#012 Audio: House Arrest Live 9/29/21

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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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Hey, listen, listen, my biggest tip for you go into Navy SEAL buds is don’t ever, ever make the mistake of saying that again. Don’t ever say that you will die before you ring the bell or quit. Because every single guy I’ve ever heard say that quits. So you can nip it right now and be more realistic with yourself and say, Man, there is a chance I am going to fail, and I’m going to feel bad. But that fear the greatest fear that you can have is the fear of quitting. To say no. The say no, don’t ever quit. I’ll die before I quit. Let me tell you something. All that stuff is garbage. It goes way out the window. You know, some people are there from their mommy and daddy. Some people are there because their brother was a seal. They don’t get no slack, no button, there’s no slack there. Just because your dad’s an Admiral. doesn’t mean anything be delivered to our audience. And so all those reasons go away. So you have to have a deep seated reason I’m get you’re not I wasn’t bashing you, either. I have much respect for you for going. I have more respect for someone that goes, then that just talks about it. You know, it’s cool. If you don’t go at all You’re very smart, actually, to not go to buds to seal training. But uh, you need to get in the mindset of why you’re going in the reason and what you’re going to figure out there. The reason why it’s so bad, and guys are getting skin grafts on their legs inside of their legs and you’re getting a reverse haircut like me, but scalped by the boats wrong, man. Hands are swollen your faces what your body Swan water. The reason for that? Is because that’s how it’s going to be on the seal teams. And you need to understand that do all Essos have to go to sere school? Absolutely. And not just sere school, but some advanced ones too. That will literally kick your teeth in to all so yeah. So what’s up, man? Did you hear me what you got going on? Sorry, I may have missed you. You have to be a certain height. No, actually, the shorter you are, the better. The shorter you are as a seal the better. I’m six one and that’s like, that’s like a little too tall. But there’s guys that go there. I knew one guy that played with t bo he was our new guy. But he had played with Florida Gators as linebacker, he came to our team as a new guy he had already made through training. But this guy was like, play six, four, or five. And that’s pretty big. That’s pretty tall. You want to be short, and you want to be light on your feet. Because you could do more pull ups when you’re light. You know, wrestlers are really good water polo players. And they’re they’re, they’re recruiting out of top notch schools, Collegiate Schools, because they’re tired of people, all these guys failing, but it’s the same exact statistic no matter what you can send a lot more guys through in double your class size, but it’s always the same. And they’ve done tons and tons and tons of tests written test. When I went through the train for two years, we took written tests all the time, because they’re trying to like narrow it down to save money in the Navy of who’s going to make it but they can’t figure it out. It’s not possible to figure it out. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, you know, bad background, good background, all kinds of stuff. Did you ever consider working for Blackwater? I did work for Blackwater. Believe it or not, that’s all I have worked there from 2004 to 2008. In between the Marines and the seals East Tennessee nurse here love you. Hey, thank you so much for that. Appreciate your your service to country. You guys and girls, the first responders just don’t get the credit you deserve. They will have a moderator on the moderator. This is a one man army or what’s your favorite seal movie? Charlie Sheen, one, two and three. When he jumps off a bridge, I think it’s like the Coronado bridge to get a beeper notice they’re at a wedding. They’re trying to be cool and play golf. They can’t. They’re good Mulligan’s after Morgan’s like me and my life. I’ve got a lot of organs in my life. What do you see? That’s a good question. Thank you. What else we got? Punch. Punch point. Okay, all right. But that’s just not going to happen anymore. Okay, we can’t be doing that. We can’t be changing up touch point like that. That’s really not part of the club rules. Hi from Indiana. Hey, thank you for your support. I always see your support and thank you very much. What’s up brother? Love Your tote, your love your toast. Love your post. What is your favorite tattoo?

I was thinking about that the other day and I forgot about this one. This is this one was done by a super like professional guidance about the only one I have on my body. That was done. by professional, some of these were done by do that was in prison for 12 years he was really good. But this one is is the the Spartan shield This is either with it or upon it. What’s one thing you wish you would have learned sooner than later in life? I think you’ve asked this question before and I wanted to get around to I’m so sorry if I didn’t answer that before. What’s one thing you wish you would have learned sooner than later in life? Probably, that there’s no way I could do it on my own. So stop trying so hard to beat down doors, that I knew that I wasn’t meant to be down. Like I always was kind of, I, it was a dream to be a Navy SEAL a dream for me in my heart, but I was terrified of it. which ended up being a good thing. And but I delayed and delayed and then I would try other things in life to see if that fit just because it kind of has an excuse. And so I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and those are meaningless things. When I knew in my heart I was supposed to be a seal. I mean, the timing worked out well for me with war. But But you know, like I went to Texas Tech for a small stint because I was going to be a doctor now in I did pre med and I failed miserably, miserably. And I just, I don’t believe that saying you can do anything in the world. If you put your heart to the mind. That’s not true. If God put in your heart, you can. But if that was true, then you know, go be a NASA astronaut, you know, I mean, it’s not happening for people. How hard was it to get into the seals with what happened with Blackwater? It wasn’t at all the mental barrier. For me to get into the seals was the hardest because everyone in the world told me that it was impossible to be a seal, especially with me coming out of that Blackwater terrible nissar Square event. But I just took one step at a time every day. Yes, I’m an artist, thank you so much. And I took one step at a time every day. And the case was thrown out by Judge Urbina, a federal judge on prosecutorial misconduct, right when I was going in, and so I didn’t have to lie or anything. I just kind of threaded the needle of that, truthfully, got above a top secret clearance and all that stuff. And so God’s timing is perfect. Do you believe in reptilians, drunkenness, you know, buying a life, I asked God to lift the veil over my eyes one time for a while. And I saw a bunch of red tiles and stuff and it wasn’t good stuff. You know what I mean? And I kind of regretted that. And I think i think i think there’s something there that you’re a very handsome man. See, I’m like read and stuff like that. Thank you so much. Um, some people will say that I look like, well, I brought a picture of him. You decide. I mean, that’s basically what people tell me. I look like. I mean, what do you guys think? Elvis is what’s up? had these two little kids come in my house and this pitcher was in my mom’s house and they started yelling uncle Jimmy, Uncle Jimmy. I said, That’s right. Elvis, what’s up? I don’t see it. What are some things you can say? For those of us that are scared to die in combat? Well, are you in combat? Are you in the military where you’re where you’re that’s a fear. Because that’s that’s when you sign that? Oh, that’s a big deal. you’re signing up to possibly die in combat. You know, when I got married, I told my ex spouse which I regret I said, just want to let you know the seals come before you no matter what. And I could die and then there could be war three, and I could be gone forever. Or I could get gravely injured, which I was injured really bad. And when she was it was her honeymoon. Basically. She’s like looking over in the emergency room. Gurney. It was terrible. Scar gypsies tattoo. He was definitely interesting person. You did a sky Gypsy tattoo. Joe castle. That’s pretty cool, brother. That’s pretty cool.

Very interesting. Man. JOHN McAfee. Hey, Hey handsome. Double heart kiss kiss. Thank you so much. Love. To hear these things I’m tired of just my dog licking me and I’m going I don’t know. I’m motivation for buds is Danny Dietz. Families have been close family friends forever. Well, yeah, I actually met Danny Dietz mother and that was very humbling. Thank you for saying that. I met her in in California she was at an event for you know, representing Danny and the command that I was at, we had all their gear because that was from my unit. And we It was very it was epic because we separated all their gear out and I had like actual since canteen for a while stuff like that

seal have NASA training? No, but some of the seal officers do go to NASA training. Like my commander was like the 15th in line to be an astronaut, but he never was. But he did all that training and stuff is weird. Only officers though. That’s cool. You did his tattoo john McAfee’s tattoo, that’s legit. How did you get on T Mac v? A big d? Thanks for the question. I had just got out of the teams. After 17 years combined service with the Marines and my buddy called me who’s now in the French Foreign Legion. His name is calf. He was like, What’s up, bro? And I’m like, What’s up dude? Because he’s another material, you know? And basic team guy. And he said, Hey, you know, john McAfee has like, No, he’s like, look at your computer. I saw my computer. And I saw the McAfee antivirus thing. He said they got once a serious help. And so that’s how I got that gig. He was super scared of his life at the time. And so I went there almost immediately when they call me, but I didn’t know him. What team were you on Jimmy? JOHN Randall. I was at SDV team. And I did some other stuff too. But I was with STB team one, the majority of my time. How long did you work for him? One year, but the entire year I was with him for like every single day, every single hour. It got pre I became like his blankie like he wouldn’t sleep without me in the same room or near bar. Very apparently. so crazy. I can. What’s up? so crazy I can tell you have a beautiful pure soul in a huge heart. God bless you, brother. Now I do thank God praise God. I do. It wasn’t all like that for my whole life. Peace Jimmy. Lots out hope all as well. And most manly way dude, Big Daddy did Big Daddy before you go in sleep and think about me in pillow talk. Because I will do that too with you. Thank you for this shirt. He said this to me. Thank you. Big Daddy has been awesome. He sends these awesome shirts. Is there any other way I can contact you about buds and the team’s asked questions and such? Absolutely. I have an open door policy. I would prefer not for my parole officer to have that open door policy or the FBI but they have taken a liberty to have that anyways without asking me but I do have that policy. And I just asked that you DM me with your story. I’ll list your Number on my list and I’ll get around to you in an employee take me two weeks at this point with the list that I have. I try to prioritize stuff thank you and I’ll I will help you as much as I can because I didn’t receive that kind of help. And it was really hard. I actually had a very distant relative that I talked to that said you’re not gonna make it bro. They basically give it up and maybe he had got wet that day. Maybe he a water hose splashed him or something because he was very rude. And that’s not the reason why I made it because he said I wasn’t gonna mean have you ever met any Sark? No, we just don’t we just don’t work with them much but I saw them a lot in the chow hall they look like squared away dudes in Panama City Beach Florida. The military base there where you create your own escorts company I mean I thought about all that you know when it was really big and I don’t know some people have asked me to be there escort I’m going man. I don’t think you’re talking about PSD. I don’t think you’re talking about protecting you. I’m saying that was special forces. Mac v SOG. Vietnam two tours. Thanks for being operator keeping us safe. Thank you so much. I used to read all those books. Like the LRP books, re Kondo. I was infatuated with stuff like that when I was kid Did you ever work with Delta? No, I’ve never worked with CAG we just don’t work with CAG that much. It’s just not blue and green just don’t work together much. Grey guys, I’ve seen them at a distance you know, do other stuff with or the 1/16 and stuff, but they just they just have a totally different mission.

A totally different mindset with tactics. And that’s cool with me, whatever, you know, what’s up, brother? Thank you for saying that. Love My YouTube. Thank you. It was on private this whole time. My YouTube I was telling people to go there. And you could even watch the videos. I’m like, oh my gosh. Thank God for Bz. You live in Panama City Beach. I did a lot of training there. But they moved the SDV. School from there the schoolhouse to Hawaii. Hey bro. Can’t get an A Thank you. Hello Jimmy hobos will touch point. With your court date. I don’t know. I don’t know my court date anymore because john McAfee supposedly died. So I’m in limbo. I’m Lakota what’s your shirt say to talk a touch point that’s awesome. As awesome what’s up brother? You know what Geronimo said on his deathbed. He said he wish he would have never surrendered and he evaded for so long and kicks him as as hardcore. And but the one thing you regretted was that surrendering I think that often is you Never give up. Never. Because you don’t want to be on your deathbed. And have regrets. frag nation baby frog nation or frag to both of them are pretty cool. Never stop fighting. Tell us about the pain. What’s up? Hey, um, it’s you know, I love pain because it clears my mind. It takes my mind in puts it at ease. I learned it in the hospital. Check this out jujitsu. It’s a lighthouse again. I’m doing like a set of three lighthouses. You know you saw the other one, right. frag grenades? Is that your nickname? Brother? fragger. Nate’s favorite pizza topping? Great question.


