#003 Audio: John McAfee Meets Jesus 8/11/21

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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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shorts I tell you all right. I like this new background. Some people might get angry because the painting is not there. I like to do a Bz deema What’s up, man? How’s that tattooed

going? Brother in Springfield, Missouri. It’s good to see you. Hey, we’re Tick Tock live. This is like our third live session. And my main my main man WBZ squeezy. He’s got his going straight into podcasts in the new website. We’re growing guys. We’re growing. girls and guys. touchpoint touchpoint touchpoint. That’s all I’m seeing right now. Good, homie. us well, deema. I talked to deema yesterday. And let me back up for the cameras. Like I talked to deema yesterday. He’s in Springfield, Missouri. And he’s got the signal advertisement. Like I said, He’s got the coolest, most amazing tattoo artwork I’ve seen less been on TV or something, but I see any difference. So my hat’s off to you.

touch point, breaking snaky touch point. hope you’re well and blessed Jimmy. I’m very well, I want to give a shout out to Jake,

the snake. And everybody that I’ve been able to call make cell phone calls to this week. Like I said, a man of my word. We uh, we’ve been a lot of calls every day. And I’ve been calling somebody every day either a kid who needs help, who needs a hero, adult supervision course. And then generally guys that are trying to go to, to, to go to the arduous Navy SEAL training. And let me tell you something, if I could do it, and if all the guys I know that did it could do it, then you can too. It’s just a matter of not just putting your mind to it. But trust in a higher power because you really need a right and a role standing on the shoulders of giants anyways. Hey, thank you. Be Doc’s be Fox, I love your stuff. Well, I love you starfish six to four. Interesting handle, you’re always supporting and I really appreciate you too. I saw that. Thank you very much. Um, we’re we’re live streaming on on the podcast, and Jimmy. Jimmy wants in podcast.com or you can go to and I want to make this short guest tell us story.io pretty much the same thing is gonna take you to my new website that busy had everything to do with my main man. And, and you can you can go to that site and check out all the platforms, the 1000s of platforms that we’re on now. Okay, I don’t know how many but it looked like it looked like a bunch to me when you’re ADHD colors and stuff on websites. You’re like, wow, it’s cool, you know? But can we get a Texas tornado story? I honestly, and I say honestly, very carefully, because I’m always honest, right? Don’t think that you’re ready for Texas tornado story just yet. Because you just need to be in the right mindset. It’s 10 o’clock eastern time in Texas. You know, there could be

a tornado siren that goes off in Texas here and then all of a sudden, Texas tornadoes gonna roll down and tell you a story. Now they’re all No. Well, I know Georgia Forney seal buddies watching this. He can’t respond because he’s in those specialties. But hey, brother, what’s up? I know you’re watching this. I know you’re laughing to Georgia Hornet. And then there’s hurricane Kay. Now all I know two guys that were named after storms. Hurricane Kate in Texas tornado and that’s not a good thing. That ain’t no bragging. Okay, I see that humbly. had to pay a couple couple repairs for some bars and and it got a couple blackouts in the process. Yes, sir. I was McAfee’s bodyguard too. Yes, sir. Yeah, so use a 406 a tattoo artists from Springfield. Question mark. I believe it’s Springfield, Missouri. deema is there and he is just banging out. Tattoos like you throw a flashbang Osama’s in his house was on dialysis. Yeah. So here’s one. Braxton and I’m just going to take a minute everyone gives. We’re live. We’re live streaming on podcast. And so like, you know, podcasts like what the heck is this guy ramble on about, but I’m doing a live stream on tik tok. It’s a we’re able to read all these cool little things, and I wish it came up on podcast. So I’m gonna read some of these off and then get right back into a story and then answer as many questions as possible. touch point. This shot 2322 What’s up? My brother? What’s your plans for future for work? This route here because I’m tired to be on a house rest and just twiddle my thumbs. You know, just boring it is to be on house. restful, you know, because you’ve been on house arrest with me, actually. Anyways. testpoint Yes. Have you ever? D. I don’t know what that means. Please finish your sentence and translate that for me.

This person said that hard. Did you have a cool? Did you have a? Did you have a cool callsign?

