#006 Audio: Afghanistan Lost 8/17/21

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Hello, everyone, are we ready? We are live with Jimmy Watson podcast.com. I, I appreciate everyone showing up tonight. This is kind of a sombering episode because of the state that our country is currently in as I adjust my screen. I apologize. We’re just starting out. And we’re still getting some of the the more technical issues out of the way. Some of my least favorite stuff. Please go to tim.io if you’re joining from Twitch, Instagram, Tik talk, everything we are. We are live and we’re gonna bout to go live right now can take talk. And I hope that whoever’s watching understands that this is an unbelievably tumultuous time in our history. And possibly, quite possibly the catalyst this Afghanistan, the catalyst of something fearsome and very bad. I’m about to have lost connection here on dig talk, but that’s no big deal. If you hang with me for a while here, we’re going to get back on tik tok. Well, let’s see. Reese, we are going to have to stop right now.

Just go ahead and stop the recording. And we are going to have to pick this up again. Because my connection is so bad. Okay.

Okay, let’s go. Let’s do this again. You know why it’s about trying, failing, losing connections? And then just what do you do you just get back up and go at it again. So restarting the phone, I lost connection. So I can’t do the one I’ve ticked off. But we’re going to speak about some crazy stuff. You know, this is America’s biggest news, probably in the last decade, and it’s just happening right now as we speak on our news, but it’s been happening and I’m not texting as I swear. It’s been happening for a long time, hasn’t it? And we’ve been sort of blind.

Three, two. All right. We’re going live for the second time. I swear. It’s not a lie. This time. We’re going live. All right. Okay. Well, I promise. If you do Hang on, you’re in for a very, very wild ride. Tonight. Now we are live on the tick tock. And as people show up, I want to wait till we get a lot of people on it saying we have 70,000 viewers right now. I’m sorry, 70 to one. And I really want everybody to get a piece of this tonight because it’s so it’s such an important thing. You know, I like to laugh and joke around a lot in my podcast, and tik tok. And if you haven’t picked up on a sad tire, or whatever you want to call it, I it’s very, very, very important. You understand? Like, I kind of emulate Napoleon’s famous quote, We must laugh it man to avoid crying for him. And what I mean by that is that often, our warriors are our people that are hurting the most are people that have gone to the most. You kind of got to make a joke out of life. Sometimes you just got to stop and look in the mirror and just laugh it off. Like there was a great Emperor that said that once I can’t remember who he is. Yeah, but he said sometimes you must pause and just laugh. Sometimes you just gotta laugh. Have you ever done it? Have you ever messed up so bad in life? Thank you just stop and go, man, dude. I blew that one. I absolutely blew that one. So, I’m going to do just a little bit of announcing here. I’m going to do a little call outs and a shout outs. If everybody wants to just start saying, yo, they’re their state’s touch point. If you don’t know what touch point is, I beg of you, it’s probably the most important thing that you’ve ever heard of your life. You know, it’s probably the most important thing that you could ever do in your life. Besides northern God, Yahweh Jesus is understanding what touchpoint means because it’s something it means something else for everybody. But if you don’t know what it means, and you want to join this train, the train is still in the station. We haven’t ran over anybody thank God because it really hasn’t left the station yet. God forbid it leaves the station soon. Okay, but I want everybody see Tyler places I want to join so bad. Tyler. You have just joined I want you to know that all you had to do was say the words and you have just joined the amazing train and it’s about to take off and I hope and pray that everybody watch this live from from YouTube Instagram all these crazy channels I never was allowed to happen the seals man No wonder they don’t let seals have social media will no wonder right? I mean, look at this guy now. I’m crazy right now wonder given give a seal a mic. Give him a little platform. Forget. Crazy stuff. Tomahawk Mohawk touch point to purple purple work. touchpoint I’ve been with you brother in ready. dumpster Dave. That’s where I met you in a dumpster somewhere. I don’t know where it was was outside of Danny’s and cornado. That sealed bar. I swear man, I met you before. But I appreciate you for joining me if you don’t know me. I would love you to meet me. All you’re in for a wall ride. Maybe a little PTSD from meet me. But But hey, we all go out there, right? So go to tell my story.io go to tell my story.io It’s for you. It’s for me. It’s for us to come together. Okay. I want to define reality tonight. And we’re still having people just flowing here. And I’m just so happy about that. Proper work has been touched. touch point. What’s your podcasting, Jimmy Watson podcast comm go to tell my story.io and you can get all the great stuff there. And I’m uploading videos every day. And you know, I really sincerely pray about them. I don’t

have a plan for every weekend, obviously, because there are 10 to 15,000 Americans. My office has been direct contact with hundreds of these people who have a heart mistake who cannot get to the airport. And because there’s a checkpoint, up the road, they can have all access to the ministration. Even the state Afghanistan to secure that airport for two more weeks to get all those American citizens. This is the aspect it has a future and there’s a massive hostage process. And it’s really,

really scary senator Not that there’s anything you can do any board you can say you have a competence of going to get our federal American there.

I wish I could say that. But based on what I’ve seen the ministration over the last few days of my office has worked to provide information to hundreds of Americans to say basically tell us that they want us to contact them at the signature website and hopefully the text message but what are the columns on cars what the topic are they supposed to get their combat lines to begin with? Joe Biden at no point do evacuated candidate with came 1000 Americans when you pull up all of our troops and our commander in shutdown bombing airbase last month, you would think the last thing you did was turn the lights on the air control airbase and Richard commander districts. For right now we have 1000s of our countrymen trapped behind enemy lines and courses being taken hostage by the Taliban anytime.

Senator. Unbelievable. Throughout my lifetime, I think this could happen. Thank you President Trump gearmotors away to the US CIA station chief contributor, the former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, I saw that Mike Pence said by the broker dealer, I’ve noticed that Joe Biden is trying to blame this on. The troops in Afghanistan that he assured us were very painful. Defending the Taliban, and never all those who believe President Trump. number of sources that extraordinarily harsh and very clear language was used in the US over president, President Trump will ask you about in a minute to the Taliban in their step a


one foot into any other region. That was important the agreement, can you confirm or deny that?

I can confirm that I can tell you that President Trump, you’ll get to hear from him in just a few minutes.

