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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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What’s happened what’s happened in tears? Shark shark.com East burden as the broom it What’s up Jimmy? What’s up my man? What’s going on? How are you doing? touchpoint Jimmy? How’s it going marine brother? Night desert Rotter. Hey, hey, brother. I seen your comments today, Kyle touchpoint night desert writer. I’ve seen your comments, and I’m gonna be praying for you. Just like we agreed. You’re gonna pray for me. I’m gonna pray for you. Thank you. G to G. What’s up, Patrick? G to G homie, g to g, homie. Thank you for everybody joining What’s going on everybody? Is that zebra print with that lion’s mane I did a live earlier. You know, I did a live earlier. Y’all wore me out so much. I had to go take a nap. This lion don’t usually take that many naps during the day but on house arrest sometimes you just got to take a nap. You don’t say sometimes in life. He just got to take a nap. You know I’m saying what best buds class? Did you graduate from 283? I started with two a two ended with a three. What’s up my brother? Hey, Jimmy. Hoffa Sure. Hi, for sure. What’s going on? Love you my man. Glad to see you back on here. Glad to see everybody back on here. Check out this new shirt. Check this out. touch point. Pop twisted squeeze. You can’t you can’t have you know these days. You got to have American flag on it. Okay. No offense Canada. I got naughty get medical roll. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No about rolling down my face. Because I call the place of Shi T hole. And all the instructors agreed with me except for one. They were like it is Shi T Hill. And I’m trying to get rid of my say their mouth. Checking this battery check. It’s an American flag on the back. What you think hello from Tennessee. Hey, hey, good to see you my friend reverse matrix. Sometimes you got to reverse matrix. Sometimes you got to watch a repeat. Reverse matrix Jimmy. God bless you reverse matrix. y’all. Y’all have y’all even tried the reverse matrix yet? Check it out. Okay, ready? Okay, pop, twist, reverse matrix. And squeeze. It’s easy. It’s easy. It’s easy. But you got to practice everything you know. I mean, it’s like reverse osmosis but different. Hello, brother. Lead Maxi watch over us all. Hey, you know, let Jesus watch over us all. But hey, if McAfee returns it’s gonna be a bad day for a lot of people. Hey, brother. What’s up? Hi. Say hi to K for me. Who is K? Hey, man. Who is K? Who is it? Okay, Shore teen. What’s up my brother, South Carolina. Where’s everybody from? Check it check you. This ain’t gonna be your live where somebody is eating a piece of fruit. And they got 3 million followers. Don’t you wish life could be that easy? Don’t you wish life was that easy just to just to eat a piece of fruit. And you get 3 million followers. It’s crazy. But this is the touchpoint nation, Italy. Wow. And Tony. Nice to meet you. Wow, Lexington. I think you mean you’re Lexington, Tennessee. Right. I’ve been there. I was there with Mac feet. That’s the first house he had. I live with Mac feet. John McPhee in Lexington, Tennessee. And then right down the street. We lived in another house. Columbia, Tennessee. What about King Henry? He’s amazing case. My wife. Big fan loves you. That’s Sorry. Okay, I got you. I thought you were you’re giving me a death threat. I was like, man, I’ve had like five or six of those day, man. I’m tired of this. You know, I’m saying I’m tired of people not meeting me here. Right? They give me a death threat. I tell them to come here. They don’t meet me. I’m gonna go sup dog. Just kidding. Brooklyn. Yo, what’s up? Yo, yo, who is it and why he do it? That’s reference to my my girl. My ex girl UK man mad respect to UK. No disrespect. We got American flag here. You know, I’m saying we do yards. You do meters. We do it the right way. Y’all do it the wrong way. But we still respect each other. We still respect each other and I promise you, Oklahoma is way worse than the UK. Okay, so we got our own problems on the front here, man. So I love the UK way more than I do Oklahoma. Alright, mad respect for you right now. You know I’m playing around. You know I’m playing around. Also good moon up.

Hey, I came in here. What’s up hero? You’re the hero today for Cena. But I can’t. I can’t check out the side profile. What’s up? What’s up flex flex athletes. Dude, I came in here to do a live I went to push it. You know, it counts down three to one. All these explosions start going off outside. I think I’m having straight up PTSD relapse. I’m like, Man, I thought I was healed from that. What’s going on? I’m like, staring out my window like this for like an hour. My mom doesn’t tell me I’m on House rows with my mom here. You know, my mom doesn’t tell me. I think it’s either the FBI stone in my house again, taking all my stuff. Well, they arrested me outside, but I’m thinking the FBI for sure. Might as well put on the right prop sunglasses for the FBI. These are called the FBI Fridays. And I’m thinking all right, okay. It’s the FBI is just came up in here. The head, my face is crooked. It’s not the sunglasses look. And and I think it’s the FBI is rolling up through here. And but no, it’s fireworks. It’s just fireworks just relax. You don’t say? Fire Vale, Fayetteville, North Carolina. St. Louis. I’m joining the Navy in three years. What does it takes to become a pilot? May I have no idea, brother. You know what, I know some stuff. But I have no idea what it takes to become a pilot. Hey, just be a lizard just because I was a seal don’t mean I was a pilot. Okay. Listen, a lot of people think like I actually had somebody asked me one day. They said check it out, man. They said do you really know how to fly a Huey helicopter? I said no. But I can land a cobra. You know, I’m saying, man. No, I can’t land a cobra. I can’t fly helicopters. We’re not superhuman. You know, I’m saying this ain’t Rambo. This is reality. Can someone please get this dude on the cleared hot podcast? Please give me on this podcast. Man. What’s up? I talked to Joe Rogan yesterday. He said all your two hot YouTube YouTube on fire right now. I can’t be having you on my podcast now. Shawn, you don’t saying? I’ll say alright, man. I hear you, bro. Just let me get off house arrest. Let’s see what happens. Box. One touch point. Your lives are awesome. Hey, seal brother. I was on the emergency rescue team. Steven McCall. Right on my brother. Nice to see you. Nice to meet you. CPOE what’s up? CPOE? Threepio? Yeah, I got our two d two are my my ankle. Okay. But that will mean on the CPOE Threepio. Okay. All right. Team never quit. I’ll do that one too hot. You don’t Sam. Sup my homie? What’s going on? I’m about to get a touch point. Now. Somebody said the other day, they said Can’t you stand up straight? I mean, no offense. It’s like no offense taken. But if you got to say no offense, if you’re gonna say no offense, before you ask a question somebody or make a statement, you probably be an offensive. But it’s hard to offend me, you know, so, and I kind of like it. You know, it’s kind of weird. You know, that’s what all that’s what, that’s what, you know, when you get in the arena, you you, you have to be willing to take a lot of tomatoes at all kinds in a lot of kisses from people. You’re gonna have to be able to take a lot of kisses. When you get the Rena. Okay, in the most masculine way possible. I’ll say that a lot of people want to kiss me. Okay. Somebody said What’s up your nose? I don’t know. You may get plastic surgery for you dove.