Robert Wood. What’s up? Who’s Robert Woods sir? mighty warrior lighthouse. That’s right. Thank you for sharing. Thank you, Valerie. It’s great seeing you Valerie. Leave us is sell them out. That’s the one thing I am selling. I’m not selling really anything except for those touch point shirts. And those are at cost. Basically, I don’t make anything off those. Neither Should I. But it’s kind of a pain in the butt. But um the paintings are for sale for sure. I got to pay some lawyer fees. Hey, buddy. From a gas station. What’s up man? Favorite SEO cadence? tiny bubbles in my brain. And then I got tiny bubbles in my brain that became my worst Kayden song ever. Next question. Hey, bud. What about you in john McAfee? Did you know him? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I knew him very well. And very, very tragic. You know that he that he passed away and died. You think McAfee killed himself to help you stay free. You know. I never saw john McAfee lose anything. I never saw him lose a bet. You just never betting ever. He would only bet your dollar because he’s a millionaire. But he just wanted he did not lose even if the odds were completely stacked against him. If he did hang himself, which I think he was murder. He kind of got a one up on everybody. He kind of won that one. And because maybe he thought it’s over you know, but but there’s no way he hung himself because he was about to be extradited. He’s a sensationalist. I mean, he loves the the the media. That would have been an awesome journey for him, even though he wasn’t being let loose. He lost his extra extradition case. Which mean he was leaving that terrible prison. He was in back to America. Who He wouldn’t kill himself for that. Yeah, he was murdered. Why was he murdered? Do you think I can’t go into stuff like that. I wish I could. But I will be able to, at some point. Have a lot. Russian spies, how many in the US, man? I don’t know. Do you know? I don’t know Jimmy. You think he could be could be paid off. Have guards in faked his death? Hey, anything’s possible with john McAfee. I’m not joking. When I first got there, when I first got to john McAfee, I thought he was paranoid on drugs. I thought, Man, this guy gets up but but in my profession you never ever, ever denied somebody the seriousness of security. And that you have to project that at all costs. And even if you totally don’t believe that, you have to believe it, because what if it happens? And like what if, you know, they’re saying, well, an alien keeps on abducting me every night? And I’m like, Well, me too, on house rose. But may you know what they whatever they say you have to believe because it could be a threat and God forbid you’re like, oh, he’s just old. See now man, which a lot of his guards were like that. And we saw absolutely insane things while I was there that made me a complete believer that he was telling the truth. He was absolutely telling you, people were out to get him. People wanted to kill him. He knew a lot of stuff. Do you’re really cool. Thank you. You’re really cool now. Really cool. Listen to you on my days I have Hey, thank you very much for saying that. concrete. What about the specimen laws? What’s a use best knob you’ve been kicked me in the face and training. It’s pretty serious. You’ll hear them complaining. They don’t have time out cards in the specimen off your head kicked off. Explain the tattoos Hey, thanks for saying that. You know you got to laugh at yourself. You got to laugh at yourself you know you know you have to laugh at yourself or avoid crying for yourself maybe thank you for your service. Thank you for saying that. Where’s everybody? Yes, I wasn’t Blackwater was where’s that everybody? Is our military here. I know there’s a lot of this falling this this mighty weird tribe is full of the greatest patriots known to mankind. And that’s why I’m so humbled. Because it’s like no judgment and super supportive super down to earth. Super genuine and funny. I’m not gonna lie and come up with charcoal meter. The charcoal meter thing came from Nick Bates. I said I came up with the my video but dang that was a lie. He came up with it. I said me and my three friends my name is peacock lion’s mane and myself in Texas tornado.

patriot. Where’s all my patriots? The star standing up. How about we start standing up and come together as one and you start see change. I believe one person can can can change the world. Man woman. It All you got to do is stand up Stacey. Thank you for joining us. I’ve been missing you. Thank you slay bodies. Is that a state? That man the myth. What’s up? reserve buy from? Where’s my veterans? Why weren’t you in def group? Daddy? You assume a lot of things. I left so much of myself. You love you laugh at yourself on what’s up big j and zebra accident glasses on the sun. I know that you love those zebra print glasses. I’m not trying to advertise you I’m not making any money off this but if you go to where zoos calm? Where zoos? like where’s zoos? Calm and put in the the code touchpoint you will get 20% off. Have you thought had you? Have you thought of the alien? Yeah, I have a VA claim. I mean, it’s already done. I’m medically retired from the seals medically retired. Now don’t we sorry, but it’s all good. It’s all good. I’ve already thought all that man. Thank you very much. They basically do a huge once over on you when you’re leaving. Got to keep asking where do you live? What do you want to know where I live? And a lot of people ask me that. And the only thing that I’m afraid of is basically being sent anthrax. Just don’t send me anthrax and I’ll tell you Okay, I’ll tell you exactly where I’m located. If you ask me on a DM Florida here. Thank you. Thank you for praying for me. I appreciate we all need prayer. Sorry, I was told. Always SEAL Team Six. Sorry, I was told only SEAL Team Six was debreu. That’s true. You are correct. You are very correct, sir. What’s your plans after ha What’s your plans after? Hells Angels? I’m sorry posterous sorry I thought you were saying something else my plans after house arrest i don’t know i you know I’m so conditioned especially the old Texas tornado Jimmy is so conditioned to see we make agreements are alive with ourselves in they’re never positive ones. They’re very negative. Like I’m abandoned by God. I’ll never make it. I’ll never have a good relationship. I’m always I’m the weird one on the street and I’m dyslexic, all these things. In my case, I’m a high functioning reciprocal altruism syndrome, which is when a monkey sacrifices his own self for the benefit of other primates. That’s what I do. Anyways, tacos pizza, what do you prefer? are you killing me? Is this my mom? Mom? Is that you? She’s trying to she tries to get me to break my diet and I break it for nobody. I want no carb. She tried to talk me into eating peanut butter cookies and saying they were carb free. And I saw her put two cups of sugar in it. And she tried to pawn it off to me that she heard on tik tok that it was carb free and was okay to eat. I’m like So Katie if you want to not be able to rescue your swim buddy if things go down Yeah, we got as we Hey Marvel, you’re right about that. I got like eight or nine of those anthrax vaccines maybe more. They lost my record in the Marines. They just did it again. But nobody didn’t. Nobody was denying that though. You know? Free my homie Jimmy. Now that my friend is a brother.

Northeast Florida. What’s up? I feel like Sorry, I can’t I can’t answer some of these some more sensitive questions. Especially when they concern like jsoc and, and you’re so defensive. Hey, Jimmy. What’s up? I know it doesn’t seem like a whole back much but I kind of know what to and what not to how you feel about O’Neal getting a movie deal. What? I wasn’t I knew it. Because I was in talk. I was in talks with Steven Spielberg the other day and he just cut me off and said Rob O’Neill was calling him and I said what about chump change? Have you not seen touchpoint Hey, I mean what about what about me? Because it’s all about me not not the team What’s up? I didn’t know he was getting a movie deal. I’m sorry to hear that. Well, I hope well, I’m not judging but but um, I hope that his entire team that was with him is getting the movie deal now that would be legit. But please, I can’t handle another book. Or another podcast or another CNN interview or NBC or Fox interview that says I did it all by myself it’s the most yeah call Thank you while your buddies are banging out down the hallway. I’m doing a video on that Geez. And I don’t mean to get sour. This is true. It’s just pathetic when you’re in the real when you’re in the seal teams that stuff is terrible. That’s like the biggest thing No, no you could ever do and really look down upon as in you have to leave the state you’re living in and you can’t be in Virginia or California. Hey, what’s up? He grew up about an hour from me Okay, where are you from? If you say Virginia then I’ll take it back. Is that the guy who killed Bin Ladin? Yes, I think so. I think that’s been made known quite a bit man geez period it view know what it takes not just the team do you know what the logistics nightmare in all the things that it takes to to to do a do a mission that complex or do any mission? I mean, what about the pilots? What What about the logistics in the Intel and all that but they get nothing and they’re sitting there watching CNN going?

Is this guy serious? Did Did he just say he did that on his own?

You will have to say you did it on your own without saying he did it on your own? Yes, I’ve trained you just yeah, I think it’s important to train In jujitsu for for five or so years, you can get a foundation before you go to striking. You know, that’s what I did. I mean, I can defend myself on the ground, but I don’t want to go to the ground. So I don’t plan on to go on the ground doesn’t mean it won’t it can’t happen. I mean, the FBI prove that they just basically slamming on the ground. I was like, Cool dog. I mean, I was really nice. You know.

What was the name of the CIA analyst? I don’t know. Rob is from Butte, Montana. And I’m from about an hour from there. What do you think about it? Maybe you maybe you know him. But actions speak louder.

Honey Badger. I love you.

How can we help you get free? Are we just waiting and praying? I guess unless you want to send a breach your team up here and blow a hole through the wall. Then throw a caving ladder up in my room. Let me scale down we’re pretty screwed here. Not screwed, because God’s timing is perfect. God’s timing is everything. where some of these hard questions, some Tick Tock or gave O’Neil a brand new truck Well, I can’t get too mad at that because I can’t drive it around. I’m on house risk.

Want to lizard? That’s what I want. If somebody sent me a lizard, I’ll be fine with a lizard. You know, I’m saying I saw a lizard today. I was like, they can’t be cool. Cool, hang out with you. If I had the money, I would buy your trucks. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. I put a john McAfee gave me his getaway truck you had like 70,000 aftermarket was beautiful. But when I was going through all that stuff, it’s like everything in the world bad happened to me, you know, and I just cream the side of it when I was talking on the phone and night and just destroyed the whole side of this truck that he given to me. And I kept talking and my buddy was like, yo, bro, what was that? I was like I just destroyed my truck. No big deal and just got out didn’t look at it and went in my house. And then I put a come and take it sticker on there. Don’t put it come and take it. Cannon on the back of your truck. Because maybe you might look and there’ll be a tow truck that came and take it came and took it. real question How you doing Jim? I’m doing great. Because you were not supposed to be there. Yeah. I’ll tell you God will remove you know, you got to be careful. When you pray that God’s will would be done and you really need it. Don’t be scared. But don’t be surprised when you’re taken out of all kinds of situations. Last trial I didn’t want to return from my Wragge family has me in therapy don’t think it works any advice yeah yeah um you know i i did it depends on what kind of therapy you’re doing. Can you tell me what kind of therapy I need exposure therapy then he was intense and I don’t think it’s it may not be biblically correct because you have to go back in your memories deep dark memories but I came out of there about 20% better which was massive for me out James Daly Veterans Hospital but but the only thing that’s going to work is is is I mean total surrender to Jesus to God can you expand can expand a little more on your nose injury my k my nose injury What is this is a guy that said I hurt my nose like I’m not charlie sheen. I didn’t hurt my nose like that. Geez. Why did for a while with that guy’s gone? He’s dead. But it wasn’t my nose injury. Now I had a peanut crush injury which was terrible. And then I had a head injury. Okay, can you clarify that? But I think you’re a smart girl I think you meant to say that. Thank you for showing up everybody. Smoking crayons john Brando coming out with the smoking crowns. I thought we were gonna get through this without saying that. What’s everybody doing? You’re asking God to change. Hey, brother curious about your test specifically the people their impact on you. If I may ask, yes, you may ask Thank you. Um, I got these tats.

Some of them were to prove

like like I earned them and To prove myself and these things, but the majority of them were done in times of serious pain and loss of a best friend, to really good seal teammates, my little brother and I just kept getting just drilled on, because it’s what we would do in the teams and it helped me filter the pain in the entire time I was getting blasted wasted. Hence, Texas tornado and I was pretty aggressive and in my hand state broke for two years. And it was actually a super dark time because when you’re grieving like that the wrong way. you fast forward a couple years later and you realize that they tremendous neglect on the ones that are alive around you. And that’s maybe why Jesus said let the bit dead bury the dead. Boy, that was a huge lesson. I neglected my ex so bad during those young beautiful years of our life but but I was destroyed by my little brother’s death. opinion on psychedelic assisted therapy, or psychedelics in general in relation to faith. I don’t agree with him at all. Because

the Bible says, Be of sober mind paraphrasing here less than a lion come and rip you in half.

