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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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Welcome, welcome everyone. We are live right now. If you can go to tell my story.io You can find everything there. Hey, listen, I’m about to go live on Tick Tock in about three seconds. And you’re gonna hear me like talking to myself. But really, I’m answering questions

from people that are live streaming on Tick Tock. And so it’s kind of fun. It’s sucking improv. Do you know me? Anyways, let’s get this going. I said three sizes one.

Alright, so we’re going live in 321.

Hello, this technology. It’s really strange.

A lot of people are joining right now. I see a lot of people. That’s good. That’s good. If it was just one. That would be amazing. What’s up chance? My man he says hi from Southern Oregon. Hey, boop. What’s up? Hi.

How you doing? smasher? I seen you?

I see. No, you’re joining. That’s what I’m talking about. It was either me or the hula hoop man. Right. A lot of Tick Tock. I saw that. I don’t know how in the world. He was doing the Who?

Hope your will. Staying active. Hey, thank you, Nathan. Appreciate you. Jacob. What’s up, brother? How you doing? What’s going on? touchpoint from West Tennessee. touchpoint. Hey, hey, shad, Barry. How’s it going? What’s up?

How y’all doing?

What’s going on? Hey, Cory, said thank you for your service. Thank you for saying that much oblige. Appreciate it. When people are sincere.

And make honest comments, you know, I’m doing good. I’m doing good. Took a day or two off, you know, I don’t want to be inauthentic. I don’t want to be dissin genuine and post stuff you don’t like a lot of I see a lot of tick talkers out there posts and stuff, just to post stuff, you know, just to say stay real relevant. Maybe. And I don’t think that’s the best approach. You know, I’m saying.

So, I got a lot of material. It’s just, it’s all about, it’s got to be from the heart. You know, I can’t do anything. Like I do all painting. And man. I can’t even paint without having some kind of urge inside. You know me. Hey, what’s up patriots? Not Patrick spellcheck. Sorry. Okay, I got you. Thank you.

Thank you to all my patriots.

All right. Where’s all my mighty warriors out there? Let’s do shout outs.

Hey, let’s do shout outs guys. And girls. It’s mighty warrior Tom mighty warrior tribe. This is the real deal. This is the tribe. Hey, listen.

As you’re coming on, and as you’re listening to this, why don’t you just especially if you don’t ever interact, okay. You know, I get it. You don’t want to interact with the hula hoop live guy. But come on. This is Jimmy, your friend. You can interact with me. So it was a touch point. So if you want to just pay shout out your your, your your state your country, wherever you are. You know?

How much you love me. Okay, how much you hate me? Maybe? All right, right here. Let’s go. How do I become a mighty warrior? You just became one. Because you actually said something. A lot of people are watching this. Did you know 1000s of people watch this

three times a week when I get on. And but there’s only a couple 100 which is which is a pretty big deal. But there’s only a couple 100 that actually interact. Think of those 4000 or 8000 the other night 8000 people were sitting there watching and they’re like, I want to do what these other people are doing. But I just don’t know if it’s okay, because he’s on house arrest. Can we trust him? Do we know him? Who is he why he do it.

Like my ex girlfriend used to say why he do it. She was foreign. Okay, she was foreign. Alright.

So, let let last, last live we had 8000 people are part of this tribe. I’ll tell you how to become a mighty warrior. If you want to become part of this show, you ain’t even got to pay any money. Okay? Not that you would Anyways, thank god to say no televangelist thing. But if you want to join, all you got to do is interact one time. And if I interact back with you

that means we have now done this thing called interpersonal communication. And we are life long. Friends.

Dan holds I don’t want to mention your comment yet because it’s so negative Trump’s a pizza. You know what? Come on, man. Let’s want to get to negative in here. Okay, hold on, we’ll get to that. I promise you. We always get to the negative fact I wrote down a list of things people have called me in the last 24 hours. What do you think of this BS in Afghanistan? Listen, my very, very good friend General sunsoo Chinese dynasty said the Ming Dynasty, said the general who goes into battle without an exit strategy has lost the war already. Before he went.

Did we go into Iraq with the exit strategy? Did we go into Afghanistan? With an exit strategy colin powell said if you bomb it, you own it. And guys, that goes for girls to be careful out there. This is no joke.

I want to just do a shout out right now for all my trolls. Let’s hit it up. Let’s get it going. Come on. All my trolls out there. I got a lot of trolls Bring it on. Bring in the hate. I love it because I want to turn your heart towards God. Big House lawyer. Oh, Virginia Beach. What’s your favorite Danny’s been you know that it’s Weezer just like yours. We’re still in Germany. Okay, exactly. touch point touch point. Let’s get some touch point going on. Hey, if you don’t know what touch point is by now, get

it’s Can you imagine missing Atari? My grandparents didn’t know what Atari was. And that’s what you’re going to be if you don’t if you miss what touchpoint is. You just missed it all in. You don’t even know what Atari is. That’s what I’m trying to say. You know what I mean? All right. You guys know I’m on house arrest. What’s up super far from New Mexico. Why would you troll? I love Big Macs. touch point. touch point. Don’t worry about the terrain in both the haters.


