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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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Good luck, good luck with

my supervisors. Life is all about perspective, check it out. Kind of do things out of order. Hello, everyone, this is our third or fourth live, podcast and tick talk. And I just appreciate everyone coming on board. This Live podcast, what I’m going to be doing is turning on the live tic Tock right now. And if you’ve missed my podcast before, or the other live sessions, I asked you to please go to tell my story.io we’re pretty new. But we’re blowing up together. I call it algorithm busting. And that’s what we’re doing right now. There’s a lot of people coming on board, the tick tock channel, right now we’re live. You can’t see it on the podcast side, but there’s a lot of people sending messages. And so sometimes I’ll be reading those messages and, and be able to start and that’s what’s going on there. So if anyone’s been seeing thing all you got to do really easy, go to tell my story.io and now Tick Tock is online. So we’re all live together, we’re like on five or six platforms. You know, tick tock is an incredible platform I didn’t know much about it wasn’t allowed to have social media in the Navy and but now that I that I am going crazy with it on house arrest, I would like to address the house arrest issue. So I don’t keep on going back to it and having to explain myself and and, and so I hope as people come on here, they’ll they’ll hang on for the ride. And they’ll we’ll get to the meaty stuff. We’re going to talk about God. We’re going to talk about war. And we’re going to talk about your destiny and I hope by the end of this podcast, and by the end of this live session on tik tok, you’re actually going to know how to access your true calling and destiny. I actually have the secret and I’m going to give it to you. How many people have said that probably and been lying through their teeth. I’m not getting paid for this. Although there is a Donate button, apply feed buzz with that and donate most of it to operation rescue operation restored warrior By the way, so you can find everything on tell my story.io Thank you for everybody being here. No crypto pumping dumps, right. This person said sometimes I can’t see us. yells names but Anna Morales said no crypto pump and dumps right. This is a no crypto pump and dump scheme, the video session podcast influencer, whatever you want to call it. I want to be far far far from those words. I don’t want anything to do with fraud pump and dump scheme to defraud, conspiracy. This is this. Most of you tick talkers know what conspiracy means. But it’s not the conspiracy that I know what that means. Whatever that means. The reason why I’m putting my hands up is because I got arrested by the FBI about several months ago, and it’s just sometimes I have that reaction still. I was with my mom at a diner not too long ago. And about 15 FBI agents stormed the place, right? We were walking out when I was outside. And super nice guys, you know, really super professional actually. And I’m not just saying that amazing, actually. And they put me in handcuffs. I of course I didn’t run or fight. I was I was about to leave the country. I was running for myself and God. That’s about it. But it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. And you can find all my indictments, the litany of them and all that stuff online. I am by no means glorifying that at all. It’s been a terrible experience. I don’t wish it on anyone. I was in a federal penitentiary and now I’m on house arrest. This is in connection to the late john McAfee rest in peace, john and my heart.


wishes of remorse and sadness. And, and you know, sadness goes out to Janice Janice’s, the late john McAfee’s spouse if she’s watching right now, who I knew well, okay, so Ah, yes, the legend himself. So this person brandy says Do you know the guy with the curl on his head and golden tickets? You don’t I don’t think I’ve ever been stuck like this I don’t think I’ve ever been stumped with a question. I don’t even know what to say that. Can you repeat the question as the late john McAfee would say, sometimes people would have this like amazing presentation. And they would come to kind of throw tomatoes on John’s face. john was the big the number one crypto influencer, you get a million Twitter followers. And 75% of his Twitter volume did exactly what he said. Now that’s huge. Right? And that’s kind of scary. Now. Are there certain types of speakers in this world? You have like the john F. Kennedy’s, you have the President Obama’s, you have certain, you know, Teddy Roosevelt’s up like that Abraham Lincoln that had the speeches, these incredible speeches, but they don’t necessarily change your mind. Now, there’s another elite group of speeches of speakers who conducted and articulated their message so well, in so articulate that a changed everyone’s mind that it changed entire nations, in some cases, entire cultures, and then in rare cases, the world in that order. Hitler, he changed the nation. I mean, he turned that nation into thinking insane thoughts. Then you have Martin Luther King who changed the art cultures, with our culture with his speeches, incredible speeches from the heart he really heartfelt and then you have a Jesus who changed the world whether you believe in him or not, he did live whether you believe in Him as as deity is on your own but but he did in fact, live in even the the secular, even ideas and secular community can’t doesn’t deny that he absolutely one person was was crucified. And I’ll tell you, I come from a team guy and guy that’s been in a few places and a few bad places, and been under a lot of pressure and a lot of different situations. You don’t go to the cross, you don’t get crucified. Unless you You definitely believe it on your own. So whether or not you believe in him, he absolutely believed that what he was saying was so real. It’s so true. He was willing to go to the cross for it, because he could have any points that now I’m not the Messiah. And they’d be like, they didn’t want to didn’t want to restart the pilot. And so, so my point was, is john McAfee, I would venture to say, was teetering, teetering on the edge of being such an influential person with his speech, he could change your mind. That’s pretty scary. And so I think john McAfee was in that crowd, that Martin Luther King, Hitler, Jesus arena, where he could change your, your whole perspective and in life, with his speech with his words, many times after speeches, he would say, people would come up to me and say, it was like, he was staring at me. He was looking directly at me. And we had this like, connection, just me and him. And I’m going, Man, I’ve heard this so many times, like I’ve heard, like, 50 people say that today. It’s scary. You’re not the only one. So let me get right into this. I want to tell everyone how much I love them. And I’m

sincere about that. It may be because I just have that kind of love and peace now.