Because Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. seeking whom he shall devour. And when you’re not sober, it just opens doors for things to happen in vino Veritas means in wine there’s truth and so yes, the truth comes out but it’s those deep dark things a lot of times and that’s why we escape and drink and stuff in that reminds me of and I’ve been thinking about doing a video on it, but I was like man, people are gonna think I’m absolutely out of my mind crazy. Because when I was running around with one of the top three biker gangs I was holding some package for for a guy. A buddy a body. Yeah, right. Not your friends. But he warned me and said don’t touch the the the shrooms in there get a big bag shrimps he said it’s enough for 56 people. And I went home that night, I opened up the package and I boiled that whole thing in hot water because I heard you could just boil shrooms. I didn’t think they were that bad or anything. And I drank that whole cup. I’ll tell you I had a nightmare experience that was not shrimp. I mean it was shrooms. But it was a it was I I really felt the absolute separation of God. And for me, for me, it’s not worth it to open up doors. I know a lot of people politely disagree in payment you know it may work for a lot of people maybe my brain injury seemed to exasperate a lot of existing things like my ADHD got worse. I smoked weed and weed would just make me terribly down in shaky and paranoid and but but I but I went the other route with all the other drugs for a long time. All these psychedelics and stuff but I had really bad experiences. And so I’m just telling you the truth. That’s that’s what I experienced. I’ve heard a lot of people say man, it’s great for healing maybe in micro doses, you know, but but it’s got to be it’s got to be Jesus base man it’s got to be God base when she could be you know, people that say, Oh, you, you you smoke marijuana and you can’t believe in Jesus, man, that is garbage. It’s your heart. It’s your heart. And that’s why we’ve had so much break through on this channel this page with me is because people realize that hey, this guy’s not telling me to do what all the sites psychiatric doctors have told me to do. Everybody else is telling me to flush my stuff right now and and do this and this and this. I’m saying Hey, why don’t you ask Jesus in your situation. Keep doing your drugs because you’re going to do in many ways. And by me telling you to, to not do them, you’re gonna do them worse or it’s gonna get better. All I’m saying is let Jesus come in. When you see his compassionate love for you, even when you’re high in strong out or coming down off meth or something. Then you’ll start to open your real your eyes, that he loves you beyond any preacher trying to get your money and then when you See that you’ll eventually get disgusted with yourself and with what you’re doing and go, man, what was I thinking? What was I thinking? You met you believe I was doing that stuff. I’ve had people reach out to me and say that their arms are ruined by krokodil heroin and stuff. But the I never did that stuff. snorting heroin and stuff. But, but uh, eating people’s arms up in my prayers that Jesus would open your eyes to, to the truth. And the truth is that you’re a mighty warrior spirit. And God’s got an incredible mighty plan for you. And incredible, mighty plan. He’s going to open up doors. And when you realize that, that you’re not worthless, that it wasn’t your fault. You were molested that that you’re not a drug addict. Often people say I’m an alcoholic and a drug. I guess it Who told you that? They’ll be like everybody my whole life. I said, but, but do you believe it? And they’ll say, Well, yeah, cuz everybody told me that. Hey, let me tell you something. If you go to a doctor, I’m not saying don’t go to the doctor. But if you go there and tell them something, you’re going to come out of there with a diagnosis and once they diagnose you coming from an authority figure, it’s kind of dangerous because you might believe it. You just might start believing exactly what the enemy wants you to believe. And once he’s grabbed hold a view. I’ve had a lot of young

men tell me what can’t go to the seals. I can’t do what you did because I was diagnosed bipolar. I said who said the doctor I went in and had some depression and I said well you better undiagnosed yourself. You better go somewhere and get a second opinion. I’m not saying you don’t have bipolar. I’m just saying you better go get a second opinion. You know what I’m saying? Because Don’t let your dream slip by them let somebody come and snatch your dream out of your hands because they will promise you that Satan revealed himself to my wife and myself. He is real. He is real but he has no power until you give him power. And part of that power is I believe psychedelics and stuff. Unless it’s highly controlled, highly controlled. A lot of people have gotten mind blowing results healing results from smoking weed so I cannot say that’s bad because chronic pain gone and I’ll tell you what’s worse than any other drug in the world and worse than marijuana any day is alcohol. Alcohol is straight up drinking poison and makes people do stuff out of their minds really out of their minds ruins lots ruins families yes micro God is good he only gives you what you can handle this if you want to find God look in your heart peacock thank you for that alcohol is no bueno yeah you finally caught me live some some people have been saying that I’m not coming up on their new they follow me but but my live alerts don’t come up in my videos aren’t coming up they have to go to my page and that sucks because when I had less people follow me like 50,000 I got way more views on some videos it’s just strange like the algorithms push you down the more people fall it’s really strange. Do you miss the team’s? Absolutely you know I was meant to be on some type of team and I think that’s what’s so great to be a fireman or fire woman versus responder because it’s all part of teams. It’s my mom always said it’s a people world. People program. It takes people we all have to have people in our lives. I like that team Jesus What’s up everybody thank you for joining thank you for double tapping on that screen. not asking you to follow me this asking you visit my page and and check everything out Ask me whatever you want. I hope all is well today. Much love from Houston. Alright. Houston. Y’all throw out anything throughout your mood throughout your state. Somebody said they were hiding in my wall when I asked what state they’re from. I might get some weird stuff, you know, but mostly good, mostly You see, you’ll be a great trainer and lessons learn. Yes, sir. I’ve learned some lessons, you know, and if people can avoid those mistakes that I’ve made Then it was all worth it, you know, Missouri, Texas with 20,000, Purple Hearts, it breaks my heart that my son doesn’t want to be a seal anymore because of our government. The Times have changed when when I got out, it was changing. And I was so glad to be part of a time where it was real traditional. It was hard as heck all that stuff, not saying it’s gone soft, because they haven’t lowered the standards. I don’t think, according to some of my buddies that are instructors there. With all due respect, how’s your relationship with your ex? Leave our thank you for that. It’s amicable. We can’t talk because of this case, that happened because she was involved in ways. So I haven’t talked to her in a long time.

It’s a really tragic case, like when I had that big meltdown, at Maxis really never saw again after that much. And it was, that was my princess. And I felt that she was highly manipulated by him against me and all kinds of stuff. It was really tragic. And it was really sad. And I could never regain that back. And it was, it was over. And I was stuck with the house that we had our dream house and valley center, California that we had, we had used my VA loan to purchase a house to as a safe house for sex trafficking, children, girls. I had decided to take the backseat, but we ran out of money. So that’s where I got that job with McAfee. And so that was really hard for me to go back to that empty home that once had little Turkey Run around jiggle around. Of course, she got the dog.

You know, Nick Bates, the torkel meter. My mood defeated and accomplished at the same time.

It’s a roller coaster.

I feel I have a million questions about the whole lawsuit situation. Here fortunately, it’s much bigger than lawsuit. situation. But there’s a couple of real big lawsuits as well. Yeah. Thank you for saying that you’re doing amazing things. I appreciate you saying that. empty houses or sad, empty houses are sad and tragic. Hey, john, thanks for joining cool cast. I see you brother. I meant to call you today actually, about that stuff we talked about. Let’s let’s do that tomorrow. I actually wanted to call you today. The Yeah, what’s worse than the the garage was, she just left everything in boxes in the garage, and I just avoided it at all costs. And finally how to go in there and clear it out. Because we were selling it. It was tragic. I didn’t want to sell the place is beautiful 14 acres in Valley center, California. And I’ll never forget what going in there. And I literally would have to just like walk in there. And I would just collapse sobbing because my life was like a wreck. And I would just walk back out and try to go back at it the next day. could barely, I couldn’t sleep in our bed anymore. never slept in our bed really again. And I was sleep on the couch downstairs. It was haunting and in scary and dark place. And that’s when I just ran in and lived in Spain and met again in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Thailand. Did ever did I ever think about dropping on request? Absolutely. Anybody any seal that tells you that they never thought about quitting is absolutely lying to you. And that’s a real shame. That’s about as shameful as saying you took out Osama bin Laden by yourself. Not that that’s ever happened. But you think about quitting all the time. Yes, God put me at my lowest That’s right. So it could build me back up. That’s what God does. Not worst injury in the SEAL team. Somebody asked earlier I saw that was my penis getting caught in a belt sander. That was in the seal teams was maybe not the answer that you were thinking. But that happened. I was making a memorial board. You know the coffins that you stick tridents in for seals that die well when they they’re snow coffin sometimes because they get lost out at sea, as in the case with Matt leathers in 2015. And I was making a memorial board for us to pin the track. I didn’t see and it caught my little silky shorts. And the rest is history. But I had a traumatic brain injury which was the absolute worst thing even worse than the penis. Bell center incident. Ouch. Oh my god. Yes. What? I didn’t realize you were in the teams for that. For that format leather thing. Yeah. For my pee is getting caught and built into the mill, a mouse will go through a door crack. Okay. And let me tell you something. You’re you know what we’ll go through. Uh, you know, what? If he needs to go through there, it’s just the facts. It’s just the facts. Oh, you feel sorry for the bell center? I see. No, I’m just adding words now. The bell center. I’m sorry for laughing It’s okay. Stacy laughs at me all the time. Don’t worry about it. It’s okay. Don’t worry about don’t mean to ask somebody that might be too personal. You can’t ask anything that’s super personal to me these days. But after the penis gotten below center, but do you have kids? Um, I adopted my my niece with my ex. But she’s in college. She’s 21 and doctor when she was 16. But I don’t have any kids. Can you imagine that? You got to be careful taking that 23andme test. Because I’m telling you right now. They store that data. You might have some kids come up knock on your door. Where’s the McAfee files? You know where they are? They’re in Miami where they were but would you the files that were in Miami were the font thank you for that. It’s awesome. That the files that were in Miami, I think were blown up. And but everybody says this killswitch thing

the problem is is that McAfee had people do it he had trust in technology like that. But the problem is is the people equation if you saw the building go down where your the files were in the you were supposed to release you’re not going to cite say anything after that. Because you’re going to be afraid of getting whacked too. It’d be a great dad. Can you imagine them? I want to son I made a video about that the other day but I didn’t post it because it was so ridiculous. And you know that’s bear with me. But yeah, I I said I want to son right now. I don’t know how on Astros but I want to say but then that thought kind of went away. My sister talked me out of it. She’s like Jimmy, you don’t understand you. You can’t just have a son. You just can’t have a son. Or your when you’re in a hospital house. And I was like, No, but it’s possible. I promise you I can do anything. I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I thought I could. Until I filled out a pre med. You’re a father figure. Thank you. You’re my daddy. What? Just kidding. Nobody said that. Stacy says yes, you can. What can I do? What? have a son on house arrest. I tell you so it’s hard. It’s very difficult. I’ve tried is unbelievably hard. Try to be a firefighter. But you got to be a firefighter soon and want to hear about your experience on a team. Hey, there is no trial and lot that it’s so funny. I used to say that all the time in teams. I used to come in and be like, Dad, to my chief. My chief would be standard just looking at me like scowling, either my long beard because you know, you can have face hair, but you can’t be like, like I was. And I’d be like, Dad, he’d be like, Governor, we need to talk. He blamed me much. He blamed me for everything. Like cuz he’d be like, hey, you need to come to my house right now. I’m like, hey, Chief. It’s Saturday right now. We don’t ever getting time off. I said I didn’t do nothing. He says I don’t care. Get to my house and get 30 below, would you What did the guys do? Last night. I said I didn’t go out last night. Literally, but I get blamed. But my biggest advice for you is, is stop trying and do it. Just do it. Go for it. And that’s what you may be doing. But there is no excuse. I had a kid the other day said man you don’t understand I don’t have a GED. I said poor bro. You you. You just call the wrong or you just connected with the wrong guy to say that. Because out of him nothing. I’m talking about I had the adverb score. Multiple times. No, no g d for Long time. So what’s stopping you from getting a GED? champion now your moderator? Okay, sounds good. I need help here. I can do it on my own. Honey Badger said, Man, I’m a felon, man. There ain’t no excuse. Look, it ain’t about the seals anything about the military, if you’re a felon, and you can’t get in, I feel sorry for the military, they lost a great person. They didn’t relax this stuff. felons will make the best soldiers anyways. So I joined the Marine Corps first. That’s right, devil dog. I went to mcrd Hollywood marine. my platoon number was 1021, Charlie, and mcrd. And I went to school of infantry. And then went right down the road. Unfortunately, he got stationed in Camp horna, which I believe is oven in Spanish. Do I have any pictures from the teams? Yes, I do. Absolutely. Let me get you one right here. How about that one? That’s me when I was in the teams. Actually, I need to thank you so much. I think you said you love my face when I put Elvis up there, though. So thank you very much. I have pictures on my phone. I guess I need to do a video because there’s people that call me out and say, I’m calling Don Shipley. And I said, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. After you call him and spin the $20 you got to spend $20, then will you publicly apologize for trying to steal my valor? Because that’s the thing too. I’m not mad at you. But do your research first. What’s the deal with touchpoint? Oh, you asked them. Listen.

