#001 Audio: Flying High On House Arrest 8/8/21

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WARNING: My stories may bring unexpected laughter, hope and maybe some tears!

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Nobody wants to talk. What’s up handsome


I know you can see me dog.

Good evening. Hello. Yes, indeed. Oh,

hey, how you doing, man?

I’m cold 1994

When did I serve? I served I actually joined when I was 17 years old in 1998 in the Marine Corps first and I signed up for Oh 311 I got a 17 on my as Vapp and I was 17 years old. How about that? And that’s absolutely terrible. I’m sure you know that for an adverb score. That’s about as worse as you can get. In fact, the Marine Corps barely allowed me to get in at on that score. SBU 24 in the house. Hey, brother. What’s up man? Who? Yeah, that’s right. Did you do those paintings in the background? No. Bottom from Hallmark. Just kidding. Yes, I did those paintings. I absolutely did. And I basically as a reference, I got a lighthouse on this little picture. But I’ve been doing old painting for a long time. And all that goes to show you is not a Bob Ross. I’m much better than him actually. Because I don’t have that crazy Afro like him. However, as far as painting I don’t have the only similarities I have with Bob Ross is the severe PTSD. I think he was like a Vietnam vet. And a guy was like, um, have you ever seen some of the memes on him? He’s got like, seriously, PTSD.

King Vaughn,

tell us why you are on house arrest. You know, I’ve never had that question before. Let me see. You know, I can’t really talk about it too much. But you can look me up. Just research john McAfee and I was arrested by the FBI. Like 15 agents, maybe 14 in connection with him and charged with a bunch of felonies. happy accidents, Nord. Man. I’ve had a lot of accidents. I don’t understand what that means, man. But thank you though for your support. We can you tell us about your house arrest. Why the ankle brace it. Ah, thanks, man for the question. Brother. on let’s go San Diego, I guess says go Diego fit. That’s cool. Man. I need to check you out in San Diego there. But I can’t really talk about the ankle bracelet too much. I can’t tell you that. No,

I’m gonna decline that.

That it’s in connection with john McAfee. The the late john McAfee, God rest his soul. he supposedly he hung himself in prison. I think he is dead. He but I think he got murdered. You know, I’m saying but I was the only one arrested in connection with him. So thanks for thank you for everybody joining right now. This is my second time to go live. Um, believe it or not, I didn’t set that painting up like that just for y’all to see as like a cool background, although I did set the camera up in front of that painting. So that’s kind of the same thing. But I do paint that. I do do oil painting. That’s all my own there. You don’t say. I’m trying to do my best though. Because I know people are gonna see it. But yeah, I’ve been on house or house arrest for a while. Yeah, I do paint.

Thank you.

Teresa Boucher. 59. I do paint Yeah. All mediums.

Do you know about the

I’m still getting used to this, but this I’m actually live streaming on YouTube. And, and I got this awesome guy. His name is Rhys Irish. And he has helped me with man voice for a while and he’s online to he can just hear me talk and jab like always, but he’s helping me out with this podcast. And it’s been pretty awesome. I’m live streaming right now. touchpoint. See, I knew it would come somebody out there. I was gonna say to you know how many times people have said that today. Thank you.

Thank you.

I appreciate you loving the stories. JOHN O’Shea in 1984. Thank you. That’s right. The beacon the lighthouse. We all got to be beacons. We all have to be lighthouses for somebody you know. That’s what I’m trying to be. Thank you for thank you for. Thank you for saying that. Why house arrest just look me up, man. It’s in connection to john McAfee. I was the only one to be arrested in connection to him. And unfun. Fortunately, I was charged with the same things as he was, which are pretty serious. How long have you on house arrest for? I don’t know. I’m very curious about I asked the same question every day to my lawyer. I’m praying all the time for great news about that. And I, you know, I just hope and pray everyday that that there’s some relief eventually, and I can’t really comment on anything else that I’ve been on house arrest for probably 240 days. In so I mean, it’s not bad considering I mean, house was bad. But it’s not bad considering the alternative being in a federal penitentiary like a literal federal penitentiary in Texas here or in New York. So, so I was very fortunate. I’ve been treated well. Yeah, you better be ready to do the touch point on the 11th. You know, I’m saying bounty hunter is the dead man switch real. Hey, look, if I scratch my nose, it’s real. You know what I mean? But other than that, I don’t really know. And I just scratch my nose. So touchpoint Dude, this guy you’re always on man. How do you sit at poker? Oh,

k you.

