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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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What’s up? Brian? What is going on man? You know if it was just me and eat you here, bro we be talking up a storm man. Love you man. Can you pick pop light Terry Crews like that I was in prison man just like him. touch point my man Jimmy the Texas tornado was all you guys give me hopped up you know what I mean? Like I just started getting hopped up, you know? It’s just like the more it’s like energy or something. I don’t know what’s happening. Thank you for your service. JMC K? I n 299992 What’s up, bro? You seem down? Well, I’m standing up right now. You don’t say? I’m just kind of I’m kind of scared because my life system was about to just crash. So if y’all like see some crazy stuff, that you’ll know what happened? You know what I mean? No, I’m not down. I’m just staring at the screen sometimes. You know what I mean? can be the same thing, man. Sometimes when you’re down, you just stare at the screen. But I’m doing okay. Hi, love how you doing? Love les How you doing? ChargePoint. Peacock, magnanimous peacock. You know what magnanimous means? It’s not some arrogant term, like a lot of people think that magnanimous would be get a face tip. Alright, just since you said I’m gonna get a face that right here. Right here. Very well. wardrobe change. That’s right. This is Mr. Rogers up in here. But with the real tattoos, you don’t say everybody used to say he had a miss Rogers have these tattoos? You know, I know he didn’t know me. I mean, I’ve been checking him out for a long time on that way. But like that, you know, turn in shipping containers into small a by Natha apartments for homeless support or against. I am always about helping the homeless, as long as it’s not hurting our own communities. You know, what I mean by that is like the Roman Empire burned to the ground, basically, because they open their borders, you know, in a lot of way. And hey, Jesus tells us to love everybody. But also in Second Timothy, Timothy two, three or something like that. Paraphrasing, if you can’t provide for your family, if you can’t protect and provide for your family. I mean, touch point, you know, I’m saying to Mr. Rogers carry at 90210. No, you know, he didn’t carry no not Oh, 210. Peace. What’s up? What’s up brother much love tat? Dad, I’m trying to do something I’m standing up. If you don’t support our homeless, then you don’t support our veterans. And so sad. You say that since I’m a veteran, since I’ve lost a lot of really good friends. But I know that you have no idea what you’re talking about when you say something like that. So all my loved you because I just I just see there’s no understanding up here. When you talk about veterans, it’s real hard to talk to a guy that served as much as Tom has me and then on the backside war is no match for her aftermath. But you may not know that, but I do because I served a year in a James Haley Veterans Hospital. Not not quite a year, but but quite some time there and then other hospitals to equal a year in the poly traumatic war. So I know all about those kinds of things. You know, I’m saying I know all about that. Mr. Rogers is not a veteran. You know, the thing is, is this is you you probably can’t imagine the support that I have given homeless people over the years. It’s a lot, you know, now like that. This is Stolen Valor. Wolf. Did you know that you can steal someone’s valor, you know, and you don’t have any followers? So that makes me think that you’re you’re you’re a just a hated person, you know, and I hope that whoever’s on the other end of this doesn’t Hey, we’ll saw me familiar homie, what’s going on? I’m just saying you know, like, when I see when I see people hate on me it’s almost it’s almost is you know, it’s it’s either the muscle that I have it, but it’s not there. because it’s the camera adding 100 pounds of dense muscle. Okay, it’s not me. I don’t look like this. It’s just the camera. You don’t say and how is this stolen? Valor? Thank you, man. Thank you for that support. Hey, you know what? It is Stolen Valor. When When? When it’s from the other person when it’s trying to steal my daughter, did you know that you can steal someone’s valor? And that’s really sad. Hey, thanks for saying,

you rock buddy. What’s going on? I love I love it when people come at me in bad ways because it’s like a talent that I have from the time I was little to spit back things real quick. And it’s kind of embarrassing for people when they come at me. You know, I’m saying it’s sad. What else we got? What’s your thoughts are Marcus the trail? Hey, you know, I never talked trash about other seals except for Robert O Neill, because of his claim to fame. But other than that, I even feel bad about that. So I kind of kind of veer away from that talking bad about anybody else. Yes, I’m a seal. Boy, you can’t hide from us. Boy, you can’t hide from us. What’s going on? You got 305 people you’re following? But what’s going on, man? Boy, you can’t hide from us. What does that mean? Sometimes I don’t even know what that means anymore. If you’re the FBI, you ride. You know, I tried to run for myself in the wall for a couple years. And that just don’t work. You know what I mean? So that’s how he is, you know? What else? What’s up everybody? You are a warrior for God. Alan, I love that calm and I like that. I love being away from God. God, you know, a little constipated. That’s okay. Just get it out. You know, maybe, maybe if you don’t hold me while you’re on the toilet. Squeeze it out. You know what I mean? I’m saying that with all my love for you right now. Just squeeze it out. But don’t hold me while you’re on the toilet. And I’m sure you’ll get it out. You know, I mean, thank you for that great comment though. You just made Hey, they won’t say that in person. You know? That’s That’s good. You say that because of the real man. Pete Bimini get back to your text man. I’m sorry. Good. Gosh, busy. Getting ever met so many so busy on house arrest is weird. But let me tell you some, you know, in Texas Federal Penitentiary, you just don’t have anybody come up to you and say that, you know, and I’ve never had anybody say that to me like that, you know, in person. But that’s we’re but we are. The that’s how it is. You know, in Marsha Marsha. Marsha, Marsha. Marsha, has anybody ever said that Marsha, all my love to you if he doesn’t show the DD 214? Because it’s Stolen Valor? Well, you know what? I didn’t ask you to believe me. I didn’t ask you to. You don’t mean? So you don’t you don’t have to believe I’m not asking you to believe I was a seal. Who told you to believe that I was a seal. I don’t blame you. You know, but but just because. Just because somebody just because you see somebody that’s accomplished their their own dreams doesn’t mean it’s just it’s sad. Because a lot of times I’ll see comments like this. And it’s from people who aren’t willing to go for their dreams. And so they say, well, well, there’s no way he could have done his dreams. Because what you’re really saying is there’s no way that I could do my dreams. You know, whoever saying that you’re saying like, I can’t do my dreams and and that’s not necessarily true. You know? You don’t have to believe me, it’s okay. It’s no big deal. You can actually go to my merch link and see a bunch of pictures of when I was a seal and you can actually Google my name Jimmy Gill Watson Jr. and my DD 214 against many people’s advice is online. And all that scratched off I think is my social security number. That’s about it. So there you have it. Once again, love you guys. Oh man. Nobody values things give him much must teach skills to acquire their own things. And you it’s a great compliment when you think about it when someone says Stolen Valor it means man I’m doing pretty good job or or you know or man i There’s no way that could back guy could be a seal because there’s so few of them and I there’s no way I’m looking at one there’s no way I’m this guy’s talking like that it with all this love and stuff to me. But the fact is, is is here you go but some people just won’t even believe a good thing when it happens like the lottery hits your door not that I’m the lottery by any means. But what I’m saying is like sometimes, you know, you know those type of people that that they win the lottery. They’re like, Hey, don’t ever call here again. I’m blocking you clicked. I mean, it’s like no, but you won the lottery. Click. No, okay. I wish I could get in shape man. Dead body all the way. God bless you. I need some juice. is a, it’s called testosterone therapy. It doesn’t have to be steroids. Steroids are bad, you know, stacks and stuff like that. But, but but I always suggest to people when,

when you’re over 40 years old, you know, you take a huge decline. And a lot of people don’t realize is, most seals are super low in their testosterone. And I know it’s like me saying seals don’t like to get wet but really open up your mind. Think about that. Why wouldn’t it seals like to get what would you like to do heart surgery when you’re on vacation? Seals don’t like to get on the beach when they’re on vacation. If you were a heart surgeon, would you do heart surgery on vacation? You wouldn’t want to you you would if you had to. But you just don’t want to. You know, it’s like it’s like your job all day long. You know? So weapon systems, weapons, water, ocean, everything’s been my life my whole life. And so when people want me to get the kitty, kitty little pool and splash around, I’m like, Can we do something else? Anyways, you can absolutely get shaped in shape. You don’t need steroids. You don’t even need therapy, test therapy. But it’s it’s best if you have that dad body. That means you apply older guy, get on that test testosterone therapy from a Men’s Clinic, and in but get on a good workout routine. And high protein, low carbs and you won’t you can’t You’re wrong. It’s about consistency. Robert Semper Fi. Thank you so much. How tough was Navy SEAL training, about as tough as it possibly can get anywhere in the world. I would say hands down. Seal training is the hardest in the world. And that’s kind of just a proven fact. In fact, I’ve met a lot of them I met CAG a British British SCS. and British SBS is a little different because they’re like the seals of them. But even them, it’s just you don’t really have to hold it. It’s like holding a candle to the sun because we have a huge long line of tradition experience and in funding. And to to get the the right operators out of a huge group of guys. How much time you got it SPVs brother, way more time than I do on these live sessions. And that’s a long time. hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. And it’s heinous juice hit somebody said juice hit him on call. I had an ex girlfriend Her name was juicy. I mean her name. That’s what the name I gave her juicy. But juicehead Come on. That’s all nice. Those are just being little words. Did she ever get past kindergarten? Doesn’t it bother you? That I’m saying that to you right now? Because you know it’s true. And, and once again, people don’t say these things in uncontrolled environments. I can’t imagine a more controlled environment than a penitentiary Federal Penitentiary I was in. But you just are not going to ever say that. You know, it’s funny how people have go to a doctor. He’ll he’ll prescribe you testosterone. I’m not even on anything right now. Today is no joke, but I bid on stuff. You know, my in my past a lot of stuff. You know, seals especially Stolen Valor. who pretend to be military should be should. Let’s see. Conservative men don’t need to lie. Okay. All right. Okay, I used to all the Aeroflot these kind of things. I just kind of go okay. Just because you didn’t do your goals and dreams doesn’t mean other people didn’t do theirs. You know? And besides, Charlie Sheen would wear the sunglasses. And I love Charlie Sheen and he was a real seal right?

Huh? Wow.

If they are hating on you, you’re doing it right, man. Do just hit it right on the head. If if you are if you’re if you’re doing something right in this world, you’re going to get a lot of haters you know, enemies you’re just gonna get a lot of hate and now they never hate to you in person. But they’ll hate to you behind a beagle screen research research, Nate, thank you so much for saying that. Yeah, research man. Because Because the problem is, is you know, you know, we all it’s disgusting to steal valor to for stolen dollar. But the thing is, is you have no idea that you’re stealing somebody’s valor. I generally tell people go do some research. Come back to my page. Follow me. I’ll like it. I’ll tell you right now, while even talk to you about Jesus. I don’t care. I really don’t care. I’ve heard it all for years. It’s old school. But but the thing is, is is a do your research. Because the problem is, is that you have no idea you’re stealing other people’s valor. When you say Stolen Valor, because that’s a jab at them, you know what I mean? I don’t go around doing that. Even if somebody tells me a seal, I can tell this quick, if you’re a seal or not, I just look at you. And it’s not about tattoos. It’s not about me that maybe maybe I need one little prompting or something I can say. But it’s not about the class number. I can easily if somebody is claiming to be a seal on this level, you can research that you can memorize class numbers, you can’t do certain things, you know, and that’s what’s uh, but hey, I guess it’s like

a compliment.

