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Nah, brother.

I’m gonna throw your on air.

Okay, go ahead and hang up with me.

If you don’t mind.

Yep, yep, yep.

All right.

Hello, three and two and one blast off now. Hey,

hello, everyone.

This is tell my story.io This is Jimmy Watson podcast.com if you’re just joining us, I appreciate you. We have had some really, really good podcast and we’re going to continue

to have a good podcast, not in some kind of motivational way where I’m like, hey, let’s do positive affirmations. In maybe the podcast will be okay.


we’re talking about this is no trouble. If you’ve if you have missed any podcast or anything, please go to tell my story.io and you can catch all the videos. We are alive right now streaming to multiple channels. Okay. I don’t even know how to pronounce a lot of them like Facebook. I what is Facebook,

my face Facebook,

I have my space and then they, they This allowed us to have social media in the seal teams. Okay, but but this is what happens when you give a seal. Straight up a mic and a camera or two. Okay. two cameras. Two is one one is not like a good buddy said hey, we’re going live in 321. If you haven’t got on tik tok, I urge you. It will be one of the best things that you have ever done is to get onto Tick Tock. Log on there. Create a little name on Tick Tock. Okay, and, and then create yourself a little username, and then get

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Okay, if I can do it. If I can figure out Tick Tock with my videos. Think about what you could do. We’re talking about avatar, Batman, in Terminator one and two. Sorry, Terminator two. Okay, okay, Terminator two, all of those combined together with the terrible artificial intelligence scene. That’s the kind of technology I’m talking about here on Tick Tock. Get on Tick Tock. And if you remember one name is mighty warrior. 2021. So at mighty warrior 2021 not at mighty warrior. 2021 for all those people out there like me when I actually did that one time, but at the like at what do you mean Yahoo. Jimmy,


at Yahoo. So Jimmy at Yahoo. And they’re like,


What have you been?

I was like a fighting hole. Man. Where have you been? Just kidding. All right.


we are live right now. And let’s just get straight to it.

Hey, what’s up?

I’m just keep in mind on the podcast side. You don’t you don’t really see the streaming messages that are coming by. I’m not just rambling to myself.

Okay. I’m like Steven furtick, or something I’ve only seen once but, but he was like reading all these live things. I thought it was cool. And so this is working out great, too. What’s up, man? So all these tech talkers are coming in all these brothers and sisters, all these fellow mighty warriors are coming in with these messages. And I just want to do a shout out right now, before we begin this amazing experience, so let’s shout out right now. Wherever you’re from, just blast it out there. If you’re listening to me and you’ve never gone live before your like, your thumb is just going just do it. Just be bold. Just be bold this one time and just send one message to me in Jimmy we’ll return your phone call.


Praise God Tennessee. Why is he on house risk? Hey man, nobody’s ever asked me that before but it’s public record. Okay, and it’s in connection to john Mackey.


the late john McAfee or is he did you decide Georgia blue go says Texas.

I’m not gonna hurt

defense says Tacoma Washington. How you doing? Thank you so much for coming aboard. When you’re on house arrest, you will talk to your little dog for hours and hours and hours. But I did that before and after. And so when you apply it because you love the way animals like me, because you’re a kind, gentle, sensitive emotion. man like me wearing skinny jeans and going to Starbucks and pop it into Western squeezing the whole time? Because that’s how you roll. Or are you a navy seal with big ol muscled up frog legs and

anything you wear looks like skinny jeans. It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault. Everybody can you wear skinny jeans to noise because my legs are muscle

up from legs and they can bounce over you vertically. I can jump vertically over you. If I face nose to nose to you. Okay, Stacy, don’t even get any ideas. nose to nose. Vertical Jump over you like that. You know what I’m saying? Okay, that was a lie. That was a lie. It’s not true. That was not true. That I cannot vertically jump over anyone. Except for this guy. He’s a CEO. His name is scar dealio. That’s his nickname scar do knock a vertical jump over him.

But vertically jumping over mother buzz dog tookie is harder than that.

No offense, brother. I

know you’re out there watching laughing I know why you real seals, y’all. You real brotherhood. What I mean about brotherhood, as long as the Brotherhood, the seal teams, the navy seals. All you real seals are laughing under psuedo names, who are still active. And there’s, there’s gonna be that little handful out there. That’s like,

making me vulnerable again.

He’s saying that we’re hiding behind our identity. And that’s a very few group of guys. But unfortunately, that view

is the ones that make everyone look bad. Those are the ones that make everyone else look bad.

Check out my video. I

just did.

You know,

somebody the other day said. said You ain’t no seal? What was your buds class? Let me tell you something, brother. I’m not mad at you. Because he recanted the next day. Thank


you know,

I respect the heck out of that guy. Okay, so I’m not mad. I’m just using you as an example. Because that’s what happens when when you mistakenly try to steal someone’s valor. Thinking that you’re being a patriot in getting a someone that stole valor, but now you’re stealing the valor. And now what do you do? Do your research? Oh, my goodness, do you research anyways? Just because you have a blitz class number. Do you think that that makes you a seal? If you have a bullets class number,

that doesn’t

necessarily mean that you’re a Navy SEAL?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You become a navy seal. When your comrades have decided that, and when you have been on a real Navy SEAL

team for a long time, not

you walk up and show up with your goal. And Trump. Oh, you’re going to try and try to right here and you’re like, Hi, I’m no big old bullfrogs and come over no pupils. He’s not on ecstasy. But he maybe he got water on him. But he’s gonna come in and say, Listen, you are not a navy seal. Your mom, your dad, your boyfriend, your significant other, your girlfriend and your wife. They know deep inside, that you are not a navy seal. And then you’re gonna sit there and look like me right now. like I did when I heard that message. I was like, What what? I mean, I had been in the Marines a long time I had been Blackwater. I see more.

