#005 Audio: John McAfee: Evil Genius? 8/13/21

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You are on air friend. I’m going to hang up. Hello, and welcome to tell my story podcast. We are about three seconds away from going completely 100%. diving deep into a live podcast, we’re going to talk about john McAfee was the head of evil genius, or was he a mastermind of the self proclaimed inventor of social engineering? I appreciate everyone out there listening on multiple platforms. You know, this has been an incredible following. And I appreciate your support through this. I am on house arrest and this is live on house arrest and I’m about to go live on Tick Tock. So you may hear me I’m reading off other people’s remarks as they’re coming in live stream. So people are asking me questions are throwing tomatoes at me. I’m dodging a lot. Haha. I’m cool. I’m cool. And then splat in the nose. As you know, being on house arrest. I cannot wear skinny jeans to Starbucks. That’s probably the second worst thing about being on house arrest. The first being your on house arrest. The second is that you can’t put your skinny jeans over that huge agle monitor. And then it’s just like a chain cataclysmic reaction where you can no longer get a Starbucks coffee that white chocolate mocha that we all love. You can’t go to Chucky cheese pizza either, but it’s not because I have to go tell my neighbors. Um, uh, you know what? A fender.

Okay, thank you. I’m about to go live. Here we go. Let’s go live on Tick Tock. If you have not gone on Tick tock, please go to tick tock and check. Tick Tock out. It’s

super easy. I’m not getting paid for this advertisement. I’m just telling you. Tick Tock is pretty cool. So here we’re going. We’re going live in three

to one live on Tick Tock. And right now we’re at 140,000 fellow brothers and sisters. On Tick Tock. It’s more than I could ever imagine. I once had a social media account. I wasn’t allowed to have social media accounts in the navy seals on now that I’m allowed to watch out America. It’s dangerous, highly dangerous. I’m not allowed to have weapons anymore. But it’s okay. I am on house arrest. People are coming in. I’m going to briefly read some people’s remarks as they join as the hundreds of millions of billions of people join this and we joined together as one here in America. But my shout out goes to Russia to South America, to bullies to Guatemala to Mexico to everybody that’s joining right now. I thank you for everybody doing that. And if you’re not on tik tok, I encourage you to get on it’s it’s crazy. You can get on there, make your own little videos. And more importantly, please go to at a mighty warrior 2021. So if you forget everything else I say just may warrior 2021. Because we all are mighty warriors, waiting to unleash the beast. Okay, let’s go. justed get real. Okay. Justin says it’s all right. You don’t need a weapon. When you got your hands. That’s right. I don’t even sleep. I just wait. My eyes always open like this. Is wait. demos. What’s up? babor babraham sometimes I can’t read these. It’s like crazy. What do I get these names? babraham says Could you tell us a scary paranormal story, please. You know, thank you for asking that. Um, and I also want you to know anytime you see bc squeezy, you’re gonna see Rhys Irish, his last name is actually Irish. He comes on, everyone’s wrong. That’s one of my best boys. He’s spearheading this multifaceted operation with all these mites and videos and stuff. And there’s only one mic here. But he explains it like that, you know? And so if you see him on there, feel free to follow him or just like question him and stuff because he has to tell my story that I owe that. And that’s our website that we have now. And all you can find everything that you need on kill my story.io and it’s about my stories and your stories, and everybody else’s stories that we have. I’ll tell you about a paranormal thing that I that I saw. In fact, it’s very interesting that you asked that and that was not staged, but for All of you as a podcast listening right now I’m coming on board. I really appreciate you if you follow me on tik tok channel, I, just recently, three weeks ago got on it. And we’re 140 something 1000 people man so credible thing and I’m just so humbled in love you and thank you for your support. Now, the paranormal thing that I saw and No, I haven’t got this thing off my leg yet. It’s my jewelry. You know, it’s my jewelry. They say don’t put rings on a pig. But sometimes you got put an ankle bracelet on one. Sorry, I was answering somebody. Okay, I probably won’t look at that, because I’m ADHD now. So it was in California. And it was right before I left. I just got out of the Navy SEALs. And I’m here in California with my ex spouse and we’re we started at a anti sex trafficking safe house for young girls. And we were creating this to house off my VA loan, I got out 100% medical disability from the Navy had a traumatic brain injury, blah, blah, blah, got out. Now I’m in California. And I’m working out outside, you know, doing some movement and stuff, doing a little jogs and walks down this hill, in this beautiful place in, in Valley center, California. And this is directly because this this is really important. You asked you this isn’t in an answer to your Paranormal Activity what I saw, okay, and this is what I saw, I don’t care. What do you buy says, and I’ve seen some drawings of it since then. So think about this just a message, bring yourself into balance in California. We just move into this beautiful home. It’s been sitting there for six months I lowball them, Hey, I got the house. You know, don’t don’t don’t don’t put throw tomatoes at me, the guy lowball me and I had to sell it. When I got a divorce. It was terrible. So we have this brand new home in Valley center, California. And I’m working out and this is right before john McAfee calls me personally, through family member in asked me request me personally, as a navy seal, they just got out of the Navy to go and protect him because he felt that his life was in imminent danger. And if you heard his shaking voice on the other end of the line, that you would agree with me. And so we are going to talk about the evil genius or the mad scientists, social engineering map petition NASA software, Amtrak software guy that that everybody has so many questions about, is he dead? Is he alive? What is the Deadman? Switch? All these things? Was he a master manipulator? Did he drugged people? Did he hit my ties people and do weird things? Did he have all this information on hillary? Maybe we can get into some of that. But this Paranormal Activity I saw this is directly before john McAfee calls me up. We’re running out of cash. You know, I have a little money coming in from the VA. I’m trying to support this. This nonprofit organization. I don’t know john Mack is about to call me that in just a day or two. And I’m working out in the sun is going down and I want you to listen to me very carefully if you just come aboard. The sun is going down. In minus now I’ve only had one vision in my life. And it was when I was a kid it was a big great lion that I talked about on my channel. Okay, but this is I run up this hill. And at the time there were no houses there really. And I run up this hill in our neighbor said the place was haunted and all this weird stuff. And they found a body for the Hells Angels have buried next order our house without a head because it’s the Midway place between San Diego and LA. And so it’s like the two big cities are eventually going to connect so it was a great property was 15 acres we got there. It was incredible place. Beautiful place. Still have a couple of neighbors there. They’re awesome, amazing, amazing men, mighty warriors themselves.

So I’m, if you can imagine I’m running up this hill and I’m walking down like you’re catching my breath going up. And so I sprint up here

and then I and then I turn around at the top and the sun’s going down so there’s this haze right and there’s like these, these these you know how the heat waves come up off the the asphalt sometimes when the sun’s going down because it’s cooling off and all that. Well, I I reached the top and you’re nearing the end of my workout I reached out to very top of the hill. And I Oh, and I see this light it looks like a gigantic, a Doberman Pinscher and with yours like this, you know like it, it basically looks like Batman. You know, the black suit Batman, and he’s but crouch down. And so it’s really way too big to be a Doberman. But the only thing that I can make sense that my mind can make sense of that is that it’s translating this in this in this situation is that it’s got to be a just a gigantic dog that I don’t want nothing, no part of, but why is he a Doberman Pinscher? That is obviously on steroids. I standing there now looking at me, you don’t like crouched down looking at me. And heat

waves are like this. And my reaction is, of course, are not to run. Because in this situation, you run right both

This is this thing’s like, you know clobber you. And so what I do is I stand there and I bow up, and I go, Hey, what’s up, man? Because I don’t know what it is. But I’m like a dog. I’m gonna let myself down in bed. And I’m like, Hey, what’s up?

I go in. So I immediately turn like this. And I just start walking down just like I was no sudden movements. But I just start easing down the hallway. The hallway. What did you guys? What was that down the road, the same road, and I’m breathing hard, but I’m god. I’m like, get me out of here. My hair stands up. I start easing my way down. And I turn back around here. It’s like, you know, when you’re parachuting, they say, you know, when you’re under canopy about to land at night, or in the day, you’re about to hit some guy weeding, and he doesn’t know it, you know, and because he’s on headphones, and you know, they say, don’t look because you go and you look, and so I’m like, Don’t look at him. Don’t look at it. So but it’s getting dark. And I’m like, it’s getting chilly. And I’m like, I look back and I look in the thing stands up. It goes from crouching touchpoint he goes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It stands up like this. And when this thing stood up, I mean, my hair was like that, my Mohawk. It always stands out, but it goes. And this thing stands up in the midst of these heat waves. And it’s looking at me with these horns. Gosh, I hope I don’t lose a bunch of people here. And the horns are like this. It’s like Batman standing up like close by like jack, you know? And I’m like, Yo, what’s up, man? I go What’s up? Like make make them as hell no, but I turn and because because right when I started turning, it was walking forward to towards me. But it was like almost disappearing in the heat way too as it as it did, but it made its way towards me. And Hey, yo, Jimmy just ain’t stupid.