But I can tell you that he was not completely straightforward in his conversations with the Taliban. But he was very clear that in any US citizen, any us asset any us personnel was was actually already in harm’s way, because of the Taliban, he would put the full force and my defense, really, with Bill as the bullseye that I can tell you, that also, we’re putting the blame to go for president job. Not only did we check the withdraw from Afghanistan, measure process.

Because if you stare at him, believe it or not, if I’m staring at you across the room, and you’re not looking at me, you’re going to know that I’m staring at you. You’re going to go like this. Wait, some guy with a mohawk with a strange scar on his neck in his head. AR is looking at me. You’re gonna look and I’m gonna be looking at you and be like, Oh, hey, buddy. That’s not a weapon. I’m just kidding. So you don’t want to look at anybody before the attack. Think about that. Okay, now that doesn’t go on ahead and hit that. Let’s go for like a something that that is borderline your your conversational that’s most attacks happening borderline conversation. It’s already borderline. You’re like, Hey, bro, why are you disrespecting me in the model lady? Like, why do you just do that? Oh, he pulls out a knife and then you know something bad? You don’t mean? Very, very few. Statistically, Blitz attacks don’t happen. Unless you’re in prison. But even those are borderline and they’re calculate. Okay. And don’t bring. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Okay. What’s up? What’s up, Todd? How you doing? Man? Your buds, what buds class for you and I was in 282. Now, I know a lot of you’ve heard that already. I started into a two into a three. I didn’t know there was an any c 05 to zero. I saw that today on my record. All I know is I was two easy’s and 5323. And 5326. One’s a seal and one’s a seal. SDV. operator. Okay, and the little mini so you know. Anyways, we’re gonna talk about that. Look, here’s the podcast. America is is the biggest news in America right now. Is the Afghanistan what’s up North Carolina. We’ll do a shout out at the end for all the states man. What’s up? One person said he was living in my wall yesterday. It’s weird. Anyways, default. Let’s define reality right now. America has been sleeping. Okay. We’ve been in a slumber. Okay. And in, in now, America, especially in light of the recent event, this Afghanistan catastrophe. This setting vegging off of the band aid that Biden did. And now everybody’s going, Oh, my gosh, what has happened? It’s America is the biggest news in America. Afghanistan is the biggest news in America right now. Okay. Afghanistan is the absolute biggest news. missing it just because you’re a navy seal, or a news reporter, or whoever you watch doesn’t mean they have a right to speak about something with authority. Now, I am going to lay out my credentials tonight because I think it’s important especially if you’re just joining you you don’t know the talk of work or test one that it’s important that you understand my credentials, so that you can be at ease a tiny bit and know that like, at least what I’m saying I was there for quite a while. Okay. Now I was in Iraq, Baghdad much longer than Afghanistan, but I probably have I calculated tonight. Two whole community. I have two whole years yours. In Afghanistan, that’s what I’m trying to say. So you know, different times. It’s like you go out in the sun for 15 minutes you go Listen for 30 minutes you got a son for two hours straggling through the day. Well, you just got like three, three hours, whatever. So that’s that’s my that’s my story. I was in the Marine Corps on the USS pilin when 911 happened, I was probably the number seven, the guy on the ground as far as Marines go, who took camp Rhino in southern Kandahar, and then we pushed up north. Okay, we ended up in Helmand Province, Helmand Province dyngus. Charming, changes calm put Helmand province to the sword. As you know, Alexander the Great wintered his army in Afghanistan, we are not the first ones. In fact, Alexander the Great winner, his army in Afghanistan, and I’m going somewhere here. Now something in common with all the Empires I’m about to list to you.

They all have Empire. As the as the second last word, they’re their title. So you have you have Alexander the Great the Macedonian Empire, you have the Persian empire that went through there. Okay, you have the Mongol, the Mongolians that went through their changes. Kong is in his man, you know, slaughter other people. He actually put him you have the British Empire. And then you have you actually have several others in between, they’re the ones, but then you have the Russians that went through there. And then finally, you have America. One commonality in all these groups is this is that we all fled. At a certain point, we all broke contact, lit that place, it left all of our stuff behind. In fact, I saw a lot of like, Chinese or super Asian. Um, it was very heavy. Asiatic people like like, Mongolian style looking people there. And I was like, why is this? I thought this was Afghanistan. But you had a lot of those attributes. Like they look like a very heavy and in the Asian of it so. So it then you had a lot of the Afghans that that had red hair and blue eyes. And what I’m trying to tell you is this is that we’re talking 1000s of years of other countries trying to occupy a country that’s unoccupied. Well, I mentioned this before sunsoo said that you simply you must have an exit strategy, or you’re going to lose the battle. You have already lost the battle if you do not have an exit strategy. Okay. Look, look, look at the problems that we’ve had in Afghanistan. You know, my, my little brother in law was Mr. Sokka. Sniper. He was with the walking dead, they split up the Marine Corps, they went over to they went over to to Afghanistan, and I’ll never, I’ll never forget, he came back and change man. You know, he was a boy when he left came back and change man. And he even told my spouse at the time that he didn’t want to ever let me know that he cried. Because he knew I never cried ever. I was in the seals, I was just so bad. What he didn’t know I was a wreck, you know, but he wanted he was trying to tell me, he was trying to tell his sister, my ex spouse never to tell me that he was crying and stuff. Because he came back from Afghanistan, they had a really hard time. In fact, a lot of their group actually killed themselves. My point is, is that I asked him how it was he said was terrible. They he said the, the the Taliban knew their fire zones. And so they would shoot at them, you know, from no fire zones. So they literally, if they got shot out from this side, they’d have to go around the bulldozer or whatever they were they were the hut. And if they got shot from this IP, they’d have to move around over here and not even fire. Do you know how insane that is? So let’s not start just acting all shocked right now about Afghanistan. This has been long overdue. Okay. And once you are you know, calling Powell said, you know, you bomb it, you own it. It’s true. It’s like that with relations to be careful. You bomb that you’re on it. So you go in a war zone. You bomb the crap out of right. Now you’re gonna move on? Well, you better have an extra stretch. You’d better be a very smart one. You don’t yank the band aid off. And now you just leave all these people destitute in that at the hands of monsters killers. Now, on that note, can you imagine? Can you imagine this? Imagine? You don’t always put my mind my mind in The mind frame of the Taliban when I was fighting him overseas in Afghanistan, I was there 2006 2001 2005, late five, early seven, in, you know, I was trying to put my mind frame in there. And I was like, these guys are warriors. This is no joke. They’re not just like the shippers they’re out to kill us, and they don’t care about nothing. That was funny. I was they don’t care about nothing. And so, you know, I’m you, you know, you put yourself in their shoes. And think about this. What if a country invading our country America, which they had before, but what if a country came in and they notice? How are you going to act? How are you going at? All you warriors out there are going to stand up for the innocent and fight to the death.