Let me tell you some before I say that touch point, dude get into acting. Listen, I did acting. I went to acting school in New York, believe it or not. It was right after the Blackwater thing. I was like, well, I’ll go be an actor. I guess I was avoiding the seal thing. And I went to New York, I was living in Rahway, New Jersey, commuting two hours via train the snow. So well, you know, it was miserable from Texas. touchpoint touch point. And, and I was I was aggressive Gup, you know, and I had to do it and some kind of activity in front of the whole class while I did the script. And I didn’t know how to juggle potatoes. But I didn’t know what else to do. So I was like, like trying to juggle these potatoes and they fell down. I made it like, I was like, oh, look mashed potatoes. I was trying to be funny. He liked it. He called me out. And then I told him to step outside in front of the whole class. And that was pretty much over. That thing was because he couldn’t believe I said that. My uncle was a fire chief in Rahway, New Jersey. 50 years. Dang, not many people know where Rahway, New Jersey is. There’s a prison there. But that’s not why I was there. This time. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never forget that. It was so funny. How did you get that your TBI? Well, I got my TBI on a die vaccine, believe it or not, as crazy as that is, it can happen. Believe it or not. I can’t go into too much on that. But But I definitely had a traumatic brain injury that almost killed me. I was in an emergency room at tripler. Army Medical they call crippler. Army Medical in Hawaii for three days, dying in and out of consciousness. And then I went to James city Veterans Hospital to their traumatic poly poly traumatic word. For three months. I was in the medic in the 1980s. Right on much respect. Can you explain touch points, sorry about that. Yes. touch point, my friend. You got to you in life, you have a touch point. And you got to have a touch point in life. And in the seals it was right here. Like you got to go automatically, systematically. To your touch point. I hope I do this justice because sometimes I don’t even know. But you got to go to your touch point. And that’s like my fingers go to my touch point, my fingers are going to my side piece my 90210 piece right? And in every time they go there, they’re perfectly synced and they go there even at night or anything, no matter what if I’m shot AVR my touch point like this. Because if I can find my touch point. If you can find your touch point in life with enough repetition in discipline. Then when something bad happens, you’re not fumbling around in life. So what does that mean on the outside when I no longer can have weapons anymore? Which I had a lot of beautiful weapons. Now they’re gone. But what does that mean for you? Maybe what does that mean? For me, is a if it’s not a kinetic war, it’s a spiritual war. And if it’s not a physical touch point, it’s got to be a spiritual touch point. And that touch point for me is a relationship with Jesus. But that relationship with Jesus includes me every morning, meditating on him, not church, not and not that I’m against church. But I’m talking about meditating with a warrior spirit, a mighty warrior spirit on God, and what he wants me to do, and listening to him. And reading the Word of God, not not too much like it’s meant to chew on meditate is meditating is like chewing on something, chewing and mulling over something. And so that’s what I do. And I try to listen to my spirit. And thank you so much for that. Thank you so much. Therefore, we should do a movie chapter on your story. I think I should just buy Netflix, I don’t know how we would do that. Maybe all of us bought together and we just split it like 1,000th of a 10th of a sixth of a quart of milk. You guys are awesome. grown up in Oakland. Oakland. Right on. So yeah. Awesome, man. What did you do for work before you got arrested? Um, well, it’s generally what? What some seals, the only thing you can really do and make a lot of money. And that’s other work, you know, overseas. Merc? I mean, yeah. You said? I mean, it is true. There’s contractors. I’m not talking about contracting. And then there’s other stuff too. There’s other stuff for governments too.

And I mean, what does the doctor do if he? No, that’s not a good example. You get what I’m saying. As a matter. Subscribe on YouTube. That’s right. Stacy’s always pulling through. Thank you so much. Stacy’s like the full time moderator. She’s awesome. Leave the seals and write a book. That’s pretty much what happens I sold. That’s why I don’t want to write a book. I am having a book written. But it’s not about the seals. I mean, there’s a portion of it in there, but it’s nothing that you’ve heard before. It’s like, some cool stuff. It’s a story of redemption. It’s a story of redemption. People need to hear the journey to be a seal. But everyone’s heard everyone’s heard about buds and how hard it is and what how bad I am. I was so bad. I carried the class on my shoulders. No, you didn’t you were crying. Your boom, I have baby. Best. And thank you for following me. If you’re just joining up really appreciate you. Looks like we have a lot of people going through. What was your class 282? I started with two a two and a ended with 2832 years later. And that’s normal. Let us know when the book is ready. We can review. Yeah, I would love that. I would really avoid the whole book thing because I really just thought it was. I mean, what else could be said? What else can be said I mean? Everything’s be said. I mean, I saw one seal book that said train your dog to be a navy seal. Your dog can be a navy seal. Now I’m just going man, I can’t take this anymore. Not exploit the hell out of my ankle bracelet. What else? Have you ever witnessed Stolen Valor? As a seal. I used to witness it more than anything in my wife, my ex spouse would would get mad at me for not doing anything. But I love I love to hear the stories. Like I literally had a guy say, yeah, bro. What do you say? He said, What do you do? And I said, Well, I’m sitting here on the airplane next to you. But that’s that’s what I’m doing right now. He is I know we do. And my wife’s like he’s in the military. And it basically got down to me being in the Navy. In this guy says, Well, I’m a navy seal, bro. And I said I said baby, he’s a navy seal. And my wife is looking at me going please don’t please. And I went on and on for like two hours on the airplane right? I was like dude, so it hurt was unbelievably hard. I always want to do but I just don’t have the balls to do it. Tell me about please. I’ve heard all kinds of stuff. I’ve heard some crazy stuff. But some of my friends if you did that for them, they blast you across the bar.

Because that’s where my friends are right now. are at the bars.

Thoughts on the UDT seal Association. I don’t know much that I don’t follow that stuff. I don’t know Look into it. Maybe you could tell me about it maybe it’s cool maybe it’s a good thing. It sounds like a legitimate thing. Tradition is everything that’s keeping it keeping it like this is important if you weren’t charged how rich would you be the same that I am right now well no no I spent I’ve spent at least 50,000 more than 50,000 on while you’re in my ex wife took the majority of it majority of it she had the old power of attorney Be very careful out there be very careful you know when you’re doing those little power attorneys You know, it can backfire on you pretty bad. But hey, you know, I forgive everything and I don’t really care anymore. I don’t have any attachment to that stuff anymore. But I lost a lot and some people probably say we you stole a lot well that that’s not necessarily true, but I can’t get into it I can’t get into the whole deal. Thank you Jimmy Do you inspire me Thank you very much. How heavily monitored are your external columns? Well, they took my phone they took my computer I had to give him the code to get into my phone which was which was 4444 I mean I didn’t think that was like I was like you won’t know what my code on my phone 4444 anyways but yeah yeah yeah i think you know I think the monitor me long enough. But you know, the FBI can do anything they want to guess what do you personally believe SEAL training gives you compared to other types of training well still training is highly highly complex thought out and and continuous okay. I mean real Navy SEALs man are they’re not like sitting on a screen on house restaurant now they’re jumping and dying and getting injured and shooting it up you know I’m saying because seals is not like the Marine Corps where once a marine always a marine and the seals it’s earn your Trident every day like you got to earn it every day you know? Our sleeve tats a write up a rite of passage for seals not necessarily but but they’re very commonplace

I had a new I had a new guy approached me in a bar in California in San Diego. I mean I mean you know if you look like I look like in that area at that bar, you just don’t do this stuff. And I had a I had a girl come up to me and say you’re not a seal and I was always hitting on the bartender and she said if she knew me I was a regular all the time back in the day and she said something to her forget about me being a seal I didn’t say anything in this girl was like you’re not she’s like I’m going to get my boyfriend you talk about getting your boyfriend hemmed up. And I say okay, go get your boyfriend and and I was real chill you know, I had to double gin and tonics like double fist and and you can tell he was looking at me but she was egging him on so much I really felt bad for him and because he was looking at me and but she was like she had totally control over the control this guy and he comes over and you can just tell a new guy you can just tell him we call him one pump chomps and stuff. And I’m not trying to be cool, you can just tell and it was like 2015 at the time and he came over and so there’s no way you’ve done anything in 2015 if you’re a new guy and so he came over and he said you know my girl said that you You said you’re a silly and I don’t think you are seal and I said I said brother I didn’t say that and see that I just let him in. You know let him into it. And he’s like, well, that’s why that’s why I knew you weren’t a seal you know you know this crazy stuff and and finally I was like, man, are you doing bro? Are you are you done? And I said What team are you on man? He said I’m with one I said Man, you’re just a one pawn shop and I’m not trying to be hard, but it was this crazy story. And but when I said that he knew that. I knew what I was talking about because if you call them one pump chump that’s a really really a derogatory thing for a new guy but they don’t see at the back. Anyways. He got nasty but There’s a way to deal with those things you know in the teams is bad. You know something like that happens because you know you’re just one phone call away You’re like, bro, can you take care of this situation? Yes, I let him into it. I’m sorry. Can you tell us about your bro Whew. My my, my best friend in the seal teams was Brett merrithew. And when I think about him, his sacrifice and how hardcore he was it to me it he’s the participant of a seal and the ultimate the ultimate navy seal that that’s just mind blowing and funny. way funnier than me really really funny. And just a supernatural God and when he was on life support he believed training training you know his whole life training to the to the max and we were together in the Marines and I was actually his scout combat waters scout swimmer instructor and me I bashed him in a haze them back in the back at first rains more deer it was acceptable. And so when I got when I checked in as a new guy, he was there. And I was like, I’m dead. It’s over for me. It’s absolutely over I could not believe it was him. But he was very forgiving and nice and and that even made it more scary for me. But it was so funny. I’m not no I’m not a seal anymore. No, no, I got out a couple years back would I ever go on juncos podcast? Absolutely. I tell you I’m gonna go on a big podcast real soon with gel how gel how strong they got a pretty big YouTube there and stuff. Cuz I really believe in their workouts. And I was gonna go on their YouTube and and just talk about whatever because I don’t want the questions beforehand. I don’t want to study thing. I like to do improv. And so I go on anybody’s show. And somebody asked, Will you get up at four in the morning and train like Jocko hey check it up.

Now I’m not trying to warn Jocko I used to get up in the teams at three 3am and and pick up the new guys. And trust me I did not want to, but just to lead by example and just crush them and crush myself in the process because you lead by example in the seals. You don’t just crush people only go Go ahead. No, no, you’re gonna wear them until he started beating because they’re younger. And then I stopped.

Can you tell us about the shark when Sean Ryan and Andy stump are former seals and have excellent podcast that’s fair to her. I’ve never seen their podcast and I just heard about him about a year ago. Of course Jocko I no joke. I was I served in the teams when Jocko was still in I believe as officer and we were both on West Coast but non same teams. What’s your pick for cammo all black digital, or Oji of green? Look you never go all black because black shines at night and you just shown like a lighthouse and you don’t want to be a lighthouse doing a surreptitious clandestine mission you know I’m saying with Richard marcinko and Jesse Ventura looking for aliens so yeah you don’t do all black you put on you know black in certain areas. And then od green is certain areas but I like od green some you see it sometimes when we just do stupid stuff and and pay my whole face od green. Just Tick Tock take a cut of the money. I’d rather just Venmo you. Thanks so much for protecting us. Hey, I tell you what, there’s there’s a couple things options. We should have a link up right now. Where you can all it’s 100% donations go to operation restored warrior through this special link make sure it’s the operation restore warrior link because the other link to donate to me on till my story.io is to go to my lawyers fees and Lucky Charms full disclosure. So if you’re not so just know that if you donate money there’s no line here. It’s still my story.io if you want to pick up a shirt to the right cost pretty much done question if a sweet guy went to the teams and gets got pin

I mean I think I know where you’re going this if a sweet guy goes to went to the teams and got pin, can you wear both devices? No.

Yes, yes, but but it would be looked down upon. I mean, the trata is the largest emblem in the entire military over any officer emblem or anything. It’s pretty ridiculous. It’s big marsoc made one. And I think it’s a tad bit bigger than the seal one just for just to get one in on us. I thought that was funny. But um, but it’s not the Trident. Enough. I’ve seen all kinds of crazy. I still want to buy a painting. Hey, will you DM me because I am selling these paintings. And that you can get some? You might as well buy my painting. That’d be nice. If anybody wants my paintings, I’m always down. Louise. What’s up? I am from Brazil. Thank you so much. Where’s everybody from? Thank you so much. So if you’re on a mission, say, say in the city, what kind of camera you wear? I’ve always wondered this. Well, General, generally, um, cities are surrounded by rural areas and rural areas. You’re going od, green, and black and some brown. It’s pretty much the same exact camera. It’s not like you put on white and black stripe can be pain. You know, this is not the movies, you know, it’s all the same. And kamee paid, generally is just for reconnaissance, reconnaissance Ops, because it melts off your face so fast. It’s so hard to keep Kenny pain on when when you’re doing operations. And so it’s not like you’re, you’re, you’re like, hey, let’s read Kamiya nobody wants to read cameo. People look at you like you’re crazy. Could Kentucky Delta Force training harder than SEAL training? On will? No. SEAL training is is hands down the hardest in the world? Absolutely. And and I you know, I don’t I’m not gonna lie to you and say it’s arguably the hardest. You just don’t see any seals go over there they but guys do come over to the seals. And the thing The thing is, is the water CAG CAG is is extremely hard. But the seal seals as they call it, the finishing school. It’s like two years long of hell. And that’s a long time. That’s a long selection. It’s not just buds. buds. You just get a little bitty piece of paper. They spit on you you go across the street get hammered. So yeah. Thank you so much for saying that. Hey, man, I’m on house rose two. What’s up, brother? fellow house arrest buddy? South Delta forces gone correct. It’s called CAG. Now counter saga? Did you use 556 or 308 formations. I tried to stay away from that three away. Uh, oh, you’re talking. And that’s that’s for snapper. we transitioned at 300 when mags because they’re like laser beams. You don’t have to call this wind. But a 308 is absolutely preferred in Afghanistan, over 506, but 556 is preferred over 300 blackout, you know, water, we’ll break them in. You know, they don’t have to yell at you in SEAL training. They don’t have to yell at you. They don’t have to curse at you to make you quit if they want to make you quit. If they don’t like you, you’re done. It’s a popularity contest to you don’t just like it’s not about just not quitting. There’s many, many factors that go into being a seal. Many factors. Your class can vote you out. It’s a democracy. You have to list the top five, and they bought in the bottom five guys. And if you’re being listed as the bottom five guys, you’re out. You’re done. You know. And it’s not just about surviving everything you have to perform. And it’s not just about performing. Like a fast guy will get a much better time than you. But if he doesn’t improve on his time, that means he’s slacking off and that means he’s not going to be a good team guy and that means he’s out. Drunk Proving sucks. But you learn to not care about any of that.

