#002 Audio: House Arrest Broadcast 8/9/21

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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

Tell My Story Podcast with Former Navy SEAL “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent.

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Even if your glasses are fake, you need to take care of them and you need to clean them. Shoot hold on I got um, yeah, we can be loud but I’m just gonna take this call. This is a dude in prison.

Hello, this is a prepaid call from an inmate at the Wichita county jail annex. Two to accept this call press zero to refuse this call hang up or press one to prevent call your current balances 35 almost do this line correction facility subject to monitoring and Baba says to

the prisoners like your chain with them, you know? Hey, brother, what’s going on, man? What’s going on with you? Hey, man, I just went live on my platform here on tik tok. And I’m on this podcast and I got you on speakerphone. But I didn’t I didn’t want to turn the phone down. You know I’m saying so what’s up, john? How you doing? Man? Pretty good. Just wanted to check in on you. Yeah, man. I’ve been thinking about you a lot, man. I’ve been praying for you. And my words. I know may how tility man are you? Do you have any word when they’re gonna transfer you?

It’s been better, but I wrote Six. Seven letters. Maybe that’ll put some weight. Yeah, I’m praying for you, man. Just stay strong. Brother. Can Can you call me back at this time? Tomorrow? Yeah, I can do that. Man. I’m

sorry for missing your calls. Man. I completely understand. Okay, bro, stay strong. Stay strong. Oh, my love, man. See, but that was my

that was my end, a federal penitentiary who he can call he’s transferring. He got seven years of time. And he’s actually transferred to a way better prison. But, man, his facility is terrible. The facility that I was in the prisoner I was when it was like a bed like this day, your bed was this day. And he said that his bed in this new transfer facility. Before he does, like goes and serves like his, his his actual sentence is like an eighth of an inch thick. And this guy doesn’t complain. He had complained about the food there. He said this, this food is terrible. You know, the Bible tells us to. I know I just said this. But the Bible tells us to remember the president. As if we’re chained together with him. You know, I’m saying and this guy calls me every day and I met him in prison. I love this guy’s name Shawn and, and my heart goes out to him and his family. And he’s just, he’s just excited about he’s ready to do his time. He’s wants to serve out his time. You know, he did the crime. You do the time, right. So anyways, Hey, how you doing Valerie? Hi, Jimmy. How you doing? Sweetie? How are you doing, sweetie? Thank you for saying that. It’s great to Great to see you on here. And then we got Reese Irish. That’s my buddy. That’s kind of cheating the system, you know, when you have your own friends calling in? What’s up my man. So I wanted to I wanted to reiterate, because sometimes these Tick Tock videos, they don’t give you enough time, like three minutes to tell a whole life story. And I’ve got a ton of stories. And that’s why we just created tell my story.io and that’s going to be the Jimmy Watson podcast show. And I’m just really elated to do it. I want it to be I haven’t I don’t watch other podcasts and stuff. I haven’t really ever seen a podcast I mean, to be honest, and but I do that on purpose because I don’t want to be influenced by anything. I just want it to be my own thing and and the whole purpose is to help people in the number one thing that you can do is is turn someone’s heart to Jesus turn hurt someone’s heart to God that’s my sole mission in life. But in order to turn other people’s heart towards hope, what that means what this translates to is hope and peace of mind some some resemblance of peace. In order to do that, you have to turn your heart first to God to be able to turn your families off Hard to go, I go in and buy my dream house that I bought with my VA loan when I retired from the seals. And I went by there about a year or so ago in California, and some other guys living there with his family. And I praise God, thank God that he gets to live in this dream home. But I’ll never forget how thankful I was to have that dream home. And now this other guy is living in there with this family. And this quote, you’ll these quotes come to me sometimes I think they’re cool, whatever they’re not gang is calling or nothing but but they’re cool. They’re Jimmy calm. And, and the quote to me was was