Now, I want to give you a very, very specific example. Okay, what I’m talking about now.

Triggers call said tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. Okay, and then he goes on. He says strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. So let’s get on strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. It reminds me of my brother in law, David, who they had to literally call for fire, they had to call in support and say, Can we fire back? Okay, that’s a strategy without tactics, okay. of tactics without strategy is the noise. Before defeat now sunsoo knew what he was talking about here. Okay, it reminds me of my first time on the polychromatic work at James CD, Veterans Hospital. And I was surrounded by these like, most of them were like Green Berets. And when I was growing up, my dad would rock me in his chair and say, fighting soldier in this and you know, that song, you know, three green, green berets out of 100 will make it today, you know, very hard again to, and I just like, they idolize these guys, because I thought, Man, that’s what I want to be one day. But later, it transitioned to the seals, you know, really taken on that on that position. In doing their part, the man with green faces the guerrilla warfare, and it got to where the Green Berets were putting this strange job mindframe of teaching that gaze at ranges and being like a range officer. So a lot of the greenbrae suffered terrible losses. Because they were teaching the tech bit the Afghanis how to shoot and they would turn and just shoot them at the rain shooter may kill them all. And tragic and a lot of memories die like that. It was tragic mess. And I have so much respect for the army green berets and delta capital that above the just totally, totally misused it put in a position where they were getting executed at the range. But that was not their their mind. There was not their, their their position, the war. We had been locked in years ago, we could have killed way before everybody was celebrating when Bin Ladin died he was like 90 year olds these money a year old on dialysis. So so you know we can can wait, wait, we could have took him out is what I’m saying. And then left, you got to have a strategy. You know, you don’t go in a country like this, and then do that. So that’s what I’ve got to say about that. You know, if you want to win if America wants to win a war, we can. Okay. Never ever ever think that America can’t win wars. Do not think for a second Do not be disillusion by the by the current politics to think that we could not want that just like Vietnam. In Afghanistan. It’s like well, we just couldn’t do anything. You know, they’re just too powerful. No. Great example. There’s a place called a camp holler. Let me ask you a question. What’s more scary to you? Is is 1000 guys coming down? A huge volume of red coats john Piper, Phil. You know, the say the dirt coming up, the dust billowing out? You know, but but you see him coming down real slow. Is that is that scary?

Or they’re even kind of going around? Or is this scary for guys? You know, without even armor vest on with no hawks, and they’re spread out over 100 yards coming down the hill with determination. That’s terrifying. And that’s what the seals were in Afghanistan until we got pulled out for a wall. My point is It was such an embarrassment under the Obama administration, this camp haulin they were getting decimated by the Taliban. Okay, because they were because it’s not the woman’s fault. It’s it’s putting handcuffs on our men. That’s the fault in women. It’s the handcuffs. So So you put handcuffs on someone, and then you planning and if you do, shoot, you’re getting prosecuted persecuted when you go home. Who wants to do that? No country does that. Russia has national hero day, when they applaud their men and women for fighting men and women. They have some they make our lethal snipers look like a joke. They had Russian women snipers, they had 400 plus confirmed kills. That’s no joke. That’s more than you’ve ever heard of. That’s more than that’s monikers call. That’s more than any American that I know. It’s just the bat. Women, snipers, Russia moves. You know, they know how to use their talent in man and woman power. So what’s more scary? Look at the movie last weekend. It’s a great movie that shows you the devastating effects of guerrilla warfare. And we have that capability in these hunter killer teams. You know that the Camp haulin was a disaster. And they were surrounded by the Taliban. And they were just getting jacked up. They weren’t able to fight back. So the Obama administration was like, What do we do? And the generals like we’re Our hands are tied. And so they went to the seal Admiral and said, what do we have to do? He said, You don’t have what it takes. You don’t have what it takes to win. And they said we are willing. Just let you have to do what we have to do. He said pull everyone out. And we’re going to send the seals and the seals, one very small teams and they took care of business in that stat in the Taliban were terrified of us. absolutely terrified. But they were were magli crazy, vicious monsters to everybody else. I’ll let your imagination go. So we could win. But America has lost the wheel to fight. Oh, America has lost the will to find. I was at Camp Rhino. I was at Kandahar, Helmand Province. Last cigar. I saw them. I saw the Afghans with the red hair and blue eyes from Alexander the Great. Where he wintered his army. He left change his column left. The British Empire got destroyed by rocks. Because they were walking in valleys like hammer hammer hammer, they were put on rocks into into helicopter blades, the helicopters would fly real low in the valleys. They would Chuck rocks and just destroy the rotors. When I went there, the Russians had put millions of landmines I can remember being in cars and trucks with with our mantra song we’re trying to blend in with his vehicle manager so you can go lie and then you have your weapons that you can pull up. They know you’re we dye our hair black of beer black and stuff, you know, and when it wasn’t cool, and then they they it’s like they’re like, why is that American? dyeing his beard in his hair black. They know. We’ve been every country has tried to go in and gone in there How arrogant for country to try to go in somewhere and try to establish a centralized government with our Western ways into it people that have been doing what they want to do and how they do it. For 1000s of years, it’s not gonna work. It all comes down to intelligence. And the power of communication. The power of a seal team is not in the six guys with with peashooters Yes, that’s awesome. everything it can it can we can sustain a fight and break contact and, and destroy some stuff. But at the very end, it’s the columns got. He’s got all the power they got with radio, radio, he has all the power. It’s like a god there. You know, he has the power to rain down fire. You know, but he’s got to be. He’s got to be allowed to do so. In America has simply lost the wheel to fight. And it is extremely tragic.

