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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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All right. Thank you. That was the best of my best speech I just gave it.

And she just proceed was so good. Just like Patrick Henry. You couldn’t you couldn’t even record it just like Patrick Henry that nobody was able to ever get his speeches because

the irony is I agree. So everybody, thank you so much for joining the seven events podcast where there were seven events leading up to the American Revolution. All Star speech with the third event that happened was the battle Battle of Trenton on December 6, I’m sorry, 26 1776. So in the winter of the late 1776, Americans were through, we’re in a tough position. After losses at the Battle of White Plains and four, forts Washington and Lee, General George Washington’s army had to retreat from pursuing British across the new New Jersey and take refuge from Pennsylvania. I think we’ve all seen that painting. So Washington and his troops camped out along the base of the west side of the Delaware River, where soldiers tried to rekindle their zeal. There’s the old by rating Thomas means camp, like the American crisis, which extorted them not to follow, for example, but the summer not to follow the example of the summer soldier and the sunshine Patriot, who melted away through when times got tough. So basically saying, you know, don’t just lay down your guns don’t stop fighting, don’t lay down and and, you know, melt away essentially, when times get tough. So the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph, right? So we have little battles that we fight every day, but they don’t come in comparison to the battle that we are all fighting now for our country. So our triumph will be 10 times greater once everything is taken care of. So that’s what led him to the third. The Battle of Trenton is a third thing that happened in America right before the American Revolution, what really, you know, started getting some battles going. And then next we have the Battle of Saratoga. So we’ll go into that one in our next podcast. So we have a special guest here today. Jimmy, we had Jimmy Watson. His background is he actually was a navy seal. Jimmy, how long? Were you a Navy SEAL for eight years, eight years? And then he was approached by the late john McAfee to be a personal bodyguard, is that correct? That’s correct. Yep. Okay. And then I’m sure you have a load of other things that you had done, but I’ll let you kind of take the wheel and tell people who you are. And you know, how you feel about our country, where you think our country is going and maybe some information that you’d like to share with us about your situation now?

Yeah, absolutely. I really appreciate you and Renee for having me on. I’m honored to have you have me on and just want to make sure everyone knows that. You can trust me. And generally, you can’t trust anyone who says you can trust me, however, I’m going to tell you the truth, this microphone is not on. And so that’s how you can first trust me just crack your heart open a little bit as a speaker. Okay. So here it goes. No. So when I was small, you made a comment just now around a little bit, but you made a comment that about your tragedy, you know, a tragedy being big. The bigger the tragedy, the bigger the triumph, okay. And I always say the bigger the trial, the bigger the testimony, it’s exactly what you just said, but just using different words. And so so my story is a huge trial. But the entire reason for my story and my experience in suffering and this and that, okay, in being delivered out of that pit, and I’ll share that at the end is to be able to speak to you right now. And that’s why this is no coincidence. And for all your listeners out there, including yourself, including myself, it’s the people program My mom used to say, in God does not work on an individual lace, you know, he uses people like Aaron Moses going and deliver the, the Egyptians. So what I’m trying to say is that this is no coincidence that we’re talking right now we’ve met and so I’m appreciative to be on this show. But so when I was real small, I looked up in the sky, and all I could do was play army, and military and fight wars. And where did I get that notion? It’s so much as to me. So you see, America has tried to desensitize the children and D mascot has all the children The boys and so that’s why you see all these boys right they from the very time they’re little they pick up sticks and they’re using them as some kind of weapon a spear a gun a bazooka and my kids because always got to have the bigger gun. And and and or you’re building forts. Well American tried to quelch that and push all the little kids into the video games, but guess what they’re playing fortnight Call of Duty. So it’s blood to be red blooded American patriots and to fight for the country. And so it was in mind. And so to just just to do a small snippet of my life, I felt like I had such a good life on this old dusty going bankrupt farm by my dad was a Texas judge and preacher, I felt like I was so honored to have that life. And I knew that God had given me this life. And so I felt like I needed to exchange my life one day at a young age, maybe 20 years old, for my country. So that’s where I got my patriotism. You said you’re Born on the Fourth of July, which is amazing. I’m sure Renee has even an incredible story as well. And and so that’s where it all began.

Awesome. Yeah, definitely. I’m glad that you touched on Renae story because she has a white an amazing story. And we touched on that a couple of podcasts but Rene. Yeah, please tell your story. Because it’s, it’s just incredible.

Okay, so my story is very different than than yours, both of yours. I actually was born in Bulgaria during the communism during communism during the USSR. And interesting thing about communism, actually, my parents and my, and the generation before them, my grandparents, my grandparents, were not allowed to go to church, if you go to church during those times, you get put into a camp, labor camp, whatever it is, right? prison, pretty much. So no one was allowed to go to church. I didn’t grow up religious, I didn’t know who God was, I didn’t have any of that. At the age of four, my parents, my dad actually worked on a huge ship. And he also everyone in Bulgaria, but all the men have to go to the military and be a part of that he worked on a big ship, and he got the idea that he can actually escape through Africa, through the Mediterranean, and, and get out. Um, and another thing about about those times is that someone found out and told on them, so your neighbor tells on you that’s a that’s a communist trick that they use that they’re trying to use here. Right. So for me, yeah. All the parallels what?

They’re doing it now. I mean, yeah, somebody showed me a Facebook thing where it was like, do you think you’re on do you suspect somebody to be a terrorist and it was like people over patriotism, there was something for preppers, you think somebody who’s been out of control as a prepper?