Somebody said are you? Are you afraid of anything? I say yeah, I’m afraid. Every time I look in the mirror, I’m afraid of that killer looking at me you don’t know skin? Yeah, I’m afraid and so like a lot of fears, failure, failure, fear of disappointing

myself fear of a belt cinders. As some of you know the machines around your you know, what are you when you have little bitty silky shorts on you’re trying to be a man. And you know, you know, the mouse can go through a door crack Laffy Taffy can be stretched out. And so I’m making my way down this hill as fast as I can. And I’m like, whoa. If so? I don’t tell even. I don’t tell my ex spouse about I don’t tell her about because it’s just like scary. I don’t want to freak her out. Because I mean, the night before she ran in because she saw a coyote. And this wasn’t a coyote. This was his dad. That just got out of the penitentiary after 20 years of being out. Wait. Ty with all your opinions. citri comments. Hahaha. So inside of it, so I see this thing you know, and so I go inside I’m like, yeah, everything’s okay. Doo doo doo doo doo. She’s like, are you going hunting in the morning? Are you going to go bow shooting? I know. Do you know I think I’m gonna stop hunting. You know, I think I’m gonna stop shooting you know, anything targets at I think I’m going to take veganism and debauchery ism. Just kidding. But in that that’s the old man that man’s dead now I have a change before man like Lazarus came out of the tomb after 40 years, not four days. And so

so I don’t tell her this. However, she comes in the next day. And I’m putting up a light

during the day like on the outside of the house and I’m screwing this light him up on this big ladder because this is like this house has been sitting there for six months does the and stuff

and and my wife pulls up my ex boss pulls up in a car.

She’s shaking like this. And just terrified. And her face is grimacing and she’s just I have never seen her right it’s not even when I caught my you know what in the belt sander two years prior

when I caught my you know what in the belt sander two years prior all she It was say, Oh my goodness, I will get some ice. And I said, Hold the patrol. Stop. And look at me right now. This is way beyond ice right now. Get me to the emergency room. Now. morphine square. Come on, man, you know. Anyway, somebody

just said, huh, just listen to what I said. It’s not It’s not a question. It’s not, don’t be confused. It’s what I just said. And so, you know, I’m

saying thank you. And so, here I am. You know, she’s shaking up. I’m on the ladder. And I’ve screwed in this light.

I see her shaking, shaking. And she’s coming up and I get down off the ladder like have like a masculine man. Oh, yeah. Honey,

what’s going on? Did you see anything? Where did you see Batman stand up and he’s got like, steroids it out. He’s like doing juice and a bar. And she’s like, what? And I’m like, No, no,

no, just whatever. What did you What did you see? And she’s like, You don’t? She goes,

You’ll never believe me. You’ll never believe I said, What was it? And she said, um, that she was driving in an old man crouched down in a flannel jacket. Okay. I believe

in this stuff, man, but I’m just telling you what happened. And so an old man’s crouch down this flannel jacket going across the road. If she slams on the brake is a sunset or a sundown again Sundowners bus has an old dog.

And she says, All right, she thinks she gets this guy and nobody’s there. And yes, I’m still alive after that, Chris and Chris, you can bolson Are you going to keep me down? Are you talking about the Batman thing?

So. So she says on the break in, but nothing’s there. She gets out a call. She’s like, because she thinks the photos are amazing. But she saw this old man crouched down. Your walk was rolling. Because he’s turning, we’re out in the middle of nowhere, okay. Like, Valley center is off Milan.

And so and so she doesn’t find anybody in her car. And I said, I said, I said, baby, baby, baby.

Do you think that possibly? Don’t you think that it’s possible that the sun was glaring off the car and you saw a premonition of something? And she’s like, No, I’m

telling you. And I said, Okay, calm down. Geez, calm down. Calm down. Oh, my goodness. And of course, you know, I just so in so

you keep in mind, you’re gonna see Bz coming up, on and off of this feed. And just he’s gonna be telling you all about what to do, like, go to tell my story.io and all this stuff. So. So she I call her down, and then I tell her about

my weird thing. And I’m thinking, Man, we just bought this house, man. I’m gonna have to leave now. Anyways, it was creepy. We’ll fast forward. We were on a poltergeists Indian Reservation. Okay, I find out that we’re on his Indian Reservation. And I am at the casino close by. And this gentleman who is of Indian descent, he’s a native there. He knows all the culture. He’s at the bar and I feel like an idiot. Because I but I’m drinking some gin and I’m slamming gin and tonics, because that was my drink of choice. That was the text tornado. And this is the old man. Okay, there’s a lot a lot happens. This is several years ago. And so, but I asked this gentleman, about the Poltergeist reservation that I’m living on now. It’s an empty house. I’m living alone. I’m like the jester in the castle. Now. It’s terrible, right? We must laugh it man to avoid crying for him. Napoleon Bonaparte. Think about it. So I’m like, I’m like in this big house alone. Now wife has left me. My life is in shambles. But I so I go to the casino. I’m slamming gin and tonics. This is after a huge meltdown and story that I’m about to get into with john McAfee. I had a huge meltdown with him after I got hired. And I was a CEO. I was the chief executive officer. Not that you didn’t know that sorry, of T McAfee. And he was the largest influencer in cryptocurrency at the time. He had a million followers and 75% of what he said, I later found that out. And so I’m the CEO of T McAfee, and I’ll tell you about that experience. But somebody asked about paranoia, if you want to hear about paranoia, paranoia, paranormal activity, then I will tell you about it now. So I asked this Indian gentleman at the bar. I said Sir, I am very sorry. But I just want to ask you something. I had a strange vision or something happened to me when I first moved here and he goes No, you don’t know what you’re talking about my friend, he got to church assures me. And I said, Wait, wait, wait, wait, really? I said, wait. I told him what I saw. And I told him what my spouse off. And he turns over to me. And he goes white man, white boy, he’s probably a white boy or white man. He was one man. Well, he never never sees this. He goes, are you sure? Are you sure you saw this? As I said, Yeah, he goes, it’s very rare for a white man or white boy, to see what you saw. And I said, well, please tell me what I saw. Because, you know, I don’t know what I believed in or what I don’t believe. But all I know, is what I saw. And this guy was subject matter expert on all visions and activity like this and weird stuff. I mean, he would he knew what he was talking about. And I was just like, Okay, what did it be? Tell me right now? Am I gonna die? What’s gonna happen to me, you know, and he said,

Well, he said, the way your wife saw, the old man crossing the road,

means that she was gonna stay there at the house. To stay put, it means stay put what you saw, the this thing, that creature, he called it something crazy. It was scary. whatever it was. He said that manage that means that you have come to a crossroads in your life, I’m getting hair, my hair is thinner. Now, you come to a crossroad in your life. And it can be good or evil. But it’s about to happen. And you’re about to take one of those terms, and you don’t have much choice in it. And boy, I tell you when he told me that, considering that my wife had to stay at the house, and I would have to make a decision the next day to either go and be the security for Texas for for john McAfee and Tennessee or stay. But my wife and I, at the time, agreed that we had to pay the bills. So that I’ll fast forward real quick. And I’m just going to give a little snippet of this because it’s too much to talk about too long right now. But because we’re all live, tick tock. But fast forward, it’s about 2am work the workaholic now, I’m working my butt off even compared to the seal teams I’m working working with have become like John’s, john McAfee son, and all you who are just joining, I really appreciate you thank you very much. You can go to tell my story.io if you want to see all the platforms, all the stuff that risotto has just done. So fast forward to in the morning. sitting at my office I have this beautiful office, cherry wood. It’s got these big lab stores and they overlook the the okra coke sound where Blackbeard used to be chased by English ships the British or the British ships. And he used to escape and evade because his both his sloop was much shallower if you go in shallower waters in the if you don’t know the overcoat sound, then you’re going to think out that you’re going to be you’re going to bottom out, you’re going to high center, you’re going to bottom out out there in the shallows if you don’t know the perfect channels, and he used to like if he was being chased, he knew where to go in that Oh, Coco South is so beautiful sunsets, you know, if you ever want to go at sea to shining sea means walk across a beautiful ocean in the sun. And when the sun’s coming out, and you’ll see sea to shining sea, you’ll see that shine that they’re talking about. It’s like this gold, on top of the water caps is beautiful. And so well, I’m looking over this sound. I’ve been elevated in a way too early, at least as CEO, t Mackey is to in the morning, I’m sitting there. I’m like this, not on drugs, and not on any kind of medication.

Writing like this, you know, doo doo doo doo doo, doing different things, you know, always working real hard, you know? I mean, you know,

not getting like relatively much sleep at all. And we’re doing this, I’m doing this. And then all of a sudden, I dropped my pen and I just go and I look and I hear whispering. And the only thing that I can tell you right now at the great peril in jeopardy of my own reputation if that even means anything was that it’s like God, it’s like, I’m gonna say it was like God lifted the veil off my eyes. Like oh, like like a veil was over my eyes. And he lifted it like this. And I was no able to see complete evil

all around me. And it was such evil in such a presence of evil in that house.

Can you imagine this a CEO of siematic I stand up. So I go, and I run out of the house. I’m barefoot. I have a small thing shirt on. And I have sweat pants on.

You know, I’m working like this is in his beautiful house. It was in the shape of a boat. His his house was called The Love Boat. And I caught the Love Shack, you know, whatever. And it was on big pillars. It was hurricane proof. It was in the shape of a boat. In North Carolina, incredible. Big. They called The Love Boat, he would, it was the owner of the entire island basically build the palaces. Anyways, each room had a longitude and latitude on it. And like Tahiti type time and all these different rooms, so well, I run out house, I stay for 24 hours out in the water like it’s like a animal. I’m literally like a beast, an animal out in the open code sound like with the snakes with everything in freezing water, probably one of the coldest I’ve ever been. But it wasn’t registering to me because of what I saw on there. I don’t know if you remember Nebuchadnezzar or anything Ababa, but he turns into a beast for years. And he just goes crazy. Well, that’s what happened. But I was perfectly sound in my mind. Like I knew everything that was going on. But it’s like, I didn’t care if I died. In that cold water, I was not coming out. I was so terrified of whatever happened.