I don’t even know what to say about this subject. It’s just really sad. If you’re just coming aboard go to tell my story.io we’re going to be sharing all kinds of different stories from wounded veterans, to a gentleman that shot himself in the heart and live because he was devastated an army veteran. I hit On a video today, you know, I knew an operator that was was had his hand like this, he was he was he was at a pose. And he was so concerned about an a girlfriend, and all the drama she was causing there. I don’t know the details, but he’s so concerned about her. And it made him just obsess about this. And this is important, I want you to listen to this. The here anything else hear me now. He’s sitting there, he has this, this hand right here on his mouth coming out. And he’s sad. He’s talking about this. And a spike around went through his hand and through his mouth in the back of the back of his head. When somebody gets hit with a with a bullet like that through the central nervous system, the medu all the data, they drop, it’s like there’s a puppet with strings, and you just cut the strings. And the the person just, they don’t fly back. No, they just drop. And that’s what happened here. Plus the subsonic crack, the high velocity round going past. So my point is, is stop thinking about things that you do not have any control over, is start living your life. start, start. start living in the present. This is the day the Lord has made. I choose to walk in the land of the living and the dead. And you can too. It’s that easy. Don’t forget, please, if you’re watching right now. I was trying to think okay, yeah. Yeah, that’s what it is. Touch the bill, all you have to do on your Tick Tock. It’s real easy. Touch the bell next to me, you know, that little bell thing. Don’t ring it. If you read that means you quit. In the seals. That’s the worst you could ever you’re entering the bill. But touching, just tap it, don’t go. Don’t go read it. But just touch that little bill. And it’ll alert you for all these a wonderful live cast with Jimmy Watson. So let’s let’s get some let’s get some. What’s the whole purpose a lot. It’s to interact. It’s not to hear somebody talk all the time. So if I went on a rant, I just had to say that about Afghanistan. My heart is so deeply moved in touch. Soon just, you know, call out and cry off of these poor people in Afghanistan. I heard they’re going to be offered amnesty for the Taliban. I hope so. um you know, this is what happens. You bomb it, you own it. You know, are we that surprised? We should have had an exit strategy. You never the general in his temple errs the victory, meaning in his temple. He is he he thinks he consolidates all his wise counsel when he thinks martoma is what we just think for a long time on such a critical and potentially devastating, an economically devastating and physical, physically devastating to human lives with repercussions for hundreds of years before you make a decision.

We need new generals. We need really smart men and women to stand up at such a time as this and take hold of the reins of America or we will lose all without a shadow of a doubt. I saw this coming years ago. I’ve seen this coming years ago. My first deployment was on the USS Toro. I’ll never forget. We were like 20 or 30 miles off the coast of the Yemen harbor of the Aden harbor there. If you don’t know about the USS Cole bombing, it was a major terrorist attack in 2000. Before 911 we were allowing our destroyers or USS destroyers to park in the in the in the in the Yemenis Harbor, okay. You don’t have fuel they had to refuel. That’s one thing, but to allow them allow the humans people, one of the most infiltrated terrorists. The hot nest besides Somalia, that’s a whole nother study. We were allowing him to take tours on the USS destroyer. They mapped it out over the period of two years on these great wonderful tours like you’re you’re going into Missouri or something and seeing you they mapped it all. They figured out where the chow hall was where all the sailors congregated at noon, and right at noon, they hit that thing with a tugboat. The last thing they saw was the guy saluting You know, like one of these, I don’t know what he was doing but he was doing some kind of weird salute to terrorists on the bow of the ship, as it just goes, dictated the refill eco dictator. And when he hit that USS Cole, boom, it blew a massive hole. A lot of the sailors that were in the USS Cole were locked out in sheer panic. Because when a ship is sinking and it’s all compartmentalized, so one of the number one things you do in quarters, General quarters in recruiters, and of course, you lock out on the doors a lot of people drowned men and women. We got there we saved them. After they were proved out. They were like this with all the guns, man, but the damage was done a massive craters hole. Okay, why don’t we ever talk about the USS cool? We never did one thing I was so disappointed because that was my first time to smell death. That was my first time we spent a long time recovering bodies, what was led them in sacks and put them in freezer trucks on the shore. And then we left with the big American flag. The blue Marlins huge chip came in and went underneath the USS Cole picked it up and then we and then we came that we pulled out with us as co on their B recovery Blue Marlin ship. And they were playing their terrorist song in all their tests drone, drab with their big swords, and marching in a party on the shore waving us Bye. Bye. Get out of here. See what happens. And so, so we so you want to know what happened? You want to know why 911 happened? It’s because we allowed 911 to happen. When you do not do anything to the bully who smacks you or like picture books out of your hands. The on Monday, on Tuesday, the bully What does he do? He smacks you in the face. On Wednesday, he beats the living tar out of you. And for the rest of the school year and your entire time in your life is hell. Because you didn’t stop him the first time he hit the books out of your hand. And the first time the enemy hit the books out of America’s hand. You know, in this generation we’re talking about Pearl Harbor because, you know, but was was the USS Cole but nobody mentioned the USS Cole I was there. I saw the carnage. We did nothing. They said the USS Tarawa the ship that I was on the carrier smelt like diff for like two years.