Ha ha ha.

I’ll do your favorite. I’ll take your nose. You take my muscles, and then we’ll be normal. Okay, what’s up? Don’t come at me. This dude is real free. Jimmy. You’re the man touchpoint Hey, check it out. If you like this shirt, thank you so much. If you like the shirt, these shirts just came in. Well, this one just came in for me from the guy that has all the goodies. You know, I mean, it’s a no crazy cartel distribution center. Okay, he has the shirts, I don’t touch them. But hey, if you want to touch point, if you’ve been touched if your hearts been touched by these touch point laws in by this body we’re following appreciate you go into my merch link on the front on my page on a tick tock page and get you a shirt. That’s the best way you can support me is just get grab a shirt. And that way we can all be happy that way when you see me and target but you won’t because I’m at my mom’s house on house arrest. Okay, we’ll all be friends all right. Now my uncle dress like Santa in summer, man. Sometimes I’m scared to read these. You know, if you’re listening by other podcasts, sometimes I’ll post this on YouTube as well in everywhere. I’ve posted this on five different medias. Blah, blah, blah. I’m Dan Bilzerian blah, blah, blah. Okay, all right. We know that ain’t true. All right, but check it out. I post these on these things and I I have to ask, I have to read stuff out. You know what I mean? Don’t be offended. Okay? Don’t be offended if you try to assault me and then you get insulted. Okay, it’s just how it is. It’s just the same. It’s the same thing as saying you can’t manipulate. manipulation. Okay? Remember that you can’t manipulate manipulation with me. You’d like to shirt. What’s up? Which teams were you with? I can’t tell you all of them. I can’t tell you. Okay, I can. STV one mostly. Thanks for put your ankle thing on your mom and go out and have some fun. I will see about putting on my little buds my dog. You put but he can barely handle this. He can. He can barely handle this. You know, I’m saying what’s up. Twinkle Toes? Twinkle Toes. Twinkle Toes. You’d like to shirt. Check it out. Check that out. That’s pretty cool. You walk up in Walmart. It trying to see me but you won’t because I’m at my mom’s house on house arrest.

Just yell touch boy.

Legit, bro. Please. Rock. The you have the two. Oh, please rock to YouTube. I know man I needed I need to go ahead and download. Thanks for all those hearts. Whoever’s doing that. Thank you for giving me hearts. Thank you, everybody for double clicking your screen and grabbing you. A T shirt. Thanks for supporting me. He can’t touch point like you. Hey, that’s right. Maximum. I love you for saying that. Hold up. You hear that?

I’ll tell you. The FBI is watching these damn things. Now. They’re watching these podcasts and YouTube’s and I’m getting calls from them. Hey, Jimmy, will you represent those FBI sunglasses? I’m like, I don’t know, man. You kind of slapped me on the ground at one time. They’re like, it’s okay. We love you, man. Listen to work a deal out. I said okay, man. All right. Also, I represent those sunglasses. Alright, but next time you bust me man, you gotta be nice about it. Pat me down. Be cool. You know I’m saying Be cool. Be cool. What am I what am I? Oh, there we go. There we go. My face is not that crooked. I don’t know if anyone asked you yet. But how is your day everyone needs asked this question. You know what your rice, weepy? David, I don’t mean to call you sweepy in the most masculine way possible. My day is going okay, man, I had who throw tomatoes at me. What? Okay, I deserved your writing. Let me tell you something. Where’s everybody from? Let’s do shout outs dude. Johnny just said dude. Hit me up, dude. Anytime somebody says do they love me? They really love me. Now don’t examine my nose too much. Okay. Don’t let it just don’t let it mom blow you. You know what I mean? It’s not worth it. You know? I’m saying. Alright. What’s up? A lot of people ask me what’s wrong with your nose, man? I’m like, I don’t know, man. I don’t know what happened got smashed a couple times. It’s been in some bad places. Northern Ireland. Dang. Pretty nose. Nick. I knew Nick was say that he I you know, makes a good man. Hawaii. Your noses. Good. Dude, where my jeep? To worse buy cheap. Cassville titisee Egypt. Moto moto Ronnie, then murgee st nine. Nebraska. It’s just a nose bro. Yeah, calm down. It’s just a nose. Okay, just a magnanimous peacock knows you don’t

mean what’s up. He scratched

me right here. What’s up Rhode Island. Boston. Bama. Love you bam. God bless you from Indiana. What’s up Florida, Richmond, Virginia. For who just trick or treating me a bunch of treats. You know I’m on the ketosis diet. But I appreciate you right now. No, I’m not I had some sugar earlier. I’m way out of ketosis right now. Way off way off. Hello from Indiana. half gram test full gram trend. Trend be careful with that trend. Let’s see half a gram a test full gram a trend for cycle let me tell you something when you’re dealing with grams don’t ever deal with steroids and grams at the same time. Just say it how it is just do one mil of this one mil of there are half a mil this let me saying Graham’s on here man. Don’t be trying to confuse us you know I’m saying speaking like it’s really doing working for the cartel. Let’s go. What’s gone? What’s up? San Diego, California. Hi. Greenbrier Tennessee. love you man, Oklahoma. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m real sorry to hear of you. You’re from there. You ever do at West Pax? Well, yeah, done to Westpac sir. Who’s asking Okay, I know you’re not the FBI because the FBI knows already. You know, I mean, that’s why when people say I’m the FBI say no, you’re not. I know I’m all just me. I don’t want my first name. Now check it out. I will say this. I did to Westpac. I did one on the USS Tarawa. Okay. And actually, that was before the 911. That was before 911. Okay, when you were a zygote, you were just a zygote at the time. Okay. Just as I go look it up. It’s it’s like go. And then I was on the USS pehlu. And that was right after 911. Okay. And you were you were still as I go at the time. Not Not everybody this person. I’m just kidding. Real vampy? What’s up, brother? I like to joke around. Okay, this is proof. You’re freaking awesome. Much respect. And I appreciate your inspiration and motivation to Tonka how much for that painting. 1000 billion dollars, probably. I mean, I know lie dog. That’s how it is. That’s how I roll around here. That’s why I’m on house arrest. You know, I’m saying, okay, you know, I’m selling this for $1,000. I get it. Okay. Some people don’t want to pay that. I get it. It’s sitting here. You know, I’m saying, dun dun spooky. You want to pay 1000 bucks. I don’t want to charge you 1015 You owe 15? New Yes, right. I think Jimmy was on the 15 view. That’s exactly right, USS Pilou. How did you know? How did you know who did it? Why he do it? The 15th view? Yes. Sometimes people get critical with some of my videos. I’m like, yo, I’m sorry. I had to say Jolly Rancher. I didn’t know I forgot. The generic jolly rancher in the MRE calm down. Spooky. You’re pretty good. What’s up? What’s up killing gorilla. I like you Oh W dub. I ain’t seen you in a while. Oh, W dubs original GE trade you 101 K decals man. Come on, man. All right, what’s up? Maybe we can do that. Do you need that in unmarked bills? No, but maybe some crypto. Oh man, man, don’t get me in show. You’re charging Hunter. You charged 100 baht in money for your painting. No Hunter Biden money would be $450,000 A reparations for that painting. Okay. All right. That’s what Hunter Biden would be charging $450,000 And you know, you’re Hunter Biden. If you’re saying that because you’re trying to sneak all my techniques in paint like a real painter. You know, I’m saying that’s all you tried to do on me. Sneaky sneaky Joe. Let plan that’s one Bitcoin. crypto. That was funny. Yeah. Had a notification. I’m spelling. I’m selling my gogi berries in Japanese maples.