I don’t know either communist tactics are and I recognize them, because I came from there. So I can see it as the red flags, the blades in black and white that nobody realizes but these are tactics that they’ve been using. It’s the same playbook. So yes, someone told on them. My parents were on the ship, they got taken off the ship and put in a political prison and interrogated for days. This was when I was about four years old, um, back then it was too dangerous to take me so they were gonna leave me behind. So anyways, they were interrogated, like your husband already told us the truth, you might as well just fess up and your, your sentence will be less, or, you know, to my dad, the same thing back and forth. And they did not fess up. They were like, nope, our daughter’s here. We’re never gonna leave her. I don’t know where you heard this. And so they had to let them go. They had nothing on them. They stuck to their. And so they finally released them. I think they were in there for about a week or so maybe four days to seven days. Then they left a different way. They found another way. So one day, I had my parents the next day they were gone. And they went through the borders, and into Greece and then Austria, they finally found a refugee refuge in Austria. And back then what you can say is that you’re Christian, and they not allow you to have your religion in Bulgaria. And that’s when they’ll accept you. If you’re saying your political refugee, then they send you right back to you don’t have you can’t do that. So. So they were able to escape that way. And I was reunited with them two years later. So they they helped me and that was towards the end of the communist era. I mean, that was in I think 86 and I think they felt like 10 years or something not not even, um, but they finally released me because they had our phones tap. So if my parents would call, they would listen, I had government. What do you even call them they would call Come to my daycare to make sure I’m there, you know, pat me on the head, okay, she’s still here. her grandma can can leave the country or her grandma because my grandma married a Westerner. So she was able to come and go, but no one else had the right. So they were they watched our family very close. And I was with my aunt was 20 years old at the time. And another thing about Bulgaria that I remember, it’s like you can only you have to stay in line for food, you have to stay in line for bread. You stay you get bananas once a year. So so back then it was like, I don’t know if it was December when it was my aunt went and got bananas. And I was like, This is the ration for the whole year. You guys can’t move but can’t leave the table until they’re all gone because they only last a couple days. I hate bananas to this day. But But yeah, they finally had to release me and I was able to reunite. But they waited until my parents visa almost expired. And then my parents had to leave Austria and traveled to Canada. They released me a day after that, so that we would continue to be separated for another eight months or so. And that’s how that’s how they work. Yeah, so I was reunited with my grandma in Austria, and then finally flew to Canada by myself at the age of six. Wow. Wow.

She has like a really incredible story. I know. We all have stories and we we have trials and tribulations that we all go through. But Ronnie’s story takes my breath away every single time that I hear it. And actually for now, I think this is the most in depth you’ve gone with your story with them. You know, the visa is and waiting the specific times and and just really like focusing in on how can we, you know, how can we survive that? I’m sure you guys are we’re in survival mode. I don’t know probably how long after that of just the worry of you know, are they going to come get us? Um,

absolutely. I mean, they knew exactly where my parents were. And they knew exactly where I was at all times. I mean, they. It just and the other thing is where we didn’t know about religion, right. But we knew we had that thing, no matter what I mean, how strong was my parents faith, to know that we will be reunited one day how how strong is that faith that they try to take away and it still comes through because we have this connection, Direct Connect connection. It’s not through the church or whatever. It’s a direct connection to God, that my dad actually, I don’t know if I’ve told you this. But when he was five years old, this isn’t pure communism, where there’s like one channel you can watch a pure pop propaganda, nothing real on TV. He’s five years old. And he told tells his mom, he says When I grow up, I’m going to go to America. And she laughed him across the face. And she said never talked like that again. Because you can’t get hurt. Yeah,


Again, I mean, what happens to a child? How did he know that? That is that came straight in from God. And now we’re in America. And you know, and he worked so hard in Austria shoveling snow, that’s the only job you can get into opening his own business and having the American dream and having a nationwide plumbing company. Only in America. I mean, this this country, where else can you do things like that?

And her parents are not very successful. I went to their house and I was like, Dear God, like that was even possible. Can I tell them a little bit about their American dream, there’s no excuse of I don’t care. There’s no excuse of immigrants without the language can do it anyway, they did. They did. And they did succeed. I mean, she, her parents literally have three pools and a guest house, that’s probably three times the size of my house and their backyard, I guess, house. And I am like, and I don’t go in there and be like, oh, like, you know, I wish I had this. I’m never envious of people. I’m happy for them. Like I am just so incredibly happy that they went from you know, nothing to truly living the American dream as an immigrant. And I think that’s the most important thing is, you know, they work their asses off to get to where they are. And, you know, the government nowadays, they don’t want to see success. They want to see dependence, and the fact that they, you know, said no to the government, they created their own success, their own independence and their own dream. Like that says everything to me that says, you know, my goals and my dreams and my businesses will eventually be what your parents are. Absolutely. motivation. Well, tomorrow so I’m so ready. Thanks for sharing that. I really appreciate it. I’m Jimmy, I want to get to you in a second because I just have to go over some very important documents that came through. Um, so I’m most

well with that. I’m sorry, but I’m just I’m doing good. Just listen to you and Renee, you guys, three interesting. That’s incredible story, Rene, thank you. I’m never gonna take for granted eat bananas again. I’ll tell you that much.

I know, I just like a whole bunch of bad in my kitchen. I felt like so guilty right now. This monkey bread. I know what they were fine. And then like, they went bad in like a day. And I was like, How did this happen? Like, they got slimy and oh, oh, I hate cooking food too. Like, I don’t know, I think I’ve shared on here that the reason I became an entrepreneur and just so like driven and things, um, I grew up with a single mom with two kids, she would work all the time, I was the one learning to cook, you know, being a mom, essentially to my little sister. And I remember one day, we didn’t have money. And we didn’t have food stamps. And I came home and all we had was moldy tortillas, tea and our fridge. And that was it like in our whole kitchen. And so I cut the mold off. And you know, I gave most of it to my little sister to take care of her. And so, you know, food. For me wasting food is like just such as I hate doing it. Because, um, because I know what it’s like to be hungry. And I know what it’s like to see people starving. So that’s kind of like my background. So the great news, though, is prosperity, right. So we have a new declaration of the people for the united states of the United States for global peace and prosperity. This is what came out actually on Monday. This is basically the preamble for nesara dasara. It takes a lot of our current declaration of independence and brings it into I have not gotten finished reading this because I wanted to take it very slow. So I could comprehend everything that came through. But what I did do is I started going through all the lines, and I loved how they incorporated certain things from our own Declaration of Independence, but for the world. And basically, there was such things like as a preamble for the Declaration of Independence, they did put that in there, however. So such a line as such has been the word See here, sorry, I lost my space. Such has been the patient sufferance of these states in the United States. So it’s considering every state a sovereign nation, right. However, back when it was written in 1776, this is so cool. It was colonies, right? Because we didn’t have states then. And so we’re basically redoing the Declaration of Independence for what it is today. Um, so there’s one word that I have never used in my life it’s a oligopoly I guess it’s like monopoly but oligopoly. I did look it up says market condition in which sellers are so few. So basically, like, you know, you would call Amazon a monopoly, but there are basically basically a government cabal that is handling all these major things, all our social media, all of our spending our farms, our, you know, our livestock, everything like that the government has access to and they control which is not good. So instead of saying it, like, instead of saying, you know, oh, the government, the Cabal, this, this and this, and this declaration, it calls them oligopolists, which I thought was super cool. So I can send, I’ll put the link on when we’re done this, so that you guys can read that too. And then you can print it out, because it is a PDF, but this is just really cool. Because before it says all goplus supporting these secret societies such as the Illuminati kabbalists. Before in our declaration of independence in the preamble, it was so old God didn’t have old cowboy but it said, I’m king of Great Britain, right. So we’re switching our enemy from the king of Great Britain over to these oligopolists which is like the coolest thing in my in my opinion. I don’t know what you guys think. But I think it’s so cool that we’re going from 1776 to 2021 and literally putting in our enemy that is holding us back from being a prosperous nation, a prosperous civilization throughout the United States. So um, yeah, and it also includes tyranny not only the, the great people of the United States, but all people of nations in the globe. So we are including everybody in this declaration, which is fantastic. This was what I’m told was brought on through many, many good guys, lawyers,