Good each other thing

man, America needs a wake up or we are doomed. Yes doomed to fail. Anybody who’s saying anything different is wrong is well if you don’t realize that you just you just you’re what you’re sleeping. You’re sleeping. And I don’t know if it’s your fault or not. It’s not it’s it’s a it’s it’s it’s gone out of control. But there is hope. There is hope. When we stand together as one nation under God. We drawn our hearts to hearts to God our mighty warrior hearts. Get yourself a mohawk. Just kidding. That doesn’t matter. But it’s more intimidating and Afghanistan going up a hill with those three other homeboys. Anyways, what do you guys got for me? That’s what I got today. I thought I’d hit on that. What all y’all hear what’s going on? Maybe I don’t want to talk about Afghanistan. What do y’all want to talk about? blast my phone sploit that bad boy he and I got to hold you for a second. I’m gonna hold all y’all okay. I’m gonna hold you right now because it’s bad time. touch point. touch point. God and children will you not as we have got Mohawks? Yes, people are yelling Mohawks people are young. checkpoint. You guys and girls are awesome. You guys I love you all. If you’re just joining us, I really appreciate you if you if you haven’t clicked that bail. Don’t ring the bell. Navy SEALs don’t ring the bell but click that little bell and you’ll get my alerts for live. The live show the Lord Jimmy Watson podcast comm go to tell my story.io Thank you. Glad to be I’m glad you’re here. I don’t understand. starfish says I do not starfish. It’s great to see you as always. I don’t understand why China is backing in now. All of a sudden, that should alert people. You know starfish you’re exactly right. Which should alert everybody right now. Okay, what’s up brother Jimmy? in all caps. I love when people say Jimmy if you say Jimmy and all caps You’re getting a shout out. Now. Listen, it’s very scary because everything in your house is made by China. They own us now. It’s been the probably the most incredible surreptitious infiltration that America has ever undergone. It’s an image where our noses you all know what happened. It was scary. And one of the biggest tricks of the enemy is to is to ask you to focus your attention on something else. I’m not gonna say it, but if focus yourself on something else, while the big devastating effect is going on over here, in college, I took a class it was war, peace and war, war, peace, who cares? It was one of those, it was two of those words war and peace. And, and they in the professor define these two different types of people in America, you’re the Hawks or you’re the dove. Okay? Now I’ll let you figure which one’s the Hawk, which one’s the dove. But here’s my here’s my point. I thought about it for a while. And I thought, you know, about what happens when the Hawk and the dove begin to fight each other in the year and squabble and the squabbling squabble and squabble? Well, one day, a big great Eagle comes by and swoops down and snatches one of them, because they were too busy and too focused on each other, fighting each other. And that’s what’s happening here in America. we’re so busy fighting each other, that you don’t realize your cup your soap, your mic. This Navy SEAL flag that has a misspelling on it was made in China. This is a statement is supposed to say state quarrel by United State navy seal. But it was made in China. Is that my fault? I’m not ordered another flag for you. I love you too. Thank you for saying that. God, I have you as a guest on my podcast, brothers, send me an email, go to tell my story.io I’ll do a podcast. If you’re a two year old with crayons, talking about Jesus. Or I’ll do a podcast with Joe Rogan. Clint Eastwood, who else is doing podcasts right now. Sylvester Stallone and Steven Seagal the cook the Navy SEAL cook. And I’ll tell you, Charlie, Charlie Sheen as well, one of my favorites. All right.

This person says stop, damn, stop buying it. I assume you’re saying stop buying stuff from China will you starve to death and you couldn’t even live in your house, your whole house right now is made from China. Because you made that comment, I need you to go live on site tonight, try to find a tent, you’re not going to find one because you can’t stay in that based on your comment. So now, with all due respect, I need you to get your blankie from when you were two years old, and I need you to go out there, I know you haven’t still get it out from under your bed and go out and sleep under the stars. Because everything you have is made in China, you may have to make an exception, your blankie is probably made out of chat in China stuff. So you may have to make an exception or you’ll freeze to death. I don’t know what you’re going to do now. You know, I’ve never watched Joe Rogan. And I’ve never watched it really anybody. And thank you for saying that. This person says you and Rogan would be great together. He sounds cool. I saw him one time he was alone. And I was alone. And we were in this nice steak house. I was goodwill in life. I thought I was and it was in Las Vegas. And he was all alone. And I was all alone. And I’ll never forget that. And not saying that he was miserable. But I was at the time and I couldn’t help but think that we were kind of similar in that aspect. Not saying I’m totally I’m just saying we that I remember that. Of course he didn’t know me, but I knew him. And of course it goes on and on. You know, I’m just not like that. Well, random venture. I’ll do a podcast with you will please random venture, Send your email to me. send the request and we’ll do podcast together. A lot of people here. Y’all your Steakhouse? Maybe that was it. That it was a steak house in the in a casino. I mean, it was Vegas, right. But it was really strange was a nice place. I’ll never forget I was alone in there and Rogen was sitting fairly close. And we’re both alone. he’d ever looked at me and I just glanced at it but I knew his audience and I didn’t look at him. Try again because ridiculous cares. scariest mission you’ve ever been on. Go to tell us to go to tell my story.io and you’ll see very scary things that I’ve done. New York, New York, New York. Random venture. I love you to my man, my man. Hey, everyone. I was just there in Vegas. I wish I was in Vegas. I wish, you know, I see a lot of Stacy’s arm. Stacy’s aren’t here a lot. And, you know, every day I see her the things that she creates, and I am just absolutely 100% impressed by her. by her. What do you call it? Tick Tock channel. Y’all see this? That reminds me if you want to see we’re all being in this loss. Notice Stacy’s channel. And she’s edited this stuff, these these different places where you could where you can travel one day, and I just go there in my mind. I’m on house arrest. And between touch point all day, 10 point, point, hey, we’re having all kinds of shirts coming in. We’re going to be having a we you know, today we’ve been working on several different shirt designs, and they’re really cool. And I really am enjoying that to work with a Reese Irish on this. Y’all yours is in New York casino and it’s amazing. I think that was it. Sweetheart. I think that was the what is tell my story.io Well, if you smash all those words together, tell my story.io then you will have a smashing grace hit on the website. Go to the website, brother. Thank you for your response. And Jimmy Thank you. You’re very passionate. Go to tell my story.io and you can find all the details. We’re going to start having shirts up there. Um this person said careful Jimmy, Stacy’s boyfriend is going to purple work somebody man that’s a pretty hardcore statement because perfect work and somebody is like a very very, very bad thing. If you don’t get to Joe, I get it. Purple work was a very unfortunate person that came on board here. He was a troll. Okay, maybe probably just a bot. He’s an AI bot that will remember we one day and the last of the Terminator and kill me but but uh yeah, getting purple work is not fun and I hope Stacy doesn’t have a boyfriend that will purple work me I’m I am simply being a nice guy here and showing people you know, it’s got to be turned south by somebody. It’s really sad. Okay, anyways.