I mean, hos ha us. That’s kind of cool. You never can give yourself. You can’t give yourself callsigns. Like, you know, one time the guy was like, yo, he just showed up to the team here. He’s like, you know, not money. It’s chainsaw, homie. That’s going to be this mob name. And everybody’s like, well, now your name is fairy dust. You refer Yes. Now, everyone’s going to be calling for it. Yes. For the rest of your life now because you just named yourself the chainsaw. That’s what that’s what just happened to you that that just happened. Yep. And so I had a nickname text for NATO. Whatever. Now it’s Jimmy. Now it’s Jimmy Watson. [email protected]. Anyways,

telephone was another touch point. Yes. And I’ll answer that. When

did you get under house arrest for let me get in debt? Where are you? Where are? Where are we stationed? Well, as you were stationed on Mars on our four together, my friend. What did you get her house for is four. I’ll go into that. I’ll go into that. So hey, so before we let me just get into a story real quick. Because I want to keep this podcast safe. This time, besides a bunch of rambling on, you know, where, you know, things are gonna get crazy up in this piece that I would love to get into all kinds of cool stories. One person asked for a paranormal, paranormal story. I mean, that’s my life, you know me. So let me just start by saying thank you for everybody. And I want to start in this story. Okay. I did a small synopsis of this, but I want to do a bigger one. And so here it goes. So, in 2017, in August of 2017, I got out of the Navy SEALs. And I’m sorry for saying that word a lot. But when it’s your life, your whole everything, you know, it’s hard to like get out of box. So So apologize, I could say s e a l u s e a l, you know that that would have How do you spell seals wherever, or whatever you want me to do. But it just you know, you don’t mean touch point. And so I get out in August 2017. And I decided to take the back burner. You know, that beggar wrote with my spouse at the time, because she wants to do with this nonprofit saving sex trafficking children. And so I say, hey, you took the vaccine for me. I mean, I was only home in 2015 for three weeks. That’s like serious deployments and crazy stuff, right? So I want to take the backseat, and so for her and support her now. And well, we’re running out of money. We set up a safe house in California for these sex trafficking girls, and I was doing anti sex trafficking. Pursuing certain cartel members in San Diego County, believe it or not to $800 million dollar a year, sex trafficking rain, they are in San Diego County alone. And so here I am with a great wonderful group of fellows, fellow operators and former team guys for Miramar socked in seals and stuff. And and it wasn’t as sexy as it sounds, you know, like by cartels and stuff, but we were working with internet agencies and cordoning off areas. But, I mean, it was it was cool, but it sounds a lot cooler than it really was. But doable. doing good work out there. And I felt like I was part of a team again, I was scared of the transition. I was gonna make out the teams. I was hills.

And so but the money was running out. And so my buddy calls me, which is an awesome seal. He says, Hey,

bro, he’s like, Hey, bro, he sounds like this. And if you know, if there’s no sales out there and you know this voice, then you probably don’t have it. He’s like, yo, bro was up. And I’m like, Hey, what’s up, dawg? And he’s like, hey, check it out. I was like, Hey, I can’t, I can’t, you know, do whatever you’re thinking is like, No, no, bro. This is cool. I’m not a Danny’s right now. And he’s like, Hey, you know, john McAfee? And I’m like, No, bro. In He’s like, john McAfee look at your computer, bro. anti virus guy. And he’s like, and I’m like, okay, so I go look, and I’m like, oh, that McAfee guy. He’s like, Yeah, he’s paranoid. He wants to seal he wants to best silly that there is to go to go to go guard. Now I’m saying I’m the best. I’m just saying I was out. I just got out. Okay. So I just got out. I get this opportunity. Money’s running out. So I get called in. For john McAfee. He reaches out to me. So he calls me He’s like, Sean, he’s like, I need you right now in my house. Here’s how much you charge. Everything comes down doors, Nike. He’s like, how much do you charge? And I’m like, Well, I’m like, 500,000 a day, depending on depend on your life, the threat of your life, you know, depend on the threat. And that was kind of holding me because I probably would have gone for $10. You know, I was stbd, bro. And so he’s like, what, I only charge my my guys only charge 250 a day. And so he had some guys working there. And he said, my guys are special operations guys. And they only charge 250 a day. My response was pretty bold. And I still don’t know why. I’m why they I still don’t know why I said this. But I said, Hey, sir, it’s your life. And so I said, Alright, dang it. Okay, he’s I come down, but I need you here tonight. And so I went there. And so long story short, that’s how I started working for for McAfee. And that’s how I ended up getting arrested. And that’s why I’m on house arrest right now is in connection to john McAfee. Me and him were the only ones that got charged with a litany of things. In fact, I don’t even can’t remember all the charges. I know that sounds crazy. But if you read them, it’s like hard to comprehend for me. Maybe not you, but you can look them up. It’s public.