Also if you got a CDC What the heck was all my spooky rush?

It’s good seeing you my brother. Hey, it’s win. Hey brother. How you doing Son How you doing buddy? That’s dub son what a great guy when we and I’m hoping he’s about I hope you still got that mohawk we got a mohawk and straight up into school with it was yellow touch point is yellow. And when I’m hoping I hope you still got that mohawk we got a mohawk and straight up into school with it was yellow touch point is yell as loud as you can. I hope you didn’t get trouble. Okay, I’m not the best example. Please. He I’ve been on ov right on Michigan here. It’s Jai RAM. What’s up? No, it’s not. J J Ramirez What’s up my brother? J RAM what’s going on? Man? Ain’t seen you in a minute. I’ve been an OG since the beginning God a double oh seven you have been an OG since beginning sign. What’s up touch point? Hey, what’s what’s going on tonight? Everybody come on Astros’. Come on, man. Where is the lag in your life? I’ll try again another time. Thanks for spreading truth. There is a lag in your life. I’ll try get another time. Thanks for spreadsheet. Oh, is there a lag is some it must be something going on here with the connection. It’s okay. You know, sometimes they don’t have to be epic lives. But I will say this. I want to get I want to get out the word that we got our, our, our first 100 touch point shirts in yesterday or the day before. And we had we sold 40 I think and we’re it’s so we’re gonna change them up after this. So I appreciate you support me. I appreciate you supporting my lives and supporting this touchpoint nation by getting a shirt. If you love the touch point thing. If you love the videos and stuff. Everything’s for free. I just asked you to support me and grab a t shirt. They just did. They’re pretty cool was one of the coolest shirts I’ve ever worn. No joke. because I just like to plug in the flag. Hey, even if you’re from Oklahoma you can you can wear one of these. Okay? If you’re from Canada wear one of these. Okay? I mean that’d be awesome Come on. What’s up? They should be saving people. What happened your nose continues all these people what happened your nose? I love it man. I love you guys. Okay then you know I’m joking about the you know I’m joking around about Oklahoma. I love to Oklahoma. When we go on and see you dope as F those are crushing. I know I’m from Canada and would love to buy one Jimmy please double seven please show your support to this touchpoint nation. Thank you so much for doing that. I love you anyways, no matter what. But I appreciate everybody that’s a warriors knows I like it. Yeah, that’s what’s up. Nobody’s knows what that is. Nobody knows. Nobody knows about my nose. Okay, I almost don’t have a nose I don’t know where when sometimes. Jimmy Hunter Hunter of men crusader for God. User 6692 You’re my best friend now. You know how to win my heart over. Jimmy your hairdo is legend. Let’s wear it for Halloween day. Every day to be Halloween in my house every day scary. You don’t mean live the life I’ve lived it’s a scary life. Listen, if you don’t know Jesus, if you don’t know God, if you don’t know

well, let me put it like this. If you don’t you may know God. But if you don’t know that he is with you right now, in your darkest place or your most craziest places. Let me tell you something. Then you’re missing out on the real truth in the real truth is Jesus with you right here in right now. If you don’t know him, you can today on these lives. I’m serious. CRC. I’m trying to get aligns me. You could do it, brother. You can do it. If I could do it. You can. I love all y’all. What are your pronouns? Let me tell you what my pronouns are. It’s singular. It’s, uh, who cares? Whatever. Amen. God bless you. I love you. Jimmy. You are You are God. You are God. I’ll tell you that. And I’ll tell you being mistake. Big mistake. The problem is people think their god they don’t even have to say it. But they think their God and that’s where they get trouble off. And that’s where they take a huge doozy. They take a huge doozy and, and then they sell their paintings for $450,000. And in burnin, really hard work with an Air Force soft. God bless. Thank you. I’ve always worked with Air Force. Well, I’ve worked with about everybody. I really have. Well, I’ve never worked hand in hand with Delta Force because we just don’t. It’s something that we just don’t do. You don’t mix oil and in water. Okay. All right, touch point. Please pray for me. Thank you, brother, Francisco coin. And what’s up my brother? Tell me what’s going on. Tell me what’s going on. A pronoun is a really difficult concept in today’s day. You’re right. It is. It’s hard. Because you’ll start saying well, then

we she it he I mean, but we’re together marine seals, what Biden

and you’re just trying to do the proper thing. Without being weak. Is this the bottoms for Trump’s for Trump? Talk is this is the is this bottoms for Trump? Tell me what’s up what you mean? Where did you go to basic which time I went out to El Paso maps. And I went out to Amarillo maps Emeril maps for Marine Corps El Paso maps for for navy.