From a situation that I was in. Like I said, being arrested by the FBI was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Because it was like, you know, Jonah when he’s when he’s on a mission from God, and he gets thrown over the side, and then the belly in the belly of the well, and he’s in there for three or four or five days. And then the whale spits him out. He’s like, Okay, all right. You caught me. You know, the FBI. They got me. threw me in the pan. I put me on house arrest. A little kid came over last night. My mom He keeps on asking this kid really wants to talk to Jimmy. And he keeps on asking you, Jimmy. He’s gonna ask you just just get ready. He’s gonna ask you, why are you on house arrest he keeps on asking his mommy and I go Mom, stop trying to scheme. Someone who’s been accused of schemes and seventh grade stuff. You know, just telling the truth. I was put up, I was put on adult, um, timeout. He knows what timeout is. Stop trying to you know, you bought a toy and you didn’t know the toy was broken. Then you took the toy home and now it hurts you and now you’re suing this guy. I said, Just tell him I was put in adult time out. touch point, touch point and touch point. A lot of people not a great fighters and tick doctors are coming in. Listen, if you’re listening to this podcast, and you don’t know what Tick Tock ears are, you’ve heard it, or you just looked at Tick Tock and you’ve said, Man, it looks really complex. I’m telling you right now. And I’m not getting I’m not advertising for takeout. But they’re It’s amazing. It’s fun. It seems complex the editing, but it’s super easy. You can pick out this music. It’s so easy. Okay, a monkey like myself could figure it out. And that is saying a lot. Okay? This person fell Knight says perfect love is when you die for someone to live. Jesus the unpublished limb lay down his life for all. You know, listen, I do I try to be real talk. You know it. You’re exactly right, you know, fallen night. You’re exactly right. The Scripture says, A Greater love hath no man than this, or a woman that a man lay down his love for his friend. That’s in Second Timothy somewhere. That is so true. And I can’t imagine a great love in that in the seal teams and in war, because I’ve experienced that, where someone lays down their life for some other person in a comrade. And there is no greater love than math. So I agree with you there. Thank you for that. And we can discuss more of that here in a bit. This person said, and I’ll take any question, I don’t avoid the hard questions. And I actually enjoy strange hard questions are ones that like try to smash me with a tone tomato, because like I told you, you know, sometimes like a hit. You know what I mean? touch point. This person said, This person says that the only easy day was yesterday. That’s the same for the navy seals. And you are right. The only easy day was yesterday. And that’s in the Navy SEALs, but it doesn’t have to be like that for you today. That’s in the seals. And that’s true. But it doesn’t have to be locked in for you. How long? Here it is. Do you like Joe Biden? I respect every president


I, I dislike a lot of policies. And I just don’t know how much he has to do with with the with the stuff that’s going on as far as like influencing stuff. As a person as a human being. I love the guy as as, as a leader of our country. I think there could be somebody way, way better at that and more coherent on doing this job. I mean, that’s that’s pretty much how it is right? He’s not the president. Maybe we were talking about someone else who when we, when we told my Uncle Joe, oh, Uncle Joe, he’s cool. He would just like, I mean, we you know, some forgive some things here and there, but whatever. Okay. A lot of people talking trash. Alright. Rage 2005. You have to be a Trump fan. I’m ready for the real president. Come back. The fake Biden needs to go. Hey, I’m trying not to get too much in politics here. You know, me. I definitely supported Trump. And I don’t I always thought that anyone who judges words, anyone like I said, I get let’s say I sent a message out a comment out and I misspelled lasagna the other day, this person goes, You can’t be real because you misspelled lasagna. Well, one time I spell spaghetti backwards bro. And unfortunately, that was the neurological test to determine whether or not I had an arterial gas embolism when I got in a visit for search and seizure accident in the Navy SEALs season out in the water. Unfortunately, I spilled spaghetti backwards The first time I don’t know how to spell spaghetti for I spell it backwards correctly. Oh, They don’t put me in the dark for an irrational brain damage, blah, blah, blah, get put in triple tripler Army Medical, and then I have brain damage for a while. So let’s not concentrate too much on spelling of words because it can lead to a traumatic That’s what I’m saying. You know what I’m saying, guys?