It’s kind of hard to understand, but it’s kind of compliment when somebody says Stolen Valor to me. I’m like, I go. Because I mean, that must be serious deal. And that must be a serious dude, that he’s still down from. Listen forever, still haven’t heard hope. Come on, Jimmy. Listen forever. If you’ve listened forever, and you haven’t, if you haven’t heard hope, and you’ve listened forever. I’m sorry, friend. You’re lying right now. That’s not possible. Because all I do is share hope.

All I do is share hope. And I’ll share hope with you tonight.

I promise. If you are watching right now, in listening, you’re going to find hope here. You’re going to find hope. Would you enlist again? If you could? No, no. Because because I went through, I went through serious like, hell, you know, to, to go through and did the politics that I the politics that I saw as I was getting out. It was like a blessing in disguise for me to get a head brain injury. Because as tragic as it was for my life and my career stuff. It was like what I needed, because I hated to see where the teams was going. Very political environment, Gods getting investigated. Can you imagine being in a SEAL team doing what we do, but having NCIS the equivalent to NCIS or NCIS itself following you around, investigating each room you into and drawing lines from hole to hole on the wall? Like he shot here? And then he did that? And then what did you see?

I don’t know, man.

I was getting shot at bro. Where were you? You were in the back of a train like two days ago. And now you’re showing up doing a big investigation. Sorry, that’s still not hope. But you’ll see hope here. But that’s still maybe not the hope that you’re looking for. Anyways, deployed at the moment. I made sure to make time to watch your videos. I really enjoy your videos. Thank you so much. I’m honored to have you watch. super honored Have you watched from wherever you are. And man, I hope you’re keeping your head down. And holding fast man and, and keeping real out there, brother. You need a moderator to deal with these hate and trolls. You don’t I like you match. A taxi driver is a masterpiece. You know, every time a troll gets on? Um, what happens is that the algorithm mess around blah, blah, blah. What happens is, it’s a chance, which we’ve done before. I know y’all have been on here, some of you. And there’s been trolls that actually like, got on here. And we’re like, okay, man, what’s up with this guy, Jesus, because they know that they can’t faze me it’s just in. And generally if somebody says that they can be faced, but they know that they can’t because they realize that it’s a it’s a it’s a mighty force here, man to be reckoned with. When you’re coming at someone who has dealt with all this for years, for all kinds of all these haters are obviously squares. who have never been in a scrap. We could tell. Who’s the real deal. Thank you, my brother for saying that. touch point. I need a tattoo idea, bro. I got one for you, man. I know you love Oklahoma. So why don’t you get Texas on your forehead off? I’m a seal. A seal. Okay, man. Right on. That’s cool. Right on. See I’m not saying Stolen Valor because I don’t know you. Touch point. Now see, I like that. I like what you just said. But let’s not make it happen again. Okay, let’s all make a habit of that. It’s touch point. Okay, but it’s okay. It’s okay. We work around it. I like it. It’s kind of strange. I don’t know is you know, sometimes these late nights people drinking hustled so hard that your haters ask if you’re hiring touchpoint what’s up? Oh, yeah, what’s up? You know? My future is so bright on house arrest that I got to wear these touchpoint shades. These are the All American mandates man. These are the All American mandates I’m wearing. Go to my merch link You’ll see him. You’ll see him. Order some touch points, shirts, whatever. Anyways, hey frog, man, why are you doing this? What do you get out of it? Great question. Listen, when I help people, okay, see the truth. See the light. Okay? I used to say see the light from my eyes. But when I when I hit when I’m able to help someone, because a lot of the lot of people actually messaged me. And then yeah, I love module Randy’s come on module rant man, Randy Savage. When people message me. And then and then they tell me something like this. Let me tell you what I get out of this. somebody the other day, oh, a few weeks ago by now. They said, Listen, man, I was about to commit suicide. Okay, I was about to kill myself. I was angry at tick tock. I threw it across the floor. I’m about to pick my gun up. This is the truth. Or this is the truth. There it goes. I was about to pick up my gun. I threw Tiktok on the ground. You know, angry bout to blast myself. I see your Atlantic upside down like this with with the screen up and you’re on the life. You just appear on the lodge, Jimmy. And you’re talking about Jesus. And you said something. He said it wasn’t necessarily about Jesus. He said, you said something so

funny. I haven’t laughed in that long for so long. He goes, that’s what made me put the gun down and start listening to you. And I’ll tell you, he’s a changed man forever. I’ve had other people say, Hey, man, I stopped alcohol. I stopped drinking and smoking cigarettes since I’ve been watching brunch won’t let you know that. Another guy said Jim, Jimmy, one day and I haven’t had this happen a lot. But this guy says Jimmy, I was in my living room. I was so down and now I want to kill myself. He said Jesus literally stepped in the room. When when I saw your life, that to me is worth every single pain and suffering that I have been through. You know, and it’s Jesus. If I do something, it you’ll know it because you won’t get anything out of it. If I do anything, if I make a video and it’s not impactful. Okay, it was from Jimmy. And that’s why it was disastrous and terrible. If I do something and your heart is linebacker tackled by the Holy Spirit, by Jesus himself, with his compassion and great love to say that he showed me only so that I can do this to you. One being His merciful calm mercy and loving kindness. The other thing him literally rescue me. Like, Jimmy, you’re done. You’re in solitary confinement in Texas Federal Penitentiary till you behave. spit up on house arrest. Okay. $10 million. Bill Bill, 5 million and 5 million for my parents. I live with my fair parents who doesn’t who has to do that. You know, at 40 years old in this situation?

karate kick. That’s my ankle bracelet. But when I hear someone say that Jesus come into their room,

okay. It makes my heart soar like an eagle. I had a tic toc before all this, okay? You can’t have you can’t have social media on seals. I know that’s hard to believe with all the books increase of but you can’t have social media the seals. It’s hard to believe. But when I got out of the seals, okay, I get this tick tock when I’m doing movie Tom doing Muay Thai. In Thailand. I’m living in Thailand doing Muay Thai know the St. John Rambo. This reality? Okay, I’m doing Muay Thai, right? I’m watching snakes come out. Since I’m catching snakes.

What’s up? What’s up? I you know the

one. Okay, that didn’t happen. But you get it memory Thai with my Russian girlfriend. Okay. And I’m like, she’s like, who did it? Why he do it? I’m like, I don’t understand you whatever, though. Okay, but you want to see the first time she ever eat popcorn. That’s the difference between Americanism and communism. Americanism is socialism. Who cares? What social economy the same thing? She never had popcorn before. You ain’t never seen so many kernels of popcorn laying around her. Why she watched a movie. While we watch Chernobyl, by the way. Another reason, Americanism and communism. If you ain’t seen Chernobyl, the documentary you’d be laughing right now if you did, so. Let me tell you some. It’s important you realize the magnitude of what Jesus did in my life, so that I can do this. This is Wind Beneath My Wings, like an eagle flying over the Grand Canyon. I’m on house arrest. If I can be like this and set free by Jesus. Then what? What can he do for you right now through the screen. Forget the glasses. Don’t judge it. Okay? Don’t judge that. We’re all posers. Okay? We’re all posers. I’m not talking about women. I don’t dare speak about women or even think about speaking through them, because it’s not possible to they will they will get over Prime Ministers after the debating thing, they turn around and bite the hand off the male. Okay. And then they put you on house arrest without a head. It’s no joke there was a chicken that that lived without a head for about a year. So this this is the no joke. It’s so that’s what happens when, when, you know, that’s why you will mess around. That’s why I mess around with women because because I don’t speak there because that would be so stupid because I’m just a lie on house arrest, just a lion on house arrest. It’s so here I am. And Jesus saved my life. And he told me I was going to be a lighthouse. God bless you so much. I’m gonna stop rambling on. Okay. But that’s the reason why I that’s what I get out of this. Okay? And yes, it gets old people say it’s Stolen Valor or this or this. It’s doesn’t really faze me. It’s just kind of kind of just like, I wish we could get past certain things. So we could talk about Jesus. I really do. Or we could talk about the epic miss that he has to provide. Some people shy away from Jesus. Hey, man, don’t shy away. Don’t ever shy away in bad away the lifesaver that’s getting thrown at you while you’re drowning? You know, there’s a lot of people that are drowning out there. God bless you too. Thank you so much. Amen. Elizabeth. Thank you so much, sweetheart. Look, I’m not on drugs. You know, fastest way to get into the seals. Mexican soldier here. It was so compadre, I would say, um, I, what was your you said best way to get to the seals. Mexican soldier here. Well go to the Navy recruiter. That’s what to say. Go the Navy recruiter. You know, thank you so much. What would you run on on an AR 10? Or 15? Can you specify what you mean? What would I run on it? Like glass like glass? Or like, Hey, I like iron sights. For real. I know that’s old school. But let me tell you have some backup irons. With an ACOG or aim point. Make sure you got some batteries in that piece. You don’t want to be caught. You know when you raise your your primary. And you don’t see you don’t see your Allume there your Eluned on your red dot you forgot to turn it on. In in a combat situation that’s bad. If you have a fixed front side, now you can you now you can still operate to be effective and what it’s not about saving your own life. We need to stop thinking in those terms. It’s about saving your buddy’s life saving your your brothers your sisters like your fellow teammate. That’s what it’s about. Brother I need t shirts glasses, stacks operator. Thank you so much. Go to my merch link. You can pre order all the touchpoint shirts you want we got a touch point army here It’s no joke the mighty warrior spirit is within you and me.

And and are you got my top.