take care of your wife, or someone will. And now

someone, maybe take care of my wife, my ex spouse, I don’t know. But my point is, is if you don’t take care of your stuff, and which I was negligent, you know, I was wild. And I went off on my own I was I was trying to provide for my family we’ve been in and I ended up working for john McAfee and to be in his personal security. He wanted a navy seal. Because he was he felt like his life was threatened all the time. So I went through I was like this far away from me my hand reach at all times, for a whole year left one time he got poison when I left. That’s no joke. He died for three days and came back to live I told a great story about that. But anyways, my life has been really interesting and, and fun at times, but it also is riddled like atomic and pathetic with with pain and suffering that that you don’t necessarily have to go to if you’re a young man or woman out there. And I do reference men a lot. And guys and this because listen, you know, don’t get mad at that if you’re a girl because listen, it’s a good thing. I’m not posing in it. Like I know something about girls in my mind, you know, who am I to give advice or go I don’t know anything about girls, you know, I’m saying and I’m not wearing a dress and lipstick right now. Thank God. Okay, thank God, I’ve done a lot of stuff. You know, I’m saying, but let’s let’s let’s you’ll get a lot of people getting on here and I appreciate your support. I just saw so many people, affairs and T drivers, fellow brothers and sisters sending messages to me and I cannot tell you how emotionally humble I am have this support from this following you know, I’ve only been on tik tok two weeks only God can can do incredible things and feats. I think I tried to tick tock a few years ago when I was doing muy Thai in Thailand. And I had six followers, and they were all in two of them. Were me under psuedo Nate names. And then the other person was my mom. And I only had six people. Now my mom doesn’t even follow me, which is insulting whatever. But there’s 115,000 followers right now and in what two weeks, or two and a half weeks, whatever. And so that that’s, that’s a, that’s the power of God, working through all of this in a unity. And this ain’t no weak hippie stuff, either. I’m talking about I’m talking about hardcore, mighty warrior action here. Okay. And so, thank you so much for your support. I’m gonna do an hour You know, I’m just gonna do an hour flat here. And but I want to tell everybody, if you’ve messaged me, I do my very best to get back to everybody. And as promised be someone’s hero challenge that I set out yesterday, or the two days ago, I have been calling someone every single day today. I called Jake because the name is Jake, the snake normal skin is not. But I called Jake today, we had a great long conversation about the seals and how he wants to be a seal and, and he probably was like, get me off the phone with his nut job. But he acted very, very happy. And he was late and I was just as happy to talk to him. Because like I told you my story before I called a dissident relevant relative when I was young. And my mom was set little Jimmy up with this relative because he was a navy seal. And that’s all I ever wanted to be. And this guy tells me you ain’t gonna make it click. And maybe he got water on him that day. Maybe someone maybe a fellow seal didn’t pass him the water hose that day. Or, you know, he didn’t do the two kinks method. But which, by the way, that video for some insane reason. I don’t know I don’t. You know, I was trying real hard on some of the videos and not getting anything. I threw that one together like improv, no job in little thing is that I’m gonna teach everybody how to pass a hose and sales. And that thing got to 2.7 million views. What’s going on here? I don’t know. Maybe I’m way out of it. I mean, that’s this is crazy to me. But anyways, I’ve had a great time doing these videos for y’all. Hey, what’s up man Quinn Pat just said What’s up, man? This person said love your stories. Um, buddy, hold your head up, things will get better look forward to hearing more. Billy. Billy Parrish, a thank you so much for that. And I’m live streaming onto a podcast on a YouTube and Twitch and some other platforms. I don’t know about all that stuff, but my buddy is spearheading this. He’s Irish. He’s incredible. And I appreciate him. What was your mo s in the Marines Chris 710 asked me just now my mo s was oh 311 sir infantry you’re going to Vietnam remember Full Metal Jacket when he says oh 311 you’re going to Vietnam that was me. Throw they used to throw letters at us in boot camp. You had to sit there like this

and you had to keep your eyes open like this literally had to keep your eyes open they said do not blink and they would throw letters at you flick them at you like the corners paying This is no joke man. This is pre 911 for all y’all they don’t know what’s up you know I’m saying and when when some of you will probably zygotes swimming around. You know, I was sitting there getting better flicked up my head You know, I mean, I hate

so that’s what I hate when people say man this your opposing dog your post. I was like, dude, I was getting Marine Corps letters.

snapped at my face and mustard gas. Because making mustard gas clean it up.