this person said, it’s sometimes I can’t read the names because it’s so small. Sorry. Is McAfee still alive? Of course he is. I don’t know. I don’t know. We don’t know. You don’t know, either. You obviously was murdered. Right? Um, so what I want to talk about, I thank you for bringing that up right now. And if you’re just coming on board, tonight, I want to tell you something, the podcast people I want. If you haven’t heard of Tick tock, or you or you want to come on, tick, target and join this incredible thing. All you have to remember is mighty warrior. mighty warrior. 2021. That’s the handle. Get on there. Whether you follow me or not, that’s different. But remember mighty warrior where you can come on board and you can look at everything right? So God bless you to everybody. crazy story. You’re awesome, man. Shout out to us MC, you know, the United States Marine Corps where I got my foundation and Semper Fi to you. But I want to appreciate you for asking that question about john McAfee. And I want to touch on jacket john McAfee for a bit. Okay. Now, if you don’t know about john McAfee, he was the lead crypto influencer, created the McAfee antivirus. By the way, I asked him, How did you create that McAfee antivirus because I was like a son. I was living with you for a long time. And he said, Son, I just took it out of here. You know, like the matrix those all those numbers. dTT did like programs coding, with all the screen numbers as well. They were all floating in the air. And he said coming by him. He said were other programmers saw a two dimensional, I see in three dimensional. And he said I just took it out of the air and wrote it down on a napkin and started selling the the CDs to clean your computer. He probably created the bug first. He’s so dang smart. And then he and then he made the anti virus to fix it. I mean, what did you do that if you were super genius, he created the software that we know today for the for Amtrak and all the trains high on serious drugs, DMT and mushrooms and stuff. And you’re fired, but they kept a software that was nice. Isn’t that isn’t that like a really bad employer to fire you but to keep your software you create it for him high on drugs. Anyways, john McAfee. He was very centric and very interesting. But he wanted me one day. He said, Son, I want you to I want Rebecca, thank you for following me. That’s through the podcast that’s through Instagram. See, we’re launching on Instagram and we’re in john McAfee camp. He said, Son, I want you to buy me a lighthouse. And I said, Oh gosh, I said, I mean, the guy drank two bottles of scotch a day, two or three, you know, cigarettes lit backwards at one time the catches on fire here. You know,

Chris goos thank you for following me on Instagram. And check it out. And so so john, if he wants me to buy a right house,

and so I’m like, and I sorry, guys, I see all your stuff coming in. Thank you. Thank you for your comments. JOHN McAfee wants me to buy my house. So I started doing this six month to eight month long research on trying to buy him a lighthouse for cash. Do you know how difficult it is to buy a lighthouse in America? Do you know how difficult it is to buy a lighthouse in Canada or Mexico America? And did you know it was even more difficult times 1000 Thank you Brady. For volley me on instagram just now getting notifications. Do you know how hard it is triple hard to buy a lighthouse in the world to find one it first of all they’re on they’re on government property or the audit or the state’s own them in the in the in the in their own buying like state parks and stuff? You can you can’t buy them. If you can let me know. Email me, let me know I can’t afford one. But I would love to take my little turkey bus aka turkey Roshi up in there one day, because strangely enough, he would always want updates and in on buying this lighthouse. And I was curious one day and I said Sir, I’m having a hard time. I to disappoint you, but I just can’t find a lighthouse for you to buy. I mean, this is becoming an incredible job. And, and I said, Why do you want a lighthouse? Okay, if you bear with me and if you’re coming on right now, thank you that you’ve come on board. If you bear with this story, you might find your destiny to not your calling. You might just find a way to I’m going to give you a strategy and I’m going to give you perhaps something that you will never forget through this story. Okay, it’s not just to lead you on. I’m going somewhere here. So this live house I can’t find I asked john McAfee, sir. What is it about this lighthouse? Why do you want he said because it’s the safest place in the world. It’s the safest place in the world. He goes, think about it. It can withstand any storm. It can withstand the most fierce hurricane torrential winds, it’s cylindrical, right? It’s so the wind just wraps around it. Well, it’s got the coolest paint job in the world, that spiral thing. It looks like, I mean, I mean, I’m not going there for a haircut. But that’s pretty cool. Right? And so, so you can’t buy him though. And but they can withstand any, any circumstance. And so it was fascinating to him because it was safety. All john McAfee wanted to be was he just craved for peace in some kind of semblance of peace and security. And so he wanted to go inside that lighthouse, shut the door, you know, get supplies from some barge ship, or a helicopter. You know, he just wanted to feel safe. You know what I mean? And if you notice, lighthouses are are there and they can withstand any storm. They’re not for sale. And they shine a huge light. In what are those two? The two reasons why the lighthouse is shining so bright. During the night in the storm, why do you think that lighthouse is doing that? Go beyond the surface here and don’t just say wow, as the lighthouse is there to warn you of impending doom. And the lighthouse is there to get to guide you into safe harbors. Now I want you to remember those two things. As I move on to my next point. Okay.