You are given a lot of good information. Appreciate you. Thank you so much. I don’t think you’ll realize how much I appreciate you and how much y’all helped me. Because

I’m a human being. I know a lot of y’all think I’m the next Terminator or something. But I’m dead serious with you right now. You need to do you need to put that garbage out of your head. Okay? Because I’m Superman. I’m just kidding. No, but really seriously like, Hey, man, I sometimes

drink water. You know?

Okay glitchy here too. I’m sorry. What’s up, brother? touchpoint touchpal everybody’s coming in tonight. Sorry. You’re sending broken up. Dang it. I hate it. I don’t want to sim buffering. God bless you, brother. Hey, everyone.

Something I’ve been wanting to do. Okay. And it’s so important. Hey, Jimmy, how you doing? Pam? Thank you so much. God bless you, bro. I will everybody if we had all 1000 people just send their this one little state wherever you’re from put your state on their

races. Drink water. You need to check. Army warlow Okay, what’s up? Hey, buddy. Lucky. Have you ever met the devil?

Yeah, every day. next hole fast. That’s right. eta on your freedom. Estimated time like you know what?

That’s the one thing I don’t know.

All minute. I have no idea when I’m getting off this house or is California Scotland. Wow. Indiana, Colorado, Texas, Texas, Texas. See everyone that’s coming in right now. If you’ve never messaged me, you’re now mighty warrior, mighty warrior part of the tribe. Part of the tribe. Part of the tribe for a while Texas tizzy Mississippi brown man. What’s up Jimmy? purpa touch. What’s up, brother. It’s coming in. So fast.

I can’t read the little handles, you know? And sometimes when I read him I get in trouble. Maintain your military. Good old Missouri. God bless you. New England, Alabama, Kentucky, New Mexico, Oklahoma, USA Mack, Illinois man wears man. New Jersey tattoo ink is an FDA approved.

Where is that? Did Jefferson include that in his treaty? What was that? Roll Tide? All right, what’s up? A bunch of rainbow flags? Which state is there? England? What do you think is happening? Wisconsin? Hey,

you guys know

there’s a lot of people coming in right now.

A lot, Tennessee, all ate all my military, I shout out to you right now, I want you to want to get my military, all my love and respect for what you all are going through right now. And I just want to tell you to hang in there, you know, in and a nobody can tell you anything different than what your convictions are telling you. If your convictions. You ever went to sign something. And, and something in your gut was like, Don’t sign that. Don’t sign that. That’s your convictions, man? Do you listen to your convictions in life? Because once you sign that paper, you know, it’s over. I try to scare you, if you’ve got to take that vaccine. And you feel like that’s you’d rather serve your country? Hey, to be honest with you. Let’s talk about the vaccine. I’ve got a lot of questions, a lot of messages and a lot of concerns. You know, as if I’m the guru on it, and I’m not okay. But let me let me interject some some things here.

Okay. Now, now, this put aside, anyone that’s not in the military, okay. Or I would say law enforcement, you know, anything like that, or are paramedics and first responders. Put aside that?


you joined the military thinking that, um, that you knew by joining the military, you possibly would die for the country.

And now, you know, it is your right to

oppose this vaccine. But if it takes you out of the fight, maybe the enemy is using this

to take you out of the fight. And maybe we need you in the military, what greater weapon an enemy has,

then to disarm

his opponent without even going into a fight.

So if you’re thinking about just bailing out of the military, and not taking the shot, if that’s true, if that’s the word I’m getting, then you really need to reconsider. Why did you join in the first place you knew that a bullet could kill you? This acute mustard gas can maybe nerve nerve agents. So sometimes, sometimes, that’s just part of your duty is to take it in the you know what, and what I mean is a syringe in the budgies. I told my steroids either dying wish I was the fight. You know, I’m saying you’re saving putting money, Stacy. Oh, man, fire tonight. Whoo. I get anyways, check it out. You understand what I’m saying? Right?

But it’s a teaser to try to make your little kids take the virus this shot. Purple work their butt out of there and get them out of there. For God’s sake. Is this America. You know, I’m saying just say purple work. And take your little two year old out of school.

Man, big love to the military. Big shout out. I wish I had a bigger military have fallen. I think they’re just getting, you know,

I wish I could reach the military more. I think we will. I think the mighty.

I think the mighty army will

I think this person said Why do I look so depressed? Uh, I don’t know. Have you ever heard of house arrest? For 240 days? in three hours and 15 minutes? I’m sorry. 14 minutes and 30 seconds.

Next question. Never take the shot. Never take the shot. Okay. Maybe that’s your right. You know, maybe that’s your right man. I don’t know.

Your right to mandate it is yeah, I mean, to mandate this thing, man. I

I you know, how you go with your convictions, right?

I just wanted you to consider something though. You know, you signed an oath

to defend your country, and now they’re taking you out of the fight and they’re taking you out pretty dang easy. If you think about it. Oh, that’s all we had to do to get them out of fight.