mostly lawyers, and different leaders around the globe. So this is basically a treaty between everyone that wants to move forward and have peace in this earth versus the kabbalists. So I thought that was pretty sweet. Yeah.

I think that’s what my ex girlfriend was calling me all these years. But I don’t know if that’s what you meant by that. I don’t

know where that come from. Where did you receive this? And how do we know if it’s real? That’s my

you know, always take everything with a grain of salt. But this is actually came directly from Simon Parkes. So he is a former. So I don’t know if Jimmy knows too much about Simon Parkes. He’s, he is from Greek brand. He has a network called connecting consciousness that is spreading like wildfire throughout the United States, actually, and he will be coming here to the United States soon. He is also former former government has seen the Cabal and you know, because the Cabal is the world, right? It’s not just the United States. So control around the world. He has seen them firsthand. He knows how they work. And him and he’s been under an NDA for a very long time, and has promised us to have a declaration or some type of he said some type of important paperwork out to us once we know what the next steps are. So basically, he considered this and totally work consider this like a roadmap to nisarg issara that is coming out if you guys are paying close attention to current events right now, which is really cool. Three Gorges Dam is probably ready to collapse right now it is to the brim. One of the things watch the water I’ve always connected to Three Gorges Dam, that’s where my mind went. Um, and it’s about to collapse meaning that that and I don’t know Jimmy can’t really speak too much on Bitcoin, but this is where they mined Bitcoin. Also restaurant now and any year. Yeah. So the Three Gorges Dam is that basically Bitcoin is right underneath that. So in my mind that since a mind underneath there, and there’s going to be a complete disasterous flood amongst everything that is underneath it. I don’t see Bitcoin being alive anymore. And we all know who owns it, so we don’t really want to see it alive anymore. Um, so another thing that’s really cool is, you know, everyone always talks about the election fraud and how it wasn’t real. Guess what, the Arizona audit came out today. And it was quite real. So we have about 173,000 lost votes. So meaning both that they couldn’t account for, and then 96,000 ghost boats, meaning that they just showed up marked.

Wow, can we just I just want to touch on something with the previous topic with the gorgeous dams. The fall of the of the USSR happened right after Chernobyl. Yeah. So that an event that caused the fall because they lied about it so much, that everyone realized that it was all a big lie, and that the government is it, you know, so that was the beginning of the fall. This event will be the beginning of the fall of the CCP, beginning of this year. I posted Is this the year the CCP falls. I don’t know if it’s this year, but it’s starting this year. And that is my intuition. I’m with it all.

Yeah, I I agree with that. And I’ve been waiting to see the CC people, not China, because China is actually a very beautiful country. And there’s a lot of great people there. But definitely the CCP, you know, and you saw them in Afghanistan where they were just mining up that lithium and going crazy over all the natural resources there. I have told people for three years now, China is in the hands of every single country that there is out there that they and people don’t realize how big China is. China isn’t just China. China is global. What happened in South Africa? I told politicians I know, I said, you know, we need to help South Africa because CCP has brought bought up all their natural resources. What they did if they lent out a bunch of money to South Africa, and they said, yeah, here you go. Here. All the money that you need whenever you know interest will do it interest free. They said, so they give all this interest free money. And they were like, Cool, awesome. Thanks China like, great. And then COVID happen, which I believe they did on purpose. And they couldn’t pay back anything because they weren’t making any money because they were on lockdown from COVID. Right. So they weren’t able to pay anything back. So what they did is China said, Okay, fine, sign these documents to the rights for your, your, your mining, your diamonds, your gas, your electricity, everything, every natural resources that were there. They took because they couldn’t pay them back. Then what happened is now we have a basically a huge war in South Africa. I know people there. They’re like, yeah, it’s absolutely insane. It already was insane living there. But now we have this like, complete government meltdown. Because they kind of control anything. And then the CCP wants that. They want people out of their way. They want to be able to take over what they can take over. And as Renae says a lot they think in years 100 they think at increments of 100 years versus we think of every four. So you know, they’re they’re playing the game. They’re playing some chess with us. Big time.

Yeah, they are I Well, you know, I was thinking the other day, I was taking a shower with bar soap, it says made in China, and I’ve been trying to scrub it for like, two months, it’s never gonna work. I’m on a two month program. They may be on 100 years on a two month program. This, john. But the thing is, I don’t I think it’s a diversion tactic. Because what I try all time is Listen, listen, if you notice, just go around your house right now. China owns us, they own us. So we’re sure if you look at it like this America is the tractor in China is the owner of the tractor. They are the tractor goes out and he feels the tractor he oils, the tractor, he creases. The inserts of the reason why I know this, my dad worked me very hard on an old west Texas farm. But what I’m trying to say is my dad never went out there with a sledge hammer and beat his tractor up. So a lot of people asked me on my channel, hey, do you think there’s gonna be an invasion of China? Why would invade you that why would invade Asia? Why would try that? Maybe I just answered my question. But why? Why would China invade America or do something crazy like this when when they own us, that’s like going out and destroying your tractor. Now what I do believe is it is malicious in every matter. It is true. But it’s also a diversion tactic. And that’s coming from within and have a division within a nation divided against itself will not stand. Well. Abraham Lincoln was not the originator that that was plagiarize from Jesus. He basically said, Hey, you know, a kingdom divided against itself will not stand. Abraham Lincoln was a man of God, a nation divided we’ll not stand so we need to come together. But how do we do that? You know, just like the Revolutionary War, there was what 30% of the people stood up, I think, right.