You know what else we got? Thanks, man for your good words and motivation. Your buddy story is getting me through camp. That’s great. I have a lot of stories and kind of wanting to stay focused on on Afghanistan tonight and that tragedy, like I’m not one of these persons. I just jumped on board as are criticizing leaders and stuff, but you don’t pull the band aid off. Okay? You just don’t rip it off in this situation. Because so many innocents are going to be heard. Stacy, somebody says Stacy’s very single. Stacy said Stacy’s very single. Well, then I guess I’m not gonna get prep work damn on there who said Who wants some prep work now? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You see. I knew I had good judgment. Yeah. You know, I’m intimate with a lot of y’all. I mean, that the most masculine way. Unless you’re not a male. That’s a joke. john wayne, Clint Eastwood, dog Holly. Purple work was here five minutes ago. I think he’s calling from Peggy’s gone cheese. A lot of portrait work though. He’s gonna make he’s gonna make us all rich. He’s gonna make us millions of dollars with his purple working is a dance. I’ve already worked on some lyrics here. There’s a lot going on. What else we got? what’s what’s some topics that everybody wants to hear about? So we can start going on here? You know, I’m on a live podcast. And we’re going to get our stuff together to where it’s actually like stories and stuff. Right now. We’re just doing we do. Also, we’re offering I want, I want everybody, especially people that have been with me this last few weeks and this big follows up. I want everybody to have the free. I want everybody to be able to get on the channel youtube free. We will start charging but not not now and not for a while because I want everybody to be able to flood in there and subscribe to YouTube in and get those workouts forget those workouts for free. You know, I’m saying I don’t have to charge $2 because I will charge $1 I may charge you $2 and I’m suffering, suffering in silence, but I’m suffering for you. I’m suffering through these heinous workouts. Just For you, taking my Mickey Mouse toe, I’m trying to get I’m trying to harbor Mickey Mouse. I figured if I get one sponsor bigger if I get one sponsor, you know, I don’t know who would do it. But if I could get one, one big sponsor that ROMs with Disney World, then I wouldn’t have to haggle anybody for any money anymore. That way I can be free and sweezy embracing cheesy and go to places like Stacey puts up on her channel, like Stacey puts up on our channel. It doesn’t necessarily mean I said with Stacey, she has a boyfriend that’s going to smoke me pervert word smoke me. As you can tell, I’m concerned about all these things. Let me tell you a story about Disney World. And then I got to go.

I hope I don’t think I’m gonna get sponsored after this one. All right. However, do you know about? Check it out. I can’t just make this up and fly. Do you know about the Disney? Disneyland breakfast for kids? You get Mickey Mouse pancakes which I know how to do it kind of looks like he got hit by napalm afterwards. But But you know, I can do it for kids. Not that I want to do make Mickey Mouse pancakes for your kid. I’m just saying. I know how to make them but because I went to this Disney Land breakfast. Now the Disneyland breakfast sounds so bad because Snow White is there Cinderella all my ex girlfriends, you know, but we’re there. I’m there in between my Afghanistan trips with Blackwater and I’m on leave. I just want to be left alone. I’m tired. I’m sunburned from the 140 degree weather all that stuff in Baghdad, you know, but I just want to chill. I don’t want to go to Mickey Mouse, pancake. Breakfast. But my mom is like Jimmy, you have to go. You have to support your niece. Your daughter’s like your and you have to go to Disneyland and do this get in number for so I said I’ll go to Disneyland. But I just don’t want to get wet. I don’t want to get water on me. From the stupid low right. Just get this pretty cool. All right. And but I don’t want to get wet. You know? I don’t like it. What am I catch? You know? And I don’t want to go to the Disneyland breakfast unless Snow White leaves me her number. Now this is the old man this one. This man doesn’t exist now but but I was I’m a man, right? I’m just a man. Don’t judge me. judge me just a dude, man. Come on. Anyway, I finally agreed to go to the Disneyland Snow White. Pinocchio breath breakfast. Not a real fan of Pinocchio, for several reasons, as you probably can’t see, but, but I’m there. And I’m sitting there at the dinner go. I got I backwards hat on trying to be cool, you know, whatever. And I’m just like, not in my own business. And maybe y’all can research this, but some Fox comes around. And I’ll just say he had a long nose. He’s got a big cone for nose not like a short nose. But he’s like the big red fox. And he comes over. He grabs my hat and just lunch. that that wasn’t so offensive. But my head is who crazy Tom long and you know, I’ve got my golden locks you know, try to be cool in this mess me up. I’m tired. Probably sneak and drain to the pirate Island or whatever. And the night before, so I’m a little hungover. You know, it’s not a good spot. And so this Fox, it would have been okay. But the fox doesn’t doesn’t come back in get one half back. And I’m just like, you’re getting my hair back. You know, I’m saying my mom and my dad are like, son. Don’t do anything. Calm down. Calm down. He’ll bring your bring the hat back. We promise. And I’m like Oh, alright, I’m okay. I’m okay. But I can’t help but notice the fox. He’s leaving. He’s leaning against this bridge this half bridge about you know 50 yards away way down. Thank you just pull on my hat like this. taunting he’s taunting the Texas tornado.