You know? Hey, we need y’all.

We need y’all. You know?

Who else destroys your blood? That’s a good way to look at it. There’s been a bunch of drugs recall throughout history. That’s true. I got anthrax. Okay, Gator, Navy veteran.

We love you. I’m trying to just read the good ones.

We love you. I’m just going to repeat the last one I read. Well,

thank you for all you do. Thank you. If it wasn’t for this support, I would probably quit this thing and I quit nothing in my life. You know, I’m saying

what SEAL team were you on?

That one? One of them.

touch point. We love you, man. For real. Thank you so much. Thank you. So What do y’all want to talk about tonight? Much love brother. I kind of figured I want to talk to y’all. Somebody said dd 214 is my dd 214 teen is actually posted online. And I doubt there’s a seal. Who has done that I was advised against it. It has all my personal information if you want to steal my my bankruptcy card or whatever you want to do. How much longer till your court date? I don’t know. I’m waiting. I’m praying every day for it. You know?

Let’s go fishing. I wish I could go fish. I’m on house arrest.

I get my medical advice from Tick Tock. So does my mom. Do seals ever? Hold on? Hold on? What do they say? Oh, this is funny. Let’s talk about alcoholism. You want to talk about alcoholism?

What about alcoholism?

How much longer? Let’s say?

You guys are great.

Thank you so much for that. Appreciate you.

How old are you? Jimmy? I’m 40 years old, believe it or not?

What was your anger is moment. Man. I’ve had a lot of angry moments. You know what I mean?

I’ve had a ton of angry moments in my life.

I’ve had a lot of anger moments in my life. You know, I’m not, you know, I’m not just saying this. My hands stayed pretty much fractured or broke for two years straight. And that’s anger. That’s a lot of anger. And that’s just not okay. You know what I mean? You have to you have to

you have to control your anger. And that’s a sign of being a real man. If you can control your anger, and if you can love and if you can forgive those who have a wrong view. And I mean, when I say forgive, I mean, you got to forgive people in a way that’s like, hey, like, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. Right? Anyways.

Who has all the police department out there?

How about that police department? Let me hear it. Where’s our first responders? I know you have to fall for our country not to be killed by our own country. There’s a lot of man there’s a lot of fear going on in our country. You know,

there’s a lot of fear going on.

Everywhere you go, there’s something going on that you know.

And I hear you I know what fear is like, but

you know, fear makes cowards of us All right.

Thank you for saying that. Thank you.

That’s right.

There is a lot of See I know you know what my hands were broken for two and a half years to you hear me right your knuckles swell up you can’t even see your you feel like they’re gone. Lots of love from Long Island. Jimmy your hero God bless you. Thank you so much for saying that. Sometimes I don’t feel like it. You know, I mean, logically to do do not fear but wisdom.

When you take freedom you lose trust and grow fear.

If you can pray for someone who has to do due to God’s wisdom, everything, hope. Thank you, everyone. We have a big we have a big showing out. We have a big show now. You know, I’m saying now I in some like, hula hoop thing. But I’m here, right? Let me tell you something about a little children’s story I saw. You know, sometimes God speaks to us in the most simplest ways, but we just got to listen. We have to listen guys and girls, like this book right here. Are you ready? I want to read to you right now. This is 1000 people, but I want to read to you a little simple children’s story. It’s by a famous cartoonist. And I don’t know where we got it when you’re on house arrest at your mom’s house. And she’s got a big home a nice house. You know, you just kind of snoop around like creepo just like snoop around all day isn’t nothing else to do. You know, snoop around here here. I found this little book called

runaway bunny. And it reminded me

of the protocol son story. Has any of you heard the protocol, son story? Well, let me tell you, and I’m just gonna read a couple highlighted pages. Okay, bear with me here. All right. Hey, Tuesday night. Come on, man. Already. This is Once there was a little bunny, Jimmy, who wanted to run away. So he said to his mother, I am running away. If you run away to his mother, I will run after you for you are my little bunny. So you see, this bunny is trying to run away from his parent. You know what I mean? Is this this is ringing a bell for anybody.

If you run after me, said the little bunny,

I will become a fish and swim away.

And I will swim way away from you. He’s a kid running, you know, trying to swim away from his parents. You know, I’m saying, well, this says if you become a fish, the mom says, I will become a fisherman. And I will fish you out.

You see, there is no escape.

From mama bone bunny. And you know who that really is. That’s God’s very no escape from you. I’ve tried to run my whole life. I lived a crazy life. I hung out with one of the top outlaw biker gangs. I’m not gonna say it but top three. Okay.

outlaw biker gangs. I’m talking, you know, I try to run my whole life. You know? And if you’re listening right now, you know,

the worry about all the trolls try to stay focused on what I’m saying. Okay, I’m not gonna read you the whole children’s book. Because you’d be balling all over the place like I was the other day when I read it. Sometimes. You don’t know if it’s a coffee ha, Tiffany, or or the Spirit of God. But But I’ll tell you, some things will get you. If you are a gardener and find me said the little bunny. I will be a bird and I will fly away.