And so I get to know him like a song ended up being like a right hand man song and stuff. And he tells me all his personal

stuff and, and some pretty cool stories. And so, so we’re riding in the truck, and he’s drinking and I’m always having to drive and stuff. He’s in his big getaway truck, and he’s got souped up $70,000 aftermarket on it pretty, pretty amazing truck, big jacked up tires, black pickup, you know, not bulletproof, but it’s pretty cool. It’s offered. He’s a smart guy, you know, he said he doesn’t want to SUV. You don’t? Because why would you need an SUV? if, if, if you’re going to get you know, hung up in traffic? No, you want to be able to just go off road all sudden. So pretty smart guy had a huge winch on it later gave me the truck. And so super generous guy. And so we’re on our way back from Roanoke, Virginia, and he’s drinking heavily and he has we sit in the passenger seat and he gives me alcohol, you know, wine or whatever. And we’re drinking in his truck. And he’s like, and they This is the only right I’ll do it. I don’t mess around with nothing. Well, that’s deadly. But what I’m saying is we’re in the trucking is like, a start to tell me this incredible story. And he’s like, you know, Shawn, he says, so he was looking me dead in the eyes. And when he looked at you, you didn’t look away. And so I was staring dead in his eyes. And he’s crystal blue eyes at him. And he was like, Listen, he’s like, Oh, I was in Brazil, or why he decided to do this, but he’s like, I was in Brazil. And I was at the carnival in February years ago. This is before you create a McAfee McAfee antivirus out of nothing. Okay. And he said he was he This is epic story. Okay. And so, this, he said that he wanted to do some drugs, and he wanted to get crazy high off DMT and I was like, what’s that? He’s like, don’t worry about it, you know? And so I’m like, Okay, he’s like, it’s this orange powder that you snort and so he got this orange powder from these from these guys in Brazil. And, and he’s they said, Be careful. And just do like this little bitty much like you measured on grains or something. And so he says, okay, so he goes to his room alone. And he snorts like this tiny little bitty lawn, okay, and I’m not promoting DMT I’m not promoting any of this. I’m just telling you what john McAfee told me. He was dead serious. That’s why I’m telling. And so he starts this little bitty I’m going to show you that truck one day. Okay, so he starts this little bitty line of dust. He says nothing happened. So he said he waited five minutes, the guys told him to be super careful, that was enough to kill an elephant. But he’s like, Hey, you know, I didn’t feel anything. So I just went and did the whole line. So he did the whole thing. And nothing happened. So he’s like, man, I got ripped off. So I moved on. And so he goes and sits down on his coffee table. And all of a sudden,

he said, so I shot up to the moon, that’s I’ve talked to me is like I’ve developed is like, he said, I

shut up to the moon. And I was sitting on top of the moon, you know, in this great, you know, a business space area, I was in total silence, like I was really in space, there’s no sound. And he said, He’s sitting on top of the moon, in a wooden chair. And again, this would ensure that he was sitting in his living room, okay. And all of a sudden, he appears on this moon. And he’s just looking around, and he looks down and he can see Earth, like this big it but yards away, okay. And he’s like, sign up. I go, yes. He said,

