#011 Audio: House Arrest Live 9/28/21

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Check these blogs no salon. What? Who is it and why he do it? Who is it and why did he do it? Hold on what’s up? Is that better know what’s going on everybody what’s up? Yeah. What’s going on check it out touch point squeezy breezy. Man Who is it? Listen mom future. My future on house bro. Hey what’s up girl? Hey, my future’s so bright on house arrest I’m wearing these sunglasses from Evan from where? zues I’m telling you right now. Have you ever seen cooler sunglasses than these? For real? touch point and touch point. You don’t saying? Like, I mean this is legit. The these sunglasses? these are these are big. These are cooler than the magnanimous peacocks. These are all these are all right, What’s up, bro? What’s going on? Jesus loves you. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you. Check it out. I was scrolling through the other day. And I seen a lot going on this girl was on this live. She was just laying there. And just like this. Why? If you were like who is this girl? Well, what happened? Is she and a lot of people follow her and I was like, Why? Why my ex girlfriend used to say why he do we? Why she do it? Like watch Yo what’s up touch point? Wow lever. Have you ever seen cooler sunglasses? These? Hey, these. What’s up? What’s going on everybody? What’s going on? You like my new sunglasses? This is the kind of stuff I get on house arrest. This is the kind of stuff that I’ll be getting on house risk. What is up? What’s up, homie? What’s up, Willie? What’s going on? I was on the West Coast all the time. What’s going on? Did you bro Bruce from Lexington, Tennessee? Yes, I did. Yes, I did. I can’t say much about what I did or didn’t do. And during that time, though. What’s up with Turkey lately man took he’s always here brother. Turkey is Turkey will be with us forever. Okay. I cannot confirm or deny where Turkey is right now. He may be sleeping. He may not be he may be in this room with me under my covers right now. I don’t know. Army Marines? Well, you know, it’s kind of a bias situation here because, you know, I’m kind of biased with that because you know, I started out the Marines so I think Hey, what’s up north carolina? Where’s everybody from? What’s up? Really? Willie? p Hey, where’s everybody from? Let me know check in check in I say I say again check in. I want to hear some people Navy. What’s up? This is full year from full.

You know, killaby What’s up? What is that? What does that mean? Let me see. Indiana, Pittsburgh, Nebraska. Little Rock. Indiana, Texas, Georgia brother. What’s up brother? Ohio. Yo, Empire? What’s up? I see Ronnie Ronnie UK man. All my love goes out to UK right now. All my love goes out to Britain and I love love British people. Tennessee. What’s up? waco? Push out Ryan’s man. What’s up? Philly, East Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois. Indiana. Fort Polk. Alaska, Missouri. Alaska, Florida, Louisiana. Where is everybody from? Let me hear where you’re from Tennessee, Wisconsin. I’ll shout you out. I swear I will Bama. Vegas, California Mississippi. starfish. starfish. Is that a country? What is it? Is it a state? What’s up stud? That’s a state two. That’s the state of Texas. You’re from Texas. Guaranteed. You said what’s up sir? What’s going on Mexico? Nebraska. Canada. You met Bruce that’s cool. bridgeview I will answer you ask me any question ask me anything on house arrest when you’re on house arrest you got nothing but time but to but to read and be like the Ultimate Warrior look look like this is the Ultimate Warrior reincarnated. Remember that wrestling guy. He was crazy like fire me to the ship. Fly Me done the rocket space rockets rocket fuel ship. Whatever Florida what’s up California I like I love California I lived in California majority of my life you’re you’re my favorite tik tok are now brother thank you for saying that. Thank you for saying that. I appreciate that it’s very humbling to be your favorite take talker I appreciate. I’m actually a hump a humble guy. Right now if you if you’re not part of my channel, you’re not you’re not following the mighty warrior tribe. You may not think so by first impressions. But when you when you get past this Posen, when you get past the big poser and see my page, then you’ll realize what’s going on. What’s going on. Your did i do buds 2009, sir. Yes, sir. Thank you. Randy Savage. Yeah, Randy Savage. Man. I just got these sunglasses. very humble. I just got these sunglasses. I just got these. Were zoos. These These are called the all American touch points. Okay, this guy made these sunglasses, just for me. And for a select other few. You can go there and get them 20% discount. But check this out. Look at the sides. I mean, you don’t get included in that. And by the way, I swear if I had a speedo made out of these I would wear these two. I mean look at these silky things. I know these are not my shorts. These are not my shorts. Okay. These are actually the the sunglasses what they came in. Okay. I know a lot of you people thought these were my shorts the other day. They’re not. They’re not. But kidding. They did still sneak out of being held captive, aka jail. They got a $10 million bond on me, brother. If you got $10 million. I’m all about it. I’m all about it. Seriously, come over here put a hook in who put a caving ladder but we knew that’s what we do with vbss visible essential Caesar our guests or platforms or ship takedowns you put that on here brother. And you got $10 million to pass off to my parents because I have to pay it because they made they’re smart. They know better than put that on me. They’re like Yeah, right. This dude and you pay nothing. But put that on his parents make them put up their their house, you know and stuff. Shoot, man. You can’t go anywhere these days. He he were you in no fun one. Yes, I was actually I was in no fun. SDV one that’s even worse than no fun one. That’s even worse than team one. I was in SDV team one. That’s worse than team one. You’re referring to Team one. What’s up? Hey, what’s going on? Bruce and john were best friends. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t remember that part. But Bruce worked for john for a little bit. Hey. So with a seals brother, what’s up? At least you’re on the west coast. Yeah. Hey, Jim. What’s going on? Of course. Hey, man, sorry I didn’t see what is this glare in my eyes right now. This glare in my eyes. But man I love you Jim. And I appreciate your service as a team guys will man as a steel. Thank you, Willie. p. appreciate everybody coming on right now. A If you ain’t ready for these sunglasses yet? If you’re not ready for these, okay, were Sue’s check it out. these are these are the all American touch points. Okay. These are the all American touch ones. But if you’re not ready for these, okay,

I got some I got some over here. Look at this. Now these are the FBI hours. But they’re these are cool to FBI is cool. I mean they can they can be cool. You know what I mean? Especially if they’re not arresting you. You know me. Show us the touch point. What does that mean? What does that mean? Look, show us that touch point. I just made a video on touch point. When you’re down touch point. When you’re a cloud touch point when you got to go the rodeo touch point when you go bankrupt touch point when you make a million dollars touch point in that order. Okay in that order, when you go bankrupt and then you make a million bucks you go to lunch for God’s mind. Randy Savage bro. Randy Savage. Check these out, man. I mean, look at these magnanimous peacocks and this ain’t my eyes. This is not my eyes making these look like this. What’s up? What is up? You like these, these are magnanimous peacocks. And now these are cool too. Especially with the lines in your head. If you get lines like this, if your spouse if your spouse will allow you to get lines like this, then you got one cool spouse or significant other whatever it is matter whatever your significant other or whoever he or she is. It is true john shut up the inside of the lakehouse man he shut up, bro. wrote on several occasions, john McAfee shot bullet holes through the wall. Okay, through the window. I’m talking shot bullet holes, man. I mean, that’s insane. Like he literally shot bullet holes through everything. When I got there there were holes in the wall when I started working for him. Did you go to Paris or Sydney? Oh, I went to mcrd my brother. Thank you very much for that question. Stacy. What’s up who just sent me one of those? peacocks? These look more like FBI. You know I’m saying I’m gonna put on these Randy Savage man. These are the touch points. These are the all American touch points right here. I go to Paris on November 29. Whoo, man. Brother. You can do it man. drink a lot of coffee, man. Just go whacked out then go. You know I’m saying? I’m not from space. Spooky. You are from space. I know you are. Hollywood Marines represent your linkups what is the link at me? What does that mean? Hi, thank you. Great shade. Thank you very much. Rocking them out. Jim. I know. I’ve been you know, man, you know, in the seals, man. You just got to always be cool. You know? If you are if you look cool, then you don’t have to tell people that you’re actually lost. And I’m talking about lost going to Walmart last. You know, I’m saying like, you can’t even read your GPS. You know, go to Walmart. That’s me. But if you go cool like this? Ain’t nobody has nobody here.