Okay, you you are l thank you for your support, brother. I’m praying for you, dog. Thank you. You should try to get on the Sean Ryan show and tell your story vigilance elite. Thank you shambu s for being a man that I heard. That’s a great show. I haven’t seen it. The showing Ron is a piece of seal that does that podcast. And you know, that’s that’s awesome. And I’ve had a couple buddies that go on there. I’ve never seen his podcast, but I heard it was awesome. And he’s got a big following and, and some serious support. That’s cool.

What’s up? Did

you just say?

Did you say stuff from Canada? Man, that makes me feel real special, man. Thank you. That’s really cool. you’re you’re you’re all the way in Canada, huh? Wow. Thank you for praying for me. Joe Rogan show Hey, I’ll go on any show right now. I’ll do the Jimmy Watson show. I’ll do the Texas tornado show. You know, I call my buddy Rhys Irish name. His name is Bz and I’ll do the Bz show. You don’t say this is not a tattoo program or tattoo show. I don’t suggest people getting tattoos because once you start you know it’s kind of cliche to say oh, they’re addictive but it’s kind of strange because for me personally


since I’m the only one in this room that you know I got I got the first sleeve done which took a long time this one right here and you know it’s part of the seal culture is kind of like getting tattoos and stuff and what they all have meaning and stuff. But but this one I got you know life and death the roses that eventually die and then and then a grenade explosion you know explosive right here for like, you know, punch in and stuff, you know, just doing super stuff.


but the tattoos

are, are all meaningful. If you’re going to get a tattoo get something meaningful, you know, I’m saying like it make it like commemorate something. So you can suffer in silence while they’re just kneeling you for hours and you can kind of like get Vince and paint out paying off like that. But also like so you don’t regret it. You know? I mean, don’t get the ring on your finger. I mean, seriously. Okay, you can’t if you got a ring on your finger. That’s awesome, man. Whatever. I mean, I can’t talk trash. I got a Bo scar on my neck from somebody carburizing that that a tattoo of my ex girlfriend. You know, her lips on on the neck. This one toe fat. You said you have inspired me to get back into the word and keep my trust with God even through current struggles. Man, I don’t know whether to call you brother or sister right now because of your your handle named tofa. I don’t know. However, I will say this right now. You know, staying in the Word of God. Is it you know, the Jesus said, Give us this day our daily bread. Our daily bread is not necessarily physical food. It’s spiritual food and how we get that is only through Scripture. It’s not through Joel olsteen. It’s not through Jimmy Watson. It’s not through, you know this or that or Tick Tock. It’s through the Word of God. You know, those other people are awesome and stuff. And one of those people I mentioned is a straight up war machine. I won’t say who it is not Joel olsteen. But it’s the other guy that I mentioned. But But even that you can only get so much motivation. You know, think about it. You know, can you really name in your little catalog here like, you know the motivational messages that you’ve that you’ve Her recently besides mine flying high in the sky, that thing I just posted. No, you can’t you can’t remember him, can you? But after after right afterwards you’re like, Man,

that was so

inspiring. I am going to go on the most amazing diet ever right now. And then five minutes later, five minutes later, you’re just like, just crunching those those amazing strudels that you put the icing on from your frigerator that you got in your freezer right now, man, those will put the weight on you do not go there. Joel olsteen is a joke. Don’t say come on. We don’t know that.

We don’t know that.

You know him personally,

I don’t.

I don’t touch point.

You there’s so many people right now saying this touch point. And I can’t tell you if that if I died. Just knowing that there was five people out there saying touchpoint yelling it in some super Walmart. And just punching out I hear all day. Look at this touchpoint Bz my boy was like, What the hell is he is is is what is sorry?