What was the question? What’s up? Let’s go. prandin Oh, my gosh, I really need some prayer. Jimmy. I’m not doing well. Elizabeth. Let’s pray them. Elizabeth, let’s pray for you. Let’s let’s pray for you, Elizabeth. What’s what’s, what’s the one thing that you won’t pray for right now? Because that’s one thing that we can do. We can all join together right now. And we can all come together as one like we should. And we should. We should. We can help each other out. Austin 23 Allen says I’ve commented on your lives for the past 20 lives and you ain’t said Shi T back. That’s strange because this the very first Hi, I’m Austin 23 Allen, that I’ve ever seen you and I read everything. And I promise you the worst your comment, the more likely should I say that? That’s crazy, but, but I read them all, even the worst of the worst, you know, I’m saying, so please, please don’t say that again. Like out like I’m trying to avoid you because you’re you got some kind of crazy top secret question that you’re trying to befuddle me with. Come on, man. Get real. Hit me up straight and I’ll hit you straight. You know what I mean? Hit me up, man in the cities. We don’t play that game, brother. Come on, man. Be real. I’ll pray for you to Elizabeth. Let’s pray for Elizabeth. Lord Jesus, I thank you. We don’t need to really hear sometimes. We don’t even need to really hear what’s going on. God, you know, God, Jesus said, Go into the room close the door for my Father knows what you need before you even ask. Is not to to sparrows worth more? You know, to me like, Hey, okay, let’s pray. Jesus, thank you right now for coming into Elizabeth’s life. I thank you, Jesus for coming into every single person’s life. That is listening to the sound of my voice. I thank you, for the Holy Spirit, to search through this phone right now, to search through this phone into each person’s hands, wherever they are, right now. I’m asking you Holy Spirit to do a miracle in each and every person’s life that needs help tonight. Father, you know what? All these people in all these listeners, in all these mighty warrior spirits know, you know what they need, before they even ask, you know, before they cry out. And so surely you know by now, as Elizabeth has cried out to you in the darkness, as these people have cried out to you in the darkness. Lord, you are no respecter of persons. You restored my life, you answer my prayer. And I thank you for answering my prayer tonight. In coming into this life in blessing Elizabeth, restoring her heart. I asked you to wrap your arms and hands around each and every person’s heart in this life, with the Holy Spirit in heal. Those who need to be healed, restore those who need to be restored, mend the broken hearts, save those Lord God that are on the verge of death. Those that are on the verge of on the edge of a cliff right now. I pray that you would save those that are coming apart of this live right now. I ask you, Lord God, that you would bring the people in that need to hear this message tonight, that you would bring the people in that need to hear the words of my mouth, I asked you not by my own strength or my own accord, God forbid. But by through your strength in your power, Jesus, I pray all these things that you would work through me a wonderful restoration of thing in these people’s life tonight. Father, I thank you for coming towards these people in their heart in drawing them into you in such a time as this. I asked you, Lord, because of this prayer, I asked you right now Jesus, to open doors that could not possibly be opened by any other man, person, place or thing in each in one person’s life tonight, that the testimonies tomorrow will be so significant in glorify, only you, and these doors will be so big. It’s so great in these people’s lives tonight, whoever’s listening to this. I’m asking you for a specific miracle to happen in each and every person’s life tonight, so that they would know that they know that they know. They can’t blame it on cough syrup. They can’t blame it on the tongues. They can’t blame it on some kind of measly amount of whatever comes in. No, they have to go down to their knees in give you the glory, Jesus because you are the only one that can save us. And we humble ourselves right now. We humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord in front of Jesus Almighty. And I thank You, Father, that you would answer each and every person’s plight tonight. According to your perfect we’ll in show your lost people your way. I thank you right now for giving peace and comfort to the people who needed the most in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. And that’s right. No peeking.

touch point and touch point. Is there anything else better than praying together? No, you know we can screen touch point all we won’t, Elizabeth Of course, no problem. I told you I’m with you. I’m with you. And with you, amen, and amen. Is there anything better than being able to pray together? Much respect for you? Thank you so much for hanging out with me tonight. Thank you for so much for showing your support. In coming aboard. You know, I’ve hit it really hard this week with the live sessions. We’ve hit it real hard together. It’s been a crazy week. We’ve done multiple labs, we’ve done one every single night this week. And they’ve been pretty epic. You know, they’ve been pretty epic, haven’t they?

You know, I like to joke around in everything. But I love all y’all. Okay. And, you know, I’ve been somebody asked, When did I become a Christian? Well, well, I asked Jesus into my heart when I was really little, but I fell away so bad in so drastically my life. It’s like, it’s like a through a massive parachute up from behind me and I was wearing a harness. And I just tried to run it charge headfirst my whole life with this massive parachute on, you know, and it got worse and worse. And pretty soon, I was picking up rocks and putting them in sea bags and carrying these to sea bags around. Okay, in literally, eventually, I was thrown into a Texas Federal Penitentiary in solitary confinement. But I’m still carrying these weights. Because just because you go to Texas Federal Penitentiary, don’t mean you get to drop off the weights. In fact, they get heavier now, because you’re such a disappointment in life. Because you’ve disappointed so many people in life. I know you’re searching right now, those of you that are just coming in here. I thank you for getting some merch from me. Thank you for showing your support and grabbing a shirt. You don’t know how much that helps. With this whole touchpoint nation thing going on. I appreciate you doing that. I would love to make this my full time job when I and I’m praying to get off the house arrest. And things are things are going wonderfully well for me. Since Jesus totally restored my heart. And I’m telling you he could do the same for you. Okay, I was carrying around is anyone else out there? Is anyone else out there being caring to you, you may not even know it. But like think about it right now. Just stand there in breathe in, relax. Take a big breath in with me in relax. And then. And then think about this. Are you carrying around to see bags of rocks right now. And you don’t even know it. But when you think about it, you’re carrying those around you but you’re just so used to carry them around. You don’t even know it now. That’s what happened to me. You can buy a shirt on the link, just go through my link. That’s all you got to do go through the merchandise leak. It says touchpoint merch and then there’s the link on my front page. Just go to my tic tock page. I appreciate you first for for being here. I appreciate you for letting me pray for you. It’s powerful. Jesus answers my prayer. He will answer your prayer but it’s just sometimes about opening your eyes to this revelation. And he’s gonna do mighty things in your heart and restore your heart. Thank you for ordering a shirt. Thank you for showing me your support. Daniel, I see that. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s very heavy in just because of preacher. People think that yes, you’re right. You’re right. I’m a big boy, Jimmy. I need a four eggs, Jeff by two. That’s why I did this. So you have to buy two you have to split them open. You have to sewn together now we’re going to have to improvise here my friend. You know that. This is for shirts I had to cut apart and sew together because I’m so big and muscled up. You know that? Okay, this is a large whatever. Ninja Master, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. So I had these two big sea bags. Okay, I had these two big bags. Alright. That’s why I got these big frog legs down here. You see these frog legs. It’s from carrying weights all the time in my life. The proverbial weights. I had these two big sea bags I had to drop off at Operation restore warrior a few months back five months back in May in my life has been changed forever. You don’t say when I hear sirens like I am right now. I don’t jump to the ground or run out the door jump through the window. You know I was crazy. Thank you always online. Thank you. Peace, bro. Joshua, I see you. Thank you. Operation Iraqi Freedom right on my friend. He needed that laugh, Jeff. I know you did. I see a lot of y’all you don’t realize this but I have an ability to see where you’re at right now. I can see where you’re at right now. Okay, and I don’t know how. But I can see you. And I just feel the pain. I feel people’s pain. I feel a lot of things. Sorry. I feel a lot of pain. I feel people’s agony. It I can relate to you. Because I know what it’s like.

