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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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Who’s that me? Big fan you man love your stories. Thank you so much Florida, Montana, how you can join in this. Especially you ladies. And like I said some of you man, I would like to know what the ionizer is on the hair blower. If you can tell me what the ionizer is because neither my sister or my mother could tell me what the ionizer is on the hair board. This is a big deal. Yo, this live cut when you said john Mack I know. Drew jury squeezy I’m gonna have to say j squeezy from now. He’s like my father. The right when I go to talk about him. It always cuts out you know, I mean, it’s weird. Because stroll. Good afternoon from Vermont. Interesting. frizz control. Shelly Shelly Shelly shows up. So don’t just I need you to think deeper than this. I don’t want to really hear I have tattoos on my knees. I you can you can enlist, Bro. Bro. They there was an animal that tried to get rid of the seals that had tattoos. They said Sir, that would be all of them. He said. Hmm. Well, then you must get rid of the ones with the one sleeve tattoo. He’s like, that would be 75% of them. He said forget that. Next thing. Let’s go make our bed. What’s up everybody? My hair never recovered from the ionizer I’m just filling in the blanks. Listen, I think that ionizer is similar to the nuclear atom fusion vision thing that’s that you know the whole thing that goes down there is my friend Good to see you. touch point check squeezy. Ionic dreiser. dryer shoot negative ions. Water ions are positively charged. Once again, mama bear that’s not good enough. Because you, you just can’t Google something. Okay, because we know fat check is not right. Because they’re paying me to be on fat check. I’m the guy behind fat check. And that’s that’s a bad deal. If I’m fat Check, please. Listen, mama bear. Okay, but I need to explain in these kind of terms. If you can’t explain the ionizer to me in these terms, then we do not have a conversation here. Okay. How do you think seals do missions? Okay. Things like these. Just look at our buds certificate. This is no joke. Our buds certificate looks like a kid’s kids colored Sammy the seal for the frog and then Chucky cheese character with an M 60. He has an MC seal is pretty cool. But don’t give it around your kids. They’ll start coloring on it very carefully. An ionizer a torque meter. Now that is the kind of answer that I’m talking about Nick Bates coming through with the torque meter. I mean, you just can’t make this up. Who’s Oh, Neil. What’s your take on is that is that the guy that claim? He and the one thing by himself? I don’t know. explain more. Bro. What happened to you earlier?

I don’t know. I mentioned MC squeezy and I’ve got MC breezy.

So I just like got this out and started reading it because that’s what I do to calm down between seal missions. hunt down Lucia Diem the tide the mountain tigers. This is what I would do. Now I wasn’t smoking opium. I’m now I don’t know why I just said that. But But, but I wasn’t doing I swear. We weren’t doing it. We weren’t passed around fitting all lollipops. No, we say those. Okay. But But one thing that I do before before admission and during one. I read this because it calms me out. So when I got cut off, with Mick squeezy comments, I start to read Dr. Seuss. Robert O’Neill Yeah, he’s the guy who takes all the credit for the bin Ladin mission. I don’t know how much I could say. But I will say this. That navy seals are nothing on our own, as you can see, but as a team,

t m m m.

We are very successful, inefficient. Such as the Black Swan movie that you saw. synchronized. I mean, it’s like high port left turn, it’d be gone. You know what I’m saying? So yeah, that’s my take on that. It’s a team. It’s a team. I mean, it would be ridiculous. For me to say that I became a navy seal on my own.

It’s insane.

We’re standing on the shoulders of giants. I literally had a guy on my team have a brain fart for a second and say that he would do buds again. I’ll do buds again. I looked at him I said, yo. I said, let me tell you something. I said I saw you cried. Under a log. A 250 pound log over your head for three hours I saw you booing like a little baby. Don’t ever say that again to me. And I’m saying that about myself either. I wasn’t booing. I’m not a Boolean or a boat or something. But not only that thing, because I got big shoulders. I got shoulders for voters. You know, I’m saying you don’t want a lot of muscle going into buds anyway. They called me the USS Watson and that’s not a good thing. Excuse you better get out my way when I’m swimming. Because I don’t move out the way because I’m not Michael Phelps. Are you really under house risks aren’t Yes, I am. My dad was Air Force combat controller and was attached to a greenbrae group. That’s awesome. Good for him. Thank you very much. Who that girl? Why are you gonna upside down five for your profile? Answer me this and I’ll answer you why I’m on house. Russ. My uncle was a frogman served with Richard marcinko man, that’s cool. That’s really cool. That’s neat. I bet he has some cool stories. Old School frogmen are the coolest touch point for them. extortion 17. What are Why are you on house risk? Four. I got a lot of videos junipers. I don’t know how to say your name. But thank you for showing up. Thank you. Oh, I see that who that girl you said us is in distress. Okay. Fair enough. USMC, veteran. Love Your mono brother. Hey, thank you very much. I’m a marine by Heart Foundation. If all the seals were Marines, they’d be a lot better. Give us 20 wall push ups. Yo, son. Well, look, come on. What? What about June? June? Just a star. Come on. I deserve more than that. Touch freakin who said was it Nick Bates said. He said, Okay, let’s get back to this. The I own the ionizer on the hair board. I need some answers. Mama Bear straight up gave me the Google answer of ionisers or the braces and the cheeses and they go out and they go back through your hair and frizzy. Listen to me. I need answers like this. These are the kinds of answers that I understand. Nick throws out right after mama bears Google answer. Nick says it’s the torque meter homeboy. And that for me is acceptable behavior. That to me shows me that you care but mama bear cares way more than probably everybody here together. So the mama bear had like an educated answer I’m talking about I want the torque meter. Because that’s how I operate if you tell me torque meter then I know then I realize exactly what mama bear is talking about. Oh the ionize Okay, they come through. The thing in the nuclear fission happens and it comes through back through the heating coils. That what’s that beep that beep is our to D to m c threepio. Yes, our duty D to What did you say? JOHN McAfee is still alive. Oops. I gotta hit it a bunch times. Why on house arrest? You’re right. Who? dagara Europe? I’m sorry. I am I was arrested you right? You You answered me. I gotta answer you a minimal word. Most the time if I was arrested in connection to john McAfee’s crimes, and now I’m on house arrest with my mom at 40 years old and I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me. I feel like you deserve a little bit more answer than that. Do you want more of an answer than that? If you say no, I’m perfectly fine with it. Class 253 year who y’all brother STV driver for life day you are a pilot. That’s for real. You see all seals. They go to STB our pilots by nature, but we’re not pilots. We go through the pilot school. But when you get to STV, you’re chosen out of all the guys the best guys are the pilots and that was not me. Okay, you do not want me driving anything that you’re in the back of where your life depends on me screwing up by a couple feet. You play so much. They don’t believe you know But isn’t that great? Because you see, then you set yourself up for you can say anything. And it’s like, well, I mean, I guess he was joking. I don’t know. It’s kind of crazy. He serves ask him to people. I love you. You’re gonna be just fine butterfly, Nick. You said the torque meter. And now you say that

and I’m going to be fine.

What’s your credit score? Would top security clearance? Or is that thing? Do you need credit score? You do need a good It’s a strange question, but very well. Yeah, so I got a TSS ci or had one and it ran out. A couple speeding tickets here and there. But, but um, the, the the top secret clearance actually focuses quite a bit on your credit, because they want to know if you’re responsible or not. It’s not a it’s not a deal breaker, but you need to be able to explain. Like in my top secret clearance interview, one of the things was like, Okay, all right. Tell us why you did it. And I was like, Whoa, gosh, whoa, whoa, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, I got some ice cream. I served it to this person. And they lie. Yeah. He’s like, what, what? sub right there. What I was talking about was the unpaid college tuition. And I was like, Oh, yeah, that they want me to forget what I just said. Please. Let’s change this. Tell us about your first tattoo. This is all one tattoo. My first tattoo was was this. It’s now jacked up, but but I got it. tuvan devil dog Marine Corps. What’s up in the kitchen? I think the guy was on meth. I wasn’t though. Don’t them Russians getting you?

How you doing?

I don’t know. How long you want house wrist? Well, if there was a year for every smiley face you just gave me that’s about how long I’m just kidding. I hope it’s I don’t know really? I don’t know. Winter trial. I don’t know. I don’t know. JOHN McAfee dies so I don’t know now. I don’t know funniest moment you had with McAfee.

McAfee was really funny.

