you can let me come live with you in New York. You got a cool name, man. No greens left sold out. What I’m gonna do Give you a pair big fish.

Get their mandates. Get them FBI son.

Get them zebra print with a lion’s mane. But let me just do this real quick. It looked like I’ve been handling KFC chicken fried chicken fried fingers with these glasses. But check it out. These are the magnanimous peacocks. I’m gonna say it one more time. These are the magnanimous peacocks. These are all American snake rules. These are for sale. These are the zebra print with the lion’s mane. It says zebra print within lions Mason. I mean, you don’t get no better than the zebra print. Now these are doable. You can get these on my merch link. Check it out. These are my mandate Mondays. These are all American touch points. If you want to look cool.

Like we do in the SEAL teams, this is what you wear. This is the FBIs freeze freeze. I said let me see your hands. Let me see your hands

okay, no lie. Can you explain what touchpoint means? Josey Wales I have a ton. I have a ton of videos on touch point is very complex. Okay. It’s when you go from your primary to your secondary. What’s your secondary? Well in the seals, your primary when it goes down? You got to go to your secondary your secondary is your 90210 piece you’re not Oh 210 pieces your PB two six. P 226. Okay. And that’s why I call it the 90210 PS now. So you just got to watch the videos. Okay. And I want you to be part of this mighty warrior nation. I know you are. And I want you to start watching them. Because I got a lot more videos coming. I got a lot more punch out. Squeeze in ease. Whoa. Punch Out squeeze at ease. Nah, brah we did hear the call sign candy store. Oh my gosh. Yeah, we do. Number one rule a touch point is don’t talk about touch point. It’s no the number one rule about touch point is to talk about touch point. Because Wait, no green screen commandos. This is the real deal. A lot of people say I look like Brad Pitt with 100 pounds of dense muscle. I don’t know where they get that. Hey, excuse me. My mom just made peanut butter and jelly. They’re gonna roll. Okay. I love everybody. Okay. I know. I know the lighthouse is on early. I’m gonna be on tonight too. I decided to do multiple little sessions and stuff. Okay, I’m looking forward to looking better in that shirt. Then like someone in here, get your butt out of here. Nick. What’s up dude? Here got them a I will be Herbies coming. Yeah, I want him to be who B’s? A will be hoodies. We’re gonna call movie who BS and we’re gonna we’re gonna straight up do that. Listen, hold up, Jimmy. Hold on. Hold up. Jimmy. You are seriously serious slowly today. I’m always

let me tell you something.

Okay, this camera is added at least 100 pounds of dense muscle today. This is not how I look. Generally, if you really want to know how I look without this camera, look at Nick. Go to his page. We’ll get him this camera be out and about 100 pounds of dense muscle. Till next time Jimmy who’s covered touch point. See a Jimmy Good morning. Good morning. It is it’s like four in the afternoon hear something dude?

What’s up my homie.

Anyways, I’m gonna um I’m gonna get off for a second. Thank you Valerie so much. I’m gonna enjoy my lunch. Starfish made me be me. Me she made me some peanut butter and jellies. appreciate everybody. Thank you for showing your support and grab it a touch point shirt through the merchandise link on my front page. My take Tom, thanks for following me if you’re not all my love, I’ll see a really soon okay. Yes, I’ll say hi to my mom. We see a lion’s mane. Talk real soon and talk to you here in a little bit. Okay.


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