I know what it’s like do you sit facing the door? What does that mean? Clarify that that can mean a bunch of different things, bro. Did he just tell that guy to buy two shirts and sew them together? Yes. Just an idea. I said buy four shirts. Okay. In cut them apart. I hope you can see that I’m joking. And then show them together as one. If you need a 4x Oh, man. You know what I mean? You know what I’m saying? Come on. Who’s with me in this laughter? Who’s with me? We’re joking around. We take stuff so seriously. I mean, I’ve said some funny jokes. And I’ve said some bad ones were but sometimes I’ll say something. A lot of people get them in there laughing laughing and then you have this person that takes life so seriously. Not that you just did. Who said that? But but people take life. So seriously. Jeff is laughing. You people. I know. What’s up, brother. Thank you, though. The people take life so seriously. There’ll be like, like, I did this. I did a video. Okay, it’s got three, 4 million views, 4 million views about passing a water hose and how seals hate to get wet. And there’s so much truth to it. But it’s shocking to people, you know, and it’s so funny. I see. sit facing the door means you trust no one in public. You know. I’ve tried to break myself of that. But that doesn’t mean that you have PTSD. I know what you’re saying. Just because you don’t want to sit with your back towards the door. Doesn’t mean you have PTSD or you’re paranoid. It means your smart look, you need to understand in mitigate what’s coming through the door, though. I don’t want to go into crazy tactics right now. Because I don’t want to karate chop my way out of here. My mom’s house you know, I mean, but check it out. Where was I going? Where was I going? This guy 4 million views on this water hose thing? Okay. 4 million views. I’m talking about how we pass a water hose in the SEAL teams. Okay, it is a highly dangerous evolution. You could go to the hospital or get busted in the mouth real quick. If you splashed somebody if you don’t have situational awareness with the hose. Now I’m being a little facetious. But in reality, no one knows what facetious means no one knows how to say it especially me. So now that we go past said, let’s talk about how you pass the hose. Anyways, after this really funny video, 4 million hits. People are laughing my seal buddies are laughing their butt off. A couple of them are pissed because they’re still pose it in life. They’re still not figured out that they’re posers, right, in that we’re all posers. And then as soon as you figure that out, you start becoming a man in life and going well, I don’t know everything. Well, I’m not that Macho. Well, I put on my pants like everybody else. In fact, Jimmy put skinny jeans on if he could, he would, but he can’t now because he’s wearing ankle bracelet. Okay. And don’t be laughing at them because they know I asked you to come over and help me put them on you ever helped a man put on skinny jeans over his ankle bracelet? Being that I don’t wear it Teddy’s anymore. You got me Dog. Anyways, don’t make me go there. 4 million views water hose right. This cat gets on there he goes. That’s not how you pass a water hose. I mean, I was like, man Come on, man. What’s up? You know that’s funny. dubby dub. You know, that’s funny. I helped you once Nick bait you ain’t helped me son. Would you help me with bro How you gonna help me with it? aren’t yours dog? What’s up? Clip? What’s going on today? People laughing? If you find that funny, thank you so much. Listen, also, I prayed a prayer just a while ago. And there’s gonna be a lot of you have breakthrough miracles in your life. And all I ask, and he doesn’t really, it’s not a requirement. Like, tell us your testimony. But it’s great to hear when great things happen to people. It really is. Somebody just says, Wow, I see the squirrel the other day. That thing was big mammoth Jim. He was using the crosswalk. He was so big. This squirrel was used to the crosswalk. And he stopped when he was on TV, and he stopped and he looked at me, and he said, touch point, and kept walking and struggling like this. And he was just struggling.

You don’t say and I was like, dang, that is hard. That’s what it was hard. What’s up? Spooky? What are you doing? What are you doing? Check out my shooting. Man. Jimmy de joola That’s right. How you know my former job man. I dealt with some jewelry before you know I mean, now check it out. Listen to me. Pop twist and squeeze. Make sure you get a a touch point shirt. I’m going to have a listen. If somebody else just asked me buds class of year, let me tell you what I’m gonna do for you. I’m gonna make a t shirt with my buds class on it. And my year because I can’t take this anymore. I can’t No no more. Hey, go through my videos my friend. Okay, I promise you, I promise you there’s a lot of information in there. If you’re still not satisfied called Don Shipley pay him the 20 bucks I’ll get 10% of the 20 was that $2 $1 $2 I get two bucks back. Alright, I’ll go buy a Lamborghini because a lot of people we call them well so you say drop a gym so I say dropping gyms all the time trip is flippin somebody said me you drip and I said I’ll do cocaine. So I said Yo, man, she’s she’s saying that you look good. And you got like diamonds all over? You don’t say? I’m like, yeah, yeah, I mean the job. I don’t know what some cocaine mafia is a bad thing. And so me, like, Man, I don’t know what to do about that. He laughed pretty hard. What sub Alan Jones? Did you see it? What’s up, Alan? You laugh pretty hard. What did I see? Who did it? Oh, leave Jimmy alone about his buds class. You know, there’s a lot of people in here that have to hear that over and over and over. Some people say man, how do you do it? Jimmy? How? Why are you doing it? How you do how you do it? How do you put those lines? Yours? Okay, they don’t say, but they’re like how, Jimmy. Do you answer the same questions a lot. You don’t I mean, you get asked to say my mic, man. It’s part of the squeeze man is part of the squeeze. You squeeze me I squeeze you. We squeeze each other. What’s up? The squirrel who did that? That’s funny. That’s really funny. The squirrel is funny, huh? You know, you just got to laugh though. Sometimes. Everybody’s gonna laugh You don’t say. Michael. David. Thank you for the confirmation earlier. All my friends appreciate it. Thank you my friend. Thank you, brother. Hey, I got a dirty handsome fool. That that’s I’m not calling anybody that. That’s just screen name. Dirty, handsome. Full. Straight up. Somebody said Bz. Weezy is that you busy? Weezy What’s up my man? Jimmy get a bulldog pup from us. Please. KC. Freedom Bulldogs. I want one band. Can you give me one? I mean, I mean, I’ll get it from you. But like, just hit hit me up. You know, I’m saying hit me up. Alright, send him in a FedEx package to my house. And because I can’t have visitors right now. And he may have to take a couple urinalysis with me because I have to take them daily. Sometimes it’s insane around here and and sent him to me in a FedEx package and I’ll support him. I’ll represent him. I’ll be like, ah, he’ll be like this. Squeeze each other in the most masculine way. But yeah, you let me clarify that. Squeeze each other in the most masculine way possible. Okay. I got a bull terrier, Alan Jones. That’s crazy. A bull terrier is no joke. They got like a black eye. They fight all the time. That’s why That’s why that one got a black eye. That’s how that one got a black. Hi, son. What’s up? Starfish? You know, I love you. They don’t even let you have visitors. Bros. bogus. They let me have I didn’t say they didn’t let me have visitors. I’m just saying if you send the Bulldog via FedEx, he’s gonna have to have a urinalysis now. Get out of here. Haha, I caught Swick lying to me about being a seal at JF TP Los Alamos Hey man. It’s a rough life when you do that. Put the bully in the box wine. Yeah. You can have you can have some visitors. But let me tell you something. What a great time to say you can’t have visitors. Not because of tick tock. But because of the some of the people my mom wants to bring around. You know, I’m saying like crazy people.