Women tried to like throw themselves at him all the time but he he was not have that I mean it’s like you weren’t even there. He was an expert that I don’t know why that was funny. I’ll tell you I’ll tell you some about like the I thought about tonight when MC squeezy I gotta call him but when MC squeezy he was so smart in it he’s a genius. And I was around 24 hours a day and he um he just it’s like he knew everything like he would like solve mysteries and stuff you know and like like, like in his head and then be like oh, this is what happened I’m like oh whoa, what? And one day I was so impressed I was like sir I said how you know everything like it’s just weird to me how do you know everything and he just looked at me and said I listened and boy that was pretty amazing Yeah, that’s good. That’s good. That’s good. They want credit scores to make sure you want to risk to get paid off by the enemies SP not bad that’s one reason Yeah, absolutely. That’s one of the main reasons actually. Jimmy What is up devil pup? Why you got to call me devil pup Is it because you see me with my little puppy all the time? That’s really my mom’s Oh nothing much I’m okay what’s going on in blocky simplify when you try out, I don’t know. love your videos. Brother. Funny, funniest moment you had with McAfee. I’m trying to think they were kind of scary moments and a lot of paranoid moments. And so it’s really hard to I don’t remember much funny business going on. I really don’t have one time I went outside to walk a little Turkey, my dog. And I walked outside with him. I walked outside with him. And we Turkey. And the neighbor comes up to me and gives me a letter, like a no. And it was weird because she walked way across from her house with the letter. And I was like, I mean, everything you did was scrutinized and looked at. It McAfee was known for just sitting there with binoculars like just staring out the window. At the time I was a CEO. And I needed a break sometimes. So I just walk out with to get a breather. And we were there in Frisco, North Carolina. And I was walking down this road, she gave me the letter and I came inside and McAfee really, really tried to steal that I was the like the the boss of his company he wanted to back away from everything and you know as as an older gentleman and and all that and so he really let the reins out would be well I got to my office up in his his mansion which was a boat which was in the shape of a ship. And it was on big pillars overlooking the sound. This overcoat sound where Blackbeard used to to evade the British vessels, warships manna wars in he would evade him in the shallows in fact McAfee Okay, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen. I’ll get back to that later the But Max he used to just full throttle his boat. And this sound went right up next to his mansion that was in the shape of a boat that we call The Love Boat, the Love Shack, I called him and we would go from that thing and he would just balls out, full throttle, full throttle this thing this this outboard engine boat vessel across this open co sound and then just bottom out like just totally just like it just in these complete shallows because only the locals knew the passengers. But he was so stubborn. He continue to do this so we’d have to wait till high tide.

Anyways, we have to wait till high tide till he got unstuck off that those the shallows and he would doodle nor was it was pretty funny, but it was really annoying to me sitting out there in the heat. I mean, he’s just a repeat offender. No pun intended. But uh, but this day I walked in the in his house, I walked in the Love Shack, his big boathouse, this mansion in Frisco, Frisco, North Carolina, and I walk up there and he’s never sitting in my office. You know? Never. I mean, he could anytime you want it to he’s the real boss, but, but he’s sitting in my chair, in my office on my here it goes. It’s hot outside. He’s bright red and veins are sticking out of his head. And I’m like, hey, Sir, he’s like, sit down. And I’m like, I sit down. I got this letter in my hand. He goes, I saw that. I saw it. I saw that lady. Give that letter to you. He’s like, I knew it all along. I couldn’t I can’t believe it. You betrayed me feel betrayed by how bad his veins are sticking out his head more than mine. And I’m like, just staring at him. I’m like, you don’t sir.

He’s like, yes, I’m done. I’m done with you. And I’m like, sir, you won’t know what’s in this letter. He’s like, you damn right. I

know who he is. And why he do it.

And I’m like,

the neighbors a woman. She gave me

your bill for not paying the lawn service you owe $50 to Jose, and you need to pay your bills. You need to pay your lawn service. He was like and he looked at the letter he’s like oh continue working Sorry about that. I was like that’s it. I mean, he would never say sorry by the way. He was just like continue on. Everything’s okay here I go. I thought I was a trader. I thought I was the biggest piece I’ve ever but you need to pay your long view. The moral of the story is pay your bills Oh, sorry about that. Sorry, I can’t go crazy there. preach about your current diet. Any pro tips? Listen, man, you can’t manipulate manipulation, son. Okay, I go as keto friendly as possible. I just cut out Hey man, you want to get ready You will need A shredded sobbing garbs. It’s not as easy as that. But But you know, do a high high protein, high fat. Cut out your carbs. And if you really don’t, if you want to get back ham nasty, then you will stop eating at 8pm start eating at 11pm. So do like 16 hours of of intermittent fasting. If you can work out on an empty stomach and then break your fast with a high protein meal. You’re gonna get a slice and dice like j slice you know I’m saying carbs are the devil or or You could summarize what I just said with what she said. I stake in candy. All right, that’s cool. What else? Nick, you got another cool comment? Like, like the torque meter? Yes. Oh, how do you go from jarhead to seal? not easily, not easily, my friend. not easily. You don’t go from jarhead and you don’t go to the Marines to the seals, it’s it’s, even though the Marines is a Department of the Navy that don’t mean nothing. They could care less about that. It’s way easier. If not the only way to get out I had to get out of the Navy. And then I was out for a while I was in Blackwater. And then I went back to the Navy, but it’s hard. They don’t look at it as good they they don’t look at it as awesome thing. Yeah, that was the way ambulance outside. I ain’t scared of nothing. You saw I wasn’t scared and I wasn’t scared. Nothing. I wasn’t scared. It’s now that those those sirens went off. I didn’t think it was my parole officer a bunch of cops or FBI come to give me I didn’t think that no. Thank you for helping Jimmy Stacy. Yes, Stacy. Thank you for that. I was the first woman certified. Let me see. What do you say? I was the first one is certified in McAfee. Wow. That’s impressive. That’s pretty cool. Let’s see. What are y’all got questions about john McAfee? Did john ever do blow with you? Now that’s messed up because that’s implying I did blow like all the time and then john just like hey, Jimmy, can I do some blow with you? Like, come on, man. These load equations? loaded questions. And no, we never did blow together. It’s no I mean, we were crazy. But not that crazy. No biggie. sound real close. I’m scared. Si sh i t l e SS of spiders in dolls. I heard people being scared of the number 13 today. I was like man, this world needs to chill out on these fear tactics. You know fear death made cowards of us all. Have you ever heard of that? Stop being afraid Life is too short. Man. I know some great seals and comrades Marines and stuff that that live in one day die the next you know I’m saying you can’t you can’t um, you can’t control life like that. You know you can’t What is this? What about the baptism in Columbia? Oh, I did a lot of coke. Pablo Escobar looks like a child in Colombia. I lived in Colombia Mexico and Colombia. And the old me that died before I was saved by Jesus

blue Cove all the time. But I did not blow hope with john McAfee like that like what you’re talking about I wasn’t like that. You can’t do big negotiations all the type of deal all that like that strung out they say the same Wolf of Wall Street up in here. But there were big parties in fear and God don’t occupy the same space. That’s right in Joker. Joker. You said Stolen Valor Listen, I’m gonna open up my own show. It’s gonna be it’s gonna be don’t steal my valor it because you know john Don Shipley gets 20 though I didn’t know this but Don Shipley gets 20 bucks every time someone calls him about me That’s why he don’t call me and say stop doing what you’re doing because he’s got a Lamborghini now because of you. And so before anybody else calls him I need to do a negotiation with him and say hey, can you give me 10% of everything? We can work together on this you know Don and I can get $2 every $20 you make and be a billionaire Jay you killed me What’s up? Does it ever feel like he set you up to be the fall guy I without without pushing over any kind of responsibility or anything like that you know in sound like a flake? I will say that I feel like I was highly manipulated and a lot of it I allowed because I felt like I was desperate for like a father figure even though my father was great. But I just was seeking validation I mean look, come on marine seals Blackwater. always seeking a title which now I know means nothing because if you if you desire a title if you if you desire for people to know you as a title you don’t deserve when you don’t. In a title is given honor. Honor is not on a piece of paper. And you’re probably thinking Whoa, he didn’t get an article. No, actually, I did. I got an offer. discharged for the Marine Corps and I got honorable retirement I took early retirement 17 years from the Navy SEALs combined service. But But my point is is honorable I know a lot of great dude great opposite operators that got canned on a dishonorable for doing honorable things. But the politics got him kicked out. at such a time as this my friends were did john McAfee hide the data he collected on the elite politicians Miami. That’s perfect. That’s perfect. Man. I appreciate the words of wisdom, bro. God bless you. Hey, God bless you. Thank you very much. What is this? Really? Yeah. Thank you for that. I appreciate that. Praise Jesus, though. That’s right. That’s right. your old self Yeah, that’s right. The old me is dead and, and if anybody out there is hopeless right now, I get a lot of messages. But I but just like in the Navy SEALs, we triage after a big firefight or something you put the critically injured over here in all your fire department. Paramedics know what I’m talking about. And police officers that are putting your aiss in troopers highway troopers. I was watching a couple of videos the other day and it was just outright insane what the police officers all of our law enforcement have to go through FBI and SWAT their their their zombie squad all these guys. Like the danger you have to put yourself in to keep us safe at night is so respected by me You don’t even know. And so I am, I give I love that and I wish I had a lot more followers that were fire department and so I appreciate you. If you serve in any capacity like that out on our streets here. It’s like a war zone out here. We still get some of these high speed chases and stuff. It’s really crazy. But yeah, if anyone anyone is lost right now, you’re looking at a guy that was absolutely hopeless in life. And I have a lot of stories about being hopeless. And I have a lot more stories about being hopeless than I do about my salvation, but my salvation Trumps all of them. My my own rescue God rescued a man that was burning in and I had eaten up every eight, eight lives of the non loss of a cat you know, I was done. I was done. And but there’s hope for you. And if you’re one of those