If you become a bird and fly away from me, said his mother, I will be a tree that you come home to. You see, no matter what this little bunny does, no matter how far in why he tries to run away from his mom.

I’ll tell you,

you can’t run away from God.

If you become a tree, so the little bunny I will become a little sailboat. And I will sell away from you. I tried to sell away for a long time. And you know what? You know what mom says? You know, God says when you do that, if you become a sailboat and sail away from me, said his mother, I will become the wind and blow you where I want you to go. I was two days away from leaving America forever. I was excelling myself running for myself running from God. Running, running, running. And the FBI arrested me 15 agents maybe a little less whatever. Some of our mix with Dallas SWAT team, because they were afraid that you know a navy seal. I was I was gonna do something. Of course I’m not.

You know what I mean? I’m a violent guide when it comes to the enemy to America, but not our own patriots, not our own patrons and neither should anyone else. Be

We shouldn’t be fighting each other, we should be together, you know?

And do you hear what I’m trying to say? Look at look at this little book here. This little children’s book says, this little bunny said I’m going to become a sailboat and sail away from you. I actually did that. But the mom says if you become a sailboat

God has stated saying to you right now, as much as you think you’re lost in as much as you think

that you’re sailing away,

I will become the wind.

And I will blow you, wherever I want you to go.

God is going to blow you wherever he wants you to go. If you trust in Him.

And I’m not talking about or I have great trust. Oh, no, no, I’m talking if you just have faith as a mustard seed.

If you just have faith this big this much this big. Okay, like just to just crack your heart. No, I should not try dmts saw that I got a terrible sort of it. But if you just cracked your heart open this much. Okay. Maybe God will take over your life and sometimes blow you to places you never want to go. Let me just give you a picture that What happened to me? That’s me on the sailboat. Okay.

My hands are dirty. I paint a lot.

Anyways, this martyr was Brown was a greatly.

This Bunny is so arrogant, just like I was

the little bunny, just like Jimmy said, when he was silly. He said, Listen, if you become the wind and blow me away and blow me where you want me to go, guess what? I’m going to join the circus.

That’s what we do sometimes.



the little bunny says, and I’ll join the circus and become a little boy.

And the mother says if you become a little boy, and run into the house and the mother Bunny, I will become your mother and catch you in my arms. And I will hug you. You see, there is absolutely no escape from the love of God. And if you think that’s not masculine,

then I tell you you’re a poser in a fake.

But you can remedy that. If you just look yourself in the mirror tonight and say Jimmy is right about me.

Because I don’t speak about women like I know that because I don’t there are different species. But if you’re a man, I know you brother.

Because all my life I spent time with men. And I know dudes, I know how they think. And I know what’s really going on. Because I hung out with the baddest dudes on the planet for the majority of my adult life.

And we just got that from runaway bunny.

You know what I mean?

start being real with yourself.

And God will be real with you. You know, hey, I have my down days. I had a couple just last two days I was down hard.

Feels like the whole world just comes at you sometimes. And just just blind back or tackles you you know I’m saying how is difficult

sell as crypto now. Thank you Stacey. Thank you for saying you love that. Stacy’s guardians channel is really amazing. Whenever I come up on tik tok, she,

her her channel comes up and the music is always spot on. And just makes you just like chill out. I think music is a is it can be can be

serious therapy.

Thank you, Jimmy. We are praying for you keep your head up. Thank you so much. Thank you. And you know, um,

you know, I wish I had more.

I wish I had more advice on the on the vaccine, but I don’t.

I don’t

I’m as lost as you are on the vaccine thing.

What if you’re in the military? I mean, guys, I took so many anthrax is gonna be funny. I have a court case. Also with the electronic monitor man. It’s heavy on the mouth. It’s heavy on the mind. It is. It’s hard to deal with you know, I’m saying

never scroll by your channel. Always makes my day.

That’s funny. What team butts class. That’s a great question. To a to I started with and finished with 283 with because I broke my foot and got rolled. Oh, dude, it’s Jimmy. Jimmy. Jimmy. What’s up, bro? What’s going on? Thank you for everything you do. watched all your videos today. Love them. Greetings from the Coast Guard. Hey, man. You know, I just want to

a Jimmy, can you shout me out? Man. I will shout you out.

Purple work. I love you. Purple work. I will always shout you out. I cannot believe that you just said that. And man, I will shout you out on a purple work. I haven’t made a video about you. This is great. Thank you for showing up. I really appreciate that. Thank you.

I did take the anthrax. And then the Marine Corps at the time was still doing paper documents.

And they lost my anthrax. And I had to take the whole thing over again.

Nick, if you keep on asking me if you could have one of my paintings, you know how big my heart is in I’ll probably give you it. Okay.

Purple work is dedicated

purple work you should have been a seal because of your dedication and coming on here and doing that. Thank you for work video. I was just kidding. I did make a video and there’s just like this.

I don’t think I said purple work. Okay, I think I I took out the voice. Love your new paintings. Thank you. Sometimes you got to scrape your painting and start over.