What is

touchpoint? Jimmy I said, bro, every time you go outside, do you not hear somebody yell a touch point. You don’t go to the super Walmart and hear somebody say touch point. And then you yell back touch point. Or they may say touch and you say point. And if somebody else point don’t say nothing, it’s a trick. It’s trick. But if they say touch you say point, touch point. And what that means? B’s gonna get back as I’m standing. And as I’m wearing shorts. They’re just very short. It’s not about if I’m wearing shorts, it’s just how short they are. But check it out. So a touch point is like this, you got to give them stance. This ain’t no 1980s a sausage leaves, okay, just even sure it’s a sausage, these, this is a real deal. You have to get in the right stance, you know, you have to be ready to kick and you have to be ready to touch point. Now I have to do an extra move. Because of my GPS. You don’t mean but I’ve been practicing for you guys.

But a touch point.

A touch point is actually

sorry, a touch point. Every time I say touch point, okay. And when you hear the millions of billions of people saying touch point. Okay. That came from not me. But it came from this amazing, incredible following in fellow fellow tick talkers. Okay. It’s so it’s it’s it’s gone viral. You want to talk about a pandemic. Corona and then touchpoint virus is going on right now. My GPS is going off. I hate that. touch point. My parole officer right now saying touch point. Jimmy come in for another year analysis. touch point. Hey, what did my urinalysis say today? Yeah, sorry, Jimmy. It’s positive for touch point. Man, you did what I did. I started painting after I retired 22 years. But how about you?

Wow. Yeah, that’s

what I did. Man, I actually heard, I heard the retiring out of the seals was brutal. You know, and or the military in general, in that transition, um, from, from the teams, the seal teams, to real life.

It can be brutal,

especially on a guy like me, I wasn’t really prepared, you know. And so I got out. And when I was I had a traumatic brain injury in the teams, the seal teams, and I was in was in James Haley, Veterans Hospital, and the polychromatic ward. And that’s where I saw a lot of guys in pain management, doing up painting

and stuff.

And they were doing this, these incredible paintings and leather working and stuff. And I was like, man, I want to do that. Because what they were doing was they were they were getting involved in painting and all these extra activities, so they’re not doing heroin. So they’re not doing morphine and stuff, people. If you want to know everyone why, um, if you want to know how these guys these poor guys and girls are being homeless and committing suicide 22 times a day.

Then you

you need to realize the process. How did someone go? How are these people homeless, right?


here’s here’s the chain reaction. here’s here’s the consequences of war. Okay, what I learned at James Haley Veterans Hospital is war is no match for her. For her aftermath, wars aftermath, okay? Is is way worse than war itself. So war is no match for her f Math. That’s what I’m trying to say. So, but at the hospital, I realized that these poor guys and girls, they get blown up overseas, right? And then they come, they go to the hospital and get worked on that, you know, if you know, if you have your leg amputated, or a body part amputated, you got to go on morphine, you have to go on all kinds of different pain meds and stuff, right? Will will, it’s so easy to get addicted to dilaudid, morphine, vikane him, all that stuff. The next step up is often to heroin, Street, heroin and stuff, once you go to snorting heroin, or make it into liquid and then shoot it in your veins, you know, it’s extremely hard to come off that stuff. And so they get


now you’re living on the streets. Because the addiction is so bad, it’s a vise, it gets a hole, you. And so a lot of these these next time you cross a homeless person that’s holding up event sign. Maybe he’s not lying about it. You know? One time, I had somebody come a kid come up to me, a homeless person in this girl in New Orleans, and, and they, they they said, Can I get $5? And I said, What’s it for? And they said, crack cocaine. And I said, Here’s 20 bucks. Thanks for being honest. Huh? Who are we to judge? Anybody? Who are we to judge somebody? You know, like, when you cross them a homeless person on the street? Like who? Like, what if you had somebody, inventory, everything that you bought? You know what I mean? Like,

like, well, well,

I’m gonna, I’m gonna pay you your pitcher, but what are you gonna buy with it? Like, like, you’re gonna buy groceries or, you know, when we start dissecting everything, and that’s why, like, I try to give freely on the streets, like the homeless people stuff is because we don’t know what state of mind there and we don’t know what they’re gonna get, hey, I don’t care to get cigarettes, a 40, or band aids, beans, and whatever they need to get, you know, I’m saying, a blanket. It’s not my business, but I’m gonna try to, and I know choirboy or Mother Teresa, but I, you know, it’s important for us to help people out, I just went on a rant, you’re making a T shirt, I hope you’re making a T shirt about that. So so we got this touchpoint thing going on. And a lot a lot of, I think a lot of T shirts and in and apparel is going to come out with his touch point thing. And if I’m live streaming on YouTube, and some other channels, and so touch point, is basically, essentially what, what you have to understand and know, as a tactically proficient operator, seal or anything, is you got to know your touch point. So excuse me, so when.