Is it true and training they make you drown? They don’t make you drown but you but drowning is a possibility or blacking out is a high I mean everybody blacks out, but I’m drowning captains. Luckily, guys get revived but every once a while trainee candidate won’t. McAfee was nuts. My wife’s best friend’s parents bought this place and Billy’s Panic Room included. bought his place in believes he had a panic room. That’s terrifying. It’s terrifying. nerve damage from water. Yeah, it’s kind of true. I’m telling you man seals hate water. Make no mistake about it. I mean, think about if you were a cardiovascular doctor, and you did surgeries from 4am in the morning till late at night, every single day and then on your vacation. They called you in to do heart surgery. Of course, you’d be like, no. You know what I mean? I love you too. Thank you so much for that. Thanks. Thank you for coming by. May we learn more about McAfee? You got to ask me a question about McAfee. Because I got a lot of stuff on that. Quick touch point. touch point. Damn neck right now. Don’t be jealous. This guy Cho says Damn, they’re crying now. Don’t be jealous. I’m jealous of your profile pic is crazy. Like my dog and et combined. Did you ever go through cold weather training in Kodiak, Alaska? Absolutely. We all have to go through that. At least the last 10 years or 15 years. Kodiak was cool, though. miserable, but cool. It was a it was pretty fun. Actually. How do you feel when you first heard Jesus speak to you?

It was it was epic. You know. It was epic. Because I didn’t think I could be spoken to. I thought that I lost my salvation. haven’t done any ops in the snow. I can’t say that. This is not a joke. Like, I would have to kill you right now. And now I just really you just can’t. You can’t even do the old diversion thing. You know? I can’t ask certain, like specific questions about these kind of things. Here’s what Yes. You believe McAfee is still alive in a way I do. Yeah. Fill the as read twice. I’m too dumb for the military. Bruce, you’ve come to the right place. Cuz you’re not you’re looking at the king of asthma taking. I’ve taken man. I’ve taken the ASVAB multiple times brother, and you are not alone man. Let me tell you seals. You should you should hear their stories. I mean, every seal that that I know has a tremendous trial to go through to be a seal. It’s just part of it. Taking that as fab over and over is part of it. Go take it again. Go eat you study I got math for dummies I dropped out when I was 13 years old. I had to teach myself math and all that. And I would just take those practice tests failed like it was already go back and study it for a week. Fill it again. Go take the real adventure fill it or not fill it but but not get the score that you had to get a 50 to get in the seals. One time I got a 48 you get one point waiverable you need a 50 I got a 49 I begged I begged them to let me go take it again. Like Stacy says, Yes, take it again. I don’t care if you’ve got to take it 1000 times you take it until they just shut the doors and lock it with with with chains. And then and then and then you walk away. But then you turn around and you go headfirst in that door as hard as you can until you’re in the hospital. And then when you get out of hospital you go do it again. And that’s what’s going to take

you instructed CST and the army. It’s amazing how many servicemembers can swim. It really is. It’s amazing what servicemembers will do to cheat on that stuff to they’ll jump off that tower. into the deep end and you got to flow with this like your rucksack and like a basketball will fly out. Because the pressure, you’re like, come on. No, I don’t know Sean Ryan. In fact, I saw a little snippets of podcasts on my semi and I don’t watch podcasts or anything. But I never even seen him. I saw his face and I was like, I don’t recognize him enough.

Reverse matrix. That’s right. touchpoint. Reverse wouldn’t be cool. Stay cool. Remember?

Do you think seals has changed your outlook on life? Get a lot of seal questions are not. Usually they’ll go into this stuff too much. Do you think seals have changed your outlook on life? And how do you apply the things you’ve learned? Yeah, it’s, well, you know, you continue to mature. And especially going through the teams, you learn, you learn some very, very hard lessons and lessons that could absolutely get you killed. One of the biggest lessons that I learned in the teams is attention to detail, I thought I had attention to detail in the brains. Because they taught they teach it so much. Like I mean, just one wrinkle on your rack, and you got to go make it again. But in the seal teams attention to detail is if you have a cross a twisted strap, or you pack your parachute wrong, and now you’re getting it super long, drawn out opening in line twist and stuff. It’s terrifying and you have to bicycle kick your way out there. And so you have to decide whether to cut away or not. And, and then and then you go into jumps at night. And then you’re on night vision and then you’re doing oxygen and you know, and then it’s super complex dives. You got to remember 15 different legs and stuff and it’s it’s difficult. And so it definitely matures matures you in your mind and you’re in physically. But it also teaches you how to how, what not to do to their life’s not just a big party. And that that, that same title that you know you’re so depending on can kill you really fast. was the worst thing you are going to do. Oh sorry, not worst thing I’m going to do when I’m on house arrest. I think the FBI told me I need to plant tomatoes next. What is the first thing I’m serious? What is the first thing you are going to do? When you’re on phosphorus? I don’t think about that. Really. I don’t think about that. I don’t know what I would do. You know, I visited my mom long enough day I came here for two days, I was gonna come here just for a little bitty, hey, next time you go to your mom’s Be careful. You think you’re gonna go and visit her for three days, two days, little 96 hour trip turns into a year of houses. How is the classroom math and chemistry, physics and buds? Hey, once you’re in the pipeline, once you’re in buds, it’s not so bad. They don’t really have you can fail for that. You can get dropped for that. But they know how beat down you are and suffering and so they teach it in a way that I mean you’re going to get it you know you’re going to get it. Don’t worry about that stuff. I worried about that same stuff. Those same questions are worried about sharks. I worried about you know, all kinds of stuff. I remember watching Shark Week. And I was like, man, can I ask why you’re in house risk? I got a lot of videos about that. Thank you so much. How’s mama peacock? She’s doing great. She was kind of mad because she said it looked like I was holding her hostage in the video. And I said well don’t act like I’m holding you hostage in the video next time. Oh my gosh, if you really knew her, she could kick my butt everywhere. She’s a dangerous woman who’s the least and most favorite seal you know back in the day on my hound on how to round and yell and stuff but how do I know you know how do I know anyone truly what their heart is? And I’ve been misjudged and miscalculated and accused and all kinds of things and and some some it was right and some of it was way opposite and wrong. And man I’ll tell you I always always regret talking bad about somebody. And you know I made some comments about on Neil and I hope that he’s not going down that road of I killed being Latino by myself anymore. I just know it was so epically big in the teams. We all really despise that. But because it’s a team, it’s just a team. And so I don’t have a least and I really honestly can’t tell you a least favorite. A favorite in at least Well yeah. My buddy Brett Mary, who I’ll say was is my favorite. That died. Hands down. Nobody beats him. No Buddy they’re much in the my buddy g pain. Hey, the favorite seals out there the baddest seals you know you’ve never heard of their names. You’ve never you’ve never seen them and you’ve never heard their names.

O’Neal is still on his 10 year media tour. That doesn’t make me feel so bad now about Tick Tock every time I think about Neil I don’t I don’t feel bad about Tick Tock so much. Saying that seals hate water so much. Because it’s true. Hey Matt, the real seals they call me like bro, that was so funny. And then I have a couple guys that like, hey you you’re misrepresenting? Stop bro, stop. You know is through some Rob. Don’t you can’t you can’t go to sleep at night. Saying that you can’t. You can’t tell me you love the water. Jimmy have to sign up brother, son off, brother. Thank you. Hey, I’m just going on and on. So I get it because I know people are rolling in and stuff and I just like to kill time and talk because I love doing this actually. Do you do BJJ? No, I don’t. Did you ever try out for I can’t answer this question. Why do you so many seals know. Now in the last decade talk so much hemper used to be Hush. I know. It’s really bad. It’s really bad. Because it got out of control and they didn’t check it. You know, Jimmy, what’s up? Where do you think you would be? If you hadn’t joined the military? I probably probably did. You know, the military. I you know, as a young man, you have to burn off some time. And if you don’t have

if you don’t have

a solid gold like college or something, then you you desperately need to kill some some time off in your 20s when all that testosterone is going on crazy. And you definitely need a place to go and and and burn off some time. Do they ever bring retired sales back? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. times get bad. There’s not that many seals, you know? It’s not many. Not not compared to what there needs to be if times get real bad. Yeah, Jesus was a sailor and he obviously was a seal. He was the first seal Jesus because he was walking on water. He knew way better than to dive under that nasty black abyss. Dynamic. What else? Do you believe that the military puts members in dangerous situations that could be avoided? Ah, you know, oh, you know, I can only speak for the the seal teams and it’s just a dangerous job. And if and if you think you’re going to go to the seal teams and not get injured or die, you’re wrong, because you’re gonna get injured for sure. You’re gonna get hurt. And it’s just the fact. You know, it’s just a fact. Why of me, extortion. 17 What about extortion? 17. What about? Have you ever read Theodore wrote this my favorite. My favorite quote is by Theodore Roosevelt. The man in the arena? It is. It’s not the critic who counts. What a great What a great quote. I’ve read that many times in my life like it’s pretty down spots and try to get some motivation from it. You know? Ranger seal harder. Well seals big. I mean, and that’s no hit on Rangers. Rangers are tough and awesome warriors. It’s just a whole different mindset and a whole different mission. Do you regret what you did to get locked up? can’t ask can’t answer that question. Sorry. I regret it. I regret a large part of my life but now that it’s come to full fruition and Jesus saved me. I don’t regret it because I see how it was so necessary to get me here. You see. Thank you for joining everybody. Thank you for following me if you’re not following me. I, I would say that I do have some some videos that will make you unexpectedly laugh and maybe cry and maybe give you hope if you’re down and need help. And I appreciate I say that very humbly. So I think you were you mostly aware. Sorry, I missed out. They go fast sometimes. Apostle Paul kind of saved. Yeah, I would say so. I would say so. Fire. Thank you so much, Chris. Andrew, thank you so much. We’re for special ops teams. Have you worked with a lot, a lot of SEO questions and a lot of military?

I probably can’t go into too much. They’re a bit of stay away from that. Why don’t you listen to podcasts? It’s just, you know, I have other you know, I have other things going on. And it’s not that it’s kind of like, for me, it’s kind of like, oh, maybe war movies. I don’t like watching stuff. I don’t like participating in it. I don’t watch TV anymore. It’s just kind of it’s nothing against podcasts at all. Thank you for your service. Thank you very much. Thank you. I got a lot of videos while I’m on house arrest is a valid question because my life is labeled house arrest. So I appreciate your question. And I do appreciate you checking out my videos. I have a couple of videos now on house risks. Which are favorite workout program. Hey, out of all the workouts I’ve done, I started doing that Gil house routine when the jailhouse strong. got it from my buddy. And I mimic a lot of my workouts around that without plagiarizing anything. But I mean, you know, I mean, push ups were plagiarize from the caveman, I guess. But a lot of different types of push ups. And I honestly, like mine, the ones I created, and they’re for free, they’re free. You can get any of my workouts mighty warrior workouts, and I put thought into them is from a lot of experience, and they’re very effective. They’re quick, they hurt, but they’re quick and you can do them with limited or minimum or no equipment. Really. What do you mainly do throughout the day, if you if you don’t watch TV? Well, I paint, I do Tick Tock videos, touch point. Thank you, I touch point my way out of this place on touch point my way out here, like Alcatraz up here. I do a lot of stuff. I do outreach people that desperately need help. And it’s not that I’m helping them it’s that I’m providing them with my testimony and hope that I received from Jesus because I told God that I told God that if he saved this wretched terrible person of a human being that was so down and out in my life, that wanted to die every every time I woke up, I wish it was night when I would wake up the morning. And I wished it was morning when it was night. And but I told God if he saved me if he saved me, which I didn’t think was possible. And I’m talking like saved like a real physical like something happened in my life to change in to me to actually opened my eyes and to reality that I would testify for the congregation that I would that I would go all out just like the seal teams but with Jesus and with God and with with the message of hope. Not the message of paid you love Jesus, like Shut up, you know, slap black, I know it’s not about that. This is about real, real, no joke, hardcore, reality slapping you in the face, if you need help, reach out to me. And I promise you, you would be amazed at what God can do through someone that’s willing. And I just hope that when you’re changed by Jesus through this through this lighthouse, that you would do the same thing. And don’t ever forget that and that you wouldn’t be able to help others because that’s the only purpose in life that I’ve come to conclusion is that we were created to help others. And so if you have big ambitions to be a seal or a billionaire, or all these things, think about your real intentions. And when you start focusing more ongoing, okay, I want to be a doctor, I want to be this but it’s to help people. Now God can work with that. But when it’s selfish ambition, You know,

I don’t think there’s much there to work with.