operators, and I mean this to everybody out there, but my my what I’ve tried to tell you if we would triage okay after a firefight, you triage okay if somebody is in critically injured you put them right here. If somebody is like bleeding, you put him right here. And if they’re just being lazy, lame, like me, then you put them over here and the so so you go to the triage the priority first and so if you’re a priority in my eyes, and that means your Hearne your last year, that last ship in the night that I was, and you don’t know, if you’re going to make it tomorrow, then then you reach out to me because I can help you. Through the Holy Spirit through Jesus through me can help you not be I can do nothing for you. But God can. And I know that we’ve all heard that so many times. And I had heard that so many times. I was like, boy she had Don’t tell me that I know he’s real, but don’t tell me he can help me. He left the building in my case. But that was just not true. And I’m telling you that that is not true for you either. Where did john hide the data he collected on the lead punches? Okay, sorry, I read that. That’s that was in Miami. Joker says Stolen Valor. You know, there’s such thing as stealing someone’s valor as well. You got to be careful that you need to do your research. I just like stories from the past. I’ve got some stories. I’ll tell you a story here in a minute. And this is why I don’t like telling war stories. But I’ll tell you one, it’s kind of heart wrenching. It may put you in a bad mood, or sad mood. But it’s true. Yeah, Joker’s want attention and don’t know what he’s talking about. A lot of times, when people don’t understand someone like me, like let’s say for instance, they’re like, oh, Marines and seals No way. Well, you’re saying no way because you haven’t dare to dream and you haven’t put your aiss out in line and it doesn’t matter about the Marines, the seals. What I’m saying is your dream. Okay? Your aspiration your thing and no matter how old you are. There’s a dream Upon a Dream upon a dream. I just never thought past the seals. But when I had to get out when I had a bad injury, then then things change for me. And you got to get when are you writing a book? How do you know I’m not writing a book? I’m not writing a book, per se, but maybe someone’s writing one for me. And I think it’s gonna be epic. Because it tells kind of three stories. It tells the side of the genius, okay, which we know is on me. But it tells the story of a madman, which could be be or john McAfee. And then it taught tells a story about a soldier, a warrior. At the same time, just like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Anyways, yeah, maybe Joker was wanting some attention. You know? Jimmy is your Alter Ego Cletus tie. What does that mean? Please explain. I mean, I understand what the torque meter means more than that comment. I want to read that. Thank you. I read some of the draft the other day, and it was it was heart heartfelt, straight from the heart. It is raw, raw data. It’s raw data. My brother’s trying to become a seal. Do you have any advice for buds? I do? Go all out. But but do it smartly. You know, john McAfee used to say thank you for that. You’re the definition of that as well. Now you are saying that I love comments like that. You’re my best friend. But But let me tell you so. JOHN McAfee, you said one time I showed john McAfee my degree because I wanted to justify myself to him. I was already CEO, but I wanted to tell him like hey, check out my organizational leadership degree. You know, I have a Master’s but I have a bachelor’s. And

I sent that to him and said, Hey, sir, you know, at least you ain’t got a dummy here. You know what I’m saying? He goes I know I got a dummy but but why are you showing me that that’s useless to me. And I’m not saying degrees are useless. But I am kind of saying the art because john McAfee would say you don’t need a degree unless it’s a technique unless it’s technical skill, like, like surgery like Doctor lawyer these things. But but but just because you don’t make them. I sit around a table full of CEOs that had all GDS? You know, I’m saying like, it’s crazy, man. You can do anything you want live. JOHN McAfee said you can google until you are Google VOD, and in and out of this world googled out and learn anything you want. You can follow that trail. You know, of course you need backups and you need you know, solid research. True research. But that’s what’s up. Bro, how do you keep the lion’s mane high and tight? And home? You have your own artists on call, man. Like I like 50 artists on call son. Okay, I don’t have nobody, you know, I don’t have nobody. Well, I have all you and that’s what matters. But uh, when I was born, my hair just straight up real talk. And my mom asked the doctor, what’s wrong with me? And he said, Well, your son has shaftless hair. Not that your son is shaftless. But your son has shaftless hair. And that means it sticks straight up like Einstein. Now I put a little squeeze in there, and then I put a little breeze on there. But that’s what I was trying to ask everybody about that. ionizer you want a story? everybody want a story? I need advice. I should become a seal or go to college. My dream since I was to be a seal. Listen, if your dream was to become a seal, then then don’t go to college. Don’t don’t don’t do all these other side projects because you’re just going to sit there and drunk at a frat party. And you’re going to be saying man, I will do SEO someday or I could have been a seal don’t talk about to be about and I won’t lie I went to I went to Texas Tech for just a little stamp. This is I got my my my degree in the seals. But I went to Texas Tech before the Navy. And I was always talking about being a seal always talk about it. But I realized that door was closing on me. And you do not want to get in a situation where you’re barely squeezing through a door at the last minute. I was almost at the at the age limit. Okay, I’ll tell you a story. But I don’t like to say too many war stories. And it’s for a reason. Because I don’t like to glam glamorize a war. I don’t like to speak about it in a good context at all. Because all that I ever seen for more is terrible, terrible things. Like the time I grabbed a new guy, and I said, Hey, I said, watch this car over here. And, and I grabbed my buddy like this and, and, and I pointed out this car, and it had family in it. And he would it was like his first couple firefights, and he just wasn’t processing things, which is normal. But I grabbed my my buddy when I did, or this guy, and when I did, um, he just pointed out the car and sprayed the windows spiderweb the window out, and bad things happened. And, and so I felt guilty for years and years and years. And I was telling him which any other operator would have known at the time that was seasoned that I’m just telling you to watch that don’t let him come any closer watch them while we are mitigating this circumstance over here. But when I grabbed him his reaction was you know, ripped it up the ripped it up the the radiator into the window. And so so that’s the kind of stories I have. So war stories to me aren’t pleasant at all. Like my, like my good friend that another snapper story and now this is in the teams and and I thought he was actually really strange and kind of aggressive after this deployment. And just something was off reel off. Finally I got him to talk about it, he had to, he had to take out a little kid boy that had a radio because he was overwatching as a seal platoon came through and he was stuck with the decision

that he just had no option but to squeeze the trigger and just walk away and never look back because it’s either that or risk killing an entire platoon or really hurting a platoon because that boy has a radio and he’s calling into attack or notifying a complex attack coming up so so those are the stories that I have and that’s why I don’t like talking about him too much


stories are good though. I do have some good stories I got some I got some decent stories you know but but my memory is sometimes go to the bad ones thank you for saying that. Thank you for saying that thank you for respecting that

spiritual warfare

I think if our eyes were open right now to what’s really going on in the spirit world be scared sh RT le is is

crazy john story I try to be straight up you know I try to be honest with people what got me through Navy SEAL buds and what made you know

now a lot of stuff came back sorry thank you for that they should make a Netflix series I appreciate that. I really appreciate that. Some of that seems daunting you know

what was the most important I saw a good question here all these are great questions.