And that’s the only way I can describe it to you. So So one, one of this one of the amazing

followers and fellow tick talkers here, Stacy evening is she she said, Hey, you should speak about that experience. And then the O rW the operation restored warrior program. And the reason why I told you these things, I hope you can connect everything here. And if you can’t, it’s not your fault. It’s because of my inability to connect it for you. And I’m sorry if I don’t. But here we go. So I’m arrested by the FBI, in connection to john McAfee. I’m charged with relatively the same things as him. As you know, he either killed himself was murder or is still alive. Okay. I was like a son. I was arrested by the FBI and charged with the same things. I was thrown into a federal penitentiary, I was able to argue the case and get and get on house arrest in between trial and impending. And so I’ve been here ever since. However, two months ago, that night, john McAfee supposedly killed himself. The knife, I get news of him dying. I’m flying. By the grace of God, they allowed me to fly to this this retreat. I was willing to get help from anyone. I was willing to go to any program. The night before I got accepted to go to this retreat. I got on my knees and say God,

I will do anything for you. I will go anywhere and do anything. Just help me because I’m going to die here.

I’m not going to make it. I’m either going to kill myself. Or I’m just going to lose my mind and die. That’s what’s gonna happen. I can’t take anymore. I just can’t take any more Trek. I can’t take I had too many things happen in my life. And if you know me by now if you know some of my stories, you probably can start start piecing it together. There’s people that go through hell okay. And I guess I’m one of them. But there’s people who don’t do worse I get it but this all off and I you know, when you can’t take no more, actually home myself and I’m in a hospital once I was bad shape, major PTSD, 14 deployments, however you count them, whether you count three months or nine months, just about 14 points. I don’t even know how you count four years in Baghdad, Iraq. I lived there for four years, nine months on one month off for four years. My permanent address mailing address was Baghdad, Iraq. So Marines Blackwater background, Asia, some time in a dynacor maybe in Colombia and Nicaragua, El Salvador, and in the seals national so that’s what happened. So I have a lot going on, right? I have a lot my body’s been through a lot. I’ve had a lot of close calls. I was I was trapped in a vehicle that I thought I was going to burn alive in after seeing other guys burn alive and, and I was trapped in this vehicle with I had my I had I’m not going to go there. But I was driving this vehicle. And, you know, I had, you know some serious stuff. They used to ask me in the seal teams like Why don’t you have PTSD You act like nothing bothers you texture on it. I was like

nothing bothers me that’s from a pansies. You know, it’s a crutch. PTSD is a crutch. In here I have 15 shots lined up, but Jamison,

boom, boom, boom, just absolutely out of control. The moment I smelled my own little brother, his death is when it was over, that clicked in my head. In all the deployments of life, all the bad stuff just fell on top. He was dumped on me. And then it was two years until I was in Vienna. You know, James Haley Veterans Hospital and an emerald coach medical and maybe Bow Bow lifelight the whole the whole thing I spent a year in behavioral health hospitals and then it actually Paul dramatic word for three months, not related to mental health, actual TBI. So a lot of painter, hung myself there. fractured my neck. You know, and I’m saying all this to say to hopefully relate to just one person out there somebody, you know, whoever’s watching this, it’s, it’s, its destiny. There’s no such thing as coincidence. You are watching this for a reason. If you’re just hearing Jimmy talk, then you’re not going to get anything out of this. But if you’re hearing God speak to me some if you’re hearing, hearing Jesus, speak through me to you, and connect to you right now. That’s the lighthouse that I’ve been called to be. And I’m about to give that to you. a lighthouse, draws people in into safe harbors, and he also warns people of impending doom. Okay. That’s the mission that I’ve received from Jesus right now from God. And that’s the mission that I will execute and carry out and to bear if necessary, and that’s it. And so,

so I I’ve lost my mind. I go to this hospital from Maxis. I’m such a wreck the next day. I’m like, a lot of my co buddies,

they corral me they’re like, bro, Jimmy, what’s up? What happened? Man? Like, like 10 or 10 guys in Virginia? Like like karami like Jimmy, what’s going on there? They’re searching my hat for methamphetamines drugs. I don’t blame them. I don’t blame them. I was out of out of my mind. Went to the grace landing. It was really nice people there with the Virginia hospital and then was it was in a mental ward. Because this they’ll have good minds. And I my life was running. I was like, dude, I just went from CEO. My life was changed. I went from the dungeon to the palace back down to the pit, right? Nobody’s believe in me. Everybody’s like Jimmy’s on drudge Jimmy’s like, you don’t do negotiation. You don’t do stuff. Like I was doing SEO. You’re not like this. You get these on to make it more official. You’re not like over here with the glasses and writing and writing right now for oil. And in doing all this sophisticated stuff, order, and then all of a sudden you just drop the pin, take off the glasses and stripped down but naked and run outside and in the most cold weather ever. You don’t do that unless something really happened to you. Okay, and so I but I think it’s a mental breakdown. I think so absolute make a breakout. My family is convinced by john and my ex wife and others, that I’m doing drugs and all this stuff. And I can do that later. But, but, but john McAfee is just insisting that I’m like, he’s on drugs he’s on and he’s trying to convince my parents my dad’s

like, going, nah, that just don’t sound right. And I’m like, bro, I’ve done drugs before. And if I’ve done them, I’ll tell you.

But don’t blame me for doing drugs. I wasn’t doing drugs, you know me. So I’m on drugs, a cleaners whistle, in fact, uh, but john McAfee is really acting strange. Like, he possibly drugged me. It went wrong because he’s known for doing these social engineering like evil little science projects. And, and so and I’m seeing this in the house too, by the way, weeks prior and I went out of there I am like, I want to see a lot of stuff that’s up and I want to run run run I can’t be there anymore. I’m like losing my mind anyways. And so I get the blood toxic toxicology report back from the hospital. It’s perfectly negative like clean like it doesn’t have any methamphetamines or or anything else in them. And so the only conclusion that I can come to and my mother did say he says you know he he john McAfee put LSD in your in your in your scotch that I have like one scotch scotch, you know, in that gap. And and, or, and I’m Irish so that’s nothing that’s like a water and so or glass of milk and so, but maybe his guards maybe maybe his his guards points. You know, put some LSD energies and there had been accusations of the password john McAfee had LSD of certain women and different people as like the social sick engineering project that I later started finding out. I’m going I don’t want part of this

man. And so but here I am now trippin. And I can’t explain to you what happened. But I’m like, I don’t blame people. I told my dad, I don’t blame me for you know, you know, but here’s my toxicology report. But nobody’s really seen that, you know, they want to believe what they want to believe. So

I’m late so just keep that in mind that event. And so fast for me I’m in a shambles. Two years after that. I’m just like, rock bottom like, because a lot of people think I’m like been I’ve been doing drugs and because of, so I get this incredible chance. I pray to God here on my knees of a mom’s house on how stress

gave me a place to go to, if that seems impossible, because even if I get a place to go to like operation restorable, you’re some some retreat, you’re out of house risk.

How is the FBI and DOJ gonna let me go? Well, they they’re so gracious to let me go, they actually allow me to go so I get to go. So I go to operation restore warrior. And I go

to this incredible place. But they’re promising that I’m going to get 100% on rehabilitation. They’re claiming some crazy bold stuff. Operation restore warrior is literally telling me that I’m going to hear from Jesus

one, which I never had before. So I’m going Yeah, right. I’m 40 years old. to your heart’s going to be changed forever. And by the way, Eddie Gallagher went to operation restore lawyer, Michael Dell with the operation restored lawyer and some some other big names, you know, and they said they would change. And I’m like, Yeah, right. Yeah. Right in Europe. So I go there, and I go, I’m too far gone. I’m going to hell. I mean, I never denied God and never blame. That’s my thing. It’s all me. It’s all on Jimmy. Even this crazy event, where I lost my mind, I get you know, it’s all me. It was me to did, it was me that lost my mind. I don’t know how I just snap like a twig. But so the next day, I get notification that hey, you’ve been accepted operation restore lawyer, I go to operation

restored warrior. And if you’re just joining, you can catch this story and everything else on tell. Tell my story.io the website, and welcome to my live show.

This is titled john McAfee evil genius. So I thank you, we’re live on air. So if you’re just joining, please,

connect with me. You can direct message me, I’ll try to call you back. If you need a mentor about you’re going to the seals, anything I know that sounds crazy after this crazy story,

but just hear me out. You know, my handle for tik tok is mighty warrior 2021. So, so I get to go to operation restore, where I’m just happy to be out of the house arrest.

And so what I didn’t know, before I got there was that the staff had been praying for me. They only had my first name, they didn’t know.

They didn’t know my my last name. And they do that on purpose. But they’re praying for me for two weeks prior for beginner like hardcore praying warrior for me. I don’t even know this. And that’s probably the only reason why I was able to go is God had his loving kindness, mercy on my soul to give to transport me. So I go there to operation restore, where I’m sitting there at the table. They’re telling me I’m gonna have a complete change, turn around 100% and that I’m going to I’m going to hear from Jesus Himself, about my life and my mission and my destiny. And I’m going bull sh You know what, double T T x y, z. I’m telling you. That’s not a cryptocurrency I’m not promoting. But so I’m sitting so I’m sitting there and I’m kind of laughing. They’re like, What are you laughing? I said, there’s no way I can hear. Everybody else here doesn’t understand what I’ve done. They don’t know that they haven’t been in my shoes or my shoe. When my girls used to say, my girlfriend’s my shoe. I dated this girl. She said driving in my shoe. I’m like, it’s my shoes. Not my shoe. My shoes, plural. So they’ve been praying for me for Jimmy for for two weeks. They sit me down, two guys are assigned to me. And I’m sorry, you’re not supposed to speak about the place too much. But I’m going to because it’s a testimony that you got to hear right now. And there’s no such thing as coincidence. So listen to my testimony because I wanted to change your pitch changes one person, praise God, I did something in this life. That you know, it was all worth it. If I take one person right now their heart. Okay, now Now this guy you see right here was dead.