Have you ever cleaned a toilet with the half a grapefruit? They don’t tell me about poses, man. I’m just kidding. But I have done that numerous times. And if you haven’t cleaned a grapefruit, if you haven’t cleaned the toilet with a grapefruit or a grapefruit with you should try it

because it’s very demoralizing and very humidity and very strange. And eventually you have to wear gas masks because you just squirt and Bulldog and every other chemical on there and mustard gas is coming out and wearing pink frothy sputum. No, that’s a toxic cocktail from a Drager. Nevermind, that’s it. That’s if you get water in your Drager in your in your tubes go in this one loop breathing system and go in this kitty litter. And then though if the water hits it Casa cocktail now you just got third degree burns inside your neck. And then and then pink. frothy? sputum starts coming out. Yeah. Sorry. Funny, amazing stories. Thank you very much for saying that. This person says were you in private security? I feel like that’s a setup question. I’m gonna say yes, I was in Blackwater. I was in dynacor. For a while I was in background Asia, do an anti piracy suppression. And Thailand in the Malacca straits doing some wacky stuff. I’ve done some other things in many in Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and all over the world. For many years, my whole life has been either in combat. My permanent address was for four years was in Baghdad, Iraq. So yeah, so yeah, I’ve done some of that, you know. And so, I mean, who cares about the number of deployments you’ve done when you’ve lived in a place for four years straight? Okay, nine months on one month off, but you go nuts if you didn’t eat any longer than that. We used to bet each other how long we could stay until one of us got shrapnel. Okay, I lost. I’m about to go to the Navy, for AWS and to any tips. I think that’s a What is that? The swimmer rescue right? Hey, super admirable of you. Without being an Admiral. Don’t go officer. I love officers. I’m just saying, you know, it’s a joke. God bless you from Navy, Hampshire. Thank you so much. God bless you. This says does McAfee have a daughter? She was on Periscope a couple years ago. You know, john McAfee? I learned to believe john McAfee after a while. He would say things like john McAfee the late john McAfee a god governesses. So he said he would tell people you have 47 children. But you know, when people would laugh, and then he said, What are you laughing at? And he john McAfee was a very serious person. And he could joke around. But I’ll tell you, he cut you down in a heartbeat. You try to come at him with something. He’ll come back at you with Mandarin Chinese poetry or Russian or German if you please ball, you know, go to door whatever it is. And so we’re gonna play classical piano completely wasted or on drugs in a hotel lobby. You know, as it’s cordoned off, and you’re not statute says Betsy is playing like this beautiful music and everybody’s crying and videotaping because it’s so beautiful music. So people are not necessarily what they appear are they

yo reads Come on pan your mouth Friend, bro. Yeah, yes. Hey, what’s up brother? This person said silver Knights

says and I’m only doing an hour guys and I really appreciate your support. If I had one person on here Reese, who is my friend who’s kind of a, it’s kind of fake when you say, Hey, what’s up brother? I’m like, Hey, bro, I know you’re my friend. Yeah, I’m doing an hour. And then I’m gonna watch a movie with my mom. As you will know. I am on house arrest right now. For my involvement with john McAfee, I was the only one arrested and charged with the same things as he was the exact same indictments. If you were to look it up online, though, I’m not bragging about this by any means. Trust me. If you want to love this thing, I’m wearing shorts and just tiny. If you want to love this thing around the rest of your life, then by all means, you know, get charged with those kinds of things.

touchpoint were you in the teams with Dan to Really? Oh, my God.

I was in tears with a few dance. I maybe maybe I mispronounced the last name. touchpoint. That’s right. If you haven’t been on my show, you need to learn what touchpoint is. And if you want to learn it, go to mighty warrior. 2021 on Tick Tock. It’s so easy, mighty warrior. 2021. No, see all my videos. And I’m telling you.

It’s not me. It’s everyone else that’s pushing this amazing thing called touch point.