Do you know are you want to God story but this is this is a Don’t Don’t be turned away by God story if you’re hearing this because sometimes my god stories deal with war or deal with crazy stuff like the time I lost my knife. I lost his cool knife. It was actually I gave my old Marine Corps K bar away to a best friend. And him in return we were camping. He gave me his awesome knife and I love this knife and cherished and carried on my gear and I was in sniper school and Navy SEAL training in sniper school is in atterbury Indiana that’s our secret but uh it’s an add Berry, Indiana and We started out in Virginia and then we go up to atterbury, Indiana and it’s really hot and miserable there. And they’ve got hundreds of hundreds of acres of atterberry and it’s an army it’s an army base. And they just got hundreds of acres there to stock and if you don’t know what stocking is, I’m sure a lot of y’all do. It’s when you put on a bunch of burlap and and you stock or not a lot of burlap but you get caught, but you stocked the fields and then the spotters try to find you in your skirt and it’s really tough and I had a broken ankle going through it it was swell to buy a grapefruit but if you get a chance to go to sniper school you do not turn it down to I think McAfee is still off he’s either alive or he was murdered. I never saw a funeral though. I think that’s very suspicious and I you know there will be a point where I can talk a lot more about stuff I promise you that but uh but in the stock fields it’s real hard and you’re dragging against the ground you know sometimes you’re running but but that’s like definitely where they can’t see you. But I was like stalk him crawling and when we got until with the stock that knife was gone and I looked down and I could tell where had ripped off my trouser bill and me it was gone. And I’ll tell you how gone it was and I got to an amazing point here okay at the end the story for you maybe maybe your situation right now. But this this knife was gone and I’ll tell you why it was so gone. It’s because there’s hundreds and hundreds of acres in atterbury Indiana, where we stock as snipers in the seals. Now this knife gets ripped off in the problem is and why you’ll never get anything you lose it at the very end and again, it’s because we never stock the same field twice. We never stock the same field twice. So for all intents and purposes this knife is gone forever. And I’m kind of like her bags I’m like de Mamet best friend gave me that and it was special to me but I had always remember my dad and my mom all my life saying to ask God for big things ask him for really big scary things

so that when it happens

you can’t say anything else that something somebody else did it for your or opposite conjure that up somehow unless you did that on my own I got promoted on my own all this stuff. And so as ludicrous as this sounds, it sounded at the time to me I was in my team Gear Locker at the cyber school getting ready for another day brutal it’s brutal there you never you never go to the same field twice and it’s in it’s a blind setting to where the instructors just kind of they send you to these random spots in this massive hundreds 1000s of acres in in editor Barry atterbury the 1000s 1000s of acres it’s gone forever and plus it was real money they’re probably buried in China and so there’s probably bait in China too. And so we so I lost it and I’m sitting there in my in my team cage. And I’m like man I’m like pissed off you know real pissed off. But I remember my mom and dad saying you know AST s bow prayers. Simple in bold. Like Be bold is a lion. Bold, man bold. touchpoint sweet.

Oh, my.

So, so I kneel down. I’m at my locker. And I say man is crazy this sounds in of course, aliens are real. Who just asked that? Of course they are. You’re looking at one right now. Look at my eyes. Do my eyes look normal?


This is artificial intelligence. And so I’m in my cage. And I say God. I say, as crazy as this sounds. I really want that knife back. And I don’t think it’s possible. But in the supernatural. Jesus is who He says He is. My mom and dad always told me to just ask crazy big questions. I didn’t really believe that this was possible. But I said, God, I’m gonna ask very specifically. I said I will Did not back in I know it’s not possible, but I will not back. Okay. So I prayed this prayer and so we do. I can’t I probably can’t go into too much but we do a lot of stocks and so we do another stock the next time


it’s brutal out there’s hot I’m dragging around again I’m like you know failing these thoughts on they’re always I see me Look how big I am. They’re like, Hey right here Lion’s Mane Lion’s Mane is sticking up right here right here right now and I’m like, yo, oh my How am I supposed to pass this? If you’re standing there pointing me. You’re like put your Lion’s Mane down. I’m like, I can’t it’s natural. I got a shaftless shaftless hair, it just sticks up, homie. Damn, get out your VM in, get out of here. And so we do this big stock in this field. It’s it’s just totally random field. Okay, I kind of forget about the knife thing. But as we’re getting back to this big bus, we’re always going around these buses. You’re so dirty. We’ll get back in as do comes up one of my homeboys. And he’s like, yo, Jimmy, you dropped your knife. And I said, No, I didn’t because I don’t have enough anymore. He said, Well, it says Texas tornado warning. And I said that’s not possible. He said, Yeah, look, it is. And it was covered as he just it looked like a barn cool.

covered in mud.

And he hands it to me, and I’m like this

is I’m like, in attack acid. Where did you find that?

He said you. It was right there where you step in the mud? And I said, No. I said I he said, I found it right there. But you’re over there. And I said, No, man, I’m telling you right now. I said a law said a couple stocks ago. And that was in another field. He goes I don’t know, bro. And I hope it’s crazy. I wash it off. It’s so nasty. I’m just I’m in shock. We get back and the instructor comes in says, Hey, um, Oh, you know what? You guys messed up today. You guys win. And we never do this. But we stopped on the we stopped the field that marries right up to the field Job did the other day. But a few of you went all the way outside the bounds and came back in I’m talking just crawl in as this guy’s crawling. And as I’m crawling out of bounds,

he finds his knot and gives it to me.

Now, it may not seem impossible to you. But I’m telling you right now unanimously across the board my class, it was impossible. And now what that means to you is that is that. Ask and you shall receive. Ask boldly. Ask Jesus boldly. And courageously. outlandish. Leave it in the worst case scenario because he will hear you no matter what. In the worst case scenario. He’ll say, now that that mighty warrior, woman or male is bold. And when you ask for bold things, bold things happen. When you ask for serious things, serious things happen.

That’s the truth.

There’s no way I could have got that knife. zero chance. But I asked it was a huge lesson in my life.

So whatever you’re going through right now. I don’t care what you’re going through. I’m talking whatever you’re going through right now. I was in solitary confinement. It takes federal penitentiary. I asked God to deliver me. I should be in prison right now. Awaiting pending trial. But a Texas judge said hey, we don’t do that to south of Mason Dixie. Come on out boy. $2 million bill. what God did for me, he can do for you and He will do is what’s so crazy.


I’m crazy, or this is true.

In the scripture says,

God is not a man that he should lie. And so as you know, men have lied to you. They have possibly destroyed your life. Plus, maybe they molested you. All these terrible things.

abandon you.

But God is not man. But the problem is, is that we start to see God as man. And so we start to reason and say, No, I’m good. I’ve already been to hurt in life. I was abandoned, orphaned, molested, maybe, who knows. But God knows your pain and God knows your heart. And God knows you’re hurt. And if he can give my knife back, what more so Can he do for you who are hurting so bad? So I asked you to not to be bold. Be bold and fierce, as a lion as a mighty warrior.

I’ll tell you right now.

It’s the exact opposite of weakness. You’re vulnerable vulnerability. And and and your boldness to crack your heart open this much and trust like you’ve never had before the Bracken from trust a, you don’t trust people, when they say trust. But when you crack your heart open this much interest is much in the power in the name of Jesus and in how Jesus can come through your way your show and actually, ethically change your life. Whatever you ask, test it out tonight, see if I’m a liar. And yes, aliens are absolutely real. Now let’s get a shout out. Where are you from? Georgia. You just answered my question. Any advice how to train for SEAL training? Yes. You know, now you have all these resources. You have David Goggins. You have my mighty warrior workouts calisthenics? You know, I focus on all physical calisthenics, and high intensity workouts, do my workouts do Goggins runs, find a seal or somebody that really knows what they’re talking about? Not me, when it comes to the combat side stroke. And you’ll do phenomenal things.

How are the CEOs? How are the corrections officers to you in the penitentiary? very respectful. You know, this is not child’s play in the Texas federal penitentiary. The one thing that I noticed is that the CEOs, the guards were extremely respectful nice. Because it’s a terrifying, scary place in there. And it is a warzone up in that piece. And if you do not show respect, and be a good little boy, on either side, you’re in for a lot of trouble. And so the CEOs say Yes, sir. No, sir. How you doing? Sir? Good to be in you. You show mutual respect back. Because if you don’t show respect in the P in the federal pin in Texas, you’re gonna you’re gonna get respect, you’re gonna you’re gonna get handled. And that’s and that’s just the truth. A great question. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. You’re on house arrest too. sorry to hear that. It’s crazy, huh? Are you on pre trial? Yes, I am. And yes, aliens are real. This person asked a bunch of times are aliens real? How do I know? But I will tell you I’ve seen a lot of stuff. weird stuff. Did you know Jesus before the arrest, you know, I thought I did. But it was the arrest that made me know who Jesus really was. Thanks for telling us secret squirrel stories. Uncle Jim. Well, thank you for telling me that. Let me get a shout out. Where’s everybody from? I like I don’t know why I like asking that. Anybody else? Anybody else have an idea what the ionizer is on your hair blower? I’d love to hear something similar to it’s the torque meter. That was awesome. Jimbo, Jimbo, Alaska, Alabama. Canadian. Wow. Jimbo is the real deal. One of the best Marines I ever served with. Dang Ricky ray is what’s up brother? Ricky ray is was my senior marine man I saw you the other night, man. It just totally blew my mind. Dude, I didn’t see you in years. How you doing? Thank you for saying that, brother. I really appreciate you for saying hey, sometimes you get tomatoes and you’re like, Hey, hey, anybody want to throw something else? Hey, Florida, Louisiana. Thank you Ricky Reyes, man. I owe you brother. I’m not paying Ricky to say that. Come on, man. South Georgia Parris Island South Carolina. Arizona. Holla at me regret Yeah, a wheel bro. Hey, send me your number, bro. On the DM DM me your number. I’ll call you brother. Promise. Thanks for that, man. That was that was legit. Ricky ray is good looking dude. When I first saw him he was like jacked. Like muscle to senior marine and camp porno California. really intimidating. You’re like, oh man, I’m screwed. And then a beer can hit your power the head you’re like I’m really screwed. Ohio. Then you got to clean your toilet with a half a grapefruit and then you got to eat it. Right Ricky? Eastern Kentucky. Favorite vet online by far. Cat Daddy, thank you so much for saying that. I respect all y’all appreciate you. Palm Bay, Florida. I love Florida. I love Florida. I love it. wardog said the big lie.