Because I’ve been there. Our job is to be missionaries to all those around us. That’s right. And you know, what is it a lighthouse do it stands on the fringes of Skid Row in society, on the shoulders on the rocks. And it guides, lost, sinking ships in the dark of night, that literally have no hope. And you may be listening to my voice right now. Generally, we have average of 7000 to 9000 people. patriots and warriors and in and children of God are daughters of God, man and mighty warriors of God. Tune into this live when I do this, and it’s epic. To see how many people come through, but it’s not about that, but it’s about you can be the only person that this is meant for tonight. That’s how much God loves you to actually coordinate and strategically do what he has done for me. Just so he gets a lineup this meeting right now, in that my friend, when you when you think about the strategic Miss, if that’s even a word, but it doesn’t matter. If you think about the strategic ness of us meeting right now, in you, in you receiving this love from me and say no Jesus, hippy love. It’s such a portrayal of weakness and sadness. It’s really sad. But if you’re receiving this right now, I tell you what, it’s like the last ship seeing that lighthouse, you just saw the blink boom, you just happen to see the first blink tonight thing. I’ll tell you what, if you’re seeing this blink, and you need help, right now, if you’re seeing this lighthouse, and you just see that glimmer light one time, you better with all that you have in all that your mind and everything you have left in your life right now. Turn that bow, turn the bow of your ship into that light and keep it there and see what happens. And then when you go through my channel and see these videos, they were not done on my court. If they’re if they’re crazy and funny about the turbo meter, you know, with the hair blower That’s for me, that’s me just trying to keep it fun. But I’ll tell you what, there’s a deep message that is is in these videos for you. That offers hope. And I’d say you when you need hope

do anything people will do anything for hope. Thank you for saying that.

You ever fast long enough to have a real clarity of mine. Yeah, yeah, I did though. You know, I did some extreme fast you know, extreme ones. And I think they’re absolutely necessary times. Purple worker Jimmy Mack, a modal. Opus with kilo, three, five, back in nine, nine. It was aboard the USS pehlu was stills. Were you on the pillar. I was on the pehlu in 2000 2002 1000, tarwin, 2000 and pehlu in 2001. And I was with three one thundering third, first Marines and first marine first march, march 30. On the USS Tarawa and the USS Pella, so it looks like we missed each other. But I was a marine at the time.

What did McAfee mean when he lets people when he said he lets people build their own cages? Well, McAfee was the only person I’ve ever heard of or seen that could allow the enemy to come into his house, take from him steal from him, because he’s a very wealthy man. And so you have to understand people. They’re like, they’re like, you know, like buzzards and vultures when it comes to money. And they lose their entire sense of their their mind. And their actions they believe are either justified somehow, or they believe that john Mack they believe that john McAfee would not ever see them. Do it. But I had a very similar mine is McAfee not the genius part. But sometimes people would call me like, like a son like a little McAfee, but because we did think alike but, but not like a genius like him, but he, um, but he would just let you do it. But he was such a good actor of being, like, acting like he never saw but I saw it. And I was like these people are stupid to steal from him. That’s a scary man. Very scary, man. I can’t get into the details, but very scary, man. I know. You didn’t steal from him. You steal from you much more than you stole from him. And how did I get off cocaine and alcohol? Well, you know, I would I I just enforced serious discipline my body and a lot of it had to do with my workout routines I saw I was able to pick it up and get off and pick it up which is just as bad. And and I would have gone back to that lifestyle had it not been for the FBI getting me but it wasn’t the FBI that stopped me from doing that they would stop me stop me temporarily, but there’s so much drugs in prison. I mean, you know, it’s, there’s more drugs in prison than there are in the streets. So but but I went to prison and then when I got on house arrest if I was released, or whatever would happen I would have exiled myself and not sought out drugs and alcohol but but it just would have been part of my life. And, and but Jesus came in and restored my heart in my life. And to the point of being ashamed of that stuff, because I saw the damage that it done to, to family friends, ex ex spouse. I mean, you’re looking at a guy that did not care about anything. I could care less I was I lived on the edge of death all the time. And my actions were extremely aggressive

controlled. But

I mean, God forbid you know, we we meet each other in a you know, and you slightly offend me, or more so a buddy at the time. And I’ll tell you, that’s a great way to get stabbed and killed. It almost happened, you know, and I’m just very fortunate, and especially the crew that I was hanging out with

you know,

things are not solved, resolved by fist. Things are not resolved by fist punching lets you know that things are resolved but extremely violent methods in so to be safe from that I literally have a new light in my eyes. Just recently, I looked in the mirror and I go man, I have some beautiful eyes. And I’m seeing that really humbly because I’m going somewhere with that. The problem is in in I guarantee you there’s something about you that’s beautiful. But you’ve never noticed it until God opened opens your eyes. And I always had my eyes and am I remember my grandma Sam was I was little but but I’ve reminded of so much things now. And it’s not about mine. But it’s I I was careful when I say that because it sounds so ridiculous. But But what I’m trying to tell you is there’s something about you that you have forgot that is so beautiful. Because your eyes have not been open to that beauty in when you see it. When when Jesus reveals it to you, because he will because he’s no respecter of person. And if he is the reason why he saved me, is for me to tell you if he saved me, you can be saved. I have people say, you don’t understand what I’ve done. Jimmy, you don’t understand what I’ve done. And I say listen to me. I say don’t ever make the mistake of telling me that again. Because you happen No idea. You have no idea what Jesus can save you from? Because you’re speaking to him right now.

You know, and that’s the truth. I’m sorry for your loss. That’s right.

I’ve heard somebody say, you know, I get some bad comments every once in a while, you know, so myself here today to sit Oh, man, you just made a lot of bad choices. And I said, I said you are extremely observant. Next question. touchpoint. Well, thank you, Stacy. I agree. aimia, practical preacher.

My dad said, religion was the worst thing that ever happened Christianity.

Let me get a painting off you for 200 dealer no deal. No Deal. Because the paint itself after I’m done with these bad boys and stuff, that you know, and then shipping and stuff, it’s just man, I’m sorry. I, you know, what if I if I had a book, and I’ve given paintings away? And but if I if I had them to give away, I will give you one. It’s not there. Are you going to prison? I don’t know. Do you actually hear God’s voice? No, no, it’s not in your head. It’s in your heart. But But when you hear it? You know, it’s not like, and it’s in, it’s so much more amazing than a real voice. Because our real voices are just fake. Compared to his voice. And so and by the way, if he if he did talk to you in a real voice, you would probably die like this, like that quick because it would be terrifying. And so his voice is, is the most purest voice in truth, when because it’s all knowing. It’s like your your entire body, your mind, your spirit, know at once, exactly what to do for what he said, you and you my friend, and so many people out there have heard this voice. You have actually heard God’s voice and you don’t even know it. That’s why Jesus was so specific. In saying he said what is it that you want to a blind man, knowing that he was completely blind? The blind goes like this. It just goes what is it that you would have me do? He said, I want to see. I want to see. And that’s all you have to do. No more long drawn out prayers. Jesus. You know, Jesus, I need you now to intervene in my life, or I’m going to die.

It’s over. So here I am.

Going to take it. They took my truck with a tow truck when I put my when I put the cover and take a sticker on it. I’ll never forget I laughed so loud. Sometimes you got to laugh You know. I looked in this big tow truck was taking my truck off because I had to sell it you know, for all these bills and stuff. And he had come and take it bumper sticker with a cannon on it. And they’re taking it was like God was telling me well you said come and take it. I was like, hey, that’s what I get for that one. It was so funny to me. You know, so funny to me. But it was really sad to sit down. But I’d say you put your you put your your, your worth and your value in someone else or or, or, or things of his life and you’re setting yourself up for disaster because only the father can give you validation, not your earthly dad. Very rarely does an earthly dad give validation to a kid that he needs or she needs masculinity bestows masculinity. Hey Jimmy, where do you find the Lord? I feel so indebted to to operation restore warrior that I put their nonprofit link on my site, tell my story.io and 100% of the proceeds go directly to operation restored where that’s where I went. And I have never seen a more effective and incredible place. I said man if I’m a millionaire one day they said I thought you were Jimmy. I said, No, not anymore. If I was I’d be blasting this place for money because it was life changing. It’s a nonprofit it’s for free for when you go and when you feel the love and compassion I didn’t know you’re not supposed to tell anybody this but they had been praying for me it’s just first name basis because they don’t want to know your last name because your last name is attached to that field that everybody’s been spewing out all your life you know your full name your last name you can google and if you’ve done anything bad people have attached your past to you. So they just take your very first name just Jimmy that’s all he had. And they had been praying for me for a couple of weeks before I got there and I had no idea in what had to happen to get me to that place 15 FBI agents had to arrest me to get me to operation restore where that’s the truth that is no joke. That is basically it and sometimes God Jesus will arrest you in some way maybe not federal test state federal penitentiary like I was in but that’s what it took. I was an animal I had gone lose I had I was a lion and I was losing the zoo and I was in I was eating everybody’s concession stand food you know if a lion came up and just ripped your hot dog out of your hand and your funnel cake out of your wife’s hand and then yeah, you got to you know, put him back in the cage until he until he behaves You are such a one man I’m afraid so my friend I was I was on the run for a couple of years. A couple years I was on my own program and I’ll tell you what though. It is running like I was from myself from God from everybody living abroad like I was with impending doom always always falling you it’s hell there’s no there’s no reprieve of peace

so you resort to

women in my case and drugs and in a very very crazy lifestyle and that’s the truth and and we were not going to see change we’re not going to see change in America we’re not going to see change anywhere until until the reason why we’re not seeing change in big epicness and people talking like I am is because all the all the preachers are the same. And I’m not saying there’s some phenomenal preachers out there that have done way more than I can ever imagine. And but what I’m saying is like there’s so very few real dudes and women out there that are willing to get out in front everybody and be vulnerable and expose themselves and be like, hey, look, this is the truth. I baptize myself in emetine Hot Tub after a three day coat bench. And I’m telling you that because that’s how lost I was. If that ain’t lost, I don’t know what is a home myself. fracture my neck. A real hairline fracture my neck on the CT scan afterwards.

I didn’t care about nothing. That’s truth. You were part of VR Vaart?

Yeah, that’s a rescue for Yeah. Which sallman? Yeah. Solomon’s a good friend of mine. I love Solomon. We’ve done a documentary together on anti sex trafficking. There’s contra land. There’s done a documentary with him. A couple of documentaries not with one with him, though, on anti sex trafficking. When we were round rounding up bad gas.


He’s a great guy. Solomon’s legit. doesn’t get enough credit for what he does. He’s been pounding the streets and the desert, Mojave Desert

for years.

Fine sex trafficking. Hey, thanks for saying that. You’re a good dude too. If you’re a dude, you’re good dude. Any advice or response would be greatly appreciated. Tyler Moore, two eight, or to a What did you say? All I got is all in all any advice or response would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what you’re saying. What I think about the Spartans, June, mid June. I love the Spartans. They had a serious model. Is Jocko legit? As far as I know, you know, I’ve heard nothing but good things about him.

You know, we’re to each his own, you know?

Hey, if you did your time seals,

what’s up? Hey, thank you for that. Thank you for that.

I like the Spartans. What about you Jim? What do you think about the Spartans? That’s the question that’s right mama bear the honesty in shows. Other anyone can find a lot as right. Big Mac, it’s okay now though. Yeah, my neck is all right. I didn’t know it was fractured. But they said you know, your neck is fracture. I said, Yeah, maybe possibly. I mean, it could have been done for it could have been done on a bad jump ahead. Or, you know, doing the crazy stuff in in the in the teams and stuff. But I think it was from that. The Hey,

did multiple deployments help you develop

conversation skills or storytelling abilities? You know, man, I got, I got I got first grade, I got first place The only good thing I ever did in school. I later got a university degree and had a 3.9. But that’s because I was like determined to go crazy buck ham on this. Because it’s so tired of failing in school. Well, when I was little, I got first place in storytelling as a little bitty kid. And I remember telling stories, I had a snapping turtle bite my thigh. I should have took the warning. He was actually telling me Hey, your penis is gonna get caught a bell center one day, bro. And you need to chill out on your stuff. Don’t Don’t be trying to put a leash on my neck. I was trying to put a leash on a turtle’s neck. Come on. I was tiny. You know? And, man, you try to put a leash on the snapping turtles neck. And you’re you’re squatting down like I squat, because I’m double jointed like Michael Phelps and my ankles. I’m telling you right now, son, you’re gonna get snapped in half. Red Snapper Tom on your little five. And he’s gonna be hanging off your grandma’s gonna be trying to pull him off the thigh. So I don’t know where I got, you know, you know, the seals is a rough group. And you got to be able to take punches and give them at it and give them back. And so I learned a lot of just, you know, my whole life you know? been working on this skill a long time, brother Thornton that’s that’s hopefully that answers that.