And then I showed up as new guy, seal. Or sorry, a new guy, just a new guy don’t say so.

I show up there. And I’m saying and I’m saying like this up like, hey, what often does back when you’ve been from Iwan to e6 back to back to each ticks? That’s like an E 25,000 billion MC pond, the baby first class. So I know what being a new guys all about. I’m in a new block guy my whole life. My whole life. And so I knew it starting over and start over again. Again, three different times. You know, the point is this. You know, have you ever thought a little deeper than

what’s your best class?

I can run I can. I can rattle off any number in the world. I can study stills for a month and just be like, that was a truly true Wow, what’s up? No,

don’t ask him, bro. It’s just because you have a

book. That’s just me. Your seal. All that means is you have what it takes to go have the balls to check in to a seal team. Now let’s see where that takes you. And God forbid you have some kind of tattoo of a trident or, or you’re trying it on, it’s best not to show up with a training, your chances of survival are better if you don’t show up with the training. My point is, this is being a seal you earn that, you know,

you earn it every day.

You earned your trading every day.

And just because

you were a seal, don’t mean you were a real steal.

Because your

comrades back in the rear, All that matters is your reputation. I would even go as far as to say that many great guys that I knew got dishonorable discharges because of messed up politics and Admiralty he hates him. So but let me take some just because you got a dishonorable don’t mean, you weren’t a bad before, you might have been bad or Moviefone in Afghanistan in Iraq, and that’s why you got a dishonorable discharge. But you are a

damn good seal. So think about that. Think deeply into problems like like don’t just don’t, don’t just analyze a problem.



Go deep into that with an E tool unfold as a tool. Use it as a number two thing and dig your hole. Two is one one is not.

You know,

to talk What’s up, brother?

I’m gonna do some shout outs real quick. Hey, everyone. Hey, I’m not gonna I’m not going to say this time like a million times. Reset, man. Bro. I think you said go to my website way too many times. You know what I’m like, dude, you’re right.

I’m a phony.

I’m a fake.

I don’t want to be a fake.

What a nightmare to wake up every day knowing you’re a fake. A phony. A phony seal. Are you a phony seal listening to this right now? But you’ve been telling everybody how hardcore you are in bad a you are. But all your boys that started with you’re like Nah, man.


No. Point is man, I got much love for the real brotherhood out there. And for the real seals. But uh, you know, just because someone has buds class doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a seal. It just means they got through buds.

You know?

Oh, man, sorry, had to go into that in the air condition was turned off for a while. I heard a couple police cars go by. is terrifying in my air stress and

a lot of stress today.


How about the Blackwater massacre in Oh, seven. You don’t even know what you’re talking about right now, sir.

You have no idea what you’re talking about. diehard 773 says How about that? Blackwater massacre. Let me tell you something. Be careful when chasing monsters, for you may become one yourself my friend. Let me ask you. Where are you? Where were you? Where were you that day? Did you have to make big bad decisions. Now you’re applying a zygote? a zygote? You know what that is? I don’t want to go into it. But just look it up Google zygote. That’s where you were? What’s up? Hey, shout out terabyte.

I’m not even mad right now. This

is the way I kind of joke and like, just whatever. It’s kind of fun. That’s why we named this podcast improv Jimmy. Eric Young How you doing? never served. Thank you for yours. Thank you for being so humble. Humble remarks and humble respect makes me do the same and even more so man. I’m humbled to have you on the show in for everybody to be joining right now. And all my love for all y’all. Much love you too. What’s up, brother? Shout out brother. Much love for Tennessee. Eric Young. Yeah, thank you for your service. Yep, we’re Lof your own house risk. We are live here on house risk. How is everybody doing? I saw this Shawn Ryan. I read everything. Okay, so I just read it out loud. I don’t care what you say. Like I’m not scared. So I’m not saying whoa, I’m not gonna read that one. That’s too That’s too. I don’t know how to answer that. So we’re just gonna just improv. Jimmy. So what does it say? Let’s see what you say. I saw the Shawn Ryan show. On Blackwater master today. Just wanted your thoughts. No offense, no offense taking my friend. I was a team leader of that.

I had to make a decision.

That decision. My decision didn’t send guys to prison for life. Although I don’t wish that on anybody. Because you can’t smile anymore. After that. After what’s up touch point really after you make a decision where your comrade that you were leading like in Civil War when you went on a full blown death charge in all your entire your entire pickets last charge they say died an alcoholic screaming tonight because the responsibility that’s on your shoulders in split second decisions so anyone who judges one of our service men or women that are paramedics out there doing the same job as a combat vet a police officers that are risking their ass out there right now. You know police officers are risking their butts out there right now and then getting persecuted for and prosecuted. My hat’s off in much love to law enforcement FBI. All you guys it’s a it’s a dangerous world out there and hard and tough. And then you got to be scrutinized when you come in but your own people while Russia is having hero day where they’re throwing medals out everywhere are admirals and suffer writing their own medals, but persecuting and throwing great guys like Eddie Gallagher away. Are those four Blackwater guys.


Liberty heard Paulus Lau. Yeah, those guys were, I was in charge of that quick reaction force. I had to make a decision. It was this fast. And I take full responsibility for that. Just like everybody else should be taking full responsibility for their actions in this world would be a better place. Right. So yeah, it was a minute sitting there. No, no, no, no. Yes. Who sent in their Guess who sent them


This person says Katherine says Eddie Gallagher was a war criminal. Let me tell you something. I appreciate you. First of all, I’m honored to have you say that on my show, because it means that all that sacrifice all that blood, sweat, and tears and pits it all myself. Yeah, I said it. And all that petroleum jelly, add a wipe over my thighs to from just stop from getting skin grass for you, for you to say that. For you to say that is my pleasure. And I would do it again just for you. So I appreciate your comment. She said. I just assume it’s a cat and it just seemed like a girl wrote it. But whatever. It said, Oh, Eddie Gallagher is a criminal, a war criminal. That’s bold. That’s very, very bold, you see. And I’m going to tell you why after I drink my Mickey Mouse. Pink


Next, Next will be the dress and then lipstick. I’m already wearing skinny jeans, but that’s because my legs are Muslim.