What’s up? What’s going on? sterner shades? That’s right. That’s right. That’s right, man. Hey, dude. Let me tell y’all. So

if you’re a veteran, and you are looking for serious help, I mean, like real help, and you’re a veteran. And you ain’t got to be a veteran necessarily, but that’s who they mostly take is man. That operation restored warrior changed my life man. changed my life. What’s up, Jimmy? What’s going on? You ever been in an STV or asds? You dang right? That’s where I was at my entire time in unfortunately. All volunteer SDV team one Hawaii. Check it out. Favorite gun? My right hand. Next, God bless. Or w Yeah, brother, God bless rW for you ever to donate to a place. That’s a nonprofit. In the they asked me what what did you get from this? After the three days it’s a three day program, bro. Three day program I went to operation restore Where? And at the end of it. They said What did you get out of this Jimmy. And I just started crying like a baby like bawling. And I was like, and I’m dead serious right now. And I said the compassion. The compassion for you guys at operation restore warrior to have cared so much. For a guy that deserved so little such as me. I deserved nothing. I deserve nothing in this life. But operation restore warrior, literally restored my heart changed my life. The men there that work there. The staff members, they even have one for females now. But the I didn’t know this, but for two weeks before i and i know i’m looking off here, Alexander the Great Day, too. He likes to look up off to the left. Okay, and I am kind of looking up off to the left even though it’s right over here. But I am still looking over to the left even though it’s my right. You understand. But But I say the great like to look over up to the left. That’s what I’m doing to now. You know, I’m saying I just made me people. I’m just like a chameleon. It’s what I do. Operation restored warrior. was life changing? Because it’s not another clinic. It’s not another rehab. It’s not another a bunch of counselors know. They literally ask the Holy Spirit. Yes, the same thing that created the 100 billion galaxies, Holy Spirit to come in and restore you. And he does. And he will for you to he could do it right now. Actually, just for me talking to you. Boom. in your house right now. In Your House, literally change your life forever. literally change your life. For for Gary yells who’s Gary Ellis Raptor facts Lauren you know it I’m telling you if you’re joining this for the first time you’re in for a real treat. If you’re joining this for the for the first time this Tick Tock channel I’m telling you this is not going to be like a live like you like you’re used to look I generally don’t get on Tick Tock other than to do videos and stuff. I happen to make the mistake of going through my lives and and I swipe past this girl Okay, I yes, there’s a girl and she’s just she’s just lying there like this.

I thought her her her screen was frozen. And that’s all she did. She just laid there like I want people actually. And there was like, hundreds of dudes on there of course, going Wow, you’re so amazing. Shut up. Are you serious right now? Stop being a punk man saw going on those things and feeding these, these these these people that are human beings that that are are feeding for any kind of attention, love and stop doing it because you’re not doing her a service and you’re not in she’s not doing him a service. You don’t saying stop. just laying there just laying there like this. Look how amazing I am. And these guys are like, Whoa, bro. Let me get your number. Let me get your address. Okay. Shut up. Stop. What a nightmare. What a way to come on, man. That’s a way to be, you know, and I’m not bagging on her. I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for people. When they do that because they’re hurt inside. Generally, they’ve been hurt as a little kid. God only knows what. God only knows what happened to these young, these beautiful girls at a young age to to have to feel like they have to sell their body on Tick Tock in order to get attention. It’s really sad. It’s really sad. Okay, now I sell my body for different reasons. And aim for that, though. You know, I’m saying this to just get attention. It’s like a magnetic knee. You know, that’s why peacock has to fluff his feathers out to get your attention. Okay? It’s just to get your attention just right up at the first at the first you don’t say you don’t mean just to get you drawn in to the real fact to the real situation. But I can you believe this? Can you believe these different people aren’t ticked off? Or you know, it’s sad. It’s really sad. That’s all I gotta say. I just I see people that are hurt. I see one person the other day said, Man, when I respect what you do to the seals, Bro, I respect that bro. But man. I mean, with all due respect. I mean, you’re pulling it off on this Jesus thing? Yeah, yeah, Jesus thing. I’m like, bro, you’re talking about the same Jesus that allows you to breathe every day. Like every breath you take every breath, every breath. He holds in his hand in his hand. So Calm down, brother. And you know what my responses to these people, people that say that? They’ll be like, man, EFF you, bro. Man. I’ll be like, Hey, bro, Hey, man, reach out to me, man. I’ll be like, man, I, I’m gonna I’m gonna take some time off right now. I’m gonna put down my coffee. And I’m gonna take some time off right now for you. Because anyone who’s reaching out to me and saying, f you or something crazy like that. I need to talk to you. I need to talk to you because you’ve been hurt. You’ve been hurt in your life somewhere. You you’ve been desperately hurt as a child. That’s the only thing I can figure out. Because I know that I know those kinds of words. I know your pain. I know your aggression. The only reason why you’re being aggressive, aggressive. And doing this or this is because you’re actually saying hey, Jimmy, will you help me man? Will you help me? You know? Will Will you help me out bro? Because I’m hurting man. Because you see that I’ve been hurt my whole life. You know what I’m saying? That’s what’s up. Jimmy God is a lamp unto my feet and a light and to my path. Did you know there’s the light that he’s talking about? Hold on. Excuse me. But GPS are two D two just went off with CP three. Oh, yeah. What’s up? It’s my parole officer. Yeah, I know I owe 120 a month I owe 120 bucks. I know you told me that. I know I owe that once you give me 129 Then see you Anyways, you know, it is a lamp unto your feet. And that’s all we need is one step at a time. Dog. What’s up? What a great person you are. Thank you for that. You are, are you Natty? In a TTY? Hey man, check it out. Man. That was one of my names. It was nasty nasty one time for a long time. But I named that no more man. That man is dead right? Leave him alone. But I don’t know what you mean. Sorry.