Don’t say that. Don’t say it.

Don’t say it.

But he’s where he’s wardog. Austin, Texas. Do you have any tips? Before a first date? Yes, I do. Do not put the moves on her. Bro. My biggest tip for you on the first day is do not put the moves on her. If you try to put the news on her, she’s gonna look at you like a dog. Like a straight up dog. And we know your dog. Because most men are it’s just you. It’s like how tame a dog and how nice a dog you are. Be a nice dog. Be a good dog. You know, don’t Don’t play games. Be straight up. As much as you want to play games. Don’t do it. Be the bigger man. treat her like God’s daughter in her heart will be yours. It’s not manipulation For God’s sake. You know what I’m saying? Austin Texas. That’s my tip for you. treat her like a daughter of God and her heart will melt in your hands

and don’t

love is not transactional bro. It’s not ky in the house Houston Texas. What’s up? Thank you for that San Antonio. Take Chicago. Keep it coming everyone. The torque meter. Nick Bates said the torque meter earlier. I’m like, Hey, come on. Big Houston. Elite rooster II rooster? I gotta I gotta use that. Can I use that? Please? I plagiarize some things every once in a while. You know all my seal the funny SEO videos I do. I think that are funny. They come from here. Think about this. I picked this up today. This is a sign that says oh the places you will go I’m just gonna open a page right here just for you. I’m just gonna open rate a page. And this is going to be specifically for you. Okay, watch watch. This is how I’ve made all my decisions in my life. And look what is happened to me. It’s worked out great. I mean, it’s a little house worth unit. But look, sometimes the most biggest decisions that are made I just flip the corner like what’s our flip it and then be like, what’s our heads? believe this? This is for you right now. I just opened this. This is a sign of Kansas this for you. You’re harder than $9 worth of. Excuse me. What? What? What? What? What what what? Dr. Seuss is the legend. Kansas, you’re harder than $9 worth of jawbreakers I don’t have great goldfish memory. Okay. You will come to a place where the streets are not marked. Some windows are lighted, but mostly the FBI are coming in your window right? What the? What? But mostly they? I’m just getting a place you could spring. Both your elbow and chin. Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? How much can you lose? How much can you win? I’m so sorry about that. Forget I’m sorry. Hey, just give me give me one more chance. Elite reusser Thank you. St. Louis arch. What do you do throughout the day? When you’re not doing videos? videos? I pray you know, I try to like chill out, you know? And read some Dr. Seuss Morlet harder than a bullet, bro. I love you. Who’s when you say things like that? I can’t tell you I stay up all night thinking about these things. I like Morley harder than a bullet. Whoa, Bang Bang Lion’s Mane somebody said earlier. I mean, that really means a lot to me. The greatest one I’ve heard tonight, you know is is what is an ionizer on the herblore and I and somebody literally said Nick Bates said the torque meter the torque meter calab painting Hey, Cody, York. What are you trying to ask me? I’m just just oh

just direct message me bro.

You know, I sell my paintings. I don’t sell anything else than donations buns for my lawyers fees. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to donate. But hey, you know, you never know somebody wants to buy you some lucky charms, dude, whatever. Elite rooster that’s funny name. I nazzer closes hair shaft and keeps the hair shiny. I knew it. Okay, okay. The strawberry. You win. You win. I’m sorry, Nick. The torque meter is not as good as the ionizer closes the hair shaft and keeps the hair shine. But see, I don’t want to go deeper than that. I need to know why the hair gets shiny because the shaft closes. That’s what I want to know. I need proof of your buds class called Don Shipley. But when you do ask him if the 20 bucks that you spend to get the information that you want on me that if he can give me $2 to I need 10% every time somebody pays him 20 No, you know you got to pay $20 that’s fine. But will you give me $2 You don’t even have to apologize. I don’t think you’re trying to steal my valor by saying that. I don’t blame you for saying that. Okay, I won’t go too much now. What’s up Bob Ross. I’m kind of turning into Bob Ross. You know, Bob Ross had a little PTSD to Hey hellspawn 1966 you can look me up you can Google my name Jimmy Gale, GA le that’s like a gale force when aka text tornado. Jimmy Gill Watson Jr. Google the name at your own peril. You can call Don Shipley my class was I started with 282. And I ended in 283 Sq t class 2832 years of hell later. Thank you very much. I don’t blame you for asking that. It’s kind of a compliment when people sometimes people like you’re not a feel.

Because shields look scarier. More tattoos and there may be using. Please don’t hurt me. I’m like,

okay, what’s your favorite weapon platform and why? I’m not a man. Don’t tease me. I love weapons, but they’re all gone. I can’t have weapons anymore. Well, maybe I will one day. And all this settles out. You know, what’s my favorite weapons platform is a loaded question. You know what I mean? loaded question, huh? The 300 Win Mag is great. I have an awesome platform I was trying to sell before I got on this piece. But that’s not raffle. You know, on the McMillan stock, the old Marine Corps, but it’s heavy. If you put it on that old stock, it’s real heavy. Free folding barrel 300 WiMAX, like a laser beam. You know, it’s no 338 mapua in Afghanistan, but it’s a 300 Win Mag laser beam. He practices touch point. That’s what I’m talking about son was not you know, you know, when you’re on house risk when you’re in captivity. When you’re captivated by my captivity, you have to exploit those things which hinder you, Mia, you have to exploit things so what I did was I just decorated my battery for my ankle bracelet. And so now this is my weapon. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Why we people don’t have all one belief. I know how to practice touch point. I read Dr. Seuss and what’s up? What else everybody got? What is my police officers out there? By get along with please? Hello Please, Jimmy you need to put those shorts up for sale before after washing homeboy, bro Do you? What is this? Bro you need to put those okay okay sorry bro Do you ever sell say balling on a budget people knit never heard that when I say it is just a me thing you know my mom was a court reporter with the stenograph machine maybe she could interpret what you just said because I can and I can interpret bow I you know, I know all one word in 20 different languages so that’s like no one One Flew language you know I’m saying what’s wrong? I’m just joking with you bro. Could you clarify that accessorize son some of these guys are funny man you guys are funny. Big Daddy comes on out of nowhere after working his HSS off all day he’s got an incredible credibly huge about as big as following construction company of laying concrete this dude works he comes on here and he says Green Eggs and Ham Sam what’s up big daddy. You know I love you dog. falling on. I just want to say hi from Springfield. Love your humor. Thank you so much. You know we need we need humor. You know, people judge words too much. People judge people’s character. Some people go I don’t know how to take you. I just don’t know how to take you inside when you’re when you’re following me. And you love me because I said I love you and you. You said the torque technique. You said the torque meter. Listen. Derry just said I farted in my wallet. You also

right? Right where you when you think you’re going somewhere intellectually speaking. And then and then these kinds of things happen I’m sorry. I will not eat green eggs and ham. Can you pick pop? I’m sorry. I’m gonna read these I don’t know. Can you pick pop like Terry Crews King? Will you elaborate on that? I want to know what you’re saying. Valerie is Spread the Love. I know. I like to love more than hate and all that. Hey Jimmy much love brother. Hey, john. I know what this about you as a trooper. You amaze Hey, I love I love calling out the state troopers and please FBI all you because you deserve it. The Bible says give honor where honor is due and if anybody ever deserved it it’s you guys and girls protecting us on the streets you know I’m saying and so I really appreciate you john coming on and call you out every single time. I mean, shout you out I’ll shout you out. I lost an engine what you got Where are you are you in airplane right now? We find the Golden Gate Bridge. Jimmy. You are a huge bro. Well Samson you got to do push ups on a lot of push ups in this world. But you got to do my work if you do my workouts which are free. I’m not one of these posers trying to sell my stuff. Show us your shadow box I don’t have a shadow box okay all right you got me I’ll show you Oh shadow box this the only shadow box I know so i think you can share I think you’ll be shadowboxes when you’re like a lot older or like maybe like years down the road I would be careful asking that and I would be careful anybody that just like okay, here it is right here anybody you can buy a tried Him you will try to turn on gold. They’re like kind of like hardened plastic you could go buy a trade anywhere brother. So so you know be careful asking that because just because you know people can make appealing shows your shadowbox