My top sunglasses are there too. My all my top sunglasses that I picked are on the merch like you can get them there. God bless you. Hey, man, you worked all day. I saw you brother. I see you. I see you co witness. Okay, work today. Your laws are blessing. Thank you, brother for showing up. I appreciate you. I’ve been married twice. And I know nothing. Nick. Man, you know everything bro. It seems like you know everything. Your lives are awesome, bro. I appreciate you. What is touchpoint? Question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark. Snap into a Slim Jim, let me tell you something, I got kind of dizzy. Well, but listen to me touch point is is is what you go to in your emergency. For some people like Nick It’s lipstick. Okay, for others, it’s their side piece. They’re not Oh 210 piece, you know, but when I say 90210 piece, it doesn’t have to be your secondary. This don’t have to be a pistol. That’s just analogy I use because all I know is the teams and military okay for a long time. So I use a lot of analogies and stuff as you know, okay, why are you out of breath because I just went like this touch point. touch point. Just point me I get dizzy now. The older you get the more like Dizzy you get like, like I used to I could do that for a million times a drink doing it. But now I’m like whoa, whoa, that’s why I’m breathing. Or it could be this 100 pounds of dense muscle. Not that I have but that the camera ads and you all know that the camera adds 100 pounds of dense muscle lean muscle and as like six inches to your shoulders width. You know that’s why I don’t feel it the camera because my camera you got to have a it’s weird the lenses that just said America don’t have this warrior on the front, just sad. Merica don’t have this warrior on the frontlines anymore. It is said you don’t and I was kind of drove enough man. I don’t want to get into consoling, complaining. But y’all need to know that. That me and a lot of like straight up hard core warriors were pushed out of the Navy, I had a traumatic brain injury. I could have fought it longer. Prime instructor but not not deployable. I joined to deploy. That was over for me. But a lot of seals, man, a lot of great great seals got cold out of the herd. It’s like doing and get your best sheet dogs in taking them out. And then the wolves come in and hit the sheep. It’s crazy. What’s up, seal? What’s going on? What’s this? Wow, why you always talking about touch points? Also, do you do private lessons? I don’t do private lessons. But I’ll tell you all you need to know in this life? Well, yeah, I would say because of Jesus. All you need to know in this life is one of those videos. Straight up straight up. You know, you want it you want no more anxiety, watch my videos. You want to get off drugs, watch my videos, you need help getting off drugs. While you’re coming down on drugs. Like several people have emailed me watch my videos. You know, you want tactics. With a little with a good way to learn the tactics without just going oh my gosh, this is so boring. A three minute video. Thank you for saying you love the shirt. He is greater than I. But see, man, I don’t even know what the greater, greater less than symbol is. You know, I’m saying but I just know that this means he is greater than I. Okay. Don’t ask me what a pronoun is. Okay, but I know what singular and plural means because my ex girlfriend Russian used to say try being in my shoe.

I say try being in my shoe. Try being in my shoes. Plural.

You almost look like Hulk. Thank you so much. What is your optic to go to? And I get a lot of these questions not about optics NightForce four, four as a sniper, you know? I mean, they’re not the best. But uh, definitely, if you can afford it, and not force, you’re probably talking about ARS. Do you have a YouTube channel? I can watch? Yeah, if you go to just go to tell my story.io If you go to my front page, you’ll see the merch link. You can order T shirts, you can get to sunglasses, or you can go to tell my story.io the other link, you may have to type it in, but I think it’s the link there. Tell my story down. And you can see the old shirts there. And you can also see the YouTube channel. Okay. You know, I’m just not good at social media. So I don’t even go we’ll go to my channel Shut up. Pod twist and squeeze. Talking to Myself. Let’s do some Movie Tasks boring. Well, I would but I don’t want to visit you in the hospital too much. Okay, I got a lot of things on my hand. So it’s hard because I got the like a bunch of people I reach out to and stuff. And I just don’t have a lot of time to visit. Do visitations outside of my house. Thank you though. Let them let them what? Who? Love your mentality? Brother? You helped me through a lot so far. Thank you so much. lifesteal Thank you very much. Red dots on pistols. Never. Don’t put any optics on your pistol. That’s your secondary side piece. Not on to one piece. Look if your primary fails, okay, that’s okay. That’s that’s perfectly fine. It’s like being decompressed as a seal, you’re going to get injured. You’re gonna get dive injury, you may die. That’s just what you do. You go you don’t go the seals to live. You know what I’m saying? You know what I mean? The seals are one body, you take off at arm, you hurt all the team. Okay? Stay in the fight. Here’s the deal, though, is if your primary goes down, and you go to your 9021 Opie’s right, and then you pull it up and your site’s all jacked up, you’re done. You got to have a clean, open field, you know, a fire, and all that matters on a pistol is your front sight. Forget those back sights, you don’t need them. Stop, stop focusing on those backsides. Start looking at your front sight. If your front sight is straight, it like lined up. It doesn’t matter if it’s high or low. You know, it doesn’t matter if I can’t like this I could I could get through like this. If you do get hurt with one arm, you need to put your hand right here to balance if you’re shot in your arm and you’re hanging like this. You’re not going to be doing really great shoot because you’re going you’re gonna be going Ah, but but then you want to camp this hand if you can’t, can’t it slightly. Your front sight post can be sideways cricket anywhere, but if it’s in line, and you’re pulling straight back on the trigger, because you’ve watched my videos, and you don’t have a death grip, and you’re pulling straight back like this got big hands and you don’t have a desperate then you’re gonna you’re gonna put rounds on target every time. No so no red dots on pistols. Okay? How did McAfee change you? Well, he was like a father to me and it really hurt me when I heard that he died if he did, in fact die, but I think it was probably murdered.

Take a look to the sky.

Okay, all is coming to a stage near you soon. I like def I like your attitude. How much longer are you in house raise? I don’t know yet. Hey, sweet, be appreciate your message. Okay, I appreciate all your support. Nachos 7076. I like your name a friend. I like nachos. And I like 1776 Thank you, Jimmy. I hate optics on carry guns. It’s it’s just not smart. In fact, if you got an optic on on a on a side piece, if it’s a collectible or something weird, you got some weird kind of fantasies going on? Then you can keep it on there. Thank you, Jimmy. Yeah, we’re we’re in Texas. Do you stay Fort Worth here? I’m in for two brother. Ferry. Fornication just dropped. Just dropping by to say hey, we’re just dropping by. We used to be friends. You used to hang out with me all day long. Let me hang out in your house. You know? It was wonderful. Now we just stopping by I’m just kidding, bro. I get it. Totally. Where’s everybody from? How about a shout out? Give me a shout out. What’s up, seal? We got seals on here. Let me know. You know, I give a shout out. Yeah, and I’m not going to ask everybody to say Stolen Valor. Because I get it. And it sucks. You are my hero. Cincinnati, Florida. Who has a Waso Oklahoma. I’m so sorry to hear that. What’s up from Texas? I was Yes sir. Hey, man. Spot on frog man. I got you. I see you Oklahoma. Sorry to hear that. Southern California. See I got you. Chicago. Upstate New York. Dearborn, Michigan. Wow. That’s awesome. I’ve heard that by San Diego, New Orleans, Mississippi. Nebraska. Remember me that decompression chamber question guy. I love you. Man. I

love you, man.

I’ve never heard of that state. decompression chamber question. But I had somebody say they were inside my wall the other night. I was like, Well, you didn’t read some Botswanan you because if so I’m gonna punch a hole in the wall. And I’m just kidding. I love that decompression chamber question God. Because those kind of questions I love like, I’d love any kind of questions about seals, leadership. Anything anything you want. Following hate to be the best leader. You got to follow. I plagiarized that from Jesus. So did everybody else. Puerto Rico? Starfish. Starfish. Where’s that from? Starfish? Starfish. Where have I seen you before? Dude, please. Do leader ship. I will. Leader shit.

I love you man.

He said dude, please do leadership. Okay, with one word. I’ve never seen it spelt like that. But I have seen some leadership for sure. 100% the stars Baby, the Stars, Puerto Rico. I want to go to Puerto Rico. Man. You’re not supposed to be covered is you’re not supposed to be covered it covered covered sis coverages.

I don’t mean, Mike Tyson, what?

You’re not supposed to envy and all that stuff. But I’ll tell you I was looking at some pictures today. Yo, yo, Big Jim. White boy from the what? White boy from the first state Delaware. Hey, nice to meet you Weatherford, Texas. I know we’re Weatherford ESI that’s not too far away like an hour away from me. Did you stay at the federal prison over here off 20 Or was it another? Yeah, most likely. That sounds about right. I wouldn’t know I was inside it on lockdown. 24/7 back to the hotel that I walked out slow motion we’ll saw Todd and all the guards will act DOJ PA By the time I left the prison everybody like what do you want to know about me?

Yeah, BZ what’s up?

Can BZ knows what’s up? He does some fine art work. He does amazing things from Louisiana. My bro How were the what? How were the girls in med Dean? How would he know nothing about that blade player? Okay, I was to coked up out Mamasan actually, I remember everything. But that’s the old dead me. And I felt really sorry for the girls actually committing to be truthful with you. I felt real sorry for him. You know, there’s a lot of terrible things going on in this world, my friend. I was in I was in the SEAL teams in St. Thomas krischell. So yes. Now I work with him. Starfish. Love you set point. Push set point push to the sea brother that tattoo on your neck. Is that just white ink? No, it’s my my girls. My scrolls lips. I had them cauterized off look like Dracula. Kiss me afterwards. They are these beautiful, juicy red lips. It’s cool when you’re doing Muay Thai in Thailand, when you got your shirt off bailing it out once I was almost up. And then all of a sudden though, you come back home. And people are like, what’s up? Man? You i Dude, I swear I was in a party last night. It looks so bad. And it was high. You can’t cover that. And I guess I stayed longer than I thought most people do. Some people come up here and they’re mesmerized by this thing, and they have to ask me. And I think a lot of people say well, don’t say anything. It’s an AK 47 round. If I was if I was a more of a poser than I already am, then definitely I would say it’s an AK 47. But it’s not. It’s not It’s cauterized. Okay, it’s cauterization. Girl. What do you think is the most important leadership trait? The the most important leadership trait. Hands down is humility. Humility. In fact, the more humble you are, the more I fear you, the less humble you are. And the more like, I’ve come up in here to change everything I came from SEAL Team blah, blah, blah, shut up. And your people will actually say that to you. I’ve actually seen a masterchief to get up there and say, This is Oh, it’s somebody was like, suck your belly and homey and shut up. It was like, oh my god, I was like, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, you know that that’s how bad it is. And so so just think next time you do that has a leader. Somebody’s saying that they’re not yelling at like my homeboy, Brett merrithew, who died because he was absolutely nuts. And he could get away with it. But they’re, they’re yelling at in their head. So when you so when you take a leadership role. The best thing you could ever do is bullets. Baked beans have bad days. You come in there and you say, Listen, check it out. I know y’all know me. My name is Jimmy Watson. Okay, I’ve been brought in by another group, to, to, to be your boss to be your new boss, but but check it out. I want to be a fellow brother to you, and teammate. And I come in here humbly, ready to learn from you. And I want to promise you three things. I want to promise you action, and that you’re going to get to kick indoors because all the sled dogs want to kick indoors. And then the guys are gonna be like, Whoa, what’s up dude? Who’s this guy? Alright, because they were joking around before like a shout out this guy, man. And I’m like, listen, listen, listen, listen. And, and then I want to promise you that you’re going to get off plenty of Chow, whenever you want. As much as if you’re eating. I’m not eating. Okay, if you’re eating, I’m waiting like this. It’s all my Boise and then I’m going to get some job. And then you promise them is rest as much. You’re going to read more than me. That may only be one hour a night because we’re doing offs bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Two hours later, bang, bang, bang, bang bang two months later bang they may but you’re gonna get more sleep to me you’re gonna get more child to me. And you’re going to get work because the boys want to work. You apply those methods instantaneously, they’re gonna like you however there’s gonna be two or three guys that test you right off the bat and they’re gonna be set let’s test is mofo. I don’t care about beans bullets and band aids. Oh me and then you’re gonna be like I got you I got your dog and you take the most the one who thinks he’s the most incredible but that pushes your limits you you say your fire and they say you can’t do that say I already just did before you even said that you thought you just got fired stepped down and then you pull in the guy that was least expecting but the most humble that you know can actually get the job done and put him in charge of people gonna be

like, don’t mess with that guy. It’s called window or aisle in my book in Iraq Afghanistan window. If you mess up it’s like window or all that means do you want the window seat or the IOC? At least you got that option going back home. That’s what you do as a leader. You ain’t read that in the book. Louisiana. Louisiana mold decompression leadership. That’s great. I like that. What’s What the heck’s shirt? It’s key is greater than I, but the camera adds about 100 pounds of dense muscle. And so it stretches it all the way across my body. So it’s actually he is greater than I. So, so My bad. Sorry about that. Why do you stutter? When you think this fast, you have to stutter. So people like you can understand me next

you want to be a little bit more humble than I just was as leader. However, I’m out now. I’m not doing any leadership positions. Okay. Thank you for that great comment. When you you know my ex girlfriend, you say? Why do you start I said baby, because I love love, love you juiciness, juiciness, juiciness. That’s what the eff I’m saying. Brother, were you actually a Navy SEAL? Yes, I was brother. How do you resist temptations? We are like Charlie Sheen does you don’t say and just keep that’s a joke. That’s a joke. But it because I was like Charlie Sheen back in the day. And no, I know he wasn’t a silk. But here’s the deal. You have thank you for those. Thank you for all that. Thank you. Scar sucks. Thank you. I stutter too but just say um, be boxing. Yeah, man. We got to just say we’re be boxing, you know, I’m saying. I mean. I mean, come on. If you’re just paying attention to words, you’re not really listening. And I need you to listen right now. 0811 love the knowledge. Damn. I know not your 70 sentences like,

damn, damn song. What’s up? Nope. Nope. No to what you love. Okay.