If you think think about this, you obviously didn’t do your research on Eddie Gallagher. You know?

Well, you

will probably sit at home relaxing in your air conditioned room. He was pacing the walls in some terrible prison, a military prison. It probably has nightmares. From that experience, combined with all the war in battle that he had done in Marines in the seals. I read that guy’s sheet of words though. I just I like Kim cross over some of the dang and when I’m saying dang I mean that’s that’s serious. We’re not saying I don’t say dang all the time. But I was like, Damn, this guy’s serious. You know, I cost in two months and I’ve cut three times today. I don’t know what happened today. I’m sorry. I came in here got heated but any in here diehard Thank you any gave medical service to the foe? How is that a criminal? It’s not in by the way. That these you need to do your research before you just blast off someone’s a criminal. Do your research on Eddie Gallagher case. Another film comrade came out

and said I did it. Not in a malicious way but I did I did what they’re saying that he did what?


If that’s scary, people like you. I love because that’s I mean why else was out there dying and hurting. And why else did all my friends die? Why else is there like 100 dudes? No way more than that seals that are on the on the wall of Danny’s bar in cornado. Why else but to hear comments like yours?

What’s your rate in the Navy? Well, you speak as if it’s in present tense. It’s not anymore. Past tense. I was. So one. My son wants to become a navy seal. He’s only 14, but wants to know where to start. Well, start by not watching this show because I mean, I’m, I feel like I’m a good mentor, especially to the youth because because I didn’t get that. And I always thought, Man, if I would have some mentorship going in golly, man, I had to try to figure out everything on my own. It was terrible. You’re standing on shoulders of giants anyways.

You don’t I mean,

I’m who you’re who you’re one, sir. And it’s yours. Why are you on house arrest? Thanks, brother. Appreciate you. Thank you very much. I want to stay right. Hey, Stacy. How’s it going? shad Barry, nice to see you. I just want to tell everybody, our big daddy has been with me since day one.

Now, that was only three weeks ago. But

I’m telling you right now,

that’s a long time with Jimmy Watson. That is a long time in my world. Three weeks. It will be yours too.

Okay. You might have a haircut like me if you hang out with me for more than two minutes. But, but Big Daddy, he went out on his own


and got the shirt in design this shirt. Now we got our own shirts on here. But you talk about standing in the gap.

Big Daddy standing in the gap. We’re trying to throw out a shirt. Reese is always tell me Jimmy, man, you’re all your stuff looks like cartoon stop. I said Well, that was my budget deployment. It was a cartoon Sammy the seal and Freddy The Frog and his nasty Chucky cheese red. He’s on there. He’s on that diploma. He’s on that certification. And so so that’s kind of where my mind is all the time. You know. And so but but we got big data coming through with check this out. This is awesome. Right? Look at this. touch point, touch point. And

touch point.

And then it says no years, homie. No years. And then we got mighty warrior on the back. But um, the main important thing is is is that big daddy did it not China.

Big Daddy. Pull through.

Big getting one. China zero. I’m talking about China manufacturing. You know that? Oh, boys. Yeah, big day. You’re right boys need man to guide him in bro. Are you high on coke? Well, thank you for asking. I have to get a drug test quite often on house arrest. So whether I would want to be high on coke right now or not, which I don’t that that old man is dead. But But yes, I have done coke. I have done cocaine. And I drink Coke, as well as you. In fact, you know, the Bible says, out of the abundance out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaking

out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth spigot, so maybe you’re on Coke, or maybe you want some maybe you’re high right now, man, I judge you. I’m not judging you. Right. But I can kind of see where you say I was hongo

you’re an amazing mentor. Thank you so much, Stacy. I appreciate you. What buds class number did you graduate from?

I started into a two and ended into a three. But like I said, Be careful. Be careful. Just because someone has a buds class doesn’t mean they’re a seal. You think of buds class number automatically makes you a Navy SEAL? Or is it way later on when you go do much harder? And then your combat comrades collectively agree that Yeah, yeah. You deserve to be called a seal. he’s a he’s a seal for sure. Your buds class does not make you a seal. These people have stand a chance. Thank


When are you coming off house arrest. I’m

calling off house rules right now. I’m

about to bust out of here. I’m in tents, right? That’s awesome. These people will stand a chance when you come in off house arrest. Thanks for turning me on to Stacy’s content. She is amazing. Yeah, go to Stacey. Um, I hit you. Apparently. I’ll shout out here man. Can you control your temper or not? Why are you on house arrest? Well, that’s a dichotomous question, isn’t it?

I mean, you kind of answered your own question. Can you control your tamper? Why are you on house arrest you Just that was thank you for that. It’s not I,

I often have to come up with stuff really fast. But there’s other times where people just give me they give me exactly what I need.

You you you have a crazy temper Oh,

yeah, well, we all do touch point. If I can swim under water and clap my hands. Am I a seal? Absolutely. It just depends on what kind of you that you want to be. You know, I would not sit in the splash section at SeaWorld. Anyone who has done there can be a seal in my book, for sure. Are you under any type of person saying you are a true stud? I

like that one

better than that other one that I just read is like you’re a loser. Thank you. Yeah. Have you been talking to my ex wife? Because it seems like the same stuff that you’re saying. She said, and I know sometimes where there’s smoke, you know, there’s far but in my case, where you see smoke, there’s an a bomb that just went off a really bomb.