point is fast forward. I get arrested by the FBI. Unlike a hands hands, let me see your hands are showing my hands. I’m on the receiving end of my touch point always on my third point. This time I’m like turn around you know, and they you know, they escort me and I go to federal penitentiary for just a little bit no big deal. I by the grace of God a Texas judge Let’s meet Let’s be on an incorporation Let’s meet on house arrest to do my time in the house while pinning Trump these things can’t talk about it. But that you know, I was two days away. For from leaving. Hi, everyone. Hi. I appreciate you coming in. Right. There’s so many people coming in right now. This is the full reason that I had a lighthouse tattooed on my arm. Thank you so much for saying that. Thank you so much for saying that. There’s people coming in with I’ve got a lighthouse tattooed on my arm. That’s your this is no coincidence. If you’re watching me right now, then it’s just it’s not coincidence that you’re watching me right now. If you’re watching me right now, I want to tell you something that you that I want you to stop for a second and listen to this story. Because nothing. Nothing is coincidence when you’re talking to Jimmy. Okay? Because the fact that you can see this means it’s not too late. Stop thinking it’s too late. It’s not too late. You’re not too far overboard. And the storm has not sunk you. Baby if you weren’t watching this right now. The storm is sunk you are sinking you and that’s the time to worry. Maybe you have a friend that you can call right now and say get on board. I’m telling you I found the lighthouse. I found a beacon going being being being out in the dark night. Listen, john McAfee said some You are a Last Ship in the night. In the dark waves are crashing over your bow. And you have no hope. Because you’re lost in the darkness in this black sea in the storm of night. And I broke down crying. Because he was sitting across from me when he told me this good straight in my eyes. And he could read you. He could read you there. You could not, you cannot hide anything from him. This is the second day I met him. And I’m shocked about this. I was a security shaken because he stared at me disclosed telling me I’m the last ship and then I never I just got other navy seals, right? I mean, what’s going on? How many knows? And I broke down. I said, but I almost said, How did you know that? But he said it for me. He said, How did I know that? And I said, Yeah. And he said, because that’s exactly who I am. In so today I know what it’s like supervising, I know what it’s like to be a Last Ship in the night. And you may be saying Yeah, but you don’t know my circumstance. Be careful. Be very careful to judge a book by its cover, or to think or to think that I don’t know about suffering or pain or misery. Both physically, mentally, and spiritual vexation in anguish. Midianites and just our King David said, he,


squirm on his bed like a snake in his pillows, and his couch was full of tears. Every night, I know what it’s like to sleep in a hole for days on end, and then it feels with water. And you still got asleep in it. And I know what it’s like to freeze without the proper gear for long periods of times. That patrols I know what it’s like to be trapped in a vehicle with dead bodies for four hours, thinking you’re going to combust smelling the diesel. Is that diesel I smell? Am I going to combust and burn alive, like the four Marines that are so burned alive in a tank because they couldn’t get out from an EMP explosion in Baghdad, Iraq. I know about pain, and I know about loss. I know what it’s like to go in my mother’s house and have to clean up the mess after my little brother was found dead underneath her covers in her bed on Easter. So I know what it’s like to be a lost ship. And all you have every day, hopefully type of Peel bug that somehow numbs your mind from the pain and loss. So be careful who you judge today. And I’ll be careful too. And we’ll all be friends. And so I knew what it was like to be lost and I was about to leave the country. Two days out from leaving, and I was arrested by the FBI, God’s hand rabbit hole to me. And he’ll grab a hold of you to your hand. Thank you so much. This person just said I’m so sorry for your loss. Brother. Thank you so much. And you know what, though? Thank you, Stacey. Thank you for always supporting Stacey. She said That’s right. You know, everyone here though, is relating to me, because we’re all human. And we’re all relating to each other right now. Every single one of you are going,


All every single one of you are saying I’ve got the same thing going on. I’ve got the same thing going on. I’ve got this issue. I’ve got this I lost this first brother. I lost this sister. I lost this son. Right? This person said I need to take a deep breath. Right? Do we all do this country needs to take a deep breath. This country needs to take a pause halt the patrol marine. Take your time now. Shave Just kidding. don’t shave those joke for Marines. My buddy said the reason why I got the Marines was they halted patrolling Volusia and had to drive check From that moment on, he said, I’m getting out. And that’s exactly why I joined the seals, because we didn’t have to shave so much tonight. Anyways, I get arrested by the fifth 15 FBR. Oh, man, is it frozen? The problem with doing these law feeds, you know is sometimes it freezes up. I hope that I hope that it can come back aboard. But I’m just going to keep speaking because it’s important that I keep moving on for the podcast. But I hope that you guys are able to come back in. I know it’ll come back in. So I get arrested by the FBI. And, and I’m thrown in this federal penitentiary. And but my point is, is I was running from God, just like Jonah was running from his mission and the Bible. If you haven’t read that, read it. In storms are all around. Have you ever noticed? Have you ever noticed why all these stone touch point touch point touch me? Have you ever noticed why all these storms are raging in your life? And it’s like nothing is working out? Have you noticed that? I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why. Nothing is working out. Nothing is working out. Because God is telling you in and he’s having to wrangle you over and over and over. Just like me. He was having to he was having to I’m so sorry. We got a Wi Fi issue. Everybody’s like is froze. And let me see if my internet let’s see if this works. Let’s go on this babyliss this use of some cellular data. Thank you for telling me that everyone.