Just kidding. You know, you know, it’s like, it’s like when, you know, there’s there can be good things about house arrest. Like, like when they tell you to take out the trash. You’re like, Mom, I’m sorry. I can’t take out the trash. Because this thing you don’t say him? Or like, Hey, Jimmy, the feud is so bad. We were so sorry. You can’t make it to the family reunion this year. Ah, and I’m like, I can’t believe it either. It’s terrible. And they’re like, when do you think you’ll get off it? I’ll be like, I don’t know. 2030 years? I don’t know. I don’t know. Where’s your dad? He’s here right now. He’s cool, man. My dad’s cool. Mississippi here, brother. He was just gone for a while. This year. He was on a. I was gonna say he was on house arrest. No, he was. He was working. He’s worked his butt off. Let’s go Brandon. Boo hoo hoo, hoo hoo. Lou. touchpoint Irish man. You laughing brother. That’s awesome. sleep deprived still touchpoint Thomas what’s up? Let’s go Brandon. What is Lascaux? Brandon mean? I don’t know people. Is it a cryptocurrency? Everybody keeps saying it. I don’t get it. What’s up? Hey, hauts how’s it going, buddy? Great. My brother. Finally Tali. What’s up, brother? Whatever happened to Dustin and Evan? Who is Dustin? And who is Evan? Can you sign my shirt before you ship it? What the heck is like well, I listen. The thing is, I don’t ship it from my house. They go to somebody else’s house and he has all the shirts there. And so that’s why I’m sending him all these touch point things right here. This is our man I would love to sign your shirt brother. I would love to do that. Sorry, man. He’s got all the shirts at his house. In South Carolina, they go to South Carolina he’s a cool dude though. He owns the sunglasses company. Hey Jimmy YOU I kid I don’t

that’s that was a paranoid about sirens. You don’t want to joke about that. What’s up the video you got to goggle it? What? Goggle it? Let’s go Brett it means f job. I know what it means. I’m just playing around the Sama shirt, too and I want that painting. Check it check Squeezy. Molly. I ain’t seen you in a while. Wow, it’s for you, man. I know. I know straight up. Well, no, they don’t ever put on their sirens when they come give me you know what I mean? What team Were you part of thank you for your service. Thank you for asking STV T one. Mostly. Thank you for that. The world needs more Jimmy’s man. Thank you so much for saying that. Look. That’s the house arrest story. The hos arrest story always wondered. Yeah, that’s the hose arrest. Yeah, that’s the hose arrest story. I was watching. My mom be making me watch. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. The whole Dallas Cowboy cheerleader series. And honestly, Memphis is terrible. What my man do you address? What does it say? I do I do. Jason, thanks for saying that. Do you address the ankle bracelet in your videos? I do. It’s real easy, though. I’m on house arrest in connection with John McAfee’s alleged crimes, and that’s why my house writes it’s all public. Jimmy Gill Watson Jr. You can Google me What’s up? You can have visitors. We had box one the other day. Oh that’s right. Free Jimmy. Fried shimmy not policy zooms. Oh my gosh. Do you ever do videos when your ankle monitor plugged in the wall? No, I don’t. You don’t need to. That’s what this piece is for. Look. They call they called me last night. Instead plug in your your ankle brace online man. It’s three in the morning. What’s up? This is the this is the battery that goes on there. This is my nano to an OP sun. And this nano 210 piece. He he goes on here. Oh my legs are sore. Oh. Oh, bad, bad and bad. Oh, this is water. masterpiece. What’s up, man? Hey, so these this, this is the charger. Watch out. That’s an ankle bracelet, son. Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t be yelling. I was you know, I was yelling earlier was bad. Jimmy, I love your outlook on life. You have to have a seriously positive outlook on life. But that’s just not going to cut it. Okay, it’s not going to cut it. That’s why I can’t stand. I can’t stand Thanks, Nick for saying that. You’re great too. I can’t stay in the river. He is awesome, by the way. Awesome. I can’t stay best influencer. I’ll take forever. Thank you very much. I can’t see Jimmy how? I’m just kidding. But listen, I can’t stand the motivating talks with people where they’re like,

just rise up from the ashes and get crazy. And get up in front of that mirror button.

And start just counting your labs even if you don’t have them. Because they’re under there somewhere.

And then start popping your twist and you’re squeezing your twist in and you’re like, What are you talking about?

And then just start saying, I’m gonna start growing hair because I’m bald. Because you can do it. You can do anything if you do it why he do it? And the reality is, is none of that’s gonna work. You ain’t gonna talk yourself into anything. I don’t care how many times you say it. Amo tough bro.

Amo amo get crazy today. Um, oh, get crazy. You get up on that pull bar. You’re just like,

ah, fall off. And spring your squeeze. Right. What I’m trying to say is, you need something else. You need to superpower kryptonite that only Jesus can offer that only God has? Because he wants to give it to you. And let me tell you something. That is the only way out of this mess. That’s the only way out of this mess. Jim, Jimmy, let’s get a workout in after your house rest. All right. I like you. You sit you listen, I’ll I’ll I’ll sit there and count all your reps with some box wine. And you work out and I’ll sit there and I’ll critique you, man. What’s up, preach, Jimmy. Here’s the deal. Check it out. Check it check check is you can sit there and try to be David Goggins. This is no hit on David Goggins. I’m just using him example, because he has some pretty big tough talk. But that tough talk works for him. It works for him, because that’s who he is. He’s being David Goggins. That’s why it works for him. And that’s awesome because he’s found himself, right. I hope through the power of God, too. But, but what I’m saying is if you try to be David Goggins, then you’re gonna fail miserably. Because it’s not you. You see, it’s not you. If you try to be somebody else, you can only go so far, but you’ll never be. You’ll never be awesome. Because it’s not you. He wants you to be better. Not than David Goggins, but he wants you to be the best in the world. Because there’s only one of you. Jesus wants you to find yourself. He’ll find you for you but he wants you to find your inner self. And that’s straight up the real you it when you find a real you. In a veiled gladiator mask. You’ve been wearing this gladiator mask to try to be all tough. Okay? Okay, we’re just posers. We’re just posers. And when we start to, to realize that man, I can’t do anything on my own. Because what if you do conquer? What if you do conquer Mount Everest? barefoot, but naked walking upside down like I did with the Sherpas? Is smoke weed with him at the top? You don’t say know that it happened. But what if you do conquer Mount Everest? What if you do run an ultra marathon and beat everybody every time? You literally wake up the next day. So dang sore. joking. But you wake up and just repeat it start over. And it’s never good enough. Until eventually your body starts to break down. It breaks down over in longer alignment, and then it starts to, it’s literally decomposing. And going back to the dirt.

So what do we do?