And if you want to learn what touch point is, and may not, it may make no sense to you right now. But when you’re walking through Walmart and somebody yells every touchpoint you’re going to want to say touch point back, you know? Alright. Did you know The Florida Governor? He was a jag lawyer connected to Team one. I I know a couple jaguars. And I don’t know about him. Maybe so are you going somewhere with this? Can you tell me more? I don’t like I’m very cautious of some questions as you might suspect me of because because you just warned that over years to be very cautious to the people when they ask you like certain questions. That’s right, touch point merchandise. We are going to be doing touch point merchandise. We’re going to be doing a whole task we’re going to be doing Jimmy’s wacky haircut. merchandise. Yeah, Jimmy’s fake glasses. However, I will say that these glasses do. Supposedly, you know, it’s not one of my mom’s were Tick Tock gadgets. It blocks the the blue. The blue screen or something? I did my headache stop going away. My hallucinations didn’t but but my headaches stopped going away for sure when I when I wear these. And it just makes me feel smarter. Do I think that john was Epstein or Epstein however he says now? Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, you know, show me absolutely. I mean, well, he didn’t kill himself. I mean, here’s the scenario. I want to tell everybody this scenario. Imagine you’re in a spin your dungeon right now. Okay. And this is not some kind of anti government thing. This is this is just, this is a trick. Imagine you’re in a Spaniard dungeon right now. You’ve been there for 678 months. You’re picked up in an airport going to Turkey. You’re john McAfee. You’re, you’re you’re sitting in this cell every day. You finally learn that you’re going to be moved from this Spaniard prison. Okay to the States. JOHN McAfee was a sensationalist. Okay, meaning translation. PT Barnum Barnum said, you know the worst news is the best news john fed off of bad news. That’s why he said he had you know what, with wills and weird stuff, I don’t support that stuff. But that’s why he would say that he is he knew how to get followings. He knew how to grasp your attention. Okay? He was ever so that So two things here, you’re getting moved out on yourself for the first time in six, seven months, and it’s gonna be all over the news. Okay. You’re going to be all over the headlines, you’re going to get a chance to fight your case in America because he just got news that he that he was being extradited. Okay, he lost his case in Spain, and they were going to extradited to the US. But for your celebration party, you hang yourself. You you hang yourself in your Gil. First of all, I’ve tried to hang myself before in a in a in a facility a very very very difficult Okay, in fact, I I ended up knotting the sheet I had not this sheet with little knots in it, you know, and then I had to step into a hole in the wall and try to do it I’m not bragging about this it just happened. I was in a miserable state and I was in this terrible place. And and I was in my own little dungeon and and I you know I did I did hang myself and how to get CAT scans and stuff, you know. But um, but those days are over that the that old man is dead. This is the new me. I’m, I’m full of the lights now, like literally light from this spotlight in my face, but also like a spotlight a beacon of truth. Look, I’m trying to, I’m trying my best to speak truth to you, and to you and motivate you in turn your heart to the same God I know. To the same person that I I know that transplanted my heart. He gave me hope. Hey, what’s up, man? What’s going on? We’ll do it again. You said What’s up, brother? Hey. And then what’s he scared of going to the US? john was absolutely scared to the US. He was facing serious charges. And some of them were absolutely legit charges. You know. He hadn’t paid his taxes. He was continuously bombarding the SEC and the DOJ with inflammatory incisive messages from his Twitter account. You can’t do that. You can’t You can’t antagonize on all people, when you’re in the wrong and you’re committing a crime. Like you can’t do that. Like he was. He was a meeting that he would had not