I’m so sorry for the podcast. And and I hate that is everybody else. Is everybody else here right now. Is that better? Okay. All right. Is everybody here? Can you give me a touch point?

Can you give me a touch point? Oh, man, backup backup homie. All right, we good guys. Stay here. Stay here. It ain’t over. Alright, we’re just gonna back up just a tad bit podcast. I don’t want to lose anybody. All right, we’re back on the Wi Fi. I’ll tell you what, when you. When you tell powerful stories like this, and you’re waiting for your destiny to come through. There’s going to be some storms that come in and try to stop it including the Wi Fi is going to go out. The Wi Fi is going to try to stop you from hearing about your destiny tonight. So here I am the FBI arrest me with with my mom. I mean, thank God, the guns are pointing at us. I’m like, hands hands. Let me see your hands touch point. No, don’t do that. You know. And so you want to say Mom, Mom, you don’t hear that they resonate with a pin. A texted judge lets me out. Thank God, I’m doing my time on house rose. I’m running from the world. And it was so painful because these storms were coming in my life. And I was just telling everybody when this when this thing froze, is that I know about suffering. And I know about pain. And I know what it’s like to feel like every single thing you do is a failure or fails. It’s like right when you feel like you’re you’re right when you feel like you’re just like right on top again, like your your role just continues to crash down. And I truly believe what as far as what happened in my life is that God was doing that he wrangles you in when he loves you. And he will keep on wrangling you in, keep on wrangling you in and it’s gonna be painful. Okay, because he’s making something wonderful. That’s what you with Jonah, Jonah was running from his mission. In a storm comes everybody on the boats? Like why is this storm come? Like what is the storm? You’re like your family? Like, why is this storm around? Like, what do we do? Probably the end of throwing Jonah over the side? in the belly of the whale. I don’t wait into the belly. Well, because see, it’s not that I have a specific mission. I do. But it’s that we all have a mission. Thank you for thank you for telling me thank you for your service. And so bear with me. So we fast forward. I’m on house arrest here. I’ve been running for myself, you cannot run from God. You just can’t do it. You can’t run from God. And so you can’t go to any dark places. He’s there I was in many and in all these different countries. Okay. And so I go to this. I see the my pillow guy on TV, the one that’s like fighting so hard for Trump, you know? And I’m like, this guy is super interesting about election fraud and all this And he’s in he talks about operation restored warrior. And it’s like this incredible place. He said that it was life changing. I do some research. And I ended up going to operation restore warrior. I’ll just put it like this. When I went in to operation restored warrior. They told me that I was going to hear from God, hear from Jesus himself, he was going to restore my heart. And I was gonna know what my calling was. And I was like, You are the biggest phony liars I’ve ever seen in my life. I was charged with conspiracy and fraud. This place is broad, you know, but I sit there across this desk, and I laughed, I said, Guys, I’m sorry. Where I come from. If you say, trust me, that means don’t trust you. Okay? You’re telling me that there’s 100% chance, there’s no such thing as 100% chance to say said, Jimmy. We guess you’re just gonna, we I guess we’re just gonna have to find out in three days. And so, so, Mike, this person said, bro, what is your calling? I’m getting to that I’m about to tell you what my calling is. And I’m about to tell you what yours could be and what yours would a strategy to get there. And so I go to operation resort where it’s only three or four days, and they don’t even like us talking about it like offset, because because you wouldn’t believe it really anyways. Right? until you go there. Well, it’s not just for veterans. And and I want you to reach out to me after this. The world out there listening. Listen to me. I know what it’s like to be a Last Ship in the night. I know what it’s like to contemplate suicide every day. I know what it’s like to lose family members to lose your life. Almost.