I knew that I had just messed up really, really bad. And I was like, Yeah,

for sure. And so he said, For the next two years, he’s stuck in this spirit of loading 100 Thomas, like straight up movie epic, high trip that he can’t come out, come out of like, we’re in back country, man, you know, I mean, and he’s stuck in this in this permanent fly this permanent trip of drugs. In fact, he had a little money because he was a NASA engineer. And he actually developed the highly complex software for, for trains that we know today had the train track system that switches everything, until they kicked him out for doing drugs. But he was the head person with that, but they kept the software that was nice. And so um, so he had some money. So he went, he said, he remember sitting in the bank, if this bank in the bank are doing because he was the rich man in the town. And so he shuffled back the back in the back, but McAfee was so incoherent and babbling, it all he could do was just like live in this sick, twisted nightmare, this permanent trip for any thought that was forever. And he could hear people saying, talking about him and saying that he was gonna die in like this invalid manual, they needed to commit into a home or something. And that he can remember the banker to take him to the back room and the shuffling him out the door in a chauffeur car, because it was so embarrassing. But Maxie had so much money that he was doing this. And so and Maxie talked about just finding himself all of a sudden in this in someone’s car, like he would hitchhike down the road, you know, and it’s not like he was a destitute man, homeless man. But he would find himself in this in this corner with this random girl or man, it just hitching a ride in that he would just wake up and not even know how I got the car. And they’re just talking to him. He’s talking to them and, and he’s scared. He doesn’t know where he is. And he’s totally losing touch with reality. And at the time, he’s married and his daughter is at his, at his house, and in Virginia there. And he said, Son, he said, I was sitting on the bed. And I’ll never forget, I was sitting in the back bedroom, and my wife and my daughter, were boxing up all my stuff. They were boxing everything up in front of him and he’s just sitting there, he could see this entire thing transpire this nightmare. Twilight Zone unfurl under his under his eyes, but he can’t do anything about it. He’s locked in this body. And so they pack up and take all this stuff. He’s telling me to detail. They pack up all this stuff. And I’m just like, Whoa, what he’s in Keep in mind this entire story. He’s just staring at you like this. And you can’t break eye contact with john McAfee. You just don’t do it. You just don’t do it. You know, he he’s he requires the utmost respect. He calls you sir. And so if he’s calling you Sir, he’s got six armed bodyguards paid him 250 Well, me was five a day. Okay, because I negotiated that. Okay, so negotiating Hey, it’s your right sir. You know me anyways, we’re going down the road this big by truck they later gave you and he stared at me. So they bought all my stuff up. And then all of a sudden, he said he said he could hear them as the bosses step up as if that wasn’t bad enough. They were saying we’re gonna admitting to so and so place in Virginia. Rona. Somewhere this mental hospital and we’re going to put him away forever. Like it’s over for john McAfee. This is before they met McAfee antivirus. Right. Okay. I mean, Norton Norton would have this thing. I mean, you know, taking what Norton would have would have liked right now, you probably wouldn’t wish that McAfee would have stayed in this coma. This crazy thing. I mean, no competition, right? Well, he could hear his mom and his his daughter, talking about how they’re going to put him away. And so he said, This voice, all of a sudden it comes to him while sitting on the on the bed. And it says, I want you to go murder your wife and your daughter. So this voice comes out of nowhere. It tells john McAfee to murdered his his wife at the time. He was his first wife, he had three. Janice was Alaska and and tells this voice tells jaunted to merge his wife and his daughter. And he says no problem. Okay, because this is what he’s at. Okay. I’m just telling you what happened. just telling you what happened. What are you doing? And so and he’s like, sitting there with his crystal ball is telling me this is purely doom and I’m going to plot and so he says, okay, so he goes in gets a shotgun. I don’t know where you have to chop that out and all that stuff. Don’t ask me because he got he gets a 2812 gauge Who cares? He loads.

Not a loaded shotgun. I know all y’all do. So he he walks over to it back to his house. They’re still in there. They’re really St. JOHN. He’s so jacked up. So gone. He walks up slowly. He said, Son, I walked up slowly down this, this sidewalk. It was a nice sunny day. He could hear him through the screen door. There was a screen door, and then he could see them and hear them boxing things up. And he walked up with a shotgun. He said he put his hand on the doorknob. It’s gonna murder your shooting shooter, his daughter and his wife. And he said, right when he put his hand on that door, he said a man a man’s voice said Excuse me, sir. JOHN said he looks over with a shotgun. And finger off the trigger, of course. And, and this band with a bow tie with a white shirt. No, you’ve never seen anybody like this with a Bible with with something book says, Hey, sir, can I tell you a story? and john McAfee goes about what about what? And he goes, I want to tell you about a man named Jesus. And john McAfee is like, No, he’s always. Okay. All right. Sounds good. So he goes, you know, he said he heard about Jesus before and, and but never really adapted in terms of very educated man. And so he was like, why not? You know,