okay. I lost an engine my aircraft now. I have some anxiety. Any tips? Oh, my bad. You really did lose an engine in your aircraft. Now you have some anxiety tips. I absolutely do. I have the number one anxiety tip for you to do in this case. Very, very good thing is get right back up in the seat. Like immediately like tomorrow if you can get in there. airplane fly around for a long time and then landed perfectly? Because you will. Okay? That is how you get because I’ll tell you what, if you have a malfunction in your parachute, if you jump out of an airplane, and you have a malfunction in the Navy SEALs, guess what you do next? You go home and drink some Kool Aid with john Jones. No, you pack another parachute. You always pack your own. And you get right back up in the airplane and you jump out. Or the problem is, is that you will have anxiety and you’ve most likely will never go back up. If you don’t go right back up. Okay. If you don’t go right back up after a parachute malfunction, then you’re gonna have severe anxiety and you’re not going to do it again. And it’s true with everything in life. If you get knocked back, if you get knocked down doing something, you get back up and you do it again and you do it perfectly and you’ll be fine. You need to overcome that fear immediately. Get back up in the airplane, and go again and don’t anybody say that’s bad. That’s what if he was something happens it’s not gonna happen.

Stacey, who are you saying girl? Seriously? What’s up? You’re too funny. Thank you so much. Some of these people are touched. Thank you. What? What’s your K bar goes from the What do you mean? hellspawn? What’s your K bar ghost from the past? touchpoint paunchy. Ah, can you elaborate, sir, I’m sorry, I don’t understand. paunch out blue glasses. touchpoint punch out blue glasses. I hear you. This is what we’re all doing. Let me see what I got tonight. I don’t know where my blues are. Sam. What’s up? Man, rookie move I can’t I can’t buy blues or somewhere in the house. I think little Turkey to go. You like those songs? Those are pretty cool bodies. And then someone farts in their wallet.

This is the interesting not everybody. real interesting night. Generally it’s not as good in generally it’s like, Hey man, torque that torque that piece and I’m like, Yo, man What? I mean, I got to work with this man. I got to work with what you’re saying. Like this show is improv so it’s not like I have like a show design. It’s not like I think these things out obviously. What do you notice? What you do from your PTSD? I wouldn’t know I always act like this. Everybody always knew me in the seal teams to is like a bell. Why does anything affect you? I was like, how do you know it’s not? I don’t know. Jon bones. JOHN Jones bone says white chicks. What do you notice? Okay, bone. Do you have a good recipe for beef stroganoff?

Let me check man, let me check real quick for you. Let’s just open this up real quick. No, that’s not for you. Somehow, you’ll escape. All that’s waiting and stain. You’ll find the Bright Places where boom bands are playing. That’s the recipe for beef stroganoff. Nice question. Five or six for 300 blackout for CQ b 300 blackout is is is great subsonic especially a lot of our guys use the subsonic because you could but what are you going to do when you leave the house? So if you’re just doing like pinging around playing with your buddies, I mean, see QB the 300 blackout has incredible knockdown power and it doesn’t slap through walls and it hurts your buddies. But but but the point is is like the reason why we transition to 562 from 300 blackout it was tested a lot is that when you get out a side of the house and you’re getting shot out by Mujahideen 200 plus yards out as you know, the 300 blackout has no power after 200 yards, and so just falls out your weapon. So you got to have that range. Not that I’m saying 506 is great, but five six is I would rather have 556 in seats up and then walk outside and still be able to use it effectively. Right? If you’re just joining thank you for following Hey, I get it you don’t want to follow just check out my page lease is cool, I promise. Alright. Terry Crews does this pic pop all the time. He’s a football player and an actor. I’m gonna have to look him up. I’m gonna have to look him up. Yes, thank you for all first responders. David Michael, I always shout out firefighters but thank you for saying that. Don’t forget fire for firefighters. If you’re a firefighter show me some love right now. If you’re a first responder show me some love for your police officer first responder paramedic that is those are all first responders. ambulance crew, you volunteer for a fire department? Your military This is where it’s at the mighty warrior tribe is where it’s at corrections officers absolutely strawberries You’re right. CEOs police. Who’s harder Delta or seals hey look man seals never go to any other force to be them but they come to seals to be seals if that and I’m not being arrogant about that. That my point is man it seals is tremendously hard in and not that delta is not but delta just doesn’t look even I’ve heard Delta operator say hey man, I go through that water stuff you know me so it’s all about water units. It’s a great equalizer the weather only one choice auto or sell only have one choice auto or semi. Semi Of course auto is useless. Auto is pointless and useless. Under certain circumstances, auto is key to to breaking contact. You know, an initial vicious firefight breaking contact. But I would say even then, it’s a waste of animal. Soul all over the place.

Devil dog here much love. Great choice. Thank you very much. reformed felons. Hey, how about reforming fellas? All my love to y’all. Hey, how about our blue collar workers keep in America what it is, you know, how about Big Daddy, who is busting his HSS all day long? Who created this shirt? By the way? This is a special edition. There’s only one of these. I think big daddy was like, Hey, man, you cut the sleeves off. It’s like no. This is what happens when you send a shirt to me. I’m gonna cut the sleeves off. But it’s great. I love this shirt. What’s your drug of choice? Jesus. What else? I’ll send you a patch. Just give me a peel box. Hey, man, you know I used to do that until I started getting anthrax and stuff. You know I’m saying I’m just kidding. Direct messaged me. Only felon reformed felons. That’s right. Hey, construction work here. Jimmy tomorrow is framing. Wow, Nick. I didn’t know that man. framing is no joke working hard. Stacy scoggin go to her page. Guys, as I close this up. Stacy Scoggins page is incredible. drug of choice is Jesus. Let me tell you so there’s no drug. Like Jesus. Let me tell you some. There’s no drug. There’s no drug. Do you fear any man other than Jesus? Ah, I fear my buddy GP and that’s about it because he could kick your head off if you wanted to. And he makes dogs PP themselves when they come in the same dogs that would bite me. But other than that, no, no, he’s the only guy that I would have fear, I think. Yep. What’s your favorite trading and Navy SEAL training fears non bro. Training and seal trainings is is brutal. And it’s dangerous. I don’t think I had a favorite train thing. I mean, you shoot so much. It’s so mind blowing. You shoot so much. Your face is black all the time. Your hands are bleeding. You know, from doing drills. You just it becomes work. That’s why people say you don’t like the water. It’s like no, you wouldn’t either. Like, you’d have nerve damage. Jimmy loves to water tip Daddy, come on, man. Tell him my secrets. Hey, what’s up? What’s up, Jimmy? How you doing? Emilio? Hi. When you want a swimming pool? I love these questions. Would you want a swimming pool? If rich now pass? No, no, because that means you’re going to have to get in it. You know, in little kids. I don’t know. Hey, we’d be running on the beach and cornado for SEAL training. Right? And frigid waters coming up. You’re like No, no. And you’re always wet. And then you see these little kids but neck and swimming around and splashing show you’re going it doesn’t make sense. What are kids tougher than seals? I don’t get it. Thank you for what you do. It can be really hard but also rewarding. That’s right. That’s true. That’s right. What else I agree. saltwater swimming pool How dare you say that? There is that could give me PTSD if you say saltwater swimming pool that is just discussing Up. What’s up? what age did you go through buds? 26. Sir, I pulled a lot of dead bodies out of the water. I hate water down, David. Man I I can I can relate to that in a way. And I understand that. I understand you. Thanks for sharing that. Would you ever get into politics? We need people to start standing us for standing for us. I’ll tell you if this whole situation blows past me. I’m gonna do exactly what Jesus tells me. I’m gonna do exactly what God tells me and whatever that is. I’m willing. I always just say janitor to General. If you’re if you’re willing to be a janitor, or general and you don’t give up, you know, you’re going to go places in life. What’s the deal with Disney? Hey, don’t be hating on me for my Disney story. I love it. My skin is so silky. What do you think about Biden? Is he the devil? Listen, it’s a toss up right now who’s my dad? It’s either uh, who was it? The test came back and it’s up in the air right now. It’s either tiger woods or Joe Biden I don’t know yet we’re we’re waiting on the real test to come back right now. Thanks. What’s your favorite quick way to get a lot of protein for light meals? I you know I hate eating too because because I’ve just always like you know, you got to you got to have calories. You got to have protein. You know if you want to have any kind of muscle mass of man, I tell you this got a bad advice. Jimmy for governor of Texas. We need a bad asis to run bad as a state I know you know we really do. I wish I could host fish right now.