To the guy you see right here is the new me that that the the texts torn out from the seals that that crazy party

rambunctious. Wow, rambunctious Wagner, that guy is dead, dead dead. And Jesus died and rose again on the third day right? in operation restore warriors about three or four days, give or take travel. Okay. And so what I’m telling you right now is in three days time, I don’t know what at the time it’s sitting at the table laughing him. But in three days, I’m about to have a mind blowing experience that you’re going to have a hard time believing. In fact, you’ll probably believe the Batman thing I told you the paranormal thing I saw and the penis getting called the belt center before you believe what I’m about to tell you now. If you don’t, if you don’t like me, or if you do believe God, you’re like, this guy’s a little rough.

Hey, I’m being real with you. I’m just being real with you.

That’s the problem. And the problem with society is there’s nobody is willing to be real anymore. And that’s why I expose myself not in a weird, creepy way. I expose myself as a vulnerable man, and not a machine navy seal and a marine marine that nobody can attain. And that’s why people are like, Hey, wait a second this guy. He’s speaking the truth. Because, you know, you know, I knew it. You know, I knew they’re not machines. And yeah, we’re bad warriors, synchronise, you know, on a dime, turn, execute six guys, I

mean, about as powerful as about 105 minutes. But as a team, on the road, we have all kinds of bombs, I put my pants on,

just like anybody else. I can’t put up my skinny jeans anymore because my ankle braces touchpoint.

So, these guys have the audacity at an operation restore warrior to tell me that I’m going to hear from Jesus. My heart’s gonna be changed forever.

And then I’m gonna walk out their new man. And I’m like, you have no freaking clue where who you just talked to you.

I was on a cocaine trip in many in Colombia, that most people can’t fathom, except for maybe Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I baptize myself at a hot tub there.

Man, I was a mitt. And I’m telling you this right now. And because I want you to say, Oh, I’m not that guy. And then I want you to tonight to try to sleep and think about what you just said.

Think about what you just said. Because we all are guilty. Every single one of us and the person who says they’re not is the most

guilty of all. Now. So here I am laughing at these guys. They’re say Jimmy, at this operation. Mr. Paul, what a blessed, amazing

guy. I’ll never forget their compassion there. Because they put up with me, Jimmy, the testimonial they have put up with a tornado in that beautiful home in operation restored water. These guys were collapsing in and they said Jimmy, all we ask is do things for me.

And I’m like, What? And they’re like, get a haircut. I’m ski. They said two things. crack your heart open just a little bit. And trust us just a little bit. And that’s it. All right. All right. What do I got to lose? What am I I’m gonna go back to death probably kill myself. Something terrible. That’s that’s probably worth nothing.

Because I mean, making it so much a woman can only take so much we can only take so much people. You know, and and so, two days later, they say Are you ready to be a changed person today? And I’m saying, Yeah, I’m ready. Where is the? Where’s the medication? Where’s the appeals? Right? They sit me down and they say, Jimmy, why don’t you tell us your whole story? And I’m like, Oh my gosh, these guys have no idea. And I’m used to talking to you know, I’m used to being interrogated all kinds of heinous things you know, like you got a sponge and a water hose we’ll do some waterboarding while we’re at it. And so they I start telling my story and it’s so boring because I’m so I told it so many times of psychiatrists and doctors and everybody else in between, you know, counselors, been through all the therapies, nothing worked. Nothing worked for me. Several hear from God. And I’m probably going to burn in hell forever, too. Right? That’s what a lot of people well, they said, tell us your story. I said, All right. I will. I’ll get my best I tell about an hour into it. I get to I tell them a real like real brief, brief, brief synopsis because my shoulder is in so much pain. I got some bad jumps and all kinds of different things in the in the fields. I don’t work here for maybe three hours on our log, it helped me over and over and over again like this ad nauseum infinity sign. And so, you know, I’ve got all this numbness going through here and pain and I’m going back

even if I get changed, how can I in such a miserable pain right now I am miserable right now.

My My fingers are numb dead. I can barely move my hand I’m jacked up man

from from a life of going crazy of a serve of service and deployments and war. I spent all my life in war. And so I get to the john McAfee part, and I kind of have kind of a little embarrassed that that’s even part of my name. But uh, but I kind of just skipped over the whole, like, weird episode in with Maxie.

But they said, No, no, no talk about that. And so I say, Well, everybody thinks

I like was doing drugs and, and or I had a mental breakdown. It’s no big deal. I don’t care anymore. I forgive people, whatever. And they said, No, no, no. And the guy leans in, and here it goes. If you’re dozing off or about to flip don’t do it. Now. If you’re just coming aboard, go to tell my story.io t to hear the whole stories and all these different stories of mine in the platform de Bz reads Irish has so graciously done for me. They say go ahead and tell us about that house. Some of this this thing you just said. I said, You know, I don’t really want to talk about it’s like, this is like God, you know, unveiled something in the guidelines in and this is where it all changes. This is where everything changes, he says.

He says was, was that in the love house or Love Boat?

And I instantly go and I go Hey, man. I said how you know that? He said, The Love Boat, right? And I said, How do you know that? He said, it just came to me. I said, Hey, man, listen, listen, listen, listen, bro. This ain’t no time to be bringing out the cameras and being a reality TV show. And I was actually angry. I was actually mad because I was like, you know, somehow they got that information. It’s not on Google. You can’t get that information. I love you too. Somebody just gave me a hard man. I’ll ever get hard to flowers. And I gave a lot of hearts and flowers out. That’s for sure. Anyways, thank you sweet are.

And all. He says that happened in The Love Boat if I go.

I said so you found that out for now. He goes and then he walks me through the entire house. He says that, by the way. Bz is telling me welcome to the live show. I’m so glad Bz is never one here. And he’s telling us and he’s getting on in when you see him. Welcome to the live show. We really appreciate you on this podcast. But so

heat. So they say they say yeah, that was a beloved boat and then they and then he starts walking me through

the house. Okay, now you think a psychic can tell you their birthday or something?

Let me tell you something. And by the way, when you see I call him Bz, but you’re gonna see Rhys Irish. He’s a tick talker. He’s my he’s the main man heading all this up. You know if you know he’s going to be putting messages and you can contact him for all kinds of stuff. For information about our website, tell my story.io Okay, here’s the meat potatoes. He walks me through john Mack these love both home. The house I told you about on the water on The Oprah Cosell? He goes yeah,

it was on an open Cosell. It was on the sound overlooking the water. You had a beautiful cherry wood office. You walk through the screen door there’s a Jacuzzi right here and then there’s like a metal gray door armory. Thank you meeting and there’s an

elevator an elevator and a three story mansion a john Mackey’s he goes and you

go up the stairs and go downstairs and he said there’s there’s a big vessel wheel a big wheel up stairs like a ship wheel. And I’m going like this. Oh, my whole whole whole approach. And I give up like this. I’m wearing shorts. I promise you. I get up to walk away cuz I’m like, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you don’t know that. You can’t know that. You don’t know that. And then he says yeah,

the Holy Spirit Jesus is telling me this. He said the each room was labeled with let let Latin long longitudes like he said, like grid coordinates

or something. I said, Yes. He walked me through the schematics and blueprints of his house.

And then at the same time his body is praying. He’s like this kind of and he leans over he goes, You got like a sword or a knife sticking out of your left shoulder. Guys, I had numbness I couldn’t feel my I couldn’t lift my arm. And I’m like, Here I am, like, he leans over, he touches

my left shoulder prays, and I instantaneously healed permanently.

No more. I could lose my shoulder. Everything’s good. Okay. So two massive things. And it’s

not like he just recalled something. And it was like, Oh, that was weird. And like, psyche? No, no,

it was the event that I told you about, that had drawn so much chaos in my life. That left me in a total downward

spiral, running out of the country, right from myself from God, from my life, wanting to die wanting to jump off buildings. And so I care about nothing. I was being a mercenary, all kinds of it. My point is, is, is it was held on earth like it was for me, I lived in I lived in a hill. And all of a sudden I stand up after that, I’m like, bawling my eyes out. Because it’s so powerful. What I experienced was so powerful when I stood up, it’s like I had been carrying around too big c bags, duffel bags, my whole since my since 2007, with this big traumatic event that I was in, and I finally was able to just leave them at the door. And I didn’t realize that I was carrying these c bags my whole life. That’s my testimony to you tonight. That’s the kind of change that God can do for you. It’s not some special little Jimmy’s not this special guy that gets no though we you can have that today too. When you trust in Jesus your shoe yawei and invite him in to do the same for you. They said you know, Jimmy would that was that confusing a bit of a house God did open your eyes to all the evil and that’s why he showed you basically chastise you, you know, basically put you out in the corner in it made you go through that because you have dealt so far off the rocker. And I had I felt I had fallen. I had thought I evolved. And if that’s you tonight, I pray. I pray that somebody gets something out of this. Now I’ll add I will repeat some questions coming to me. And I hope that you enjoyed that that story. And so whether or not john McAfee put LSD in my drink, we’ll never know. I know he could have in been all that happened. But I believe the guys that that were able to heal my shoulder and tell me the blueprints of such a mansion of john Mack is in such an isolated location with such a strange name. First of all, houses don’t have names this day because it was so incredible. The love of boat and Oak Island and North Carolina. I hope that you got something out of that. So what do we got here? All these are coming in. I really appreciate all your support and not you know you guys are awesome. Do what did it just freeze. I hope that that wasn’t there as well. It was live on podcast, we got it all recorded. If I ever freeze up on Tick tock, you can absolutely look at this the story, this person deema says I pray for you every day, man. I’ve talked to demon creations by deema you know we were running 140,000 followers right now. I don’t really like saying followers. I like to say 100,000 140,000 person army or something. You know, like we’re all in this together. And in three weeks, and I’ve talked to a lot of people and I get to speak to Dame every day he’s working on our logo he’s working out thank you Stacey for comforting me You just said you didn’t freeze thank God thank God we froze the other night and I was right in the middle of the good part. You know?