I know what it’s like, I know what it’s like, I know what I know these things. I just I’ve been there. I’ve experienced a lot. And God has put me through a lot. So that I can sit here and answer that question, what is your calling? My calling is to be a lighthouse. Jesus, God has created this person right here. As a lighthouse. Remember what I said? Three things. Two things a lighthouse does it one thing a lighthouse is and our lighthouse is can bear any storm a God has created me. But this is about you. But I’m talking about me. God has created me to be a lighthouse for the people. For his people in Jesus told me that specifically. He literally Jesus told me at this operation restore me that I didn’t believe in that I was like, Yeah, right. I’m doing I’m going to hell baptize myself 20 times of meddiet. And then I was hiring cocaine afterwards. Now, I’m not on any meds. I’m not in. And I’m not in any counseling, nothing. Because Jesus transplanted my heart and gave me a new heart. And he spoke to me. And this is what Jesus told me. He said, God, you are a mighty warrior. That’s what I got mighty, we’re 2021. Otherwise, I think that’s kind of arrogant when he said your money. And I am going to use you for both spiritual warfare and kinetic. Okay. And now. And he said that I am going to use you as a lighthouse for the people. And I pray to God, I pray before the sessions actually, that that that the Holy Spirit will to speak to me through through me to you. Because if it’s just me, then you’re not going to get anything out of this. If it’s just me, then does this not point your heart. It’s just like a bunch of rambling. You know, but I pray that you crack your heart open. And that’s what they asked me to do an operation restore aware that when I laughed at him and scoffed at him, they said, Lisa, we know your laugh. And we know you don’t believe us that you’re going to hear from Jesus in your life is going to be changed. But we want to tell you something. They said just we asked you two things, to trust us this much. And to crack your heart open this much. And so I pray right now that you trust me just as much, just as much in that you crack your heart open, female or male. Whoever you are up there, crack your heart open this much. Okay, I don’t care what you’ve been through. And I don’t care what you’re doing right now. Or how long ago you did it. 1000 years is one day to God. You understand that? That means if you change right now, it’s like 1000 years went by you being just a golden child to him. He loves you and he can change you just like you give me he told me you’re going to be a lighthouse. And ever since then, I’m being alive out. So what does the lighthouse do? It’s impenetrable in a storm. He’s made it pretty Benadryl in a bunch of storms for reason. Just to you right now. Destiny right now. Yes. God bless you. This person said Jimmy Gail, that’s my middle name Gail. Guess what Gail means? I used to think Oh man, I don’t want nobody to know my middle name. Jimmy Gail, why would you name your kid Gail ga le It’s weird. Gail is a mighty force of wind. AKA Texas tornado in the Navy SEALs. I liked it. Gail. It all it actually means wild man and Irish, believe it or not, and I am Irish. I know. Do you know any famous seals? That’s messed up? Because that implies that I’m a famous man. Okay. Well, I’ll take that. I’m a couple famous seals, you know, and they’re pretty cool, guys. I think all seals are kind of famous in my book. I like all seals, you know, I mean, I don’t have a problem with the seals. That’s really the truth. You know, we get along pretty good on the team. Sometimes when we get out of teams, we don’t get along so well. And there’s like, either jealousy or measuring up, you know, like our peacock and round. He’s not a real I’m the real deal. Look at my book, you know, but my 20 books, it’s like a candy on everybody’s cool. Whatever I’m here, Rob brown a bunch of books. And so so what is the lighthouse do it it warns you of impending doom, and it guides you into safe harbors in. So what I want to do to you, you just joined by Instagram, you just joined by all these different places. You know, you’re not you don’t have to be a lost ship anymore. You don’t have to be a lost ship in the night. But I really encourage you to go to tell my story.io tell my story.io That’s it. You can email me there. If you if guest appearance, whatever a subject, I want to speak about what you want to speak about, I want to talk about what you want to hear about. I don’t want to I don’t want to do what everybody else is. That’s why I don’t listen to anything I just want to do whatever the people want to do, you know, I’m saying, and so shoot me your shoot me your responses and your questions and stuff. Now this is how you find your destiny. Thank you. If you’ve just joined, tell my story.io please touch point, I’m going to read some of these Jesus’s my touch point. That’s exactly right. You don’t have to be a GPS ankle bracelet like mine, thank God, stand bought shirts and apparel, we’ll be coming out with touch point on it. That’s just the fact. Now, if you’re a veteran or patriot out there, you don’t necessarily have to be a veteran to go to operation restore lawyer restore lawyer. If you want some information or reference there. It’s pretty big waiting list. But if you want some help, please guy or girl, email me or send me a message on Tick tock, and I will do my very best, I promise you from my heart to get with you to help you out to send you some information to just do something for you. Okay? I mean that with all my heart. Now, here’s how. Now here it is. We have 15 minutes left to find your destiny. That’s not bad. Jesus died and rose again on the third day. So within 15 minutes, you can begin your mission. Okay. This person said I had a very similar vision of the Lion of Judah. I had this vision of this lion and it was incredible. It’s one of my stories of Tick Tock. So I asked you that you do go to tick tock, a mighty warrior 2021. And so this person said, God, what does God want me to do? And see? And I really appreciate your question because you keep you going. You’ve asked a couple questions I happen to just read. So there’s my points. It’s like three times now I’ve read your question amongst all the others coming in. And so what does God want you to do? I’m about to tell you. This is what God wants you to do. That. I highly doubt many people have been listening to this because I showed him to do it for years and years. And I kept on going Why won’t you listen to me? Why didn’t I hear you? Well, I cannot hear you. It’s because God your way. Jesus speaks in a quiet still voice. Remember Elijah on the Mount. It wasn’t in the big Firestorm. It wasn’t in the big tornado they came by. It wasn’t in the hurricane of the rocks falling off. It was in a quiet steel voice that he heard. And now you’re part of the one I’ve heard is what No, no, stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me. How you find that quiet voice is the first step. You have to turn your heart to God and say, You know what? Nothing else has worked. Allen Allen Rox boys is incredible. But it’s just not working. Is it? Joel olsteen. Man, he pumps me up. It’s just not working, is it? Nothing is working until you turn your heart towards Jesus and say, okay, nothing else has worked. Who’s this guy? Jesus? By the way, his name is just Shula, who is Yeshua?