where I come from in the south in Texas, you just don’t steal a man’s head and go toilet in front of you. You know, for too long without some kind of repercussion. So finally, I just can’t take it no more. And so I’m just like, Alright, and they’re like God, please no, not again. And my niece is like oh no, and like, covers her eyes, you know, and, and I was like, man, I put my foot down. I put my spoon down by Mickey Mouse pancakes are drenched with syrup and butter. And I’m so I’m so sad because all I want to do is eat my breakfast. But now I gotta go mitigate. Is everybody still there? Because this is a good story. And I swear this froze up. I’m not I’m not continue on unless you’re on. Is everybody there? Okay, so I get up and I’m like, Yo, I go there. He’s twirling my hat around like this. And I’m like, Alright, so. So I go over to this Fox, and he’s still twirling around like this. And I go there and I said to him, I said, Hey, bro, I said, give him my hat, man. And he’s like, he’s like, dude, did you get your camera? Take it. I said, visible? I said, Man, I’m gonna, I’m not gonna ask you, I’m gonna ask you one more time in my head. And I can see his face through the screen. So I may have done something that rounds with a knee rounds with me. I don’t know what that means to you. But it rounds with me. That devil, the fox over. And he said, a slew of cuss words that I didn’t know Disney characters cuss like that. And I was like, This guy needs to be fired immediately, for cussing like that. He was throwing down some nasty f bombs and stuff that you just don’t do that around children. And so I think he should have been fired for that. But he laid out some nasty customers. I got my hat back. He didn’t touch the ground. I caught the hat, you know. And then, and I don’t know why. But I just I just went back local sit down a little bit. I said everything is fine. Nothing happened. Continuing. And the show went on. And we had a wonderful, wonderful in Disneyland. Next. Yes, I’m we’re going to be getting all kinds of stuff, apparel, and everything. Hey, everybody, this hour is coming to a close. I really hope you had a wonderful time. You know Stacy Scalia’s? She says? She said How? How do your parents describe you? Um, you know, my middle name means wild man. And so my mom just said, Wow, man, I like that. Better than charlie sheen. You know, what the heck did I do? Okay, right here. I think I just lost the whole. I think I just I think I just lost the Disney contract and that story. We got to find something else. So well, how do my parents describe me, they describe me as wild while man you know, they’re cool, though. They know how they know what’s up. Then go our meeting will and then I’m trying to bring the American people together. Okay. Some of y’all think I’m trying to hook up with Stacey, I’m not. I’m not like that. I’m just trying to bring America together. It’s not share my story.io row patriot 45. Thank you for that. It’s actually tell my story.io tell my story.io. And if you’re just joining, thank you for just clicking that little bill because it’s going to alert you so go on your little tick tock at mighty warrior 2021 and just click on that little. But that bail, you don’t have to ring it, just click on that bell, it’s gonna give you alerts when I come on. And that’s all you have to do.

And remember to go to tell my story that I owe and it’s Ford slash shop. For the new t shirt. I’m not aware that we have a new t shirt yet, but maybe we do. And Reese is telling me that we do if we already have a T shirt, maybe they’re pre ordered or whatever, anyways, we promise you’ll get you’ll get them. You know, you will never get the T shirt. If I was boxing them up and sending them to you. I get like two or three out and they get distracted. So we’re having a professional company do all that, you know, I mean, I tried to make this big profit. So I just want everybody to have a T shirt, you know? So if we can clear the the amount that it took to to to make them I’m doing good. I’m happy about that. Hi, how are you doing? Holy Crusader. I like that. Hi, Jimmy. Hi, how you doing? Thank you to blue dragon fly. Let’s get some wonderful shout outs going and I will go ahead and leave you before the not how about that. This shit is amazing. I don’t try not to coach me and I have a saders now for years. And but I just want to but sometimes you got to say what you got to say so I’m repeating what Mr. potatohead said which is one of my favorite guys hear him and Big Daddy. This shit is amazing. He says Thank you. Bless you. Hi, Jimmy. What else? We got? Nine. We got 100 new messages coming in by the second. That’s like a psyche grade of a m 60. Machine Gun. Papa, papa, papa, papa papa. So many messages coming in. Hey, if you want to join the train, you ain’t too late. Chad Barry. I know you’re listening. Everybody here, Ray’s one of my favorite fans. He was my only fan for many years. And what a testimony he has. This person asked what’s the page just go to tell my story.io tell my story.io in the shirts are available. You can go to tip. Wow. Wow. And you take the shirts off? Hey, check it out. Do I look like I’m laying? Do I look like I like I like walk around with some flimsy flimsy thrift. historicals. Okay, yes, this is a thrift store clothes. I didn’t run cross country series SideReel. I just cut all the shirts, go to thrift stores. If you go to a thrift store and get a real nice soft shirt, and then just cut off the sleeves. You can be like me, and but better yet. Just go to my website, tell my store.io and get a T shirt that we just created today. This thing is cool. You know, like I always love Gallagher shirts. And like they got they got a flag and they got like this picture. And there’s this really attractive guy on this T shirt that we got here. He had not beat out the fox at Disneyland for his for his hat back but he started and Iran with a knee. I’m just telling you Iran was a knee. I’m not saying I did anything, anybody. Especially Disneyland, especially the fox. If it was if it was Mickey Mouse. I can understand the electric future. What are present that’s execution life in prison. But But we were talking about the no name Fox that that is just blasting out the F bomb in front of your kids for no reason. Well, I mean, maybe a reason you got meat or whatever I mean by this guy with crazy Mohawk. You know, this person says Igor, which which Disney character do like can we can we finish up on that? Can everybody yell out? Hey, see, I’m interacting with you right now. I’m trying to be intimate in the most masculine way possible with you. So check it out. Tell me right now. Hey, you want to touch point shirt go to the website in order go to the website in order touch point t shirt now see t shirts for 30 bucks I was hoping we could get this thing to $7 and Bz said you’re going to go broke you’re going to go bankrupt again. I said banker again. But that’s like six times and he’s like well, it’ll be the seventh time if you if you sell them for anything. Less than $27 I said okay, touch point. touch point. touch point go there. Now Big Daddy I don’t want you to bond anything. Obviously I’m going to send you some shirts as Big Daddy sent me some free shirts deema course guy you gotta pay for nothing Stacy. You know what, you know the deal. Future for for us after recent events. The future for the US is Doomsday. I am defining realities for you today tonight. Is that if we do not come together? black, white,