pay taxes in six years. I thought that was insane. And it builds on the budget. And he was coming to do sir, he was gonna serve time for that for sure. and a bunch of other criminal factors he’s facing. I’m sure he was coming to us. But to kill yourself. You know, John’s a fighter. You know, he’s john McAfee was a serious fighter. So I knew him as a brutal fighter. I’ve seen him come out of the grave. After three days being dead on life support, he came out and the doctors were like, even if he comes alive, he’s gonna be brain dead. He comes back and he’s doing car trees. He could take a full debit cards, your deck of cards, put him behind his back right here. I have a video of it and sit there and go and tell you ace of spades. You know, you know, you know, three of clubs you know, four spades I mean, and not no reflection no glasses. Just any times you want to he can just put me back in read everyone like this. Put him in front of you and stuff. And that’s that’s impressive. How did I meet john McAfee Thank you user 61876544433 Square power to the second degree. I was called up by john McAfee through family that knew the most amazing seal ever. I’m just kidding. It was because I was just out and I had just got I just so happen to get out and he wanted a bad day to protect him. He didn’t trust his personal security at the time. No hit on them. He just very paranoid guy and they came to him. And so he can never truly trust them. But that was my one card with him golden bullet with him is always said john is paranoid as you are with me. It or can be you think I just you think I one time I was outside. He was he had binoculars watching me what walk my little dog cookie down that God rested. So going down the road. On my way back, the neighbor approached me with a letter and handed it to me. You know, and as it was because this was in my mailbox, it’s, it’s, um, it’s a letter for you. And I said, Okay, I got the letter, go back in. At the time, I was a CEO of T McAfee, the CEO, I went from, you know, sealed security to his right hand man, executive advisor to CEO to CEO, you know, and then I ran the whole business. I was for a while. And I came upstairs and he was sitting in my chair, which he, which was, was was the co chair, but I never said nothing to him. You know, he’s like the founder. But he was sitting in that chair and he never did. I was I Oh, and when I walk any so shout out he was just like, he was just on fire. And I’m like, What did I do? And I said, Okay, sir, what’s going on? And I’ll always call him sir real respectful. And he because he’s just a genius give read you reach inside of you just just just he can just carry your gun like this and go in you just be like, you can’t even say anything. Why sit down? I go, Okay, I got a little turkey in my hands. He’s drawing. And I like Yes,

sir. And he goes, I just saw you. Except that letter

from the street from the street for that lady. You’ve been trading on me this whole time. Like Like, I’m like some trader

And I’m like, bro, I’m like, Sir. Sir. You called me

from the seals. And I start working from you. He goes, You been conspiring, and I go, listen. This is before all the conspiracy charges.

I said, that letter is a $50 lawnmowing bill that you haven’t paid. This guy’s a millionaire. I gave it to him. I said,

you need to pay your bills, you need to pay this $50 long, Bill. Okay. And I, you know, flicked it there. I say, I’ll be done. He said, I’m so sorry. Okay.

I said, Please, sit back down. You’re the CEO. You’re my son. Everything’s okay. You know, as he puts the gun away, you know, I’m like, calm down, bro.

He said, What is it? You haven’t paid your haven’t been paying for them to cut your grass is the problem. The same bridge over spies. Cheese. Now, you know what I had to live with? Now? You know, I went nuts. stripped down button and ran outside for like a day or two. They went to the hospital thinking life gets upside down. Going to Savannah for two years trying to run for myself and God that I happen. You know. And FBI agents. That’s what happened. You know me. So sorry. A lot of people are laughing and a maybe a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t know. How 0123 said, What’s your story? My story is way too long. For for this right now. I’m only doing like 30 more minutes, 45 more minutes or whatever. But I really am honor to meet you first of all, and to receive your question. And I would love to respond to that appropriately. To reveal my story. I’m going to do it in segments on the podcast. If you go I’m sure you’re you’re following the TIC Tock and I really appreciate you doing that. Anybody wants to hear my story? in bits and pieces or my life you can kind of like put the jigsaw puzzle together. Um, through my tic Tock channel. And that’s mighty warrior. 2021. And by the way, I’m not calling myself mighty warrior. I’m calling you a mighty warrior in 2021. So let’s see. What do you plan to do with your fame? AR Fisher said what do you plan to do with your fame? First of all, the only famous person that I know is Jesus. Period. Next question. Do you know Don Shipley? I call him a master chief yesterday. I’m sorry, Don, I’m going to have to demote you and I did not. I didn’t mean to. I mean, I respect you just said I’m not mean did mochi they Senior Chief Don Shipley has me on speed dial. He probably is cold at 2am in the morning in hates my desk by now. And that’s why I want to send my sin most sincere apologies to Senior Chief Don Shipley. I got the utmost respect for him and honor Him. And I’m sorry, but he’s been getting called probably since 2000, early 2018 on me, because when I was CEO at McAfee, you know, I had this Twitter account. And you know, it had like, 8000 people, whatever, it but Maggie had a million, and I only had a dozen because he recommended me you know, and that’s that’s still not a lot because you know, especially when when your boss is recommending you, but