who does he work for?


you have to get isolated in quiet. You have to go in a room in the dark. When is the last time sincerely that you took five minutes out of your day? A two to one ratio here. You say Jesus, what do you want me to do now? In my life? What is my calling? And I’m telling you how to do. I’m telling you don’t do this. And you will not find your calling and you will go to your grave. And never do something that changes the world possibly. Can one person change the world? You dang right? One person can we’ve all been part of the living room. pyramid scheme. This ain’t no scheme. This the real deal. Okay, I don’t do schemes. Check it out. One person can change the world if you get quiet in that isolated room and you say okay, Jesus,

whoever you are.

I know that you exist. I know that you exist in the atheists even say that. I know that you exist you went to a cross you at least you went to a cross for what you believed in david koresh, you know, burned down in a in a in a compound for what he believed in. Okay, so, but but let’s just say here, Jesus, I’ve tried everything else. I’ve tried every other voice out there. Maybe Jimmy’s onto something, tell me, tell me what am I supposed to do and then just sit there and be quiet. And then say, all those other voice in my head, including myself, you are no longer allowed in here. Because Jesus is in my heart. When you start to do this, I promise you, I guarantee you 100% or your money back, because you never gave me any which is perfect. Because my word is not for sale. Jesus word is not for sale. My may be I don’t know, book, Jesus word is not for sale. And this is what he’s telling you that Jesus is telling you today. To get quiet. to, to to listen to God to get quiet. Listen to him and ask him. What is my destiny? Okay, that’s what you do. Now, let’s answer some questions. I think somebody just said something terrible about me. You know, I really kind of was hoping somebody would say some bad because you know, right then is when you’re doing something, right? When people start saying bad stuff about you, you’re like, Oh, I’m on target. I’m on target. But if people do this all the time. Good job. You are in for it bad buddy. You’re about to go. Boom. But when people are talking trash about you, I love it. Because it lets me know, Jimmy. You’re I don’t course. Now you can sleep your six hours a night. You know? Thank you. I’m sorry. It’s freezing in night. I’m sorry that the screen is freezing. People buy them like us. You know, that’s that’s what it is. Everyone in the podcast in that’s joined, that we’re live here. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you coming in listening to me. And my stories. This is not just about my stories. It’s about your story. And my story and everyone’s story. If you want to be a mighty warrior for God, all you got to do is, is get in a quiet place and ask him and start it start listening. If you speak for one minute, you allow Jesus to speak two to four minutes. What meeting would you go to, in this world with the top CEO of a company? You know, still laying in your bed going, geez,

we help me.

Now you get up, you get dressed. You come with an expecting heart. You crack your heart, you trust a little bit and you sit there and you get ready for the biggest CEO in the world to talk to you and he’s going to talk to you. If you get serious and he’ll get serious with you. He’ll start to talk to you. You know And I can’t explain what that voice sounds like you will know. You will know. It’s just like an all knowing voice. It’s like, Oh, that’s what a real voice sounds like. Our voices are not real anymore. After that, after you hear God, you realize that our voices are not really real. It’s just like, this is our, what we’re putting out what he’s putting in you is different. Okay? And that’s how, that’s how you begin to change the world, is when you stop focusing on yourself. You say, okay, Jesus, what do you what do you want me to do for you? What do you want me for? What do you want me to do for you? It may require you to go in the arena, it may require you to go to war, like kinetic war, a kinetic war, a physical war, it may require you to go into spiritual warfare. I hope you had a wonderful day to day. Thanks for sharing. Thank you so much. Blanca, love seven to two. Thank you. Yes, and it is a voice from the heart. And I just appreciate you. This person said this dude is accused of stealing millions, sir. It’s a wonderful observation. It’s an honor to meet you. And that’s exactly true. I am accused. Okay, I am accused of stealing millions. Read the Bible and think and find out what it says about who the accuser is. And who the accused is all my love for all you tonight. I really appreciate you got about five more minutes a lot. Now I’m gonna shut it down for now. Because I have a meeting to go to an operation restored. We’re, I can’t tell you what that place be it for me. I can’t tell you if you ever wanted to, to donate to a nonprofit that really actually gets something that was 100%. You know, they only had like four people go. They have a woman’s and a man’s operation restored water. And it’s really, really, really cool. That’s right. This person said only God can judge us. That’s right. That’s the that’s what this person said. This person says innocent till proven guilty. Yeah. Fortunately, you know, a lot of times people consider you guilty. guilty before proven innocent. You know, Hey, what’s up? You’re You’re an awesome guy, man. Served with I. I served in Texas Tech University with him. I went to college with him. He’s a he’s a brain and ours brain. And we have great, great brotherhood together. Satan is the accuser. I don’t say this person just said is that that’s in the Bible, though. Satan is the accuser. Thank you for saying for me. I’m on a pre medicine. I’m a pre medicine student. And I’m stuck between either applying to OCS or medicine, medicine school. Man advice. It’s amazing that you just asked that. And then I just read that I actually did pre med and I failed miserably because I was trying to be someone else. I was trying to be my uncle who was a pediatric anesthesiologist. I was trying to be this person. I was trying to be this or but I knew in my heart, I was supposed to be a navy seal. I just knew it. You probably know in your heart that you’re supposed to do OCS. And you’re you’re it’s it’s quite possible that you’re you’ve gone down this pre medicine thing. Because you took when whenever you told people that you’re going to medicine school, they were like, oh, wow, that’s that’s amazing. Well, that’s cool. You know, when we stop looking for validation from other people and start looking to the only one for validation that matters. Then Then, then we can reach our destinies and goals. I told you how to reach your destiny and not get quiet. Getting that still quiet place. When is the last time anybody gets quiet anymore? You know, it gets in that still quiet place early in the morning. I would do in the morning. Please, if you just joined our view of join tonight, I’m sorry I’ve said this a bunch but please go to tell my story. That IO Bz squeezy is the les Gallus if he’s all he’s been just working hard, and he’s real proud of it. And I am too I can’t believe his work in such