Tell us about Okay. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment. I love this. Now. People are getting bold. They’re just like, Okay, this guy don’t care. Let’s talk about his most embarrassing moment as a seal or marine or a funny story. Love them?

Will I actually um

I got my unit what? Caught in a Bell Center. Now I may lose some of you.

This person said I stutter. I just say I’m president. I know. I almost said that. But I didn’t want to be rude. I really did it. Almost. I

thought of that. I was like, Don’t say that. Jimmy. Don’t say that. I’m the IgG Ma. Yes, I’m a seal. But hey, check out my page. Okay. I’m just, I’m not asking you to believe me. Just go to my page and watch the videos. You’ll see what’s up. What the f a Bell Center Daniel? Yes. A bill SENTRI really happened. Okay, Star bud. You’re Jimmy Choo. Starbuck. I’m

Jimmy two.

Are you Jimmy? Three. It’s okay. I got you so much. That’s okay. I got you. Hey, listen. Yeah, I got my I got my penis got a belt sander. And I’ll try to prove it to you. But I don’t really care either about that anymore. But the right to pain? Well, the pain wasn’t significant at first because you don’t how, um, you have you ever seen Oprah Winfrey where the guy a tree falls on his legs. And and he has I saw this when I was a kid I saw a guy where he’s a lumberjack in a tree falls on his legs. And he’s forced to cut his legs off with a chainsaw. The chainsaw runs out of gas. Okay. And so he has to do the rest of the job with adult night they have the domain I’m a little kid I’m watching it. I always wondered how in the world can a fox chew off their own leg? In a trap? Okay, and get this. I’m looking down in 2013 Okay 2013 2013 My penis is caught in a bill center. Okay. And and I looked down and I know now how a fox chooses a leg off because you will do anything in the world to get your your whatever out of the whatever. I’ll just tell you that much right now. I stretched it stretch it you see the mouse go through a door crack you see Laffy Taffy out of the package of the stretch tamale. That’s what happened to me once it was like bro you know he goes haha how’d you get your your pitch kind of built in a row? He laughed and said Listen, man, I said you’ll never know bro. You’ll never know Everybody balls out laughing already.

What’s up? Did you chew it off? No, my Tookie did though. Next question. I had mice do that in a glue trap at Lowe’s.

It’s the same damn thing. It’s the same damn thing. Thank you for that. Word of Knowledge. Are you done with House rest? No. Would a better leader be a challenge with a hard flex? What would a better leader meet a challenge with a thank you for all those? Well sub it’s raining money in the air cheese.

It looked like cheese actually for a mouse. Jimmy, go to bed, brother. Why you don’t like? I mean, listen, I’m not going to get in the bed so that you can take me to bed with you in your hands.

Okay, I don’t play that game. No more. Okay,

I’m not going to fall for that trick anymore, brother. You know, just because Jimmy go to bed cuz I’m getting in bed with my phone. Nah, bro. Don’t play that game son. What’s up? Did you chew it off, toe is shaved on the moon. It should. pocketknife or harmonica who? It depends if you can sharpen the harmonica like in prison, you know, you just you rub it on the ground a bunch times on the concrete. Love you too. Love you too. Basically, the story is I got it out, okay. You have to pontoons that run along the side of your your squeezy, okay. And those two those two pontoons were flattened, like a piece of paper. But the urethra was crushed. completely crushed it I had to get urethroplasty surgery with 40 stitches inside. Most men would get about I’d say 510 stitches. Okay, next question. Is it a metaphor? No, that’s not a metaphor. I promise you that. You’re a lot tougher than me Nick. Don’t ever say that man. You know You’re tougher than me son. You miss what’s up? Tell us about the first time you knew Jesus

was with you. Oh Bill weenies Come on.

Is it crooked? Let me tell you something. So, before it happened, and I’m just gonna do I’m just gonna tell you this straight up. Mary Hugh and Lewis died holding their breath. My cousin told us about it. He was at the pool. Yeah. Yeah, they did. They did Brother and they died like geez, they died saving each other big story there and more epic than you could possibly imagine. If you know what it took to do that so anyways, um, mark it was it was it was hanging to the left before the built center accident after the belt center accident. It’s hanging to the right after the your recoupling urethroplasty surgery. put my glasses on for this. It’s perfectly straight and it’s longer my wife comes up and she says Thank God we can finally procreate

and I’m like the heck is me? We can finally we could finally What? What? Huh?

And then a month later, and then I’m like, Oh man, it was worth it. Thank God I finally have something you know it’s finally three inches average in and then it shrinks back. One month later 30 days later it shrinks back.

So it was worth it.

And then it became not worth it. Hey, it’s straight. Who cares about that?


well give her that sweet Squeezy my cheesy breezy. Hey, that’s what happens. Okay. From so I can’t Sorry, I would I want to talk about Jesus beat him off. And he was there during this so it doesn’t, it’s not like I’m, I’m like, doing the same thing wrong. I’m being I’m being truthful with you. What a better leader meet a challenge with a hard flex, or an invitation to a private Converse confrontation. Um, oh, you know, this is this is risky business, okay. Because if you do a hard flex, you risk a lot. You risk a lot, because you risk your buggin b by some homeboy, you know, a private confrontation. Kind of show some weakness, but it just depends on who you’re around. Now. I would say at this incident, you’re going to have to hard flex on somebody, like like if somebody calls you out in front of everyone. Then you do it. You have to do a hard flex on that. For sure. Winner percent or because if you just stand there I can only speak for the SEAL teams. And I would say a hard Flex is 100% necessary, because then you’ll lose the respect of all your men, no matter what you do. So you have to do a hard flex on that one. Sorry. If you’re not in a leader position position, soft flex is okay. Or you know, but that is highly, highly unprofessional of that other person. And if you’re but if you’re in a if you’re in if you’re in an officer position, never hard flex, you just kind of look at a knife and then walk away you do one of these go

and then walk away like Yo, you know, one of those and

walk away because because your chief or whoever it is below you, the hard hitters are here to take care of business. Jimmy when you say hard flakes, are you still referring to the sander incident? Or am I trying to, you know, dang, well, what I’m talking about, come on. We back on the built in an incident. I’m trying to sleep at night, man. I got to sleep in that steel. Okay. I so I can’t just go into these things. Just just completely delve into them. I’m gonna have my PTSD come back. Okay. And the PTSD is not about the build center. You know what it’s about? Soft place or hard place. Some people can’t come on. favorite Bible verse Mason. I have a favorite Bible chapter in Psalms 40. It’s he heard my cry. He inclined his ear. He heard my cry. He lifted me out of a horrible pit. He brought me out of the miry clay. He placed my feet upon a rock. The song actually says on the rock to stay, but it’s actually he put my feet upon a rock and put a new song in my mouth. And that’s exactly what he will do to you. Have you ever wanted to sing a new song? Have you ever got a song stuck in your head so bad? And you’re just like, oh, well, we’ll just go away. That’s like a bad that’s like a bad nightmare. Like a bad episode in your life. You know, five favorite MRE is the five finger of death. Jimmy, you showed us that change is possible. Do you feel like a kid again? Hey, man, I never grew up brother. Do you? Have you showed us edge? Okay. Do you feel like a kid again? Always being at home? Yeah, you know, I revert to my old way. So I’m like ma mom. Me love Dutch boy. Jimmy, do you take a lot of naps since you are grounded? If so, how? Do you get grounded? Um, this is a really great, serious question. I take naps because, um, I don’t have any assistance from pills or anything or medication. So also, I’ll go to take a nap maybe once a day like a lion. Lions take naps under trees. It’s okay. When you’re 40 You’ll take a nap here and there. But but you know, but every time I lay down often Hey, we’ll so my friend Jim a. Love you bro. Why my house arrest man. I mean house risk in connection with John McAfee crimes. If you want to look me up. You can but but just go to my page, you’ll see a lot of videos about that stuff. I really appreciate you joining right now. And I And yeah, that’s a great idea. Spray paint camo video. I’m serious. That’s great. Does physical size relate to leadership on any way? Alpha? A F? No, it doesn’t. It has nothing to do with with leadership. You could be a case of point Napoleon. You don’t you know, you can be an extremely intimidating human being. But it has to fit your persona in leadership. It has to it has to fit your leadership persona. And what I mean by that is like I couldn’t be like this super quiet leader. Okay, but my chief, he was really small guy, but he just was like, hard as nails. And you just didn’t cross him. You didn’t even say one word. Because he had this look like you know, but me I tend to like kind of puff my chest out more like What’s up, bro? You know, like flex around like him haul around, you know, but you know, you know so and so you have to be you. You can be the most powerful leader in the world. But you but you’re gonna have to be you and that goes for everybody. When you go after your dream when you go after leadership positions don’t ever ever, ever try to make to mold yourself into the last leader. Like even if the last leader was amazing, you’ll never be able to fit his shoe as my external. When you say you’re having to have to fit into your own shoe, you’re gonna have to do your own thing, you’re gonna have to make your own way. And now your leadership style may be like his, but it won’t be identical. And you’re really gonna have to, you’re, you’re really gonna have to be you. That’s the biggest that’s the most greatest advice I ever have ever received and understood throughout the years is be you, because there’s no one like you. There is no one like you in this world. There’s not one person like you. And this ain’t just like some little Christmas fairy tale about a snowflake outside. There’s no There’s no other thing like a snowflake. Man, what?