So if you don’t believe what I just said I would like to hear if you don’t believe me,

if you don’t believe me, you know be straight with me. You know in the seal teams were straight up you know it’s man to man. You know, once a woman makes it it’ll be man and woman and you know, look each other in the eyes. And we say What’s up bro?

You got a problem with me? What what’s up like? Like, let’s let’s solve it. I’m gonna talk about this because I’m too old we finding

right? I’m just saying Hey, you got to you, um, you gotta you got an issue. Let’s talk about it. So be be Be honest with me. I’m getting a lot of I believe, I believe, I believe I believe Florida man, I believe. Jimmy, you’re amazing. Okay. Nobody said that. I believe.

Thoughts on you the US government. Man, I have no comment on that. I can’t really comment on sensitive issues right now. But I appreciate you asked me. Reese, Reese Irish, he is the man, I’m going to be mentioned him a lot. We are going to be having a massive concerts, massive get togethers. Now I’m probably being prophesied, right? I’m kind of just like throwing out some ideas. But what I envision is for us to go on tour, and you’re going to be able to meet Bz. That’s the main reason. I mean, the main reason for the series is you’re going to get to meet research on these massive mega tours we’re going to be listened to, and I’m sorry if you’re a little older, and you don’t know what trap music is. But I heard some today and I’m just going, Man, that is awesome. Like it’s like. I mean, it’s just like, you just want to go like this. What’s up? I feel like King David Dancing in the Street, but he was naked. At least I am naked, you know. And so he’s dancing. So I want to have this big get togethers. I’ll say five. I’ll talk for five minutes. And then we’re gonna just throw some crazy music on and just jump in the crowd will do crowd surfing, everybody

will just take turns. Is that too crazy? Hey, we can hold off on that. We can hold off on that. Let’s just hold off on that right now. Okay. Have you tried? Okay, let’s let’s look at this. I haven’t tried that song you told me about yet. I really appreciate you though. Okay. Um,

let’s see. You’re crazy in a great way in a good way. I love that ideas. Stacy’s all about that idea. I think she’s gonna be on tour with us. I don’t know. Maybe she can provide the track music? I don’t know. But we’re doing it. I don’t care what anybody says. Who’s gonna stop us from doing this? Who’s gonna stop me from coming out? Well, actually, a lot of things. I’m on house arrest. Well, you don’t mean? You’ve seen that movie misery. That’s what I’m what’s going on right now. So I’m not calling my mom, the lady from misery.

She’s worse known as King. But we’re going to go on tour. I’m going to be speaking at 1000 probably events. This year. I’m being very helpful.

And we’re going to be playing some loud music, probably. But we’re going to be having testimonies. I’m going to get up there. I’m gonna speak. And everybody’s gonna be saying touch point, touch point. point per rosters gonna be like, da,

da, da ha point. You know, all my friends in a do day by touch point. God dammit. Damn, Jim. Okay. All right. Are you allowed to go run laps in the neighborhood or strictly stuck in your house? I really appreciate your question. There’s

no such thing as dumb questions. However, when I say house risk, my friend. I mean, house arrest. No, I’m just kidding. You know, you know, that’s a great question. And I am allowed from 10. I have like an hour to walk around the neighborhood. But it just isn’t the same. When you get restricted like this. Are you allowed? Okay, that’s awesome. You see my workout. So, you know, you know, I encourage everybody to get on a solid workout routine, to start to start turning your heart to crack your heart this much. And start trusting God this month, just this much. Even if you don’t believe me just start pregnant this month. So I’m moving your body. maybe do some intermittent fasting for your health. You know, eight in the evening. Till 12 the next day Don’t eat. It’s not that hard. You sleep most of it. In contact me. Contact me. Email me. Give me topics if you get if you start throwing out topics. I got stories, and I got a billion ways. And Diane, and we’re gonna find this out. So why are you on house risk? It’s probably john McAfee. Are you allowed to relapse? Yes. Okay, sorry. I need to scroll up. You need Sidney Powell for your lawyer. I talked to her already. Well, then it’s going to be at your place. Thank you so much. You can’t talk about my topics.

Oh, yeah. trami can you talk about rifle shooting? I’m so proud of you, Jimmy. You killed McAfee. Now, these

are the kinds of these are the kinds of comments that I really appreciate. You killed McAfee. That’s just really really, really sad that you say that. Why would I kill the guy? You know? It’s just Well, maybe maybe you believe that. Okay, well That’s your opinion, your truth and my truth are just not that compatible. Thank you though. I appreciate that next question. That was like his Father, thank You that I have a lot of Hey, be careful, man. You want to troll on here? You want to come with a fake account you’re gonna get bombarded man, this is an army.

You come on here. You come here, come on this channel and start talking trash to touch point Jimmy. Hey, hey, you’re gonna get bombarded by people because because these are true American patriots.

That this Following this, this is a mega rod. This is a this is not a following bro. This. This is a this is a revolution.

I’m not I say carefully. And there’s there’s three options. And the fourth one is devastation. The three options are this. You can get on the Jimmy train, you can get on the train. Like a good samaritan, you can show up casually late and just miss it, which is fine. You can just not show up at all. But God forbid you’re standing in front of that freight train when it comes through. Anyways, you know what I’m saying? I’m just playing. It’s like a fun game. But hey, we’re in this together. So if you’re a troll, bring it It helps the algorithms actually. I kind of lock it anyways. I love like just talking trash about myself. It’s not

how was your experience during the SEAL training above? Sgt. Hell Next question. touch point touch point touch point.

See I told you this these followers don’t know Korean you will add your algorithm bus your way out of your they’ll say they’ll say they’ll say things like choo choo. And that’s like very Get out of the way this freight train will hit you. And Stacey, thank you for that. You will sometimes say she said great answer to that question. Right? That troll or whoever he is. I love you anyways, I will be I’m not gonna block you by the way. He said you know, you know a lot of times people’s truth when they’re talking to Jimmy are just not compatible with my truth. And when your truth is not compatible with my truth, then we honestly just had a disagreement. I hope you continue to follow in and continue to join in these great conversations. But get on that train or don’t show up because you know the fourth option of the three things that I said I can get the crown Coliseum in New York what this person hold on this is the kind of following we got going on. See this is connections here. I can get the crown Coliseum in New York or sorry North Carolina when you get straight well I am strike some people don’t think so. But I would love that. Can we do that? Can you personal message me or contact my main man which is the only man Bz Rhys Irish Thank you. This is awesome. How about you to see people are dangerous to to and Saturday night, man. Hello. Hi, stormy. Hi. People are laughing. And yes, praise God. I’m sorry if you’re alive on this podcast. I am reading off. It seems to be a popular thing. Technology is incredible. I’m reading off all these comments. Haters going to hate stay strong brother.

haters are gonna hate you know if the you know what’s a scary situation if you’re getting great comments all the time. Good job, Jimmy. Great job techpoint and you’re never getting any negative data you got problems. You

You know, the best thing in life is to be completely bunk content continually bombarded because you know you’re on track.

You know, when you’re following Jesus when you’re following God, and then people are bombarding you with stuff negativity, like for no reason. Like,

yeah, you’re a poser. I said, Well, yeah, you just say the obvious. I got tattoos. Fake beard.in a mohawk. Yes, I’m a poser. And, and I wanted to cross country do you think I’ve ever done cross country for high school? Shoot. How do you cross country with a 500 pound pack on blew up my knees and kept

going with a bayonet in my mouth from the enemy and then I chewed it up and spit it out and killed him. Only successful people have haters. That’s right. That’s right, Stacy. I know what they You did? What? Respect matters pay who tolls a motorcycle on there. That’s pretty cool. I don’t know how you’re doing that. Did you watch without remorse? No. I’m writing that down. Would you all like to hear some of the movies that I would like to watch in the next week or so? warhorse? I’ve seen it already. Last Mohicans Dances with Wolves to target to target. Sometimes you just got to say to Tanga Tanga, maybe that thing that I saw was donkor Listen, john McAfee evil genius podcasts live right now, if you’re just joining, go to tell my story. Basie is circling something and I’m like, dude, I got you. I just read it. You know, I’m saying it’s terrifying. What’s the hardest thing you’ve done in your life? Was it But no, no, it was to come to terms with the belt sander thing. From then on, every time you shut a door, or close a cabinet door, you’re just like, oh, wincing, you know, I mean, I’m just kidding. That’s kind of a hard question. I got a lot of like, hardest moments in my life. Probably the hardest moment in my life was to the hardest moment of my life was either not answer that right now. It’s too deep, is to be best. If you remember that topic, if you come on. And you can you tell ask me that again. We’ll talk about that. You know, I’ll tell you that. Okay.

Thank you. Somebody said that’s a lie. What’s a lot? We don’t know. What’s a line? What are you saying? Can you read? Can you read your question? Please? Jordan, you said that’s a lot. Can you tell me? What’s a lot? Thank you very much, sir.