Can you tell us about your amazing paintings? I have some paintings. Thank you very much. A lot of them are in storage. Is it sure you’re not considered a seal until a year after you graduation? Man, you ain’t consider a seal till about six years after you graduate buds. Okay, what do you guys says? That was shocking to me. And that was really humbling. But it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s really hard. It’s really hard to swallow. That’s, that’s a big, that’s a hard pill to swallow. When you have just gone all out.


um, you know, when you’ve got all out for the last two and a half years, and you finally you know, got your Trident and graduated stt. And then you go to a team, a real team and check in and they said and they say, bro, you’re not a seal. Your mom, your dad, your boyfriend. your significant other. Yeah, they know too, that you’re not a seal. That’s the most depressing speech that I’ve ever got. And I went in there ready, like Ain’t nothing faze me. I mean, when I when I went to that meeting, when I went in that first when I checked it as a new guy, man, I, I was like nothing faze me. I was in Marines, Blackwater, you know, just went through all SEAL training. I’m like, I was older, you know. And I was I was, you know, I was considered a little bit older, really maturity and stuff. I know, that’s hardly. But uh, we we checked in and, and here’s this old bullfrog. And he said, it’s so real. And then God says, See my dad been there forever. We’re like, they were like, like, you ain’t a seal? Because guess what, I’m not either.

I’m on either.

In many times out in public, so I say what do you do in my ex spouse would say he’s in the military. And I’d be like, yeah, yeah, I work for the DMV. And then and then it would get down I worked for build it in, you know, I okay, I’m in the Navy. I just tell them, you know, and it’s like,


I’m not a real seal. Not right now. A real seal is jumping and dying in in shooting and moving and grooving and doing one of these pop twists and squeeze touchpoints you know me, that’s a real when we go out there. Okay. This ain’t real. It’s not. It’s not we only lady a seal around. She has tried it every day. He wakes up and he may not be a seal. But at the end of the day, he has to look in the mirror and he has to say, am I a seal today? Did I put forth every single bit of effort for my fellow teammates swim, buddy? And if he can say that, then maybe he can say he’s a Navy SEAL today? What is a Navy SEAL anyways? You know? Now I’m dying daily. I am. Did you ever try out? Okay, I’m not gonna answer that. Do you Britt? Do you believe Satan? What? Jeez. That’s that just gave me PTSD like 10 messages I read in a flash. It was like a bomb going off in my face. God bless you to remember, and Reese is reminding me when you see Reese Irish on here. He’s just saying, hey, if you’ve missed any past live streams, go to tell my story.io and man, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of everybody in here. Big Daddy. He’s brilliant. I mean, he said these shirts today he asked what was your most satisfying moment in service.



I actually do, I’m just trying to formulate in my head How to say I was called into. Thank you for that question me, daddy. So I was called in to my commander’s office in 2015, I think. And I felt like I was on the top of my game Finally, you know, working hard to be that seal. Add command at a special missions unit. Working hard, sniper team leader. I had prior Marines Blackwater. I’d done it. landside doing the waterside now and walked in the office, they call me up there. I’m thinking hey, he’s good. Tell me Hey, you got an award or Hey, man, you know, Jimmy, see at the barbecue on Friday, we all you know, we all do barbecue together and stuff and not you know, first name basis, not on the team. And he said, we got two days to leave the Navy. I thought it was joke.

I thought it was a real joke.

And little did I know, several of my buddies, which were incredible, incredible seals were given the same ultimatum, nearly on the same day,

the same type of stuff.

Some of them took

the honorable discharge to walk away. Some

of them did.

And I did not, it was the hardest thing I ever have done in my life, was to turn down an audible, because what it meant was, it wasn’t just about me, if it was about me, it’s okay. But my wife was, you know, it was in a neck brace sick, we’re going to lose everything if I thought the allegations that were kind of coming across me. And it was such a political move, that I ended up fighting it for two years, I said honorables not on a piece of paper. And I shoved it back in their face. And and it was the hardest thing that I ever had to do was to turn down an audible. But you have to do the right thing. You have to do what’s in your heart, what God’s putting in your heart. You know, I’m saying? And so to answer your question, Big Daddy, it’s a long story, that whole thing. And it ties in with Blackwater. And my testimony and stuff. I fought it for two years. And I won. And the most satisfying moment that I have ever had in the seals was limping. Because that kind of fight. Even though it’s like an administrative view, when you’re taking care of your wife for 23 hours a day, it’ll kill you for two years. So I’ve lived down this hallway and they reinstated me. But I’ll never forget, as I was walking into that same office, they said you had 10 days to leave. They’re looking at me like a ghost. Because they said there was absolutely no chance of winning this if I fought it in the Navy, and I fought it and an admiral got fired. And unlawful command influence. And so the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done is walked down the same hallway where my buddies, their faces were that they had died. Not letters written a review. These guys are these guys are on this wall here. And I’m walking, I’m limping past into the same office where these guys are calling themselves seals, but tell another seals to quit. Just like Eddie Gallagher doing honorable stuff. And so that was my most satisfying moment was not to get their apologies or get reinstated. But to know that I didn’t quit, no matter what, whether it be a machine gun nest against all insurmountable odds. Or a nice crisp piece of paper offering you the world. If you just walk away to do something dishonorable. They’re gonna give you something honorable. And I don’t really like that, and neither should you. So great question, Big Daddy. And thank you very, very much. I appreciate all these people coming in right now. Thank you very much. Thank you. And Stacy scoggin. A lot of people I think are visiting her site. Her channel is a great channel if you want to just kind of reminisce on all the places Jimmy’s been in his life. Besides federal penitentiary, and all those hellholes Then go to Stacey Scott is on site and see all these wonderful, amazing places. Sometimes I’ll be able to go on our site and just watch some of the videos and be like, that’s where I am right now. I’m not on house arrest. And that’s how you got to get through. That’s how you got to get through life. You know, you got the how you get through the hardest things in this world, is you got to be able to turn a switch. And until that switch goes off, life is gonna be just tumultuous and hard.