Yeah, and it doesn’t have to be all of us. But we already know that just based off visa, just based on these electoral results, we already know that, you know, if we if we go from here, and we look at the places that were are still being audited, and there’s already this much bullshit in it, you know, you know, that happened to America or more has voted for Donald Trump. So you know, they’re 40 Well, yeah, you know, when you sit

those folks can you hold that up again? To us it goes. Okay, so that reminded me when you sent ghost votes, it reminded me when I was in the Texas federal penitentiary, I learned a lot of stuff in there in a short amount of time. Thank God I got out and I’m on house dress, but I’ll tell you this much. I learned something called in Do you ladies? Have you ever heard of this? It’s called and these guys are like Gil hot jailhouse lawyers. I mean they’re talking big words and big things not going these guys are smart. Well and I say guys because I was an all male patisserie course but but what I’m trying to say is have you ever heard of a ghost dope charge? No. And it’s the federal government the federal is way different than the state in working with this is it’s the same government that’s dude that did this ghost votes are doing this ghost dope charges. And that means like in state, you have to have actual evidence in a federal in the federal penitentiary. All they have to have is a ghost dope charge which they actually charge. Men and women with ghostship don’t charge so it’s on hearsay. So homeless person, a homeless person can say hey, he had like 20 kilos of coke and they Actually convict you on that he has it. It’s called a ghost dope. Oh, is it that’s it that’s corruption at its finest. So it’s just the same type of just a ghost vote if you’re following me, you know, I’m saying,

Yeah, no, I totally get it where they’re just having these fraudulent votes and considering them real. Yeah, absolutely. I’d like to also point out that we still don’t have the passwords that are self hosting for our election machines from dominion, because the minion hooked up to the internet and they said that they couldn’t hook up from them.

For john McAfee, and I learned I didn’t know anything. I was the CEO of GE MACD, which is mind blowing, considering I dropped out of school when I was 13. But But my point is, is he gave me a firehose of business knowledge and in a year’s time he relentless, he never let up. And he was a brilliant like genius madman. And but my point is, is he taught me everything about in the one thing that I learned about about technology and and, and, and programming and how easy it is to hack and stuff and social engineering versus like old hacking into computers like what he used to do. And then he created the Mac the reverse, is that if you’re connected to the internet, yeah, then you are absolutely hacked already. In so the first time I heard of these voting machines being connected to the internet, internet, I read, like not even read that. I was like, it’s over. Yeah, it should connect to WiFi, your hackable?

Yeah. And but they lied under oath in front of in front of our Congress, they lied. And they said, they cannot be connected to the internet. And like, then how do they count the votes? How do they, you know, they’re, they lie. They literally were on trial, and they lied. And they said, No, please don’t connect to the internet. I’m sorry. That’s like them. Why don’t you have a manual machine then?

It’s very, very unfortunate. But you know, it’s not going to take a third of the American people. And when I say American, I mean, like, the true Americans are the mixed are there’s somewhere in between white and black, like me? They’re absolutely from Bolivia, from Bulgaria, from Brazil from all these different places and mix this one German, you know, all these different races that came down here for in what were they running from? They were running from Thai radical go, it’s and running from gosto charges come skinny, but but they were they but same thing. And they were coming down here. And, and I don’t that’s why I don’t believe anything I see on the TV. It whether it comes for red or blue. You think though? I tell you this is this is a touchy subject, and I’m cautious. But I’ll tell you what, if you think it you know, I’ve heard people stand up for their life. Well, Ted Cruz, this and the republicans this and I don’t mean I don’t try not to get in post politics too much. But I’ll say this is, is it’s not the rhinos you should be concerned about. And it’s not Bernie Sanders. I applaud Bernie Sanders. He’s a full blown communist. But check it out. At least he’s got the Kahunas never to shift left or right. You know where he stands. I respect a man who knows where he stands or a woman, but I’ll tell you what I don’t respect is someone who did not stand up for Trump. But standing up when it’s like, okay to do it as a group, these people are outwards

Yeah, I think that’s a I think that’s a lot of it in government and I personally helped to run for I’ve always wanted to run for Congress or or even our mayor here. And I think, for me, it’s not about swaying, right, like you can you, you can get all the information and make your own decision, but it always has to be something based off integrity. And I think that’s a huge thing that people are missing is a sense of integrity and a sense of, you know, just being able to listen to their own morals and values and that little, you know, bit of consciousness in their head saying, you know, this is wrong, this is wrong. And it’s all

it’s all backwards. I get banned. I i’ve been banned off my Tick Tock at mighty warrior 2021 on Tick Tock on my live sessions. I think you were on the line the other night when I got banned, or when I got shut off. And it was for an integrity violation. I appealed it and they had to put me back on because they knew I didn’t violate integrity, right it’s bad. It’s like negative violation. That’s when you get canceled when you do commit integrity violations and you wear skinny jeans at Starbucks then you get then you then you get applauded last right yeah, I’m cuz I can’t put them on my skinny jeans over this ankle bracelet. That’s all I told you to get as the for on the side Jimmy.

Here’s me.

Hundreds of messages a day and I’ve never heard that one. Thank you.

Oh, I said it on your live the other day. I thought that was pretty funny.

Story Here’s what the other people like purp were saying that they can feed seals through with spaghetti in their hands. I don’t know what that means.

But after stuff that’s on there, but I find it very entertaining. I’ll let you know that so much

pertaining well is that my channels pretty entertaining he can be actually it kind of like it honestly gave me a giggle every time I see the body. I like why do I feel like I’m missing out? Because I’m not on Tick Tock. Is that not the place to be? Well, I mean, it comes from area, right. Like I was actually thinking about this before our podcast and I was like, you know, I’m like, Yes, it is on by the CCP, however, let’s use your own technology against them and reach out to a bunch of patriots and also in zoom. So is everything else. Yes. But

yeah, yeah, it was perfect place to be how we stole it from the children. Worried my mom I’m living in my mom’s house on house arrest at 40 years old. Don’t know what my future is. And she doesn’t even follow me on tik tok. Don’t worry about it. But I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell you what, you you. Yeah, you join Rene. And I promise you you’ll unexpectedly laugh and maybe have some cries here and there. It’s a good it’s fun.

I like how Jimmy handles the haters. I think that’s pretty funny. And he was like, come on, you know you love me like I ended the by the end of the argument. They can’t say anything because they fall in love. That’s hilarious.