And you know, my emotions and my feelings come out on those paintings. I want to give a shout out to all the police officers and first responders. They don’t get enough, man. They don’t get enough.

You know, I know you’ve had a lot of anthrax shots. I know I need to. Can I have one of your paintings? I don’t have that many to give out. I’ve given away a lot of paintings. Some of them are in storage.

Do you sell your paintings? I don’t I’ve never really asked. So like 30 paintings, but it was like, it was like for a church for fundraiser. It wasn’t like a real you know, like special thing. Some of them were for like $10

don’t get paid enough for you. Well, you hit all the talking points. Listen, I will continue to you are leading your troops wrong about jab, bro.

I think you’re talking to somebody else, right? Single a year. They every

sale them. Do seals ever have to pull staff duty. There’s a listen, listen, listen out of all the skills that are currently out there right now. Um, many of them are in staff jobs, you know, and many of them are in administrative jobs. Damn, you are fine.

If you are single, I think that said another word to I can’t skip that. Getting good at this. I’m getting good at this. You know, when I started about four weeks ago, man, I was just like, read the whole thing. It was bad. so bad. You are a talented man. Thank you very much. I think the camera makes them look better than they really are. Wait, you’re a Navy SEAL? person. Wait, you’re a navy seal.

You’re like the guy I end up talking to? Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes, you know, I’m saying sometimes. I got one job. Eight. My job is to be a lighthouse to you. Shout out to you, brother. You make my day. That’s great. Thank you so much. Hey, ever since I went to this place, I’m telling you, I’m telling you. I went to this place. And Jesus showed up in rescued me. And he told me and I was kind of surprised. I was like, What am I gonna be? fixed bayonets? you’re charging, stabbing, jabbing. Like from a country crazy war. He said you’re gonna be a lighthouse. So what? What lighthouse? The lighthouse don’t even do anything. It just sits there.

But he said no, no, no. lighthouse saves people.

It shows people the way

you know?

I believe you. Thank you.

I mean,

I guess people, I was gonna say who would love other? A lot of people would? A lot of people would.

You’re so inspiring. Stacey, I hope you have some friend, Stacy may have paid some people to come on here and say this. Yes. Thank you so much. sobs one. What’s the meaning of one of your tattoos? Um,

one is our St. Michael the angel. And he’s casting Lucifer down, you know? And it means a lot to me this my whole day. I did this whole arm for a memorial for my little brother when he died.

How many crossovers did you do? And but what is a crossover? Yo, keep in mind, I had a traumatic brain injury, but I don’t think it was that bad. Jimmy, have you ever met the boys? From debreu? What red flag red flag alert? who you are? touchpoint much respect? Do you stay in touch? Do you stay in touch with Boa? No, I don’t. Um, any thoughts on our government at the moment? I think it’ll get worse before it gets better. Man.

I don’t think he’s gonna get better to you. I think a lot of people are coming out there with these prosthetic things. Like, it’s about to change and everything’s gonna go great. Have you read the Bible lately? No. I think it gets worse. I think.

I think we let it slip. You know?

I think America let it slip in and, and we didn’t wake up in time.

And now we’re waking up and into this new reality, you know,

things can change. But it’s gonna take a hell a whole lot. It’s gonna take everybody standing up.

You know?

It’s gonna take

not everyone. Because remember, the Revolutionary War. It was decided by split vote by George Washington. He was only 30% of the people wanted to stand up. Everybody else

was out in grass like cows and chained up until they were like, No, no, no. Patrick Henry, look. Read Patrick Henry’s speech. What a real relevant speech today. Wow.

It’s gonna take a lot of good seals.

You know, it’s going to take the right leadership, you know?

I love you too, bro. You’re awesome. Thank you. Thanks for your service and wisdom, brother. My wife’s name on the page. Thank you so much. Appreciate y’all. Thank you for coming on this live chat. I appreciate it. We’re gonna get more organized and stuff. I mean, not getting that little tilt tutorial thing. But

you know, it’s gonna be good. All right.

Who else? What else we got on here? Jimmy sent rookie to the White House. drain the swamp.

That’s, that’s the most brilliant idea we’ve had on you. I’ve sent a turkey to the White House. That’s right. Let’s do it. Let’s see. We pray for my daughter during your live in God. Let’s hear it. Hold on. healed her. liva Judah. Oh, my God. My God. Eight lever. This is the stuff I live for. Please. Please. Can you elaborate? Lee Okay, so Levi, Judah.

Last on last life. Right? He said My daughter is sick. Please pray. We all prayed. If you were on the live last time. Listen here we all pray together. In Jesus healed her. liva just said right now. He said we we prayed for my daughter during your live in God healed er. That’s exactly right. Because He is a God who does miracles right now. Right now.

Right now.

Will you ever be able to serve your country again?

New here not trying to be ignorant. It’s okay. Uh, it would have to be pretty bad. But when it gets really, really bad, look up. Jeff and I in the Bible, said his country exoti and he just hung out with some really bad dudes. But when it really got bad, guess who they go get Jeff Inya. He’s at a bar with all of his buddies that have been thrown out.