But when that switch goes off in this life, and for me, that’s trust Jesus gone. When that switch goes off, then anything, anything is possible.

Why are all profession? Sorry? Yes, David Goggins. Thank you for that. That kind of leads me on into the topic. Thank you, David Goggins talks about the switch, and what you’re capable of. And that’s right. Listen to me, people. Listen to me. Whether you hate me or love me, I still love you. I’m not gonna say that doesn’t matter, because it hurts me greatly. However, however, whether you love me or hate me, listen to me. If I can do it, if I can do the Marines, team leader in Blackwater for years, SEAL team team leader sniper in all this stuff, if I can do it with without any chance. I’m talking I was brought out of school at 13 years old. I was 140 degree. I was 140 degrees. I was 140 pounds. Okay. a six foot my greatest day probably other than that moment in the seals was my get my GED. I was just excited to get my GED because I knew that was just one more step closer to becoming a seal. Even though I was barefoot at the bottom of Mount, you know, Mount Everest. I mean, I mean, becoming a seal for me was one little, tiny thing at a time, millions of them stacked up to reach that goal. But I was destined to become a steel because I chose a destiny. If you do not believe in destiny, that I am afraid to announce that you do not have one. But you don’t have to be that person. start believing in a destiny. And guess what? Now you have one. I always said that’s it. Oh, you don’t believe in destiny.

Too bad.

What a boring life. And sad.

Anyways, touchpoint.


this person said, Jimmy, you are the fk in man. I think that’s an amazing thing. You are the effing man. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a great thing. Thank you. I don’t get much of those sometimes. Some people call me a loser. Some people call me, you know, disillusion.

And I’m like, Well, I mean,

you would be too on house arrest? Have you been talking to my wife again? My ex? Seriously? at Starbucks? I stopped going there. Do you believe Satan runs the USA?

I think

I think this is Satan’s domain. Um, and my point is, is is Lucifer offered Jesus in the wilderness the entire world, you can’t offer something that you don’t own. So he obviously own something. You know, that’s my point on that. Man, you are an inspiration brother, for real, thank you. This person is getting my PST scores, where they need to be it’s a challenge. And it’s never ending, you know, just keep going, man. Keep doing those psds. Don’t Don’t obsess about it. But be consistent about it. You know, consistency is key. You got to you got to go to that pool and swim, man. You got to continue to go to that chlorine field pool over and over and over. Your data. Mom might be saying son is Saturday night late at night. Your friends are going to the movies. Hey, I gotta go to the pool. Because that’s what’s gonna take. It’s gonna take one step at a time. God bless you. You’re running a lot of people to Jesus, including me. I thank you, man that that’s probably the nicest thing I’ve heard. today. I appreciate you saying that. God is great. Isn’t he though? When does the revolution start? Well, maybe it’s already started, my friend. There’s only so many R’s that happen, you know,


All kinds of stuff. Hold on decline this. So, what else we

got any idea

when when you’re done with house raise? I don’t know. I would, I would love to know, I asked my lawyer. I asked my lawyer that all the time I’m like, I make crazy. I make crazy requests. You know,

I keep my

lawyer on my toes.

I’ll say warnell sfbs FBI to get my computer back. He said, Jimmy, you ain’t get your computer back. I said, Why? The hell forever? They’ve had it forever. I just want my computer back. Is it cool to watch a show or something? I don’t know. I really don’t even need it. I just kind of you know, you got to kind of resist I guess. iron sharpens iron. Love. That’s right, Stacy. Trump says Jesus is king. Trump’s on here. Yes. Back in the gym after COVID It’s like I’m starting over. You’ve helped me a lot. Thank you. Listen, man, my whole life has been starting over your whole life. We’ll be starting over. Just when you’ve been in the gym, two, three weeks, and you’re all happy you’re getting a little pump on. You know, you’re like, Ooh, I’m looking at my buds kind of looking good. You know,

right about that time.

Something life changing happens. And then you’re back out of the gym for three or four weeks. And you’re like, man, I got to start all over again. Get used to it. That’s that’s climbing up Mount Everest get used to climbing up Mount Everest, because it’s gonna just, it’s gonna be like that your whole life, especially if you choose a professional. I got it. You know? What else? We got so many people on here, and so much love here. Can you tell us the process of what it was like? Getting ready for a mission? Well, yeah, I can tell you the process. Just close your eyes right now. And think about this. So does I put on the glasses because it kind of helps my props. You know, this is called impromptu podcast. So just think about this real quick. This is what it’s like getting ready for a mission. You look around, in all these grown men with tattoos and beards and muscles. You know, they’re putting on diapers.

And you’re like,

Wait, am I gonna wake up? Because? And why are these people putting on diapers? These men, these grown men with beards and muscles. And then you’re reminded of the wizard that is upon you. And that you’re about to get into the water. There’s something much worse than being cold. It’s being wet and cold. And so yes, I did had deja vu all the time. I had deja vu today. That’s weird. You just said that. Strange, cuz I just swear you said that. Weird. Anyways,

yeah. So so to get into,

you know,

hey, hey,

it’s like anything else. It’s like going to the gym. You know, you put your keys away in your purse, you walk, you walk in the gym, maybe

you change

it while you’re changing. Like, man, this is gonna suck. But it’s happening. And you’ve done it so many times though the practicing. Remember touchpoint perfect practice is perfect performance. And so on the way up, if you’re not grabbing mass, but you’re checking your rings, and you’re doing you know, look cool, then hey, then you’re you’re going to be able to cut away in two seconds. If something happens, you’re malfunction.


you know, you just do it. And you do it well, because you have been practicing. I don’t care who you know, whoever you see right now, out there that’s doing really well in sports. Or you know, all those you know, who’s that guy that they always say I look like Tom Brady. I don’t know. Well, whatever. You know, all these people out there when you see these athletes, they have spent their entire life grueling pain and, and focusing on form and the proper techniques and diet and all these things. So nothing comes easy here. As you will know out there. Nothing comes easy. Love Jim pain. That’s right, Stacy. My name is Jim. But I do look good in a bikini shed very big. Big Daddy. I talked to you for an hour and a half last night or the other night. And now you’re saying yeah, you have a bikini young


I’ll tell you I’ve had pee. TSD a numerous times talk about starting over out. I thought it was done. And I gotta start back over. Because now Big Daddy has a bikini on. And I was talking to him two nights ago for an hour and a half pillowtop the most masculine way. Anyways, that’s what happens when you have an improv podcast like this.