Okay, hell but love me some some guy one time a guy got on there. His name was purple work. And now I’m sure if you’d be You be careful. If you try to exploit me, I’m going to exploit you and make a T shirt out of you. And then you’re going to somehow make me money someday. I don’t know. But but but the purple word come comment on there like he was he’s like a famous troll. He came on there and tried to duel with me. And I was like, do this same this same. This same Disney World, bro. You’re coming on a bill show here in purple work anyways, changes mind by the end of the conversation. He’s like, how do I join the mighty group? How do I join the mighty warrior? I said all you got to do is start playing ball here. You know?

Yeah, absolutely. I like purple. No, everything’s coach. we’re forgetting. So I guess on to our next subject really is um, Rene, I know you want to talk a little bit about health and wellness and I’d love for you to speak on that Rene’s husband is a naturopathic doctor. They own a health clinic and Renee take it from here. I want to hear everything you have to say.

Okay, well, it’s not so well. Okay, so my special tea and how I approach health is because I came from so much trauma you can imagine how much trauma it held because I didn’t have my parents at a very young age. I grew up with just unhealthy habits and all sorts of different things that you know unworthy, unlovable, you know all those things. If I was only more perfect my parents wouldn’t have left me because I didn’t understand you can’t tell your kids why you’re leaving right so I took it on myself like I wasn’t good enough. And that’s why they left that was the only way a child can make sense of the unknown right I must have done something wrong I must have If only I did this then they wouldn’t have left me with Landon in which was an abandoned absolutely abandoned. So I held that my whole life It wasn’t until I’m you know my 20s I guess that wasn’t my whole life but in my 20s when I

you’re not on Welcome back. You know, the spirit of abandonment, and really doing some work. Oh my goodness. Guys. I know. I can’t sorry. I heard 20s I don’t know what my phone’s doing. Okay, hold on. I don’t know what they’re doing. But I need to know. Hey, I was just trying to save her name. Oh, yeah, this was a purple work gave me with this crazy skin. Give me one second. Give me one second. I don’t know I haven’t gone but it’s like it’s just kind of shut down.

Mostly that we are live or human. We have you know, thing technical errors just like everyone else. We’re not like some big huge podcast. We just kind of go with the flow and see. And then I think I wrote over email Jimmy. I said, Oh, no, we just like to do things organically. I don’t know what that means. But yeah,

organic, doing random. No, those always happen. That’s something you orders Starbucks with your skinny jeans on because that’s, that’s cool. Yeah, I was just like, Okay.

Just funny.

Okay, so I don’t know where it was. But, um, anyways, I held on to a lot of trauma. And that caused a lot of bad habits, you know, drinking drugs, all those things that come along with not loving yourself not taking care of yourself. So, in my 20s, it wasn’t until I started healing that trauma, healing my shadow side. Yeah, hearing my past, I learned hypnotherapy. And that’s what I do with my clients, I went back into that little girl that got left and abandoned. And I saw the situation from my parents point of view, I switch to that and once that happened, I was I can heal the situation I can see from a higher perspective and truly heal myself. And then I started truly loving myself and taking care of myself. So my whole way of looking at health and wellness is how you know someone can do it through hating themselves and never being good enough, right never being good, no matter how great no matter what, you know, being so strict and controlling everything. Or you can do it from a loving yourself and allowing that to come in and and you know, food is our medicine and food. Let food be thy medicine. That’s what the natural path say. Right? Yeah. So we going back to health what I think a healthy mind really is the key and meaning healing the trauma from our past. That’s the first step. Right? Right. And with the natural path. When I met my husband, he didn’t even know what a natural path was. He was an RN. He was a registered nurse. And he lived in Austin, I lived in Arizona, and we met at hypnotherapy school, actually, wow. So that’s an amazing story. And I’ll let you know about that different story, but it’s a beautiful story. And we practice hypno hypnotizing each other.

And it’s funny.

You know, we weren’t even dating yet. And we practice hypnotizing me. And he did the one thing you’re never supposed to do. He left the room. Oh, gosh. hypnotize me and I’m locked out. Like none of me. Because Listen, that’s abandonment. That’s my abandonment, and things like that. So that’s the trauma that was gonna keep playing out no matter what, you know, he just left because he thought I was asleep or something, you know. He’s like, I’ll be right back. But don’t wait on that my body was like, Red Alert, you know, all of the the chemicals that go along with, you know, humla

Yeah, so

I had to heal that. And it wasn’t until I learned hypnotherapy and how to do all of these processes. And that I actually went back and heal that and no, I no longer have those abandonment issues. I no longer have that trauma of feeling unworthy, unlovable, and all those things, I got to work with that and him and I work together through impeccable speech. Now, you know, that’s another thing with a with a mind, you can heal your mind and stop reacting and you can actually listen to each other, right and not have those trauma bonds that actually turn into a five year old, then you start fighting and arguing like five year olds. I’m really never,

like, really relating to this right. And I’m going to be very vulnerable right now. So um, one of my, my biggest traumas from my childhood is my dad did go to prison for a huge drug, money laundering, bang, cross the border, um, you know, and it was in the papers, like, you know, I was so embarrassed. And, um, you know, I was eight at the time. And this was probably the most honestly fucked up thing that a dad could do to a daughter. He had me, he locked me in the office and said, write the best letter that you can to the judge, because if I go to prison, it’s your fault. Oh, my God. Yeah. So I would love to come up to Phoenix. And probably because I do think that that still affects me today. And I do think that it still affects me on a communication level, unfortunately, and the fact that you’re doing this for people, and the reason I’m being vulnerable right now is because there are people that have had horrible situations like that happen, and I go back to being an eight year old sometimes when I’m, you know, feeling hurt or traumatized. Absolutely. So I felt like a pit in my stomach

talking about that. Thank you. So you don’t have to come here. We can go over the

next anyway. Oh, it’s totally fine. Honestly. Yeah. But yeah, that’s incredible. So,

yeah, thank you for sharing that. Yeah, we’ll we’ll set that up, you know, set that up. Once I feel that actually, one thing I noticed when I went into, you know, learning these courses is that my future The way I see my future, so a lot of times, like the subconscious mind knows everything, it takes everything the conscious mind is like 7% you know, what we’re conscious of this, the subconscious mind is super, super conscious, you’re connected to God, right? You’re, that’s your connection. But the subconscious mind is taking in everything, and it’s there to protect you. So any little thing that might remind you of that past trauma, it’s like red alert, and all those chemicals get released and all of that trauma, you know, in your just your husband said something so simple, that had nothing to do with it. Right? So it just keeps playing out. And that’s exactly what you know. All all that is connected in that way. So, um,

can I ask, Jimmy Do you have like, any past traumas that you think ferny could help you with or I don’t want to like, put you on the spot but I just, I’m just assuming from you know, a Navy SEALs point of view a military man’s point of view that there has to be some type of you know, trauma or some type of things that has been seen or done that could really hurt somebody and cause PTSD or something.