Asian, Native American, yellow, black, red, whatever whoever you are, man, we better get it together. We are in actually we mixed up culture. Who cares about black? Who cares about white? Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? Like, like we probably the does in the Hawks are sweet, or the governor Hawk is squabbling. But there’s a shadow coming over and it’s not a cloud to give you shade. It’s an eagle and that eagle is going to come down and yank us apart because the Hawks and the doves are fighting so whoever you are governor a hawk, you know, stop focusing on such a negative aspect and start focusing on positive leadership and positive leaders. When we start focusing on positive warrior leaders with Mohawks and red t shirts to say cedar Cedar Hill then we’re going to be okay that’s a joke. But but but we need we need leadership we need warriors. We need mighty leadership. We need men and women that are they’re super intellectuals that that can run our country and that can lead the way this is a terrifying where the Washington’s the George Washington’s to Thomas Jefferson’s whether you think that he whatever, like we need the founding father type mentality. If we want to keep our our nation safe. And it’s going to take an incredible, incredible movement, an incredible majestic from sea to shining sea movement. For us to come together in realize what’s at stake here, Russia and China are laughing. They’re you know, what’s off? I have been a part of this. People, I have been a part of this system for a long time. in a row, no. I saw coming from a long ways off. Let me tell you something, what owner of a sheep herd would go out and kill their best guard dogs? What owner would go and do that? And that’s what has happened to America is the owner has gone out and killed off or locked up and locked away. The best of the best guard dogs. No wonder we have such PTSD. My PTSD never came from war. It came from the persecution and prosecution of that war. And that’s it the rest of the story. Tonight. Anybody have any last shoutouts go to tell my story.io I promise you these podcasts are going to get better and better. We have so much to talk about. We have so many things to do. And all my love and respect for you to not. And any more questions or topics. There’s a lot of messages, a lot of messages and much respect to you. shabby. Thank you. A yellow brick bully on touch point, Nick touch point, David much respect. Big Daddy, I’m happy for you. Thank you, sir. The show went on. That’s right. starfish, Crystal. As I always I great. As always great to catch your lives. Thank you. With your hat on. Thank you very much. This person. Nice Job said loser. Thank you so much for that. Let me repeat it. They said loser. Thank you. God bless you so much for saying that. Stacy. I love it. I love you, guys. Oh, man. me out here. Future for the USA. Okay, thank you. Thank you, Igor. This person said ego or ego ego would have been hard to need, but I didn’t need anyone. I’m just saying he would have been hard for me in that situation because you want to hurt him. Not for taking your hat. Watch contrarily. And he was very good. Did you like working on that project? Pa, thank you so much for that question. I was actually

I was actually supposed to be any quite a bit more. We’re working on a new documentary now. Or we were before. A lot of things happened in America the COVID thing, but we had shot a lot of into Nashville. It was a documentary raising the awareness of human trafficking and actually sex trafficking in America. What a devastating thing. I’ve been trying. I’ve been spearheading that for a while. I really enjoyed concha lamb. It was great to go out to the to really bad areas and do work. I was doing a I was rescuing children in San Diego County. From cartels, when I got out of the seal teams with a bunch of former seals was saved in America if you don’t know who they are, check them out. They’re awesome. They’re a lot like underground railroad but in America. Really great stuff. Great question. Thank you for that. Man found that. Thanks. Oh, I got your bill, by the way. Yeah, yeah, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, but that little bill, the only way I can describe is a little bitty bill. next to you. Your it’s like a little bell icon on your Tick Tock. If you ain’t got Tick Tock go to tick tock, little mighty word 2021. And check it out. Go that bill, hit that little bell. And you’re going to get all the updates and you’ll start getting notifications. So when I come on, it’s going to go touch point. It’s even a yellow it’s going to touch points. Okay. Rhys Irish says the shirts are available. Let’s just stay on. Let’s just love each other right now. Let’s do a little pillow talk like me and Big Daddy did the other night. But it’s in the most respectful way. Well, bro Maxi interview today. You were in the background. Igor pizza delivery. There’s a lot of footage out there with me and Mr. JOHN McAfee are the late john McAfee if you believe he’s dead and in the present john McAfee Do you believe he’s still alive? And his spirit is alive, isn’t it? Thank you for your service brother. You’re the man keep cool brother. Thank you so much for you. Thoughts on collateral damage in Afghanistan. The collateral damage is ineffable and ineffable, as you all know, means indescribable. There is an actual word which is kind of like I try to process a long time is how can there be a word for indescribable isn’t it indescribable? indescribable, but there’s an actually word it’s it’s, it’s, it’s ineffable. And that actually means indescribable, but that’s kind of a kind of dichotomy, dichotomous situation. But yes, ineffable. So collateral damage is absolutely ineffable it. It’s it’s untold, you know, the aftermath of war, the effects that are happening right now, is absolutely terrible. What language did you have to learn in the seals? Well, French, I was supposed to learn French, but this is what I did. Every time she started speaking. I just do this. I don’t play that game. I just put my head on a roll like this. This would be a free class. Because it was told it was total. What do you call submersion? Oh, no, I, you know, before you know, I was 30 years old. You put a 30 year old in French class to be a navy seal up in here. I try to speak French to my homeboys.

Sure, you try to French kiss him either. Hey, one people always accuse me of that. Anyway, Jimmy, you are the man.

You are the man to Stacey, what’s up Pa? Pa? I know. It’s funny. Yeah. That’s a great question though. A lot of my buddies pick like to golic Russian, all that sort of stuff. I said, bro, I’m going to French homie. Because French has got to be easy peasy. Big mistake. French is hard. This French is real hard. I got I got a one that I got paid for. Cuz, because everybody else was stressing and studying and stuff. I’ll send me a Google French match translation. And I just mark c down on the test see for everything. And they gave me a one on the test, which is you get paid for it. Everybody else got zeros because they were studying and I said, Man, we’ve been trying to speak for two three months, bro. You can be speaking of French bro. Man, I got my own language anyways, as you know, I’ve got my own language I speak saw the Clemson gear in from six mile. Hey, buddy. Ryan’s cup. Jetta agenda. That’s right. I don’t know if you’re saying that. But though we got thought I was losing. Thank you for saying Jetta. That’s way better. Mr. potatohead. You think about Prince Andrew. Who is Prince Andrew? Who easy? And why did he do it? And who is it? My girl would say, well, who is he? Why did he do it? It’s like, you mean why did he do that? Oh, my gosh. My Lord. touch point, touch point, touch point, touch point. And you could probably in the Live podcast he’s about right now. People who like who who does a podcast like that? You know what I mean? Wayne and Wayne in this simplified brother who’s up right now who wants to stay up with me, Stacy? Oh my gosh, I don’t even know. What’s up. All right. Literally, you speak intelligent from school or self talk. Doc. Your name is intelligent. If you would have capitalized it. Just get it. You know. I if I speak intelligent. I saw this


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