I like it, though.

means you don’t have to prepare. Okay? But you need to prepare remember, is your favorite General sunsoo. I would say Sun Tzu. I would say sunsoo. Read the book. It’s amazing. It is an incredible, incredible thing. You kissed the tread. What? You love. Thank you so much smoke, jealous of his bromance. Stacy. Why are you jealous of me? You’re my own business. When it comes to me and Big Daddy. We’re going to talk later about his bikini wearing thing because I don’t know if we would have talked for an hour and a half if I knew begat he was in a bikini when we were talking the other night. Because that’s the only thing I can think of right now.

Right now.

I mean, this is messed up. I’m listening to the audio book on Art of War. Awesome for you. That’s great. You know, no matter. I don’t know, unless you have a photographic memory or something. In our war, every single time I read it, it’s like you learned something epically. You know, greater. And so I love our war. I think it’s great. Jacob says it’s way bigger than what we see. I don’t know if I should read all that. I’m not sure what you said. Maybe we should just let it go on. Sometimes you gotta let things pass on. But no, I want it’s way bigger than what we see. It’s all smoking mirrors elite are set to escape. Yep. How long would was you in the Navy eight years?

I keep fading out.

Any advice to deal with Stolen Valor individuals? Yeah,

I mean,

oh, you know, Oh, I remember when I when I first started working for john McAfee. I bought all my credentials. When I first started working for john McAfee. Because like when you we when you go do like an elite protection for someone who really thinks that their life is in jeopardy.


generally, they want to make sure you confirm that you’re authentic and you are who you say you are like, the seals. Um, so I brought the DD 214 and stuff. And but when I got there, I noticed he didn’t ask for him. So being a good little choirboy that I am, I went over like, hey, Daddy, look at my credentials. He said, what do you what am I gonna do with that? I said, Well, we’ll serve. That’s how you


I am who I say I am. He said, you could force that. I said, I don’t know. dd 214 is hard to forge. But yeah, I guess you’re right. I guess you can forge anything when you’re when the McAfee antivirus guy tells you that you don’t argue with stuff like that.


he said, I don’t care about your dd 214 go to go give me photocopies of your passport. We’re all we’re all the places you’ve been in the last two years. And I thought that’s pretty brilliant. Skies. Good. Skies real good. What’s your favorite weapon? Hey, how you doing Ashley? My favorite brother to watch god bless God’s grace to reign throughout your life. Thank you so much. homage like that. I love it. Thank you for your prayer. And I’m praying for you guys to you know, I pray for the TIC Tock following for each and every person or troll to be touched in such a way that you never forget. And if you’re not touched by by something I say, then that’s Jimmy speaking and that’s just garbage. Who cares what he says. But when I say something that’s heart wrenching and turns you turns your heart into hope and to restoration. And in turn your eyes towards God. I’ve hit a home run.


and that’s Jesus.

That’s not me.

You’re my favorite tech talker. God bless you. Thank you very much for saying that. That’s very humbling. Thank you. I really appreciate that. Thank you. How often do you work with Amazon? You hit a lot of homers brother Keep it up. Thank you. Hey, babe ruth, you know, he had a lot of homeruns. But he’s struck out a lot too, you know. And so I know a lot of times, you know, if you want to, hey, if you want to step in the arena, you know, there’s some big victories, but there’s a lot of losses, you know, and that’s what happens, be a lighthouse to people. You know, you don’t have to be the last ship in the night anymore. You don’t have to be the last ship, you know, you can be a lighthouse. That way. You can be it that way. You don’t have to be lost anymore. It’s your choice. And I know it can be a hard, hard, long road. And a lot of people just don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Do they? I don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I’ve had a lot of a lot of, you know, life circumstances that kind of allows me to connect to people in their hardships and suffering. But just like Justin said, um, he just said failure is the greatest teacher. And then he says Yoda said that man, if you would have not put Yoda on on the internet, it would have been pretty sentimental. Be the beacon. Were you stationed on the East Coast or West Coast? From the rains and everywhere else in the Navy, I was always on the west coast. I don’t have nothing against East Coast guys. It just wasn’t my thing. You know? I mean, what’s your laugh schedule, if any? I do have a schedule, because Rhys Irish, keeps me on one. My live

schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm. Central 8pm Central, but I get on. So random to you know, I get on all the time. Thank you for just being human. I’m honored to get to know you through this platform. Thank you, you know, I’m honored to get to know every one of you because the more we become human, the more we say, You know what? I’m not gonna hide behind a false identity anymore. Who am I really, you know, and when we make ourselves vulnerable, especially a seal or somebody, when it when a seal, all of a sudden is taken down from his pedestal and brought down to the human level where he should be? Or I would say she but it’s just not true yet yet. And so when you bring a seal down to your level, and he says, Listen, stop believing the hype. You think I’m Superman? Do you think seals are Superman? Then they wouldn’t be shot all of a sudden and killed.