What I’m talking about is your fingerprints, your eyes to your head, especially my head. You know, there’s no other person like you. So be you and stop being like other people trying to be like somebody else. You know, who is the most solid seal you ever met? And what made him solid? Well, the most solid most bad seal I’ve ever met was his white albino mil seal. And that belonged in SeaWorld, but he did the torpedo die bomb and went across the harbor bit my friend in the face. That’s the real seal because he was a real like fins. He had flippers and everything and we just take your face, he could take your head in his pocket like this With one slap of his fins. Other than that, the real heroes are dead. The real heroes don’t come back from war. We need to stop glamorizing these onesie. twosie these guys, well, you’re so amazing, usually, man, no, the real amazing dudes are are dead. They didn’t come back. Those are the real heroes. Jocko is a hardcore dude. I like him. He’s also he’s amazing. Would you protect

Trump? Oh, I mean, if I

know because I’m not the CIA son marched to the beat of my own drum brought on. Hey, if you march to the beat of your own drum, you are well on your way to success in a way in a way. Now if you’re not putting Jesus before all it’s just gonna crash. And I mean, I’m talking to cymbals, the tom toms. The snare in everything is going to crash. All at once.

What Gagas

Oh, wow, people getting this 800 800 per day. Okay. Yes, I wouldn’t go Trump, Trump sport. I wouldn’t go protecting. Now, you know, protected Trump will be no big deal. I mean, it’ll be hard he he can. What I mean is, it’d be a huge deal, but I could do it. But it’d be very, very, very strenuous job. He said he did like four or five rallies in one day. You know, I’m saying, I’m going to get a live session. I’m like, I’m out. So you know, pop a twist. You know, pull the pull the emergency cord. And he’s doing four or five rallies a day. What’s the story behind how you found Jesus? Mason? Thank you so much. Ty. I want to go camping with you man. Come grab me bro. Not necessarily right now we both go to the pin but but come grab me when I’m off in Squeezy bro. We’ll go camping. Wherever you want to go. Joshua Tree. I know you’re up in California. He has dragon energy. I am a dragon son by Jimmy Do you ever ever leave the house on House wrist haircut or your B day etc? Man when you try to send me to go get a haircut, Hassan. Um, I? I do leave on very special occasions. Okay. Um, if I want to for religious stuff, like if I want to go see my grandma at church. I could do that someone needs to organize.

A house party. House Party. I agree with

that. You’re my best friend. I love you. Bulls on parade down down. Did you believe in Jesus before war? Or after? Look, I always believe in Tai Chi. Oh man, I can’t read that aloud. Son. You know you’re in trouble. Listen, did you know that? I believe in Jesus and God. My whole life. I don’t remember being introduced to him as a little kid. I remember praying in the shower. My mom and dad remember me like talking to Jesus when I was really little in the bad stuff. But and then I punched my dad in the eye. It was crazy. He tried to pray for me. I was like, what’s up? I mean, then my brother punched him in his arm. He’s other I mean, he had two blackouts. I or after I always believed in Come on, man. I can’t read that out loud in trouble. Did you know No, I can’t leave for a haircut. I’m dead serious with you. If I wasn’t I would tell you dead serious. We can’t leave her to leave her hair good.

I’m on a $10 million bond. Okay? This ain’t no joke bro. Say no Joe.

Winter warfare training consists of what? Splashing yourself in some really nice cold water and then doing rewarming drills in your kami soaking wet. Try to do that. I will cut it Chrissy Thank you. Jesus is the only way you’re a solid dude. Jimmy. Can you have visitors? Ta I can make a I can make a conical visit dog come on over homie with some Bhagwan. What’s up? Just kidding Todd as a joke, bro, that is a joke, everyone. But what I mean is this. I don’t know what that means. Okay, I told my parole officer that they said do you have any idea what that means? Me? Do you have any idea with me? I said, nah. What’s up? Anyways? hater, my bro. Thank you. No blocks wide intentions. Who hurt you? Are you okay? I’ve been hurt my whole life. Haven’t you? Haven’t you? Listen? You will go store store crazy. But you’re you’ll be amazed how incredibly resilient you are. And how you can you can make it happen. You know, you can make a habit. It’s all about routine. You know? You’re 22 you’re small and quiet and going to be high up in leadership on five year. Plan now get a flex on Deema.

Okay, that’s awesome.

Let me tell you something, though. Um, I keep going go. I keep on getting sidetracked from the Jesus thing, but that’s okay. Sometimes Sometimes we just got to do like a campfire talk, you know? And that’s what this is. He said come on over with some Botswana. Ma’am. What? Oh, I love you. Devil Dog says you are the Ric Flair. You had me every flare of warriors. You have the Ric Flair. Let me tell you some. Um, I always believed in Jesus and God. In the end, I started veering away I never blamed him and it’s okay. If you have like him. Everything is forgivable. Everything is is can be can be completely washed away. Okay. But in my thing, I never blamed him. I always felt like I was the one responsible for all my mess ups all my terrible mess ups. But at the end of the day, I realized that Jesus had been with me all along. And I can only say that to you right now. In total absolute truth, because this guy would not be talking to you. Otherwise, you know, I had a tick tock social media you can have in the seals Believe it or not. But when I got out I tried to in Muay Thai. When I had Muay Thai. I had six followers. Two of them were me and one of them was my mom. Okay. All right. I wasn’t good at it. I didn’t do it at all. Because I wasn’t being me. But also, I believe that Jesus absolutely came in I know he did. It’s more real than me and you talking right now. He came in and literally changed my life and restored my heart. totally new. And they experienced that I had an operation restored. We’re, if you’re a veteran out there, even if you’re not a veteran, they have taken people that are non veterans. Let me tell you something operation restored warrior honeybadger. Squeezy. Operation restore warrior saved my life. And I mean, from the dredges of hell. I mean, you’re looking at a different man, you know, high port or low port, which do you think is better? Absolutely high port. I was so used to low port in the Marines. But think about if you’re a little poor, and you come across into room through a hallway through a room or whatever your your weapon can be grabbed. You can’t put your weapon up fast enough. So Mikey grabbed it, right. But when you’re high port, I can come down on you like this, I can come down on you like this, I can come down on you like this, okay. And hopefully it’s not three times where you want to be live, live live afterwards. But I can come down on you like this. I can’t come up on you like this big difference. That high port is really dangerous. That’s why seals do it. Because it we it’s really efficient. But we do extreme amount of training and high port and when we say high port are our barrel is up here by our head. Okay, if you just cancel a little bit, you get a lot of trouble and beat down senseless and it happens over a period of years. It’s so so high port is key. You can do a modified high port like this, you know going in a room and then you punch out and you squeeze like this punch out squeeze like every time so you’re like this and you’re like that. You don’t want to go like this, because you’ll get caught up in stuff but you you go and pull it like that. Like this. So you’re so you’re up high port, high super high ports like this. You know, and then you have the modified hardware. And that’s how you do or out the window port. In next case, I would say so yeah. Or all over his state out the window of his truck port. That’s what he that’s what how he rolls.

Why can’t you own firearms, tie? Ties?

If you’re over here, and we’re drinking balls one let me tell you some brother can’t tell all my secrets, okay. They won’t let me have good they won’t have me having any more weapons. It’s pretty tragic. But what’s interesting is, is God has just even use the God uses the foolish things to confound wise men. God uses foolish things to confound wise men. He is used this amazing art to de to that speaks to me strapped around my ankle. Okay, for the greater good have His goodness. And I made that up. But but he has done that. Okay, he has exploited this. Allow me to split this, this ankle piece aren’t ready to for the greater good of his kingdom. When I got our 2d to one. I said, what how am I gonna do a workout video, I just plan on doing workout videos first. That’s all I was planning. But I knew it was way deeper than that in my heart to do something. I can’t know I can’t go on a firing range. I can’t shoot a weapon. I would get in big trouble for that. Big trouble. But look just like the water with seals. I’ve shot so much of my life. It’s hard to it’s hard to comprehend how many rounds of shot hundreds of 1000s of 1000s if not millions of rounds. I don’t I don’t have any pleasure in shooting at all. I don’t have any pleasure of going to the range. I have no pleasure of playing with guns. But I do love to teach tactics and show you what I know. You know, I mean, now will I get my weapons back. If God wants me to. If God wants me to our two d two What’s up muzzle strikes are quickly muzzle strikes are quicker from high port they are lightning lightning speed faster than the low port. But muzzle strikes are also extremely extremely violent and devastating to someone and that’s why you should never do it at all cost it lets you know absolutely war because they are devastating. And you will you can you can hurt somebody really bad or worse somebody’s running at me with a hose then we’re gonna have to do some hot pour Squeezy. And I think you know what that means? I think you know what that means. So I take back what I just said, flex ROG big fish what is up at the Squeezy Hey, everyone. Hey, I’ve had so many people come on board this this amazing mighty warrior. Especially with a nice muzzle break. Exactly. Thank you. Yeah, the Dennis is going to be like, your, your lifelong thing if you do that. I mean, it’s terrible. But here’s the deal. Thank you for showing up. Because I’m telling you, there’s people that have messaged me recently that said, you know, it’s taken me a long time to message you. Like they’ll, they’ll have me right here and they want to join the live. I’m telling you right now just join live.

I’m gonna shout you out.

I’m not gonna embarrass you. You’ll probably embarrass me. But that’s okay. That’s what I’m here for. It’s called a high functioning altruism syndrome. Something like this. It’s when a primate like me a monkey. He he he at his own at his own expense. And for the benefit of you, you know, makes fun of himself for the benefit of you. That’s in zoo ology terms. Okay. Don’t ask me how I got all that. That’s yeah. What did your fitness training program? Are you planning to stay in Texas travel and give talks? Are you driving your mom nuts? Yes. No, in? Yes. Altruistic theory. That’s right. And I have altruistic, high functioning altruistic syndrome, which is when a primate at the expense of itself benefits. His fellow friends. beanie, the gym, Rodriguez. Alright, now that’s cool. I bet your mom is happy to have you home. and safe how many doctors did you work with in the seals work with? Not not really many No I mean I I was unfortunately hospital a lot a lot way more than I ever thought I would be and you know was in the hospital like everybody is said you mentioned me a

I know I know

I know it does a tricky a tricky manager at a tricky because I put that as my title on the on the live and, but that was to just draw you in to Jesus love I’m telling you to draw you into the light. I’m telling you. Maybe don’t tell him if you shot past his deer out the window. Yeah, it’s past tense. Okay. It’s past you. We’re not talking about your passing more Nick. Okay. You’re funny. Yes. I’m a seal. Exhale, exhale. That’s right. Go over your tats and meaning. um that was alive. What’s up real man? What happened? Jesus king. I saw through that title. But you mentioned me anyways. You saw that sleep deprived? Still love me you know I love you bro. You know I love you. This tattoo means live remembering death. And this is the old me this this body you see here these tattoos are the homie you know this man is practically dead. I’m not that I like I regret some of my tattoos. I don’t some others. They’re all sentimental. They all were at times of my life and mean something you know. But this is live remembering death. And it’s just a model that we go by. Because you better live remembering death, or you’re probably not going to live very long. You know, in that in that in that realm of people that I was with Ron Oh, God is good. Bless you my dude, what’s your craziest seal story that you can talk about? You know, I got a lot of stories on my on my tic toc Squeezy page. And just just you know, I got a lot of stories here. Um I got a lot. I got a lot. It’s got to come upon me to to tell a story like that. You know what I mean? Serving up the sonic style crushed ice cream. Alright, everybody see this is messed up. Man. I should have never said serving ice cream a long time ago. Because now people are screaming it probably in Walmart. I will serve you ice cream dog. And everybody’s like, What

the heck is he talking about there? You know ice cream up as I’m talking about ice cream. And they’re like, You got a lot of nerve telling me like that. He’s like, bend over. I’ll show you this. I went well, how can you talk to me? Like he’s like, I’m not talking to you.