You will be the death of me. I hope not. I’ve done enough ice cream dealing. Please don’t blame that on me. Don’t put this on me. Don’t put this on me. I’m telling you that that it’s a red Texas snapping turtle. And she told me Jimmy No. Oh, nevermind. That was something else. The staff internal Grammy on my thigh. In bed down. I’m telling you, it was terrifying. And that was my

first for first call. First close call.

I scroll by this. I love it. When people come in here. They’re like what the heck would do snapping turtle bin is what off? I scrolled past this live and I just heard double jointed in my ankles like Michael Phelps was not. Hey, will you follow me and join this mighty warrior trap? I promise you Your life will never will never. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. Now. Let’s put a mike tyson who cares. Anyways, follow me in check out my videos. Thank you. That’s right. Michael Phelps. I’m double jointed like Michael Phelps, but uh, obviously a sink in the pool like a rock. What’s up, because the camera as the camera adds like 50 pounds of dense hard muscle. I want you to know that I don’t really look like this. But the camera actually adds like at least 50 to 100 pounds of rock solid hard titanium alloyed muscle. And that’s why that snapping turtles beat just was dull the rest of his life because when he did down on my four year old thought his big just bent in half, because that’s what happens when you bite me. Your little big is going to bed. It’s called a big band

you’re funny bro. Thank you.

It’s called a big band. That’s what’s up. I’m making my own rules open house risk. You know somebody asked me today is it a sim you’re making up your own rules now?

I thought God God made the rules Jimmy. I said may you put your you you do you make the rules for your

kids to go to bed and you just wait for God to put your kids to bed? You better make some rules in your life. When rules are gonna make you and that snap in turn is gonna bite you right where the where?

You know where

you don’t say you know what I mean? Come on. Yeah, speak from the heart. It’s got mutual before I should tell the Disney story again. Yeah, chewed all the time smoked the Marines chewed wintergreen tobacco seals. Give me that Grizzly easy called the grizzly easy. bad for you, man. To your cheer live off, you know, because you’re always going through some kind of stressful thing and you’re acting like it’s not stressful. You’re all laughing and stuff, but you’re sweating. You know you’re like laughing in a terrible way. The Disney World nobody wants to hear about how beat up a Disney World character. You don’t say? Nobody. Nobody wants to hear about the fox. It took my hat. And why was he Mickey Mouse pancakes and I had to go smoking. You know, I mean, like smoke crayons, because it took my head. He assaulted me.

And that’s just the truth.

I sell my paintings for 1000 billion million it’s what I’m charging the same as that navy seal. Oh Neil’s getting for his movie. $1 billion $1 billion. That’s what’s up. That’s what’s up. Man. I’m very mad negotiations are extremely unreasonable. very unreasonable.

You don’t say?

You don’t tell Picasso? How to paint son. Do you imagine people that jump on here? They’re like, dude, he just say he got his penis cartoner a snapping turtle or bill Sander? I don’t know. He in who is mama bear

and purple work. And and

Did you know The hairball is actually a torkel

meter. A torkoal meter.

A real charcoal meter that ionizer button on your hair blur? is a torque old meter. Somebody asked me while I was on house arrest I said look, I’m about to tell you the best secret ever way bigger than john McAfee anything. I just found out what the ionizer button is on the hair blur.

I call it a hair blower you call it hairdryer whatever.

And and what I’ve come to conclusion is is torkel meter you turn that thing on, put it on your butt but it just kind of like not on your butt but don’t be weird in it hold it maybe like six inches from your butt. And however hot it gets is how well you’re doing in your twerking season. In that’s what me and my three friends unanimously decided the other day after much specialization. mag My name is peacock the lion’s mane and textural needle we all decided that it myself. What’s the pitcher on the wall?

Oh, let’s call the bear dance. That’s one of the pitches my mom

put up. And it’s just flat out strange. It’s a bunch of bears dancing together. And I have to look at that at night. I have to stare at that in my in my whitey tighties I mean, you know what I mean? And I stare it often for a long time. It’s actually one of those pictures that will come out at you like 3d. Hold on. Let me let me show you something real quick. I’ll tell them I’ll tell the Disneyland story. Okay, it’s not as cool as my buddy who who’s in a French one Legionella guy calf was going back. He I’m just mad at him just because he used to date all the Disneyland.

princesses. And I’m going dude, the closest

I ever got was hi knee and the fox in the in the chest is Plex because he stole my head. And my homeboy, my homeboy, we’d be drinking. He

say, Yo, I gotta go, homie. I say, what are you going? It’s like one in the morning is Oh, I’ve got a date with snow white dog. And I’d be like, at one in the morning. He’s Uh, yeah, so I’m like, Man, this is some bs man. Snow White


Okay, I want you to see something. Yes, I’ll tell it okay.

Just quit that dip. And you know, I’m saying but I mean, I’m a hypocrite. You know, I told my mom I said, Man, if you’ve seen it that nicotine gum, Graham, give me a piece of that. Okay. I thought it was over. Sometimes. Sometimes we just need something to chew on. Like that. Like that. Oh, bell center, like that. Red snap in Texas turtle. They got ahold of me. He’s just trying to chew on something you’re saying. And sometimes you got to let him. Look, I want you to see this. This is something I painted the other day. Just kidding. I did not paint this. Do you see Jesus? This Does everybody see the face? Can you see Jesus in this picture?


no, when you see this? When you see Jesus, you’ll know for sure.

It it’s not like a maybe. Do you see it? Do you see Jesus? Look, look. There’s the eyes, and the beard in the mouth.

And that’s me in Afghanistan,

after a big old firefight with the Mujahideen

where I had a frag my way out of that song. I did all by myself. Of course, my team was over there sleeping. And I had to just win the war by myself. Because that’s what happened. But thank God. I mean, obviously. But Jesus was there with me. here Yeah. So I’m sitting there. I’m staring at this. Come with me right now. Come with me. If If you don’t like me, I’m asking you to double tap on the screen. And if you really don’t like me, just follow me. Just follow me and then in and then come with me right now cuz imagine that guy you saw on that picture? That’s me. Back in 2006 at Disneyland, okay. And all I have to do is sit through this Disney Land. Mickey Mouse breakfast. That cost atrocious amount of money for my niece, because she wants to know really Nana wanted it for my niece, which is my adopted daughter. She’s sitting there with her Mickey Mouse pancakes. I’m sitting there looking at my Mickey Mouse pancakes. Having some kind of PTSD issues with the face. I’m going like this, like, you know, and because I’m home for Iraq, right? I just got back from Iraq. I got a backwards hat on because I’m so cool. You know, because that’s what I do. I’m like, Damn, missourian that’s this is who I am. And then so I had this backwards hat.

And I’m sitting there at Disneyland breakfast. I have to be careful how I say all this and

and everybody gets her food. Everybody Yeah, Anaheim. That’s right. No, not Anaheim. Federal Prison. Okay. All right. And everybody gets a breakfast we’re sitting around I’m not looking at Snow White or Cinderella. I’m not blowing kisses. I’m not stealing kisses you don’t like it usually do. Because my friends dating all women. I respect him, you know, in his fidelity. And so I get my pancakes. I’m about to eat them and I I feel my hat and all all you people that were backwards hat. You know, you know when you feel that hat does get ripped off you. Bad things happen. It as you will know in some states. That’s That’s a salt in my book that was assault at the time. And so I had to do the only thing that a reasonable man, Godfrey man, such as myself, would do in that situation. And that was to get up against everyone’s advice, including my dad telling me Do not do anything. I said that. I said, What? What, what, what, what? What am I supposed to do? Um, you know, because back then it was all about respect, you better respect me. And he just big, big disrespect. Because he didn’t just like, throw it

back. You know.

He went about 50 yards out, and he was on this bridge. And he had his foot up. And he’s like, just looking at me going like this troll in my head around his big ol orange finger. You don’t mean his finger was this big. And I’m like, dude, I’m looking over there. And I’m trying to calm down. I’m doing like box breathing. I’m doing all this like trying to calm down. Because I see this big. I don’t know what charactery is to this day. He’s got the long nose, a cone, he had an orange safety cone for his nose. He needed to kick in. And in there it is. And he’s got this big Fox head pre tall. And I’m like, Yo, man, I don’t know if I could do this. And my mom goes, do not do anything. Please, please don’t do anything. Because it’s Daphne’s

birthday. Or sorry, or her special?

Snow? Why? Who cares? Disneyland breakfast. That’s it. Yeah, well, you know, I didn’t want to be in that rack for the last year. But that happened. I didn’t want shrapnel in my leg. But that happened on a piece called Bell center and in 10 years from now, if that makes any sense. And so I said, I’m sorry. It’s so so he’s trolling my hat. And I can tell he’s laughing at me, because that’s how fox is laughing at you. That’s how they laugh at you. And so I go over there. And I see your when I see it. And he just continues to twirl it with his big safety cone fingers. And I’m like, Man, this can’t be happening right now. Because now back in the day, I hadn’t had respect. You better respect me, Mr. Fox, especially in front of all these ladies. Especially in front of Snow White. You know, I mean seriously. And so, can’t be having a disrespecting, and so I had no other option but to gently and I mean, gently nudge him with my knee, in his, in this area. in self defense, because I feared for my life and the safety of my man. He’s a military aged Fox,

male. What are you supposed to do?

He laid out some f words. And so I was like, well, you really deserve that because you’re not supposed to be using the F words at Disneyland. Okay. We paid big money for this breakfast, and I’m gonna go eat my pancakes now. And I figured that the I was gonna get arrested. He was looking at me through the stream of his of his of his mouth. His eyes were in his mouth looking at me. And he was not happy. He was

a widow

walbro and I was like, bro, you took my hat, bro, can I have my back? And so I went and sat down with my family. And I said what? Hey, you guys have seen the Italian movies like what? What?

Hey, you started What’s going on?

Nobody ever said anything. It was a crazy.

Anyways, that happened. Self Defense man.

Yep. Is everybody still there?

Just just if everybody left It’s okay. I get it. After that. I really do get it.

Pocahontas is in that picture too. Right on the river.

Hey, mama bear. How you know that?

Yeah, she’s uh, you know it. Hello from Anaheim. So you know about this Disneyland. Already laugh and Stacy. Stacy was that funny? That was funny, right? Just had my first advanced dive in the dark. I was paranoid about getting bumped. Like your stories. I’m so sorry.

You if you’re going to

go diving at night, I would say, unfollow me in do not whatever you do. Watch my scary seal stories. They’re terrifying. The giant squid. The white albino albino Alfa Mr. T looking a real seal animal that came in the water and bit my buddy’s face. Ty was in the hood, Snow White, what’s up?

And ever work with?

Everybody always says, uh, have I ever worked with David Goggins? I’m like, No, and I’m glad I did it, because he wants you to run with him. Can you imagine my buddy was his workout partner and was miserable. It was like, bro, this gets out of control. He goes to bed at 8pm at night, no matter what. I think he got divorced over it. And he tastes like this handful of pills. Not not like bad stuff. But like, all these natural pills these like, you know, it’s 759 and then like, goes into a coma because his heart rate is so low. Yeah. And don’t ever steal a Texans hat. You know, I’m saying, Don’t ever touch a man’s hat. You don’t ever touch a man’s peacock and then and then run with it.

Yes, Christy idea. That happened. It did. Pinocchio was bullying you at Disneyland Thai? Man, dude. You’re lucky you didn’t serve time with me in the federal penitentiary, bro. You wouldn’t be saying that. You wouldn’t be asking all these questions. I guarantee. I’m just kidding. I love ty. I thought Ty was a girl for a long time a woman because from a far distance your profile It looks like you’re have long waving hair. Like the Little Mermaid in Disneyland. But come to find out. No tie is a very muscular, scary man. terrifying. He lives in the Anaheim hood. Eight o’clock. Goggins coma. One time he was standing at attention, Goggins. And he just fell over like a stiff board, my buddy said. And he was just out for 30 minutes like this, with like a 30 pulse, like a 30 or 20, or whatever pulse is crazy, man.

Why don’t you ever hear about seals getting killed by sea creatures? And sharks? And Will’s? Well, the reason is, is because this shark comes up to us guaranteed because I’ve been bumped by all kinds of stuff. And they’ve actually, there’s ways you can tell I can’t go into it. But there’s ways you can tell there’s a sea creature down there. You don’t know but your buddy does on the on the surface and circling you. Of course, they don’t cancel the dive. They don’t care about that. They’re like, no, you’re,

you’re you’re diving.