Well, first of all, thank you I actually get hundreds of messages a day probably and I can only reach out to so many people but but those messages are things like this young girls saying that they were molested that they were sex trafficking that they wish that this last heroin shot needle it will be the last one they ever take because they hope they die I have young men say they’re on the brink of kill themselves. I had God the other day said he slit his throat from from ear to ear I have people call in but the reason why they reached out to me is because Jesus told me three months ago that I was going to be a lighthouse to his people now lighthouse doesn’t seal the deal on salvation but a lighthouse guides people to safe harbors in every once in a while the lighthouse warns people of impending doom but the most thing important thing a lighthouse does a can is withstand any storm and a lighthouse bills so I don’t sell my my the Word of God But to answer your question bluntly, is I do not need Rene’s help because in a lot of people probably do but because I have such a drastic and I would say almost traumatic but in the opposite way experience with Jesus he came in he literally transplanted my heart and restored my heart and operation restored warrior and and I can say that because two things but they miraculously healed my shoulder in three days this is wasn’t like a 30 day thing or I’ll call alcoholic anonymous all this stuff they literally heal my shoulder I that got my attention but I was like yeah right you know just thinking to talk to me and then they they retold it entire traumatic event that happened to me from day from day one to to Ground Zero to 100 and the details something that a psychic could never do a stock you can get your birthday I’m talking this this person with this Holy Spirit just now. What I’m trying to say is, is my heart was changed forever and that’s when she has told me I was going to be a lot house. And so um, and you know, I was rescuing children sex trafficking girls young girls from cartels in San Diego County and San Diego County it’s an $800 billion a year business that’s like a revolving door of John’s and several super Walmart’s Okay, just to give her perspective, I have seen trauma and I’ve been through a lot of trauma myself. And but the one thing I learned that may help you you out today is and this is was so epic when I and I’m about to blow your mind. So get ready. But the they told me an rW they said Jimmy described your relationship with your dad on earth. And I you know I did. And they said now describe your relationship with God. This before we change off and it was the exact same thing. So your abandonment. Renee and Renee, your your horrendous experience. It’s closing off through your dad. I would bet anything in your life maybe not now, but in your life that may possibly quite possibly you have looked at the Heavenly Father as kind of a direction reflection is your earthly get like Renee, like your dad didn’t abandon you. But you’re but you’ve had a great fear of that. In the in the orphan spirit, I call it, it. And I’ve had to break that spirit, I’ve had to continually break agreements that have been in the past. That’s not what they have the father is doing. Unfortunately, our dads will never be able to validate us. And when we look to other people, like men often look at women to validate them. Well, when we do that.

Women are supernaturally smarter than us and more intelligent. You know, the lion is just lazy, you know, when he sits over there and sleeps in a tree, but but the lion SS is doing all these miraculous things? Well, but when we look at them to, to validate, the female doesn’t really know how to validate a male anyways. And so we’re in then we don’t know how to validate our children sometimes because we’re bad parents or something. And it’s a vicious cycle. But when I tell people that generally they click in and go, Wait a second, your ride is so when you come outside of that and starts thinking, no, the Heavenly Father is telling me today to tell you that he loves you that he’s proud of you that he will never leave you or forsake you. And he is not your earthly dad. Because as humans we fail and I have failed. So many times. I was raised by 15. FBI agents. I mean, you know, I got a rap sheet this long. But But my point is, is my my own since testify gets me back in the day, I was thrown into solitary confinement and federal penitentiary, but then I but it was the best thing that ever happened to be because that’s what led me to our W. In our W, the operation restore warrior is where I was literally confronted by Jesus, where he said, all those experiences that you went through Jimmy was for me to show you where I have been the entire time. Wow.

That’s powerful. Thank you for that. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. And you’re absolutely right. Because all that time, the Heavenly Father was there for me, even though I didn’t have a Bible or learn about any of that. I was held. And I was comforted. And I always had that. Everything’s gonna be okay. No matter how alone or where I was in the world, everything’s gonna be okay. And I was always held. Yeah, I remember that. I remember feeling held and protected and cared for, with no physical people around.

Yeah, in a lot of preachers on TV will say, well, just trust. Well, well, what’s trust? Tell me what trust is. A lot of people can’t trust when their dad molested them, or this or that. But but but but what I can say it tell people is let me tell you something, I may can identify with your certain situation. But I want to tell you what trust is. It is exactly what Renee just described it Jesus call it childlike faith. And when you have childlike faith, it’s knowing when you’re laying there, you’re kind of cold when you’re a little kid, but then your mom comes up and puts a warm blanket on you. And it’s exactly what Renee just described. That’s the kind of love that Jesus God, Messiah, the issue and you always want to give to us today, but all we have to do is let go and surrender. childlike faith.

Yeah, absolutely. Jimmy didn’t get to watch like our first podcast, I don’t think but um, I was telling Renee, you know how I came to me God at a very early age where it wasn’t a religious household at all, it was actually a very demonic household that I was living in at the time. Yeah, archangel gabriel saved me from a double. And he always been there for me. And you know, I can call him I’ve had things happen where it just doesn’t make sense, right? Like things just don’t make sense where he’s literally saved my life. I almost had a, when I was 18, I was parked at an intersection. And two cars collided and the car literally was spinning and spinning. It was gonna hit me right in the windshield. And I thought I was going to die. And I said, Okay, God, like, I guess this is it. And somehow that car ended up facing the opposite way of me that close to my door. And I should have So, um, the fact that we can rely on God and rely on our angels being around us and rely on everything. And I also believe that there are people on earth like lighthouses, like you and Renee, that you know, if they might be like a lighthouse a guide to having that connection with God. Sometimes it takes a little bit of a helping hand to say, okay, trust me, and I will bring you to God and I will help heal your traumas as well.