why not

take this, you know, interlude break. And so john puts the shotgun leaves on the on the side of the house by the door, the screen door is poor, for a wife and daughter had no idea what’s about to happen. And the man goes, Okay, it comes up and there’s a porch swing, you know, big swing. And he said, they both get on the swing. And the gentleman with the bow tie speaks to john about this man named Jesus. And I’m not trying to convert anybody right now, by the story. This, I’m just telling you, if you’re really slash, I mean, Jesus moment, okay. He’s swinging on this wing. okay with this man, and he says, it was the heal son. It was the most incredible story that I had ever heard about this man named Jesus. He just had this in that’s pretty big coming from john. Okay. He’s always trying to solve mysteries in his head and do kind of bad things. Okay. He’s like, I mean, he was working on computers, the size of houses used to tell programmers that when they would programmers, that when they would try to tell him something, he would be like, Hey, I used to work on computers the size of houses at NASA. When you were a zygote, opvs zygote, Lisa child. And so. So he says it was the most beautiful thing in the world to me. He said, This man told me the story about Jesus as a swing on the swing for two hours. Well, come to find out. The man says, Can I pray for you? And john, at the end of the story goes, Well, sure, why not? So the man, you know, prays for john McAfee on this swing? As he’s done saying, amen. Ah, instantaneously like that, oh, john comes out of this permanent trip. Go clean, perfect. Okay. And I’m sitting there like this in the truck with a bottle of Boone’s farm. And everybody else the drivers like leaned over. And I said, so just resist Awkward. He said that because I didn’t think that john believed in Jesus. I just felt like that in from our interactions and stuff. And I was like, Oh, I was like

so. So you believe in Jesus. And he looked at me one time, he said, you know, son, he says,

He goes, I don’t, I don’t. But, but I know that there’s something out there. There is some bigger power out there. And I was like, What? I mean, if they happen to me,

then I’m telling you right now, whoever that man was, whatever his name was, that that had the authority to take me out of this permanent trip from this orange pattern, Brazil and carnival. I’ll tell you, man, I believe in that person. You know, I’m saying. So that’s the story. And I just appreciate y’all listening to that. So I’ve been wanting to tell the detailed version of that. In the so let’s go on with the questions. Thank you very much. Yo, swag, homie. Thank you, Daniel. This person says, this was it. I try to answer every question is brutally ossipon. Mr. Lawson, do you have any crypto? Depends. Who’s asking, you know, I’m saying who is asking? Let me ask you a question first, you know, and then I’ll answer that. If you can answer me this. Do you owe crypto? which you’re gonna say? Yes. And then I’m gonna have to tell you yes, as well. So there’s your answer. praying for you, brother. Sincerely. I am. Thank you so much. I’ve you know, so I’ve answered while I’m on house arrest. This This person says, Brandon, thank you for your question. It says, Do you know sorry about the camera position? Do you believe john killed himself? Or was he gotten to? Thanks, Brianna, for the question. Um, I sincerely have thought about this. When the news first came to me. It’s like, I don’t watch the news. But I had a lot of people text me and stuff. Say, bro, did you hear the news? I’m thinking not just Fudd. But I realized that it was true that john McAfee supposedly killed himself. And I love you to this person said, You’re effing bad, dude. Thank you. Thank you very much. So when I got the news of this, and then my lawyer text me said, Hey, this could be wrong info, I’ve got to verify this. But this may have happened. And that very day, the very next day, I was sent.

touch point I was sent to so I’m a GPS just went off. Yes, I know. The very next day,

I went to a large operation restore lawyer. That’s where Jesus literally transplanted my heart guys, that that’s the whole purpose of this TED Talk interviews. So to answer your question, At first, I thought that he killed himself and I but it just didn’t make any sense. But then I sort of reasoning, and you know, without going into like, 50 different like details of why, basically, if you’re sitting in a Spain or dungeon, and you’re sitting there for a long time, okay. And then you get worried that you’re being extradited, even though you lost your case, that you’re not being that you’re not going to be able to stay in Spain, you’re getting extradited. Listen, that would be the best name that you had. That would be the best news that you have ever had. Right? And so he gets news that he’s being extradited. You’re going to leave the cell today, john, and he hangs himself. That doesn’t make any sense. It’s just not it’s not within our human. I don’t think ability or or it doesn’t make sense with human nature. I mean, when you when you put the human nature equation into this, basically, you know, we want to survive. We don’t want to die. When you put that factor in, it’s just doesn’t make sense. You know, to me, thank you for that question. This person said Cal Chevy, Chevy, California love poor hands reporting for duty. Captain, you have reported for duty successfully carry on son sit out Aries. I used to love walking in rooms and going say on any sort of military. Everybody got cool, cool. You know, I’m like, just kidding me. You know, he wasn’t an officer, you know, I mean, so and if even if I was, I was high enough officer do we play my game? So I was never an officer, but it was kind of fun to do that sit down. I still do sometimes. A little dog sitter sits down touchpoint