You know,

we put our pants on just like everybody else. I don’t care what anybody says. And the harder you try to make yourself appear to people,

the more insecure you are, the harder you try to make yourself appear to people, the more weak You are in my eyes when I see somebody acting all tough and hard. And like,

although you know,

you know, it’s like, man, dude, stop how long you want to put on that show? And all

these other people make, but I know you. I show the same whole issue. I appreciate your messages. Hey, brother, I appreciate your messages. Thank


Thank you for that. We should invest in a robot combat suit, just for the seals to us. Man, I appreciate you bringing that up. I wish you would just go ahead and submit that order. And let’s see if that gets approved. Because that would take a lot of heartache out of it when it is. But the problem is, is nothing is waterproof brother. So they’re going to shoot your robot thing down in the seals. That’ll never go through. Because nothing is waterproof. If you think something’s waterproof, you’re wrong. There’s nothing Okay, if it’s a jar, the wine bottle with a cork in it. So that water’s gonna get in there. If I take it though, because I’m gonna drink it in the water. If you don’t think drinking wine

under water

is possible. Well, they just come along My dad’s with me and I’ll show you. Alright, what’s the Shamrock for certain things.

What’s up, brother? How

you doing? How you doing? Let’s work out together. Jimmy, let’s work out together. Go to tell my story.io or just follow me on mighty warrior. These workouts are for free. I’m busting my butt for you guys doing these crazy workouts. Okay, I would do it anyways. But I just write them down and I put some time into them and thought based off my experience and my good looks. A lot of people say I look like Brad Pitt in his in his primetime, which that movie legends of fall they always say, Oh, I should have been in there. Yeah. But I’m like a little more masculine and bigger than him muscled up. That’s just what people tell me. I don’t know if that’s true. Have you considered personal training? I have. And I, I generally kind of shy away from it. I would rather help people for free. I would rather take all the knowledge that I plagiarize somewhere down the road in the last 30 years for years, and give it to you, without charging you for something that I’m portraying as original, but really isn’t? Because nothing is original. What do you think about this going on in Afghanistan? Hey, Lila, Judah, says please pray for my daughter. Anyone on here right now let’s pray for his daughter. Dear Lord Jesus, thank you, Father, that you would come into the situation with Levi his daughter right now. You said were two or three come together, touching anything. You shall be there with him amongst them. And so we know that Jesus is here right now with us amongst this great mighty warrior following. And we just thank you, Jesus for taking over. We thank you for touching. Leave us, daughter, whatever she needs right now. I thank you, that you are the God of the impossible that you with you. We can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. And so I plead the blood of Jesus on your daughter right now lever. And I’m telling you right now, Sure, thank you let me know, instantly when she becomes better, which should be like that, because that’s how Jesus works. Right?

Amen. Let’s give a big shout out for Jesus for once.


he said denying me before men and I will deny you they say no scare tactic. But a lighthouse does warn of impending doom. How y’all like Big Daddy? Sure. Maybe you have already talked about it. But I’m new here. What’s your favorite piece of ink? Hey, appreciate you saying that. And and I want to welcome you here. You know, there’s nothing worse than showing up to class or somewhere else in your life. Everybody’s going, man. But guess what? I want to tell you this, that you are not late. In fact, the train just pulled up. So you are absolutely on time, my friend. And so my favorite piece of ink is I’m going to have to think on my favorite piece of ink. Because I just don’t know right now. I have too much ink. It’s just like, people ask me how many tattoos I have. I said one. You want to go half on a pizza? It depends what’s on the pizza. Thank you. Amen, brother. Hey, so what does everybody think out there? Let’s talk let’s talk about life. How’s everybody holding up? Is everybody happy? Why don’t you see your emotions right now? What is your emotion your feeling? Life is hard in we have these. Sometimes I wake up and I’m like, man, I just I don’t want to work out. Before I was really saved by Jesus. I didn’t want to live. Life was a struggle. Every day was a struggle for me. I mean, it was hard. Like I was like, man, I if I had the courage to do it, I would have pulled the trigger. But I was always too scared. I was like, man, I just don’t think I can put a gun to my head and shoot myself. I just don’t see I could do it. And it was so hard because I wanted I wanted to To cut out the lights, I wanted to cut out the lights. Because so much pain is out there sometimes. And some people experience it on mega Tron levels where we can’t even comprehend. And some people seem to breeze, Bob, but those often are the people that are most hurt. Some people are saying exhausted, overwhelmed. I’m feeling bored. If I’m not working, I don’t really do anything except to work out in my friends arm. Let me tell you some, you find yourself bored. Or you ever find yourself sad or anything like


I guarantee you have a friend that needs help in that you could reach out to them, I’ll tell you. Some of the most uplifting things that I do are helping other people. This person says, since you had your brain injury, can you dive anymore, I can dive, I had to get recalled and all that stuff. After my dive injury, I remained a team leader. So I had I had to dive in a dive intensive unit. But it was never the same. And it I don’t know, if you you saw my video on you know, jumping out of an airplane, and then you have a malfunction. You don’t just go home and drink Kool Aid, you go right back up in the bird. Because if you wait a day or two, you never get back in that bird. So you got to face your fears. And sometimes you got to repeat your failures. Repeat your failures over and over and over until you get it right. Unless it’s a failure that you know is a catastrophe. And you got to turn right. Stop turning left. Great question. Thank


I feel beat I’m hurt this person says and broken. And what’s supposed to be the best time of life? At what at what is supposed to be the best time of life. You don’t want one of my favorite movies, a Count of Monte Cristo. You know, we can relate a lot to movies. It’s just because somebody made that movie with inspiration, a lot of times based on real events. And I think one of my favorite movies is kind of Monte Cristo. And I like movies better than the book. So I know that sounds weird. But a Count of Monte Cristo Edmond contest, he gets out of a dungeon at the Chateau deif for 13 years. He’s been betrayed by everybody. It makes an incredible speech. That kind of answers your plight right now for help.