But yeah, so I I had a lot of people trolls and stuff say you’re not a navy seal and I’m Marco Gali. I

mean, I’m not. I’m not saying it like that, you know? I mean, I mean, okay, that’s your opinion, but I finally got sick and tired of it. And I used to lead people into I’d be like wool. Well, what am I then what do you think I am, you know, and then be like, Whoa, what’s going on here? Why do you hate me so much hurt people hurt people, man. You know what I mean? And so, obviously, against some, some advice, some professional advice. I went ahead and posted my dd 214 which which just outlines my my one mo s in the in the Marine Corps. 311 have a tree honorable. I’ll get into that later. Because honorable is not on a piece of paper, guys. Just because someone has honorable, which I have two honorable discharges, one from the seals and one from the one from the Navy one from the one from the Marines. That doesn’t mean you’re honorable. It means that you got out with a lot of people thinking that you were honorable, honorable is in a slight nod in a fighting hole with blood smoke everywhere, like your buddy going. That’s right. That’s right. Mm hmm. Now, now, not saying that, you know, water waters do. I mean, if you got an honorable discharge, then who am I to judge? But I know, amazing guys that were dishonorably discharged. had their bird taken off their shoulder. I’ll tell you when you take a man of valor, tried it off his shoulder, you just ripped your own trotting off homie. However, I won’t get into that. My point is, is I know guys that were super honorable. Okay. I know guys that were super honorable. That were dishonorably discharged. And I know super dishonorable guys that were honorably discharged with all the bells and whistles with a couple Captain things right here as they’re leaving the command after screwing a bunch of guys over I forgive them whatever. I don’t care. I really don’t I really don’t care anymore. I have a lot of love and forgiveness I’m not hitting nobody. But yeah, Don Shipley SP on SR Jeep, Don Shipley has me on speed dial by now. And my dd 214 that outlines

my one mo s in the in the recording tree, and then I have to,

to any C’s as a seal 5326 and a 5323 STV operator as special teams for the for the submarines. Next. Bruce, can you restate your question you said but served on a ship in the West Coast. I was on the I was on the west coast. And I did touch my nose. You’re not supposed to say I touch my nose after you ask a question. And tell me to touch my nose if something’s true. Anyways, techpoint

That’s right. Why don’t make me draw down my GPS system. I

got a call from my probation officer. Yes. I said, Sir, I need you to take a picture of your ankle bracelet with three fingers. And this kind of stuff I got to deal with it was midnight. I was like I just took a shower. Can I dry off first? Or do I need to take the picture with three three fingers right now? Okay, I’ll

just drop my towel soaking wet. But nekkid cheese? Anyways? Nope, nope, no problem. Sure, I’ll do that. Whatever. I’ll jump to whatever. If McAfee actually faked his death, are you loyal and trustworthy enough? To keep it a secret?

You know? You know what? I don’t know if I have enough time to get into what loyalty means?

What does loyalty mean to you? how loyal are you to your friends? If you say I’ll die for you before I ever trade on you or betray you? Man. I’ve heard that a million times I’ve seen guys get squeezed for peanuts. So I don’t look at loyalty like most people do and all that I have a pretty loyal guy. I really am. But but that’s I talked about that word. Honor. Loyalty valor. Please stop. Please, please, please. Don’t Don’t. Don’t want again to to, to, to what people think Valerie’s or honor, because it’s not what a lot of people think.