Yeah, well, we all have. I was thinking about that today when I was blow drying my hair. Oh, I you know, I was looking at my mom’s blow dryer. And I was like, this thing is harder than any Navy SEAL weapon that I’ve ever manipulate, or work. I mean, you know, try to transition to a blow dryer and it’s not gonna work, but I was blow drying my hair today. And it’s funny you said that, because I was just thinking About how God works everything out. Sorry. There’s my mom right there. But um, we can say Hi, my mom. She’s so beautiful. She’s like a she’s a stewardess and a coke. Coca Cola girl, my dad founder he’s like son just relax just just relax like God work it out and you won’t you’ll stop dating all these floozies you know, and all these things. I was like, man, but I forgot what I was gonna say now. What were we talking about? Basically the transition into like, believing in God like, oh, oh, yeah, I was. I was blow drying my hair. It’s funny because I was thinking, you know what, what the problem people are afraid to give God in people are terrified to really truly in their heart say God, your will be done in our mind. Because the raid that they’re gonna have to go be in a missionary with dysentery in Africa. And oh, by the way, get that smile off your face in start frowning? No, no, he’s gonna put you in a place. Not that that’s bad. But those people that went there, that was their calling and desire, they were giving the strength to do that. You’re like, like Rene’s a lighthouse. I can tell, like, in her eyes, you know, in, in, in like you have a mission to and I can tell what your mission here is, obviously, it’s a lighthouse really, in and so in. So what I’m saying is, is I never knew that I thought that everyone had to go out on the street and go, Hey, you better repent or you’re going to hell and then you have to cut I have to get a haircut. Not that that that that would be any better than mine or worse. But But you know, you You’re no, you don’t have to turn into a monk you have to be you because God created you in his image. And He created you for a purpose. And I think about that with St. Jude’s. What do you want me to really like how you want me to act when I came back from o rw. And he was like, literally, like, be you. And I’m going that’s terrifying. But, but I’m going to do it. And it’s worked out. And it works out for Renee when she she’s being herself. And that’s what she’s doing it yourself right now. And so, some of us are called to be lighthouses. Some of us are supposed to close the deal. Some of us are supposed to plant seeds. There’s water, you know, but yeah, it’s

Yeah, absolutely. And I, you know, I appreciate you bringing up with the somebody’s thinking that they have to go out there and say you’re, you know, going to go to hell and damnation, blah, blah, blah. You know, that’s so far from what Jesus ever preached. You know, he didn’t Yeah, he just said, you know, love, love your neighbor treat people kind like he was I mean, the epitome of what everyone should be do the right thing turn the other cheek. So it’s the people that are going out and and, and being judgmental and being hateful, you know, we’re not doing the right thing. We’re not leading by example. We’re cutting people off and we’re continuing to add to that divide are so much hatred out there for Christians, unfortunately. And I believe that it you know, part of them, they say from the devil, but you know, other thing is people have contributed in a horrible way to give us some really bad.

But yeah, yeah, my dad used to say he was a Texas judge and preacher, he said, he’s, you know, son, he said, The worst thing that ever happened to Christianity was religion. I’ll tell you, not religion. It’s not how many times you bow down to a knee like 10 times a month. It’s not a mantra. It’s not about how many times you go to church and and what you do. It’s about, first of all, following what Jesus did. And that’s pure love. But that love when you become vulnerable, like you were in Rene, where today, you actually become a mighty warrior spirit, because people go, Wait a minute, I’m not the only one. Yeah, Jim exposed himself, not in a negative way. But he exposed himself in a in a very, you know, professional way. No, he told us, he told us what’s on his mind. And I’m telling you right now, people are magnetize to vulnerability, and it actually makes you look stronger. Yeah, I mean, like, bro, you’re a badass says, You’re a mighty warrior. And I just got done crying on my alive, but because I’m being real, and real to people, you’re being real, Rene’s being real to people. And that’s what makes us stand out as mighty warriors for God. And it’s not. And I’ll tell you, those people that go out in the street and say, you’re going to hell, you know, unfortunately, they’re going back to their house, and God only knows what they’re doing in their private times. Let me tell you, it’s not about religion. It’s about relationship.

That’s, you know,

yeah, that is exactly I think what Rene and I caught on here. Yeah, it’s not about religion. It’s about your relationship with God and Jesus and you really want to make sure that people know the difference between the between the two, a lot of people They do, but they don’t. And there’s just such a deeper spiritual connection than I could really even talk about. And I think people just need to look into their heart. Yeah. See that? So yeah, that’s amazing.

Yeah. When we, when we try to use logic and analyze things, like they told me an O rW, they said, when you leave here, you feel really lifted and change forever. I was really touched by Jesus. Never before, trust me, baptize myself and met in a Medi Yin hot tub after a three day coke binge. I was so desperate for Jesus. And God, I was so desperate, you can’t even imagine. So I lost my salvation. I thought that I’ll never hear from Jesus, all this stuff. But I’ll tell you what he was there the entire time. He showed me that he changed me forever. But the biggest thing is when I left there, they weren’t. They told me they said, Jimmy, remember, if you start to analyze things, which a lot of smart intelligence people start to analyze things and use logic. And when we start doing that, we’ve missed the entire point. It’s from your heart. It’s all heart. So you can’t try things and try to make sense with things because the more you do, you know, God’s wisdom confounds the wise makes the wise look foolish.

Yeah, absolutely. And that’s, that’s The Longest Journey right from the head to the heart. So, a little trick, if our minds are going crazy, we are have so much on our minds, and just overthinking everything. Imagine taking all those thoughts and bringing them down to your heart space, and everything calms down. So that’s for people that are having anxiety, or whatever it is, you literally just bring all those loud thoughts and bring them in your heart space, and you just calm down, you know, my

kids do it too. So it’s, it’s

great. That’s good. That’s really the sounds like Navy SEAL training, exercise, breathing exercises, you know, to me, right now, as you breathe.