You’re my hero to hurt sees hurt. What makes a person solid is what you do with that info. Thank you so much. I appreciate you bro. You’re good man. Thank you so much for that. You recently spotted john McAfee in a woodland hills have a photo? Well, senior photo to me brother. And I will confirm or deny that it is traumatic because there is no one. I promise you. Probably not even Janice McAfee, not even his wife that knows him better than me. And that’s no joke. You’re talking to Bruce now. Bruce worked for him for a short time. And Bruce is a great guy. But he’s not his best friend. And McAfee would never confide in Him. I’m just telling you that right now. That’s just the truth. This person says, You’re not real. Listen, I don’t blame you for saying that. I mean, check these sunglasses out. I mean, that’s a compliment to me. I know. I don’t feel real with these on. They made me feel supernatural. like Superman or something. I mean, look at this picture right here. Just look at this profile. That’s real. That’s real talk. That’s real talk. I didn’t have these lines. And this lines mean. Just being a quiet boy. hold off on me. And by the way, I like your hand. Oh, by the way, you said I’m not real well, Semper Fi. You too, brother. I was in the Marines. Oh, 311. Son. What’s up, man? I’m not real. Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. You’re right. I’m posing. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. Then lions and tigers stripes. I like that. Hey, hey, it’s better to be it’s better to be a tiger stripe than a zebra stripe. How many of you are tired of being the prey all the time? You want to be the predator or the prey and I’m not talking about that they were were wacky show where the guys like to catch a predator and then he was caught doing all this crazy stuff. You know, that’s how it usually is. But I’m talking about you want to be a zebra? Or you want to be a tiger. Okay? All right. zebra stripes go like this. tiger stripes go like this. I mean, they really don’t. Who cares? windows tastes the same to me. in all states. What does that mean? What were you at STV one pro city peninsula between 2005 2001 that’s pretty accurate. And yes, possibly I was maybe I was there longer than that a lot longer. I’m sorry. Bruce said his son was best friends with john you know um, maybe maybe we’re talking about the wrong Bruce you know you got you might be then that could be I don’t know about best friends. I I just don’t know where that information is coming from. I was thinking maybe have another Bruce. Because I was thinking about a young Bruce. And he would be like the son like he doesn’t have a son. The Bruce I’m talking about so so you might be right there brother. So my bad. No bad. What kind of wrestler are you sir? You know what? You know, you remember Ultimate Warrior? This is the mighty warrior. But the reason why? You’ve been watching me. Hold on. Hold on, man. My future is so bright on house arrest. I got to wear these crazy. All American touchpoint shades. You know, I’m saying I’ve been watching your videos for a while. Love Your vids and lives. Keep your head up with all the haters. Thank you, my friend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. He’s Lion Tiger, who’s sometimes I miss read these. All right, thoughts on marsoc in water versus SEAL team. Listen, no one no one in any country or any or anywhere else can come close to seals and I and I’m not saying that. I’m not saying that because I’m like biased because I was a marine and I have as much love for the Marines in respect in honor it that I do in the Marines than I did in the seals and vice versa. You know, but but I’m just telling you when it comes to water, no one can possibly catch up to where the seals are like, and I trust me out I know this because I, I lived apart in all those other entities that are trying to like dabble in the sealed job. It’s not possible because because there’s so many years and years and years and years of technology there, and it’s just ingrained in us and we specializes in it. And there’s things that

it’s just not it’s not gonna happen now. Why would they want the job? The skills do that job. It’s like, it’s like when they sent me to French Foreign Language School. They sent me to French Foreign Language School because they were trying this happens this this happens equal both ways. They tried, they tried to send me to French Foreign Language School because they wanted the seals to take on the greenbrae job. Like knowing all these foreign language, it’s not happening. Okay, can you imagine me in French Foreign Language School? This was me for three months in total immersion French like this. I put my head against the wall and just being like this and literally literally like like, it was bad. Like the teacher was trying to make me do push ups. And then she tried to date me I was like, get out of here girl. What’s up? Think this is box wine party on my twin mattress in my mom’s house on a house arrest. Come on, man. Get some killer super far. So what I’m saying is you can’t a seal can’t all of a sudden adopt the greenbrae job in marsoc can adopt the seal job in seals Canada up other jobs. You know what I mean? It just doesn’t work like that. Marine marine recon, I love marine recon I I think marine recon takes the cake in reconnaissance and stuff. And I would even venture to say over the seal teams in that in that aspect. You know, and we’ve tried to we tried to adopt those missions as well. But it just doesn’t work. You know, we just don’t need to all work together. jsoc Joint Special Operations Command these all work together and know our roles as warriors and do our jobs. You know, there’s a lot of things that I can’t do well, one of them is speak French. Speak France. That’s what’s up. All I know is I smell like French fries. Sometimes. You know, I’m saying

thoughts on soldiers coming home and being aggressive towards untrained civilians. Yeah, yeah, it happens. You know, here here’s the problem. Okay. I’ve psychoanalyze this many times. You’re in French school. Listen, here’s the deal. The Roman soldiers, they would go in fight. Hello, how you doing? How you doing? Everyone? Everyone’s coming aboard. Thank you so much for visiting my my page thoughts on Kermit the Frog. I have served him ice cream. He’s done. He’s never gonna be around anymore. Kermit the Frog. Alright, check it out. The Roman soldiers in the Roman Empire. They fought their battles, and then they walked back home and it took them a year to walk home. Now what were they doing during that year? They were stopping at campfires along the way. Okay. They were stopping at campfires every single night in decompressing probably drinking a little torpedo juice. That’s what the Oh UDT seals used to drink before they would go to the go destroy jab Scolese and back in World War Two, but check it out. So the Roman soldiers were walking home and decompressing for a year and all the campfires okay every night sitting at a campfire telling war stories yeah that I threw the spear he was like BAM slam Yeah, you know, probably fight and duking it out for a year. You know, getting all that PTSD hell, but now, okay, dude, I I will be overseas and come back home. I was only home for three weeks in 2015 three weeks, but then I come home to my wife within 48 hours. So the Roman soldiers were walking back for two years. I’m sorry we’re walking back for like a year. Okay, we can’t fire decompressing I come home in 48 hours. That’s scary. You go from from walking around like last Mohicans with the tomahawk to to going home in 48 hours. There’s going to be problems. You know, I remember I walked in the my house and in Turkey my little Turkey was on the countertop. And my ex spouse my wife at the time was was like no Turkey, no turkey now with with a with a with a paper towel roll that that was had no paper towels on it. Just the cardboard. It took he ripped it out or handled it spit it out and he saw me and jumped off the table. You don’t hit and I was like What? What’s wrong? And then my wife would be like, I want to go to this concert, let’s go to this concert with 1000s of people that are gonna be bumping you and rubbing you and grabbing you all over. You know what? And I’m like, yo, do your hands off be Turkey? nasty. Get your paws off me. And so I like, there’s no way you have to have decompression. So those feelings that you’re feeling, brother, when you go home, and you and you deal with aggression, or your friend does whoever that is, you know, when you come home from overseas and you’re feeling aggression towards people or or you’re you’re feeling abnormal in crowds is very, very, very normal. It’s got to be the most normal thing in the world, considering you were in full blown combat. God only knows what you’re doing. And now in 48 hours, your home in Turkey is running the house like the man of the house. You know what I mean? good to keep dangerous. That’s right. Dangerous Stacy. Dangerous, very dangerous. That’s why they got me on house arrest now. Alright, maybe not. Devin, not welcome. Maybe brought. everybody’s welcome here. Come on. It’s your extra Christian. Any chance for reconciliation? No, that ship is done sale. Unfortunately, in that store, because I didn’t try my damnedest to reconcile that piece. I tried very, very hard. Okay. I spent more time trying to reconcile that relationship that I have. touch point, my touch point piece, my 90210 piece remember, touch point, touch point I’ve done I’ve done more reconciling that I have this and that’s a lot that is a lot.