For nefarious things,

and he goes, yeah. Oh, y’all want to come? You don’t want to come ask me now to help out? Is that right? Because you’re because you’re getting overrun by the last of the Mohicans. Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah, sure. I mean, yeah, but but this time you got to put me in charge. You know.


for me to go to, for me to go kinetic it’s got to be pretty bad brother.

Possible very possible. You know, I’m saying very possible. Thank you for praying for my strength. That my boy Jimmy is not guilty in all caps. I love you, man.

But Tom, bro, my whole life.

The whole life man.

Unbelievable. People are sheep. People are sheep.

You know, generally.

And then this person roses, Jimmy was definitely a navy seal. He’s not a fraud. He just got into trouble with Mac feet. You know, it’s, it’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault. This person said, you should insert a traffic cone in your rear. It’s not your fault for saying that, man.

It’s not your fault for thinking about inserting traffic cones and someone’s rear every night. And that’s why you just set it to me. That’s not your fault. Okay. I blame the media. The media is whatever they say.

You’re guilty. Like, whatever they say. Fat check something. If you facha who is doing the fat checking?

It’s the liberal making your Starbucks with skinny jeans on?

It’s pretty bad.

We all serve this country. That’s right. It’s pretty bad when you feel the evil. That’s right Jimmy to the moon. I love you. And I love everybody on here, man.

Even if you try to even if you say try to put a

cone in my rear end, man, I’ll care. You know, oh Afghanis used to the Taliban, you put a 155 rocket a 155 round in a cone orange cone and put it on that on the road. And, you know, right there in front of you. So you’d had to like go around it and then they blow it what ingenious idea smart. You know, when the Russians were there, they would just throw rocks into the helicopter rotors. They, you know, talking about archaic methods to take down super advanced systems. It’s not that hard. guerrilla warfare.

I don’t know how much it involves putting

a dang

road cone in your rear like this guy suggested. Well, who comes up with this stuff?


Stay in does your team stay in touch I’ll stay in touch with him Yeah, a couple guys few guys. There’s some really good really good dudes out there great operators out there. Only God can determine facts. That’s right.

That’s right. No, I’m not no choirboy in a lot of my sins testify against me

thank you

dub has always got my six he said I got your sick and bro

john Rambo said free my homie Jimmy best account on that.

And this person fact checking is bull. Sh RT.

Hey, it’s true.

Try to fact check something

some believable.

fact check something go ahead, do it. They’re gonna tell you the facts. Who’s telling you the facts?

Or was there election fraud? Fact? No, no, it’s been proven. Well, what? How has it proven? It’s been proven. move on now.

This is the last source you can go to fact check. Fraud check is what it is. It’s a fraud.

burner phone says you’re both guilty.

Your handle name is burner phone. And you just said you’re both guilty. Listen, a burner phone your name burner phone employee

Serious malicious behavior. You understand? Why do you need a burner phone? cheating on your wife? Murder? Somebody? Need to throw phone? Yeah, well, Jimmy’s good. Catania.

Thank you though for setting yourself up on that one. And I’m not mad at you. I think it’s pretty brilliant actually.


Jimmy likes boys.

Because I read a kid’s book deal. That’s problem with this society.

This perverting is perversion to the max. There’s a lot of perverts out there. Jimmy lies, boys. Wow. Good one.

What else?

I like these red nation. 94 says we all gotta fight for God together. And we cannot fall man. God bless you. Does it seem like there’s like the 30% here, just like in Washington days. Do you know that there was only 30% of the American people, the colonists that that were willing to go to war with Britain, the others.

were willing to just take it like the big orange cone in your rear and I’ll tell you what,

we would not be speaking with this accent.

I promise you that. Thank God. We went to war with the bridge. You know, back in the day, thank God. Thank God.

We did that because you you don’t realize the tyranny is at your doorstep. Patrick Henry said, You’re already there already here. Why are we even arguing about this?

But the problem is, is America has a bunch of guys.

A bunch of people out there thinking about

telling Jimmy he likes little boys

when they should be thinking about the threat at their doorstep.

And the real problem with society

Jimmy did nothing wrong. The CIA on the other hand, this person says thank you. We all fight somehow. Mitzi tell us your best joke. I don’t have any more jokes.

All right, I have a joke. The guy’s handle name that said

something about burner phone. He was telling me I was guilty. Geez

All right. I’m just playing. Sometimes people go What were you you were angry tonight? I’m not really that angry.

thug destroyer says road code Thomas. Road cone time is fun time. No, that’s cool. He must like being rode comm

Stacy cheese there’s a lot man. I’ll tell you come on board this train. You might get hammered. Jimmy’s got different colors. Hey, remember? Tell my story.io go to the website. See everything. They have veterans court in your area? No. Do you know of Mike Glover?

seal or

I know some lovers. Hard Times create strong men. strong men create good times good times. Create weak man. Yo, why are you on house arrest in all caps. It’s in connection to john McAfee. I got about seven indictments. Um, it’s all online. It’s public. I’m not hiding anything from you.