Appreciate you. I’m honored to have you on the show. What about retired seals that want to run for, for Congress? What about it? I think that we desperately need a man like more than the trill in office. I mean, ain’t nobody else doing it? Right. You know, um, there’s some other guys that I’m going to start mentioning that are running and that are in office right now that I really respect. And we’re going to do that to you got me hooked on Turkey. And now I want to see him. Maybe next podcast, we will bring turkey in here. If you haven’t seen it, Turkey. He’s, he’s a dog. But he acts like a cat. is Bob polar like a honey badger. And he’s daddy me. So Oh, that’s what you’re saying. We need to be on topic. Okay. Well, let’s let’s get some questions in about john McAfee. Because there’s been a lot on there’s been a lot of discussion on on who is john McAfee? was it? Was he an evil genius? Or was he this arm master manipulator? Or was he this incredible guy that that brought so much to our society? And I feel like I’m doing him a great disservice sometimes. When I speak about him as possibly a question mark, an evil genius. But what do you think about john McAfee? Where do you think he is right now? And let’s discuss that a lot of people think he’s a lot of people think he’s dead. And some people think he’s still alive. But I would say most the majority of people believe that he is absolutely was murdered. I don’t think many people believe he hung himself. I think that’s just ridiculous. Even mean.

So let’s talk about Maxie for a little bit. And then I’ll, I’ll hang it up for the night. Yeah,

a lot of people think Epstein, you’ll stop. A lot of people think Epstein did it. You know, john McAfee was accused for numerous things along the way. I think. He, he, um, I think that that, that john McAfee ruffled a lot of feathers, and, you know, he had a lot of information. And that goes into the Deadman switch that I can later talk about too. However, we’re closing up shop on on this hour here, going a little over, and I just want to really, really I really appreciate you Yes. JOHN McAfee. You said you said john, you’re making a statement that john McAfee like girls that are 18 You know, I never saw that. I saw a entirely different man. Then I saw an entirely different man than that. And that’s sad. I know. I haven’t watched the full documentary on gringo and all that. You know, and even though that john McAfee hurt my feelings, it hurt me so bad cuz he was like my Dahab. And then all of a sudden, I had this, this crazy episode in his house, even though all that happened. I forgave him and stuff. But I’ll never understand why. I’m why john McAfee would try to convince my parents that I was on drugs. When me and john McAfee had, he would have a cigarette every morning coffee. And we would get up super early at 6am. And we would sit together and talk about the plan of the day and the business very calmly, and then we’d go about our day. Why would we do that? And then why would he turn on me like that? When not I’m just in the office. And that’s not that, you know, out in the wilderness. Crazy, crazy story. Everyone, I just appreciate you right now. And thank you for everything. And I john I he was definitely, definitely a patriot. He was American. And he was an English background. Buzz is going crazy. He’s calling for daddy right now. But I love all y’all. And I really appreciate the support that that I have received from y’all. It’s been really, really awesome. And I appreciate. Appreciate that. And let’s talk real soon. Okay. By the way, if you just come on board, I’m sorry. You missed the live tech talk. But we’re going to be doing this tech talk every Tuesday. We change it up Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. And that’s going to be believe it. At 9pm Eastern 8pm Central and 6pm.

Pacific Time Florida, California folk. Appreciate you this person said you Leon said always enjoy your lives.

Live broadcast. And for those who truly served. Appreciate you and you guys are awesome. Love from New York love from California. all y’all are cool, man. I love y’all. And hope y’all have a great weekend and a great night. And maybe I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Maybe I’ll pop on mob is like well, it’s from house arrest. And Michigan I’m just gonna name also these people that are watching Germany, Michigan. There’s 140,000 people out here and then we got these other cloud platforms, Kentucky.

Y’all start throwing out your countries and I’ll start getting our shots. Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, Las Vegas, Reno, my love Ohio, Oklahoma. Dallas, Texas, baby. What’s up Dallas, Chicago. I’m

here in Dallas, Missouri buffalo Maine Kansas. Love you bro. Thank you. Delaware. Virginia. Indian Country Florida. Maine. Eskimo What? West Virginia. North care somebody from Eskimo in igloo? What? Alaska New York Alexandria. mopho What? mopho I never heard that. Dang, Florida. So cow West. You know? Texarkana, Bama? sama, Louisiana. Where’s my fuel from Eddie? What’s up? Very Columbia. Fort Bragg. What’s up my man? Are you in the army? Over Lala Ontario Canada. Grove, Oklahoma. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m just kidding. I go to Puerto Rico. Wow. Puerto Rico Massachusetts. Orlando. Can I still go there on house arrest? Can you take me please? This person says your anus Just kidding. Wanting if you wanted to put just kidding. It would be funny. Thank you. Going Arizona.

Boston Columbia. Somebody say Columbia. Are you really from Columbia? Are you did you just put a heart there and he kisses and just like is that just like to mess with me?

Thanks for work Texas. Long Island New York. Call me in

Portland, Oregon, North Korea. Really? Say hello to Kim Jong yo for me. Can you have visitors at your on your house? rez? Yes, I can have visitors. You can come over Sure. Yeah, why not?

Yeah, of course. I mean, you know, I’m gonna call my parole officer and say What’s up, man? What’s up good fight for America even here in liberal Washington.

wow he’s in Portland see how much love from all those years this following you people raise is is in San Diego California my man he’s busy he’s he’s doing all this camping in California Los Flores I think that’s where clunies where the Heartbreak Ridge right? Hell yeah. Doc is reporting from seminal Oklahoma who yeah whoa I like that Georgia Cleveland

St Louis Missouri This is awesome the greatest being seen let’s see we man it busy.

Busy you got to type in English that out because I got to put this in Google Translate in order to talk to people. Austin Texas, Alabama. We are in the New Age future I want to go wherever country it is. What do you just said? Where’s my people from Russia de veau Creations but deema What’s up? Mac attack infor aka. I’ll answer that. Okay, let’s just start answering your little ones in for ak 47 you know, the small ones the short ones? infor Of course, although I would love it. 6762 somebody asked, am I married? No. A touchpoint Canada. Dang really Ireland. I love you. You’re my people. Ireland is my people like this. Check it out. Arlen is my people. What rate Did you think you said what radio come in e6? So one, on my way. Come here. Seriously. No problem. house arrest. best gun for a woman probably the mp 40 small getting very small. It’s a 40 cow has a lot of knockdown power. It’s automatic. It’s going to go off you know it’s going to go off. You know, have it accessible, but practice, practice. Make sure you know you’ll double check that it’s dry. When you’re practicing. You know get a lot of training. Get a lot of training 380s Okay, if you want to shoot him 1000 times that’s fine. What is your favorite gun? Ah man, I got a lot of fun. I

got a lot of I got a lot of favorite guns. I’m not allowed to have guns anymore. But But I have a lot of favorite ones. I have a lot of a lot of guns. Really nice guns that are not here that are in climate control.

environment if you want to know, but I have a 300 Win Mag, you know, a bunch of different stuff. That’s right, son. What is your frog cat to stand for? That’s right. Hey, this fall will take care of all my business for me there’s like a Navy SEAL so don’t ask him about that. Then don’t ask you about how you got shot in the neck with an ak 47 route. Okay, that was my girls lives I got tattooed and then burn off a car Ross but you know what I’m saying? Sometimes it’s cool to tell people I got shot right they’re not allowed to have guns anymore. Brother stay strong. It’s not over man. You know, we’re gonna have a miracle come through Ra. s b. r 556 707 meal. So I got a PRF five or six as real as POS are not so they used to be really nice. Let’s see tell him for people are feeling Froggy to Joe. Yeah,

if you’re feeling foggy, then Jen sir. You want to feel for arguing with me? If you feel Froggy in jump what team were you on STP? What? Is

this is not enough time so I mean, seriously. I mean, seriously, I love how he says the word nice. I love you. Wait, we don’t like it. I’m just you know I’m saying nice. It’s nice. It’s nice. Do you train people? Yeah. To answer your question Bz. I don’t know why. Just remember Bz asked me a question. Like Aris. I was just asked me a question like two months ago, I think here after I had a Google translated from Russia to English. Well, I have. I have 11 workouts right now. What are your workouts mighty will your workouts

if you don’t like my workouts, they’re free. They’re free. And I put a lot of thought into them.

You know, free. Just Just go on mighty warrior 2021 and get your free mighty warrior workout. What are you doing my address? What are you trying to get from your me? What’s your angle? What’s your angle? I want to know your angle. Oh, what’s your favorite tattoo? I got Robert De Niro from taxi driver.

I mean, it’s not my favorite, but it’s cool. I mean, Lee that’s a good tattoo ours. This dude did 12 years in prison. He did this. He was good. You know, I got live remembering death here I got my best friend that died drown I got my ADC 5326 I’m a 5323 Anthony three choices and then in the Marines as you know, oh 311 infantry and then I just got you know life and death so I got these beautiful flowers Texas rose it’s like life and then it slowly dies you know that you have death always overlooking I had explosive temper violent background, you know puncher fighter all this stuff so I got the grenade, you know called my buddy’s got that two grenade tattooed on the right bicep. Don’t be don’t get that you know, the barbed wire around me. And I got the stairway to heaven. And I got St. Michael. The Guardian Angel.

That cast down Lucifer cast doubt Lucifer. Right here. Man, these guys are good. Not as good as deema You know, I’m saying, Hey, remember,

go to my website, please. I tell my story.io tell my story.io I got my little brother here. A lot of people say he looks like Seth Rogen or some cat I don’t even know it’s weird. Now the clover Irish American flag frog man tuefel. horned devil dog across you know I got Lady Justice. Of course, you got to have that on Jimmy’s harm. You got to have that.

Hey, what tattoos do you have? That’s what I want to know. I don’t know what that means. Basically. I don’t know who I don’t know what that means. Before you go, what’s one thing you learn that changed your life? Thank you for that question.