jujitsu what belt? Am I I’m no belt in jujitsu. I did it for five years. And I’m not a bill. You know, I did it for five years. I got good ground game ground defense, but I’m I do Muay Thai, or I used to, you know, and do Muay Thai in Thailand. But I’m not a belt in jujitsu, sir. Thank you, though, for that question. Thank you very much. Your thoughts on Naval Academy officers, Naval Academy officers are great. Um, we call them cake eaters. But that’s not disrespectful. You know, in the seal teams. I mean, you you, you know, you got to earn your respect in the seal teams, you know, even if you’re an officer, you know, if you’re an officer, you come in, and, and, you know, to a seal team as a new guy as a new officer, and they’ll be like, What’s your name, sir? And he’ll be like, my name is rotated, and we’ll be like, shut up. It’s just like a running thing, a tradition that we do in the seals, you know, but now you’re a lieutenant. And beyond that, you know, when he earns the title Lt. Hey, what’s up? Lt. What’s up cheap. That’s mad respect. And I promise you there’s no joking around there. You know? Sorry, man. I love these things. I’m sorry. If it’s kind of like, arrogant or cocky or some Tallinn was a blast. Darrell, where did you go in Thailand, man? Forget the butter bars. Yeah, I mean, I’m, I’m enlisted all the way, you know, in my mind frame is listen, but still. Listen, if you’ve got a degree, I’ve got a degree most seals got degrees, you know, but if but if you got a degree and you have a choice, it’s a great route. I mean, it’s a great career route. Right? It’s a great career route. Semper Fi. Ro. I thought we were Marines. Now you’re saying I’m all over the place. First. I’m not real. Well, if I’m all over the place, I’d have to be real. So the first time you said I’m not real, but now you’re saying I’m all over the place. It’s one of the other. This is a dichotomous tracheostomies octopuses dichotomous situation here. And where you are right, I am all over the place. So that means I have to be real. Okay. So you got to pick one of those two. I’m not going to block you for that dude. Okay. I was listening. had some great officers, some good officers and some bad officers. Yeah, I know. You never know. Hey, my thoughts are Rangers. Rangers are phenomenal. Third bat, so I never worked with third bat. But second bat. I worked with a lot of second bat. Yes. Do you think? Do you think it’s going to be hard to get a job when all you’ve learned is how to serve ice cream. Now, it won’t be hard getting an ice cream serving job. You know I’m saying it ain’t gonna be hard. Getting an ice cream serving job never has been. Okay, that’s what I’ve had to do. My whole life when we met in Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, you know all over the place Thailand, Indonesia, but but I’d rather not do that anymore. I don’t want to go back to serve it on screen. Great money. There’s a lot of money in serving ice cream but I don’t want to do that stuff anymore. Coleman Ruiz second Battalion, fourth Marines. And what’s up at once platoon man, I was an old 311 and one one and three 1/3 And third, first, Marines. Lots of work out there there’s a lot of work out there serving ice cream I can I can drive and serve an ice cream truck around you know if I wanted to know I couldn’t I’m on house arrest. Nevermind. I don’t think about tomorrow, obviously. I don’t really think about a day ahead. I’m impressed. There’s money in serving ice cream. My brother is 335 they’re all man. That’s awesome. super proud of him. We should slam beers. I live in Texas. That sounds a lot better than this girl that wanted to come over and sit on my twin bed all night and drink box one. I say look. I said I appreciate the offer. But that sounds so boring. I can’t even tell you how boring that yeah, it’s like Jimmy Would you rather do a two hour long meeting with your parole officer? Oh, every single day for the rest of your life. or sit on your twin bed and drink box wine for a whole night with this girl. I’ll be a male I guess the parole officer thing is are the texts federal penitentiary one of those?

bottles, cans and kegs. What’s up? I know it gets better and better. She wanted to do more than drink box one, bro. Now. You think now? I think it was just I think it was pretty innocent. Actually. I think she just want to come on over and he drink box one on my bed on my twin bed. You know? And but I submit I don’t I don’t want to disrespect my mom like that at her house. You know, I’m saying I never drink on my bed. So I don’t want to disrespect her anyways, I don’t want to drink like that on my bed. She wanted a piece of the Texas tornado, bro, man. Well, you know, you know, I mean, hey, hey, so So does this. Troll that’s always talking trash to me. You know me. That’s what it really comes down to. You want to psychoanalysis things saying? psychoanalysis analyze things. It’s basically he wants a piece of me too. And that’s what it comes down to know not innocent as a woman. Where is your mom? Hey, my mom is out of town. And that’s why I’m acting like this. Generally, I’m a lot more calmer. But my mom, I’m on house arrest. Yes. My mom is out of town. So I’m party and up in this please. I’m party man. It’s serious. It’s no joke over here. Would your mom allow you? Would your mom allow you to be alone with a girl in your room under her roof? Absolutely. Have this lady Listen What? Listen, it’s no I’m not gonna I’m not going to go into that story because I don’t know what she’s thinking sometimes. She’s like this wonderful girls waiting on your twin bed with with with box wine. And I’m like, What? Who does that? You’re awesome. Thank you. Who does that? Listen. That’s that was the most boring request I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t want to sit on my bed for 24 hours and drink box one

that’s disrespectful actually. Especially if she was talking to the old text or NATO. That’d be real disrespectful. You’ve got to be bringing some sort of double gin and tonics and jack daniels up in that piece. But that’s the old me you know, I mean, what are your intentions behind that question? starfish. Start there. What are people’s? What are people’s intentions these days? There’s a lot of strange intentions going on. You know, what are your intentions? starfish. Me tag. Simplify your Don’t call me me tag. Don’t say me tag this on. Nice brother. You’re not very nice right now. That’s not nice. Hey brother, Phil vai here with three direct to consumer brands and would love to sponsor you Godspeed, Andrew. Man, listen, where zues got a hold of me, they sent these last they made these special touch point glasses. These are called all American touchpoints at where zues.com you can put in the touch point code. You know, it’s just touch point, you get 20% off. But yeah, hey, Andrew, hit me up. Email me, you can go to tell my story.io and just email me and I’ll see what you got. And if it looks cool on me, bro. Then I will advertise for free. If it looks cool on me, because if it looks cool me it’s gonna look cool on anybody. I swear anybody imagine what these could make you look like? Him? Yup. Jimmy Watson [email protected]. Or you could direct message me by my fellow texted brother does mean him have all kinds of conversations, don’t we? The real man. He’s up in here right now. See you. I think we know what box one gross intentions are. Yeah, yeah, I know. She wanted. She wanted to come over and drink box one. I don’t get it. I just don’t understand it. I don’t know what her intentions were if I tried to think about a lot. I’m like, Why? Why would you? I don’t get it. Box one. It just doesn’t make any sense. Who, what? what I mean. The conversation would be just so boring. tattoo tour. What’s up? I got a lot of tattoos. I know. Do they come in french fry version. Now? Yeah, you come over with some french fries, man. Oh, that is a party. That’s what we do. That’s what we do. Listen, dude. What do you what is that? What is it? Love the shades? Thank you very much. Where’s zoos? Where’s news.com? I mean, there’s something about these sunglasses. That I love. I just got these in just now. Well, they were they were in my mailbox. I didn’t know it. But they’re there. They’re heavy, too. They’re heavy. They’re heavy. They’re just heavy. They may save your life. I don’t know. Thank you very well save a lot. 101st airborne Third Battalion. Nuff said, bro. Thank you, man. Hey, brother. Mad respect to you. Mad respect. Thank you very much. Do you are top 100 lives? What does that mean? Is that good? Top 100 son. Yeah, because I’m not just laying there like this. I seen a live where this girl is just laying there. And she literally like no, I’m not joking. It was like this. And, and everybody’s like, wow, your Where’s your address? I want to send you something crazy. You know, let me come see you and let me drink bondsman on your on your bed with you. What? What? What were the sarcophagus? Watson arrested in conjunction with McAfee. I like you. I like you. But next time it’s Jimmy. Watson. All right.