So you have to have

a touch point without looking at it, to to be able to reference your hand at night, or anything else to touch, whatever whatever, wherever your pistol is, right? or wherever your seat belt is, whatever, you got your lipstick, whatever you’re trying to put on. But you have to have a touch point. And so when I find that touch point, and when you find your touch point, a very specific place where your hand goes to when it’s time to knock down an assailant, or take somebody down or defend yourself, right. So you have to go to that touch point, you know, I’m saying and as soon as you find that touch point, is when you can move to the next step. What is the next step? Do you think it is pulling your defensive thing out, like that,

like that?

So it’s touch point. And generally you want to like press down a little bit and then take it out. But that’s another story. But then you want to be streamlined. So touchpoint streamline, pop, twist and squeeze. Next.

JOHN 316 Hey, this

person’s head Florida, man. I love Florida. I got beat up in a couple schools there for a couple years. Being straight from Texas when my mom was a court reporter and Malacca. My bus driver was tied to a tree is shot five times. I know that because she was the court reporter for the case. issue is an amazing lady. But by all my love and respect goes out to you for it. I love Florida. I met my ex spouse in Panama City Beach. And thank you You said Jimmy, we love you, brother. I love you too. Thank you for so much support. While I’m on house arrest here. It’s incredible.

Thank you.

Let me see here. What else we got? We got guys, if I read all the touch points, if I read every touch point. I mean we’d be sitting here all day today. To which is great practice by the way, you need to be drawn. I’d say you need to be drawn your sidearm or or your GPS, ankle bracelet, probably 100 times a day. If you want to get real proficient, you know, do I do that? No, I do about 2000 times a day. Anyways, Mark Kennedy, I don’t know who Mark Kennedy is. If you’re legit, you’ll be on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Well, then maybe I’ll be on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Maybe I won’t, maybe he won’t think I’m legit. And they won’t invite me on. But does that make me legit? If Joe Rogan doesn’t invite me on his podcast? I don’t know. It’s up to you. So do your own thoughts on that. Thank you, though. Thank you for your question.

Have you ever

is this part of your rehab?

Yeah, I think so.

I mean, talking to you right now. Yeah, I think I think that is part of my rehab. Whether or not you meant that condescending is, I mean, yeah, maybe so I think so. I tell you, part of my rehab is absolutely. painting. And if you don’t paint out there, start with watercolor or oil paints. You know, what’s going to happen? Can you tell me Tommy pickles,

what’s going to happen August 11. Everybody keeps on saying August 11. It’s going to happen you know, I mean, that’s that’s Isn’t that pretty? That’s pretty quick. Probably Goggin Magog that that’s in the Bible, man. That’s like the showdown. That’s Armageddon. Okay, well, I’m not very prepared for that with just this GPS ankle bracelet, and I can’t have guns anymore. So I’m not I don’t know if I’m ready for Goggin Magog, you know to be coming coming down on us. Thank you for your service. Thank you for for telling me that I appreciate that. This was ever do an STV team. Yes, I


That’s majority of my time was in STV. See? I heard Marcus The trail is running for Congress.

I heard

Marcus Luttrell is running for congress in four other seals. I

I could

be wrong on this. But I believe it’s Morgan Luttrell, his twin brother. He actually has a twin brother that is almost a dead striking resemblance. And they were both in the seal teams both obviously great guys studs. Were actually from the same area here in Texas. We go to the same guys pizza place called Sal Joe’s a good guy and I do you believe that? I know Mark Morgan is running for Congress or a political office in Texas. I I know that and and I know that. If either one of them got into office, they would probably make a big difference. A big one. So Landon weld says August 11 is my pay day. So Something’s definitely happening.


I need to get on your payday man. August 11. Is your payday. Okay. Well, 5g testing on the 10th or 11th. Well, okay, that’s legit. That’s I would rather 5g testing on the August 11 or 10th happen then glog in Magog in capital letters. That’s like revelation stuff in the Bible that this one guy thinks it’s going to happen. And I hope that that doesn’t happen did you serve with leg or lively I’ve met both of them and I believe your your referencing leg and lively in class of buds class two to three. I never did time with them. I didn’t mean that, you know, like federal penitentiary time.