I would love to, for every one of you, too, to go to tell my story.io I hate sound and like advertising. advertising. Yes. You know what I mean? It’s not like that. I just want y’all to see that platform. That’s pretty cool, right? Do you think? Let’s see here. Do you think he is john McAfee is being held hostage? Thank you for your question. I don’t think that john McAfee is alive. I you know, I would love to sit here and tell you something like juicy and be like, mad though. Check it out. Check it out.


So john, john is he’s he’s straight up alive still. And he’s gonna bring back the next Bitcoin. He did this. He did this. Nah, man. Now he’s dead. He’s dead. You don’t say he’s, he’s dead. But I don’t think he killed himself. I think somebody straight up murder him. It’s hard to hang yourself in a facility. I know. Trust me. I know that sounds crazy. But a lot of people are still asking why I’m on house arrest. I appreciate you. And I understand why you’re asking. My house arrest is in direct connection to be being arrested with john McAfee. But I cannot talk about case details. But all I have said from the very beginning is that you can check me out. You can check me out. You can. You can look up the charges because they’re public. Unfortunately, in this situation, and I can’t say I can either confirm or deny anything. You know, to me. It’s just how he is doing it. This a Edie says, I have a Yorkie. Let’s see, there’s a lot of messes, dude, I had a Yorkie also, he is so smarter than awesome and awesome. But he’s not near as smart as your dog does. I’m just kidding. He didn’t say the last bar. Thank you very much. You experimented, this person says you experiment? Well, what was the DMT? In Brazil? I mean, in that order note? Is that an answer? Did you help the ex CEO of Nissan escaped Japan? Of course I did. Why would I not? Why? Do you know? I did. I don’t understand. What’s the big deal about that? I’m thoughts. Bradley 41 says, thoughts imbaba the way sometimes out sometimes people come in even more two guys were acting like shows and actually

thinking that I’m being serious about something and I’m going, bro, first of all, change your handle name from your class. Second of all, chill out, calm down, you know, calm down. And I’ll be in touch by

the way. And I’m sorry that I’m occupying your thoughts so much because you’re not occupying my Well, well, you know, not like that. You know,

you don’t want I’m saying, Okay, can we get rocket tattooed tour? You know, nobody wants to hear about these tattoos. You know, I’m saying touch point. And touch point notice. Okay, I love this one note. Because when you when you have a message I’ve learned on Tick tock, I’ve never I wasn’t allowed to have social media or you’re not supposed to. And I did not have social media in the seals. Now now that I do, I’m learning all kinds of different things. And when a statement is is pre loaded with no disrespect. You better Stand by for a question. And a lot of people block these people. I don’t block people. Well, I block one guy so far. Who is pretending to be a team guy who’s talking some stuff. Okay. No disrespect. This person’s William. William says notice disrespect but what is the scar on your neck? From? You know, I’ve heard a few people. I’ve heard a lot of Tick Tock Tick fellow tick talkers. Say Hey, why don’t you ask him about that scar on his neck? Because you know, what’s an ak 47 route. You know, he got shot through and through right through his neck, like right here, boom, boom. And if I was a poser, which we all are sort of, I mean, where else I want to have all these tattoos. If a beard die in a mohawk, but yeah, let’s just say like, like, if I was a real jerk, then I would allow these comments to continue on. And be like, yeah, let’s let’s let them think it’s an ak 47 round in his neck. Let’s let them think that Jimmy got shot right through through the AK 47 round. In fact, I’m gonna let him say was the whole point and it expanded out and it blew my entire head off. And, but I got to reattach a James at Veterans Hospital with a traumatic ward. Because I already told you about that. That was a traumatic brain injury. But I also have my head reexpansion on my body. Because I’m so cool. And I’m write books and everything. And I’m writing a book about how still shouldn’t write books. Because you know, I’m just kidding. You Don’t joke around either. But the scar is not a bullet wound. It’s not a grenade for fragmentation. Okay, all right there. And then this right here, if you look closely. Okay. That’s my, that’s my girl. That was my girl’s lips that I got tattooed on my neck when you’re doing some more when you’re doing some muy Thai. In Thailand, you know, and you have your shirt off and you’re like, Ha ha ha part of the Tiger gym are