Well, Napoleon said a good leader defines a problem, and then provides a solution. And I always wonder what that means. I know what it means now. I’m defining the problem for you. You’re you’re in a broken world, and this world has broken you. You’re in a broken world in this world has broken you. So now what do we do? So now I’m providing you a solution out of this mess out of this nightmare. You can grab one of these shirts on my mursaleen thank you so much. That’s not the solution. Okay. That’s what every evangelist preacher says on TV. The solution out of this mess out of this broken world, out of your broken heart is straight up. Jesus. He is the WAY the TRUTH in the light in what He tells you in secret. What he’s told me is secret. I’m shouting from the rooftops. I told Jesus if he would rescue my soul in my heart, if he would, we would recover this broken body. more broken than a man go up to Mount Everest. more broken than you can possibly imagine. If he could recover this broken body, then I would serve him. Yes, you’re sure. But it’s the heart. I would serve Him, I would testify to what he had done for me. And now I’m testifying what he can do for you. I started to treat my girl like a daughter of God. She’ll melted and turned her heart to Jesus. But before all she saw was Elmo running around with white dust on his face, trying to say that there was a God. Come on. What example is that? You know? All I’m trying to say is all the mote all all all the Jimmy do they let you go to church on house arrest, I can on occasion, they can’t really pinch religion. But on occasion, they will allow me to go visit my grandma at a church but I, I don’t really do that much anymore. Send the nurses a Haley says merge. Listen, I don’t have the merchandise, you got to go and buy one. But check it out. They’re not that expensive. Not for one, you know, unless you got to buy four and cut them apart and sew them together to make one to make a 4x large. But I’ll tell you right now, I appreciate you. If you’ve gotten anything out of these talks, and everything else, I really appreciate you supporting the touchpoint movement, the touchpoint nation, the mighty warrior tribe. In grabbing yourself a shirt, it’s really easy. You can go to the merch link on these cool on the front page, just go to my merch link on the front page of mighty warrior tic tock thing. And click on that. And you can grab one. That’s right. But I’ll tell you what. They are soft. And amazing. Truly amazing. I thought they were going to be more thick or something above they count. I like a real thin shirt real like comfortable. And I thought all because when I saw them they kind of look thicker, you know like a thicker shirt. But they’re actually pretty, pretty nice. Pretty cool. I get something daily. Thank you so much. Your shirt strawberry blonde. Thank you so much for saying that. Thank you for support. Do you have a shirt with an Afghan flag? No, I sure don’t. But maybe the next flag I could just maybe the next shirt. I can just show a massive Afghan flag on it. A massive one. Just for you.

Just play him. But yeah, just grab a touch point. Sure, man. What’s up? Yes, I know. I love the theater church. Right. I love it. Thank you so much for saying that’s a nice shirt. Molly. Thank you. If you need to sell your shorty shorts to listen to me. I’m doing some prototypes. I don’t know if the world is is ready for it. Okay. I don’t know if the world is ready for it. Do the shirts shrink? Yes. If if you put a shirt on me It shrinks automatically. It If you put a shirt on some other people who don’t drink, but on me it just shrinks by this. You know, I’m saying what’s up full? And I don’t know they’re like a special blend. I don’t know all the different blends, okay? I don’t know anything. All I know is most of the stuff in your house is made in China and this shirt eight. I mean, so that’s that’s different in itself right there. I mean it silkies Yes, we are in we are in times of war. David Goliath. 61. Yeah, just because there ain’t no battle in your house. Don’t mean, there ain’t no war going on on the street. Yeah. Special brand. Love you. Oh my God. You’re freaking kidding. No, I’m not kidding right now. Into the Fox Interview. Fox Interview. Well, that’s right. Hey, y’all want to see me go on Fox News. Y’all want to see me go on Fox News. Let’s do this. Please. Let’s do this. America. Trump. What’s up? Oh my God. You’re freaking kidding me. Just bothered him shirt. This. I know right? It’s like buy the shirt. What’s up? You want to Afghan flag on it now? Hope you have a great day. We can bro. Hey, the real P man. What’s up my brother. Thank you so much for joining to the moon, everybody to moon. Winter booking hitting. Let me tell you something. It’s in two months. It’s by international best seller. If they don’t squeeze me by the end, if somebody don’t, you know, squeeze me for writing it because it’s going to be heinous. I ain’t gonna lie. It’s gonna be really heinous. It’s gonna be heinous. Go PBS. I’ll go on them too. They stole my well. No, that’s NBC stole my peacock my magnificent peacock. So yeah, I’ll go on into. Can’t wait. That was a joke. I know. I like to joke around to people don’t realize what I’m joking back says you mentioned me in your notifications. I’ve just mentioned you right now. Because what? Because I love you. And I want to see you. Succeed. I want to see you at peace tonight. And I want to share my love with you. Thank you for saying I’m dope. What’s the title of the book? It’s called. genius. Genius. Soldier madness. Pretty fitting. Right? But it’s but but I’m not saying unfortunately. I’m not the genius part. John McAfee. Jimmy and then it makes between John McAfee and Jimmy yummy. What’s up? Oh, gotta be quiet. Can’t say that loud. gotta roll out. Nah, bro. Don’t talk like that, bro. Ain’t no one touching Jimmy. That’s right. Hey, no one touching me. Hey, no, but if I disappear if I disappear you know what happened? You know what happened? That girl tried to give me with that box one on the on the day of the Squeezy. You don’t want I’m saying you’re drenched in the blood of Yeshua. That’s right. I am Thank you. biggest tip McAfee ever gave you? He said never put anyone on a pedestal? Because when you do, they eventually are going to fall down on you. Never trust anyone. When someone says trust me, that’s when you don’t trust him. He said always he goes in in in negotiations. Jimmy, I want you to just do exactly the opposite of what they like, whatever they tell you think the exact opposite. So when they say Jimmy, trust us, this is the best business deal you’ve ever heard of. You’re going to get your money right back in this that this. You can trust us. We’re amazing. We’re so experienced at this or we have the best product in the world. Well, they just said don’t trust us. You’re never going to get your money back. We’re gonna take all your buddy we don’t have the best product we’re very not we’re not confident in our inner products at all.