Jimmy, I love your sense of humor a time I get to watch your loves hit makes my freakin weak face. Thank you so much. I’m sorry. I’ve been out of it for about a week. You know, I’m saying I had a special mission to do. I can’t talk about it and have to smoke you or give you ice cream. Okay, the truth is there’s no excuse in life. I didn’t go anywhere. He was drinking box wine. That’s all this That’s funny. That’s fine. Give you gave you 20 bucks for your legal fees. I wish I could help you more in some way. Thank you so much for being Hey, thanks for that thing. You didn’t have to do that. I appreciate you man. I hope that hope that you have a blessed day man. She possessed Yes, she was possessed. She was possessed. Thank you so much for that zombie girl. Yeah, zombie girl. That’s right. Zombie girl. 24 toe get off the live What? Do you know any seals with the PRA? What is that what? Oh, most most seals most sales have. So rating their their Essos and so one is a two and so three and so squeeze. But but they’re all so they’re they’re not it’s Um, I mean, I guess the old older voter seals would, some of them have different races like gunners main so but there’s all kinds of different ones like radio, radio made all these certain things. Anyways, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get off house risk? Blue? Blue Suede? I don’t know, you know, I’m praying to get off house rez, first of all, second wall. I just don’t know the answer that I don’t think that for a head you don’t I’m saying? No, but I definitely I definitely desire to get off house risk. I have love for everybody. I appreciate you coming on this live. I appreciate y’all, you know, you know, I see a lot of the same supporters and it’s just, it just, it really helps me through this time. And I mean, I hope that I’m helping you and we can feed off each other’s energy. And I hope you know where I’m coming from. And that’s from, from God, I’m coming from the this the stance, the standpoint of, of that, if God can save me, a guy like me, he can, he can help you in any situation, if he can save a wrench like me, someone that was completely undeserving and change my heart forever, then he can change you, if you’re just coming on board. And you’re just watching this and you want to look at alive, that’s more than just somebody is laying there going. Then I asked you to join this, this great, awesome warrior tribe. And in be part of this tribe, follow me, whatever that means, or just go to my page and look at the videos you don’t have to follow, you just need to look at the some of those videos I do scroll through. And you’ll see God will give you a special video just for you. Because I truly believe that that. And I say this with the most humbling a humble with the most humble approach that, that I believe that He gives me special messages. Because he told me I was going to be a lighthouse for his people. And so if you’re going through a hard time, reach out to me, you can imagine the testimonies and help that, that Jesus’s doing through through this willing vessel. I am just willing. So I allow him to speak through me. And, you know, and help others, you know, and I can provide some help. You’d be surprised. You know, what, what help can be provided. And this is not some hokey, pokey, wacky thing, you know, it’s not just another motivational video or a YouTube thing. But it’s the real deal. You can be helped. whatever situation you’re in right now, you can absolutely absolutely be saved from drowning. You know, do you feel like you’re drowning right now? Do you feel like you’re, you’re you’ve been swimming for so long, that there’s no bottom, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no.

There’s no ground to put your feet down. You’re trying to put your feet down, and you’re swimming, but you just can’t find ground anymore. And you’re literally gasping for air. You’re literally coming up from the surface, and you’re going to help help, but there’s nobody to help. There’s nobody to help until now. And I’m providing you a way a means you know, you know all this is like just a little show a little glamour, peacock glamour, just to get your attention. And now that you have your attention, I hope that if you’re going through a hard time in life, like I was just absolutely totally lost in this world. That that, that I can provide you with the same information with the same help. And that’s basically invite Jesus in inviting Jesus in to take care of your problems. And it’s not like you’ve ever seen before. This is not some weird, hokey pokey stuff. This is the real deal. The real deal. French fries, do you do make a party? So Do I like you? You’re awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that. Spetsnaz will kick you in the face. That’s right. High energy. Hey, I’m not even joking, but my friend has been farting into a bottle for the past five years. You see, it’s those kind of people, these kind of people that my heart goes out to right now. If you have been farting into a bottle For five years, then is such a long time in it’s time to stop farting in that bottle. If you’re that person right now, and you need help to start doing that, okay? I urge you to reach out to me. I can’t tell you how to stop doing that. But I can show you a better way. I can show you a better way than to continue down this hopeless road of farting in a bottle for five years. Thank you so much for that. Thank you. Next question. Thanks. And I believe you. You’re not even joking. You said I’m not even joking. But my friend has been, you know, keeping their friend him or her whoever that is. But tell them please relay this message to your friend that’s been farting in a bottle for five years. Say please don’t ask Jimmy again to come over to his house with a box wine and sit on his twin bed and drink all night because I’m so I think that’s the same person. That’s all I got. What’s up? theory? fork? theory for qunit for? I don’t know. I don’t know. Hi. I won’t ask cream. Dang it. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Take a shot of whiskey. What’s up? It’s Jimmy lit. His chimney lid. It probably looks like I’m lit. I just appears I am when I have single as long as you’re like, hey, that guy’s like trying to be like Randy Savage when he was on one of those cocottes no more house rez I get pissed anyways. What’s going on? We’re in his Mama’s slippers. Come on tag. Come on. Come on. Was it gonna be like that? Hey, Jimmy, I got bigger bicep muscles. And can now do 40 pushups in a row and set a 30 day, man. That’s legit, bro. Because you were doing the mighty warrior workouts. I’m telling you. This is years and years and years of working out and trying things bro. I’m glad man I’m glad you got bigger biceps now. Okay. You got big beautiful biceps now. And you’re doing all kinds of push ups now. That’s great, man. I’m really happy for you, brother. Man, Jimmy’s got majestic Eagle. Energy, my son, you know.

We need to do a video on majestic being a majestic Eagle. That is awesome. Jimmy, you do Bible app? And if so can we all do a Bible study together? You know, I’m a gentleman the other day reached out to me. It wants to start something called like, like something along the lines of mighty warrior task force as Task Force mighty warrior or something like that. The point is, is to get a group of mighty warriors together. And to start something like this, so that we could spread like wildfire into the communities and help others. I think that’s pretty cool. Don’t y’all y’all think that’s pretty cool. touchpoint. Randy, you said I’m just a little nobody in a small town. That’s not true. Let me tell you something. You could be a big somebody in a small town, that sends a wildfire to bigger towns. It changed the whole world. One person, it takes one person to change the world and I’m not joking like that, man. I’m serious. You can change a nation use we’ve seen it in the past. Usually it takes a collective group but I’ll tell you what, it’s people standing up at such a time as this. You know, in doing the right thing. Yes, you can make an NF T of me doing a magnanimous peacock. Yes. I still don’t understand the NF Ts but but you don’t have to understand you don’t have to. You don’t have to really believe in electron. I mean you just have actually you do you have to believe in electron but it doesn’t exist. Really. You just can’t see it. lonza sweet. Thanks. Thanks. I worked real hard on these real hard when you’re on house rush, you got a lot of time to do so. Dead. Jimmy found people find people. Look at all the friends you have brought to the Lord. Thank you so much. That’s so sweet. I appreciate you saying that. Thank you so much. That’s really, sweetie that, that I can’t tell you. I feed off of your energy. And I feed off of everybody out. There’s, you know whether you’re down and you’ve got super low energy, I feed off of your energy, I feed off that Because see, I see somebody that I can help. And when I say I mean, I see someone I can introduce to the one who epically helped me. Thank you for that heart. Thank you for your love. I appreciate everyone’s love tonight. Appreciate us keep it civil. not throwing too many tomatoes at me. Okay, that’s why I got these sunglasses on. Is that the national Wild Turkey Federation man. I knew we couldn’t keep a civil up in this piece. Thoughts on Chris Carr versus jesse ventura? Look, I don’t like talking trash about nobody. I like Jesse been sure. course. I love Chris cow. God bless his soul. But just even sure. He He’s just making his way out there. You know? If he believes all those UFOs maybe he’s right. What do I know? Check it out. I greatly appreciate your kindness. And Tom, for real you inspire? Haha may catch up. What’s up? That’s right. Thank you for that. Appreciate you saying that. I appreciate everybody on here. You know, if you’re just coming on board, I appreciate you coming on board. Listen, listen, if you’re coming on board, give me a shout out. And let me know what’s up. Let me know what’s up. Where are you from? Listen, don’t let the shade scare you. You know, it’s brought in can hear it’s bright. I got these lights on me. But uh, but the truth is, is that is that is that I care about you, and I want your life to work out. I want your life to work out. I want your life to work out. I can’t tell you how much that means to me to be able to help other people. And the testimonies that we keep on getting. The testimonies that we keep on eating are so incredible. A guy was in his truck the other day, living out of his truck, lost his kids.