Please go there. And appreciate yours supporting me. I appreciate your backing me up to you know it’s pretty funny.

If you do or you don’t, it’s really funny.

Hey, bro, I inbox your Tick Tock count. Did you get it? Most likely I did. I still I’m trying. I got a lot of different. I got a lot of messages. Yeah. And you’re right. Yeah. This tape talker says because he is a flight risk. They do consider two things that you’re either a flight risk, or you are a danger to society. But the fact that they gave me house arrest, you see, that’s what they tried to figure out in order to release you from prison. So a judge said I don’t have to be in prison right now federal penitentiary, which it was looking like that because I’m not a flight risk or

As a threat to society, but they should try to make me out to be one. You know?


would you date on house arrest?

I don’t know turkey would get jealous.

His house arrest your punishment. Are you still waiting sentencing? I’m still awaiting. It doesn’t count. Jimmy is a decorated navy seal. He’s walking Lethal Weapon houses. Yeah. Watch out. Watch out. Watch out. Because you may just start liking me. That’s a scary thing. I promise you if you’re, you know, if you’re a troll on here guarantee you, you liked me? Because you’re stalking me if you think about it. And if it anything else, just take this my apology for for consuming the thoughts in your head all night. Long. I’m a large t shirt. Thank you. Hey, thank you try to in 221 Hey, bro, what’s up man? Who y’all brothers fellow seal right there. Sorry that shout out to man. Thank you, man. Appreciate you, bro. A lot of messages coming in. Hey, if you’re listening right now we had like 8000 viewers last time. Hey, but there’s only about 200 people that interact with me. Throw out a state that you’re in a lease. You know, if you’re like, Hey, you know, in public, I’m Jimmy’s enemy. But in private. I love the guy. Just say the state you’re in. Yes. What’s up? I know you love me. But love a man who loves you. Turn your heart in a gold.

All night long. I was in the Navy to thank you for your service. Did john ever say who he thought was a threat to him? Who would you suspect was behind the murder? Oh, you know, we you know Hillary and the two others I can’t name. Thanks. Thank you.

When I watch you, my anxiety goes away. Thank God thank you very much. Thank you for that. Thank you. Big Daddy was a bonus shout out to be daddy for sending shirts. deema has done shirt designs. It’s been incredible. Thank you so much. Every all the fire department. I want to make it very, very sincere remark. All the first responders all the fire pump all the police officers all the FBI.

Any anybody out there that’s that’s on the air that carries a weapon on the line of duty. And then my military people in Special Operations out there that I served a long time with most of all, my heart goes out to you in love and appreciate you if you want to give me a shout out right now. I’ll give you a shout out back. I just can’t you know. But sometimes I try not to watch the news because I see.

I see all the stuff going on. And it’s hard. real hard watch. These you guys are in danger and risking your loss so that we can be free so that we can sleep at night. touchpoint is you can get sure to tell my story.io A they’re pretty cool. I think they are force I think they are though right? touch point touch point who killed Anthony Bourdain?

Probably the same guy that killed McAfee.

I was thinking that the other day about Anthony Bourdain. Like he traveled everywhere. He seems like he has like the best job in the world. Right? He tastes all these food he travels everywhere. So if he didn’t hang himself, which I think he did, probably it just goes to show you that happiness is not a place. Happiness is not a place. Thank you. This person said thank you Texas tornado. That was my old name. I appreciate you saying that.

Thank you very much. Got a run. Appreciate you though, for coming by. Thank you. touchpoint. Are assassins real? Yes, they are. Absolutely.

What else we got?

Hey, starfish. You’re joining cantlay appreciate everybody. What years were you and I was in from 99 to 2017 August 2017. We Okay, why are you on sale storytime?

Um, you know,

I’ll tell quick story and then I got to go Okay. Thank you for your thank you for saying that. Appreciate you. Reese Iris is chairman here. And he’s, he’s putting out tell my story.io because that’s our website, in the podcast and over stuff and you can

Go there and I really appreciate it for you know your support do modern assassins exists?

out Yeah, yeah. I can’t talk with like say why but yeah, absolutely. Trust me. Trust me. Seals shield story. Well I can tell you this much is that

I when I went through it’s hard for a big guy straight up evil straight up evil said Stolen Valor thank you for saying that I’ve never heard that one before. Where are you in Kosovo? No I’m not. Hey brother I’m a big fan keep doing you. Looking forward to it. Thank you so much. touchpoint brother much love they say freak. Thank you. Thank you red nation appreciate you chiming in at night bro. I appreciate you and Levi Judas says my daughter was in the beginning stages of kidney failure and messed up blood work but God healer in Wadi God healer, because we are mighty warriors in Jesus answers our call, you know, I’m saying Jesus answers our call. Okay, so I’m in buds. And you only get two chances at about everything. Okay, I won’t go into details. But there’s like this four mile run you got to do. And I guess on any other day, it wouldn’t be so bad. But you’re in deep sand. You’re being beat down, you’re wet and Sandy and cold all the time. You’re on boots, and huge Meteor and boots. And these, these saggy kameez, and you got to do four miles, all the way down this fence and back in Coronado beach