Wes Watson is huge. That dude is no joke in my name. My last name is Watson to that weird. Like we’re brothers. What’s one lesson that I learned? Let me see. Okay, I have over 150 hours of ink on my body. Wow. Do you train people? And where do Where can I find your workouts? Hey, Vinny. Thank you. Thank you Vinnie actual, you just asked a great question. Where can I find your workouts and do I train people? I train people through my videos that are free for you. It’s called mighty war where your workouts it’s it go to tick tock. It’ll sign into Tick Tock if you don’t have a tick tock register for Tick Tock. It’s an app and then search just write this down. The number one thing is searches is at mighty warrior. So at mighty ni ght why we’re here. And then 2021 and you can find all my workouts on there. And Dude, you know, I’m not on juice. I’m not on steroids. And and I don’t I don’t do any heavy weights. I don’t do any. Like I don’t do any free weights. I got to salt bags. I got a pull up bar, and I got Stacy rude me from the corner. What’s up? What’s up? What’s up in Rhys Irishmen writing some crazy stuff. I can’t read Who here thinks. Hey, this is a good question. Right resist poses. Oh, Who here thinks that they have been through something more crazy than Jimmy Watson? That’s me. Who here thinks that you have been through something more crazy than me? Jimmy? Have you ever thought about trying to get on the team never quit podcast with lotro Today was the first time I’ve ever heard Hey, Robin, thank you for following me on Instagram. Jimmy, have you ever thought about trying to get on the team ever quit podcast? I haven’t.

I haven’t been invited yet. But I’ve only been around for three weeks. You know, I’ve been alive all my life. Work for three weeks. Hey, do you have his Do you have his contact?

I know Stacy. I know. Do you have his contact? Because if you do email him for me. If you are if you if this fall, he has context and wants to connect me with certain people and you’d like to hear me on other people’s shows. e mail? Email Rhys Irish. I know you see these hours right now. You see real Irish everywhere. Email, email, email me. But you’re really emailing Rhys Irish when you go to tell my story.io but I actually read pretty much everything out there. I’m serious. It’s like no joke. Not me. What do you mean? What? Well, finally, you answered. Sorry, man. There’s a lot of messages coming in from like 1000 different states. I don’t even know about that. There was only 50 states But but some somebody said they were from Ohio State. And, and that’s pretty credible. I’m gonna look that up. So Who here thinks that they’ve done something more crazy than me or been through something more crazy than me? I would love for you to email me your topics and go to tell my story.io and email me. And why did you join this? seals? Hey, thank you, Roger. I joined this house because I knew it was my destiny. When you know your call when you know from the bottom of your heart, you’re supposed to be a seal. I joined to go to war. And when I can no longer go to where I got out. That’s what happened. Okay, I’m from Australia, man. That’s it. That’s incredible. message me, please. I just want to hear somebody from Australia’s voice on health risk. When you’re on house arrest, basically, why would I pay somebody $200 reward? I’ll pay us what reads if you’ve been drinking brother, then we’re gonna have problems because I can’t I can’t do this podcast if you’re drinking and writing things to me. This is the kind of stuff I got to deal with all day with Rhys. He said, Okay, okay. Okay, I got I got it. Here’s what here’s a reason wants me to tell you. Listen. If you if you think Here it is. Who thinks that they have been through something more crazy than me? And if you do if you have, okay, I want you to tell me. Okay. In I swear to you right now. On my word. I like this. Good job. Nice job. And I’m glad you didn’t put another zero there because I couldn’t say that. But I’ll give you a $200 word and a free t shirt. If a free t shirt that I’m coming out with that you’re I promise you you’ve never seen t shirts like this and I promise you that when you have them I Stacy I want you to wear one. I want everybody wear one. And starfish Of course. Listen to $100 reward. There’s not my there’s no t shirts

yet, but they’re coming. Reese. They’re coming. I can tell people that there’s t shirts. If they’re coming if they’re being made. Oh my Lord. Wow. Wow. Anyways, $200 reward.

If you can, if you tell me something that I go, Wow. You’re right. That’s more crazy than what I’ve had. If you have a story more crazy than me. Yes, I’ve been wounded in combat. I got hit by a cheat sheet calm and 89 grenade that has about 1600 fragmentation of BBs in it. They’re still stuck in my gang in here in my left leg, you know no big deal. There’s cheap grenades they throw at you. I was playing good a tennis and he lost but I kind of did to the HMI the Humvee door was open, they were getting over ran. And you don’t want to sit in your vehicle when you’re getting over ram or they’ll toss grenades in your turret and that’s a great word that they compressed a Christina thank you for just joining me on Instagram. The compression is devastating. So you so the last thing you want to be doing is chilling in your Hummer and a grenade is thrown they just wrote they walk by and just toss a grenade in your turret right or run back and they try to do that bounced off hit next to the ground underneath the truck course it didn’t hurt hurt us a little grenade like that. But I decided to get out bang it out like a real man. You know I’m saying and I got smacked for the first time and a couple years there. And then I thought I was like invincible. And then when I got hit, I was like oh, I was like Dang, go back. No Dang, bro.

What the heck? What the heck was that? Like? Because it burned so that 20 $200 a $200 reward. I’ll pay you. Basically I’m gonna man that’s messed up, bro.

I’ll pay you 200 bucks. If you can tell me. If you can tell me something that you’ve done. That’s more crazy. To me. It has to be verifiable. I can tell if you’re lying to me. I don’t need to see documents. Just like john McAfee. I’m a lot like him. You know, I don’t need to see documents. I don’t need to see proof. All I need is is your eyes or your story and I’ll just be like, Yeah, right. You know, keep in mind, don’t even submit your story. Unless you really think you’re gonna win. It’s gonna be a waste your time. You will be interviewed. on my show, perhaps. Okay. What else? Hey, thank you for sin. Daniel. Thank you for sending that message about the crown called cm. What an incredible thing, man. I think God’s doing wonderful things here with starfish just asked what’s your favorite memory? Sorry, I’m only camera for this podcast. But uh, what’s your favorite memory from childhood? I’ll tell you my favorite memory from childhood is my I’ll never Forget, I was really, really small. And this is about the only piece I had in my life. God granted me extreme peace when I was really small and I can barely stand up. But I can remember my dad coming in wake me up. And he carried him and care me, they would get the suburban, this old 1980s suburban I was born in 81. And they would turn on the suburban and ice cold winter in at like 330 in the morning. And then they would, they would lay by the cushions down, and they would put these thick blankets down as a big bed for me, my little brother who passed away, and my sister, and we were going to Disneyland.

And they would say, son, we’re going to Disneyland The next day, you know? And we’d like yeah,

it was like a three day drive to California from a couple day drive from California. Thank you, Heather, for connecting with me. on LinkedIn, I think, sorry. We can enter the link into that’s cool, man. What’s LinkedIn? Just kidding. But the BI dad would come wake us up at three in the morning or four in the morning, because we want to get on a road early. He would get me he would carry me to the to the potty. He would stand me up. And I would like try to pee like this.

It was because I was so tired. You know, I was like the glue. But I was paying and I remember paying and I was like, Thank you God.

Thank you. Thank you because I remember having this connection with God and saying thank you for for blessing me with his family and being able to go to Disney World. I was so thankful for that. And that’s my most amazing memory is him. Carry me to the car laying me down the back. And we wake up halfway to Disneyland in Arizona. What an incredible memory. That’s that’s my most incredible right? If you have a submission to make, we’re going to do an AI interview. Okay, and we’re going to talk about your crazy story. If you got more crazy story for me, we’re going to announce it full disclosure and then I’m going to pay you 200 bucks symbols that that will make Bz pay you 200 bucks for saying that. What else we got McAfee, McAfee, McAfee McAfee. I’ll tell you this much right now where you are who is whoever’s out there right now Saturday this this what is it Friday night or Saturday? See this. You don’t even know if it’s what data is on houses. So check it out. Try to say this in a row. It’s taken me a couple of years, McAfee, McAfee, McAfee McAfee maxy maxy maxy Maggie,

trying to say it maxy maxy, maxy, maxy, maxy, maxy, maxy, maxy, maxy, maxy, john McAfee, McAfee, McAfee, john vaccine McAfee, McAfee, McAfee

is hard. Trusting McAfee, like straight up three times, McAfee, McAfee, McAfee john and then when you get the McAfee man I used to play the drums so for eight years.

So Mac the Mac the McAfee, McAfee, McAfee, McAfee vector john McAfee, McAfee McAfee. Y’all did like McAfee, McAfee McAfee john McAfee Maxi Maxi john McAfee max me.

Are you with me? Try to do it. Try. I’ll pay you 12 bucks and you can do it right now. No, I’m just kidding.

McAfee McAfee McAfee is it’s difficult, man. It’s a hard thing. They had a rap. They had a rap group come out. And they were doing that they were like Mac the iMac the iMac the john Mac the iMac? Don’t mess with my dogs don’t mess with my dogs. You know what I mean? It was cool, man. Would you say mbz you will learn how to play drums. I’ll teach you how to play the drums. mega mega mega dome. So let’s see. Have I been to the banana show?

Man? Man. We’re gonna answer that man. You know I have. All right. You can tell about murders. I can’t. I don’t know what that means. But you can tell about murders. I can’t. How do I know that you can’t talk about murders. Anybody who has a name like non shear without a profile picture probably can talk a little bit about serial killing. Maybe not murders. Next question.