You’re lost and found nice story is the best. Yeah, I like that one too. And that I just barely remember that one morning drinking coffee. Talking to my own man. My stories kind of just come on the fly. You know, chicken nuggets. Until intellectual thing. Let’s, let’s hear a story about camp to lega. You mean to like in that song? Can you imagine going through hard times without Jesus? Who would turn to who would you turn to for help? You know, it’s crazy. You say that? Because,

um, I can’t

imagine it. Because even my most my most darkest times, my mom always told me scream out Jesus. If you’re out there right now and you need help. And you’re like, and you’re like, Man, I’m gonna die tonight. I’m destitute. My life is over. Scream out Jesus. Just the name alone. You don’t even have to believe in, you scream that name out. You’re going to get his attention. And you’re going to you’re going to get his attention. And he’s going to save you because he says all who call upon my name shall be saved. Trump.

Would you say Trump? Trump is my God.

Hey, I’m sorry to hear that. Because he will fail you. Because man will fail you Okay? Ever they will fail you. Nobody can help. But God nobody can help but Jesus at this point. I’ve tried it all. Yo, you seem

so mad.

Some people that are super sensitive and emotional think I’m sound mad. And so I apologize to you for that. I really do. Sorry about that. I need to calm down, chill out. Just relax. Grab your knot. Don’t do one more piece. And squeeze. Starfish. Thank you so much for staying on it. A bunch of new people here my brother, I’m loving. Can you tell us about or Debbie? Yeah, you know, when when, let me tell you something. Operation restored, which is what saved my life. And and it’s so important if you’re new here, and you’re and you’re coming on here, and this is your first time I pray that you don’t leave. This is not about me. It’s not about following, okay, you don’t have to follow you. You don’t have to do anything. If you’re if but if you’re watching me, I ask that you double tap that screen. Okay? It kind of helps me know who’s who’s around. But it’s okay. If you don’t do that either. I just want you to listen. Okay, I’ve scrolled past lives. I’m like, I’m not double tap on the screen to watch somebody eat a piece of fruit. You know? Don’t you wish life was that easy? If you could eat a piece of fruit and have 2 million followers? Like, what are you doing? What are you? Are you kidding me? But here’s what I’m trying to tell you. Okay, I was in a Texas Federal Penitentiary in solitary confinement. I’d done the seals, I had probably 1011 1213 Put deployments depending on how you count employment, you know, with the Marines, Blackwater and seals, okay, if you don’t believe me, if you think I’m Bs, and I understand, I’m not necessarily asking you to, but I am validating myself, authenticate myself so that you will believe my testimony. But I asked you to you can do your research. After this. You can google my name, Jimmy Gayle Watson, Jr. It’s all over my page. You can go to my test, you can see my testimonies and you’ll see my stories. And then you could do research on your own at your own peril. And you can take a look at my story. And my story is unique. And I’ll tell you, it’s unique maybe to your eyes. At first, your story may my story may be very unique to you. You might be like, Whoa, it’s crazy. But But let me tell you, it’s not unique to Jesus, because he’s been doing this a long time to people that I don’t know if they were worse than me. But they can be worse than me and he can save them. Okay, and so and so. God allowed me to accomplish some big things in my life. But it always left me empty because because here’s the deal masculinity bestows masculinity, okay, what I mean by that is we seek validation from a time where little babies Okay, now masculinity bestows femininity to so it’s physical the other way around. So as a little child, if you’re a daughter, or a young boy, you actually seeking, you’re actually seeking you’re actually seeking validation from your earthly dad. Okay. Now, now, so think about your relationship with your earthly death. And now, I want you to think about that there’s might be a lot of people with hate feelings right now, and all kinds of weird stuff going on. Because I hear it all the time. I see it all the time, experience. Think about that earthly relationship with your dad. And now that’s the direct. That’s generally speaking, the direct reflection of your Heavenly Father’s relationship that you have. So no wonder there’s so many guys in prison. No wonder there’s so many prostitutes. No wonder there’s so many destitute, but Jesus said He came to save the prostitutes to save the outcast, to save the the outcasts in the fringes of society. And my new mission is to be a lighthouse, and to his people. If you’re listening to this, it’s this the sinking in heart, you’re his people. Okay. Now, you may not think that you may not have heard from God, and I say God, I say Jesus, specifically your shoe on this year. Let me tell you, so let me say some if, if you don’t have to believe in him, he believes in you. And but he wants you to totally rely and trust in Him. And I’m telling you right now, I didn’t believe a lot of I was hard headed. I was like, I know that God is real. I’ve heard all this. And he says, I just I want to believe I want to believe but I’m not I don’t hear from him. I don’t hear from God. I don’t hear from Jesus. Okay. I don’t know my dad, you said so that makes sense. So I bet you this right now, you’re out there that don’t know your dad. Or maybe your dad molested you. Or maybe your dad allowed an uncle to molest you or a neighbor to let it or he didn’t do anything or he got mad at you when you told

him to. I’ve heard it all I’ve seen all maybe he abused you slapped around stuff you’re wrong. That’s why there’s prisoners today because dads out there sometimes that’s why you don’t want to look down upon prisoners. Okay? Because you have no idea what they’ve gone through in their life in that’s the reason why they I’m not this does not push off any responsibility. together, okay. So here’s the deal. It’s so important you realize this is there is that that that same earthly relationship that you had with your dad is most likely the relationship you have with your heavenly Father. So that means that you’re like, well, he’s there when it counts, I guess. But he’s angry at me half the time. Or Guess what? He doesn’t speak to me. Well, maybe your your earthly dad didn’t speak to you. Jesus is here to tell you tonight. That I don’t care what you what you think, okay, you have to get just dump that out of your head because it’s the enemy who has lied to you? Because the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy? And do you know why preachers don’t ever talk about is the reason why he comes to kill, steal and destroy is because he knows that you have a destiny. You may not even think that you have a destiny. I don’t care how old you are, how young you may not think you have a destiny, but you actually do it. Okay, if you’re seeing this lighthouse, which Jesus made a lighthouse for you, okay, through through a tremendous amount of pain and suffering and trolls. But he saved me. Okay, one because he’s that loving. Okay, for wretched. So like me, but But the second thing was for me to be able to talk to you today. So here’s how

strategic in crazy amazing.

Jesus, his issue is he is I had to go through what I had to go through to be strategically placed here, like a pawn in a chess game. And now I am facing you right now, whoever you are, I am literally facing you on a chessboard. And Jesus is saying,

check me.

He’s saying check made to you right now. He’s saying it’s your move.

I am willing.

He’s saying he’s saying, I love you. And I am willing to save you. And I’m not talking about your soul. Because that’s easy. That’s the easy part. All you have to do is welcome Him into your heart right now.

Jesus, I need you. I’m talking I need you bad. I need you more

than I have ever needed anything in my life. I need you so desperately. This is the kind of prayer that you need to have right now. And I’m not going to walk you through that. Because you know what to say? Because I don’t because I don’t want to give you a canned answer a canned response. You know, you know what’s in your heart. And you know how to call it a nobody. I don’t know how to call it to Jesus. I watched for army guys die on stretchers. One by one. They had been a grenade when in their turn and blew up. I had been hit by a grenade to I was waiting surgery. I watched him die one by one. One by one. They all scream for Jesus, every one of them. Was it because their buddy was screaming Jesus contagious? Or were they screaming their last dying breast Jesus helped me? Well, they all died in a row. Okay? Because life ain’t so pretty. Life ain’t always pretty. But if you’re watching this, I’m telling you right now, Jesus told me I’m a lighthouse to his people. That means you’re his people. And the wonderful thing about this is, is that a lighthouse? Is it on the fringes of society on skid row on the rocks, in a lighthouse warns of impending doom. But I don’t have to tell you that. I don’t have a lighthouse doesn’t have to tell you about impending doom. Because when you see a lighthouse, you just go well, they’re safe harbors but there’s also a pinning to there’s also rocks there and I got a I got a boy death I got a red right return this piece. That means keep the red lights on this hemisphere in America. Keep the red lights on the right side. That means keep the red lights on your right side on the starboard side as you’re coming in. Because if you don’t keep those red lights right here, and you start drifting off over here and on your own program, after you see the lighthouse, you very well could be waylaid by steam, a steam engine or sink. Okay. I was in the reason why I can talk to you like this as I was a last ship in the night sinking into the bismal depths of the ocean. Okay, I had a famous gentleman tell me that once. John McAfee looked at me at a diner and said, Son, you are a last ship in the night sinking away in the abysmal darkness of the ocean, and you’re sinking and you’re hopeless and you’re lonely. And you know he might have got something Back by the older Jimmy by by a long time ago, but I was so it hit me so hard. I couldn’t even I couldn’t even rebut it.

And I just put my head down.

And I said, I said, Sir, he goes, How did I know that? And I said yes, because he took the words out of my mouth. He says, because I am that last ship in the night to now he didn’t offer me a solution. Because there is no solution. Other than the reality and the truth, which is more real to me, and you speaking right now, which is Jesus. And he is telling you right now, that He is the WAY and that he can guide you into a safe harbor, this very moment, but you’re it’s gonna take all you got, but in the least effort you’ve ever had, right now. I believe that through proxy in my voice, that you can be rescued right now, wherever you are. And I’m not talking. I’m not talking about your soul, that can be done easily. But I’m talking about the physical torment. The biggest the physical place that you’re in right now. The physical torment and the physical place that you’re in right now, wherever you are in a house, maybe you’re sleeping on your couch, you can’t even sleep in your bed, because you and your ex wife slept in there and have memories and stuff and and you won’t even dare sleep in there and more because it’s so tragic, and terrible. And so I got thrown into solitary confinement. And then a Texas judge allowed me to come out. And I was gonna kill myself anyways. I had already tried once and how was it the the end of my rope literally. I actually put myself in a mental institution actually fractured my and I have a fracture my neck. Didn’t have to have a brace or nothing. And you do those mighty warrior workouts? That’s what happens. Well, I get I go on house arrest, I found out about Operation restored warrior. I’m like, Yeah, I just want to go just to get out of the house. What happened to me at Robertson restored warrior is not paused. It’s inevitable. It’s impossible to describe to you. But I will say that there is no way the old Texas tornado the old man that you see standing here could get in front of you right now and do this what I’m doing without some kind of supernatural power without some kind of supernatural, redeeming power. And he came in and restored my life healed my shoulder. It was in devastating pain. My fingers were numb. And then he recalled an event that nobody could have known. Another gentleman did they had been praying for me says was that at this house? Did this and this and this happen? I said, There’s no way you can know that man. I said you don’t mess with me bro. You don’t mess with me like that. I’m a fragile dude now. And I in a fragile guys is scary man. Mike Tyson was pretty fragile before every one of his fights was crying all over the place. Because he was so terrified of what he had to become. I know that feeling, um, know how it is to cry before you have to do something in turn into a freakin animal.