a short period of time. And thank you for all your support tonight. I really appreciate it. This person says watch the tech he says I love your videos. Thank you for your service. without you. We would have no freedom you are needed. Thank you so much. Without you, we would not be needed. Without me. You would not be a man. It’s it’s mutual. Thank you. Thank you. For everyone that’s joined on Instagram tonight, I’ve been seeing all the notifications in everybody else. I want to be your beacon and your lighthouse. And there’s so much more to come. As far as stories. I’ve got a plethora of stories. I’ve got stories that I have to show you the medical documentation or other documentation just to just to prove it before we begin, or you just be like, no, it’s there’s too much. It’s just not possible. It’s not possible but it is good to my take our channel mighty warrior 2021 you should consider motivational speaking to wounded vets. Wow. I would love to end this. I would love to in this Tick Tock armband of you should be a motivational speaker to wounded that. So let me tell you some. I did a significant stay at the dramatic word of James Haley Veterans Hospital, where I saw something way worse than war. And that is worse aftermath. War is no match for her aftermath. I crayon that in a napkin whatnot. And one of the most lonely sad as times in my life. I think some of the PTSD that I got from war was actually from the hospital from what I saw there. It was so tragic. And so when people speak about war and violence, I go Shame on you or I go You don’t know what you’re talking about. And I don’t talk to them about it. Because people just have no idea. The the cost of seeing a paralyzed man from here down burn and all these kids, five kids sit with you every day, but he can’t even touch him. But he knows everything’s perfectly fine here. Can you imagine that? That’s what we’re this. You know, I had to get in this little kiddie pool. Last thing I’ll tell you here and move around. And I’m so mad, I’ll never forget it. Because I was in the hospital, I was feeling real down about myself. I had, you know, when I had to get in this, this physical rehabilitation pool of water, like like we’re with floaties and you’re on 123. And I got in and I just started crawling in the, in the in the corner of the food office, I put my I was like this, you put my head against the wall. And the lady kept calling me the instructor but I couldn’t even cuz I used to rule the waters a navy seal. I used to, I knew the water like like nothing else, you know, I’m saying like nobody else. And now here I’m doing like these little movements in this waist high water. But as I had my foot in the corner like this, look up and out the window, I saw this young 20 year old man. And he was paralyzed from the neck down in one of those really strict wheelchairs, you know, like permanent ones. And he had his 20 year old weekly, his youthful wife in this beautiful sun dress standing next to him with this sippy cup of water with a straw to get to his mouth. And she was feeding in water like this. And I just knew that they had met before the war. And this was the aftermath. And they were still so young. I’ll never forget seeing her with the water bottle giving him water like this over and over. And then beautiful sun dress and him being so incapacitated for the rest of his life. And I stood up and I did the best castings ever that day. And I never really turned back from that moment of a pity party. I had no right to have a pity party, and neither does most people. It can be way worse always in my most respect in an honor to those guys, men and women who have sacrificed so much. Thank you, God bless you all. I would love to close now. Please go tell my story.io or or please thank you for continuing to your support your comments and your love on Tick Tock bodywear 2021 and I just really appreciate you the cost of freedom is being given away by our politicians prove me wrong. We have to stand and now I want to end it on that and your rod we have to stand right now. rise and rise again until we make lamps into Alliance and I want to close on scripture. Um, I would be doing a great disservice if I didn’t tell you this psalms 27 grid by King David said what are what

we have become of me? Had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living. Turn the channel turn the page tonight. Start the day off do tomorrow clear out the ashes in life. A new fire and see and ask Jesus, what do you want me to do today and see what he can do for you. Thank you, God bless. See you. Thank you, everyone.


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