But we do need some bad HSS is we don’t need politicians. I hate going into stuff right now. Because Because I am I have my own thoughts on things. Where are you the oldest in your buds class? No, there was like two other guys but we laugh a lot benefits. There’s absolutely a benefit to older age. Because you may not be jumping out and popping out of the bed at 430 in the morning like the other guys. But you get out with a sense of always knowing it’s going to end you just know it’s going to end in the young guys just don’t seem to think that far ahead. And so they gets in their head quicker. And they quit. And they put down their silverware in the chow hall real slow like this. And then they just start crying like this. And I’m not making fun of them. It’s really sad. But they just because you see the most strongest guys young buffs hard guys put down their silverware. It’s never during the evolution very rare. It’s there. It’s always near the break. Isn’t that weird? Don’t quit near the break. That’s the trick. But it’s always during the break. It’s when you slow down you think and you get to sit down and you say I can’t get back up. My legs are swollen. My back hurts. I got no skin on my thighs.

You put down the silverware and start crying. That’s seen it a lot. I’ve seen a lot of guys defeated in their own mind. And it is tragic because it’s their dream. And it’s gone. And mommy daddy wanted him to be a seal so bad. But that’s not what’s gonna get you through. Mommy daddy or nobody’s gonna get you through Jimmy Mar sock badass. How are they different? Mar sock is great Maya, especially now because they have funding my Maya, my ex spouse, her little brother which I mentor in godly man. to to to the Marines and guy Mark well off. Let me tell you something. He’s done phenomenal. Marine stays scout sniper. And Mr. Sok I went to his graduation, it was phenomenal. It was beautiful. It was wonderful to see him do that. I saw their trailer they had like this sizzle reel or this bumper reel. About marsoc you know, as they were graduating their long training cycle, and it seemed pretty tough, pretty legit. They’re not going to be near the seals in a lot of ways. Because of we just have like an I don’t I don’t wanna say master because that’s not a good word to use ever. But the we specialize so much in water that it’s hard to. They’re not going to get a mission involving. I did have a moment, but they’re not because it’s because, you know, you don’t have to go to war to have moments like that. You know what I mean? I had a moment there because I i It’s brutal, it’s brutal. And that’s one of my biggest memories is seeing guys defeated just just like and I was there multiple times but was able to snap out of it. But in a lot of times guys put down their civil war real slow and start to cry because they’re done. And you and I would even go Yo bro, if you still want to know every single word because it’s structure see that they’ll be like well saw bro you crying what’s going on man, it’s time to quit, it’s time to put it up home, they’ll encourage you to quit, they encourage you to quit, they want you to quit, because they’re gonna have to serve on the same team with you in a year or two. Because the seals is small and that’s how that’s how it is.

That’s how it is. It’s brutal. It’s no joke, and so you better be ready for a beat down and it’s for days on end and months on end and it never ends and it goes into the seal teams and when you’re at the seal teams it only gets worse. And how good of a swimmer where you before buds not as good as I needed to be but you don’t need to be the best swimmer. You don’t need to be the best swimmer. I knew a guy who’s in damnit now who still uses a lot of buddies and filters which is which he barely could do just enough to get him by with the PSAT score now that is not advisable that is not advisable because this age they got top notch guys going in there they recruit out of water polo champion schools in wrestling. It’s very very competitive when I went through it’s very competitive now it’s probably we’ve more it’s just evolving with all the internet access to all the like the great programs and stuff like like the mighty warrior program I’m not just I’m not just saying that you ain’t got to pay for it. So that’s a great great program I have but that’s but it doesn’t hit the running and swimming which you desperately need. You need to be a good swimmer. But more than anything is efficiency is everything in the water. They call me the USS Watson that’s not a good thing. I my legs were dragging the water because my muscle mass don’t go on there with muscle. Do I know Chris will at no time to think is a beyotch it is you a fan of Goggins you know, I know Goggins. I was in the seals. During the same time as Goggins. My buddy was his workout partner said he was a beast. He’s a great poster boy for the seals in the best and I say that in the most respectful way. I think he’s awesome because he, he’s done so much for the seals. You know, I never operated with him though. In the seals. It’s all about, you know how you were as an operator, because that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter how far you can run doesn’t matter anything. All it matters is are you a an operator? Can or are you going to produce? Are you going to be a sled dog? We call sled dogs, the best seals are sled dogs. Are you going to be there in banging out? When the time comes? Are you going to bang out? When the time comes? Are you going to bang out when the time comes? That means Are you going to bang out when the time comes? That’s what that means. I was on STV one. shimmy you ought to get a backyard pool and teach us some water stuff. You know I got my mom’s key Paulson. Who is your specialty? within the seals? How was the team leader of for 912 I wasn’t an lpo I was an lpo for a little bit but I don’t claim that I’m a lead Petty Officer. Sniper

banging out

I was a bank. That’s what I did. Can you do the job when it’s time to do the job? Joseph that’s what banging out mean son banging out when the time comes I’m gonna do a whole video on banging outside banging out that’s what Robert O’Neill’s whole team was doing while he was on CNN claiming that he got the one guy they were banging out so I guess you have to get back to primal instincts in order to do it. Firefly when we look at football games Did I hurt grenades please on now come on man. Come on they’re not you know not to SS on. Brandon Webb said you guys exchange with Polish drum. Did you all we do. I never did. We do. A lot of love. My buddy said that. Jocko was former poor Grom and I he swears by I think that’s I think he I think he was Polish Grom before he was a seal, but I have to verify that what’s the most remembered learning experience in buds is that is the most learning experience in buds is that you have to the switch has to be turned off in order for you to make it in life dureena Andrews thank you i NFL 2022 I really appreciate you direct messaged me I got that from you. And it sounds like you’ve got a cool platform. I want to check it out and talk to you about that. longest I’ve ever been awake. Seven days. Big Daddy not drowning. That’s Robbie, daddy. Do you have any good hazing stories? Yeah, you ever cleaned a toilet with a half a grapefruit and then had to eat it? That was a very nasty word was it? Next question. most challenging part of training. most challenging part of training arm was the fact that you could quit at any time. And if you quit, you were applauded. If you were applauded, you got a cup of coffee, a warm wool blanket out of an oven and a warm beanie

and and

having the option to quit all the time. Favorite MRE none I hate him worries. I only survive one imari in Afghanistan a day for months when we were low running low and that’s when memories were good. But you know you could turn your your Tabasco sauce little thing into a Christmas slide. You just take kibou Kim Kim light juice you crack it put tequila juice in there and then you string up all these little Tabasco sauces in your MRE now you’ve got Christmas lights on Christmas Town is trying to override your position but hey, it’s cool right? How can I find out if my uncle was a frogman hurt he was he get all military you know the biggest thing you do is just get his name and then you can then you can call it Don Shipley. I don’t know how you do that, but you can contact Don Shipley. I’m sure he has a website after you pay 20 bucks. And then boom, bang, bang, bang, boom. Then you get back to the bathroom. What did I call banging out? banging outside. My brother told me about the Christmas slots. Really? That’s cool man. pound cake and peanut butter for days. five figures a death Remember that? Those weenies cool.

But uh, but uh

you know rmrs were so cold they were like little ice pops that the mashed potatoes were ice pops in hell week and ever since that I hate I just don’t like them at all. You’re a wise man. Have a stash to say that stash regardless of what’s given banging out bro respect. Do you ever try the Afghanistan food and in good that you’ve got to sh it constantly for bro. I’ve tried it all man. Dude, I’ve I’ve eaten it all man, I’ve eaten with the sharp squeezes. I’ve eaten with the breezes and I’ve eaten with the Japanese, the sun. Everything I’ve eaten and all. I’ve lived off nothing. I’ve gotten dysentery for days on end. You know? I you know, try have a dysentery when you have to be the turret gunner. And it’s not necessarily you that suffers. But everybody below. You give me some good leader. I know the comments are hard to get context. Thank you for your service, brother. Thank you so much, everybody. I appreciate you joining. Hey, do me a favor if you like me just just one out of a 10 Follow me. Because I swear, I laugh my butt off Mr. videos. And it’s almost kind of satirical and it’s almost kind of like kind of crazy and psychotic. Because my mom just sits there going. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Rangers lead the way. It’s true. Rangers are hardcore. I love Ranger that array I work with second bad, and they were great guess. What do you think are the qualities of good leader since you were in that positions? The quality is the memory tell you something, the best leader. Once he’s promoted, he sits down by himself. And he says Jimmy, you know nothing. Now, I want Jimmy to take all the best qualities and traits of the guys now he’s been put in charge of and I want you to maximize the potential genie of all these traits. So it makes you look amazing. And that’s what a leader does. The bad leader in the atrocious leader, thank you my mom is beautiful. She’s 35 and she’s five eight, by the way. And so you, you take all these traits of your guys and you maximize the potential that is the true leader. But what what happens is a bad leader. He goes I know all the all the answers to everything and he tries to do everything on his own and takes the credit. It ruins the entire mess. That is a terrible leader.