But uh,

no, I didn’t do any time with among thieves. I think they’re both out. I think they they did their time he got out, you know?

Let’s see.

Let’s see what else we got. Would you and other active members veterans take up arms with us against a potential takeover? You know, I can’t I mean, I can’t comment on that. I mean, what you want me to do on house arrest about that? I can take out my GPS system. I can’t have guns. You know what I mean? But my hands and my eyes are deadly weapons, bro. You know what I’m saying? My voice ain’t as deadly as juncos but my eyes are pretty deadly.

Let’s see.

What else we got ever spend time and in Kurdistan brother,


Sim surge. I have spent time everywhere. in a lot of places, you know, I’m saying Kurdistan. Yes, I have. Now that’s north. And so it wasn’t very bad. Of course, maybe you know that maybe you were there. So sorry if I offended FEMA test on all systems on August, man, you guys are way more skilled than me. I don’t know these things by August the web. But it’s cool. It’s cool. And God bless you all for for coming on here on this live stream. We’re doing a test run right now. And so I’m just sitting here and enjoying everybody’s comments and everything. And I’ve really had a great time on tik tok and, and I really have enjoyed the the major following that I’ve received. I hate Sam falling. It’s just very humbling to have so many friends. How about that, that that’s what’s important in life is friends. And I hope that everybody watched today’s video on flying high. Now not smoking weed, but flying high on house arrest on my Tick tock, my Tick Tock handle is mighty warrior 2020 120 to one mighty warrior to zero to one. And that is not necessarily saying that I am a mighty warrior. But if you read into that, I’m saying that each and every one of you is a mighty warrior, if you allow God to take over your life and open doors that you never thought are possible, and can imagine. And I also hope that you saw my be be a hero to someone’s challenge. Because that’s probably the most important video I put up is being a hero to somebody. You know, I gave two scenarios. One where my uncle was a detective, a famous detective on Discovery Channel for putting some high school back together and then putting the other the serial killer down. Crossing Canada. No offense, you know, with American going into Canada wasn’t Canadian going in America. And so he he dragged this person down. Well, he took me to his office when I was little little. And he showed me around. I was so amazed. Like he had all this cool. memorabilia. And then and then he even ran some ice plates. And like I said in my video, they didn’t have a rap sheet like me. But But he was an incredible experience on that he showed me and I later became a Marine, and got him on a tiger cruise. And he was able to go on this cruise. So look at the fruition of that of him showing me that time as a little kid. I looked at him like a hero, my uncle. And then the second scenario I have is I always wanted to be a navy seal. And so my mom tracked down a distance cousins relative. And sorry if you’ve already heard this, but but a distance cousin relative and tracked the seal down. It was like, Can you talk a little Jimmy? And little Jimmy was like, I can’t wait, but I’m so scared and nervous and how because I had never talked to a CEO before. And sorry, sorry, that’s my GPS. And so I tell this, um, I tell this name sounds like I want to be a CEO. And he’s like, so you want to be a CEO? And I was like, Yeah,

he’s like, you know,

he’s like, you’re not going to make it. It’s it’s pretty tough. And not many people make it click. I mean, that was the extent of it. It It could be the reason why he was so angry is because a water hose splashing that day. And or a sprinkler went off and hitting because I was like a calf for years. You know, after buds training and stuff. You just your nerves get damaged from from all the cold water you think like people think, oh, let’s get in the pool and splashing and you’re a seal Jimmy

you can do it. Get in the water. Go out there

and play with the kids and splash me you’re going home. Please, please no more. No more like waterboarding or some. You know, it’s true. I don’t care what anybody says. And if another seals out there going Oh, man, they like that. Hey, bro.

Let’s be real man. I’ve heard seals say I’ve heard of a seal say hey,

I would do buds any day again.