In don’t put

that person up to where they can simply crush you. Because really don’t you know it’s coming. Don’t you really know. Sight psychologically deep down inside, that it’s coming? Don’t you know that you’re setting yourself up for somebody to crush you. When you put them up here? That goes for a spouse or anything. When we give the power to someone else to validate us. We have given them the power now to invalidate us. Don’t ever give anyone the power to invalidate you because that is a scary, scary thing. Dude, answer. Seal man. You’re speaking the truth. How do you how do you just Oh The damn shirt touch point. Thank you so much. Thank you for showing your touch points support. If you’re getting anything out of these videos, if you’re getting stuff out these views, thank you so much. I love you for for just clicking on that link on the front page of mighty warrior. My tic tock page, it just get a shirt to show your support. Thank you so much for that. How do you have blind faith? With no trust? Let me tell you something. It’s not blind faith. Thank you so much for saying that. Boy, I was about to get off this thing, man. Praise God. Let me tell you something. You just said how can you have blind faith? Okay, without trusting your right. Don’t trust man. That’s very foolish to trust man. To put your trust in another human being. You’re setting yourself up for disaster. But I said nothing about blind faith, my friend. I said childlike faith. I’m telling you today, child like faith is what you need. In that is the exact and tip assists. The exact opposing opposite opposing thing. have blind faith. A child does not have blind faith. A child has all knowing trust, all knowing trust, as in, you’re my only source. And now don’t get that mixed up with thinking some, some girl or some guy or something. Or money is your only source. I’ve had all the money in the world. And trust me as far as fast you can, you can gain it, you can lose it. And the problem with having a bunch of money is you don’t think there’s any way you could lose that much money. Like there’s nothing that can happen until your ex spouse has the power of attorney and signs over to someone else. And then takes the remaining amount and buys a house in Florida. That can happen. That can happen. But I forgive. That’s all other things. That’s a that’s that’s another story. But childlike faith is knowing is knowing that your mother I don’t use dads as example sometimes. Because sometimes dads can be bad that that all that that childlike faith is an all knowing that your mother’s going to come in and wake you up and give you pop tarts in the morning. This is the type of faith that you are required that you should have in Jesus. He’s unless you have the faith like a child, you will not by any means enter into the kingdom of God. It’s childlike faith, the most masculine thing that you could ever do is I have a moment, the most masculine thing that you could ever do is have a mullet. Just kidding. The most masculine thing that you could ever do in your life is become is to become vulnerable enough to admit that you can do nothing on your own, that it’s not by your own strength. Okay, and that you’re willing to become vulnerable enough to start trusting like a child. If you start trusting like a child, you will become a mighty warrior. Unstoppable

fearless in everything super Vidal is my brother. I got you, I got you. It’s that childlike faith.

You know what I mean? We when you when you start a program, a workout program, you sort of have childlike faith in a weird way. So why can’t we have this kind of faith? Because you know, even if you’re not seeing results, you know, if you’re busting your butt for two or three weeks, everybody knows that if you’re busting your butt for two or three weeks, you’re gonna start seeing results even though you don’t see it then you’re gonna start seeing results. Start having childlike faith, start going around and go nah, I ain’t worried about that no more. My Heavenly Father has everything taken care of. You either believe it or you don’t. Go say you believe in Jesus hardcore you Sure? But be worrying all over the place. Worry is the absence of faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Yes, that’s in the Bible. But it’s so. Benign status. I’ve come closer to your shoe. Jesus because of you, Jimmy. Thank you, sir. You’re inspired I, Matthew When I hear these comments like this man, it makes me sure like an eagle. Because I need it, man. Sometimes I need it. I in law. I know a lot of y’all. Sometimes I needed and I’m just being truthful with you. Alan Jones, you’re right. It’s the little steps. It’s taken one step forward at a time. It’s, it’s Finding Nemo in a big ocean. He don’t have a chance in the world of find his dad or whoever he’s looking for. He don’t have a chance to the world. He’s in an ocean. But there’s so much to the story. What’s he a clownfish? Maybe I’m just a clown fish, searching for lost souls. But he’s just the clown fish in an ocean in an abyss. And he’s got to have that childlike faith. Every single step of the way, not knowing if death is imminent, not knowing what tomorrow holds. But you just got to clean to the father. Your shoe, you got to clean him and say, Man my destiny is death without you, God. But I have life. Knowing that you’re gonna pick me up when I fall. That tonight when I lay down my head on a pillow, I’m laying my head down. I used to pretend like it when I was in the hospital James Haley veterans. I would pretend like I was laying my head down in God’s mighty hand. Just keep swimming. Thank you so much for saying that. I saw that you just bought a t shirt touch point. Everyone. Thank you for supporting me in buying a t shirt. There’s nothing you can do probably more for touchpoint besides praying and coming together congregating as is warrior tribe is touchpoint nation. They to them to purchase a shirt right now. Thank you so much. Listen, I’m probably gonna get off. It’s been a long day for Jimmy. Even on house arrest, he can be crazy I love all y’all. And I hope that everything is going good in your life. It is if you’re watching these it’s going good. I promise you. The real pee man says I did sober October because of you. And another dude tag teaming on my soul. Tic tock style lost 15 pounds. Man, that’s great to hear Brother I love you. And it’s so great to to hear that. Big Bates says keep moving forward my first big sign from God speaking through you. Wow. You know that that that was such an epic song sign for me to see keep moving forward on Finding Nemo. It was I was at such a downspout of my life. I was doing Jack Daniels advocate in Cheerios in the morning. I was wounded from Iraq. I was bad shape. Not because of the wound. That was the least of my problems. But my life was headed nowhere. I was under severe persecution and in potential prosecution facing serious serious stuff for war crimes and everything else. I was down heart soul my dream to be a seal fading away in Oblivion. watch Finding Nemo. It’s the small things in life. It’s the smallest childlike faith childlike things. A cartoon that can rescue your life. It’s the simplest things. It’s not the complex sermons. The crazy motivation speeches. Just you can

go a weekend. Sweet Dreams keeps women checkout fighting email, watch a children’s movie. They can teach us the lie. Childlike faith. Starfish. Thank you for coming again. Valerie. Thank you so much. Thank you for the book. Valerie. You’re so sweet. That book is awesome. Really appreciate you. I got some fire department shirts in today from some fire departments. I really appreciate y’all. Jimmy did the shirts fit correctly? They always fit correctly when I put them on. Okay, that was kind of arrogant. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. These are the coolest shirts. I’m not hands down that I’ve worn this shirt right here. i It doesn’t take much to make me happy but the the American flag the touch point. Okay, Punk was a squeeze winner in the back the American fight back the soft they’re very nice. They’re like a perfect mix. They’re soft, and then you know and they fit. They just form fit and I like that. I don’t like things to be real baggy and so weird. You know, you got to be able to touch point, touch point real quick. So thank you one last time. Thank you for going to my link that you go for go to that merge sleek, grabbing you showing your support your touch points shirt. It’s right there on the front page. Yes, they fit correctly. Of course they do. Especially if you’ve been doing my workouts. You’ve been doing my workouts I guarantee you. Thank you for saying you totally relate to everything I say. Almost sleep well. Damon, hit me up. I’m gonna hit you up. Hit me up on direct message. I’ll hit you up. Okay. Hey, in Jesus name. I thank you for blessing everybody. Right now. Father, I thank you for coming down and blessing every single person with the peace that surpasses all understanding. I got a good friend on here that watches. I don’t know if he’s on right now. But his name is Gabe. And I just pray right now for a special miracle. Engage life. Especial miracle this life God. Thank you for blessing. Every single person in this life with a special gift, a special anointing to go forth in your world and prosper in do your perfect will. I see all y’all I see your comments. I love all y’all in Jesus name. Amen. See all tomorrow.


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