You ever hang with Chris Rock? No, no, I know we’re from the same area here in Arlington, Texas. You got great spirit. Ankle candy. We’ll be gone soon. Praying for your brother. We’ve heard of the RMS is that the torque meter? You ever hang with Chris cop? No. Are you painting What do you like to pay? I like to pay lighthouses. Thank you for the question. Thank you for coming aboard. I really appreciate you everybody. You’re the absolute best live on tik tok. Thank you for your service. Hey, I love the message, bro. How often do you run with 160 source? Not often more on my house rest. But if they came and landed on my house, because because they could because they have 5000 hours each. A pilot with the 1/16 has like 5000 hours of night vision flying. That is the truth, Stacy. What’s up? Don’t worry, brother, God will bless you and your situation. Greetings from the socialist state of California. Well, you’re very honest, man. Robert, I love you. You’re amazing. castleberry Thank you for joining right now. Cliff 9475 Thank you. Hey, thank you for liking this. I don’t know what that means. Really? What did that does, but I see like 12,500 likes that’s pretty cool. And and, you know, I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for all your wonderful comments. All your the service that you sacrifice every day so that we may be free for all you first responders that don’t get near the credit. And I’m still waiting for you on the K bar. I don’t know what you mean by that, sir. I had a K bar gave you my buddy was murmuring. Mr. Hastings, Michigan. My boy, Jesus is the lighthouse. He is David Jones. respect my brother. Respect. And thank you for following me. If if you’re not following me, I appreciate you for following me because if you do, you will unexpectedly laugh, you will have hope. Because my messages are either inspired by just funny stuff that I’ve learned throughout the years or I believe from God, and it has helped a lot of people and I’m very, very, very, very humbled by that every day. I just get on my knees and ask for mercy. And I thank God for what he’s done for my life. I’ve never been more free than I have been on house arrest. I’ve never been more locked up in in prison than when I was free. With john McAfee going to Ibiza doing all these crazy stuffs all around the world. I’ve done it all as far as what the world offers. I have done it exponentially well. And it left me in hell. Hey, man, bear for the real be me and my fellow Texan brother. All my love to you. No backroom K bar ceremony right after Sq T was named did you draw? Oh, great question. It’s not a backroom ceremony, my friend. It’s actually at a cemetery in California. I’ll tell you that much for now. If you come back on, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you the name if you come back, but it’s at a cemetery. It’s not a backroom ceremony. You run up a hill in California, California and go to an amazing gives me chills saying about the ceremony. And you’re right though you do get a knife for your Sgt. graduation. A beautiful knife. K bar in it Scott like seal. That’s DOD on each blade. But that’s not going to be good enough. Is it for you, sir? very insightful brother Robert Shaq Thank you so much. What were your PST numbers man? I can’t remember that far back. 950 for the run about 950 for the swim maybe 10 minutes for the swim. Okay, are you locked him in for swim? And then about 100 pushups. About 22 pull ups I could do 30 but but when they’re counting Dude, it’s it’s way it’s way different. Yeah, hung profit hung with Mac fee. That’s right. 100 setups you should be getting 100 120 and then you should be get about a 10 minute or lower run time and swim. But those are the minimum scores. Love right back at you, buddy. Thank you The real man. My fellow Texans. hellspawn not used to see I know I was class 205 Why was class 282 And then I graduated to a three my fellow frog man. So look me up brother. So we can stop this going back and forth. We have the same Gail Hey, je le for me. Thank you for that my eight year old loves your videos See I don’t I don’t question others when they tell me they’re a frogman. I just believe him because I’m like, bro, if you’re lying to me, then you got you you got to deal with that in your own heart. It’s your own integrity brother. What else?

Thanks for your time Jimmy shapeshift love you I seen your comments I really appreciate you my lashes have gotten softer lasses Oh classes have gotten softer I don’t know man. I don’t know brother I you know I’ve kind of said that throughout the years and I kind of always want to believe that as an older guy going through like now but like and I hear you you know a lot of times seal classes are softer than others and you can beat your known by your seal class. Like my buddy was in 268 and it was that was known for being terrible mom to a two to a one to a two to a three to a four was atrocious. They were really bad. And I’m not just saying that. But then you have like two sevens to 752278 that were that were considered easier the man no more no more tunnel for your tried in.

No more tunnel. Where your birthday. My birthday is February 25 19. A was weepy.

He lives with his mom. Come on, man. This is the torque meter son. My son walks around saying Lion’s Mane when he shows his mohawk off your awesome brother. You know, you’d be surprised how many videos I’ve got of these kids from their parents with Mohawks and it’s kind of scary is kind of really scary because it’s like, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know if it’s a good thing. I really don’t know if it’s a good thing. Because I’m going to ask this guy that sent me his his video the other night. If I can post his son’s because he’s got a full camera uniform on. He’s got this crazy weird gun. When were you at Blackwater? 2004 to 2008 sir, and he’s got this little toy gun. It’s hilarious. It’s real funny. He’s got a mohawk. And he’s saying last name love off and I’m like one Bro. Bro. This is seriously bad. Hey, man, thank you for saying that. You’re a legend. Thank you Now you’re a legend in my blood. What’s your future profession? I don’t know. I hope it I hope I don’t have to go back to serve an ice cream to make money. I really do. I really hope I don’t have to go back to serving ice cream. So that’s a tough loss. And I don’t wish that on nobody. I love watch your stuff. Man. It makes me laugh. I’m trying to be like you a straight vanilla gorilla. didn’t become a you should become an insurance adjuster. What’s up? Is that they have to deal with serving ice cream. Did you know that the FBI literally told me this. Jimmy I think it’s time for you to grow tomatoes. You know me. And where I come from you tell somebody to grow tomatoes? That’s like, what do you Who do you want me to serve? Ask them to? Excuse me? What what what? They’re like no, no, no. You need to start growing tomatoes. asien do not do anything else in your life. Okay, just chill. Just relax. And just go away peacefully. Go to sleep. You don’t see anything here. Hey, it’s been asleep I gotta get going guys. I don’t think many people get that. I know they don’t. But become a painter. Else boss. I hear you man. Hey fellow frog man. I love you bro. And I appreciate you and I don’t blame you for asking questions man. hard questions you can it’s all good. I get you. I get you. A big calm down. Hey, you eat acid. I’m gonna have to do a video all the time. I did mushrooms because I took a huge amount of mushrooms. This is the old me he’s dead. Thank God but I had a horrible experience doing mushrooms. It was eternal separation from God. God bless you brother and remember you are a first responder for the loss man. I really appreciate you I’ll see you hot dog Jimmy was a touch point haha he Stacy only one little strange face. That’s very hurtful. And I didn’t see you on my comments today. I feel like I’m being in Stacy. Tom L

is that just me.

I don’t know it’s just strange. I’m just have these vibes Jimmy for president can you imagine what a nightmare? Listen to me? I gotta go I just decorated my ankle bracelet thing. And you know I got some pain to do. Thanks for being so good with answering questions you were on point god bless you Jimmy. Thank you just remember you’re here. Hey, thank you for saying that. The You know, a lot of times, I always said man, the real heroes, man, the real heroes. They don’t come home. They don’t come home. Thank you so much. touchpoint How do you overpower your mind? You let go. You let go. And you just accept whatever he is, is he is today. You let go you can’t change the past. And you sure as heck can’t change 10 seconds from now. So you have to live in the presence present. JOHN McAfee is telling me that all the time. You can only live in the present. He was a master at living in the present. Pay long with the Brotherhood man. frogman talk soon to love all y’all really appreciate y’all. I really appreciate y’all shared in looking at my videos. I encourage anyone that’s watching right now to check out my videos to follow me because when you do that you can set the little alert I’m not saying ring the bell but I’m saying tap that little bell and you’ll get the alerts in my lives. And a lot of times I’m just gonna end right there crashing out take care of blow your hair. I mean, couldn’t set it more better? Better you’re very inspirational keep it up I just love reading all stuff Subscribe on YouTube. Yeah, subscribe to my youtube I got like one person there Stacy. Stacy subscribe to my young like, I thought it was supposed to be easier than this. It’s not terribly hard. Later bro. Take it easy. Alright, see ya. And touch point Park twist. Torque meter. See you take care. Hey, nearly to hear how you doing? What team were you with? I was with stb. One, follow me check out my videos and you will see everything at your own peril. I love all y’all. See you


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