So I’m here to do today to tell you after all that, that would I experienced is what you hear about, but you’ve never experienced. What I experienced is what you desire so badly. But you don’t think that it can happen to you? Because see, I thought the same things that you’re thinking right now. I thought, yeah, but it doesn’t happen to me. It’s because you have been, you’ve been believing this religion thing. And most people hate religion. Well, guess what? We have a lot in common. I hate religion too. Because religion is hypocrisy. Religion is devastating, is controlling, puts rules on you that can get they can never fall. I’m talking about a relationship. God created man and woman like him. That’s why he desires so badly a relationship because he’s the one that created relationships. He desires a real relationship with you. If you can grasp that he really wants in loving, actual intimate and I said the most masculine way possible relationship with you that you’ll be mind blown. That what can happen in your life and I’ve seen it I’ve seen It radically change people’s lives every single day. These are people that I’ve called. And it goes on and on and on. And on my list goes on. If you’re in desperate need right now my friend, brother, sister, then then you then you DM me, if you’re in desperate need, I’ll put you on my list and I’m gonna call you somehow, some way. I got that seal warrior ethos going, where I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to stop is tiring is sometimes it can daunting, it can be very daunting, and somewhat exhausting. But when I help someone, it’s like wind beneath my wings. It helps me to help you. And I just want to show you not through my own power. Because if it’s through me, it’s just like talking to an unqualified Psych and unqualified sponsor somebody crazy, but you’re not talking to me and I’m not doing it for you. It’s got to be a no joke radical restoration from Jesus. That I pray right now hits you like a ton of bricks. I pray that the Holy Spirit would linebacker tackle your heart right now. Wherever you are. I hope to God you hear this? I hope to God you hear this? I hope to God. You hear this? My voice right now speaking directly to your heart. I’m telling you right now, the entire reason for this is not so you can just be saved out of your current situation. No, that would be weaksauce. The entire reason for this exhausting trial that you have gone through this for this many, many months, days, weeks. Years. Especially you ones that have been going through this for years. When’s the last night you got a night a peaceful rest? Or a day without anxiety? Thank you so much.

When is the last time

never? Well, maybe when I was a kid. Okay. But he’s telling you today. The reason why you’re here looking at me right now is because you have an incredible journey ahead of you. Because what is past a lighthouse? though? It’s not to get to a lighthouse. That’s boring. That’s terrible. No, it’s to guide you past the lighthouse in the safe harbors. For a world that’s waiting for you. Not the world that you’ve already experienced. The strip clubs, the drugs, the heroine, the girls, the guys, the pornography this this this is the vices, the money, the titles. I’m talking about real validation from a real father. When you seek validation from anything else you are going to the tertiary of doom. Don’t ask me what that means. But it’s bad if I can save one person tonight, from that hill that I went through, man but I don’t have to sell it to you. I know you know in your heart there’s no begging or selling here. It’s just the truth. And I think that you can see it on my face right now. You can see it in my eyes I know because I see it when I look in the mirror because I all I saw was death my whole life in darkness. This person said what are you selling? It selling nothing man. God’s word is not for sale. Nick, thank you so much for your support. Nick man you’ve been so amazing man to me and and there’s the regulars that come on here. That keep me going keep me propped up you know cuz you can’t do nothing on your own in this life. You can’t do nothing in this life on your own. Yeah, you given out a lifetime of ice cream your whole life you you will be hurt and you may hurt real bad.

Yeah, selling salvation for the cost of time. Wow. But epic man. Yay for Nick. That’s right. Let’s hear about how you deal with default.

Andrew, what does that mean? I don’t pretend to know anything, brother. If I don’t know what you mean, I will say freedom is here for those who want to Euro. You’re absolutely right. Freedom is actually here. And all you got to do is stop doing what you’ve been doing that screaming out to God that’s crying every day. All these things he’s already heard you were we wouldn’t be talking right now. John Carter, thank you so much. touchpoint brother touchpoint. Where did you find your motivation to be a seal? No one knows in my family, I always wanted to be a seal from the time I was a little like maybe eight years old, seven years old. I don’t know where I got it. But But I knew in my heart, I wanted to be a warrior. The problem is I didn’t have a physically, I didn’t have it mentally the aptitude to be a seal. And by the grace of God, I even have eyesight barely. But I had 2400 vision. This is before lasix was coming out. I remember crying and crying because I knew that you had to have sight to be a warrior. You had to see your you had to see your dang weapon to be able to be a warrior. And then all of a sudden, one day they came out with this new surgery for your eyes. I walked out there, see like an eagle like 2015 2018. They’re like, man, that’s really good. We’re better than 20. I remember crying out to God, just like the blind man by man Bartimaeus in the Bible. And Jesus said, What can I do for you? And he says, I just want to see. And maybe that’s what you’re saying right now. I just want to see

as one piece. I just want to hope. I just want life.

Science. Thank the scientist. But then, but then who made the scientists?

Isaac Newton

said, you can explain the gravitational rotation of the planets. We can explain that. But you can explain who put the planets into motion. You can’t. Where they tried, and you just can’t.

After my wreck and 2020 I was given a roll the stone away miracle. And no one will tell me different as what I’m talking Raymond, sir. That’s what I’m talking about. See, because Jesus wants to do something so big in your life. He doesn’t want to make it a little miracle. Because then you’ll blame sign you then you’ll feel like you the credit scientist, or you’ll or you’ll put it off on something else. Hey, Max, how you doing, sir? How you doing? Brother? Man? Max? There we go. My fellow frog man just came aboard. Let me tell you something. Jesus wants to do a huge thing in your life. Bro planets ain’t in the Bible. Well, we must be reading different Bibles. Let me tell you something. I just want to hope as well hope what is your opinion about the apocryphal books? I don’t know. You know, I do good to get through the, the, the the New Testament Old Testament man and, and you know, I don’t focus on all that. I don’t focus on this or that or, well, you need to know Hebrew to be able to you need this version and just get a Bible and open it for God’s sake. Save yourself. You know, Jesus is real. And I have Navy as the best I can. Hey, if you’re coming on board right now, thank you so much for joining. Thank you for joining. I hope that you check out my page. I hope that you can find in your heart to follow me. Even if it’s temporary, until you figure me out to figure this whole thing out like okay, I’m gonna follow him right now. I’ll get back to this guy. I’ll get back to this guy. Maybe I’ll pop up some more on your who y’all what’s up? Y’all pop up on your your thing. Love your videos. Thank you for saying that. When do you think all this Shi T bah bah, bah. I don’t know. You don’t need to know about Jesus. You need to know Jesus. That’s right. That he all he only required a relationship. He requires a relationship with you. Thank you for saying that. Dave. I’ve seen your support over and over. Hey, when I get off house arrest, I hope some point soon listen, I could tell you some crazy radical things that happen to me in O RW operational store where but I just can’t let it out right now. I just can’t let it out right now. And I’m not trying to say that as a teaser you don’t you don’t have to believe me. But I can’t let it out right now because because of my opinion case but but I was told things already that will happen and in there already happening in my life but I just can’t talk about publicly. Can we hear about your adventures with John you know, every time I talk about John and crazy things happen you know what I mean? And that will happen to there’s a book coming out a bit it’s a story about me be about redemption for me. It’s and I told about the this number one selling author, this international author. I told him straight up I said man, I don’t really want a dime. I just want to get my story out I just want to tell you about how Jesus redeemed me. I just want to I just want to tell about how just redeeming, and he’s like, all right, because he’s like, because it’s a day good story with McAfee in it, of course, you know, it’s called tentatively. It’s about it’s going to come out in about two months. And it’s called a genius. Soldier madness. Amen. What did John say about Jesus? John? Tell me a female is tweezing your eyebrows? Am I that good? Isn’t that good? Thank you, but I always had kind of small eyebrows. But thank you for that. Appreciate you saying that. You don’t Matt McAfee had an incredible story about me. It’s important realizes McAfee staring me at this close in his face, John McAfee in a truck. Thanks for joining us now. Everybody

appreciate you. I’m about to tell you a friggin epic story. Okay. I’m going to tell you an epic story and then I’ll close out Okay, now, I’m driving in the back of the truck that now you want to okay, if you don’t listen, this may be great for people who don’t believe in Jesus right now. For people who not don’t believe in Jesus and don’t believe in Gaza. This is perfect for you. I’m not trying to talk you into Jesus because John John McAfee didn’t believe in Jesus either. Okay. And he was a genius. An intellectual. Okay. So but I want to tell you his testimony there, because he didn’t believe it. But I want to tell you what he said about it. Okay. And maybe that’ll that’ll hook you on board here just to hear the story. That’s all I asked. You ain’t gotta follow me. Just hear the story. I’m on I’m on the way back from Jackson. Is Jackson Tennessee. It’s not Jacksonville. It’s Jackson, Tennessee. We’re going back to his residency. His met his mentioned election to Tennessee. And it’s about an hour or so rod. I can’t remember. But he asked me sit in the passenger seat and drink wine with him. Okay, it’s not box wine. It’s bottle one. And he has one of the guards driving. Okay, drivers, which is very rare because I was driving at the time. He liked me driving this getaway truck. He had like 70,000 aftermarket in this field Dodger and he later gave it to me. And so I’m in the I’m in the driver’s seat. Started the passenger seat. And I’m turning around because when John McAfee I’m sorry, you’re hurting if you’re hurting right now. Bow bullet loves me man, Dodger. Brother. Thank you so much. Thank you. I spent some time in bow bow and Naval Medical Hospital. Hey, man, I guess we know each other. Hey, DME. If you’re hurting right now, I can help you out. Okay, but I’m about to tell you this epic story about John McAfee. So I’m in the passenger seat. I’m drinking wine. Now I started becoming degenerate. Never. He could imagine drinking with a gun on okay from the seals. But all the other guards were when I got there. And I despised that I was like, Yo, man, I don’t play that game. I was like Charlie Sheen the seals. But that’ll mean we’re like, tone guns around drinking and get high and stuff. When I start becoming a degenerate because everybody else is you’re in this environment. Blah, blah, blah. I’m on the way back from Jackson Tennessee. I got my whole body turned around cricket my neck because John McAfee always said the middle in the back. And he’s smoking burning holes in the in the in the roof with a cigarette and we’re drinking heavy. Okay, he’s passed me the bottle. And I’m like, Man, I’m gonna get fired because he’s probably testing me. But he forced me to. He was like, You’re gonna drink and I was like, Sir, I don’t play you’re gonna drink. Okay, okay. You’re drinking, I’ll promise you even if you your if your mother Teresa and she’d be drinking back there. Right? So. So he looks me in when he looks at you in the eyes. You stare at him back? You know what I mean? You stare at him back and he stares at you, you know what I’m saying? And so he he says Listen, son. And I don’t know why he told me this story because he would just tell random stories. But he said listen, he said I was in Brazil, or it was like Mexico somewhere deep in there. And he said I wanted to get high that night drugs. And he was working for the railroad at the time. And he had just got done doing the Apollo mission as the lead NASA programmer. Okay, big, big big resume here. So he says I was looking for this drugs Jimmy. And he said, he goes I found some orange powder. They said be careful with it because it was enough to kill a rhino. And, and so so. So he said he took it back to his his bathroom in his Mexico room. And he said he did a little line like they told him to and they said be careful. And he’s like whatever. Nothing happens. He sits on his couch. He says forget this. He goes and does the entire orange powder. Now this is DMT or something like this crazy. Okay. He takes the entire amount he goes and sits on this couch John actually sits on his black couch of Hey, he surprised presence. Sam Payne, thank you so much for that. Thank you. He’s sitting on his black couch, he’s taking the entire amount of orange powder of DMT. Okay? He all of a sudden skyrockets through his ceiling, and he’s sitting on top of the moon in this wooden rocking chair. Just sitting on top of the moon, you imagine this, you do the entire package of DMT John McAfee. And now you’re sitting on top of the moon. Okay, you’re sitting on top of the moon with these these exact shades on notice key, but