Bro. I saw you cry and under a log for three hours. It’s terrible, man. I would never do that again. Come on, it’s time to be vulnerable. If you if you put yourself out there as vulnerable. Guess what happens? People start seeing you as real and not so this macho, crazy machine that you’re really not anyways, because we’re all posers. And if you don’t see if you don’t say you’re a poser, well, you’re just you’re you’re lying to yourself because every man is a poser. And you have to be you have to be for survival and stuff. But But we put on a certain show. Just a minute think about it looking yourself in the mirror and just go. It’s true to me he was right. Don’t cry like that.

Well, just

wait till the lights go off in your bed alone in your mom’s house. I was on house arrest when you’re 40 years old, and just boohoo, boohoo. Anyways, you, you don’t have to cry about it, you can accept that you’re vulnerable. And when you’ve accepted that you’re vulnerable. Now you can show everybody what a hero you really are. And now you can inspire people. You can truly inspire so many people in the world, when you become vulnerable, because everybody goes, wait a second. You mean, I can be a seal to you mean I can be a fireman to, you know, you mean, I

can be an FBI agent

in arrest a guy like Jimmy to you know, I, you know, I can be that famous detective and put that person scold together all weird stuff, you know, what I’m trying to say is you have to be vulnerable in this world. Or guess what your relationship with your wife or your spouse starts to crash down the commode

you know,

submit yourself out of the hand of God, doors will open become more masculine, just by doing that, you know, masculinity bestows masculinity, not not, not the other way around. And that’s why we have so many dudes in prison, and so many guys have problems is because we, we, we try to get validation from our fathers.

And they, they,

a lot of times, they don’t give it to us, because they’re not there, they can be there. But but but they’re so passive there, the the emotions are not there, you know, they can be there and not be there. And, or they cannot be there at all, they can abandon you. And so a lot of times we look at our own relationship with God as a direct reflection, or vice versa, as we look at with our father, Dad on earth. And so no wonder people don’t believe in God. No wonder people don’t believe in Jesus issue. yawei they, of course they don’t because because they’re having a very, very difficult time finding love.

Well, well,

or finding answers like what? I’m not gonna I’m not gonna talk to God or Jesus, he don’t talk to me. Well, yeah, he doesn’t talk to you. You don’t think he does? Because your dad never talked to you. Your dad never give you encouragement. Your dad never gave you validation.

Your dad

perhaps never give you forgiveness. Perhaps your dad abandoned you. molested You what? Whatever. And so no wonder that people were hurt so bad. You know? But But when we make ourselves vulnerable, and go, you know what that may happen to me. But I’m going to, but I’m gonna treat others way different. And I’m going to be the hero that everybody else thinks is not around. You know, I’m saying, but the minute we start to pose the minute that we start to put on the outer shell tattoo, Jimmy, I’ve got all these tattoos, Bro, I got a mohawk bro. I’m crazy. I’m crazy. I’ll fight you.

Well, the minute we start to do that

is the minute that we start losing everybody’s focus on us. We start losing credibility. You know, I’ve had a lot of people say you’re not a seal. poser. Well, yeah, I am a poser, I guess. And maybe I’m not a real seal right now. Because I mean, if you think about real seals,

they’re at Disney World.

I mean, I’m sorry. They’re at SeaWorld balancing on balls. I’m just kidding. But But real seals. Like if you really think about it, they’re jumping out of airplanes right now diving and dying in train hard. You don’t saying they’re working man. They’re, they’re patrolling. They’re, they’re whacking Mujahideen,

you know,

that they’re there. They’re up in those provinces in Helmand and stuff, you know? So. So,

you got to be,

you got to be real with yourself. You know, I’m


So it ain’t like the Marines Marine Corps. Your once your Marine, you’re always a marine. And there’s a lot of true today in a seal. It’s like, Hey, man, how you earn your trading every day. You know, I’m saying you earn it every single day. That’s all I got to say about that. That I lose everybody. I don’t even know if there’s anybody. Oh, yeah, there’s a lot of people okay. And yes, yes, yes, we all know about touchpoint. We got to continue to touch one touch one touch, touch more every day. That means you practice complacency kills. Continue on every day. Be hard core. And how you be hardcore, is you open yourself up and make yourself vulnerable to the world to correction

to criticism.

All you think I’m

soft, and you think I ain’t Harper will what it is. What is it that you think is soft about?

Oh because I’m Hold up all the time or something. Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe I need to work on that then I need to work on that. You know, you know?