Love and respect from Santa Fe, Texas. Wow. Mama, baby 3606. Thank you very much. Santa Fe, Texas. I never been there. I’ve been to Santa Fe New Mexico, which is one of the oldest towns in America, believe it or not. I mean, when the Spaniards were here, bah, bah, bah, how was pool phase for you? Pull phase is second phase. And it’s tough. It was off tough. You know, that’s when I got rolled for my ankle. I bought Hell Week. But I went through my original class all the way through phase one. First phase, and then but when when I transferred into second phase. I’ve long story short, but I cannot piss off one instructors. And he wanted to fight me and I was like, okay, but he wanted to find like two other guys too. And they were like, okay, cuz we’re just like, fed up with him. And I called, I called the place a dump. I called buds and dump and all the instructors were like, because they because they basically they, a lot of times you certainly would

be like, Hey, we want to joke, okay. And you somebody’s got to tell a funny joke. Because if they don’t laugh, you’re screwed. And but a lot of guys, you

get cynical because you’ve been there so long you don’t care no more about getting beat up. And so and so they beat us pretty bad. Like level three the ambulances were out there because we were misbehaving and talking or whatever. And it’s one of those structures that that wasn’t very liked by anybody else. He said up. So does anybody else have a joke, after we got beat down late on a Friday night, and we’re just like, covered in mud in sand, and you’re just like, your faces are like this, and you’ve been shaking like this for days. And, and I’m like, and everybody’s like, Oh, my gosh, and like, half the class is like, please don’t do this. And the other half is going secretly going. Yes, yes, yes. And he goes,

You got a job, Jimmy. Steve, come on up here in front of the class. I said, I said, Yeah, I got a job. Yeah. I got a job, brother. And I berglas and everybody that like, half the class is going like this shaking their head going. And I’m like, like, like, the pipettors. Like, do it, do it?

If you don’t care about Saturday or Sunday? Let’s get beat up today. We don’t care no more bring on this game chafing and skin grafts. And so. So they’re so I get up in front of class. I’m like, he’s like, all right. He’s like, it looks like you got a joke. So what is it? And I said, Yeah, I got a job place. And he goes this place. I said, Yeah, this place is places. It’s a dump. And he said,

I mean, my boy, like, the cool seal instructors, the guys that are hardcore, like legit,

guys. You know, he ran out in total. He is guy this is this, this classmate, Jimmy, that crazy guy.

He just said this place is a dump. And all the other starter goes, bro, this place is hell. I mean, it’s hell here. And so they made me get in the scuba tank, the SD they call it the SDV Believe it or not the little son that I went to the, they call this like, they got it sent it. I mean, it’s filled with ice and water. And it’s ice cold out wintertime. And I like this with with like, I have like normal like this. I can breed like there’s like one of those ninja Chinese ninjas. Like just underneath just water. That’s me. This is like straight up torture. And then

I see two other classmates come out in the thing. They had to get in there with me. And I’m like, What did you do? They were like, they said, Well, he

asked the whole class if anyone else thought this place was a joke in a dump. And we both raised the class leader even raised his head and he had to get in there with me. It was fabulous. It was the one of the best things ever. And so I got out of this. So eventually, they got me on this ice bucket with my friends.

And, and it were standing there like shaking all over it then the instructors are going to pro Pro. Like

this place is a dump. But this this clown instructor he later got kicked. I think he had some brain injuries. I forget where but uh, he

he goes so you still think displaces a dump it in. I mean, I’m not gonna lie. I look at my buddy. And they look at me and we’re shaking. He’s like, you think this place is a joke? Still? I mean, this is late Friday night. Now. The whole class is going. No, no, please. And I’m like this. Yes, it’s a joke. It’s a dope. It’s a dope. I mean, I can’t lie. It’s a dope. It’s hell. It’s hell. Golly, man. I ran into the guy like a year later, or two years later, when I was a seal out the streets. I was like, Oh, man. And he was like, Whoa, bro, who are you? What happened? I was like, This place is a dump. And he’s like, cool. This is what’s going on. What’s

this guy’s problem? You don’t remember me? I’m just kidding. But he can’t he didn’t then after we called it a dump a second time. I mean, this is big deal. The instructors are laughing like dang the other ones like day. He goes, how about we fight? How about we go behind the berm. Now if you tell if an instructor tells another student to go behind the berm or you tell somebody else in the seal teams, that means, hey, there’s seal teams, you say, get these fake glasses off. In the seal teams. They say hey, you want to go behind the berm or you want to go behind the conex box. That means like dig down. And so if you turn that

offer down You’re a pump. So you don’t turn that offer down. And so the instructor goes, you want to take this behind the berm. And I’m like, Oh, my goodness. Thank you, Lord.


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