When you say you feel be hurt, broken, and what’s supposed to be the best time of your life? Well, Edmund on Ted stands up and does a toast to all these people that don’t even know he’s alive. They don’t even know they’re looking at the same guy they persecuted years and years earlier. He says life, life is a storm, my friend. You will bask in the sunlight One moment. And you will be shattered upon the rocks. The next. But it is what you do. When that storm comes. That makes you a mighty warrior. He says man, but I’m saying mighty warrior for all of us. He said you must shout into the storm, as you did in Rome. In this movie, it’s Rome. But in your life. It may be that trial that you shouted in that storm. You got to remember stuff in this life. Remember the times where you persevered and just ingrain that in Brighton brand into your brain. Because you’re going to need that memory bank. You’re gonna need that storage of food. When times get real hard, and you want to pull the trigger, step off the ledge, overdose or just give up on your family and walk out on your wife. He says shout into that storm as you did in Rome. Do your worst. For I will do mine and the fates will know you as albear mondego The man or my fellow tech doctors, the mighty warriors. And so you have to shut up when that’s so what he’s saying

is you instead of us instead of saying, Man, I hope the storm passes. Just pass. For God’s sake,

I can’t take it one more day. I literally can’t take it one more day. I was on cloud nine. I was on cloud nine. I want to reseal the year even one point, okay, I want to be in the runner up at least like six or seven guys. I was doing good. And then the storm


at the top of my game is shattered me on the rocks. And I woke up, like slapped in the face with the biggest reality you’ve ever known. shattered on the rocks. A man comes home to his house. His wife and his children are gone. All he sees is the toys laying around right now. You know who I’m talking to? Somebody I know I’m talking to somebody or not know why my Spirit says you come in the house you see all those? Those toys in your house? In the memories are so terrible. Because they remind you of such a failure.

So what are you going to do?

You’re going to crawl into a bottle

or, or go with some that floozy, whoever she is, um, are you going to pick up a gun and just ended because that whole that whole turtle approach. That whole I had to take in test in the Navy when I was getting out the last thing I refused to take it because it was an active shooter drill, and they wanted you to just lay on your face. I’m a navy seal, check it out on my command, you will need to take a test that says I’m gonna just lay down and get shot in the back of the head and not do anything as an active shooter reloads and kills everybody. Man, you just speak into the wrong homeboy. And so when you walk into your house, and you see all the toys laying around, your wife’s left you and you just don’t even know if you can take it another minute or second.

Then instead of just saying I’m going to I’m going to hide. I’m going to hide like a turtle. I’m going to hide and I’m going to cry in and I’ve been I’ve been I’ve been a little baby

caught up like a little fetus in a bed crying and bawling, King David was to he talks about swimming around like a snake in his bed. With tears all over I will gum my pillows have been stained with tears are everywhere. cry like a little you know what? No, not not crying I’m talking about bucket and over and falling down and squeezing in between a toilet in dry heaving. Because I’m trying to remain strong. my little brother’s dead. I gotta clean that up. Or, or my wife has left me, my princess in our dream home empty. Now I’m like a gesture in a castle, you go from King to Jester. But now you got to be in the same place which makes it worse for the being a box. In all those memories echoing in the empty house, as they rip out everything, including Finding Nemo. Long story on that. Point is my point is, and I’m going to say this, I’m gonna get off because I’m getting emotional. But my point is, is that when the storm comes as Edmond on test said,

when you are shattered upon the rocks, what are you going to do? Are you going to cower down and just bear the storm? Sometimes that’s all you can do.

But I’ll tell you to throw the hardest hook that you can. When that storm breaks. When that storm gives you an option. It shows you his underbelly. You better give him the hardest book in the world with all that you got with the most explosive explosive hit you’ve ever given him. Chuck Norris him out of there. All right, Chuck le Do you know what I’m talking about?

What you do,

is instead of cowering down, turning tail and running from your family, or just falling flat on the ground and dry even which sometimes that’s all you can do. What you do is instead of that you say you know what? Do your worst for I will do mine and then the fates will sort it out. And if I die I die, but at least I died. dying right

With all that I

had with all my heart, all my courage, whether you’re a young man out there 15 years old going into the seals, you have no idea what you’re going into. But neither did I. So I’m not going to tell you to stop. I’m going to tell you to go all the way in Do your worst. Do your worse that guy that’s in his house. And he has all those little toys and memories. He never see his family again. Maybe I pray you do. But you say Do your worst for I will do mine. Because you know what the other option is? Is to die is to lay down and just die as the active shooter walks through the hallway. Just die. That is your only option. So why not? Give it all you got? It say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, well, I’ll put on diapers right now grown me and muscle tattoos. beards.

Roll. Putting on

diapers is about to get nasty. It’s about to get miserable. Cold water dives.

for hours on end. Can’t see your hand. Can’t Feel your hands. Sometimes you think you’re gonna die? Sometimes you know, you’re gonna die.

Yeah, it’s gonna be bad today. Yeah, my skin’s falling off. scangrip Yeah, my foots broke. I’m gonna keep going. I’m gonna keep going. And you can too. It’s in here, the switch. The switch has got to turn eventually for you, or you are not going to make it. You have to, you have to have that switch go off in order to face the challenges of this world, because this world is brutal. As you all will know, all my love tonight. I appreciate you in this impromptu thing. It’s my style. I love all y’all. I really do. I pray for all y’all as a group. I pray for Levi’s daughter. And I want a good report. Lisa, I want you to tell me the answer. She’s better and I think that was like 30 minutes ago because that’s when we prayed it. And that’s how you should believe too. Oh, I hope they get better. God’s will know God’s will is for you to be free. For Whom the sun sets free is free in deed. God bless you tonight. See you tomorrow.


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