lost his wife lost his job, living in a truck. I call him up. He reaches out to me says I’m desperate. And I said, Well, that’s the best place that you could ever be in your life is to be desperate. And to be absolutely rock bottom because I know what it’s like, you know, and no, that’s not Seth Rogen. That’s my little brother that died on my shoulder. But he said, Man, let me put it. Let me put this dirt. My mouth brother said okay, about 15 minutes later, I’m on the phone with him. He explains how he’s lost everything. I say, Well, I got good news for you. I got a prayer I want to share with you. And I want to pray right now the most important thing we can do is pray together. That No, not Jimmy or a counselor or any drug or any medicine or money, woman, man, nothing can help you. But Jesus can come down right now in your situation, and change your life forever. Okay. And we prayed that, and I said, Do you trust this situation? He said, Yes, I trust and I have nothing else to lose. I don’t have nothing else to lose. I’ve lost my family. I lost my house. I’ve lost everything. I lost a job. You know, we pray that simple prayer. He calls me yesterday. I see this number Tick Tock something, something his name and tick tock. I answered phone. He says man, I know you get all kinds of calls all the time. Do you remember me? I said, Man, I talked to a lot of people. I said What’s up? who always says he’s a man. I was in my truck. I put the dirt in my mouth the other day this thing? I said, Oh yeah, I remember you. He said, Man, I just want to let you know I got my kids back and implausible situation. I got my ex coming back. It’s gonna take a little counseling, but she’s back. And I got the best job in the world right now. Was that maybe two weeks ago that I talked to him, and he was the exact opposite. That’s what Jesus wants to do for you right now. That’s what Jesus wants to do. For all of you right now. For every single person, no matter where you are in that walk with Him. Or if you don’t even know him. That’s the best place in the world that you could possibly be because he came not For the people that are already found necessarily, he’ll make you a powerhouse if you’re already found. But he came for the people that are like you, if you’re lost right now, and you’re watching this, and you’re at your last, you’re at the end of your road. Those are the people that Jesus can call me in. And I got to put my glasses on when I talk about this kind of stuff, because it was so life changing what he did for me, what he did for me, was so life changing you you can’t even imagine where I was in life. And if so he can save me. Okay, then, obviously, obviously, there’s nothing you’ve done. I had a girl, talk to me the other day. She said I, every last needle that I stick in my arm, I hope it’s the last one that kills me. I hope it’s still final one heroine. I said, Listen, I said, I know that you have pain in your life somewhere in your childhood, something that happened? She says No, I don’t. I said, Don’t lie to me. I said, Don’t lie to me. You ain’t got to tell me what it is. I don’t want to know. That’s not for me to know. But Don’t lie to me again. Because we wouldn’t be talking right now. If you didn’t have serious things happen in your life that were devastating, that you’re hiding away in a dark corner, recesses of your heart. And she busted out crying, because she knew that I knew the truth.

And we prayed. And I believe that she was rescued right there. You know, let me tell you something, there is nothing and I told her this I said there is nothing that you could possibly say to me, or you had done that I haven’t been accomplice to or been part of, or something that you know, or, or something is equal to or you know, or greater. You know, there’s things that I haven’t done of course, thank God in I would never do, but they’re on the skill of bad and in an atrocious or whatever, you know, you name it, you name. So I get all hung out with one percenters. I’ve done it and up. And so my whole point is, is that my point is this. If God can rescue me, someone completely undeserving he can rescue you. She told me a little bit about maybe possibly being accomplished in accidentally killing her friend because some bad hair would or something. And she blamed herself for that. I said Look, I said there’s nothing that you’ve done that Jesus hasn’t seen or will will help and solve. Okay? I’m not going into details. I don’t know that but that’s what’s up. I was up Tennessee boy. I was lost. I was lost and hopeless. Hey, strawberry, thank you for joining. Thank you. Thank you for that. Thank you for that Scott. This email me brother, or direct messaged me about the pain. Thank you so much. Thank you everybody. I appreciate everybody here. Did you ever work with Jocko willing No, I get it I got quite I get that question a lot. And we were at the teams at the same time but never worked with him and never really saw him. What’s up everybody was spooky. That hurts so bad. Thank you Jimmy for being that Lighthouse for people. Thank you so much for saying that. Look, you know, when you get saved like me, when you get rescued, such as me, you know, then you have no other option. When you get the help and transformation that I got a real transformation. Not Not something like I think I felt that. No, no, no. I think I’m okay. I think Jesus was there i think i think i got saved. No, no. Like when you actually when you like actually drop the mic in. You let go of these sea bags that have been full of rocks that you’ve been carrying around. That you even know you’re carrying that you got used to somehow some sick sadistic way you got used to it, man. You have no other option in this world, but to testify to who did it to you. What a disservice in this world to not to not give honor where honor is due and that honor belongs to Jesus, the Holy Spirit for saving this guy’s life.

That’s right for the loss. How did I get my ex back? I never did get my ex back. It was an epic failure on a man’s part in this world. When you can’t, when you fail your family as a man, it is epic failure. And I’m telling I’m not saying that to condemn anybody out there. Because you already know in your heart. But no matter what happened, if when it’s responsibility as you for on the man in the house, man right, epic failed. I felt so bad. And and so people have said to me Yo, man, but she did this. No, no, no, no, no, don’t say that. No, I, me, I take full ownership and responsibility for my house. And that’s the first step right there. So I never got her back. Amen. Did you ever see signs of God in war? Oh, you know, I felt protected by by God. Often, you know, in war, especially in really heavy firefights. You know, where every time you reload the rounds, or just snapping by your face, and you’re out in the open, you’re just like trying to reload is, you know, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. You’re just trying to go through this, that you know, as calm as you can, but it’s like Snap, snap, snap. And you’re like, this close to dying all the time. And then guys around, you get smoked chicken. And you’re like, Man, you’re like, you know, I don’t know why, but I was saved from that. But I’ve also been hit in combat. And thought God what happened there and that freaking hurts by the way. You know, burning hot metal in your body is like on fire. And you know, check you real quick. You get complacent out there, you’ll die. I don’t care who you are. But But um, I don’t know about that. I have to think about that. I saw a lot of bad stuff and more. never saw anything good. So it’s hard to relate it to science from God. But definitely, definitely saw some bad stuff. saw some real bad stuff that you don’t want to see. You don’t want to ever be part of. Because you may never come back. You might come back physically. But you may never come back. Because some guys don’t. And I was blessed beyond imagine to come back physically and mentally. From a war to worse. Hell.