I’m suspicious, so susceptible. So he’s sitting on this moon. He’s looking down at the Earth from the moon with this DMT this is a case taken. He’s taken way too much. Well, he says he shoots automatically back down after a long time. And he says it feels like eternity. Can you imagine being on a trip that feels like eternity? So he goes back down to his couch his black couch. Okay, it is it is in Mexico apartment. Fast forward a year. He’s completely Hi, permit tripped. pornified perma fried from his DMT. They told him not to take the package of orange stuff. But he’s telling me this in the back of the truck. I’m like listening. I got my eyes peeled to him drinking this wine with John McAfee on the way back from Jackson, Tennessee. He says Jimmy son, he called me son. He said son, he was I had a perma fry of Perimetry for two years now. Okay. Now he went all around. He was in Roanoke, Virginia somewhere. And he was working for the railroad at the time. By the way, they kept his software program that he made for all the switches of the software. Well, he’s so high, they have to firing. He becomes an invalid on this orange powder. DMT. Okay, he said it was hell, Jimmy. He goes, I didn’t know what to do, son. He goes, I would just be all of a sudden walking down the road, then I would be in a home. And then I would be in a truck with somebody and having a conversation with someone. I didn’t even know. Okay, I’ve done a lot of missions way too many accounts. Hundreds, hundreds, hundreds of millions. I mean, seriously, like you go eight times a day sometimes night. So, so he’s, uh, he’s in the truck. He tells me I he was Jimmy, son. I don’t know. I keep saying Jimmy. He always called me son like, son, you don’t understand it. So cracky voice he says he would just end up in people’s vehicles with some random people. And he didn’t know how he got there. And he’s in there driving across state. It was hell. Well, his wife and his daughter ended up packing all this stuff up, okay. In his house at the time in Virginia, and he can hear his, his wife in his in his daughter, I believe, packing all of his stuff up in boxes in talking about how they’re about to check. Check him in to a mental hospital forever, okay, they’re going to check John McAfee into a mental hospital for ever, okay, because he’s so mentally permanently fried. So a voice all of a sudden, tells John McAfee to basically murder his, his wife and his daughter, okay, and go kill him. And so your son i i just thought, okay, so he goes, and he gets a shotgun. And he comes back to the house that they’re packing up all this stuff and he can’t respond. He’s in a permanent trip from this DMT and he can’t possibly respond. So he’s got a shotgun now. And he’s walking up to his house with his wife and his daughter in their a voice has told him to kill him. He’s on a permit trip. Okay, he goes up to the door. He grabs the the handle of the wooden door. Most epic story I’ve ever heard. He has a shotgun. Somebody says, Hey, you, as he’s going in the door to kill his mom and daughter. He turns around, and there’s a man with a bow tie, you know, in a Bible. And he goes, Hey, you. He goes, can I talk to you about a man named Jesus? John Mack feed Scott the shotgun in His Hand Loaded, going to kill his his wife and daughter, their box all the stuff? He says, Yeah, he goes up. I want to hear about this guy. So I’m interesting. He’s a very knowledgeable guy. He listens. And John McAfee said one of the reasons for his success was he just listened to people. And so of course he goes, I want to hear about this today a man named Jesus. He hadn’t heard much about him actually, which is weird. But he said y’all want to hear about him. So the man says, Can we sit on your porch swing? And he Johnson? Sure. Just because he can talk barely and he can listen a little bit. So he sits down on the porch with this guy. He’s got the shotgun leaned up against the thing. His wife and his daughter inside packing up the stuff. He says he sits on it. The porch the swing on the porch. And he says this man tells the most incredible story you have ever heard in your life about this man named Jesus. Keep in mind, John McAfee doesn’t believe it is still. He says, and I said, Yes, what happens or what happened I now now I’m drinking wine with John McAfee, the back of the truck. I’m like, what happened in

I’m like it throb. He says, Son, He says he told me the most incredible story you’ve ever heard in your life about this man named Jesus. He says I was so enthralled. He said he just sat there. On this on the swing. It at the very end of it, he said, This band with the Bible with a bow tie, said, can I pray for you? In Johnson? Well, sure, you know, once again, the band takes John’s hands in his hands and prays that Jesus will save him right there on this porch. John said, after he said Amen. John said he immediately came out of his permit trip like this, immediately came out of his permanent permit high that he had been in for two years on an overdose of DMT, this orange stuff, he comes out of there perfectly fine. And now I’m just like, whoa, you know? And he says, I immediately came to and I was perfectly fine after that. And so I was blown away with John McAfee told me the story in the back of the truck. Okay, because, because I didn’t think that John McAfee believes in God or Jesus. And I had only been with him a little bit at this point. It’s so my next question was, sir, because I believed in Jesus and God, I was living like a heathen. But I believed him. I believe they existed. And I said, Sir, I didn’t know you believed in Jesus and John, Jesus and God. So So I said, so, so, so So you believe in Jesus, you know, because because he obviously saved you out of this permanent fry. And he looked at me with a crazy hours, and he was like, No. And I was like, I started busting, I laugh. He goes, I’m dead seriously? And I said, How? How could you not believe it, John? I said, Sir, McAfee. Sir. How could you not believe in Jesus, obviously, the guy told you about Jesus for two hours, and you don’t believe him. And then he prays for you, and you come out of the biggest permanent fry of your life, and you don’t believe him. That was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. But it was the greatest testimony from a non believer, he didn’t believe in Jesus, he didn’t believe in God. He believed his something divine. And I always felt that with him was tragic. Because obviously, a A man came, is permanently fried for two years, prays for him, invokes the name of Jesus, and saves him out of a life of hill and cesium out of out of a permanent frying trip

it’s crazy. Dude, it’s in your brain right now. Well, Jimmy, what can I do for motivation? Let me tell you something very first thing you could do is is literally ask Jesus to come in and help you. Like he’s never helped you before. That that’s that’s the only thing that’s gonna really give you energy. And then the next is to get on a routine. I tell people to change up their life, change of life. You know, a seal that was kicked out for hitting this chief in the face. That sounds about right. I’ve seen that I’ve seen seen guy hit an officer in the face in simple stuff. But the biggest thing you can do is change up what you’re doing. Oh, you get up at 630 in the morning, get up at eight. I don’t know change up your routine. Or you you know you want to stop smoking cigarettes. Stop going and stop buying them first. But the thing is, is I don’t tell people that because there’s nothing that you can really do to stop. But you can invoke the name of Jesus the same Jesus said he’ll John McAfee and took him out of a permanent fried permanent chip. Even though John McAfee still didn’t believe to the day died. I don’t think until the day he died. Even then. Even then, he can save you invoke his name. invoke his name today. I cracked your heart open this month and invoke his name. And if you want to pray with me right now, let’s pray together. How about that? How about that? Will you pray with me tonight before I get off this thing? Will you believe this crazy guy right here with these crazy sunglasses? These all American mandates, it should be the only thing that you ever mandated to wear these glasses. Because they’re bulletproof. Just kidding. They’re not bulletproof. But will you pray with me right now? Listen to me. Wherever you are sitting right now in your house, you may be destitute. You may be suffering greatly. Okay, don’t drop off now. Let me pray for you real quick. And then I’m gonna, and then and then I’m gonna go okay. And man, man, it don’t matter if you follow this guy. But But I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you. The most greatest decision that you could ever make is to follow Jesus. This ain’t a preacher. I’m not a preacher. The saint is sermon. Okay, here we go. And all it is is this is this is this powerful. And if you’ve been touched by this tonight, afterwards, we you just drop me a line and just be like, Man, something happened radically. I don’t know what to do now. I’ll just be like, Man, some happen radically. I don’t know what to do now. I’ll help. Okay, there you are. I can help you out after Okay. All right. But here it goes, Jesus. I’m asking you and I’m invoking your name. Tonight. I’m invoking your name. Just like that man. Pray for John McAfee. And he came out of his permanent trip a life of hail, a real life of Hill. I’m asking you right now. I know that there’s people watching right now. For the bottom of my heart, I know that they’re hurting, and they were hurt. They’re hurting just as bad as I was or worse. And that’s hard to do. It would be hard to hurt worse. And I was, Lord Jesus, I asked you that you would come into this situation right now wherever they are, wherever they’re sitting, however, lost that they feel right now, I ask you, by the same power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus that came into this wretched man’s life and rescued him out of the horrible, horrible pit. I’m asking you to show up and show out in whoever’s listening to my voice right now, by the sound of my word, words and voice. And by me invoking the power the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I say to live right now. Live, live, live, whoever you are live. I pray that this hits you like a ton of bricks, and is that Jesus would come in and radically restore your life and radically change you from this very moment on when you wake up through a night of the most peaceful sleep you’ve ever had. Tonight, tonight, right now, I’m not asking you to put down your alcohol. I’m not asking you to put down your job. I’m asking you. I’m asking you to lift your eyes to Jesus, because He is there in the room with you right now. Holding your hand hugging you, giving you the only love that you’ll ever feel in this life. That no man person place drug thing will ever be able to do I am nothing. But Jesus is there right now with you and he is saying, I am willing to help you to save you from hell from a life of literal Hill. And so I thank you, Jesus, that that that you would do for them, which you did for this desperate soul. And I pray that you would light a fire in their lives like they they have never seen before. In the mighty name of Jesus. It’s as simple as that. The more simple it is the greater and more powerful it’s going to be in your life in the name of Jesus all my love for you tonight. I pray that that you continue on a wonderful path because you are tonight it’s not that he’s going to heal you he just did receive it believe it right now. And I thank you I thank you everybody and I love you okay and even though you said Jesus goes to bed he don’t do you know King David for that person who just said that? You know, Keith Davidson If I ascend to heaven, there you shall be gone. But if I make my bed and she’ll if I make my bed in hell tonight. There you shall be all my love. See you. I’ll see you okay. Bye now.


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