Oh yeah, I can’t benchpress Monday. Okay, well, let’s let’s go work on that too. You know, we need to work out more. Yes. What’s up, homie? I have a lot of people coming in here saying what’s up, homie? Jimmy, you’re so cool. You’re So Amazing. Okay. It’s not saying that at all. People are not saying that right now. But people are saying what’s up homie? And God bless you to god bless you to elbows down my brother. You know what? I hear you. I hear I’m connecting with you right now. This guy said elbows down. He’s talking about Don’t be chicken wing. And what chicken wing and mean is it means is like, don’t be throwing no 1980s I saw sleaze triangle out there, you know and put your elbow out and bumping walls. You know, grenades are hitting you in the elbow. Keep your elbows down, keep slick, slick ideas. They keep everything real slick. What’s the story on that? Okay, so aberdein said, What’s the story on the two full hand tattoo? Well, as you well know, to full Han means devil dog. Devil dog comes from the old Battle of bellawood where the Marines were out number and fought fierce hand to hand combat with the Germans and the Germans after the fight, where Smedley Butler and Dan Daly were in who said Come on, you sons of you know what you want to live forever. Get there was machine on fire just grazing down the grass. But after that firefight, touchpoint touch point, touch point. The German said these guys are satanic possessed dogs, which is twofold one, which means devil dog demon hound, you know. And so that’s the story behind that. Now the story behind the tattoo is of course Marines get that tattooed on him. I got that in a in a in a kitchen. Somebody’s kitchen. You know, I’m saying I got that in a in a kitchen. That’s my very first tattoo. Well, I thought it was tough, man. I thought it was hard. Alright. Ta Elsa says Hi there. Hi, how you doing? Semper Fi? A lot of people saying Semper Fi some are saying yo and that’s the whole who Rob Marine Corps Semper Fidelis a spirit the core attitude right there. Yes touchpoint I mean, some I mean all you got to say his touch point to me and get me riled up. I mean, it’s like what Tom is right now and I’m staying in touch point touch point. And my mom is probably like please don’t stay in touch please please please walk downstairs today and look like a 5000 pound bomb hit my little dogs shelter my little dogs the house buzz and so we had to go get him a new house. My mom getting this it looks like a mansion is bigger than my room his home this little dogs room is bigger than my room his house downstairs and it’s got a bow on it though. What’s it what’s going on man? I said be vulnerable not get a bow you don’t want me Don’t I said be vulnerable Don’t be wearing a dress and put on lipstick if you look like me.

Dang man.

It’s a lack of interpretation. It’s something got lost the translation is lost there. You know sensitivity vulnerability, not go put on a dress in high heels and started growing your leg hair out even more than it already is and shooting at a range with a pink Glock. I mean what’s going on there?

PTSD that’s what’s up man.

Who y’all touchpoint does that thing have a barcode? Does one thing have a barcode? That’s what I’m asking you now who Yeah, a lot of people are coming in and saying who you’re seeing see these messages are not coming in on live stream here on the YouTube and stuff and so so it’s probably like what is this guy doing? So I’m Bz told me make sure you read their comments man out loud and don’t be just like doing stuff out there. Because if you do that people are gonna think you’re Wagner. More Wagner than you already are like chicken wing that what chicken wing. wachner is much bigger deal. A lot of people ask. Some people have asked you know, I’ve told some really scary stories, some really, really epic, scary stories and I have ability to hypnosis I practice hypnosis my whole life. We tell the storytelling so when you watch my stories, I’m actually hypnotizing you. I don’t know if that’s illegal or not. If you have a problem with that, just call my parole officer. But you know I tell these stories and it is a bit hypnotizing but one of them is about this great white Seal alpha male and amongst all these black seals and it’s like he stood up i mean i’m talking about a real seal here like, like the one you see at SeaWorld the big walrus thing but but the think of stand up and he looked very similar to this but but he was way bigger. Obviously. He stood up and beat his chest and then just dove in the water and I was out of there. If you see that him dive in the water like that. You get out of the water. One of my buddies did not get out. He had his face down in the water and just blew up in the seal grabbed ahold of his face. But luckily his mass stopped some of the bite. Can you imagine that an albino alpha white male seal just grabs a hold of you and just yanked your face around. And all you have is a mask on.


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