I don’t care to get in the water. But there’s snakes everywhere. Sea snakes,

I don’t care jump in the water.

I don’t care. We don’t stop for nothing. And I think the shark is so blown away by our audacity to get in the water with him. And not be encircled by a cage. And then the fact that no bubbles are coming out. I think he’s just like, like, what do you want to do by the guy? I mean, he might bite me. I don’t know. But we’re sitting there going,

please don’t judge me there.

Fox is the leader of a Mexican Mafia by the way. To what do you have all these like, gang win comments all the time? Yo, what’s up with that tattoo son? How do you make a shake? How do you what’s the best kind of shake you can make son My bro calm down. Man if you plan on going to federal penitentiary so I can tell you how to make some Laffy Taffy out of starkist and, and a coffee creamer. If you want best of your head. No, not teaching about creatures.

sea creatures is classified. But how you can see sea creatures. Forget it. Forget it. So you’re saying so you’re saying the shark has your respect? I don’t know I know I think he just like the shark is going man this this person is got to be absolutely out of his mind to be down here. Right now. My old man was a Navy Diver and he says seals are Krabi babies. Ah yeah, yeah. There was after he tried to kiss him is that that’s what happened. I don’t have a comeback for that. Usually I have something good. I’m sorry. I was like Yep. No, we know. We really are I mean I mean you’re right. your your your grandpa was was a very respectable and actually very honest guy, I would say, because he’s absolutely right. We are crap babies. We cry all the time we cry before the dive we cry after we cry. When we’re on CNN saying that we were the only ones that accomplished the mission and got a lot in. Sort of right a lot of tears going on a lot of tears. Can you cook you should do some cooking videos. This funny how you said it? What do people keep asking me they’re like, Listen, you want to see me could have you seen my cooking barbecue? You should have seen the chicken that I that I made today. It was on fire. My chicken was on fire because I love y’all so much. I was doing a video and I was like no I’m not I’m not giving this up. I’m not doing it all. When I am done touch pointing and conducting a lion’s mane drill. With lions in my lion’s mane. Then I will go to my chicken. Then I will get you out of the the furnace. thing was on fire. Hey, I’m crying. REM you don’t answer my questions. Maddie eight by eight. Ask away. Seriously, I’m here for you. Ask me whatever you want. Sorry, I didn’t get your question me. I’m sorry. What is your opinion on O’Neal and his claims? I kind of went into it earlier. You should never be claiming anything on your own in the seal teams. It’s called seal teams. It’s called the team’s like everybody knows. When you say yeah, I was in the teams. It means you were in the seal teams. It’s because it takes everybody to do one thing.

All when we’re on our own.

We obviously we can’t do much on our own. We’re not superhuman. But as a team, a well synchronized season team. extremely effective and powerful. And worth 100 fighting man just six guys. Very dangerous crew very dangerous. Thank you so much sniper. Thank you, cats and dungeon. I don’t know if you’re ready to hear about the dungeon. Do you want me to put me in the worst mood ever? Do you really want me to go there tonight? It’s too late to be going to the dungeon story. That’s the deep dark dredges of. Well, it’s a testimony though. If there’s somebody out there that is desperate for for for hope. And it doesn’t believe in the Jesus thing but is desperate right now. And they say yes, please tell me the dungeon. I’ll do it. But please be please be serious and real. Because I got a big heart. I’ll do it. Man. Besides you Maddie. You’re probably sipping my ties in in in Disneyland right now with that fox. For all I know. I’m just kidding. I’m playing. I’m joking. That sounds so good, homie. He does brother Maddie it does doesn’t it? I would sip my ties with that fox and I would try to kiss him even. And I would I would do everything I could to get out of this house for us.

Okay. What? Pop Colonel. Hi.

How are you doing? from Boston?

What’s up?

Boston? What’s going on? insufficient battery. Oh, charge. Hello, Jimmy. God bless you. And God bless American my ties for that. tried it. That’s right. That’s right. Hey, let me let me let me let me tell you something,

though. Let me let me back up. Hold on.

Did you say your grandpa was a diver. He said we were crybabies. I get that I get that we are. However,

there is something they call and I’m

gonna let it out. This is a secret, but I’m just gonna say it because I just can’t hold this back. And when I heard about as a seal, and when all everybody else the seals heard it at the bar. When we were with a bunch of divers. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Because these divers were drunk. In vino Veritas means in Latin, in wine, there’s truth. Y’all know what I’m talking about. And they said that there was something called Deep Sea. Deep Sea kissing. Now Hey, I’m not I’m not bagging on the divers,

okay? But, but this is the truth. Okay? We may be crybabies, but I assure you. We’re on deep sea kissing homeboy.

Well, one time But, but for the most part, okay, that’s also your last are very entertaining. I get ready for bed listening to you. Thank you. I like that. Appreciate you saying that. I really do. You know if I could I will take a shower with your sleep with y’all. Everybody. That’s just how I am. That’s how much I love you. Stop. You’re too funny. Oh man, I’m glad nobody said give me the dungeon story. My goodness, that time that beepers done. Max. I’m sorry. We’re gonna have to do that tomorrow. That one time. Yes. Explain the dungeon. Please. Wesley. Wesley, you won’t be too. I was thrown into a dark dark dungeon. No, it was so bad that I was deaf for several days afterwards. Pretty much death because of the bar slamming so loud. In fact, there was a tip everybody’s like, stop. No, please. Just go real quick. There was a guy. There was a guy naked with feces and on the wall and he’s yelling at God for three or four days. It was supernatural what he was doing. You couldn’t do that on your own power. So there is a good and I’m always amazed when people believe in Weegee board experiences like they all everybody has a Ouija board experience like, Oh, my Elvis picture of myself back in the day. floated past you know, and I’m like, if you believe in that, there’s got to be the other side. So anyways, what I’m saying is this guy was not on his own power to yield for he was yelling for three days f f, God is loud as you could in I mean, day and night. So 36 hours. It was hell, we were stripped of all of our dignity, and everything. But But, but um, I was thrown onto the seventh and eighth of an inch mat. That’s all I had in a deep dark sale. And I looked across the dark room. This place was absolutely hopeless. And I saw two eyes looking at me wide eyes looking back at me in the dark black sale. And these doors are slamming, no dignity was I mean, he’s over, right? And, and I said, I said, Hey, man, because I’m always trying to be encouraging because if you’re encouraging someone in your most hardest times, you’ll find that you actually get energy and power from helping people as much as you don’t want to maybe I’ve always found that encouraging someone or helping someone will literally give you a boost, give you energy, it’s incredible. And it’s hard to do that when you’re really down. It’s really hard to do that. And serving ice cream for breakfast. Yeah, I’ve done that. And so I look at these two eyes, and he stared at me. And you never know what you’re gonna you’re facing down there either, you know, you don’t know that other person’s absolutely nuts and can attack you or what? And I said it this story is for one person, you know, that won’t that needs it. It’s worth telling, okay? And I have to kind of slip into a dark place. But but but the the outcome is so powerful. If you can graphs grasp how powerful this story is, and how it can change your life, then you’ll never be the same. I promise you after the story. And so I saw these eyes coming back at me. And I was such a downplay. So I said a, a, you know, I’ve deserved a lot of things, but I did not deserve the dungeon. Okay, I’ve deserved a lot of things, but I did not deserve the dungeon. It has absolutely nothing to do with it was crazy. It was like demonic. He was like, hey, throwing you in the dungeon. And so I looked at I said, Hey, hey, man. I said, What were you in here for you don’t talk. There’s a certain kind of talk, you talk in these places you’ll you’ll just be like, What’s up, bro? But I said, Hey, man, what I said what you’re here for? And and he said,

he said, um, I’m getting transferred out tomorrow, man. He just and you’ll see this much either you don’t see a lot of cry and it’s a sign of weakness. And it’s animals in those places. And if you show weakness, you’re your target your prey, you become a target. You can be assaulted and raped all kinds of terrible things in a place like that. I mean, it’s pretty scary when you’re checking into a place. And they’re and you’re getting booked in and they tell you, you know, how, how many times have you been sexually assaulted in other facilities? And you’re a grown ass dude. And it because it’s a bad place, these places are bad. So anyways, I’m sitting there. And I say What’s up, man? And he starts bawling in his eyes. He says, Man, it’s over for me, man. It’s over. He said, they said, I kill my girlfriend last night, or the other day and transfer me tomorrow morning.

And I said, I said,

I didn’t say anything he said, he said, but I swear I didn’t do it. And you hear that a lot, too. And but I said,

I believe you, bro. I believe. I said,

Listen, man, let me ask you a question. And I creeped up in the dark over there to him. Crawl, bear crawl this nasty dirty floor bars are slim. It’s probably two, three in the morning. And I say Listen, man. And see I wasn’t real close to God. But my mom always told me to scream out for Jesus, if I was dying in battle,

over a place like this. And so

he and and so and they believed in the power of Jesus, like he could save and, you know, physically save you. And so I said, I said, Hey, man, and this had worked for me for other people in my life. Maybe not me all the time. But I knew that there was something to this miraculous names power. And so I said, Hey, man, I said, check it out. And I don’t know why this happened. But I said, check it out. I said, Look at me, man. And he looked at me, and he’s bawling his hands his life’s over. Because I saw he’s getting transferred out in the morning. And he says, I said, What? And I said, Listen, I said, do you? I said, Do you believe that Jesus can save you from this place? And he says, he just put his hands down like, Man, what the like, why are we even talking man? You know what I mean? He put his hands down. He was like, man, he was I don’t know about all that, bro. And I said, Look, man, I said, Listen to me, bro. I said, I did ask that. I asked you, if you believe that Jesus can save you. From I’m not talking about, hey, do you believe Jesus can save you on the streets? No, I’m talking about life and death. I’m talking about Do you believe that Jesus can physically rescue you right now from this hill.

And he can save us internally, which is more important. But but because we’re so fleshly and physical. The time is now.

And I said, Do you believe that I didn’t ask. So do you believe that Jesus can save you from this place physically? This the cell? And he looked at me, and he put his hands back down, and he was bawling. And this is not normal in these places. And if I was an animal, then I would punk him out for his Kool Aid or food, you know, because of this. And I said, I said it. He said, my my mom. My mom used to talk about this man named Jesus. He says, but I stopped him. I said, but that’s not what I asked. I said, Do you believe that Jesus can save you from this hellhole? this shithole? I’m sorry, but that’s what it was. He looked at me and I guess he saw it in my eyes.

He saw it in my eyes and he goes, I see you’re like, I believe yet he was our he was our he was okay.

I believe that Jesus can save me from this place. He confessed like that. And you could tell this guy didn’t believe in Jesus. But when you ain’t got nothing else.

And you’ve tried everything. You’ve tried everything in this world. And you’ve

caught on every single other name, but it hasn’t saved you. Then I’ll tell you what, the only things that you hear As I watched for army guys die in front of me, one by one, they they all faded out. And they were they were they faded out one by one, as a surgeon worked frantically on him in a nasty Baghdad hospital. And they each faded out and somebody had thrown a grenade in their turret inside the compression ruined them. And they scream for mom and Jesus. And they all scream the same thing in faded out one by one surgeon comes up to me to operate on me says manage your shrapnel zero nerve bundle. Do you want me to operate? Only? I said, No. Because it’s covered in blood. I said, No. I don’t want to do this. And show. So this guy is in the sale this dungeon with me. And he says, I believe Jesus can do this. I said, Okay, so it is just according to what you just said. So it will be something like this. I go over, crawl back over and my misery crumbled down on the seventh of an eighth inch mat.

And only a couple hours go by you don’t sleep at all. But I turn my back to him out, I

woke up. And it was just dawn or the sun was just coming up. And I noticed his little bit of his hygiene bag was strolling out. And I figured they just came in just grabbing in transferring, because he was gone. And then I set up and I’ll never forget looking over there. Like in just a shock and just my own my own pain and suffering. And he ran in and he looked at me with the biggest white eyes. And he said they’re releasing me. And I mean, we’re talking like crazy, Yellen. They’re releasing me. He kept saying they run at me. He goes, Oh, I gotta go. And he ran out. But then he ran back in.

And I’ll never forget what he said. He looked at me. And I looked at him. And he said, Jesus and I said, Don’t you ever forget it bro. And that’s all I got tonight is the Bible says those

call upon the name of the Lord and He shall answer you. Hey, all my love tonight. This is to me, this is the happiest ever, like, I get real super, like super

painful memories, but but good. And if I had to go through all that, to tell you

that Jesus can save you because he’s no respecter of person. But you got to cry out and you got to mean it. That you believe in your heart that Jesus can save you. from wherever you are. All my love. I love you, everybody. Thank you very much. Appreciate all y’all. Thank you. I gotta go


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