The PJ’s they’re very humble, they’re older guys. Generally the PJ’s per rescuer are very humble because they’re older guys all right, you know a lot of them are older because they’ve been through so much training and they go through long pipeline and so they’re very very mature are very, very great. You know, really good guys. You know, really good guys. God bless you too. How do you get your memories back? You know, God, God is the ultimate healer. Have your mind your body, your your mind your soul. And he’s the only one that can do it. He’s the only one Jimmy I need some motivation to begin to start working out again. I lost it after COVID I hear you. I understand that. And you got to do just like I do. Bro. My whole life has been starting over. You got to start over in life. You know, you know right when I think it’s great. And Stacey goes oh man, you look good. I’m on sways T’s breeze, you know. Then I go through a spell where man like I don’t feel right. I don’t want to work. workout, you know, it’s hard. And so don’t ever look at a guy like me thinking that, you know, this attitude and this mentality or physio physicality, all this stuff comes from not starting over, over and over and over and over and over and over, or you’re looking at someone right here, and all other seals that are in my position that that, that have gone gone, this gone the, to the finishing school, and this kind of stuff, if you’re looking at every, every one of the start over again and again and again. But it’s those who start over again and again and again. So all you that, that make it it’s not like, you know, you’re looking at someone who’s like, Hey, you know, who’s steadfast all the time works out six days a week now. You know, it’s like 10 days a hard and then it’s like, it’s like scattered, you know, we’re three days hard, and then it’s scattered again, it’s just a life of up and down. It’s very hard to stay. You know, it’s all about getting back up again. It’s the standing man, you got to get back up again. How do you deal with the failure of not getting her back? You, you, you don’t have any other choice. You don’t have the choice. So eventually, I had to who to give it to God, I eventually had to essentially have a funeral in my mind of my dog that I had, my beloved girl, my princess, I had to basically have a funeral in my mind as if I was never going to see him again. And that was so, so hard. So hard. But time is the healer in Time will heal you Time, time. grieve the process. But don’t grieve so long that you get to a point two years down the road. And you neglected the people that are around you now. If there are people in there generally are, don’t neglect the people that are there with you now, the biggest life lesson I learned in grief is to not grieve too long. Because what happens is, you grieve the dead but neglect the people that are alive. And neglecting the people that are alive is way worse than grieving the people that are dead, let the dead bury the dead and you’re that but Jesus, aka Jesus, hey, you neglect the people that are alive around you that you can affect positively in your life by grieving someone that maybe they’re not dead, but maybe they’re gone out of your life forever. You can’t get them back. Okay, and maybe you shouldn’t get back maybe maybe you weren’t meant to get them back. You know? But you let time time time. Time Time. Time is the only thing time where to experience things that bad makes you grateful for the good That’s right. That’s right. cc nine kings plays Who are you? I am Jimmy Watson and I appreciate you joining us right now these glasses are just like kind of like to keep the to keep the brightness out. And if you don’t know me you may think that I’m like arrogant or something crazy or like all this. And I promise you if you look at my page, you don’t get to join or follow but but if you just look at my videos, it’s quite the quite the opposite. Quite the opposite. Okay, I appreciate you though. for asking that question in a lot of my videos will show you who I really am.

What is your favorite crypto? I can’t say that. That’s why Morehouse rose for saying my favorite kryptos why the shades inside? Because man My future is so bright. on house arrest. I gotta wear these shades. Plus I love these shades. And plus it is bright when I take all my my glasses on like what’s up? You know what I mean? Adderall. No, I have taken Adderall. And it did help me but you can abuse it too. You know, so I don’t take it. But thank you, Mike. My greasy. Macho Man Randy Savage. What’s up? Can you imagine me on Arrow In time we will drink box one. Oh man, what’s up? What is so funny? That box one of the things so funny, huh that’s that’s pretty funny. Just watch one of your vids thanks for speaking out. I was just at the 911 in new New York toughsat Wow, that is tough. And that is very sad. Very sad very sad. Thank you for saying that. Oh my love for you. Lion’s Mane my bad I was just asking Hey, no, no problem. No problem, Mike. Man I appreciate you for joining and you’ll see I hope that you follow me by follow me I mean, I hope that you join this mighty warrior tribe and see these videos and stuff because I’m telling you there’s something here for you. Okay, and we can learn from each other too. And I just appreciate you coming on board here and talking to me man. Thank you Thank you I’m glad I’m back to I’ve been down for a week man you know you’re only as good as your only your you know tiktoks amazing because on your when you had the highs you have the highs, but you know, but you’re only as good as your last video. It’s pretty brutal it’s pretty brutal. That’s why you’re on house rez bro. Hey, Rod. Oh, man. I hear you man. I hear you man. easy to forget that grieving so much you neglect to live in. Well, Jimmy, thanks. I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell you what. You know, I didn’t know why my ex my ex spouse was so brutal and cutting me off. I was I was like dang I mean, this was my princess What happened? Like like what happened? Like I don’t understand like, I wasn’t that bad. I mean yeah, did some crappy things, but nothing you can’t work through. But you know what her biggest problem was? She wrote me a brutal letter that I don’t wish on anybody. I had to like smoke weed and do everything else while I was watching it. And I’ll tell you I’ll tell you right now I got this this 15 page single spaced letter and basically to summarize it she’s said it was because you grieve your little brother’s death too hard. And that may sound hard on her part like don’t ask her if she disclosed that at first she goes I understand he died but you agreed your dad friends that died in the seals. I had some crappy situations happen. So my best friend’s dad and stuff and my little brother died at the same time it was bad like a lot of people were like dang God I don’t know how he’s gonna handle this just like 333 things happen in a row that really bad plus a penis crush real bad has no story but and then I got this bad head trauma accident train it up for workup and in the seals. But all this stuff happened in a row like real bad like like the worst luck you could ever and and but her biggest complaint and reason for for for dropping the mic on me was that I grieved them so hard. And I look back and it was so true. Here I was pounding the alcohol in the morning. bled what’s up brother what’s going on magnanimous peacock. Check it out lines, you know, pound in the jack daniels with cereal, taking pills, whatever, I don’t care. You know, it didn’t matter me fighting in bars going crazy, crazy stuff. And I was doing all this in my might into think my, my princess was at home.

I would send her away. I was hanging out with some bad news. And to think that I that she was home. And then I remembered the times I was grieving. My little brother and I was thinking where was where was my spouse when she was doing that? When when I was grieving so hard. What was I doing in the garage just in my own bucket of tears and jack daniels? We buy friends a lot hang out with my friends, but not with my wife. Oh yes, she was inside. Total neglect. So when I read that letter, it was too late. When I read that letter, it was too late buddy. It now. Now after all that grieving after all that pain I Through. Now I got to deal with the pain from the neglect. That basically mind neglect killed off my ex without killing, you know, it, it basically buried her, you know in neglect. So don’t neglect those who are living around you with the grief while you’re grieving someone that’s gone already. It’s absolutely insane if you think about it.

Yeah, I took her for granted. That’s right. And took her for granted. Yeah. Yeah. And so people would say, Oh, she shouldn’t say

that. Well, you know, you know, tough, tough thoughts on bug out packs, any tips, key items or anything interesting? Yeah, I’ll give you a great one on bug out packs. A big problem that people have is, is when they get a survival situation, they don’t have one of their 20,000 lighters, I’m sorry. They have one of their lighters. Because two is one one is done. Right. But they certainly have a fire source, but everything’s soaking wet, and Everything’s ruined. And there’s nothing to light on fire. You know, just a little bit of heat can dry out your wet clothes, just a little bit of heat can keep you from going to hyperthermia, just a little bit a heat. A little flame can keep you sane while you’re doing one of these, right? Which is very looked down upon in the seals, by the way, shaking like this cigarette like a little chicken. But so what you can do is this, I’m about to tell you a secret. Okay? All you need to do is take scotch tape. Or we you know, you know like that gray tape. We call it doesn’t matter where Scott stayed in and ball it up in a ball. Like unraveling ball and put a ball and then you make like five or six of those, you know, and I’ll tell you try this at home. Or maybe don’t try this. Oh, but if you like that thing with a lighter, that thing will burn like hot for a long time. And yeah, duct tape and it will burn and it will dehydrate wet wood. It will keep you sane during the night. That little bitty ball a tape, you know burn through anything. And you can like that with your lighter and that thing will burn through anything you know, keep you warm. Lots of different things. Duct tape, Jimmy. Thank you duct tape. I was scared to say that other tape that’s like you put on an envelope. I didn’t want people balling up a little bit flimsy piece of tape and going man I’m gonna die now because Jimmy said Bob this little envelope tape.