I sent you a message about the crop man. I really appreciate that starfish. Appreciate your question. That was a great question that was prolific. Can I read your story somewhere? I’m actually I’m working on like the little bio and stuff I’ve wrote a lot in my life. I’ve actually you know it for as much as I’ve written I’ve written 1000s of papers 1000s of points and like crazy. So I got 990 something points and stuff like that, but I just never published them. You know? You ever been to a chicken? kickin, sir. I’ve been to about every legal event you could go to thank you. Serial Killer. What did you get on house rents for what’s up Joe? Hey, man, it’s you can google me. I’m Jimmy. I’m connected with john McAfee. And I got a I do have a couple books out actually. I never published them. But I do have a couple actually. They’re just from my own memoirs and stuff. Thank you. Mike. Munster was my boy. Whoa, Joe Navy ain’t mad respect to you. I did not know. Michael monsour. But that man, what he wrote. You know, a lot of people want to say that they could roll over on a grenade and for like a real grenade further friends. But, I mean, who could really do that? I went on fox news tv shows. So the three gunmen, we know my real name. And who I am. I went on the fox news tv show. So the three gunman wouldn’t know my real name and who I am. I wish I was smarter to interpret some of this. What is one sport you cannot tolerate watching? Oh, that’s a difficult one. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m not really into sports that much. You know, saying? I skate is Hard. Hard. Really hard. Because I used to be asking champion. And you know, they said hey, Jimmy are to muscle up and I said, Okay, you know, breaking the ice, whatever. What else do you guys, girls, what else we got? What do you think of what is going on in Afghanistan? I don’t know what’s going on. Any spit is suspicious activity being on a jar house arrest and involvement.

involvement with McAfee? Well, I mean, I’m on house arrest. I was arrested by like 15 FBI agents. And thanks, Steven for follow me on Instagram. You know, that’s that as bad as it gets, you know, in this room. What is my Instagram? Basie? What’s my Instagram? pleasee peasy. I’ll tell you in a second. Thanks.

Will you continue to post after you’re off house rose? You know what? Somebody else say that today? And it dawned on me that I think people think that like I’m just going to upskill Seattle after I’m off house arrest. Listen. What part of I love you Don’t you realize? Uh, I’m gonna go full blown. I’m gonna go full ham. When I get off house risk. Think about it. This is me on house arrest. Think about that. You feel exiled? I do. I feel xR from my country and from society. For many reasons, you know, Eddie, Jimmy Watson podcast is my Instagram. Thank you so much. Other people rants for me. Thank you so much for that. Jimmy, I really appreciate you saying that. You know does get bigger. When do you get off howitzers? I don’t know yet. Hopefully really soon. Basie is going to feel me when you’re free base we’re going to have a talk after this because I don’t know what that means. And that’s just strange. Really, really strange. Why would you say that? Why? Because you know I’m gonna read out loud and then later go man, what are you doing? I don’t know what that means. And it sounds disgusting. Bz is going to film you when you’re free.

Who says that? This is the guy have run the show. This is the guy that I have wrote in my showrunner he says things like

basically is going to feel me when you’re free. I think you meant to text that to somebody else Bz

stay focused on the job. Wow. Hello from Washington State God is with you. Thank you so much. pn I think that you you’ve messaged me for I really appreciate your support. Come on are these these off the chain? I’m gonna tell busy. I can’t cut you in on this deal dog anymore. If you’re going to be saying Bz is gonna film you for free. Nobody wants you to film them bro. Like that. Not in your office free. Easy I don’t know what that means bro. Man. Can you believe that? You will believe this guy I know busy he’s the coolest dude ever man but but sometimes I got to rein him in like he just like I’m like I got this big. I got 20 screens going on. And busy is like you know he gets this great. He can set up websites do all this crazy stuff. And then all sudden he says busy is going to film you in your office. And I’m like busy you’re in California and you That’s strange, creepy thing to say right now. Probably not. What was my birds class. I started with two h And I finished with to a three. Next question. He’s got the couch. He ain’t even coming over. starfish. I’m not letting anybody come over who messages me? He says he’s gonna feel me something really stupid. Oh, just kidding man. Employee Bz is a little freaky, bro. I’m just getting busy, not freaking busy as a he’s a mastermind plan and a buddy these messages are hilarious because he’s trying to convey his message. He’s basically trying to say that we are going to film the interview it of whoever has a worse story than me and then campaign. We’re going to pay him $200 that’s what he was trying to say. I was joking around. He’s really funny. He’s like one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. Okay.

He said, what was the F? He says, Okay, thank you for your service brother.

I watch every video. And this man has yet to tell us why he’s on house rose. Bow. I’m not going to tell you I’m why my house rules now because I’ve said it 5000 times. Okay, good night. Mom. meatloaf. Yes, Mom, please.

I need water. I’ve been here. I’m dying. I can’t even drink. I’m dehydrated. This is my dad’s office. By the way. He’s gonna kill me. He’s got his TAC marks all over the wall from this. This flag that was made in China. You know our country’s in bad shape.

Okay, go smoke weed. I don’t know what you’re talking about. The You know, this, this flag is supposed to say is right here. But that’s the problem. America and China made this flag. We’re in bad shape.

I learned a flag. It’s made in China. It’s a Navy SEAL chip flag. We’re bad shape. I put it up there as a statement. Actually. You’re going to feel like your man. I feel good right now. Reese Reese just said you’re gonna feel bad later, man. I’m like, you shouldn’t have said that. Listen, race. It was fine, man. I had to say it was the funniest thing I’ve ever said. I think Bz is a stand up guy. I’m joking around, you know and Joe Garner. Thank you, Adrian for joining. Let me tell you right now. Okay, let’s get back to it. I’ve watched every video in this man has yet to tell us why he’s on house rose. Well, first of all, thank you for calling me a man at least that was nice. To answer your question. I’m invincible. 74 that’s a broad name, courageous name. It I’m on house arrest in connection to john McAfee. I received the same indictment as john McAfee. If you watch my videos truly, then you will know that I said that my record is public. I hide nothing from no man. Except for my situation would develop center. Which I’ll probably tell that story to thank you. My Instagram is at Jimmy Watson podcast are what Reese was really saying and I was joking around with you and he was saying that we are going to feel the interview of anyone who this is a challenge for you. Anyone that has a more crazy story than me. I want you to submit your information to tell my story that I Oh, thank you mom. And and I want you to submit that thing. You’re going to get 200 bucks in a free t shirt when they’re made and what I receivers were saying was that we’re going to do a video podcast of it. We’re going to interview we’re not recess not the T shirt. I know I just I just made the disclosure that we’re not doing a T shirt and we’re not in a competition cool Well, thank you for your service. Thank you very much. I got cool off man you are you vaccinated with anthrax? Yes. Blue with US Marines I did the only USS cola um there’s so many stories on Mac and so many stories about that we can talk about it you know just feel free to like zap me with anything the little Jimmy gets stuck in the bell center you know little Jimmy got stuck in the build center. I’ve had other fellows he’ll say haha how’d you get your you know what caught Bell center and I said, and I would say,

well, you don’t you will never know. Willie, you know what I’m saying? Like, I got mine stuck in there for a reason. You know what I’m saying? Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

I’m really unbelievable. you summon some of these people man on here. Well, what would you do with? What would you do in Jodi’s address? That, okay, I’ll take it back what everything that really says, compared to what you just said, is absolutely incoherent. Um, why are you on houses? Yes, I know. Jimmy, what do you know about Freemasonry? Man, I’ve done now install that stuff. I’m not into that stuff. I think it’s like, I think it’s like kind of cultish. And I’d stay away from home too. So what’s up, man? What’s going on? What’s your advice, today’s youth, my advice in today’s youth is our My advice to today’s you would be to, to pick out something that you want to do in this life and go for it all the way. And that may seem cliche, but I’m telling you pick it out, you may not hit it, it may be the opposite of what you’re meant to be. But you’re moving forward in a direction. The saddest thing I’ve seen is kids without direction without a dad and stuff, you know, that they don’t have like a lot of direction, and they got to have strong moms, you know, to get them out there. And so it’s it’s sad, but but my biggest advice for the youth today is that, you know, first of all, they need mentors, they need true men and women to step up to the plate and mentor them and give them direction. You know that. And I can’t speak about females because I’m not one. But but my main thing there is, is there’s a certain amount of years that a young man has to kill off in his in his youth in his 20s. And once if he can’t kill those off, he can go down a bad path. And so that’s why that’s why I would suggest if you’re not you know, dead set as a young man, going to college and getting a technical degree are something that’s really going to be useful right. Then Then you absolutely need to go probably to the military to get a foundation to kill the burn off those years. Those rambunctious years and stuff. It did wonders for me. It was amazing. The understatement at HR fed federal, thank you. federally no joke. I said grow but it’s a probation officer for federal rules for state, but it’s for its federal banks. What unit were you in while you in the USMC? I was in a first Marines first division. And I was in first Marines. For the first Sorry, I was in the first Marines skin like first Marines first Battalion, first Marines Third Battalion, I was in the thundering third. And then I was in first March, Dave. And I did to do two points. So yeah, that’s fine. Yeah, let’s go at the end a lot podcasts on backseat. I think we’ve we’ve we’ve done that. Sometimes the stories are there, the weekend in that these we can eat, we can go ahead in the live feed on on the podcast. So I really appreciate you coming on the Live podcast. For all you my fellow tick talkers. I’m just chilling here just hanging out with you on health risk. But I really appreciate you showing up tonight. And get on take talk Follow me. Thank

you very much. There’s many more stories to really be liberated. You don’t want to we’ll be I’m going to be deliberating soon. Take care. Take care. There’s my dude big respect and bless his brother touchpoint. Love it. Do you post on YouTube? Absolutely. We’ve been

posting on YouTube for two days now. But they’re basically all the the Live podcast that we’ve been doing in all the


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