in a very, very short time, and the times get less and less, when they should be getting more and more, you know what I mean? And so it’s hard. And when you’re above 200 pounds, you’re just beaten fee. And I was doing pretty good. I came in there pretty tough shape. Um, but this particular run

the, you know, the unexpected happened. The the water had come up, you know, ebbs and flows in the water had come high tide, real high tide, and it had pushed the class our whole class to a two up in deep sand. Okay, real deep sand. And I thought, okay, no big deal. Man is slowing me down by two minutes, I failed the run. All the sudden, I have one more chance. Okay. And I think we’ll, the odds are that that will never happen again. Because that was rare for the water to push the whole class up into this really, really deep sand.

I said put it that was to happen again. I would need an absolute miracle to pass. And I’m talking if you’re one second, too late. It’s over. You’re done. And so we came out there the next time. And I got down on my knees that morning and prayed. God, just don’t let there be that tide come up again. You’re the Almighty God, you can you can resist this tide, everything will be okay. It’ll give me a nice hard packed sand, right on the water lines where you want to run. That’s where you want to run in life.

We get out there. And it’s like my nightmare because this water has pushed the entire class up into this deep sand again, I had never seen it like that. He said for that one time. And it was terrible. And I thought it’s over. Because last time i haul but in the I mean just everything I had.

And so a lot of the fast guys and a lot of the class they intimate they intimately know where you are if you fail to swim or fail this, they know that if you’re on the cusp, and everyone is on the cusp at one point. And so I had a couple guys come up to me and the bigger guys. And they said hey man, good luck, brother. Good luck, like, like, you know, getting bad. In this in you know, this is your whole dream, a culmination of your entire dream about to sit through your hands like an hour or less.

I look at this water and I look at the sand. I said man, it’s old man.

However, there’s one factor here. I believe in a God of miracles that exists today. The same guy that he’ll leave us Daughter of her kid over almost kidney failure is the same guy that was about to save me on this day. four in the morning. miserable. Your tension in your stomach in your gut is so tight that you want to throw up right when you start that run. I ran so hard but I had a split negative timing. me. I got there knowing that I couldn’t push any

Harder, and I would never make it on time. But I kept going as hard as I could because that’s in life in life. You just can’t give up in life no matter if it looks like you’re going to die doing it. He leash you died trying your hardest and pushing your hardest. So that’s what I did that day. I ran as hard as I possibly could. I was throwing up on the fly. I’m talking about running in heavey off the side, again, you know, running, and I’ll never forget

the finish lines way up here. And I’m running, I’m completely burn out of oxygen. And all the bigger guys are behind. And the whole plants cheering Go, go, go, but I look up, I look. And there’s just absolutely no way. Because the countdown is like 30 seconds. 29 and I’m like two minutes away. Okay. And I think in my head God, you know, you’re thinking like God’s forsaken you, you’re thinking like it’s over. But I just kept going as hard as I could. But it was over, it was over. However, there was one guy, the fastest runner who had been done for probably about two minutes, they run right on top of the stand there, those track stars, you see, it’s real small guy like little bunny rabbit.

He broke the line of the class, he ran over to me. And he put his hand in the middle of my bag. And he push as hard as he could. And his feet were burning 90 miles an hour. And I felt this lunch and thrust forward.

And I’ll never forget it. And then instructor came up in the truck behind the death truck about to get you, he comes up and rolls up, he goes, Hey, Get your hand off him.

But in the seals,

hey, even if it cost you your life, you don’t leave your buddy. And he was practicing that already in budds. And he kept on pushing me knowing that he was going to get smoked. And guess what it was like 10. Non a and I went right over the finish line with just a second or so.

And I’ll never forget his sacrifice

for me. And I owe that kid a lot. Because he did that for me. And he had a beam and did all kinds of terrible things for him. But hey, that’s what the budget is all about. And I’ll tell you, that’s the last thing in the world I could have ever

thought. What happened, and I thought it was one chance that my time at budds like most others had come to a close. But it’s never over. until God says it’s over. So go for your dream. Remember that story? I’m no different than you. All you got to do is call out to God. You ain’t got to tell everybody that you’re doing it. You can be all tough and big and puff your chest out.

But in secret, you can be crying and saying God.

I need you. I need you. God bless everyone. tonight. I appreciate this. We’re gonna keep it in an hour or less on we’re like three hours on what the heck. I love you all. Every single person in here. Have you ever worked with any Navy divers when you were with SDV? team? Yeah, it’s probably the largest dive command. There’s 400 Navy divers to about 40 seals. Alright, all my love everybody. I appreciate y’all showing up and listen to me on this house arrest. Hey, if you got a topic you want to discuss, I have got all the time in the world to meditate on it and ponder it and consult with Napoleon and Marcus Aurelius and Sun Tzu. Okay. All right. Thank you very much and God bless you.

All right, that concludes our live session.

I love you all. God bless you.


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