Yeah, no problem. No problem. touch point. touch point. That’s that’s one that’s been I love that one. That’s a great 100 mile an hour tape. That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. No problem. No problem. I’m here for your entertainment. You know what I’m saying? You throw me a couple peanuts. I’ll do like an entire dance for you on that crazy.

You’re here. You’re there at the Citadel. Wow. Impressive. That’s great. Flint and titanium boy that work. My fellow Texan brother knows what’s up. How you doing Jim? Big Daddy, what’s up, brother? It’s great seeing you Big Daddy. Ma’am. Big Daddy has his videos of him. Doing all these work all the time. Man. I’m always impressed with that because you are one hard worker laying that laying concrete is no joke, brother. Any advice for handling pain? Oh, handling pain is an acquired taste, you know, that I’ve grown accustomed to in life and that you learn to filter out generally, in my most worst painful moments and suffering. I tend to just act like I’m watching TV back at home eating popcorn. So I just put myself somewhere else. You know, that’s not easy. That’s not easy. Sometimes. But another thing is to just kind of like, enjoy it, you know, be like, you know, filter it through your mind. Nothing lasts forever, nothing. And stay away from the adrenaline dump. Like when I got my penis crushed so bad, you know, I knew to stay away from the realization of what’s happening. So you want to stay away from the realization of the pain as long as you can. Because it will set you in eventually and take over your body. And but your mind has an incredible way of stat, stabbing off pain at first. And you can push through pain, of course, and you can practice that by doing my mighty warrior workouts. Trust me, you can put yourself through a lot of pain on your own.

You know, I have 17 years, combined service military service. How much can I benchpress? A bit, press the moon if I want to. Okay, that’s not true. I don’t know. You know, I was never really strong in my benchpress. But I don’t I haven’t done bench press in years and years. I do. I do all push ups and bodyweight prison workouts.

You’re a good man. Jimmy, you aren’t. You’re an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for saying that. Thank you so much for saying that. Awesome. Thank you. Just remember, don’t forget to squeeze your piece. You know, I’m saying I don’t know what that means. But just you know, think about it. Let’s see. The funny thing is I asked that because of hemorrhoids. Well, I have to commend you for being so honest with me. Any advice on transferring from the Marines over to buds? You know, I got out of the Marines to go to buds. It’s very difficult to transfer from the Marines to budds Navy is very difficult just to go to buds from being out of the Marines. They don’t like that for some reason. It’s the Department of the Navy but it ain’t a Department of the Navy. You know, I’m saying what at his band, do you lie shoot? I don’t know. Do I look like I’m from the 80s I’m just kidding. You know what? I don’t know. I don’t know. I came in thinking ladies bam. Big Daddy. What’s up? Is MC so loud and imprison? I don’t know. I don’t know. I know. I know it’s suspect you know is very suspect very very suspect john McAfee died like that supposedly very very suspect very strange you know he didn’t kill himself you know that for sure. Marines chill on duty what’s up Rob brother what’s going on I class was to a to Van Halen school and then I finished and trade three right? I gotta be posed on I gotta say I finished my first class is ridiculous. We seven guys dude with around seven. Yes. How long do you have to be on house race? Gosh, I hope not British longer. I really do. Your alert brother present and accounted for Dang. Hey. Hey alert. You know, my, my biggest respect to you. A long range reconnaissance patrol. Or maybe it was born rage. Because the platoon sorry if I mistake out, but I did a video on my heroes. And one of them was alert. He was my old coach in junior High’s name was Mike Hendricks. He had an old faded Lucky lucky charm. A lucky clover on his wrist I asked him why he said all it’s a he’s super humble guy said it was because because he went through two different platoons of guys like, you know, basically survived one platoon. They call him lucky. But he had incredible stories about being an alert in Vietnam. And it was absolutely the most balls out crazy stuff I’ve ever like, to this day. And I was in the seal teams though, man I saw respect. So respect that man. Might you know you want to talk about real hero? one just came along just now. The guy that said he’s alert LRP that’s a real hero. That’s real hero right there. Much love and respect for you, brother. Thank you, for you for sacrificed so much. People really just don’t realize what you guys went through Vietnam. You know, I don’t and neither do they. It’s really incredible I don’t collect challenge coins I’ve given away most of my challenge coins I’m giving away most of my stuff man you know you know I give away most of my stuff brother I anything that I get I generally give away you know I generally give away How do I how does seals feel about chess? Even Sure. I personally have kind of a problem because he yelled at me. When I was playing, I was going to bus he visited and he yelled at me from his car, he had like a Dodge Charger. He was like, keep running and you pizza and I was like, EFF you bro. You know, like, I was so mad because, you know, you know, he was trying to be cool for his friends or something, but whatever. It’s not his fault. How is the coke and Columbia? Come on, man. You know the answer that anyways, my stepdad was lert man much respect to him. Much respect to him. Much respect thoughts on Jocko Hey, I don’t know Jocko. I mean my buddy knows him real well, guys that I got, you know, I know some funny stories that nobody else knows about him. Just because you know when your team’s you know, things. And, hey, my hat’s off to him. Much respect to him. You know? It seems like a stand up guy to me. Stand up guy. I served during the time where Jocko was in, but I never served with him. In fact, I’ve never met him. Never met him. But we’re in at the same times. How did you crush her Johnson? I didn’t crush my Johnson crush my penis. Next question.

Thank you to all service members and veterans and comments. They Thank you all so much love. Yeah, that’s right, Nick. Thank you for saying that. Everybody. I love you. I’m going to head out right now. Not that I have much going on. Thank you for having my back. Thank you. Thank you. I’m in your corner too. And hey, be looking out. be looking out for you know, good videos this week. I feel it. I just feel it coming. You know, I’m saying but you know, you never know. But I feel like coming out appreciate it. I love all y’all. Hey, that my alert brother that showed up. I appreciate you Big Daddy. Love you man. Hey, there’s a no sick kind of game. You’re right. We did a little pillow talk that one day. Who cares? They don’t matter. They don’t matter. Who cares? All right. I’m not his dad. He’s not my daddy. We don’t we understand that. We got it. We got Hey, thank you Big Daddy for saying that. Thank you, karma. Thank you for all the hearts. That’s so sweet. Karma. What a nice thing. How does seals get? Let’s see. What was as a thank you. Thank you. Thank you. How do seals get selected? For certain number t? o r? j you you generally hat Kay, thank you for that question. You you have a dream list, which generally gets fulfilled if they can SDV that I went to my team is all volunteer. Only two guys volunteered for me and another guy in my class. So they definitely gave it to us. Because you generally don’t go there unless you’re wacko. And then I regretted that. Thank you for that question. That’s a great question. Okay. Very, very this deep. Thank you for keeping us going man. Thank you so much. Don’t forget your protein shake. What’s up, man? You know, I don’t take a protein dog. This natural song. Alright, don’t get your squeezy cotton and breezy. All right. Don’t get your squeezy cotton, breezy. All my love for everybody. Thank you, everybody. I appreciate y’all. Yeah, that’s right daddy. STV team one. That’s right. Yep, SDB, team one Hawaii bro city. I appreciate all y’all. I appreciate you following me. Thank you. Thank you for joining and thank you for being part of this. All my love everybody. Thank you so much. I’ll see y’all


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