We have gone over a little bit, I’m not gonna lie, guys. Um, but, you know, I really think that we got everything out that we needed to in this session, and really just talking to everyone about, you know, our current events where we are patriotically, you know, spiritually, I think our health, we you touched on as well. And also, you know, where you can find Jimmy and, you know, kind of support him in his ceilings, as well. So, I really appreciate everyone being on tonight. I appreciate the vulnerability, I appreciate people sharing their story today. And Renee, thanks for like, kind of closing it out with if you have things up here, you know, just put them back here. Because I always feel like God’s in your heart and your soul. So

yeah, and and let’s, next time do a little more talking on that. What does this mean, now that the election results are out? You know, we kind of just, you know, went past that really quick, but because we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. And now it’s there. And it’s like, there’s no, there’s no climax, there’s nothing happened. Okay, we have the report. Now what? Right? So it’s just been this constant. Once this happens, it’s all gonna be exposed Once this happens. And we’re always constantly waiting for some other steps. So we are Yeah, what what happens now? Do you want to touch on that just for a second?

Yeah, this is my opinion. You know, I, I think it’s out, it’s there. And then it get worse, we will probably have people give people some time to like, find it. You know, I knew where it was. You too, didn’t know it was out yet. Right? So we have to have people, you know, consciously find it and read for themselves and appreciate that message. The media is not going to show this to you. So go out there, read it, take it in see what it tells you because I I just from you know, the first page I’ve been reading and analyzing. I truly believe that it’s it’s this is a is a playbook. Right? It’s almost like it’s telling us, this is what’s going on. This is what needs to change. I think these are instructions if I’m reading it clearly. And I think that everyone needs to go out there and get these I’ll put the links for both of them in our bio part and, and then just really analyze it because that’s what’s going to be the important thing is people to do their own research their own consciousness, their own idea of what this means for the future of our country. So I don’t I don’t know that there’s going to be some major global, you know, Hey, what’s going on? Because yes, we didn’t get that climax. I kind of feel like everything’s there. And the people, we the people are the ones that need to really shout it from the rooftops and be like, this is there. Let’s make a vision to move forward. Stop this division, you know, believe in what you will. But this is hard evidence. And it’s the people’s turn now. It’s not the media, putting it out there and them having control over it. It’s our control. Absolutely. And

it really is the Great Awakening worldwide. I mean, Brazil, you know, everywhere in the world, Paris, everywhere, they’re they know, the humanity knows, right, this this out of integrity. What did you call What did the document call them? This is a declaration of the law.

Yeah, so we know, we now know, we have a compass inside of us. We know what’s an integrity, and we know what’s out of integrity. So humanity has made a stance, and we choose peace, and they keep trying to make more, but we choose peace. And we see it in black and white. We’re 2020 was 2020 vision. That’s what it was about. And our eyes opened. Yep. So 2021 is the second revolution. 1776 that’s what’s happening globally. And that this document, you’re right, it’s it’s the it’s the anchoring of the new way for humanity. Yeah.

Yeah, I agree with that. And definitely, we’ll we’ll touch base probably next week, a little bit more. And then we’ll also see what happens with current events throughout this week, too, because I do feel like there is. I keep getting I keep getting told I this is the same. frickin numbers. And I told you this weeks ago, before I went to Vegas, Jimmy 1134 1134. Good idea. Yeah, I’ve no idea what it means I just keep getting 1134 1134. And I feel like there is something that is part of that. I don’t know what it is. I thought it was a time I don’t think it’s a time anymore. I don’t know, I honestly don’t know. I just get I get, you know, premonitions, I get visions, I get, um, you know, our angels talking to us. And that’s what I keep getting. So I feel like it has to do with something, I don’t know what it could be, you know, September 11, at 304. I don’t know it. But 1134 is the number that I keep getting visions with I keep seeing everywhere. And in my dream, my dream I keep having renay that I keep telling you about. And I actually had a vision when I was showering right before this, I’m so glad that you brought that up. Um, so I told you about the vision where I was, or the dream that I was in. And it was just like this field of blue grass, and it was just swaying, like back and forth, like almost like an ocean. And so I was walking into this night sky that was completely black everywhere, there was black figures around me. And there was two gigantic full moons like super moons, and they were right beside each other. They were so close, you could reach out to them. So my vision actually in the shower that I had I started to see the moons collide. One and so I feel like that vision that I keep getting is something to do with our worlds becoming one our universe it’s more of a universe I that’s what I feel because the moon is in our universe, right? And I feel like our universes are connecting. And maybe on a on a nother level people are connecting and people are putting the dots together. But yeah, there’s two big moons just started going like this. So we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I honestly think that people should still you know, reach out to their local Sheriff’s Department for a while regulated militia, you know, do what they need to do obviously had the support of the sheriff’s because the sheriff’s have a lot more power than a lot of people think they do. They actually can tell off a mayor they can tell off a governor, they can tell off the FBI if they want to. So definitely reach out to our sheriff’s and say, Hey, we were thinking about you to like utilizing our second amendment which isn’t about guns. It’s about forming a wallick regulated militia in order to fight against government tyranny. tell tell them I don’t feel safe right now. I don’t feel that. You know this. I don’t feel like this government is representation of the people anymore. I would like to form a well regulated militia in order to protect from tyrannical government. And if I feel the right, that I need to take them, take them out of power, then I will. So it’s the people’s turn now.

Absolutely. Jimmy, thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks for being with us. Thank you. Thank you, Jamie. I appreciate it. Thank you, Renee. And yeah, thank you. So much got that I have one last question. Yeah. What do you think about these magnanimous peacock? sunglasses? I love hazing. I was looking for some like that. Where do you find them?

Well, this this gentleman is his name is Evan. He just generously semi I get this stuff sent to me. He sent me 10 pairs of sunglasses on I’ve named these magnanimous peacock. You can buy them at where zues.com WEARZO s calm if you if you I’m actually not making any money off these but but if you if you put the code touch point, I think you have to do all caps but just touch point like this Your touch point. Well, if you put that in, you can get 20% off. But I but hey, I you know I I want advance per person sunglasses if I didn’t believe in them. But they I’m calling these magnanimous peacock. You know I’m saying Yeah, like that’s hard to do with blue sunglasses. I tell people eyes make them like this. My eyes are made. Right.

For your eyes. Well, hey, if you have 10 pairs, Rene and I need some I’ve already given them out. I gave them out yesterday. Okay, yeah, you’re right. We know where to get them now, so are all fine. Yeah, well, when I get a new one, when I get a new batch in I can give you a pair for sure. I like black, pink and gold. I’ll say you need to make quick because these girls are gonna I’m sure.

Alright guys, so nice meeting with you all and I feel like we got so much information out to our audience and I’ll be sending you guys some links as well. Okay. Okay, thank you. Take care. Thank you. Big Girls. Bye



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