back spinning kissed.

It’s okay to have your girls list tattooed on your neck. In fact, it’s quite cool. Especially when you’re battle hardened Muay Thai Trainer with scars all over his face. It’s been 300,000 more fights than your normal UFC guy says, Oh, what is this? And you say it sure is my girls live homie. He goes Wait, what are you doing? Why are you doing so that’s my girls. That was my girls a MIPS it’s all cool. Thailand. You know COVID lockdown. Give it back to the state. Not so cool. My friend. You You know, long story short, man. I had a guy after scrubbing. I’ve trimmed myself with a wire brush, no joke, and wire brush and salt in lime juice about four or five times and they would like to bleed or whether he’ll back up it really it really wasn’t fading much. We just barely touched baby was doing. And so about osmosis and whatever. But anyways, they this then I call the tattoo removal people and they’re like, bro, red. You got lips on your neck. It said it takes you know, they say it takes like 14 different times to remove it. And so that’s the story there. I had this guy. Oh, the scientists, the COVID scientists. I know that sounds nuts. But it was a COVID one of the leading COVID scientists I was guarding briefly. He liked me. It was a little perks sits me down in his office. Put some deadening in there with the longest deal ever. I was terrible. I was like, he was like, inching this long needle up into my you know, you know, membrane, whatever you call that. Any was day dead in it. And then he took a no joke real cartomizer He’s like, oh, Steve. I know you use that voice a lot. He was holding on. He’s like, and I’m like, all that. And I smoke this burning flesh in yours. Did you feel that? I know. No, but I heard it. And I hope to God and feel it because you have PTSD for the rest of your life. And so he said there was like, two hours later, infinity sign. And so and he knew how to be he knew how to cauterize it off. I mean, I mean, right, but this is way better

than the big fat paralysed, you know what I’m saying? You know, I mean, she, she, she had the lips on there. And that’s it. Thank you.

So no disrespect taking. And I love the question. Okay. It’s not an ak 47 round. All right. I’m sorry. For disclosure. Thanks. Thank you.

Somebody said I’m Air Force as well. I don’t want this shot. My get out. Look, call me if you’re in the Air Force. Man. Listen, I’m not a anthrax shots. It’s this thick, milky white and black shots today. nobody’s saying anything about that. Now when I’m 60 years old, if I voted that far, and I get out how to rest. I don’t have one here Einstein with a mohawk and house arrest. Till then I gotta go to the VA and say, Nah, man, I ain’t here for no Agent Orange. I’m here for the anthrax they gave me. By the way, back in the day in the Marine Corps. If I was I was in pre 911. Okay, I was in the Marine Corps when they were hazing dudes making you clean toilets with gas mask in half a grapefruit. Have you ever claimed a total of half a grapefruit? I have. It did add afterwards. I haven’t done that. That was a bit dramatic. Where was I going with it? You understand what I’m saying? The Marine Corps used to lose shot records. You know, they lost my metal water. They lost a whole bunch stuff. And that was a joke. That’s a joke, guys. Okay, but they lost you know, they they lose everything. I mean, they have there were the records building in Virginia blew up on fire. And then everybody’s records got, you know, disappeared, you know. And then of course, the Marine Corps if you did something worthy of like a Bronze Star Medal of Honor, I jump on a grenade or like, we will allow you to re enlist. That is what we’re gonna give you. And other in other places. They’re like, we’re getting you triple Bronze Star Silver Star, and epic Logie. This and as you get a parking space, that’s pretty cool. Marine Corps, you might get the other half of the grapefruit and you have to take it out of your buddy’s mouth of course with your now like, you know, this weird.


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